Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The trip on a Thursday to Annapolis took over fourteen hours so the two couples left early that morning. They planned on driving until they were all tired and finding a motel on the way. Tom and Jack had only been out of college for a couple of years and had married their college sweethearts Amy and Ellie. Tom and Amy sat in the back.
"Let's stop somewhere that has a nice pool," Ellie directed to her husband Jack who was driving. After a long week at the office she needed to unwind and since her ex-college roommate was getting married they all had planned on getting smashed and having a wild time.

"Are you all sure you want to share a room?" Amy asked for the third time. Of the four she was the most conservative.

"Yes......we can save some money," Tom replied. "Besides we've all shared a tent during our camping trips."

"Yes but sleeping in your clothes in a sleeping bag is different than nearby beds in a motel room," Amy thought. She glanced over at Ellie's slim and trim body and was envious because her own weight had increased over fifteen pounds since her wedding.

The trip took longer since they got stuck in some bad traffic along the Pennsylvania Turnpike so by the time they rolled into Harrisburg it was getting dark. "Let's stop here," Jack said as he pulled the SUV into the Holiday Inn lot. "The sign says HBO and a pool."

The girls waited in the car as the guys checked in and fifteen minutes later they walked into the room and stared at the two beds.

"Let's go to the pool before we eat," Ellie said as she tossed her bag on the bed nearest the door and pulled out a tiny bikini.

"Jesus honey when did you get that?" Jack asked when she held up the skimpy thong and bra.

"Yesterday. I can't wait to show you." She looked at Amy. "Get your suit and we can get dressed in the bathroom while the guys get dressed out here."

Amy reluctantly pulled out her one-piece black suit and followed the thin woman into the bathroom. Before the door closed Ellie pulled her shirt over her braless breasts and pushed off her cotton shorts and white bikini panties. Amy had seen Ellie's breasts once while camping but this was the first time she had seen her almost bare pussy mound. The small dark puff of pubic hair rested atop of her shaved slit.

Ellie smiled as Amy took in her body. "Let me help you." Before Amy could object Ellie grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and lifted it up over her overfilled bra. Her 38DDs pushed up over the bra cups.

"I can do it," Amy said as she tried to turn but Ellie quickly released her bra and pulled it down from her large pink mounds. Amy was now facing away and was reaching down to release the snap on her jeans when Ellie grabbed onto her jeans waistband. As soon as the snap released Amy's jeans dropped quickly down over her round buttocks and stretched white panties.

"Wait!" Amy said as she reached for her panties but Ellie had already pulled them down and away from her soft flesh.

"Lift," Ellie commanded as she held onto the panties so Amy could pull her feet up and out of them.

Amy did as Ellie said and grabbed her bathing suit to pull it on but Ellie grabbed it from her hand. "Let me hold it for you to step into."

Amy thought about objecting but she realized it was silly because Ellie was a girl like herself. She twisted around and pushed her foot down into the suit that Ellie was holding open but was startled when she saw Ellie staring up into her hairy mons.

"Uh....are you going to lift my suit?" Amy asked somewhat embarrassed that the other girl was obvious looking at her uncovered sex.

"Sorry...I've never.....you know....seen another girl's..." Ellie stuttered. Suddenly Amy grabbed the suit and jerked it up over her soft tummy.


While it didn't normally bother women to get undressed in front of each other it did bother men. Tom pointed away from Jack as he pushed down his jeans and briefs before quickly pulling up his baggy swimsuit over his 4 inch dangling penis. He waited a few seconds to give Jack some time to get his suit on before he turned. He froze when he saw Jack's semi-hard 8-inch plus penis.

"Sorry.......I thought you were..."

"No big deal," Jack grinned as he stood bare ass naked while reaching upward with both hands to stretch. "Did you think about where we should eat later?" He was making no motion towards getting dressed.

"Uh no....but you better hurry and get dressed. Uh...the girls will be out in a few seconds." Tom knew Amy had never seen another man naked before.

"Ah...they will take their time," Jack grinned while he moved closer to Tom. "Hey...about tonight after we turn off the lights. I mean......you two are going to do it right?"

Tom moved back a few feet until the backs of his legs contacted the bed behind him. "I don't think so........there's no way Amy would even consider such a thing."

"Too bad," Jack smiled as he turned to grab his trunks. "I hope we don't keep you two up."

Tom was about to object when he heard the bathroom door opening. He glanced at Jack's nakedness. "WAIT......Jack's not dressed."

