Saturday, 22 July 2017

Blackmailing My Lactating Maid For Milk

I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s lovemaking in bed, but still, yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from college girlfriend during our golden college days. I loved the soft hands of my girlfriend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.

It was a Monday morning at 11 am, had finished my bath and was wearing a loose T-shirt with no bra because I love my boobs dance freely when I am alone in the house and a long skirt with a panty. And as usual, I was busy with the cooking for the afternoon lunch when the doorbell rang, opened the door and saw our new maid Shanti at the door. Shanti was working for us from the past one month, a middle-aged decent looking lady of maybe 30 to 33 years old, slightly brownish in colour and she was about 5’ 3” in height, slightly a plump lady with a 36D boobs and a fleshy stomach which was visible between her saree and blouse when she was working because she used to normally wear saree at work, and a bigger ass which used to wriggle when she used to walk with heavy load in her hands.

Shanti used to call me as Didi even though she was 10 years older than me out of respect. She had a one-year-old kid but never brought the child to my place which she would leave her kid with her in-laws whenever she goes out for domestic help. Until now I never imagined Shanti with whom I can share my bed with, but everything changed during the next two hours which I am going to explain now.

I asked Shanti to wipe the floor first because, on Sunday, my hubby and his friends had a party in our home and wrecked the floor completely. I went to the kitchen to oversee the cooking and Shanti went to the bathroom to get the water and bucket for mopping. After 20 min I had finished the cooking and Shanti too had mopped the floor very efficiently, came to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Leaving the kitchen, I went to the bathroom to hand over Shanti the clothes which were to be washed. I took all the clothes and dumped them in the washing M/C, but I was not able to find my expensive favorite pink colored bra which I had worn yesterday to impress my hubby. It was one of the gifts given to me by my hubby on my recent birthday; he used to love it whenever I wear the pink bra and also loved to remove the pink bra himself to fondle my breasts.

I was definitely annoyed on not seeing my favorite bra, went to the kitchen fuming and asked Shanti” Did you see my pink bra in the bathroom which I had left in the bathroom for washing it”

Shanti was suddenly petrified on hearing me, with a low voice said “No Didi, I didn’t observe it”

By her tone I knew that she was lying, so raising my voice, yelled at her” Don’t provoke me, give me that bra now or else I will inform everyone in the society that you are a thief and getting work in our housing society will be difficult for you. If you need I will give you another bra for you to wear but give me back my favorite one, NOW”.

She became like a lamb, with trembling hands inserted her right hand into her saree and with great difficulty removed my bra which she had hidden inside her saree near her crotch region, but while removing the bra out, her saree knot which she had tucked slightly above her navel gave away and her saree fell to the floor leaving her in just her blouse and her petticoat. Shanti immediately covered her bosom with both her hands and was looking at with fear in her eyes.

I really felt sorry for her now, took my bra which was in her hand and placed it on the kitchen counter and looked at her boobs now with curiosity. Her small hands were not able to cover her gigantic breasts properly and they were popping out from her hands even though she was wearing a blouse. I still in a high voice ordered her to remove her hands from her bosom, to which shanty was really surprised on hearing but meekly followed my order and dropped her hand’s sidewards thus exposing her breasts covered with a blouse to me.

She had not worn any bra underneath her blouse thereby all her contours of her breasts were visible through her thin blouse and the nipples were trying to jump out from the blouse and the nipples were poking through the blouse which made me slightly uncomfortable between my legs and my pussy became slightly wet on seeing her nipples through the blouse.

Me: why did you steal my bra which is of no use to you, you need a bigger cup than mine over your full breast, if you wear mine half of your boobs will be protruding from the sides and it will not look good when you wear the blouse.”

Shanti: Please forgive me, Didi, I had asked my husband to get me a bra to wear, but he is not getting me one”

Me: so you stole my bra instead, are you Queen Elizabeth wants to wear bra by stealing other people undergarments”

Shanti: No Didi, my son has stopped drinking milk from me, so when my breasts are full milk come out of my nipples without doing anything, and my blouse becomes wet near the nipples and I feel very awkward when somebody notice my wet blouse outside, so to cover my blouse getting wet thought of wearing bra and hide the wet patch”

On hearing her curiosity increased and along with that my inner desires of enjoying female “I don’t believe you bitch, come on show me, NOW”

Shanti hearing me cursing her, still got more terrified immediately lifted her hands to her boobs and pressed her breasts very hard and in second milk oozed out from her nipples and made her blouse wet near her nipples.

