Monday, 3 April 2017

My Surprise Vacation

It was indeed a surprise package planned by my loving hubby Rajesh without neither discussing with me nor letting out any details whatsoever to me. He just asked me to pack our bags for 10 days and not to ask him any questions. I too obliged and just followed his instructions anxiously waiting to see what is in store for me. 

The warmth of the tropics took our breath away from the moment we walked off the plane. It was as if the cold bitter winter we had just left four hours earlier was only a memory. I looked at my hubby, as I called him and saw an incredible smile spread quickly across his face. It was as if our minds were both feeling the same rush of joy as the warm air blanketed us. 

On landing at the airport I came to know that we were at Montego Bay, Jamaica in the Caribbean Islands. We made our way through customs which was nothing more than a long line and a wasted hour instead of being on the beach. The airport was clean but not as clean as we are used to back home. Of course we both commented we were in a third world country so things were going to feel different. 

Rajesh was looking at me quite differently than usual. I was certainly in great shape even after two kids. As I saw him standing there it sent a message to my hormones that this was going to be a sex filled week indeed. I had pulled my hair back into a pony tail and tied it with a pink ribbon. I remember thinking to myself, wow, I looked hot! Rajesh smiled as we then grabbed our bags and headed out the door into the fading sun light. It was late afternoon yet Rajesh commented how warm it still felt. As promised the van was waiting and carried us off down the country side to our resort. Rajesh and I were the only one in the van as the driver, a local man, chatted away the entire hour ride. Odd thing was I noticed him carefully checking me out quite often. Figuring it was Indian skin that had him interested. I never really gave it much thought and kind of enjoyed the flirting on his part. Not really sure but I sensed Rajesh noticing it as well. No harm in having some fun. After all we were on vacation, right? 

The resort was a paradise as we settled into our room and spent the night exploring the various bars and restaurants. Exhausted from the long trip we crawled into bed early figuring our first morning on the beach was soon at hand. Before I could make a move I felt his hand wrapped around my breast and his fingers stroking my nipples to life. My hubby was not usually that aggressive so I loved this new sexy attitude he had brought with him to our vacation. With warm breezes blowing in our open patio we soon screwed each other as if it was our first time before falling to sleep. 

When I opened my eyes, first thing I noticed was my hubby nowhere in sight. Looking around the room I thought he obviously had gotten up early and maybe already left for the beach. I showered quickly figuring I would catch up with him. Crappy water pressure but then again it's not back home so I made the best of it. It was already ten and the heat of the sun hit me like a ton of bricks. Still I felt so alive and headed towards the beach to find Rajesh. The first thing that hit me was the warm sand between my toes. The second was the first woman I came across laying in the sun topless. Almost embarrassed to look at her tits I tried not to stare but the further I walked the more topless women I saw. Walking further I spotted Rajesh sitting on a chair and one young blonde girl talking to him. My heart raced as I noticed that she had also removed her top and was chatting with my hubby with her tits exposed.

I was furious with my hubby and asked him how dare he left me alone in my room and he was flirting on the beach with that blonde. Rajesh smiled at me and introduced her to me saying that he was sitting alone and she was the one who joined him and casually talking to him. He assured me that there was nothing serious... just some light fun. He also told me that I too had the same liberty to flirt lightly if I wished since we were at a place where no one recognized us. I just left him and that blonde and proceeded further to find one shack where I settled down looking at the wonderful water waves and the beauty around. I was lost in trance and suddenly woke up by a male voice wishing me "Good Morning".

I looked at him. He was a black young muscular guy in his early twenties and was smiling at me. He was wearing a loose Bermuda and nothing at the top showing off his well toned muscular chest and arms. I smiled back and he asked me if I wanted some orange juice. I said yes and he rushed off to get me some. In the mean time my hubby joined me and asked "Did you notice all the topless women around this beach? No one is wearing a top except you." I looked at him and he had a devilish look in his eyes. Without uttering a word I quickly removed my top and bra and flung it aside. I had never been so bold in my entire life and it was both shocking and thrilling for me and my hubby. He was all smiles and looking at my boobs he commented "You look so hot... You may remove your shorts as well if you wish". I just ignored him as I was still annoyed with him.

