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Loving Wife has sex with Ex-Lover

We are a Tamil couple live in Chennai Suburban. I came across this site and started reading stories, which is of my choice, like it very much, and I thought of sharing my own experience which took place eight years before. 

I am Sanjay(Name Changed) working in a Private Firm aged 32 and my wife is Ramya, (Name Changed) house wife aged 27 years. Ours is an arranged marriage and almost five years have gone but no issues till now. After getting married our sexual life was going on very well. 

Ramya is religious, cultural and traditional lady looking very beautiful, fair complexion with very good structure and with long thick hair up to her waist. She dresses up mostly in sari and at time occasionally in salwar, with long thick black hair oiled and neatly braided and presents before me more beautifully and does duty of sincere wife to husband. 

Before her marriage she has fell in love with a handsome guy and it could not result in marriage due to her parents' pressure. Being a traditional girl she did not go against her parent's wish and she is married with me by her parents. When she was getting married with me she is a virgin. 

After her marriage she found me to be a broad minded person she confessed everything about her and her past including her previous love. 

We have been trying to get pregnant, but could not materialise as my sperm count is very less and I after improving my sperm count and also through artificial fertilisation could not materialise in my case. Doctors have advised that Ramya's eggs are very good, whereas my sperm count is very week and is not getting fertilised. 

While having sex in bed, I suggested to my wife . . . 

"Ramya, why you don't get pregnant through my friend who is living abroad as he visits India once in three years and it will be safe for us also". 

She thought for a while, and said . . .

"I being a traditional Tamil girl I should not have sex other than my husband, to get pregnant we will try for another six months." 

We tried some further treatments and had frequent outing for mating to get pregnant in different locations, but it could not materialise and eight months have lapsed and she could not get pregnant through me. 

Finally, once in weekend in bed, 

"I suggested to Ramya that we have to take some other recourse or measures to make you pregnant, . . . See Ramya, My friend is living abroad is likely to visit India in another three months, shall I start my conversation with him, are you are prepared to have sex with him to get pregnant". 

Ramya said "No hubby not at all. I thought about this when you left office. After giving birth if you are not satisfied with me as I have conceived with another man, there are chances of avoiding me and my child by you."

I said "See, Ramya, I love you so much. I only suggested about this idea to you. If any problem arises, I won't let you down Ramya, as I love you very much dear. In future, we should have kids to bring them up and look after us in later part of our life also. So I with full heart permit you to do so dear." 

"So think it over and give a positive reply Ramya." 

She thought for a while and said, "O,kay, hubby, I am ready to do it, but not now and I do this only for you. Is it is Okay dear." 

I felt happy about it. 

Ramya said, "Hubby, I commit and do this, but I am forced to do this only for you, but you should not let me down hubby at any cost."

"No dear, I will be supportive and don't get worried about it."

Ramya said, "Hubby, First you observe your friend during his visit to India and see how his character is, and he should be a broad minded and kind hearted person, if it is clear then I am ready to have sex with him and get pregnant, but not during this visit. Let us think about this option in another three years after his subsequent visit and then we can go for it."

"If your friend seems to a good broad minded person like you, than get him introduced to me, even I can observe him during his stay in India and later we can decide about it."

"Hubby, Even I have a small suggestion, I have in my mind and would like to express it to you?" 

"You should not get angry with me, if you like it, permit me or else say no to it, I will leave it."

"After getting married I have expressed about my ex-lover Manoj(Name Changed)?"


"I wish to get pregnant with him for second child if you permit me dear?"

"What do you say, hubby? If you don't like it then please express it directly and openly, as I am also open with you."

I thought for a while. . .

I asked him how about his character and what is he doing now?

"He was in Chennai, but settled in Coimbatore now, but he didn't get married because of my love failure with him, he is good natured person, broad minded and equally as good as you. That too, if you permit me, than I can go for second child with Manoj, or else we can stop with one itself of your friend." 

"I said, Okay Ramya if you are confident enough to say that he is good natured person?"

"Yes hubby,"

"Then Ramya, you call him and have sex with him and get pregnant with him for first child itself."

"Really you agree for it hubby,"

"Yes dear. You do it."

"You do it immediately by tomorrow and get in touch with him and slowly call him to our place of residence, seduce him and have sex with him."

"She hugged and thanked me for this gesture." 

