Thursday, 25 June 2015

Neighborhood Obedience

 My wife and I have just moved to the suburbs after living the country lifestyle for 15 years. We're currently in our mid 30's: my wife is 33, 5'6, 130 lbs, blonde, 36C breasts, and is in good shape due to great genetics and a healthy lifestyle. Me on the other hand, not so much. I'm your normal 36 year old with the 'dad body' even though we don't have children. I'm starting to bald, wear business casual attire on most days, and I'm amazed that I could even pull Cindy in college (my wife, I'm Steve). To top it all off I have 5" cock and though my wife as always reassured me that it was enough, I have always wondered if she meant it.

Cindy and I met back in college. I was much more studly back then as I was a student athlete while Cindy was your typical cheerleader. We met during her sophomore year and we never looked back. I've been with only 2 women up to that point while Cindy already had her fair share of men by the time we've met. When I first met her, she was dating one of my teammates who was tall, muscular, and black. I never knew why they broke up but we ended up meeting at a party sometime after their breakup and really hit it off. Fast forward through college, we got married shortly after graduating and my career took off from there. Cindy followed me around the country taking part time jobs here and there, allowing me to focus on my career. Which leads me to now.

While moving into our new house, our neighbors came out to greet us and help. His name was Mike and his wife's name was Cheryl. They were both black, the only black couple on our street, and they were in their early 40's. First thing I noticed was they were a very beautiful couple. Mike was tall, very muscular, and talked with a deep voice. Cheryl was also in shape (about equal to Cindy), slightly taller than me at about 5'11, and had a 36D breasts. They helped us unload the rest of our things from the moving truck and invited us to swim at their pool. We gladly accepted.

Cindy and I quickly go into our bedroom to change. I put on a pair of trunks and decide to go shirtless even though I have a bit of a belly and unwanted hair. Cindy on the other hand has been dying to wear her new bikini which was just enough to cover her parts and not appear too slutty in front of our new neighbors. Cindy likes to tan quite often and she's very proud of her body. I was getting a boner just watching her change but she urged me to keep it in my pants until later that night because it was already late in the day and the sun wasn't going to be out much longer. We grab a six pack of beer on the way out of our house and head next door. While walking there, Cindy gets a gaze from our much older neighbor across the street who was taking out the trash. She doesn't realize what effect she has on men.

We ring the doorbell and we hear a yell from their backyard to join them by the pool. Once we get through the fence and make our way around the house, my jaw instantly drops. Cheryl is in a very skimpy bikini: smallest thong I've ever seen in person with a top that just barely covers the nipples. Her big breasts were bouncing as she made her way to greet us. Mike was equally attractive and wearing tight, darker colored trunks that really showed off his muscular legs. He has a very well defined upper-body that I haven't been around since my college days. He comes to greet us as well and while he's hugging Cindy, I glanced down around his trunks and notice a bulge that seemed to be too big to be anyones' penis. They had another guest who was sitting in one of the lounge chairs and Mike takes me and introduces me to him. It was Mike's co-worker Daryl, who was also in very good shape but slightly smaller than Mike but still bigger than me. He gets up from his seat to shake my hand and he's wearing a speedo which left very little to the imagination. As he goes to sit back down, I also notice a big bulge on his speedo which I assumed to be the outline of his massive cock. I look over to my wife and Cheryl and I notice them giggling while they're chatting.

After a couple of beers and some fun conversation with Mike and Daryl, I needed to use the restroom and Mike points me in the direction of the master bedroom which has a bathroom attached. I walk though the backyard where Cheryl and my wife are hitting it off and becoming friends and I make my way into the house. Their house is slightly bigger than ours and has a very open feeling. I walk through the hallways and into the master bedroom where I notice something peculiar on one of their dressers. I walk towards it and I gasp as I realize what it is: a black dildo that must've been between 10 - 11 inches long! I inspect it a little closer and it doesn't appear to be a normal dildo. It seems to be one that was made from a mold, similar to one made from those kits that you can purchase to have a dildo made from your cock. Is this a copy of Mike's cock? How can it be so big? I go into the restroom and walk back outside where everyone was.

As I make my way back to the group, everyone has gotten into the pool. Mike had his arms around my wife and Cheryl while Daryl is floating around near my wife talking. As I approach them, I can't seem to get the image of the dildo out of my head and I start imagining what the real thing looks like. I hop into the pool and go to my wife and give her a kiss while everyone is talking. After some more conversation, Daryl has an idea and suggests we all have a chicken fight. He grabs my wife and she hops on his muscled shoulders and Cheryl does the same to Mike. I quietly stay put on the sides of the pool while they all head to the middle of the shallow end to play. After a few minutes, Cheryl and Cindy are playfully clawing away at each other and Cheryl accidentally catches my wife's bikini top and it ends up in the pool. My wife is now topless in front everyone to see! She quickly cups her breasts in her hands and gets off of Daryl in an attempt to grab her top. Daryl gets to it first and starts to toss it amongst the other players. My wife is now between the three of them while they play keep-away with her top. I'm still off to the sides watching this all unfold and getting mildly turned on. After about 5 minutes of tossing around my wife's top, Cheryl speaks up.

