Saturday, 22 July 2017

Swinging Relationships Ch. 03

As I closed the bedroom door behind us Sonia turned to look at me a mixture of nervous excitement and arousal marking her face. I quickly covered the gap between us and wrapped my arms around her and seconds later her soft lips were caressing mine as I allowed one hand to cup her hot ass and the other to slide gently over her swollen breasts.

After a few minutes I reluctantly released Sonia and led her slowly to the bed, laying her down and slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and gently pulled them over her hips and down her soft thighs. As they slid down Sonia's beautiful pussy was revealed, with a full but neatly trimmed bush of light brown curly hair covering her pink lips that pushed out from between the strands of hair, her moisture already glistening in anticipation of what was to come.

I finished sliding her panties off, before quickly sliding my own underwear to the floor and slipping onto the bed beside the hot brunette. My hands quickly explored her naked body, Sonia's hand quickly finding its way to my hard dick and gently stroking me, her soft fingers expertly massaging the sensitive underside of the head of my cock.

I gently kissed Sonia one last time before slowly kissing my way down her body. As I slid down her body I gently kissed each of her milk filed breasts, gently sucking on each nipple savouring the small trickle of milk that coated y lips as I did so. I continued down her body kissing and stroking her soft pale stomach, gently teasing her belly button with my tongue, before gently sliding my lips through the soft hair between her legs.

Gently sliding my right arm round her thigh I eased Sonia's legs apart giving me a direct view of her hot wet pussy. I leaned in and gently allowed my tongue to trace the lips of her pussy, savouring the taste of her juices that already coated her outer lips.

Sonia shuddered and gasped as my tongue briefly flicked past her clit, before I allowed my tongue to gently ease in between the folds of her pussy. Sonia was soaking wet as I sneaked my tongue in, her juices instantly washing onto my tongue attacking my senses as my fingers joined in, sliding deep into her tunnel. I slid my tongue up the entire length of her slit buried as deep as I could get it until I reached her clit. Sonia cried out loudly as my tongue flicked against her sending waves of pleasure through her body.

I realised she was not going to last much longer and quickly attacked her clit alternating between flicking it with my tongue and sucking it between my lips, my fingers simultaneously working the lips of her pussy for maximum effect.

Suddenly Sonia let out a loud deep moan, her whole body going rock solid as her hips lifted clean of the bed. "Ahhhhhhh good God" Sonia screamed as the tension in her body eased allowing her hips to fall back to the bed. I continued my attack on her hot pussy as her orgasm washed through her filling my mouth with the sweet taste of her cum. Finally Sonia relaxed back into the bed, her body going limp as she lay there in the afterglow of her intense orgasm. I slowly allowed myself to move from between her legs, kissing my way back up her body until I was laying flat on top of her my chest squashed against her plump swollen tits and my hard dick wedged against the wet lips of Sonia's pussy.

Smiling at her I leaned into her and gently kissing her on the lips. The kiss was soft and lingering as I allowed Sonia to taste her own cum on my mouth, before I opened my mouth to hers, our tongues joining each other as my hands slid over the soft sides of Sonia naked body. After a few minutes Sonia breaks the kiss and rolls us over so that she is straddling my cock, leaning into me we kiss again as my hands instinctively rise to fondle her dangling breasts, gently groping the soft flesh and squeezing her nipples causing her milk to slowly leak out lubricating her nipples as I continue to tweak and pinch them between my fingers.

As we continue kissing, Sonia slowly started grinding her wet pussy against my hard cock, her soft curly pubic hair scratching gently against the sensitive part of my cock as her pussy covers my in her juices. I break our kiss and reach my head up to taste her beautiful plump breast. My lips gently kissing the soft flesh, before reaching her hard pink nipples. I take them in my mouth gently sucking on them, eliciting groans of pleasure from Sonia as she continues to pleasure herself by grinding her pussy into my cock.

I tasted Sonia's sweet breasts milk on her nipples as I continued to suck them into my mouth, gently biting them between my teeth. Sonia gasped suddenly as I bit down on her nipple and pulled her breasts from my reach sitting upright on top of me looking down at me with a look of admonishment on her face, her sexy tits swaying gently from side to side as she continued to gently grind her pussy against the length of my cock.

"That hurt" she told me a sexy smile spreading over her face. Sonia locked eyes with me suddenly ground herself down hard on my cock, I groaned loudly as she pressed down on me.

"And that is going to send me over the edge if your not careful" I told her. Sonia flashed me another sexy smile.

"I thought that was the point" she said, slowly sliding her body over the length of my cock. I felt her juices coating me as my dick slid slowly through the folds of her twat, before gently lodging itself at the entrance to her wet pussy. Sonia looked down at me her eyes glinting with desire, her full lips slightly apart as she breathed gently, her soft wavy hair cascading over her shoulder framing the cute, but sexy features of her face.

