Saturday, 22 July 2017

Problems of Parenthood Ch. 02

Jim jolted awake as the phone rang loudly in the morning air. "Hello?" 

"Hey Jim, sounds like you're just waking up." 

"Yeah, sorry. Who is this?" 

"HAHA. It's Diane, you're neighbor." 

"OH, hey! Sorry, still kind of groggy. We didn't get to sleep until late." 

"Oooh, sounds like you had some fun last night. Was just calling to check on when a good time to return Mary to you. We were about to go grab breakfast and didn't want you two to worry if you came by to get her." 

"Hang on a second Diane, let me ask Sue." Lightly shaking Sue's shoulder, "Hun, Diane wants to know if we want to pick up Mary before they head to breakfast." 

Rolling over to stretch, Sue lazily responds, "Mmmmm. Breakfast actually sounds good. They mind if we join them?" 

"Diane, Sue wants to know if you would like some company. I'm sure we could go for some breakfast as well." 

Laughing, Diane responded, "Jack actually just suggested you two joining us. Anywhere in particular?" 

After thinking for a second, Jim said, "Well, there is this awesome little place a couple blocks from here that makes an amazing eggs benedict. Want to give it a try?" 

"Let me ask Jack . . . He says he's been meaning to try it, sounds like the perfect excuse to do so now." 

"Awesome, let us get up and make ourselves presentable. We'll meet you outside in about 15 minutes?" 

"It's a date, the kids are just about ready to go now. See you in a bit." 

Jim hung up the phone and turned to Sue. "Hey, time to get your sexy ass out of bed. I'm hungry and unfortunately, eating you won't fill me up." 

Sue reached beneath the covers to Jim's well used cock, "Maybe not, but you certainly filled me enough last night." 

Chuckling as he moved away from his wife and got out of bed, "And it's for that exact reason I need to refill my fuel tanks. Let's get a move on and go see Mary." 

"You know, it actually feels weird to not have to get up every so many hours. We should see about doing this more often." 

Jim thought about it, "It would probably be smart in order to avoid feeling burned out or overly stressed. We can talk to Jack and Diane over breakfast. Maybe we can do an exchange where we watch Joni for a night or two to let them have a break" 

As Sue got out of bed heading for the closet, she looked back, "That's a really good idea. I was also thinking we can pick-up they're breakfast this morning since they were nice enough to keep Mary overnight. What do you think?" 

Rinsing his mouth after brushing his teeth, Jim agrees. "That sounds good. It's the least we can do for them watching Mary." 

They finish getting ready quickly and grab a few things to refill Mary's diaper bag. Walking outside, they notice Jack just locking up their house as Diane walks across the street with Mary already in the car seat. Sue hurries to see her daughter, "Oh my precious little angel. Mommy missed you so much. Thank you Diane for sacrificing your Friday night to watch her." 

Diane beamed a huge smile, "It was no issue at all. She was a peach and Joni loved having a baby around. She only woke up once during the night to feed and get changed, otherwise it was smooth sailing down the river of dreams." 

As Jim caught up to the two ladies, he interrupted, "How would you like to finish this and other conversations at the restaurant? I am famished." 

Diane smiled slyly at the two of them, "Work up a big appetite last night did we?" 

Blushing, Jim took the car seat from Diane and loaded Mary and her stuff in the car. Sue gave Diane a wink to suggest she was right and suggested they follow Jim as he knew the directions to the restaurant. After being seated at the restaurant and ordering their food, Diane asked, "So, how was the date?" 

Sue saved Jim by answering first, "It was lovely. We went to this Italian place downtown and then saw a musical I've been wanting to see. I've read the book and love the story, just never had the chance to actually see the musical until Jim surprised me with the plan. All-in-all, it was a lovely evening." 

Jack interjected, "Which Italian place was this?" 

And so the conversation went as their meals arrived. They discussed what each other had to eat, how the play was, what Mary did while over at Jack and Diane's, and even Joni told some stories about her plans for Mary once she grows up. As the tales of the previous evening were coming to a close (the ones that could be told in public and in front of children), Jim said, "Sue and I were talking this morning and she suggested that we could do for you two what you did for us. We could watch Joni for a night or two so the two of you can go have a date for yourselves." 

