Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Forever Again

"So how have you been Vala? It's been... what? Two, maybe three months since I saw you last?" Asked Else Lindermann.
"More than that I'd say. You were still expecting when last I saw you and baby Freda is now almost three months, right?"

"True enough. She'll be three months in a few days." Else said as she picked at the wood of the rough dining table with her fingernail.

They were seated in the kitchen of Else's comfortable, if small and sparse, home that was on the outskirts of the village. Vala had stopped by to visit with her long time friend and see the baby as she had been promising to for weeks now.

The two women had been friends since they were both little girls when Else had lived on the next farm up the road from Vala. The two of them had spent many a day playing in the fields, swimming and braiding each others hair while dreaming of far off places and wondrous sights, of beautiful castles and handsome princes.

Two years ago, Else had married a farmer's son, Gerrald Lindermann, and moved to this small farm further up the road to start her own family.

Since the death of her second betrothed and the reactions she now got from many of the villagers, Vala found that she came to the village center much less frequently now and as a result, saw much less of Else. A small smile passed Vala's lips as she looked at her friend. "I've missed you Else."

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Wife Neetu's Wish Come True

So my thoughts I have jolted down for you to read. Hope you all like it please leave nice comments and share thoughts of couple group sex which nowadays is coming up in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
I am Rahul age 28 good looking, athletic body living in South Mumbai, married to Neetu age 25. Ours is a love marriage, we had dated for almost 6 years before getting married. Neetu is slim trim, fair, good looking and has a very hot body. She was a heart throb in the college. Before we met, she was in relationship with one guy. Later they broke and I came in her life.

Last summer we planned a trip to visit my old college friend Nitesh who was on vacation in Goa with his wife Sweta, who also had crush on my wife in the college. It's a long drive so she suggested we buy a copy of adult magazines to help us pass the time. We took turns driving and reading. It was great I could get my rocks off and drive at the same time. What turned me on even more was that Neetu would press my cock, as I drove and I would play with her inside when she drove. That made the trip goes a whole lot faster!

We met Nitesh and Sweta in a bungalow which they had hired. It was great day meeting old friends. In the evening we had a nice chat, watched TV and enjoyed good dinner. We also had bought some Hot movie DVDs which we kept in the hall specially of Swinger and group sex category. After the dinner I asked my wife to come for a walk, whereas Nitesh and Sweta wanted to watch TV. We went to nearby bars had a good time. My wife is a good dancer and went to the dancing floor and grooved her body with the music. I was enjoying her dance in the crowd. I saw on good looking young boy was dancing close to my wife. I got horny while watching my wife dancing with a stranger, who was trying to touch her. We left the bar at 11:00 pm and went to walk to beach side.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss Kusum

I am lata,35 years lesbian.i am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a can also share your experiences,send them to my mail id, would love to share with you.
This is a incident which happened two years back when I joined a new firm.the story is about my boss mrs kusum chaddha.after and before this incident I had lesbian sex with many women who were younger than college I did lesbian sex with girls but this was the best and most memorable was with mrs kusum chaddha who is older than me.By her experience and perfection she gave me lovely orgasm.she was the best.I was new in firm I was not much familiar to her as she was from different department.she was in her mid-forties,busty lady,5,10 tall,fair,good looking figure 40-32-38.she was a mother of two but still at this age her she looks 35,her body was very well maintained and sexy.At that time i did not know that a lady like her could be a lesbian.
She was a extrovert and strict lady especially to the males.many times I heard her scolding her male coworkers.she has nice physique and beautiful face with nice lifted bust line,curvy waistline and well rounded ass with nice sexy toned legs.she wears dark business suits that shows her well shaped figure.sometime kusum dresses in short skirts that shows off her milky white legs, with thin cotton tight blouses that reveal black bra underneath.kusum loves to show off her body.almost every men stare at kusum’s swaying hips pretending to be coming out so can’t resist them to watch her private doubt she looked very tempting in tight outfits.
So here starts the main part of my incident.when I was on a business tour to goa with my boss kusum chaddha.first day went doing our official work and dinner with the other delegates and in night we were so tired that we didn’t get any chance and went to sleep.on second day we got free time we went to beach and spend good quality time.later we took massage in hotel and relaxed.after doing dinner in night we came to our rooms but after sometime kusum knocked my door and said she’s feeling alone in her big room and asked me to sleep in my room.i allowed her as my room was big enough for one person and the bed was also double.i allowed her and she took all her luggage and got shifted to mine.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