"So it's not too embarrassing for our new neighbors, I guess I'll take mine off too." said Cheryl.

She takes off her top too and Mike grabs the two bikini tops and asks me to hold it. Cheryl's breasts looked absolutely stunning. Her big 36Ds completely on display as she plays around in the pool.

Cindy, now feeling a bit more comfortable with the situation, takes her hands off of her breasts and let's us all admire them.

"Nice pair you have there hon." Cheryl says to my wife. She comes up to the side of her and she starts to compare them. My wife is just staring at Cheryl's big tits while Cheryl starts to touch both of them to compare.

All of the guys are just watching this moment before Mike suggests we all go inside to dry off and relax. Mike gets out first and asks me to hand him the bikini tops. All of us make our way into the house after drying off. The girls wrap themselves in their towels to cover themselves and we all head into the living room. Mike brings out more beer for everyone and we all sit around on the couches to get to know each other more. Cheryl grabs my wife to go sit with her and Mike while Daryl and I start talking about our jobs. We all continue to talk for a bit more and Cheryl gets up to refresh our drinks. Mike is now talking to Cindy and I notice that he has moved closer to her and now has his hand around her shoulder. As Cheryl comes back, she manages to surprise my wife and snatch her towel away from her and she's now left topless again in front of everyone as she scrambles to hide her breasts. All of this is happening while Daryl and I are watching and continuing our conversation.

"Relax Cindy, we're all friends here." Mike says to my wife. My wife, perhaps a bit tipsy at this point, realizes that everyone has seen her breasts already and decides to uncross her arms. Cheryl comes back with more beer and she sits on the opposite side of Mike as the two women now sandwich him. After a few more sips of our drinks, all of the guys in the room take the occasional gaze at my wife's tits and are slowly becoming very aroused. I look down at Daryl's crotch area and I see his speedo's are now sporting a much larger bulge than earlier. Mike is sporting a similar bulge in his shorts and I see my wife take an occasional glance at it. During one of her glances, Cheryl seems to have caught her staring at her husband's bulge and she gets up and goes to the bedroom. She comes back after a few moments with something in her hand... the massive black dildo! Cheryl takes a seat right next to Mike and shows off her toy.

"Since you're obviously curious honey, here's a mold of it." Cheryl jokingly says to my wife while placing it right in front of her face so she has the perfect view. Cheryl stares at it for a few seconds while everyone is looking at her expressions. "The real thing is slightly thicker as the mold shrinks a little bit when it dries." Cheryl adds. I'm in absolute shock at this point while Mike appears to have a small grin on his face. Cheryl now lowers the dildo and hands it to my wife to let her feel it. She hesitantly holds it and keeps staring at it while we're all watching her.

"Put both of your hands on it. I want to see how much is left." Cheryl tells her. Cindy agrees to do it and you can see that there's still at least half of the dildo exposed. Fascinated, Daryl gets up and sits next to my wife and proudly jokes, "Eh... mine's a lot thicker than that!" He leans back and shows off his bulge in his speedos as we all laugh. My wife is utterly captivated by the dildo and her eyes are completely spread wide open as she continues to hold and stare at it.

At this point, Mike and Daryl start joking around and about whose cock is bigger. Cheryl suggests that we all take out our dicks while her and my wife can judge who's is bigger. I'm a bit embarrassed at this point but I get up from my seat and head over to where they're all at.

"You first white boy!" Cheryl says to me in a joking tone. Everyone is now staring at me, including my wife who is still holding the dildo. I slowly undo my trunks and they fall to the floor. I was extra embarrassed at this point as we have just gotten out of the pool not too long ago and I already knew I had the smallest cock. "It's so cute!" Cheryl playfully tells the group and everyone chuckles, including my wife.

Daryl goes next and he slowly takes off his speedos and proudly displays his member. He was already semi-hard after staring at my wife's tits for so long. Cindy and I can't help but stare at it. It's about 9 inches long and very thick! He starts to move around and sways it and it manages to hit me on the hip. 