Ellie felt Amy's body stop so she gave her enough of a push to get her around the corner. She smiled when she heard the larger girl gasp.

"Oh my!" Amy said as her eye popped wide-open eyes seeing Jack's bare ass first and then as he turned she saw it. It was now almost fully hard and about nine inches in length. It had to be twice the size of what she was used to.

"SHIT JACK TURN AROUND!" Tom cried out as he jumped over in front of the naked man.

"Sorry," Jack grinned before turning. He reached down and took his time pulling up his trunks. When he turned around Amy was facing the other way. He knew she had seen his package. "Hey we are sharing a room for a few days so we might as well get used to seeing each other."

"Not naked," Tom said totally pissed at his friend.

Amy's face was bright red first from her experience with Ellie and then from seeing Jack's endowment. "It's OK......he's right."

"He is?" Tom said shocked that his conservative wife would say such a thing.

"Yes we're all adults," Ellie giggled as she grabbed some towels and took Amy's hand. "Let's go and cool off in the pool."

The men followed the two women out the door and down the long hallway until they walked down the stairs. The pool was pretty large for a Holiday Inn and a small hot tub was located on the far end away from the lounge chairs. As Ellie and Jack dashed for the hot tub, Tom grabbed Amy's arm. "If you want to get another room I'll get one."

"Don't be silly," Amy said. "We do need to save some money on this trip." For once in her life Amy had decided to be more adventurous especially after seeing Jack's long torpedo.

"But....you don't understand," Tom whispered as he glanced at Ellie's almost bare buttocks as she slowly dropped into the hot bubbling water. "Jack said they were going to do it tonight when the lights go out."

Amy's heart skipped a beat. "I can take it." After all it would be dark and exciting to hear another couple having intercourse. She peeked over at Jack's still swollen bulge in his trunks and smiled.

"Come on let's go into the pool," Tom said to his wife. He wanted to get her alone and away from Jack and Ellie.

As they entered the pool Ellie and Jack moved to the hot tub.

Amy moved into the pool until the waterline was even with her nipples. She closed her eyes and remembered how long and thick Jack's penis was. She had read that the average size of a man's penis was around 6 inches but had not considered that that meant that some were a lot smaller and some a lot larger.

"Are you sure you don't want to get another room," Tom whispered as he moved up to her.

"Yes," she whispered while moving her hand outward and finding his covered soft penis. She kept her eyes closed as she squeezed and released it.

"Jesus," he groaned. Never had he ever expected his shy wife to do such a thing in a pubic pool. He grabbed her hand. "What are you doing?"

"Don't you like it?" She giggled still with her eyes tightly shut.

Tom glanced over at Jack and Ellie who were very close and it was obvious they were touching each other under the bubbly water. "People can see us if they look from their rooms." Her touching was quickly getting him off.

"They can't see under the water," she said before pulling out the waistband and then diving her fingers underneath until she held his naked shaft now at it longest 5 and ½ inches.

Both had their eyes closed and were so busy concentrating on her fondling that they had not seen Ellie slip into the pool and wade quietly up to them.

Ellie could see Amy's arm moving and smiled until she was only a few feet in front of them. She peeked down into the water to see if his cock was visible but it was still covered by his trunks. "Are you two being nasty?"

Tom heard her voice and immediately reached down and jerked Amy's hand from his trunks. "JESUS GIVE US A WARNING NEXT TIME!"

"Sorry," Ellie smiled as she moved next to Amy. Jack had pulled her bikini top down to the tops of her small dark nips. "The hot tub got a little hot for me." She saw Tom's eyes dropped to her nipples and reached up to slowly pull the suit back over them. "Oops."

Tom's libido was still at max and his heart was beating rapidly when he turned and swam full speed out into the deep end. Once in the middle he took a deep breath and headed down to the cooler water on the bottom and then slowly floated back to the surface. After surfacing he paddled slowly to the edge of the pool and hung onto it trying to clear his mind.


"Why don't you try the hot tub?" Ellie whispered to Amy as they watched Tom swimming to the far end of the pool.

"I better not," Amy said now breathing faster. It was obvious that Ellie wanted her to go mess around with Jack while she did the same to Tom.

"Don't worry he can't do that much out here," Ellie giggled. "You've never been with another man have you?"

"No and I don't plan on it happening with Jack," Amy answered.

"Too bad because he's nice and hard," Ellie whispered before she turned and swam towards Tom.

Amy thought about swimming after her to stop her but her body refused to move. She turned her head and glanced at Jack who was leaning back against the hot tub with both arms resting on the edge. He smiled and motioned for her to join him.