True Love Fucked By Best Friend

Hi Friends and fans of ISS readers. I am going to share the incident when my best friend fucked my girlfriend with litlle of my help. My girlfriend’s name is Ridhima who is in relation with me for 3 years since 10th standard.She is a very beautiful and hot kinda girl with an innocent face. Then she was 18 with a figure of 34 30 36. Any Guy can fall for her at first look. We had sex so many times in last 3 years. We were in college now and in same class. Akshay was my childhood friend. We were so close to each other that we share each and everything with us.He was a good looking guy who had few girlfriends in past. He was also in same college.
It was 6-8 months that Aki had his break-up with her GF. He used to remain quiet since then. I asked him to get over of this but he replied angrily that ” You will not understand my Feelings, you have beautiful and caring GF Ridhima who fulfils all your needs but i am alone. You know i hadnt have sex for almost one year”. I said “You need a girl to fuck only , so we can pay some bucks to hire a prostitute and you can fulfil your needs”. He angrily shouted “Prostitute is prostitute but not Ridhima”. I was stunned by hearing this and shouted do you know what are you saying”. “yeah thats what i mean, we shared everything till now why not Rid….”. he replied. “stop it Akki, if you were not my best friend i have had punched your face till now.” i furiously shouted.
For few days after that we didnt talked but then one night i thought how amazing it will be seeing my girlfriend fucked by my best friend. This is one of the my wild fantasy. Next day i went to Akshay and he felt sorry for what he said. I asked him “you know Ridhima loved to fucked Doggy style.” Akshay understood my offer hearing this. “but you love Ridhima ” he said. “And You lusts her, You both may enjoy this”, i replied. But now the problem was how it was going to happen. I couldnt ask Ridhima Straight forwardly. Suddenly an idea struck to me. I said with a mysterious smile in my face,”how about

Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Lovely Wife And Friend

I am an IT engineer, and my wife Mita is housewife. She is fair and sexy. She has 36 boobs and round ash and curvy figure. Our sex life was health, we enjoyed sex and she is too hot in bad. Everything was going on perfect and we are very close and frankly discuss about our old life and our friend. I have so many friends very few with whom I was close. Shrey was my best friend; he is very handsome guy and well-built. His height is 6.1 where I am 5.8 and he presents very well.
He lives in a different city, we always discuss about him and his wife and their married life. As nothing is secret between both our friends and I share the details with Mita. Shrey’s married life is also cool and he is very romantic kind of person which my wife likes most. He presents very well any girl/lady can attract towards him. His wife not sexy as compared to mine and has smaller assets which I came to know during discussion as nothing is hidden between us.
Once my friend has an official trip in my city, so he planned to stay with us and we haven’t met for years so decided to come in adv. He reaches my home on Sat two days in advance and we have full weekend to gossip. We reached home and Mita greeted him and she is bit shy. There were casual talks enquiring about Trisha (his wife) and all that stuff. We had lunch all together. Mita was serving all delicious food prepared by her, she cooks well. Mita wearing tight Tshirt and leggings, tight fit. She likes to wear them at home. Her figure; especially boob size easily noticeable in these kind of outfits. While she was serving, I noticed Shrey is gazing at her breasts. And also while having lunch all together he was sometimes looking them. A wonderful thought came to my mind, what if they will have sex, as I know my wife likes him as a person and it will be spicy too. It is always enjoyable having sex with different people. And nothing harm on this as it will be between us and I can also get an opportunity to fuck Trisha.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Snared in Voyeur Sites

Extremely careful though he was Chandru knew his wife would one day catch him with the goods. It happened that Saturday evening. He heard Malavi open the door. He was not to blame; the mouse stalled and he was not able to get the cursor fast enough to the upper corner of the screen to close the file. Malavi was standing behind him staring at the monitor. The amply endowed woman on the screen was very pretty, and she was fully unclothed.
"So this is what you do when I am not in the house, watching this type of women," she said. Chandru was strangely defiant.

"You are talking of them with scorn. They are not ordinary women. They are women doing a vital service to me and millions of other men whose wives are unmindful of their duties and responsibilities." This was a topic on which they frequently have skirmishes, but today Malavi's focus was on other things.

"Scroll up," she said. Chandru did. "Scroll down." He did. The same pretty woman appeared in different poses. "Stop," she said. The image was particularly juicy. The woman sat on the steps of a building with thighs spread apart, and the photographer had taken the shot at such an angle that her pussy was visible. Malavi snorted.