"But Ramya, you have to maintain one condition. You should have sex with him only with my knowledge, but he should not be aware that I permitted you to have sex with him and I am aware about the entire issue. You should maintain your stand as if you have joined him without husband's knowledge. Is it clear Ramya."

"Okay hubby, I will maintain as per your suggestion." 

"Then call him to our place and have sex in my absence."

"Hubby we need not call him here, after that he may frequently visit us and try to have sex with me frequently, and we have to take care of us and society also." 

"So what I suggest it is that, let me have sex with him outside our area and let him book any decent three hotel and I will have sex with him and try to get pregnant if you permit me to do so."

"I said, Okay Ramya go ahead." 

Next day morning before leaving for office, she asked me to wait for five minutes. 

Ramya said, "I want to talk to Manoj in front of you first time and then I will continue dear." 

Ramya tried, his number is not reachable. 

"I said no issues Ramya, you go ahead, let me go to office."

"No, you just wait." 

She contacted him again, he picked up and they both greeted each other and were having very good conversation between them for about fifteen minutes and finally Ramya asked him, "Manoj, do you visit Chennai frequently. He told yes?" 

"Even today morning I came down to Chennai on an official work and I will be staying here in Chennai for two days."

Ramya said, "I want to meet you Manoj, since long I have not seen you, and my hubby is also away for two days on official tour to Delhi, why don't you pick me up today evening to your hotel for dinner, if you are really interested in me and free without any commitment."

Manoj immediately agreed and said, "I am still in love with you Ramya. I am interested and eager to see you dear. I make this evening totally free for you dear. Tell me, where I shall pick you up?" 

Ramya suggested a place five kilometres away from her residence and disconnected the phone. 

Ramya told me, "hubby you have to pick me up in evening and drop me at a particular place where Manoj will pick me up."

Evening I came home a bit early she dressed up in sari nicely. I then suggested her to make her armpit and pussy shaved clean. She told that she has already shaved and kept it clean and smooth.

I praised her appearance and told her that "your dressing is so good and decent, if you go in this way he will not get attracted towards you". 

Then I adjusted her sari pallu, made visible her navel and loosed her bra to make boobs hang down slightly, made visible her bosoms. She felt very much shy and said, "no hubby, please, don't do this others will also see me and they will think I am not a decent lady and I am not of such type of women." 

I said "No we are going in car only Ramya, from the place of pick up he will pick up you in a car, so don't worry."

"Ramya, to get Manoj seduced you need to get yourself looked sexier." 

"Even you get your long hair decorated more than the present one in a parlour and then go and meet Manoj," 

"No hubby this is enough."

I asked her "Ramya, whether Manoj likes long hair or short hair." 

Ramya said, "Manoj likes only short hair, because while we were in love he used to touch my long hair plait and said, after getting married he asked me to cut my hair very short to a cute bob as he loves bobbed hair style and asked me to maintain with same style throughout, for which I agreed to cut my hair as per his choice, but unfortunately, I didn't get married with him."

"Okay Ramya, we are now going in our car and from there he will be pick you up in Taxi, but before that why don't you cut your hair short to a cute bob and then go to his place." 

Ramya said. "No hubby, not at all, I don't want to cut my long hair at this stage, though Manoj liked short bob cut hair style, but you like only long hairs, so I don't want to cut my long hair." 

"See Ramya, you get your haircut done now, at this time as per his choice, as he would have told you earlier in what form bobbed hair length would be and how to be, it will be useful for you to get him attracted and have sex today itself, . . . and you are going to carry his child also, why don't you cut it short for few years." 

"No hubby, please, I don't want to cut my hair short. . . Please don't make me cut it." 

We both sat in car and started driving. 

While on drive, Ramya asked me "whether, if I get a chance to stay with him, shall I stay with him if you permit me hubby." 

"I said if you get a chance, make use of it and have nice sex with your lover. She kissed and thanked me."

On the way, I saw a unisex salon and I stopped the car. 

I said "Ramya I think the haircut of his choice will be useful for you to seduce him and have sex with him. Is it true Ramya?" 

"Yes he likes it." 

"Then Ramya get down and you cut your hair short to a cute bob."

Ramya said "no hubby, please." 

"Even I want to see you in a different hair style also Ramya."

Ramya said "not now hubby please, I don't want to cut it please."

I said "No Ramya, you do it."

I insisted her again and she got down from car, we both went to salon. 

She was asked to loosen her braid and her long dark hair got spread out over her back, dropped down to her waist which was looking so beautiful.

Ramya saw me and I nodded to go ahead for haircut.