When the young black guy returned with a glass of juice in his hand, his eyes never came off my boobs. My pale skin, pink nipples and the fullness in my boobs drew his constant attention. I quickly adjusted showing no signs of embarrassment whatsoever. As time passed more and more men made their way past us looking at me and sometimes stopping to chat. I also noticed my nipples never went down as some form of sexual trance had over taken me. We spent the entire day at the beach, swimming in the waters and intermittently taking rest in the shack. When the sun was finally going down we headed back for dinner. Rajesh and I ended up in the shower together. I was real horny and my pussy was flowing. After dinner, we just grabbed each other and had a wild sex.

By the third day I walked the beach topless without a care in the world. Many of those times the young black guy who had now become my admirer accompanied us on the beach and had lot of conversation giving us the information on Jamaica and other cities in the Caribbeans. He was a tall young man with dark skin and a wonderful smile. His name was Mike and he was very charming and certainly did everything he could to be next to me as often as he could. Mike had certainly given us premier treatment more than most guests received. Rajesh loved the attention as we got to know him better. Slowly, Mike began to comment about my tits telling us how soft they looked to him. At first his comments struck me as bold and forward but his charm was so smooth that I got used to it. With each passing day we got friendly with him and enjoyed his company.

Rajesh and I ate at an open air buffet that night when out of nowhere Mike appeared. He was working a double shift as he explained in the restaurant and joked with us when he had time. It was one of the perfect, warm evenings with the sky full of stars. Rajesh seemed so happy to see him as they chatted for a short time. He suggested we head to the disco later on and he would be off at ten to join us. We said great and finished up dinner and a few too many cocktails before heading to meet up with him. He too had a couple of rounds of cocktails with us. Later, he asked Rajesh whether he could dance with me and Rajesh looked at me. I was more than willing as the atmosphere around was fully charged. Within five minutes Mike and me were dancing very sexy like. I had worn a short mini skirt and cute low cut tank top and our movements grew more and more suggestive as we continued to dance more and more. Rajesh never ever liked to dance but he also never objected to my dancing as well. He was just watching us over his drinks. 

As the loud beat of the music overpowered everyone in the disco, Rajesh looked over at me and then motioned that he was going outside for some fresh air. I nodded yes and waved back as he left the bar. Ten minutes later I decided to join my hubby outside. So I told Mike to accompany me. Coming out of the bar, I was having hard time breathing from all the dancing and my boobs were heaving up and down. Mike made some comment about how good a dancer I was and how sexy I looked in my top and skirt constantly staring at my boobs. Not really sure how it all happened but while looking out for Rajesh, I and Mike walked through a long shaded area where all of a sudden Mike caught my hand and dragged me aside and pulling me close to him put his hot burning lips on mine and kissed me passionately for a long time clearly suffocating me. He then lifted up my top and grabbed by boobs for the first time. I watched his dark hands reach out for my boobs as it made me dizzy. I closed my eyes as I felt Mike forcing me to open my mouth and putting his big tongue inside and playing with mine. At the same time he pinched my pink nipples slightly causing me to moan and melt even more. 

I felt him push his chest tight to my boobs and wrapped his arms around me as we embraced mashing our lips into each other's like hungry animals. His hard cock pushed at my pussy and I responded in kind. Mike reached his hands behind me and grabbed my ass and started kneading it. I found all this so romantic yet I finally pulled myself free and told him it was time for us to leave. Mike seemed disappointed but agreed with me. We soon found Rajesh standing and smoking near the pool. I told him that I was damn tired of dancing and we should now go back to our rooms. We wished Mike a good night and rushed to our room where we tore each other's clothing off in record time. I was damn horny and acted like a wild woman, holding my hubby's cock and guiding it inside my pussy. As I rode on his cock, I was thinking of Mike and had two quick hard orgasms before he pumped his cum into my pussy. We soon fell asleep, my hubby oblivious of whatever happened between me and Mike. 