"Please click the 'back' arrow. I want to see the title page." Chandru did so.

"You mean on this date so many have contributed photographs."

"Yes, and every day. I have highlighted the file we were watching."

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Me & My Wife Chapter is Our First Threesome

My wife and I had been married for only two years and had talked about our sexual preferences greatly. Before getting married we had been somewhat active but had never 'sealed the deal.' Still, what experience we did have with each other made it less awkward for us to talk about our sexual fantasies and what would make us feel fulfilled in the bedroom. Sharayah slowly but surely opened up about her willingness to perform oral sex, her desire to eventually be able to finish me off with oral attention and even to swallow. She admitted an interest in anal sex, and especially in double penetration. We had even talked about affording her the opportunity for the attention of more than just two men and she had responded lustily, showing that a deep, carnal portion of herself was excited at the prospect of being shared by a group of men. We had exchanged text fantasies, always in the realm of the theoretical, about her being double and triple penetrated, or even having all three holes filled while stroking two other men (and potentially even surrounded by more). All of this excited her, but the idea of moving it from the theoretical and potential into the actual was where she balked. She had been raised in a conservative Christian household and was afraid that adding a third party to sex would be crossing a line that could never really be uncrossed.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Radhika having anal sex with husband Vishal

Hi I'm Radhika from Kerala, 32 years old married woman, with chubby body. My husband's name is Vishal and I have a 6 year old daughter (Ritu). My husband was a good looking guy with handsome looks. He is working in a private software company. I'm working as a teacher in high school in the city. We are living in a 10 storeyed housing complex in the middle of the city.
After our daughter was born I became much sexier than before. My husband always liked to admire my beautiful curvy hips, big breasts and big ass. He was sexually addicted to me like a man addicted to alcohol. We did sex on almost every nights. One day my husband got transfer notice to Bangalore, he was so sad about his transfer.
He said that he don't really wanna go and he will miss me and my sexy body. But I said it's for our own future, if you don't go how are we supposed to live. Somehow I made him to go to Bangalore. But before going he promised me that he will come home once in a week.
After he was gone, for the first few days I started to feel loneliness but after he came home in the first week it was like he was really in horny mood. When he came I made him some spicy Kerala style chicken curry and chappathi. Vishal, Ritu and me sit together and had a good dinner at night. I sent Ritu to bed for sleep since she started to feel sleepy.
After confirming that Ritu is sleeping I went to couch, sat beside Vishal. I was in tight low neck chudidar top and leggings. He was rubbing his palm on my right thigh over the leggings. I took his palm and placed it on my right breast. He grabbed my breast with great pressure. I moaned, "zzzzzz aaaahhh".
When I made the moaning sound he became aroused, he grabbed me by hands and made me to sit on his lap facing him. I gave one kiss on his cheek then looked into his eyes. Then one kiss on his lips and again looked into his eyes. This made him crazy and he removed my top and I myself removed my leggings. Then I again sit on his lap facing him in my bra.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Radhika having extra marital affair with Ashok

Hi readers, this is Radhika again from Kerala. I hope you liked my previous story with my husband. Now i'm going to tell you how I managed to have my desires in the absence of Vishal. He used to come home every weekends from Bangalore to meet us. But after few months he reduced his schedule to once in every month.
He said that he got promoted and his work load also increased, that he couldn't come every week. I knew that he changed his mind because of his new girlfriend. But I didn't wanted to argue and ruin our relation because of a silly girlfriend. I acted like I don't know anything.
Even though I took it so silly I was jealous that some other woman is enjoying my husband and it gave me sleepless nights. Every night I sleep alone thinking about my husband and my pleasureful past with him. After much thought I felt if he can have extra marital affair, why can't i. Also his absence made me a sexually hungry woman.
So next day onwards I also started to find a suitable sex partner for myself. But I didn't wanted for any men who is hungry for sex, I was looking for a man who is caring, handsome and have a good job. Wherever I go I looked for guy with all these characters. But I didn't find anyone for weeks. But I didn't had to wait for long. It was PTA meeting in the school.
It was mandatory for every parents to come to the school to talk about students academic performances. Since I was the class teacher of the 4th standard I had to meet the parents of every student in my class. I met this father of one student, he was handsome and beautiful. His name was Ashok, 34 years old working as a professor in a private business school.
He was big tall guy with muscular body. Anyway I wanted him as my boyfriend or sex partner whatever. But since he was already married I doubted whether he would be interested in me. The only way to make him mine is through seduction and teasing.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Swinging is Awesome

Mala's eyes suddenly lit up. The opening she has been praying for had suddenly come. Her knees seemed to buckle. She sat down.
There were four in the drawing room of her flat. Her husband Suresh, and Roopa and Damu, the couple from the flat opposite that shared the same landing. It was Saturday morning, and they were planning for a movie that evening. The problem was the choice of the show. Suresh did not fancy the movie his wife wanted, and Mala did not want the action film her husband preferred. Roopa and Damu had the same problem, but Mala's choice was the same as Damu's, and Roopa's was the same as Suresh's. It was then that Mala's head exploded with the idea.