Tom was finally cooling down when he heard someone swim up behind him and grab onto the tops of his shoulders. His head started to turn but one of the hands pushed it back forward. "Amy?"

"Yes," a faint voice replied.

He was about to turn again when her right hand dropped downward under his arm and around to the front. He felt the fingers once again find his soft manhood and squeeze. "I don't know what is going on with you but I'm not complaining," he laughed.


Amy watched as Ellie reached around to touch her husband and then quickly turned to head to the hot tub. Jack sat upward and held out his hand for her to take. "I'm glad you came."

Amy didn't look at his face as she moved a foot away from him. Her eyes remained on her husband and Ellie as his hand moved down onto the top of her quivering thigh.

Jack was shocked that she didn't try to stop him so he quickly massaged and moved his hand higher towards the junction of her soft legs. He too could see what Ellie was doing to Tom so he quickly tried to catch up.

"Ohh," Amy moaned when Jack's thumb pressed into her covered pussy lips. "You shouldn't do that."

"I can tell that you like it," he whispered. "Why don't you do the same to me?" He reached for her hand but she jerked it away. He realized that she was not going to be that easy. He pushed deeper into her covered crotch and felt her legs close tighter.

Amy watched as her husband turned around and pushed Ellie away. She jerked Jack's hand up from between her thighs. "Be good."


Tom glanced down at what he thought was his wife's arm and saw how thin it was. "ELLIE!" He twisted around which caused her hand to move from his hard-on. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Having fun," she answered.

He looked for his wife in the pool and found it empty. "Shit." He saw her sitting next to Jack in the hot tub and headed their way.

"I think we need to go to the room," Tom said trying to keep his cool. He could see that her face was bright red and it wasn't just from the hot water.

Jack grinned as he looked at Tom's obvious hard-on pushing out the front of his trunks. "Do you have a candy-bar in your trunks or are you happy to see us?"

Amy started laughing and couldn't stop. It pissed Tom off so he turned and headed to the room. "Stay here."


Tom hoped that his wife would follow him but when he got to the room and looked down he saw her still sitting next to Jack. He was still hard thinking about Ellie touching him and also the fact that his conservative wife was loosening up. He watched as Amy's head leaned back and her eyes closed. Next to her he saw Jack's body turn towards her and then saw his hand moving up out of the water until it covered his wife's right breast. Tom jammed his hand under his trunks and stroked his hard shaft.

"Jesus," Jack whispered. "Your breasts are amazing." He felt the hard nipple pressing into his palm and moved his fingers back to lightly pull and push on it.

Amy's eyes, being closed, did not see Ellie climb out of the pool and head up the stairs to the room.


Tom also didn't see Ellie coming and didn't know she was there until the door flew open.

He tried to pull out his hand before she saw what he was doing but wasn't fast enough.

Ellie closed the door and smiled. "So how is the view?" She moved next to him and peeked out through the curtains. "Look's like my husband has his hands full." She turned and looked at the tent in his trunks. "And you had your hand full too." She reached to grab onto his cock but he jumped back.

"We can't do this." He moved back until the backs of his legs touched the queen-size bed behind him.

"Jack's touching Amy's titties so why can't I do some touching as well?" She pushed him onto his back and crawled her hands up his legs.

"Ah Geez," he moaned when her fingers snaked up under his baggy trunks, under the mesh lining until they found his pulsating hard-on. "Don't."

Ellie thought that she had a good grip on him but as he pushed back her fingers moved away. She lunged to grab his trunks as he slid off the other side of the bed onto the floor. She giggled as she held the trunks and peeked over to see him flat on his back with his boner pointing up at her.

"Is that for me?" Before he could get up she jumped over the side and onto his prone body.

"OH SHIT!" Tom cried when her fingers grabbed onto him and held him steady. A second later her mouth engulfed the mushroom head.


"Slide down in the water and I can pull down your top," Jack whispered wanting to get her bare boob out.

Amy was breathing rapidly and felt the heat building up between her thighs. "I'm not undressing out here." She looked for Ellie and didn't see her, which meant she was in the room with Tom. "Stop it. I need to go to the room."

Jack smiled as her round butt climbed out of the hot tub. "You better knock before you enter."

She didn't bother drying off before heading up the stairs to the second floor. She thought about knocking but wanted to see how far he had gone with another woman. She pushed open the door and didn't see anybody but saw his wet trunks on the bed. "Tom."