Next day morning we again went to the beach, swam for some time and then came back to our shack. I wore a bikini this time, getting bold by looking at all the foreigner women only in bikinis. Rajesh too encouraged me to wear it. While in the shack, I said to Rajesh "My skin needs some lotion, it's the first time this year that I am in the sun". He replied "Of course, darling" and started to softly rub the coconut flavored lotion on to my skin. He undid the knots on my back and carefully applied the lotion on all my back area, my arms, my legs and all over my exposed body. "Thanks" I said, smiled and kissed my husband. Then I relaxed on my towel and let the sun soak into my skin. Rajesh lay down beside me and closed his eyes. My eyes were looking out for Mike but he was not seen at all since morning and I wondered what had happened. When it became 12.00 noon, we went back to our room. 

After Rajesh had showered, I went to the shower to clean away the salt water. With a towel around my still wet body, I came back to the room, where Rajesh was waiting for me on the bed. "Well, are you also tired?" he smiled to me, when I sat down beside him. "Only a little." I bent myself over him to kiss him passionately. He kissed with more passion until he slowly removed the towel from my slim body. We kissed deeply and I moaned, as Rajesh entered me with one thrust. I was already wet and waiting for him to enter me, pressing my body to drench my thirst. My husband seemed to be very excited, since after a couple of strokes, far before my own orgasm, he collapsed above me. "Sorry, sweetheart, it was just too much for me to see you all the day in this sensual bikini. I will last longer the next time. Now I am nevertheless also exhausted", whispered Rajesh, when he lay beside me. "My poor man", I tried to smile and kissed him nevertheless. Soon after I stood up, put the beachwear in the wardrobe and went to the wash room. 

When I returned to the bedroom, Rajesh had already fallen asleep and was snoring. Since I wasn't tired at all, but even full of energy and excited, I decided to put on a new bikini and head to the swimming pool to tan my skin and catch the last sunlight. Normally I wouldn't dare to put on this bikini, but it was a present from Rajesh and the other one was drying on the balcony. On the other hand, since we were on the premises of a secluded resort there were no problems in trying out this kind of outfits anyway. I was very proud of myself that I maintained my body slim even after giving birth to my second son. My breasts were still firm and no signs of my age of forty had shown on my thighs yet. I had to get my skin tanned a little bit. Not too much, since it was very sensitive to the sun and fast got too red and I didn't want to look like a lobster. 

It was a huge 5 star secluded resort in Jamaica. When I stepped out into the hotel corridor, I shivered slightly as a cool breeze from the sea waved over my body, producing goose skin and caused the little hair on my forearm to rise. The lower cut of this bikini was very daring, with high tights that highlighted the soft roundness of my crotch and if looked sharply, one could even see the outline of my pussy lips through the shiny material. I could also feel my nipples harden under the thin fabric of my black bikini. I liked the soft, shimmering material a lot, since it fit tightly to my body and caressed tenderly my shaven pubic area, but in this situation I was a little bit embarrassed that everybody could see my nipples so clearly through my top. 

When I came to the Pool, there were only a few guests. The pool boys had already started to clear the water from fallen leaves and to rearrange all the lawn chairs and towels. I helped myself with one of the comfortable lawn chairs and lay down with my book. Before I even could get lost in the plot of my book, a waiter approached me to take an order. "Unfortunately I have no money with me I answered," But was instantly assured by the waiter that all he needed was my room number in order to get me a drink. It was quite early to start drinking, but on the other hand it was the time to celebrate the vacation. I gave my room number and ordered some red wine. Just in a few minutes the waiter came back with a big glass of wine. 