Sue interjected, "And if it works out, we could do this on a regular basis to ensure we all have little breaks to remind us that we're still in relationships other than being parents." 

Smiling, Jack said, "That's actually very kind of you, but we already do that. My mom takes Joni once every month or two for a weekend so Diane and I can go out and have some, uh, adult time." 

Diane added, "That's actually why we offered to watch Mary for you. We know you don't really have any family close by and we've seen how beneficial to our relationship it is to continue to have these dates and outings." 

Jack said, "As much as you want it to be all about your child, you also have to foster the relationship between yourselves so that Mary grows to see a strong relationship between you two." 

Sue was first to respond with almost tears in her eyes, "Oh my god you two, that is so sweet. And thank you again. That's why breakfast is on us." 

Jim, "Definitely. I seriously don't know what would become of us if it wasn't for the two of you." 

Diane, "You would probably be running around naked trying to put stuff in your car." 

Blushing again, Jim asked, "Am I ever going to live that down?" 

Jack laughed out, "If you're dressed like that, it shouldn't be down." 

Sue choked back a sip of coffee, "Well, there's another tale for when little ears aren't present." 

Diane brightened up, saying, "Speaking of when little ears aren't present, Jack has to work on some shelves in our garage later and Joni loves helping daddy build stuff. Do you mind if I take that time to bring over the rest of Mary's things and we can have a little girl chat?" 

Sue loved the idea, "Sure, that would be great. Jack, could you use Jim's help at all? You don't have any plans, do you?" 

Jim shook his head, "Nope. I got nothing on the agenda for today. I would be more than happy to lend a hand." 

Jack, "That would be perfect. While I love having Joni's help, she's just not strong enough to hold things in place while I try to screw them to the wall." 

At this last comment, Jim and Sue shared a little smile regarding the events of the previous evening. Diane noticed, but only said, "That's settled, when should I stop by?" 

Sue, "I'll give you a call. I just need to straighten up a little so the place is a bit more presentable." 

With that, Jim paid for the meal and they said their goodbyes and see-ya-laters. Once home, Sue put Mary down for a nap while Jim gathered some tools he might need to help Jack with his shelves. They both then gave the living areas of the house a quick once over in an attempt to hide any evidence of the animalistic sexual battle that happened the previous night. After realizing a small spot on a couch cushion wouldn't come out without deeper cleaning, Sue just flipped the pillow and moved on to make sure all their clothes were collected and in the proper place. Once satisfied with the appearance of the house, Sue sent Jim on over to help Jack and called Diane. 

Diane arrived relatively quickly with the last few items of Mary's supplies. Sue greeted her at the door, "Thank you so much again for watching Mary, I hope there was enough milk and diapers and other things." 

"Sue, there is enough milk there to last her a couple days. Speaking of milk, how are you feeling?" Diane enquired, "Unless you fed Mary when you got home from breakfast, you haven't fed her in almost a day and the pump died the other day. You have got to be full by now." 

Sue sheepishly replied, "No, I haven't fed her yet. With the wine I drank last night, I wanted to pump and dump for the first 24 after." She purposely left out about why she wasn't full. But Diane could not be deterred; she was hungry for the details of their escapades. 

"So, you haven't used a breast pump and you haven't fed Mary. But you aren't full to the point of hurting." Diane was trying to get Sue to spill the beans. 

Sue's reply showed she was still skirting around the issue, "Oh, I'm feeling a bit full right now. But it's not too bad." She added a smile as she remembered how she got drained. 

Diane was beyond curious now. "Sue. I had a child. I remember what it felt like to go a solid 12 hours without pumping. I also remember how good it felt to be drained by someone other than my baby. Now out with the details and don't forget anything." 

Giggling, Sue began retelling everything that happened after the play. The car ride home. Getting pounded against the wall. Even pointing to where Jim took her on the couch as evident by the spot under the cushion. Diane let out a shudder of excitement. "Oh my goodness. That sounds like a damn good time. I bet it would have been amazing to watch." 

Sue, "I don't know about watching, but it was amazing to be there. I'm actually getting a bit wet right now just remembering." 

Diane inched closer and whispered, "I'm actually getting wet just hearing about it." She then let out a laugh which was joined by Sue. 