"I have a simple solution," she said, "Damu and I would go to the movie we like, and Roopa can take Suresh to what they prefer." Attending movies with another man's wife is unknown in Indian society, but Mala was surprised to find that the other three acclaiming her revolutionary proposal with enthusiasm. That made her confident that her plan would work. The men left for their offices soon after, and Roopa went across to her flat to complete her chores. She was back in Mala's flat after an hour and a half. They saw another episode of a TV serial. During the telecast Roopa, unusually for her, was silent. Her thoughts were apparently elsewhere. Mala did not disturb her. She knew what was disturbing Roopa. She also knew that sooner rather than later she would come out with it, or she would burst. Roopa then spoke.

"I can't quite explain it Mala," said Roopa, "but I feel uncomfortable, even guilty, that I am excited about going to a movie with your husband."

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Our Family Is Like No Other

My story is unique. Yes I do mean that the like of it could not have occurred before. Well, that is a bold statement. One can never be certain for however bizarre an occurrence quite often one finds that many previous examples are on record. Mine may be too but it is so unlikely that I thrust my neck out and insist that it is unique.
My name is Kamalee. I was just twenty when from very conservative rural South India I suddenly catapulted into the thick of life in the United States. It happened this way. I am from a small town a few miles from the very tip of the Indian peninsula. I belong to a well to do agricultural family. Our mother tongue is Tamil. I am the only child of my father's second wife. He married her after his first wife of 20 years died. His only child by his first wife was also a daughter. The age difference between us is 22 years. When I was 4 years old both my father and mother died within a few days of each other during an influenza epidemic. I do not have any recollection of them. My sister who was childless brought me up. I look upon her as my mother.

When I was 19 an offer for marriage came from a distant relative from a nearby town. He was Elango working as a software engineer in the US. My sister was not happy sending me away to the other side of the globe but friends and relatives assured her that it was the norm for these days. I was duly married and found myself in California. To maintain anonymity I am not naming the town we lived in or live in now. Yes, parts of my life have to be secret.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Milky Sex In A Train Threesome

Hi this is Babu after the massive fuck and suck we had in the train all of us fell on each other and took some rest. We had coffee which Vijaya had bought and added all 3 woman’s boobs milk and drank. After 20min my snake started to rise i went near Sunitha anni and started to suck her milky boobs. I clamped my mouth over her huge nipps and started to suck. The warm sweet milk filled my mouth i drank it quickly with the rise and fall of the huge 40size tits. I swirled my tongue over the stiff orb pressing it to the roof of my mouth and feeling Sunitha’s breathing with the sensation of milk filling my mouth. I manipulated and fondled her nipps in such a way she was aroused sexually and her pussy was getting wet. I slowly got down to her pussy and told her to open the thighs, same time Vijaya akka was sucking her huge nipps and drinking her milk . Parveen was feeding her baby and watching all this. The train was chugging fast and our activity was also fast. I was caressing her huge navel and massaging it. My lips slowly followed the dripping of milk from the navel and went back to her pink nipps and areola and sucking it and my fingers pushing into her cunt and touching the pubic hair. She was aroused and let a huge cry come on slowly my fingers entered her juicy wet pussy she screamed o my god ammaaaaaaaaaaaa. She was really hot and wet inside the pussy my cock was getting bigger. Seeing this Vijaya akka came down from Sunitha’s boobs and started to suck my cock slowly then faster taking my whole thing into her mouth and stroking my balls. Seeing this Parveen came and sat next to Sunitha anni and started to suck her milky boobs even as her baby was sucking from her huge 44 size milk jugs. Seeing this i was aroused and wanted to fuck Sunitha anni. To suck my cock harder i slapped my cock over Vijaya boobs milk spurted out and i put my 10inch cock into her mouth while i was sucking Sunitha milk. Vijaya put the whole cock in her mouth

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Early Slutty Married Behaviour

When we were first married we rented the top storey of an old house from a retired police officer and his wife. The older couple also lived in lower half.
Mike was working away a lot at the time, trying to impress his new company and his new bosses.

