Monday, 3 April 2017

My Surprise Vacation

It was indeed a surprise package planned by my loving hubby Rajesh without neither discussing with me nor letting out any details whatsoever to me. He just asked me to pack our bags for 10 days and not to ask him any questions. I too obliged and just followed his instructions anxiously waiting to see what is in store for me. 

The warmth of the tropics took our breath away from the moment we walked off the plane. It was as if the cold bitter winter we had just left four hours earlier was only a memory. I looked at my hubby, as I called him and saw an incredible smile spread quickly across his face. It was as if our minds were both feeling the same rush of joy as the warm air blanketed us. 

On landing at the airport I came to know that we were at Montego Bay, Jamaica in the Caribbean Islands. We made our way through customs which was nothing more than a long line and a wasted hour instead of being on the beach. The airport was clean but not as clean as we are used to back home. Of course we both commented we were in a third world country so things were going to feel different. 

Rajesh was looking at me quite differently than usual. I was certainly in great shape even after two kids. As I saw him standing there it sent a message to my hormones that this was going to be a sex filled week indeed. I had pulled my hair back into a pony tail and tied it with a pink ribbon. I remember thinking to myself, wow, I looked hot! Rajesh smiled as we then grabbed our bags and headed out the door into the fading sun light. It was late afternoon yet Rajesh commented how warm it still felt. As promised the van was waiting and carried us off down the country side to our resort. Rajesh and I were the only one in the van as the driver, a local man, chatted away the entire hour ride. Odd thing was I noticed him carefully checking me out quite often. Figuring it was Indian skin that had him interested. I never really gave it much thought and kind of enjoyed the flirting on his part. Not really sure but I sensed Rajesh noticing it as well. No harm in having some fun. After all we were on vacation, right? 

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