As I look up, Mike and Cheryl did not seem too impressed. Mike is the last to go and Cheryl suggests that my wife be the one to take off his trunks since she hasn't let go of the dildo. It took a little bit of convincing but she finally agreed. I didn't know if I was mortified or excited at this point. Cheryl nudges my wife off the couch and she lands on her knees in front of Mike. She reaches out and unties the drawstrings holding his trunks together and moves her hands to the sides slowly lowers them down. She gasps as she starts to see his cock and after she clears the tip, his cock springs up and hits her on the chin. She backs up a little bit and just can't help but stare at it. Mike's cock had to be a little bit bigger than 10 inches and slightly less thicker than Daryl's. My wife was completely mesmerized by Daryl's cock. Daryl instructs my wife to tilt her head back and she obeys him. He grabs his cock and moves forward and manages to rest his cock on my wife face. He lets his balls to touch her chin while his cock just rests on her face.

"That's a real man's cock hon." Cheryl says to her and then looks over at me and starts smiling.

Daryl gets the brilliant idea of coming behind my wife and putting his cock on my wife's face as well. Now her face is holding up two cocks side by side. Both Mike and Daryl are laughing and Cheryl pulls out her phone and snaps a picture from the top. She shows me the screen and you can barely see her face from the two huge cocks on top of it. Cheryl comes and grabs me and tells me to sit down next to her while Daryl and Mike continue to rub their cocks on my wife's face.

I'm just watching Mike and Daryl having fun with my wife's face and Cheryl begins whispering in my ear.

"Do you like what you see, Little Man?" Cheryl whispers to me as I stare at my wife holding up the two huge cocks on her face. Mike and Daryl begin to slap her with their big dicks while she just kneels there and takes it. 

"They're going to wreck her and she'll be addicted to big black cocks from now on." Cheryl whispers into my ear.

Cheryl leads me to the bedroom while Mike and Daryl follow. Mike instructs my wife to crawl there and she obeys. He also tells her to leave her bikini bottoms outside the door and she takes them off before she crawls near the bed.

I'm completely naked and so are my wife, Mike, and Daryl. Cheryl is topless but still has her bikini bottoms on and she instructs me to get on the bed and lay back while Daryl and Mike play with my wife. I look over to them and they were both taking turns slapping their cocks on her face and calling her names like "Bitch" and "Slut". Cheryl comes and sits next to where I'm laying and she hands me the dildo that my wife was holding earlier.

"Feel what your wife is experiencing right now." She tells me. She takes it from my hand and begins slapping me on the face with it. She then tells me to continue watching my wife.

Mike tells Cindy to open her mouth and get it ready for his big cock. My wife never liked giving me blowjobs but here she is in front of two big black men with the most lustful look I've ever seen on her. Mike slowly positions his cock in front of her mouth and tells her to kiss it. Cheryl instructs me to do all of the things to the dildo she's holding in front of me as my wife does to Mike's cock. Mike then tells Cindy to keep her mouth open and stick her tongue out while he rests his cock on her tongue. He slowly begins to enter her mouth and get it about a quarter of the way in. I don't know how she managed to get his thickness through her mouth but he somehow managed. Daryl is right next to Mike stroking his cock and waiting for his turn.

I take the dildo into my mouth as Cheryl starts to move it back and forth. I try my best to take as much as I can but I can't even get it half way in. I look over to see my wife who now has Mike pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as she kneels there helpless. Mike eases off and tells her to lick Daryl's cock. She obliges by moving over to him and licking his shaft and balls. Daryl begins stroking his cock while she works on his balls. He then starts telling her about how hard he's going to fuck her in front of her me and how her pussy will never be the same. I've never seen anyone worship a dick like how my wife is treating Daryl's right now. She starts to suck Daryl, trying to get as much of his cock in her mouth as she can but she can only manage about half of it. Daryl then grabs her head and starts forcing his thick cock down her throat until she could take about 7 inches of it.

Cheryl is now face fucking me with the dildo and I try to move my hand towards my cock to stroke it but she slaps it away and tells me I'm not cumming until her husband does. I then continue to stare at my wife, who is now back on Mike's cock trying to take as much of him into her mouth. Mike then pushes her away from his cock, picks her up, and lays her down next to me on the bed while Cheryl is still working the dildo in and out of my mouth. Mike tells me to stop and spread my wife's legs open for him. He positions his cock about 6 inches away from her shaved pussy and tells me to hold his cock and guide it into my wife. I've never touched another man's cock before but I was more than eager to hold Mike's massive black cock.

As I grab a hold of his cock, Mike tells me, "You know, after I stick this into your wife she's mine whenever I want her."

"Yes sir." I said back to him.

"Do you want me and Daryl to fuck your wife? Beg me." Mike says.