Ellie heard Amy's voice and pulled her mouth up and off of Tom's cock. She had just gotten into a nice motion before Amy arrived. She peeked her head up over the bed and smiled. "Back so soon?"

Amy slammed the door and walked around to the base of the two beds and saw Ellie's body lying on Tom's. Under her face was his hard cock pointing upward. It was obvious what was going on. "GOD!"

"Amy," Tom said leaning over Ellie's ass. "It was Ellie. I didn't do anything."

Amy figured that it was Ellie who got his trunks off and had trapped him on the floor. However he didn't seem to be fighting to get away. "I'm taking a shower." She threw her towel at his face and stormed into the bathroom. They heard the door close and lock.

"Get off," Tom said lifting Ellie's legs and body upward. He moved to the door naked and knocked. "Amy let me in. We need to talk."

"Go and finished what you were doing," Amy said calmly from the other side of the door.

"You don't mean that." He waited for a reply but got none. A minute later he heard the shower come on.

Ellie wondered what Amy was thinking. Would she be so pissed that she would want to leave? She moved around the wall and saw him standing naked against the door. "She'll be ok."

Tom was mad. "Just get away from me." He pulled on this trunks, grabbed his towel and moved out the door.

Jack was about to leave the hot tub when he saw Tom burst out of the room upstairs. He watched the man walk down the walkway towards the parking lot. "Shit." He hurried to get out and get upstairs. After knocking on the door he walked in when his wife opened it up. "What's going on?"

"I think I went too fast," Ellie frowned. "Amy almost caught me with my lips around Tom's cock. But she did see me lying on his naked body."

"Is she pissed?"

"Yes, but she only seemed to be upset with Tom."


Actually Amy was not upset. She was on fire for the first time in a long time. Her sex life with Tom had decreased gradually over the past year so now she was wondering how it would be with Jack. She cooled off some and took her time toweling off before wrapping a large towel around her breasts and hips and walking out.

She stopped when she saw Jack and Ellie sitting at the small table by the window. "Where is Tom?"

Jack's eyes followed her bare legs up to the bottom of the towel. He figured that she was naked. "Uh...he..uh.."

Ellie finished. "He took off walking. We are not sure where he went. Are you ok?"

"Yes," she answered as she walked to the bed next to the table and sat down taking care to keep the towel low enough. "Tom likes to run away some times when we have arguments." She reached up and tightened the towel that was pulling loose crossing over her huge chest. "So is your plan to seduce us on this trip?"

Ellie smiled. "I think you know the answer to that. You are our best friends and we want to get closer."

"Maybe you should have talked to us first."

"You wouldn't have come on this trip," Ellie said. "We can stop now if that's what you want."

Amy stood up nervously. "I'm not sure what I want."

Ellie looked at Jack and back at Amy. "You can say stop whenever you want."

Jack sat back grinning as his wife moved behind Amy and reached around her to pull off the towel.

Amy grabbed the towel ends. "Wait." She took a deep breath and another one before letting the towel go.

"Jesus," Jack gasped when her huge 38DD knockers jumped out at him. He knew that she was big but until you actually see them he didn't have a clue. His eyes followed her stomach down to the thick dark bush resting at the junction of her thighs.

"I know that I'm fat and..."

"You're beautiful," Jack said. He slid to the bottom of the bed and held out his hand to pull her closer.

Amy walked closer and turned to Ellie. "Would you stand outside and look out for Tom and let me know if he is heading this way?"

"Sure," Ellie said somewhat disappointed because she wanted to see her husband touching and kissing those enormous boobs. After the door was closed Amy moved up to his knees, which opened to let her closer. "Go ahead and touch them."

Jack's fingers trembled moving upward until they opened and cupped the huge breasts. He was surprised that they had very little sag. "God, I could spend all night cherishing these babies." He lifted, caressed and rubbed over the hard tips until she moaned and put her hands on his shoulders as he sat on the bed.

Amy's legs were weak and needed support. Tom had not really spent much time touching and caressing her breasts so this was new and exciting. She felt his hands move out to her arms and pull downward. She leaned forward and watched as her left nipple disappeared into his lips. "OHHH!"

Jack never would've have believed a nipple could be this big and hard. He sucked on it like Ellie normally did his cock and moved from breast to breast. As he worked on her chest his right hand moved to her stomach and lowered into her thick bush. He was almost to her moist slit when they heard Ellie knocking on the door.

"I'll go into the bathroom." She grabbed her robe on the way in.

Jack was rock hard now and wondered how far Amy would have gone. He smiled at her full pink ass and moved back onto the bed and crossed his legs.