I looked up at Sonia, gently pressing my hips up as my cock pressed gently against the opening of her pussy and then Sonia leaned into me, her lips locking with mine. My hands instantly slipped up to grope her hanging breasts as she pushed down on me, my cock sinking deep into her wet twat in one smooth motion.

I squeezed her tits painfully in my hands as Sonia began to ride me hard and fast, her hips rising almost all the way off me before plunging her self back down my cock spreading her open each time. Out mouths opened to each other our tongues caressing as we kissed passionately our joint arousal peaking as we fucked each other harder and harder. I pulled my mouth away from hers and quickly devoured her breasts with mouth, sucking her nipples back between my lips tasting her milk as she leaked into my mouth.

I bit and pinched her nipples as she fucked me crying out loudly each time I bit down on her as her orgasm built up. Finally her body went tense on top of me, the muscles of her pussy contracting painfully around my cock sucking me even deeper into her hot twat. Sonia groaned loudly as came, her juices flooding out and soaking my thighs and stomach, enveloping my cock with warmth as she buried deep inside her.

Eventually she collapsed onto my chest, her breasts squashed between us as she caught her breath. Slowly Sonia started rocking on me again, slowly this time gently working my cock almost all the way out of her pussy before gently sliding it back deep inside of her. Her lips brushed against mine, her tongue sneaking out to gently lick my lips. As she worked me her soft breasts caressed against my chest her hard nipples rubbing against my skin.

My arousal continued to build up as my hands explored her soft skin and a few minutes later I couldn't hold off any longer. "you'd better pull off me Sonia" I whispered "I'm going to cum in a second" But rather than pulling herself off Sonia slowly sped up, the muscles in her pussy suddenly massaging my cock, one second she gripped me tightly, then next I was sliding freely through her wet tunnel. Her breasts were suddenly hanging in my face, their soft skin brushing lightly against my face, hard nipples pushing against my lips, urging me to suck them, dripping sweet milk into my mouth. 

Her hair ticked against my body as every one of my senses heightened, my orgasm suddenly hitting me hard. I grabbed Sonia's hot ass in one hand and drove my hips upwards burying my naked cock deep into her wet twat as I came, my cum flowing freely into her pussy, the muscles of her twat squeezing me tightly and milking every last drop of my cum deep inside her.

Sonia collapsed on top of me again as my orgasm subsided completely exhausted. I held her against me my hands resting on her soft ass as we both fell asleep. I don't think we were out long as I awoke to Sonia gently running her tongue over my neck as she slowly worked her hips on me.

As I woke Sonia lifted her head to look at me, before gently leaning in and kissing me. As we shared that kiss I amazingly felt my arousal building again as she lifted her chest slightly off me allowing those beautiful breasts to once again brush softly over my chest. My cock quickly grew inside her and within a few minutes filled her pussy as she slowly worked herself back and forth on top of me. Holding onto Sonia hot ass I rolled us over so I was laying on top of her, Sonia's thigh's spread as we slowly began making love to each other. 

The feeling was fantastic, until now nothing had ever come close the connection I felt with my wife when we made love, but as I slowly worked myself in and out of Sonia's wet pussy, our lips caressing as we gently kissed I finally realised that I'd found the connection I needed to be able to really let myself go and really enjoy sex with someone other then Laura.

We continued to make love to each other for well over an hour sometimes slowly and sensually and at other times fast and passionately, but we both kept each other from reaching climax, slowing down or stopping altogether just before the other reached their orgasm. We both teetered on the edge, the sex getting more and more intense, until Sonia finally whispered into my ear that she needed to cum.

I looked into her eyes one last time and kissed her our passion finally taking over. I increased my strokes driving myself deep into her pussy over and over again as her hands reached round and grabbed my ass digging her nails painfully into my flesh as she urged me into her deeper and harder. Then finally just as I felt my energy leave me Sonia suddenly screamed out loud, her nails ripping into my flesh as her orgasm hit her. She screamed out again and again her pussy suddenly convulsing around my cock and sending me over the edge, I cried out loudly with her, our voices screaming out our lust as our joint climax hit us with wave after wave of pleasure, my cock pumping the last of my cum deep inside her hot pussy.

I finally collapsed, falling off Sonia's soft body. Sonia curled round her naked skin pressed against me as she fell into a contended sleep. I lay there awake for a while thinking about the evening I knew that Sonia was the one we had been searching for to join our little group, she was easy going, fun to be around and importantly she was a very enthusiastic lover. It didn't hurt that she was hot either I thought to myself as I started to drift off to sleep. I just hoped that Laura would agree and that her husband was as keen as Sonia


I was awoken the next morning by my wife's naked body slipping into the bed next to me. As she pressed her soft breasts against me she reached over and gently ran her fingers lightly over the Sonia's naked flesh as she slept quietly next to me. Laura slowly slipped the covers down the bed until we were all exposed our naked bodies exposed to the day. As Laura slowly let her fingers caress over Sonia's body, gently tracing the contours of her swollen breasts I felt my cock come to life and soon Laura's hand had slipped from Sonia and was gently stroking me to full hardness.