"Please Mike, fuck my wife." I said back to him, and then again at Daryl. At this point, there was nothing else I wanted then to have these two big black men use my wife. Still holding Mike's cock, I rub it on my wife's pussy and slowly stick it into her hole. She winces a bit and I just hold it there so she can get used to his size. Daryl comes up and kneels by her head and she eagerly puts her mouth on his black cock. After about a minute of getting used to his size, Mike pushes me away and starts working his big 10" cock inside of her. He thrusts in a slow rhythmic pattern at first, getting more and more in with every few thrusts while my wife continues to suck on Daryl's cock. Cheryl gets up and grabs her phone and start taking pictures of my wife taking two cocks from both ends. 

Mike flips her over on her elbows and knees and starts fucking her again doggy style while Daryl is in front of her forcing his dick into her mouth. Cheryl tells me to get off the bed and sit down on the chair next to the bed and just watch while she continues to take pictures of her husband fucking my wife. She also tells me to not touch my dick yet or else she would make me take the dildo up my ass. I sit down quietly and continue watching Mike go to town on my wife's pussy. I can't believe how turned on I am right now as I watch my wife get taken by two big black men.

He manages to get his entire dick inside my wife's tight pussy finally and is now pounding her balls deep while Daryl continues to work her mouth. After awhile, Mike asks, "Daryl, want some of this white pussy?" Daryl says ,"Hell yeah!" and my wife climbs onto Daryl and rides him while being on top. Mike stands up on the bed and starts feeding her his massive cock and this continues on for about another 10 minutes."

"Have you ever taken it up the ass hon?" Cheryl asks my wife. Without taking her mouth off of Mike's cock, my wife manages to shake her head 'no' and Mike begins to grin. Cheryl stops taking pictures for a second to grab a bottle of lube and hands it to me.

"Lube your wife's ass and get it ready for my husband's cock." Cheryl says to me. 

Oh no. My wife has never let me inside of her ass and now I have to watch this big 10" black cock take her anal virginity! I grab the bottle of lube from Cheryl's hands and make my way to my wife. As she's still riding Daryl and has Mike's cock down her throat, I squirt some lube on my fingers and start working it around her asshole and inside of it. I couldn't do it without touching Daryl's cock and I could've sworn he moaned a bit more as my fingers grazed his cock and balls.

"Lick my balls while you're down there white boy." Daryl commands me. Without hesitation, I lower my head and start licking his balls while he continues to bury his cock into my wife's pussy. Her pussy juice was all over his cock and she must've came a few times by now. Cheryl is still taking pictures and now has some of me licking the balls of a man who's fucking my wife. While I'm still licking Daryl's balls, Mike takes his cock from my wife's mouth and kneels down behind my wife. He tells me to stop licking Daryl's balls and to start licking his cock and prepare it for my wife's virgin ass. I take the head of his cock into my mouth and try my best to work his shaft, but his cock was just too big to take all of it in. He then pushes my head away and tells me to go sit back down while I watch him ruin my wife's virgin hole.

Cheryl comes up next to them and starts taking video of my wife losing her anal virginity. Mike starts to rub his cock head around her hole and slowly sticks the tip inside. My wife winces in pain again but doesn't stop him from pushing more of his black meat in. Mike continues to ease his cock inside of my wife's forbidden hole and after a few minutes, was able to get balls deep inside of her. After awhile, my wife's facial expressions went from pain and discomfort to absolute ecstasy. Mike and Daryl begin to pound my wife in both of her holes while Cheryl captures it all on video.

"You like watching your pretty wife get pounded by two big black cocks, Little Boy?" Cheryl says to me on film. "You can play with your little cock now as my husband is about to fill her ass with his cum."

I jumped at this opportunity and start pumping away at my 5" cock, which was harder than it ever was before. Mike and Daryl continue to pound my wife in both of her holes for another 2 minutes before they start getting close.

"I'm gonna cum!" Yelled Daryl as he pumped his hot cum into my wife's now-loose pussy. Mike then let out a loud moan as he pumped his seed into my wife's ass. I came at the same time as Mike with my cum landing on the floor of the bedroom.

As they both exited my wife's holes, my wife was absolutely exhausted and she just laid there with the most satisfied look on her face. Cheryl tells me to clean up my mess and I up and found a few paper towels to wipe it from the carpet. After all of us cleaned up, my wife and I head to the door to go back to our house next door. She's walking pretty funny as she just took two very big cocks in both of her holes. Cheryl stops us on the way out and hands my wife the dildo.

"From now on, he's only allowed to please you with this or his tongue." Cheryl instructs my wife. "Whenever you're ready for a real cock again, come see us." My wife and I leave their house and she immediately gord to bed. Things we're never the same between us again.

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