We had no kids at the time, having only been married for a few months: initially we had lived with his parents.

We got on well but we really needed some space as newly wedded couple. We were always scared in case they heard us fucking so our sex life was suffering!

The couple who owned the flat were in their late 50s. She was a tiny bird of a woman, skinny beyond belief and with a harsh, jagged face. She wasn't too pleasant, though was never nasty. Just not the sort of woman you would warm too.

He was a heavy set, hugely built man, Jim was his name. Retired from the Police force and about 6ft 2 tall, erring on the side of fat.

It became obvious from early days that he was a bit of a letch and a bit of a flirt. Almost from the day we moved in he began leering at me and this quickly progressed to him pawing and fondling me at every opportunity.

On the occasions I saw him out and about he would always stop and chat. I always got the impression he was ogling me, and his eyes often seemed more interested in my cleavage rather than talking to my face.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Rental Wife

This story relates to my wife rittu.We got married in 2004 and after two years of marriage we shifted to Delhi and were living in a hotel as we were looking for a house on rent.Getting a house on rent in Delhi was very difficult task and the rent was also very huge and we were unable to find the house at desired location.
Rittu had a sexy ripe fig and whenever we used to look for the house the landlords would always feast their eyes on my wife body.She had big boobs and sexy ass pounding out of the saree when she used to walk and our search for the house was not ending .I often used to see the classified ads for house rent and one day I saw the ad for house on rent for our desired location.I called the landlord and took an appointment with him and we were scheduled to meet at the rented apartment for 7 pm.
Rittu did not wanted to go but the landlord insisted that both husband and wife should be present to get the rented apartment.Rittu got dressed up in black saree with her high heels on and then I told rittu that our money is finishing in staying at hotel as it is proving very expensive and if today we don’t get the house on rent we had to leave delhi to our hometown.Rittu got depressed a little bit as she wanted to live in Delhi and anyhow we reached the rented apartment on schedule time.
I rang the doorbell and a man of nearly 60 years of age well built and grey hair on his head opened the door and he introduced himself as Mr gupta and the owner of the apartment.I introduced my self and rittu to him and he was looking at rittu from her toe to her boobs and then he told me that this is a fully furnished apartment and then gupta escorted us inside and was showing the living room.He was referring to rittu as bhabi and soon he showed the bedroom and the master bedroom was indeed well furnished and the bed was also neatly kept.As I was looking at the place gupta was intentionally

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Swinging to make Pregnant - Tripti

Best friends share everything, that's what my husband Sharad and his best friend Suresh, use to think about life & according to them, their wives, me, Tripti and Rita, are not at all exception, of that category.
Starting from beginning, my husband Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya are childhood friends, they have studied together, since they were in 5th standard and at present, there friendship is more than 20 years old and as I said earlier, they are true friends, who are ready to give, even their lives to each other.

From the day one, I was married to Sharad, I could see, that Sharad has a special place in his life for Suresh Bhaiya & like me, I am sure Rita Bhabhi would have seen her husband's affection, for Sharad and truly speaking, we both were glad with it. Like Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya, I and Rita Bhabhi also became good friends as since our marriage, we use to meet regularly, atleast on one weekend of every month.

We use to sit together for long in anyone's house, to drink & eat, or sometimes in restaurant & sometimes use to go for late night movie & use to stay at, each other's place in night & life was going like this casually, until that day.

Talking about couples first, I am Tripti in my mid 30s and at present my marriage with my husband is more than 6 years old & I have a five year old son. Like me, Rita Bhabhi is also married to Suresh Bhaiya from more or less same time, but they didn't had any child. Initially, they were postponing getting into their parenthood & they were trying for a child from last couple of years but they did not succeeded.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dream Come True - Black Cock!