Tom had to get away and think about what was happening. His wife had suddenly loosened up and had allowed another man to touch her and he had permitted Ellie to give him a blowjob. After fifteen minutes he calmed down and decided to go and get his wife to move to another room. He saw Ellie outside by the door.

"Are they inside alone?" He asked upset again.

"I think Amy is still in the shower. I just wanted to get you alone and tell you that Jack and I did this because we love you."

"Jesus Ellie. Loving us as friends is one thing but...but having sex with us...God."

"We won't do anything else with you two unless you ask us."

"That's not going to happen. Amy might let Jack touch her breasts but forget about anything else."

"Are you sure about Amy?" Ellie asked. "Maybe Amy has been holding back all of this passion and it's about to explode out?"

He laughed. "Right." He pushed open the door and moved inside to see Jack on the bed. Neither man said anything as Tom moved to sit on the other bed. Ellie walked in and sat at the table as the three of them waited for Amy to come out.

Amy listened with her ear on the door and heard the outside door open and close. She tied the terry cloth belt around her waist tightly and walked out.

Tom looked over at her to see if she was still angry but she smiled and moved next to him on the bed. She turned towards him and pulled his lips down to hers.

Amy's tongue dashed into her husband's mouth and danced with his. Her right hand pulled his body down into hers until he relaxed.

Tom continued kissing and felt his erection pressing against her thigh. His hand on her back discovered that she was naked under the robe. He wished that they were alone.

Ellie grinned and crawled onto the bed next to Jack. It looked as if their best friends are going to fool around and she wanted to do the same. They had talked about messing around with Tom and Amy but she had not agreed to go all the way. Watching them make love would be a big turn on.

Tom felt Amy push him onto his back and was surprised when she climbed up onto him until she was sitting over his hard crotch. He glanced down as the robe opened and he saw her dark hairy pussy rubbing against his bulge. However he knew that Jack and Ellie couldn't see it at this angle.

Amy was totally turned on now after having Jack suckle on her breasts. She wanted to be fucked and was not going to wait until they went to bed later. She smiled at him while reaching under her stomach to push down his trunks.

"What are you doing?" he whispered as he tried to grab his swimsuit. But she was too fast and quickly had his hard-on out and ready. He pulled the robe over until it hid it from Jack and Ellie's view.

"I need it," she whispered back. She lifted up her ass and reached under to hold it steady as she dropped down.

Ellie was watching and whispered to Jack. "I think she is fucking him."

"No way," he said looking over. Amy's body was slowly lifting and dropping again and again. "What are we waiting for?" He lifted his hips to remove his trunks while Ellie pulled off her top and quickly removed her bikini bottoms.

Tom's eyes were on his wife's breasts that kept popping out through the opened robe. He looked over at the other bed and gasped when he saw Ellie's nakedness riding Jack's long hard cock.

Only panting and moaning was heard in the room as the two married couples raced for completion. Jack reached up and pulled the robe close but Amy laughed and pulled it from her shoulders. She grabbed it as it fell and tossed it on the floor.

"Shit Amy they can see you," Tom whispered.

"I know," she giggled. She turned to look at Jack's long pecker pushing up into Ellie's shaved pussy. Amy was the closest one to cum. She leaned forward to get more contact with her clitty and felt the bubble burst. "NOW TOM NOW!!"

Tom grinned because he got his wife off first. He also was grinning because he knew that he had a ways to go to cum himself. When Amy rolled off to the side he moved on top and between her soft thighs.

"OH GOD!" Amy screamed as Tom pounded her already satisfied pussy. Only once before had she climaxed twice and knew it was coming soon especially with Jack and Ellie watching.

"Shit," Jack whispered. "What is he made out of?" He felt Ellie's inner muscles squeezing his shaft and knew he was getting close. "Quit squeezing."

Ellie was not that close when she heard her husband. She slowed down but reached under her to rub her clitty to catch up to him.

"Are you ready baby?" Jack asked with a red face. "I'm really......CLOSE!!"

"No wait!" Ellie cried as she lifted and lowered quickly. "Wait!"

But Jack couldn't hold back. The excitement drove him over the edge. "I'M CUMING!"

Ellie moved faster and faster until she felt his prick shrinking. Her fingers took over and quickly got her there. "ME TOO...ME TOO!" After she came she rolled over and looked at Tom who was still a machine between Amy's legs. "Oh my god."

"AGAIN!" Amy screamed as she pulled on the bedspread under her ass.