I knew she was telling the truth but on seeing her milk rich breasts in a very close range, I just couldn’t control my eagerness, I placed both my hands on her breasts and pressed them very hard, the milk flowed easily and drenched her blouse more now. This was my first touch of pressing a grownup woman’s boobs which were the very soft fleshy type which was used by her husband and her son sucking her milk, while mine was still not much used apart from my hubby and they were still very firm rock hard. Shanti was taken aback by my aggression and moved slightly backward to escape from my hands but the kitchen counter stopped her going backward so she stood still resting her buttocks onto the counter.

Shanti now was almost in tears “Sorry Didi, this will be my first and last time, I won’t do this again, please forgive me, Didi”

Me: After committing theft from my house, you are begging me to forgive you; I promise that I won’t say anything to our society members about your little theft and will also forgive you if you do as I ordered”

Shanti: I will do whatever you say Didi but don’t tell this to society people, or they will ruin my livelihood, I am supporting my family with this money”

So I knew that she will do whatever I say now and was confident that she will not tell anybody, whatever happens in this house and wanted to take advantage of the situation. So with that blind conviction, I started to remove her blouse buttons from the top, when I was removing the third button she held my hands tightly and not allowing me to further removing the blouse buttons. My both hands back fingers were pressing against her soft breasts and I was desperate to see her milk laden breasts, so in fit of anger towards Shanti for obstructing me, I held the blouse firmly with both my hands and ripped open the blouse, and her boobs sprang outside of the blouse and were looking at me proudly. She had a very big areola’s unlike me which was very small, and they were dark brown in color, while mine was pinkish.

Shanti immediately covered her chest with both her hands and looked at me pleadingly to stop. I was now really sick of this cat and mouse game, immediately held her wrists in my hands and forcefully opened her hands apart from her breasts and took a good look at raw and ripe mangoes which were inviting me to suck. The nipples were already protruding by half an inch and they were dark brownish in color unlike mine which was pinkish and her areolas were bigger in diameter because of childbirth.

Me: Look Shanti, I am not going to rape you, and I don’t have a dick to do that, I just want to suck your nipples and drink your milk. That is it, trust me and in return, I will give you money for you to purchase the bra, and the money is the gift from my side for you in return of your milk and you need not return it”

Shanti: why do want to drink my milk, Didi, the taste is not good, you will not like it, even my husband has to spit the milk after sucking”

By her tone of the voice I knew that she won’t oppose me anymore, so I left her hands and once again took hold of her breasts in my hands and pressed them very violently, to my surprise milk came out of the nipples like small springs and some droplets fell on my face. Thinking that I should not waste both the time and milk, I clutched her right breast with both my hands and sunk my mouth on her nipple and started to suck the milk from her milk booth.

I had not even sucked her nipple for even 30 sec she holding her right breast tried to pull the nipple from my mouth, but I immediately sunk my teeth and held her nipple between my teeth without letting go of her nipple. When she forcefully tried to remove the nipple from my mouth and as I was holding the nipple between my teeth, the nipple stretched like rubber, I rolled my eyes up to see her discomfort in her eyes.

Me: what is the matter with you, Bitch what are you going to do with your milk when you are not feeding your son, why, do you have to feed other men too?

Shanti: No Didi, after finishing your house work I have to go to Mehta’s house for work, if I am late for work, Madam will scold me, after finishing their work I will come again and you can drink my milk as much as you need”

The bitch and her breasts had made me very horny and moist in my pussy too, and at any cost, I was not letting her go without satisfying me. I went to the hall got my mobile, gave it to her and said “call them and tell that you are not well today and will be coming in the evening”, I myself dialed the Mehta’s land line and gave it to her. Shanti spoke with them and told them as I had told her.

I removed her blouse from her shoulders and now she was standing with just a petticoat on her, I took her hand and lead her to our guestroom she followed me like a lamb without asking any question. Once inside the room, I removed my long skirt which I was wearing to expose my panty which I removed it too. Now I was standing in just a t-shirt on me without a bra, usually in the summer when I am alone in the home I don’t wear the bra because of heat and I love when my hubby sees and appreciates my nipples tips from inside the T-shirt.

Shanti was looking at me with disbelief, I took her hand to my pussy and placed it on my pussy lips “look what you have done to me, I am totally dripping now, satisfy me and I will give you another gift for your help”

I went and got laid down on the bed on my back and Shanti came and sat next to me crossed legged near my head. Her breasts were only a few inches from my face and the right nipple was still dripping milk because of my handy work. I took her left hand and placed it on my pussy which understood quickly and started to move her finger on my moist pussy lips. Now I lifted my t-shirt to expose my boobs too and holding my right breast asked her to suck my nipple. I just wanted to experience a lady’s soft lips sucking my nipples after a very long time.