I relaxed even more and enjoyed the last rays of the warm Jamaican sun. It had been a long journey indeed but it was worth it. "Not too bad after all" I thought to myself, while watching the local pool boys working around the pool. They only wear beach trunks and nothing on top. I observed with increasing interest the play of the muscles on their bodies. I had heard about the black guys and I pondered whether the myth was true that they were hung like a horse. Last night too, I could feel that Mike's shaft was quite big when he was grinding it into my pussy while kissing me.

With these sensual thoughts, I put the book aside and drifted away into an unusual dream. This light dream was suddenly disturbed by a shadow which fell on me. When I opened my eyes, one black muscular pool boy stood directly in front of me, without his T-Shirt and well aware about his well defined muscles. I was not aware how long he stood there watching me. Small drops of sweat were glistening in the sun on his black skin and when I took away my sun glasses, I even saw with astonishment the outline of his huge thick cock against the thin material of his trunk. His cock was clearly hanging down to the bottom of his trunk, almost close to his knees. I had never seen something like that before and frankly I was stunned and wondered whether he was really gifted with such a huge cock. I also wondered if in flaccid state it looked so huge then what it would look like when fully erect??

I looked up to him with a questioning look. He opened his mouth and showed his perfectly white teeth: "Hello" he smiled to me. On me it made a not very sympathetic impression. The looks of this young black made me afraid of something. The look was unmistakably lusty and hungry. One the one hand, I felt flattered that a young man around 20 at the most, could be interested in a woman of 40 almost double his age. But nevertheless his look scared me, especially since he was black and I had never interacted with any black guys earlier, the first one being Mike. I only nodded as a response and he turned around towards the bar. I remained there lying still some time and finished my wine. Then I sat up, put my stuff into the bag and put on a beach robe of transparent chiffon over my body. Only now I recognized the key on the floor beside my chair. Attached to the key was a small wooden board where it was indicated a room number. It was clearly not a room belonging to the hotel area, since they had fine hand carved stones. 

A thought came to me that the key wasn't there by chance since I did not see it earlier. On the contrary, it was left there intentionally. I shook my head, wondering about my insolence. It would have been so easy just to leave the key there and go back to the room. But on the other hand I was too kind and I thought about bringing the key to the reception. On the way to the reception, I saw a small sign directing away from the path with the inscriptions of the number range, to which the room must belong. Since it was still a way to go to the reception, I went along that path and decided to go straight to this room and place the key on the foot mat in front of the door. When I approached the door, I noticed that the door was not completely closed. Through the gap I could only see the twilight in the room. 

Directly beside the door, inside the room I noticed a small office table. "Should I just put the key on it and leave?" I wondered. To do that, I had to enter the room only a little bit, actually only to open the door a little bit and stretch my arm until I could place the key on the table. I smiled, "what would the owner think if he would find the key in there?" I did a step forward and stretched my arm out. In this very moment it occurred to me that the situation was ridiculous. I straightened up and opened the door with a wave of courage and stood in the dim light of the room. I was just about to place the key on the table when I heard the earlier familiar voice. "Hello." I twitched so violently, I almost cried. Only now I could detect the dark shape in front of me through the half-closed shutters.

It was the same young black guy from the pool. "Nice that you visit me", he looked straight into my eyes. He still wore his shorts and didn't put his shirt on. A sudden fear enveloped me. What was I doing here? "I wanted only to return this key" I said with trembling voice. I placed the key on the table and as I wanted to turn and leave, he said with a firm voice. "One moment."

Then suddenly, pulling me into the room and backing me into the corner he said "Come on baby... You wouldn't dress like this in a more than skimpy bikini coming to Jamaica, if you didn't want this cock." 