But Tom was still a few minutes away. He had learned a lot time ago to take his mind away from the hot pussy and to think about something not so exciting. When he heard Ellie cum and then Amy for the second time he returned to the bedroom. "OK NOW...I'M READY....OH YEAH!!

Amy held on as he filled her void with the biggest load yet. It was dripping out when he rolled over.


The four friends lay naked on their backs on the beds looking up at the ceiling. Never in their dreams had they imagined that they would fuck at the same time in the same room. It was Amy who turned over and looked at Jack's limp five-inch cock lying dormant on his leg. "So where do you want to eat at tonight?"

"Anywhere," Ellie grinned. She moved off her bed and moved over to sit next to Amy. "Can you move?"

Amy giggled. "Barely."

Ellie looked at Tom who smiled. "Can I borrow him later?"

"Don't ask me," Amy grinned. "It's up to Tom."

"Oh yeah?" Jack said sitting up. "So can I borrow you later?"

"I don't know yet," Amy smiled. "I'll let you know later."

None of them really wanted to get dressed. Just being naked for all to see was a big turn-on.

"I need a shower," Tom grinned while looking at Ellie.

"Was that an invitation?" She asked.

Tom looked at Amy. "Don't look at me. If you want to do it then do it."

"Is that the way it is?" Tom asked wondering just how far Amy wanted to go. "No limits?"

"If everyone else agrees." Amy answered looking over at Jack whose cock was starting to show some life again.

"Fine with me," Jack said looking at his wife.

"Definitely," Ellie agreed.

"OK," Tom smiled. His manhood was also starting to expand as he imagined what Ellie and he would be doing in the shower.


As soon as their spouses moved into the bathroom and closed the door Jack was lying on Amy's bed next to her looking at her tits.

"It didn't take you very long," she giggled.

"But I'm not ready to go all the way yet." She wanted to set the ground rules up front. Her body turned on its side facing him as she reached down and grabbed onto his almost fully extended penis. His hand moved to her bush but she pushed it away. "It's my turn to touch you."

Jack rolled over onto his back and put his hands behind his head. Her soft breast pushed into his side as she leaned over to see him better.

Amy had never touched another hard-on and now had a huge one in her fingers. She marveled at the length and noticed that his cock head was quite large even though this penis was thin.

Jack watched as she gathered his pre-cum for lubrication and spread it up and down his shaft. She stroked and squeezed up and down wondering how it would feel inside of her pussy. "Can I touch you now?" He asked.

"Yes," Amy whispered. After he turned back onto his side she lifted her top leg to let him move his fingers into her thick bush. "OH GOD!" She cried when he found her raised clitoris. As they played, their faces came together and then their mouths.


As Tom leaned over to adjust the water temperature of the spray Ellie moved her nakedness up against his back. Her small titties pushed into his hardness while she reached around and found his erection.

"Can't you wait?" Tom asked with a chuckle.

"No, and I'm not going to let go." She too was touching only the second hard-on in her life.

He got the water to the right temperature and turned to keep her hand on him. They both watched her fingers stroking and touching while he reached up and cupped her 32b mound.

"Do you think that they are fucking?" Ellie whispered.

"I don't know. Amy is a different person." He backed up and stepped into the shower while she held his love handle.

"I'll soap you up first," she said letting go of his cock.

"I could get used to this," Tom grinned as her soapy fingers moved over every inch of his body. As she soaped his ass her middle finger lightly entered and retreated. "Can I do that to you?"

"You can do anything you want to me," she whispered. After handing him the soap she turned and leaned over.

"Wow," Tom said leaning back to see her pussy lips under her ass and even the tiny puckered rear hole. He quickly soaped his fingers and washed her buttocks before guiding his middle finger down the crevice and over her anus. "Anything?"

"Yes but go slow because Jack's never fucked my ass."

Tom had pressured Amy into anal sex but she had refused. He pushed his middle soapy finger into her rear and heard her sharp intake of air. She squeezed his finger and released it again and again while he finger-fucked it. "Are you ready?"

She nodded and reached back to spread open her ass. His left hand grabbed onto her hip while he guided the cock up to her butt with his right hand.

"Tell me if it hurts." He pushed and felt the tightness.

Ellie knew that since he was not that long that he could not go in very far. She relaxed as much as she could and felt it move into her. "OK...go slow."

It was only about an inch or an inch and a half but enough for both of them to experience something new and naughty. He soon had the motion as the hot shower spray bounced off the top of his head onto her back.