Ramya sat in salon chair, and ordered the hair stylist to cut her hair till shoulder length beautiful bob and finally Ramya had her long hair cut into a cute bob up to shoulder length and I took cut off long hair along with me for our remembrance and she was looking so beautiful, marvellous and modern in bobbed hair till shoulder length. 

I took some snaps before hair cut and also recorded entire haircut of Ramya in my latest mobile cam. 

I was looking at her continuously as there was a drastic change in her appearance and beauty, she was looking awesome, so amazing in this hair style and became so modern. 

She came out and asked me. . . "How is the hair cut hubby?"

"Ramya you have now become a very good modern women and you look so beautiful today. I think your lover will surely have sex with you today. You look so beautiful and modern Ramya."

"Thanks hubby." 

"I am wondering and imagining why I have not made you to cut your hair before?" 

She smiled at me and asked me, "Am I looking so modern?"

"Yes Ramya. You look so beautiful and modern dear!" 

"Thanks hubby." 

I took some photographs in various positions, as time was fast approaching, she sat in car and finally I dropped her 100 meters before and was anxiously waiting in car. 

Manoj came in another taxi and he came out of car, he is good looking person with good physique compared to me, he was surprised to see her in cute bob cut, shook hands and slightly hugged her and they both sat in car and left to Hotel. 


I sat in car along with Manoj in back seat and he caught hold of my hands and said "I love Ramya, you look so beautiful today in this cute bob." 

I told him, "Manoj I Love you too. . . . To impress you I cut my long hair today after noon only for you dear. I love you Manoj."

"How I am looking Manoj."

"You look excellent and modern Ramya." 

We had some casual talk. We both reached the hotel and straight away went to restaurant. He again complimented my hair cut and praised my beauty. 

Manoj said "I was not all expecting you with this haircut as you had very long hair up till waist, how you made up your decision to cut your hair."

"Manoj, you had a desire to see me in bob cut, so today after taking bath, I was very much eagerly waiting for hours to pass and when I shall meet you, and then I was recollecting our memories and discussions we had, finally, as per our discussions, I decided to cut short my long hair to bobbed style. On the way to join you, I went to a parlour and got my hair cut only to impress you Manoj. I will convince my husband later on though he likes only long hair."

We had nice dinner. Meanwhile, I sent a message to my husband stating that there are chances to get stayed with Manoj tonight, and I asked hubby to take care of himself tonight.

Hubby replied. Okay dear, continue. 

We both came out of restaurant. 

Manoj said "Ramya join me to my suit for a while." 

"No, Manoj, I want to leave now. As time is already 8.15 PM now. I will come tomorrow afternoon and we can have some chat till evening you live Chennai. So I take leave now. Take care." 

"No Ramya, as I have seen you after a long gap, please spend some more time with me now Ramya, as your husband is also away today, at least spend one more hour with me in my room and I will make arrangements to drop you in your residence."

I said "Okay" to him and I joined with him, slowly walked towards suit. Suit was looking so good with all facilities, which I have not seen before. 

After reaching suit, he saw me and praised my beauty again. I said thanks. 

He locked the room and came near me and said 

"I want to kiss you Ramya. Please dear." 

"No Manoj, I am married, I should not kiss you sexually other than my husband." 

I walked a bit away from him. 

He again told that, "Ramya, I Love You, Why not I kiss you at least once now and anyhow, you are going to live now." 

I kept silent for a while and then . . . I went near him, saw him, he hugged and started kissing me. . . . , I too co-operated with him and Manoj praised me and expressed his love towards me, I too reciprocated . . . 

We were standing, hugging and saw face to face each other. 

Manoj asked me. "I want a small favour from you Ramya." 

"What Manoj, what can I do for you dear." 

"I want to fuck you dear . . . now, you look so beautiful today, please don't disappoint me Ramya."

I got separated from him and stood aside and kept silent. 

I was very happy to hear this from Manoj and was rejoicing in my heart, but I was refusing. 

I said, "No Manoj, I am married, and I should not do this Manoj. I should not have sex other than my husband as per our culture and tradition though we both are attracted to each other. I want to go."

He once again came near me and caught hold of my hands; I kept my heads down and was not seeing his face. 

Manoj said, "Ramya dear, you look so gorgeous, today and we have got this great opportunity, as your husband is also away and we have to utilise this opportunity to fulfil our past love and lust finally by having sex with you. Here after I won't disturb you Ramya." 