As soon as I was hard Laura slipped on top of me and slowly inserted me into her pussy, which was already dripping wet. Laura allowed herself to gently work me into her allowing a little kore of my dick into her wet twat each time she bounced on me, her full breasts swaying as she moved. Finally once she had taken my entire length into her pussy she leaned forward, her breasts settling no my chest and whispered into my ear.

"Mikey and Bev are gone and he was a crap lay" She told me "he lasted less than ten mniutes last night and I had to finish myself off one he was done." My wife allowed her breasts to gently drag over my chest as she whispered into my ear, gently working her wet pussy over my cock as she talked.

"He managed to last a little longer this morning, but he still came before getting me off and his wife came charging in seconds and dragged him home before I could get him to go down on me and finish the job" I moaned into my wife's ear as I realised her pussy must still be full of Mikey's cum as she continued to slowly fuck me.

Laura then sat upright again and slowly started to pick up the pace grinding her cum filled pussy onto my hard cock. As she fucked me my wife slowly allowed her hand toslip between her thighs, her fingers searching for her engorged clit and slowly working it masturbating herself as I watched, while she worked herself up and down on my cock.

Laura's free hand caressed her breasts slowly squeezing her nipples as she slowly made love to me.

"Do you need a hand?" a lust filled voice suddenly asked.

"I thought you were never going to ask" my wife replied and reached out her hand pulling Sonia to her knees. The two woman looked at each other for a few moments before they leaned in and gently kissed, their soft lips caressing together as their hands eagerly sought out each other soft breasts. My cock got even harder inside my wife as I watched her making out with Sonia, their hands exploring each other bodies. 

Laura suddenly pulled out of their kiss and eased Sonia round to straddle my face and seconds later her sweet pussy was rubbing over my lips. I reached my hands up sliding my hands round her soft thighs, puling her onto me my tongue pushing into the folds of her pussy tasting her sweet juices as they flowed into my mouth. I quickly found her swollen clit and let my tongue massage it gently causing Sonia to moan loudly. I then felt fingers gently brushing through my pubic hair and then the soft flesh of Sonia's fingers as they grazed against my cock as it slid in and out of my wife's pussy. Seconds later I heard Laura let out a low deep moan of pleasure as Sonia's fingers found their way to her pussy, gently caressing her lips and tweaking her engorged clit.

The two woman continued shifting ontop of me, Sonia pushing her pussy arder against my face urging me to lick her twat faster and my wife bouncing on my dick quicker and harder as they both reach their orgasms. Almost simultaneously they cries out, both my cock and my face flooded with juices as the two girls climaxed on top of me. Both Laura and Sonia went limp on me for a while as they caught their breath, before Laura finally lifted herself off my cock, my hardness slipping out of her tight twat. Seconds later Sonia shifted herself round and straddled me, just as my wife grabbed my cock and gently pressed it against our friends wet opening. Sonia quickly dropped herself onto me filling herself with my hardness.

As Sonia starts fucking me Laura quickly slide one hand between her thighs working Sonia's pussy, her other hand cupping a swollen breasts gently caressing her nipples.

"What happened to you breasts to make so red" Laura suddenly asked as Sonia gently eased herself on my cock. 

"Your husband got a little carried away last night" Sonia replied as Laura bent down to gently kiss the red marks on her breasts where I had squeezed them tightly the night before. Laura then ran her tongue over Sonia's hard nipples gently sucking on them.

"Ummm" my wife purred as Sonia's milk leaked from her nipple and into Laura's mouth. "I think we all heard you both getting carried away last night. Your breasts are beautiful Sonia"

Sonia blushed suddenly at the compliment from my wife as Laura suddenly attacked her breasts with her mouth. I quickly joined my wife and soon we were sucking and kissing Sonia's swollen tits as we groped them between our hands. Sonia cried out loudly as we both nibbled on her nipples, squeezing them painfully between our teeth her milk flowing freely into our mouths. Sonia worked her pussy over my dick faster as Laura stepped up her attack on Sonia's wet pussy and suddenly Sonia climaxed, her body going rigid my cock painfully crushed by her hot twat.

Sonia shuddered and moaned for what seemed like an eternity as my wife and I continued play with her tits while her orgasm washed through her. Sonia finally sagged into us totally exhausted. Her breathing deep and heavy. Laura lifted Sonia mouth to her own and gently kissed her and I leant in adding my lips to theirs as we shared a sensual kiss between the three of us. Laura gently broke the kiss and whispered into Sonia's ear.