Amy was happy tongue kissing and touching so when Jack pulled away she was disappointed. She didn't know what was going on until he stood and moved back onto the bed next to her but his face was over her stomach. She didn't know that he wanted mutual oral sex until his hands opened her legs and his tongue dashed into her vulva.

"Ohhh." She looked at the huge lollipop inches from her face and realized that he wanted her to give him her first ever blowjob.

Jack had not considered that maybe she would refuse to give oral sex. He felt her fingers on his cock again but not her mouth. He was ready to accept that until he felt her damp and hot tongue licking around the crown.

Amy tasted a man's juices for the first time and then opened her lips to engulf the head. Her tongue continued licking around the tip while her fingers cupped and caressed his balls. Meanwhile Jack was working hard on her pussy to get her off.


"Wait," Ellie said wondering if he was about to cum. She pulled forward until he was dislodged and reached under her to guide his prick into her pussy.

"No wait," Tom grunted as he pulled back. "I can't do this unless I know for sure that Amy has done it with Jack."

"Fine," she said frustrated. "Let's go and find out.

They left the water running and moved out of the shower. Both were dripping wet as they quietly moved out of the bathroom to peek around the corner. Tom would not be that surprised to see them fucking but was totally shocked to see Jack's cock in his wife's mouth. "AMY!"

Amy's eyes opened and looked at the two of them standing at the base of the bed. She didn't stop sucking as she waited to see what he wanted.

"They are not fucking but we can do the same," Ellie said pulling Tom over to the other bed.

"But she's never sucked my cock before," Tom complained while watching her head moving back and forth on Jack's rod.

"I told you that she's been saving it up," Ellie giggled. She pushed Tom on his back and turned her body to copy their spouses. Her tongue lapped at his penis while she pushed her pussy down onto his face.

The wet sounds of their lips and tongues filled the air. Again it was Jack who grunted first and gave Amy a warning but she didn't remove her mouth. Her cheeks bellowed out with the first blast and the second before she swallowed.

Tom saw his wife swallow and did the same to Ellie. "NOW ELLIE!" She too didn't pull away.

Now that the men were finished the women moved their heads back and let the men go at their needs. Jack was the only one with experience and quickly brought Amy over the edge.


"HERE TOM!" Ellie directed while holding his head in place. Finally he was licking at the right spot. "OH YES...RIGHT THERE..I'M GOING TO...GOING TO CUM!!


The four of them were too spent and tired to go out for dinner. They ordered pizzas that were delivered and sat around the small table naked as they ate them. After cleaning up they moved back to the beds next to their spouses. All were too tired to swap.

After getting up at 6AM they quickly dressed and headed towards Annapolis. Since Ellie got car sick when sitting in the back seat it left Amy and Jack alone back there.

Tom glanced over at Ellie next to him and smiled as they headed down the expressway. The two in the backseat looked like they were still sleeping and he didn't think nothing of it until he noticed that Amy's head and upper body was missing. He adjusted the mirror and saw her head rising and falling on Jack's lap.

Ellie turned and looked at Amy's lips sliding up and down on her husband's cock. She looked at Tom and said, "I owe you one."

Five minutes later they heard Jack grunt and a few seconds later saw Amy's head rise back up. She smiled at Ellie and wiped the escaped cum from her chin and lower lip.

Jack wanted to go down on Amy but she refused and drifted off back asleep. It was almost twelve when they pulled into a rest stop. As Ellie and Jack ran to the restroom Tom pulled Amy aside.

"What's going on with you? You give him two blow jobs and have always refused me in the past."

"I know that Ellie was giving you one when I came up from the pool. I only did the first one with Jack to get even." She grinned. "Now I'm enjoying them. I'll give you one when we get back on the road and Jack takes over driving."

Tom smiled and ran to the john with Amy behind him. They stopped for a quick bite and were on their way. They were not out of the parking lot when Amy unzipped her husband and for the first time swallowed his cock whole.

"More protein," Jack grinned from the front street.

"Keep your eyes on the road," Ellie said smacking his arm.


They pulled into Annapolis a short time later and headed to the motel. After checking it they moved into the bedroom and saw one large king size bed.

"I asked for two beds," Jack said lifting the luggage to walk back out. But Ellie grabbed his arm.

"Maybe one bed is better."

"One bed," Tom repeated knowing that it probably meant connecting bodies.

"I'd like that," Amy grinned. She put down her overnight bag and sat on the bed. "But, I think you should close the curtains."

"Now?" Tom asked.