I saw him and said, "Even, I Love you so much Manoj, but if my husband come to know about this, my life will be ruined. So we should not do this and I want to go. Please arrange me a Cab Manoj."

"Ramya, we will maintain secrecy, please allow me to fuck you today dear, else we won't get a chance likewise. Please dear," Manoj again started coming near me and hugged me once again and said "I Love You Ramya." 

"Manoj, I cannot have sex with you, please leave me, I want to go... please leave me. I should not have sex other than my husband, I am cultured and traditional girl, so leave me, I want to go." 

He hugged so tightly and said . . . "Ramya, I love you so much even now, and I could not forget you and I have also not got married thinking of you."

"Ramya, please, we should not miss this opportunity." 

I was silent . . . 

He again started kissing me and I was silent, slightly touched his penis and felt it was erect and ready for fuck. 

Manoj asked, "Shall we, Ramya . . ." 

I kept silent for a while . . . 

Once again Manoj asked, "Shall we, Ramya . . ."

I said, "Yes Manoj, . . ."

I hugged him tightly and said . . . . "I am yours now, I am submitting myself to you, and you do what you want as you like Manoj." 

Manoj said. "Thank you Ramya, Thank you very much." 

"Fuck me Manoj. Fuck me and fulfil your lust dear" . . . and I started kissing him. 

Manoj started undressing me and made me nude, saw my clean shaven pussy and gave a kiss in it. 

I stripped him and saw his big cock with pubic hairs, which is very big and erect compared to my husband. 

We were in standing position; Manoj kissed me and fondled my boobs, sucked my erect nipples for a while and licked around the areola. This was really pleasurable for me he began to enjoy and also fulfilling his lust towards me. Even I have also started enjoying and fulfilling my lust towards Manoj and I thanked my husband out of my heart for giving raise to such an opportunity to my past lover in my mind.

I was moaning nicely and I went down to suck his thick cock. 

I took his cock in my hands with full of pubic hairs around it, and started stroking slowly. I started sucking it, which was very big and was not entering fully into my mouth. I started liking Manoj's cock as it was thicker than my husband's; I then sucked his balls too giving him some more pleasure. His cock was now rampant. 

After sucking, Manoj lifted me in his arms and made me to lie down in bed and again started massaging my breast, simultaneously, we started kissing each other and it gave us more pleasure. 

I was replying in a nice way and liked his kissing, then he went down to my navel and licked out the navel and then went down further on my clean shaven pussy and lick for about ten minutes in my clitoris, I was moaning, Manoj licking was giving more pleasure on me and brought orgasm first time in me, which I never had from my husband in oral sex.

Manoj again kissed me for some time and then he laid over me and inserted his cock into my love hole and it entered in with great difficulty and Manoj also gave some more force to get his cock fully inside and started fucking me in missionary position speedily and I was saying to him that "I am cumming Manoj," I was moaning and saying "Manoj, I love you da, fuck me da . . . . . pleeeeez fuck me" . . . he started pumping me continuously and we two enjoyed it. 

I saw Manoj with full of love and lust towards me, even I was having the same love and lust towards him. We both started fulfilling our love and lust towards each other. 

Manoj again started foreplay with me and I became hot again and he fucked me once again in missionary then made me ride on him, and then he fucked in doggy style, which I was moaning loudly 

Manoj said "Ramya I am going to cum shall I take it out," 

I said, "no dear, please ejaculate inside my love hole." 

Manoj immediately pumped speedily, shot and ejaculated fully in my vagina and I felt whole hot love juice flowing in my love hole.

Then we cuddled for some time and I was in his arms and we were talking about our earlier days for a while. Manoj thanked and praised me of my beauty especially the haircut I had for him, which he loved very much, and he says your hubby is lucky to have you as his wife. I missed you Ramya.

I said "Okay Manoj, now it is time for me to go, sees what the time is." 

On seeing the clock it was already 1.30 AM, we both were astonished to see that and laughed at each other how we were deeply involved in sex. 

Manoj said, "Ramya stay with him tonight as well as till tomorrow evening till I leave Chennai." 

I immediately agreed and said, "Manoj, my husband is away, I will stay with you dear, but we both have to maintain secrecy" . . . 

I hugged him expressed my love and affection to him, though I did not know what I am doing and I fell totally in his arms. 