"I didn't dress like this for you!" I exclaimed. "It was a present from my husband. He expects me to come back anyway." The black guy looked at me lustily from head to feet. The wind was coming through the half opened window and the door and playing with my chiffon dress and he observed my breasts and nipples. The black bra was tight against the hardening nipples. The blood was running into the tips and causing them to become rock hard against the smooth cloth. His eyes ravished my body and I turned red in humiliation.

"Please, let me go" I begged. 

He moved forward, gripping my wrists where they were crossed in front of me, and lifting them, pushing them back against the wall on either side of me as he pushed his chest into mine. I looked up fearfully, panting for breath, my eyes and mouth wide open in shock and fear. 

He bent and kissed me. I jerked my face away and he crossed my wrists together above my head, holding them in one hand as the other slid around my throat and under my jaw, holding my mouth in place as his came down on it again. 

"No! No!" I gasped. 

"You don't have to play hard to get, baby," he grinned, mashing his lips down on mine. His tongue slid into my mouth and I moaned in rejection, trying helplessly to move my head or arms. 

He pulled his head back, and looked me up and down, licking his lips in appreciation. 

"Let me go! Leave me alone!" I yelled, trying to sound firm. 

"Get off baby. You know you want it," he grinned showing his white teeth.

"But I don't!" I yelled. 

His free hand slid under my left breast and cupped it, squeezing lightly, working the mammary around in slow circles. I gasped and tried again to pull free. He slipped his fingers into the cup, shoving it down a little, pulling my breast up so the nipple was in the clear sight. 

He bent and tongued it, licking his long fat pink tongue across it, then taking it into his mouth and suckling. 

"Stop! Stop!" I begged. 

He ignored me, sucking heavily at my nipple, drawing the flesh into his mouth and rubbing his lips over it, gnawing lightly on the nipple, pinching it and drawing it out from the breast, stretching it as he sucked vigorously. 

He slid his tongue up and down across the nipple, cupping it firmly from underneath. His hand let it go after several long seconds, sliding down my body, down my slim, flat belly and over my panties. I tried to close my legs but his powerful hand forced my thighs apart and slid under my pubic mound, cupping it and squeezing upwards. 

"No! Nooooo!" I moaned. 

His large black fingers rubbed my pussy as he continued to lick and suck patiently at my nipple. I had no choice but to stand there, nearly motionless, letting him do as he pleased. 

He deftly undid the knot of my bikini top and pulling slowly away the shimmering material. My firm breasts stuck out in his face and he paused a moment to admire them. 

I realized that he had let go of my wrists, but they were still up against the wall above my head. I brought them down and covered my boobs but he growled, grabbing them and shoving them back hard against the wall. "Don't play with me, bitch!" he snarled. 

Frightened, I kept my wrists above my head as he began to slurp and suck on my breasts again, squeezing both with his big hands. He slid lower, down onto his knees, sliding his tongue down my belly. 

The pool boys black finger found my panty leg and inserted a long black finger into the constricting garment. 

Looking down on him, I softly pleaded, "Please stop... I can't let you continue to stroke me... OH GOD, " 

His finger had found my throbbing clit. He gently squeezed the sensitive organ between his finger and his thumb. My eyes begged for him to stop... my entire body was nervously fidgeting. 

The probing finger dropped half inch and slid into my wet slit. It was immediately coated with my crème... and gently sawed in and out. His smile infuriated me as his actions were causing me such anxiety and... wanton arousal. My mind raced for a solution to this all consuming caressing and stroking. 

His fingers slid now into the waistband of my bikini-string and tugged it slowly down. I groaned in humiliation as it slipped down over my freshly shaved pubic mound and bared my slit. He chuckled in pleasure, pulling my panties to the floor, tapping my foot until I stepped out of it.

His hands rubbed up and down my thighs, pushing them further to open, forcing me to spread my legs for him. Ashamed, I did, looking up at the roof, unable to watch as he stared into my pussy. 