Shanti slightly lowered her head to reach my nipple, thereby crushing my face with her heavy breasts, took hold of my nipple and started to suck it. After a long time, a girl was sucking my nipple and that too very gently and she was using only her lips to suck and didn’t dare to touch my nipple with her teeth. It was a heavenly experience by getting sucked so gently by Shanti, usually, my husband sucks my breasts like a hungry dog and leaves his teeth marks all around my nipples when he was fucking me with his cock.

I had another orgasm and my juices flowed and made Shanti’s finger wet, she was slowing moving her middle finger up and down my pussy lips and slightly dipping her finger into the valley and rubbing my clit to arouse me. This bitch surely knows how to masturbate with her fingers and a master herself in fingering the pussy. Only a girl knows how to satisfy another girl with only her fingers, the way she sucking my nipple with her soft lips and moving her fingers on my moist pussy, felt like I was in another world, just closed my eyes and was enjoying the beautiful experience with a woman older than me forgetting about the milk altogether.

Shanti was sucking my nipple and playing with my pussy for about 5 min, I lifted her face up releasing my nipple from her mouth, and she looked at me with a question mark in her eyes. I tried to take Shanti’s nipples in my mouth but was not able to reach them, Shanti on seeing my eagerness to suck milk held her right breast and slightly bent her bosom forwards and brought the nipple close to my mouth and inserted her nipple into my mouth which I gladly accepted and started to suck the milk.

This time I was sucking the nipple very gently just like Shanti had sucked my nipple a few minutes ago; warm milk was flowing from her breast into my mouth and started to gulp it down my throat. She was gently pressing her breast with her fingers to facilitate the free flow of milk into my mouth.

After some 5 min of sucking her right breast milk flow slightly decreased, I released her nipple from the mouth and looked at her ,which she understood slightly moved her body to bring her left breast close , held the nipple between her fingers and brought it closer to my mouth which I gladly inserted into my mouth. After giving the nipple to suck, she once again concentrated her fingers on my pussy. Now she had inserted her middle finger into my vagina and started to finger fuck my pussy in a very gentle manner, and due to my orgasms, her finger was moving in my pussy very smoothly.

We had lost track of time came to the present on hearing my hubby’s voice from the living room, he was calling my name and when I was about to get up, the guestroom door opened and I saw Krish entering the room. I was really terrified on seeing Krish and he was looking at both of us in disbelief. Shanti was more afraid than me on seeing my hubby, quickly released the nipple I was sucking, removed her finger from my pussy and covered her breasts with her hands and was dropped her head in shame. I too got up and sat on the bed and looked at Krish in a romantic way and thinking how to handle the situation as I am caught red-handed by him.

Krish: “what is going on here, Nalini, you are in bed with our maid and looks like you are enjoying her company. How long has been this going behind my back?”

Me: Please Honey, don’t create a scene here now, Shanti is already terrified, please don’t shout at her. It’s my fault and I forced her to get intimate with me promising some money, look at that poor thing, please, and by the way, how did you come in, I had locked the front door myself”

Krish: Have you forgotten that I have a spare key, I had forgotten my pen drive of my project file, so came to collect it, and caught you red handed with your lesbian friend”

I looked at Krish pleadingly and he, in turn, looked at Shanti who was just in a petticoat and completely naked above her waist, and her hands trying covering her breasts, and then at me as I was in just a t-shirt on my body completely naked below the waist with my pussy fully open and wet due to the finger work of Shanti.

Krish: so, she was feeding you her milk and fingering your goddamn pussy, and you are a lesbian lover, then why the hell did you marry me”

Me: I love you, honey, but on seeing her lactating breasts I couldn’t control myself asked Shanti to give me her milk, one thing led to another, but I definitely love you”

Krish: Ok, show me how much you love me then, right now”

Saying, he came to the edge of the bed towards me and Shanti, opened his pants and dropped it on the floor, to expose his cock in the brief which was already erect. He pulled even the brief down to his ankles and exposed his 7” erect cock to the ladies in the room shamelessly and started stocking his cock with his right hand. His cock was fully erected and already pre-cum was oozing out of its tiny hole. I looked at Shanti who was looking at my husband’s cock with interest and then at Krish who looking like a bull ready to invade both the ladies in the room.