We chatted for a while in nude, and after half an hour Manoj got his cock erected again and we kissed each other again for another round and this time we indulged in 69 position, I was over him and he was pleasuring me orally and I had orgasm again, I gave a nice blow job to him, then he laid me again, fucked me in missionary style and he was about to cum and discharge his semen, whereas he started removing his cock from my cunt and I told him "Manoj please cum inside me." He said, "Thank you Ramya." He kissed me and speedily fucked me and cummed all his love juice inside me and laid over me. I felt again his hot love juice flowing deep inside me. I felt very much relived and praying God in my mind that I should get pregnant. 

I told him, "Manoj this was my best experience what I enjoyed and experienced today." Later we both lay in bed nude, slept hugging each other. 

Morning I woke up and saw Manoj sleeping hugging me, and we both were nude. I was slowly trying to get down from bed, but Manoj woke up, he saw my nudity and started kissing my forehead, lips and vagina and said 'Good Morning dear', for which I also kissed his forehead, lips and his huge penis and reciprocated. 

I dressed up and he wore his shorts and shirts and Manoj ordered tea. 

We had tea and asked Manoj, "What is your plan today, is there is any official work for you today?"

Manoj said, "see dear, I got very good opportunity to be with you today. So I am postponing all my works and I will be with you till today evening till my flight departs." 

I said "See dear as I was having no dress to change, I have to leave home to get some dress, further I have go for some shopping to procure special comb to style my hair for the new haircut that I had yesterday." 

Manoj said, "No dear, we will go out for shopping today, buy dress for you and other articles which you require and after reaching hotel once again we will have intercourse and let us enjoy till evening, is its Okay Ramya." 

I said "Okay", and went near him and started kissing him very long. 

Then we both went for a shower together in nude, and had an awesome shower, where I was licked by him once again and made orgasm twice. I then asked him to give his razor. Manoj gave it and I knelt down and started shaving public hairs from his cock. He also assisted me in shaving it very clean and then I gave a very good blow job to him in shower and he ejaculated in my mouth fully, and swallowed it with pleasure. 

After having breakfast, we left for little shopping. 

During shopping, I saw Manoj continuously seeing me and my bobbed hair style and later we came back to hotel at 1.30 PM after having Lunch. 

I started combing my short hair and styled it very good to look beautiful and presented myself before Manoj expecting for another fucking session. 

Manoj saw me, came near me, hugged and said, "Ramya, I want to fuck you once again." I was very much delighted on hearing this. 

I said, "You can, but with one condition that you have lick my pussy for some time and then you can fuck me Manoj." 

Manoj stripped himself nude and was ready. 

I saw him and told "Oh Monoj you are ready to have sex with me now. But before that you have to lick my pussy."

"Yes Ramya," he came near me hugged and also slowly made me nude and he knelt down and started licking my pussy, and we again went to bed lay me down and continued licking my pussy. 

I was moaning with huge pleasure and reached orgasm, he then fucked me in doggy style and also as well as in missionary style and ejaculated in me. I was moaning heavily during the act. 

As time was nearing for him to depart, we got up dressed and were ready. I once again enhanced my beauty by applying makeup and was looking excellent. 

Manoj saw me, came near me hugged and thanked for permitting him to fuck me and asked when I shall meet you again to fuck you dear. I said, I don't know, when my husband will be away. I will let you know as and when my hubby leaves, you come down to Chennai to fuck me and satisfy your lust as well as mine. Till then take care Manoj. Don't call me, I will call you as and when my husband is away, is it Okay dear. 

Then we took a car and Manoj dropped me in the same place where I was picked up earlier. 

After getting down I contacted my husband and told him, I came down hubby, Manoj dropped me in the same place where Manoj picked me. Shall I wait for you hubby, or else, I leave home? He in turn told me to take a Taxi or three wheeler and reach home and he will start immediately from office and reach home shortly. I reached home and immediately changed my dress with another sexy dress to impress my husband, combed again my short bobbed hair and styled it so beautifully for my husband to get impressed and waited anxiously for him. 


After receipt of call from Ramya, I started from office immediately and reached home and rang the door bell. Ramya opened the door and she was looking amazing, marvellous and so beautiful. 

She closed and locked the door immediately, hugged me and thanked me this great opportunity and started crying with happiness. I then consoled her and I saw her face and her hairstyle and it was so amazing and I could realise, it is my wife Ramya. I again complemented her hairstyle and enhancement of her beauty and she thanked very much and kissed me again in lips continuously and said "I love you hubby." I hugged and took her to bed room. 