I gasped and looked down suddenly as his tongue licked along my slit. I stared in shock as he slowly peeled my pussy lips open with his thumbs and began to lap at my cunt. 

His big rough tongue rode across the pink flesh, his saliva making it glisten and shine in the twilight. His nose ground over my clit as he shoved his tongue deep into my cunt. I gasped as a wave of pleasure poured into my loins. At first I couldn't believe it. But as he continued to suck and slurp and lick on my pussy the feelings grew until I could no longer deny them. 

I fought them down, my mind in a daze at how and why my body was responding to this awful man. I was married! And I didn't know this man, didn't even know his name! What was happening? What was my body doing? 

I clenched my teeth, sweating as I tried desperately to hold off the pleasure that was surging through my veins. My body was hot with lust, my breasts beginning to swell, my nipples to harden. I was bewildered and helpless before the sexual onslaught.

I gasped as I was pierced, and looked down to see the black man's finger disappear again into my tight pussy. He ground his knuckle against my pussy lips, then began pumping the thick digit inside me as he pulled my clit between his lips and sucked furiously. 

I groaned aloud, then turned a deep red in humiliation as the man chuckled. He shoved his face into my crotch, his hands gripping my buttocks now, squeezing them, his fingers kneading the hot, firm flesh as his mouth sucked on my gash. With his thumbs on both sides of my lips he delicately separated the tender flaps. I moaned as I felt him open my inner being to his intense gaze. He opened his mouth wide and closed it over my entire pussy mound, then locked his lips tight and sucked for all he was worth. 

The black muscular boy gently put his hands on my upper thighs. And then... OH GOD... THEN... his tongue lapped again on my sloppy cunt. The tongue... his course tongue scrapped my sensitive bud. He then pushed his long tongue deep into my wet womanhood. I nearly passed out... the pleasure... it was too much. I could not stand the extraordinary pleasure. I tried to resist my orgasm but this black dominant boy would not let me resist... His tongue stroked my clit and then buried itself into my sopping hole... over and over and over. I screamed as the pleasure enveloped my body. I could not endure one more second of the intense pleasure. My orgasm overtook my body like a hot shot of heroine. I thrashed back and forth with the black man's tongue buried deep in my gash... he would not retreat even after he had brought me to the peak. I begged for him to stop but he kept his tongue buried and continued stroking my overheated pussy. I felt my legs go rubbery and felt a blast of hot sexual energy blow through my belly. My mouth opened and closed helplessly and my eyes fluttered as my body was enveloped in a powerful sexual haze. My skin sparkled with electricity and my nipples hardened like rocks,

threatening to split apart. I felt my chamber start leaking its precious fluid and felt as I was rapidly approaching a mind shattering climax and then... 

"Noooo! Nooooo!" I moaned. I didn't know the number of times I climaxed... but at last the muscular black lover allowed me to regain my sense of bearing... 

Then he was standing again, beside me. His teeth gleamed white as he grinned down at the trembling woman in me. 

"Want it baby, want it?" he grinned. 

His right hand slid down between my legs and his two fingers thrust up inside me. I gasped, helpless to prevent my groin from jerking forward onto his fingers. 

"Oh God! Oh my God!" I groaned. 

He grabbed my hair, pulling my head up and back, forcing my back to arch as he kissed my mouth again. His fingers pumped furiously in my slit, slashing across my engorged clitoris as I humped against them. I grunted and moaned and sobbed in despair as my body began to blast into another powerful orgasmic storm. 

I humped like a cheap whore, my ass grinding and slapping against the wall as I drove myself down on his pumping fingers. My tongue began to slip back and forth against his as he locked his lips against mine. 

I came, my head exploding like a star busting. I cried out, then grunted repeatedly, humping wildly against his hand as he jammed his fingers up my snatch and ground his thumb against my clit. My body flashed into a massive orgasmic storm of sensations, my groin blasting out like a volcano as I grunted in bliss. 