Sue then stated, "I might have to jump Jim when he gets home. I can't believe how horny I've been since giving birth." 

Diane agreed, "It's been three years for me and I'm still like that. I might have to excuse myself soon just to take care of matters. Ummm, Sue. You may have to excuse yourself as well. You're leaking." 

Sue looked down, "Damn it. I was hoping this could wait until Jim came home and we had some time. I'm sure there's still some alcohol in there and I need to pump, but the vacuum pumper is broke." 

Diane suggested, "What about manually expressing them?" 

Sue, "I don't know, I've done that to get it flowing, but I couldn't imagine squeezing them until they were empty. My hands would be killing me way before I was done with just the first one." 

Diane then offered, "Well, I do have another idea, but I don't know if you would go for it." 

Sue, "Give it to me, I'm open to suggestions." 

Diane sat a little straighter, "Now please don't get upset at this, and you can say no and we'll forget it was ever mentioned, but I can help you relieve yourself if you don't mind." 

Sue was taken back a little, "You mean, you help manually express them until they're empty? What would we use to collect the milk? It would get everywhere." 

It was then Diane's turn to look sheepish, "I was actually thinking about sucking it out for you. Easy clean-up and we both might enjoy it." 

Sue sat there quietly for a couple minutes. "I don't know if you're being serious or if this is a set-up for a weird joke I don't understand." 

Diane then spoke quickly, "It's no joke. I was just going out on a limb suggesting that. I've always been curious about what such an experience would be like and I really like you and Jim. I just thought you would be the perfect person to possibly try this out with." 

Sue was unsure, "But what about Jack and Jim? We're both married. And those husbands are currently putting up shelves in your garage." 

Diane, "Well, I know Jack wouldn't mind. We used to be swingers and he always wanted to see me with another woman. We just never had the chance before I got pregnant and the opportunity hasn't risen until now." 

"Wow," Sue was stunned. "Swingers? I always figured you were a wildcat, but never would have thought swingers." 

Diane asked, "Are you mad at me? Should I leave?" 

"No, stay. I'm not mad. It's just not something I was expecting and kind of hit me out of left field." Sue thought about it. "You know, Jim and I have been known to talk about bringing another person into the bedroom when we're talking dirty. But it's never been more than pillow talk." 

Diane visibly relaxed, "It's an experience. Thrilling and really gets your juices flowing. We've only ever done it at clubs, but that actually added to the thrill of it. There was no love between us and the other couples, just pure sex. It actually made me want him more and I always had the most powerful orgasms with him after we left there." 

Sue's look was a combination of awe and intrigue, "Were you not jealous when he was making love to another woman? Did he not care that another man was having sex with you?" 

Diane decided blunt honesty was the best tactic here, "It wasn't making love or even having sex. It was just fucking. There was no familiarity to it. We were simply using the other person as a means to prep ourselves for our own partner. He would waste the first one or two orgasms on some other woman and save the longest one for me. I would get warmed up and have a couple orgasms with another man so that I was ready to then have multiples with Jack. We used to go to a club for about three to four hours, then come home and fuck each other's brains out for another couple hours. It's actually been a while since we've had one of those nights, but damn were they amazing." 

Sue stopped her, "Please don't say any more or I might have to rub one out right now. You make it sound so hot." 

Diane reassured it, "It was hot, and I know what you mean. I'm almost right on the edge. Sorry if I've made you uncomfortable." 

Sue sat in contemplation for a few minutes. Just as Diane was about to excuse herself and go home, Sue said, "Let's do it." 

Diane was confused, "Do it? What?" 

Sue explained, "My tits are starting to get full. We both need to cum. Let's just do it. You can suck my tits as we both get ourselves off. I can even try sucking your tits if you want. I won't lie, I've been known to wonder what it would be like to be with a woman and you're right; you are the perfect person to try it with." 

Diane was cautious, "Are you sure? I don't want to make you feel like I'm pressuring you into this." 

Sue simply said, "Let me just check on Mary real fast, and I say we make this happen. You never know, this might be a new thing to talk Jim into." She finished this last part with a smile. 

Sue got up and walked out of the room to check on Mary. Diane sat nervously happy and checked out the front window to make sure the men were still busy at work. As she heard footsteps coming down the hall, she turned to see Sue walking into the living room, topless. Sue stated, "Figured I would get things started." And she walked up to Diane. 