Ramya asked. "How is my hair style hubby?" 

I said "Looking so gorgeous Ramya." She smiled. . . .

She asked me, "what shall I prepare for you hubby to have now?"

I said, "Not now." 

Ramya said, "First I thought of serving some tea to you hubby." 

"No dear, please tell me what has happened?"

She immediately came near me and lay near me in bed hugged and kissed me once again and confessed everything to me what has happened and expressed entire happenings as she stated above. 

I was impressed with her and gave her a huge kiss and said "I love you Ramya. I Love you so much, but don't leave me Ramya." She again hugged tightly and said "I am yours; I will be yours throughout my life. This event was only an opportunity you created for me. I should not forget you during my entire life time hubby. To be frank with you hubby, my love and lust towards Manoj was fulfilled after my separation from him. Now, I am relieved out of that. I thank you once again hubby" and she again gave a long kiss in my lips. . . 

Ramya said, "You are my husband and you are my life dear, it is now my turn to say that you should not leave me and go as I had sex with another person." 

"No Ramya, I Love you so much and kissed her again you are my wife." 

I again made her nude and she in turn made me nude and she started sucking my cock, which gave pleasure, also she sucked my balls in addition and it gave some more great pleasure to me. I fucked her enjoyed her new hair cut and beauty of my wife and ejaculated and fell over her. She kissed me and hugged and said, "I love you hubby." 

Ramya said "Manoj has shot his entire load of sperms in me. I think there are chances of getting pregnant hubby." I kissed her again and we both laid bed in nude and chatted about the events of Ramya with Manoj. 

Ramya said, "Manoj will again expect my call when you will away for official work from Chennai, so that he will have another sex session with me." "Oh is it dear." "Hubby shall I have regular casual talk with him, if you permit me." 

I said, "Okay dear carry on, but maintain your limit." 

"Hubby, I won't suppress or hide anything from you. I will disclose everything to you and I will be truthful to you dear throughout this life" . . . and kissed in my lips once again.

I said. "If you really want to have sex with Manoj again, and then tell me we will call him on the pretext of me going away on official tour." 

She smiled and was silent. [Which means that she is again interested to have sex with him?] 

Ramya said, "Manoj was impressed with my haircut and my beauty." 

"Hubby you made an excellent decision in cutting my long hair, which has impressed him as well as you liked this hair style."

"Hubby, Shall I maintain this hair style or else start growing my hair."

I told her, "Ramya in this hair cut you look so gorgeous and modern, you maintain this hair cut from now for a period of ten years and later we get our heads shaved at temple along with kids, after head shave start growing your hairs long."

Ramya said "Okay hubby."

I said, "Ramya that once in two months we both will to unisex salon and I will get your haircut regularly" . . . and kissed her once again. 

Ramya started her conversation regularly with Manoj from that day onwards, but sticking to her limit. 

After few days she missed her periods and she went for pregnancy test, where she was tested positive. She was very happy about that, even I was very happy about it. Doctor have advised her to follow some strict measures during her pregnancy period. 

Ramya followed the instructions. 

After Ramya becoming pregnant, five months have passed and she was having regular touch with Manoj and she used to confess what the conversation she has with him when we are in bed. I loved hearing her conversations with Manoj. Manoj has been insisting her once again for sex, but she told Manoj that she is pregnant and cannot have sex at this stage and my hubby is in town only and has not gone out of station for any official work. 

During the fifth month of pregnancy, she wished to have sex with Manoj and expressed her desire to me. I agreed to this. But this time she could not co-operate with him fully because of her pregnancy. Though Manoj fucked Ramya to her full satisfaction and she was very happy about it. 

Finally she gave birth to a girl baby. We were very happy about the girl baby. 

After one year we both planned again to have another baby, but Ramya desired again to have a baby with Manoj itself. I agreed for it.

Ramya again had sex with Manoj after first year of delivery of first baby she immediately became pregnant again and this time she gave birth to a boy. 

I and Ramya was very happy with these two children and Ramya's life has changed drastically by way beauty wise as well as through her routine life also, which she was never expecting before. 

This sex session with Manoj completely transformed my wife Ramya from a shy wife to an understanding liberal partner. Ramya has sex with Manoj once in a year. 

After four years of delivery of second child, we got a chance to have threesome. Ramya agreed, we had threesome only once with my Ex - Office colleague in an outstation, which was also a memorable event for us, ultimately it spiced up our sex life. 

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