I was still dazed from the orgasm, and was insensible as he dragged me to the bed and pushed me down on it on all fours. He stood beside the bed, pulling my knees up to the edge. I turned my head, focusing at what was going on.

The large black organ flopped over the rim of the bathing shorts. I didn't notice if he had seen my reaction or not. My eyes were transfixed on the magnificent black organ that had captured my attention already at the pool. But seeing it now closely in all its size, my tongue wetted my lips and I slowly shook my head. 

"It's too large... , " I muttered as much to myself as to the black pool boy. 

My legs were becoming wobbly. The black snake had started to bob up and down. There was one thick vein running down the top of the magnificent black cock and it seemed that the blood was running through that vein and pumping up the large black cock.

The next thing I could remember was the black boy pulling out his thick black cock and positioned him behind me. I couldn't stand to look at him further, too much distrusted by my body's betrayal. I could only feel the purple tip of his enormous cock sliding slowly through my damp pussy-lips. I felt them open to him and then without warning, he thrust it into me to the hilt. 

I cried out again, my mind a whirling cyclone of confusion as my eyes slowly began to clear. He held my hips and fucked rapidly, using the full length of his long, thick cock, riding me like a bitch in heat as I whimpered and moaned in helpless confusion. 

My mind slowly settled, and I knew shame at what I had done. Tears filled my eyes as I knelt there and took thrust after thrust. My body jerked back and forth as he increased the force of his strokes, and his hips smashed painfully into my buttocks. 

I knelt in misery, feeling like a slut. My breasts swung back and forth beneath me in time to the black man's strokes. Then his hands came under me and gripped them, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh. 

I groaned, as my tits were crushed, and felt my chest fill with heat. 

But it was heat that was forced into me, heat and pleasure, for I felt my body rising again, reigniting, climbing back into the sexual vortex I had only minutes before dropped out of. I did not bother to fight it, too disgusted in me to care. 

My ass moved of its own volition, pumping back instinctively against the big rod slicing between my pussy lips. My breathing quickened. My blood raced. My heart pounded. My head throbbed. I groaned weakly, my upper body sagging down until my face and shoulders were buried in the sheets.

The big cock continued to pound into my from behind, and my body blew higher and higher, like a leaf on a rising wind, flying helplessly, tossed here and there with no control.

He pulled out of me suddenly, then jumped onto the bed, rolling onto his back. I raised my weary head, both disappointed and relieved momentarily. 

"Come and get it, whore," he said. The words seared me. He held his cock upright and I stared in shock and wonder at the length and thickness of it, trying to imagine how I had gotten something so large inside myself. 

"Come on, baby. Come and take it." 

As if in a dream I crawled forward, until I could take the long thick slab of meat in my hands. I squeezed it and stared in amazement. It was gleaming wet from my juices and I longed to have it back inside me. 

Unable to control myself I crawled forward, straddling him, kneeling above his groin and holding the thick cock upright. I sat down until I felt it nudging my pussy, then, halted, as if trying for the last time to control me.

Then I looked down into his sneering face, gave a whimper of despair, and slowly sank down onto the big tool. 

The whimper turned to a groan as it bloated out my cunt tube and slid up into my belly. My eyes got wider and my breathing became more ragged as I took more and more of it inside myself. 

"Does your husband know that his wife is craving for black cock" the pool boy aced with a lurky smile. 

With his black cock deep in my pussy, I could not fathom his question. It hurt, both the question and his huge cock.

I came, arching my back and dropping the final few inches down onto him. His cock speared me and I screamed again, bowing back. He seized my hips, keeping me from falling, pumping his hips as he jerked my up and down. 

I leaned forward, my hands going flat on his chest. My eyes were dilated and my mouth wide. I shuddered violently, then began to grind myself against him, my ass rubbing against his black flesh as I wined in sexual heat. 