It was a Friday. I entered the Gymnasium in my apartment and saw this man. I noticed him because he was a Negro. He had a very good physique and I didn't understand why he had to come to a gym. He was in his shorts and he was very attractive. I would say he was about 5ft, 9inches tall, and he was a typical sexy Negro. I stared at him for a while, but I withdrew my eyes when I saw him noticing me. Then I just went ahead and did my regular exercises. I always had this fantasy to make love to a black man with thick black cock.
My apartment is on the eleventh floor and the balcony opens onto the swimming pool. The following morning I got up and went to the balcony with my coffee. I slowly sipped my coffee and had a glance at the swimming pool. I saw the same man swimming in his trunk. I just could not take my eyes from him. He had a well chiseled body and was extremely attractive. When he got out of the pool, I saw the thickness inside his trunk. It was huge. I could not take my eyes off of that portion and suddenly I realized that he was looking at me. I withdrew my eyes and continued sipping my coffee. I just couldn't forget the sight of him coming out of that pool. I thought of him when I was in bed. I hugged my pillows and kissed them, imagining it was him. I fantasized his thick black cock entering my tight pussy. My breasts crushing under his strong chest. The thought was intoxicating. Quickly, I developed the urge to have sex with him, but I decided to control myself. I needed to control this urge, as I cannot get into bed with every sexy man I see. Fantasies need not have limits. Reality does. I tried to get him out of my mind, so I decided to avoid him.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Demonic Cuckold

Lewis smiled as he headed home from work. His was a very demanding job, requiring long hours in the office dealing with clients and supervisors alike, especially with this big project he had been working on lately. Failure could have cost him his job, but as it was, they had met their goals with room to spare, and the boss had seen fit to reward Lewis with a promotion and a bonus, along with orders to take a week off to spend time with his wife, Anne.
As he pulled into the driveway, Lewis saw Anne's car, meaning she was home waiting for him. He grabbed his briefcase and the expensive bouquet of roses which he'd grabbed on the way home, and used his foot to swing the car door shut.

As he reached the front door, he paused as he heard a strange sound from inside the house. It sounded like Anne was crying over something. Lewis quickly opened the door and ran inside, dropping his briefcase at the door as he sprinted down the hall to their bedroom. He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob, as he began to realize that the sounds were definitely not crying, but rather grunts and moans of pleasure, and that they were accompanied by deeper, masculine grunts and growls.

Lewis's heart sank into his chest as he realized what this meant. He stood, with his hand on the doorknob, trying to decide if he should open the door to confront them or not. Working up his nerve, he turned the door knob and stepped inside.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Checkup Ch. 01

I looked at my watch. It had been 45 minutes since I first sat down in the waiting room. Slumped in my seat, I wondered if I was ever going to see the doctor. It was my first visit to a gynecologist, and at first I'd been very nervous over what to expect, but now I just wanted to get it over with.
What was the hold up anyways? The office was small--it looked like there could only be one, maybe two rooms tops in the back--and no one else was here but the nurse behind the desk. It was almost 5:00 pm, surely they would be closing soon?

"Allie Anderson?"

I jumped a little as the nurse broke the silence. "Oh, that's me."

She smiled at me warmly. She was very beautiful, with olive skin, grey eyes, and dark hair. She could have been a TV star. I smiled back at her and got up.

"Just follow me to the back, I'll take you to the exam room."

Her hair and her butt swished back and forth noticeably as I followed her. Perhaps I should ask her for her number when I everything was done.

Just as I thought, there was only one exam room, and what looked like an office across from it. The door was closed--I guessed the doctor was back there, procrastinating my visit. Hopefully he wouldn't be too long.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sexy Wife Sam in Erotica Club Game

My wife Samantha and I have casually been moving into more adventurous sexual encounters and scenes. Up till now it has mostly been fantasy, exhibition, and light sharing. One of the local underground erotica clubs we were introduced to has helped slowly bring us further down the rabbit hole. It is a place where couples can set their limits and experiment in a secure location. The club has multiple floors and sections that cater to different fetishes or interests and depending on the night may have themed events or parties. As with most couples that engage in exhibitionist activities we get the biggest thrill out of the potential of "getting caught." In the past that thrill had been enough but once that itch was scratched we continued our search for the next thing to get us all roused up. It happened in the same club that has brought us so many other fun times.
Friday night Samantha and I have plans to go to the club. We have a taxi booked to take us and are finishing getting ready. The club has a pretty formal dress code to begin with, so men wear suits and ladies where nice dressed. What they wear or don't wear under them is member's choice. I was finishing getting dressed while admiring my beautiful wife zipping up the back of a black cocktail dress. She wore sheer black panties and no bra, the way I like. Samantha is 33 years old and is quite petite. She is right under 5'2 and weighs nearly 100 pounds. She has cute A cup breasts, a firm butt, and a beautiful smooth shaven pussy. Being smaller has helped her defy gravity and she is as firm as when I met her. It is all I can do to not take her right then and there but I have learned restraint. After a few more minutes of getting ready and a couple shots of liquid courage the taxi pulls up for our night out.

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