Unable to move, Diane just sat there and stare in awe at Sue's glorious tits. Full, round, and already leaking milk from both nipples. As Sue stood in front of her, Diane could not help herself from reaching out and taking one of Sue's nipples in her mouth. Giving a long hard suck, she was rewarded by a stream of sweet warm fluid shooting into the back of her mouth. This reminded her slightly of the feeling when a man shoots off in her mouth when giving a blowjob; and that accelerated her excitement. That other thing Diane noticed was the moan she heard from Sue as her tit got sucked. 

Without realizing it, Sue reached one hand behind Diane's head to pull her in closer to the tit. Her other hand slid down her shorts to glide over her clit. Little shots of electricity shot forth from that one little nub to all points of her body. Any doubts she may have been harboring were tossed out the window as her friend latched on to her engorged breast. Thoughts of anything else were left elsewhere as she felt nothing but ecstasy with her friend slowly sucking at one of her tits. She didn't even think to care what Jim's reaction would be if he were to walk in at this moment. 

As she continued stroking her pussy and clit, she was getting lost in the feelings radiating from both her nipple and groin. As her legs began to buckle, she allowed Diane to guide her onto the couch cushion. Ironically, it is the same cushion that was overturned due to the exploits of the night prior. The more excited she got, the more erratic her hand became as she attempted to masturbate herself. She started grunting in frustration as she couldn't find a rhythm and continued to lose the feeling of her building orgasm. 

Noticing her frustration, Diane asked, "You want me to do that for you baby?" 

"Oh fuck please. Please I need to cum." 

Diane went back to nursing on Sue's tit as she reached down and removed Sue's shorts and began playing with her pussy. Diane couldn't believe how wet it was. Initially just rubbing on the outside of Sue's pussy, Diane couldn't help but feel herself getting wetter and wetter. As she got more and more into this new experience, Diane decided to try something different; she inserted a finger into Sue's hole. 

Pure velvet. That was the feeling as she penetrated her friend. It somehow excited her more; so much that she decided to insert another finger. Sue clutched tighter to the back of Diane's head when she did this. The whole time Diane continued to suckle away. 

After another minute or so, Diane noticed the breast from which she was nursing began to stop giving any milk. She decided to switch breasts. With an audible 'POP', she released the nipple from her mouth, but continued stroking her two fingers in and out of Sue. 

Sue's response to this was to beg, "No! Please don't stop sucking. Oh my fucking god don't stop." 

Diane couldn't help but smile as she repositioned slightly and latched onto the second nipple. Sue let out a guttural, "Ohhhhhh, yeeeeessssssss!" 

Emboldened by this pleading and by how wet Sue seemed to be, Diane decided to add a third finger to the action. Sucking even harder on the nipple, Diane started finger fucking Sue with three fingers. Sue made no sound but pulled Diane's head close into her tit and grabbed hold of her shoulder to make sure she didn't go anywhere. Diane took this as a sign to quicken her pace with her fingers. She also started swirling her tongue around the nipple as she continue to suck on the precious milk giving nub. 

Sue could no longer stay silent, but was still mindful of a need to not yell. She grabbed a couch pillow and held it over her face to muffle the lewd noises emitting from her mouth. "Fuck. Yes. Right. There. Almost. Yes. FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!" 

Sue's entire body seemed to freeze up and tense as wave after wave of orgasmic spasm flowed through her body. Diane was amazed at how responsive her friend was to her handling. She watched as juices slowly leaked out of Sue's pussy and down her hand. She continued sucking on her tit, even after the milk stopped flowing, just to see Sue ride out this orgasm. 

Sue started to relax her body as she coasted down the waves of joy, but didn't actually respond until a minute or so later. "Damn. That was amazing. You say you've never been with a woman before?" 

Diane let go of Sue's nipple and removed her hand from her pussy. "I've been in the same room as them doing things with other people, but I've never actually found someone I've wanted to try it with until you." 

Sue laughed as she caught her breath, "Could have fooled me. You are a natural." 