"Giving you two blow jobs has made me really horny," Amy said as she pulled her sweater over her overfilled bra.

"Ok with me," Ellie said doing the same. The men watched as the two women stripped and crawled upon the bed. They pushed the bedspread off while the guys closed the curtains.

Jack and Tom hurried to get naked and when they turned they saw the women side by side with their legs wide open. It was obvious what they wanted.

Tom moved directly down from his wife and Jack from Ellie. As they started forward Amy stopped them. "No, we want to switch."

"Are you sure?" Tom asked his wife.

"Yes, I'm very sure," Amy grinned looking over at Jack's hard cock.

"So am I," Ellie giggled. Her fingers parted her shaved lips.

Jack quickly moved between Amy's thighs before she had a change of heart. He pushed in towards her but she stopped him. "Rub it around first."

But Ellie didn't want to wait because she expected Tom to last long enough. "Put it in..give it to me."

Tom obliged and pushed his thicker cock into her depths. Although he was not as long he was thicker and because he was shorter his body pushed against her clitty each time he hit bottom.

"OH MY!" She cried reaching around to hold him tight.

Jack heard his wife getting fucked and wanted some pussy himself. He tried to push in again but Amy stopped him. "Get me hot first."

For five minutes Tom fucked Ellie until she was almost crying from the pleasure. She grabbed onto his ass and held him tight when she climaxed. "I'M CUMING!"

Jack leaned back and gave Amy a begging look. "Please."

Amy was ready. "Do it." She leaned back and waited for the long cock to push into her depths were Tom had never reached. "OHHH!"

Tom never stopped fucking as Ellie pasted her first orgasm and headed for number two. Next to them Amy only needed a minute to reach her first. "NOW JACK!"

Jack pumped and pumped until they both came at the same time. "AHHHHH!"

"AGAIN!" Ellie screamed.

Finally Tom let his dam open. "AHHHH!"

Since it was only 3:00PM they rested for an hour and started it again. The girls let the men fuck them doggie style this time. It was the first time that Amy felt a long penis push into her very deeply from behind.

After an early dinner they returned to the room and looked at the messed up bed. "Anyone want to head down to the pool?" Jack asked.

"Yeah," I was thinking the same thing." Tom grinned. "Girls?"

Amy rolled her eyes at Ellie. "We will stay here." After the guys left Amy sat next to Ellie.

"I can't believe that they are tired of us already." Amy frowned.

"Men." Ellie moved back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

"What can we do now?" Amy asked while turning to look at Ellie's bare legs coming from under her short denim skirt. She didn't even think as she reached over and caressed the soft flesh.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I am now," Ellie grinned feeling her friend's finger dart under the skirt. 

"I've never..."
"Me neither," Amy said touching the moist panties. "But I think that we can learn." Her fingers hooked the elastic and explored into a foreign pussy for the first time.

"You're doing....really.....well," Ellie moaned.

"Let's get naked," Amy suggested. She pulled down Ellie's panties and helped with the skirt, shirt and bra. Ellie did the same for her and the female body parts moved together in the middle of the bed.

"You feel so weird," Ellie giggled. Her fingers caressed the huge titties and then back around feeling Amy's buttocks.

"You know what this means," Amy whispered. Her fingers once again discovered Ellie's inner lips.


"It means that if we need sex we don't have to rely on the men anymore." Amy moved around until their faces were lined up with their pussies. Both sets of legs opened and both tongues quickly went to work.

Ellie pulled back and pulled out a few pubic hairs. "I think we need to shave you later."

"I'd like that," Amy grinned. She sucked the swollen clitty into her full lips and flicked on it with her tongue.

The women were not in a rush like the men usually were. They took their time touching, licking and exploring. It was almost twenty minutes later when Ellie pushed back. "I'm ready."

"Me too," Amy grinned. Their faces buried deeper and their tongues moved in warp speed.

"AHHHHHH!" Ellie screamed first. After she landed back on earth she returned to bring Amy off.



"I really want to go to the car show tomorrow" Jack said to Tom as they watched a young woman climb out of the pool next to them.

"I know me too but the girls will probably want to stay in the room all day."

"Well we will just have to lay it out on the line. Let's go and get it straight." They moved up to the room and stopped when they heard the sounds of sex inside.

"Fuck, what is going on?" Jack asked before opening the door. Both men froze when they saw their wife's in a classic 69. "HOLY SHIT!"

The women were so involved they didn't hear the door open or the husband's talking. Jack closed the door and smiled. "It looks like they have found a way to stay busy while we are at the car show." 

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