Slowly Sonia lifted herself off my cock and slipped to her knees between my thighs. My wife dropped to the bed beside me as Sonia gently took hold of me in her soft hands, her tongue reaching out and slowly licking all of our combined juices from me. Once I was clean Sonia gently allowed me into her mouth taking my entire length in, her lips gently closing around my shaft as her tongue continued to caress the underside of my cock.

I watched Sonia's cute face working itself over my cock and in no time I felt my orgasm approaching. I reached down to push the hair away from her face and looked her in the eye, Sonia quickly took the hint and allowed most of my cock to slide from her mouth leaving just the head between her lips as she used her hand to caress my shaft.

Sonia then gave me one of her sexy smiles and sent me over the edge with a flick of her tongue to the underside of my cock. My orgasm hit and I grunted loudly as my cum spurted into Sonia waiting mouth. She continued working my cock through my climax mil king every drop of cum onto her tongue before swallowing it all down and sliding up the bed between me and my wife.

My wife leaned into Sonia and gently kissed her tasting my cum on our new lovers lips, her hands gently exploring Sonia's body again.

Breaking the kiss Laura looked at me "Why don't you give us girls some alone time and get started on breakfast" she said and then leaned straight back into Sonia's mouth her hand cupping a swollen breasts as she slid her soft thigh over the hot naked brunette laying between us.

I quickly dressed as Sonia and my wife slowly started making love to each other a smile spreading across my face as I realised that Laura was as taken with a new lover as I was, before slipping out of the room. 

I quickly woke Neil and we both went to wake James and Dawn only to find them wide awake with Dawn astride James's cock in their bed slowly riding him as her groped at her massive tits. Dawn turned to look at us as we opened the door and invited us both in. Neil was heading to the bed seconds later obviously needing some attention as Bev had left before he was even awake.

I quietly slipped from the room leaving them all to their fun and was soon in the kitchen pulling together a full breakfast fro us all.

It was almost an hour later when the other joined me, finally all dressed and looking respectable. Laura joined me in the kitchen sliding her arms around my waist a quietly whispering in my ear that Sonia was the one. I turned into her gently kissing her on the lips, tasting Sonia as I did so.

We looked over to the lounge as Sonia was re-united with her husband the two of the sharing a kiss. James looked at Sonia with a question in his eyes clearly having tasted my wife in his Sonia's lips. Sonia leaned into him whispering and James looked over at Laura a slow smile spreading over his face. 

"I need to sleep with James next" Laura said to me as we both plated up breakfast "I'm sorry you never got to have some fun with Bev it leaves things a little uneven"

"She was to thin for my tastes anyway" I replied "Besides I'm not going to be jealous of you getting to sleep with Mikey and James, not after the night I had with Sonia" Laura gave me a wicked grin.

"You'll have to tell me all about it" she said smiling as we carried the plates through to the others

"You bet I will" I replied 


I hope you enjoyed my account of the remaining events of our intimate party. Laura has promised to tell her story next, thanks to my badgering and all the welcome feedback we have had asking for her to give her side of events.

This story really brings everything up to date with our lives. The party was just two weekends ago and nothing of real note has happened since. We have however been invited to spend the weekend at Sonia and James's little farm, we've already accepted of course and are already looking forward to what might happen.

Since the party we have had one of our regular Thursday night swaps with Lisa-Marie and Danny, which although tame compared to the fun I had at the party was much more exciting than the last few evenings I have spent with Lisa-Marie. I took the step of showing her the first two stories I wrote and managed to convince her to read the story of our first time with Dawn and Neil out loud, which totally embarrassed her at first, but a combination of me telling her how hot it was to hear her read the story and me sliding my head between her soft naked thighs and licking her sweet pussy as she read, soon had her reading aloud and cumming onto my tongue twice during the reading.

I got Lisa-Marie to sit in my lap with my cock buried inside her whilst she read the second story to herself and then I recounted my time with Sonia to her just as you have read while we made love again later in the evening, she had her biggest orgasm ever as I finished the story with the threesome I shared with Sonia and Laura, helping me to cum inside her at the same time.

The following morning before I left I invited them to join us at Sonia's for the weekend. She agreed on the condition that she got to spend some time alone with Laura and Sonia!! I can't wait for our weekend now as the last hurdle seems to be falling and Laura will finally fulfil her desire to enjoy Lisa-Marie's hot young naked body. I will of course make sure I write the story up for you all to enjoy.

Finally I want to say thanks for all the great feedback. We have had lots of requests and we will try to fulfil them all. Laura is currently writing her version of events, which will probably be one story all the way through. Lots of you have asked about our early experiences and after a little encouragement Laura has promised to tell her story all the way from when she lost her virginity.

Meanwhile I am working on writing the story about our first time with Lisa-Marie and Danny, which I will try to incorporate some of our Thursday night meetings into.

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