The orgasm rode over me, but this time left me in a sexual heat. I continued to grind myself against him, until I regained some strength, then began to hump up and down, bouncing on his lap, riding the full length of his horse as I squealed in delight. 

He rolled over on top of me, then continued to fuck, throwing his hips into me, ramming his cock down my fuck pipe with powerful strokes. I grunted again, and moaned in delight. I came again, then yet again, then again, riding each high into the swirling mists of sexual bliss, falling back, only to catch the next wave upwards. 

I felt that he was going to come. With my last conscience, I tried to push him off , but it was too late. His hands were holding down mine and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm. What really surprised me was the intensity of his orgasm. When Rajesh came inside me, it is just a couple of drops spurting uncontrollable into me. But with this potent young Jamaican I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me. It fired with enough force and quantity I could literally feel each forbidden jet hit my cervix and penetrate through my womb. 

I gasped, "Oh... I... Can feel it... You're coming... inside me... oh no... oh no... Not. Now... Oh,... Feels... So good... I'm cumming... ooohhhh.!", as my hips again involuntarily began to push hard against him. The most intense orgasm I ever had hit me as he continued to thrust and all I could do was grab his ass and pull him into my further . My entire conscience was focused on this pleasure between my legs now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of her life. Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through my body as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me deeper. I could feel his seed pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass as hekept spurting. I couldn't believe there was so much of it. As the waves subsided, I could feel the hot warmth of his load spreading out into the depths of my body, searching for my eggs. 

I lost consciousness entirely, waking some time later to find myself alone, his sperms drooling from my gaping cunt. It was dark outside now, since no light came through the shades. With a rush, I was looking for my bikini parts, putting them on again. Before I left this room which

I entered as a loving housewife and was about to leave as a complete slut, I found a paper note, where the following was written: "I expect you tomorrow afternoon at the same time. For each minute you are late, I will think of an adequate punishment." 

Tears came into my eyes, when I left the room, not knowing what to do... 

When I came out it was completely dark outside and I knew that Rajesh might be worried and looking out for me. I was confused what I would answer him. I stood there for a while, thought something in my mind and then started walking towards my room. But right in the middle of the lobby I met a worried Rajesh. He was really panicked and asked my whereabouts. I told him that I went for a walk on the beach, kept walking quiet a distance and then I lost my way. Being in a foreign land, I panicked and with great difficulty I could come back to the hotel. Rajesh now seemed relieved and asked me not to venture out alone henceforth.

When I went to my room, I first went to take shower so that Rajesh doesn't suspect anything. While bathing however, I felt very good about my body and the pleasure that I had received for the first time in my life. We had dinner together and then I quickly went to bed saying I was damn tired and exhausted. Rajesh was very understanding and fortunately did not suspect anything.

I quickly fell asleep and got up very late in the morning. I then started thinking about the black boy and his note. After some time I made a strong determination that I will not go to him under any circumstances and remained confined in the room until the noon. Rajesh however went to the beach alone and returned for lunch which we had together. We then rested for some time, but as the evening started approaching, I became very restless and started thinking about yesterday's event. The more I thought about it... the more excited and horny I started feeling. I again felt like going to him... But how will I go? What will I tell Rajesh? Will he allow me to go out alone? I grew more and more restless.

After a heavy lunch, Rajesh soon fell asleep. But my mind and particularly my body were racing at a high speed and demanding sumthing else. I grew extremely restless, not sure what I exactly wanted. I finally got up and told Rajesh who was half asleep that I would like to swim and tan my body and Rajesh just nodded in agreement and asked me not to go anywhere else.

I quickly wore the same bikini and proceeded towards the pool... but while on the way to the pool I don't know what happened to me... my head started to spin... my heart started to beat fast... my pulse started throbbing at a high speed... All the blood in my body started to rush towards my boobs and my cunt... And my feet automatically turned towards the black boy's room, as if some strong magnet pulled me... and when I reached there I was in fact 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time given to me... 

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