I didn’t want Krish to fuck Shanti that too in front of me, so I took the initiative to allow him to fuck me in front of our maid and slept on the bed and asked Krish to fuck me. But Krish still stroking his dick with his hand said smiling “No dear, I can take your pussy anytime, but I want to fuck your mouth today, till date you have been avoiding giving me a blowjob and today I want to see how you are going to suck my cock. I saw you were very good in sucking her nipples; let me see what your mouth would do to my cock”

On hearing Krish I got up and looked at him “please don’t force me to give you a blowjob, you know I hate sucking cocks, I dislike the smell and the taste of cock. You are free to do whatever you want even you can fuck my ass, I will control the pain but please don’t force me to take the cock in my mouth”

I was pleading with him with almost tears in my eyes, when I heard Shanti’s voice “Don’t worry Didi, I will suck Sahib’s cock instead of you, and satisfy him with my mouth, all he want is a blowjob, either from you or me “. By the tone of her voice it looked like the Bitch was not helping me, but helping herself on seeing my husband’s cock, and I too had to just nod my head in approval.

I looked at Krish who smiled and said” I don’t mind her sucking my cock if you too don’t mind honey”

I looked at Shanti, who was already on her knees and hands like a dog and her mouth was near Krish’s cock. He had already moved the foreskin backward and immediately placed the tip of his cock in her mouth and she started to suck the pre-cum from the tip like a candy. Since she was on all fours her breasts were hanging like mangoes and they were shaking very violently whenever she moved while sucking his cock.

Then I saw Krish hands reaching to her breasts, he caught both the breasts in his hands and thrust his cock fully into her mouth and gagged her. Shanti was taken aback by his sudden invasion into her mouth but regained very quickly and showed her blowjob skills. She sure is very experienced in giving blowjob and didn’t even flinch when his full of 7” cock was inside her mouth. I definitely would have checked if Krish had done the same to me, luckily I was not in her position but in the near future may be. I shuddered at that thought of taking Krish’s 7” cock fully in my mouth.

Krish was enjoying his first blowjob and in that excitement was pressing Shanti’s boobs very hard and due to this milk were dripping from both the nipples onto the bed. I didn’t want to miss the action and I immediately slept on the bed slid my body below Shanti and brought my face directly under her hanging boobs. I lifted my head up to reach her left nipple and took it in my mouth and sine my hubby was pressing them milk was flowing into my mouth without any difficulty. I could see Shanti sucking Krish cock from a very close range and his balls were swaying due to his movements.

Both my hubby and the Bitch were enjoying themselves, and now I felt a tinge of woman’s jealousy and wanted to Krish to cum as soon as possible. But I knew the power of his cock, he can go on endlessly. And I even knew his weakness too, so decided to ejaculate him as soon as possible. I cupped his balls with my right hand and started to message them.

The moment I took his balls in my hands, his balls tightened in my hands, and I knew that I was on the right track and started to play with them and also suck the milk from Shanti’s breasts. Shanti was deeply engrossed in sucking Krish cock, and he was enjoying the blowjob and was pressing the boobs and helping me in sucking the milk, and I, in turn, was playing with his balls and giving him the ultimate satisfaction and I heard him moaning with delight.

Suddenly my hubby left the Shanti’s breasts and holding her head firmly pushed his cock completely into her mouth and he climaxed in her mouth. Poor Shanti had to swallow all of his cum, as he had held her head firmly. After releasing his load in Shanti’s mouth, he took out his cock from her mouth took a step back, Shanti was totally exhausted by now dropped herself on the bed next to me.

Now I looked at Krish who was beaming with a huge smile as he had got his first blowjob in his life was still holding his now swollen cock in his hand. His cock was glistening with Shanti’s saliva and his own cum. Since I was close to the edge of the bed, he came forward and bending down a bit placed his cock in my mouth and asked me to clean his cock with my tongue. I immediately closed my mouth firmly and nodded my head in a very big no indication.

Krish suddenly held my cheek with his firm hands and said” look here, all these days I was cooperating with you and your wishes in bed. But today is the ultimate, either you lick my cock with your tongue or else get ready to face your parents when they will find that you are a lesbian. Enough is enough, you want to enjoy sex with ladies, and I want my sex desires fulfilled too”

I didn’t want to further antagonize him, so I pulled my tongue out and started to lick his cock like a dog licking his milk, and Shanti was looking at us with a smile on her face because the bitch knew that she had both of us to play with now.

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