"I just did what I typically like done to me. I am curious of one other thing though." With that, she pulled her pussy-juice soaked hand up to her face and started sucking and licking all the juices off. "Mmmmm. That's actually pretty damn tasty." 

Sue repositioned on the couch, "Maybe next time you can try it directly from the source. But right now you have to get your clothes off so I can return the favor." 

"Sue. Are you sure you want to do this? Don't feel obligated on my behalf." 

Sue looked at her with lust filled eyes as she demanded, "I said strip!" 

Diane smiled greatly as she complied and removed her clothes. Once naked, she sat there, unsure of what to do next. It was Sue that broke the silence, "You're body if gorgeous. No wonder Jack wants to share you with other people. He is bragging and showing you off." 

Diane blushed deeply, "You're just saying that." 

"But I'm doing this." And Sue leaned forward and took one of Diane's nipples into her mouth. She immediately let one of her hands trail down Diane's stomach and continue further south. Sue loved the feel of Diane's perfectly smooth mound; not even a hint of stubble. Sue could feel the heat coming off her friend's pussy. Wetness greeted her as she traced the contours of Diane's lips. 

Even though Diane was not producing any milk, Sue enjoyed the feeling of sucking at her breast. The feel of the flesh as she pulled and pushed at it with her mouth and face. The different textures between the soft pliable skin of the breast itself, and the rigidity of the nipple as she manipulated it. She even noticed Diane reacting in a similar manner of pulling her head in closer to her breast so as not to lose the connection of her mouth. Sue started timing her suckling action with the probing of her finger. 

After a couple minutes, Sue wanted to up the action and inserted another digit into the thrusting motion. Two fingers were now slowly pistoning in and out of Diane's drenched pussy. Diane's breath became quicker and shallower as her excitement began to mount. She started grasping at her friend, almost begging through her actions to bring her to that sweet release. Sue was only too happy to oblige at this point. 

Just as Diane had done, Sue repositioned and switched to the other nipple. Diane's response was much similar to Sue's. First there was a whimper of pleading, and that was followed by satisfied groan upon recapturing of the nipple. Sue also took it upon herself to add a third slender finger to the action; just as Diane has done. 

This instantly brought Diane right to the edge of orgasm. That moment when you know any moment will bring an explosion of fireworks shooting off in your nervous system. Where every sensation heightens the one before it until all you feel is ecstasy coursing through your veins. All of this to be brought on by one little action. For Diane, that action is when Sue decided to try biting down on the nipple in her mouth. 

As soon as her teeth clenched that little nub of joy between them and applied some pressure, Diane erupted. Without warning, she yelled out as her orgasm overtook her. Diane was no longer able to control her actions as she convulsed with a tidal wave of pleasure. Sue knew she should try to quiet her friend, but couldn't remove herself from either nipple or pussy as Diane held her too tight to move. 

Diane gradually began calming down and started breathing in bursts, mixed with terms of adoration. "Yes. Perfect. Oh my god. You're amazing." 

"Shh. Hun, you have to keep it down, Mary's sleeping." Sue said in a hushed, but quizzical voice. 

Diane apologized, "Sorry, it's just you're the only person other than Jack that has gotten me to cum like that. In all the experiences I've had, no one has been able to make me have such a big orgasm. You are a natural and amazing." 

Sue reacted modestly, "I just did what you did. Maybe I'll get better with time?" 

Diane smiled, "I dearly hope so. Speaking of which, I think we should convince the guys to partake in this as well. That way we can continue this and not have to feel guilty about it." 

Sue agreed, "I do feel guilty. I'm sure Jim will eventually be okay with this, but we did go behind their backs." 

"Maybe I should get dressed, help you straighten up here and head home. If the boys are done with the garage, I can send Jim home if you would like." 

"Tell you what. Let's straighten up, get dressed, and we'll both head over there. I'll grab Mary and we can go talk to them." 

Diane smiled sweetly at Sue, "Sue, trust me. This is a conversation you're going to want to have with just the two of you." 

"You're probably right, Diane. I'm just a little scared now that everything is said and done what Jim is going to say. I wish I could have someone there for back-up." 

"Tell you what. As soon as you finish talking to him, you can always either come by or call. You never know, he could be cool with the whole thing and you might not have anything to worry about." 

"Thanks Diane. You're the best. I guess we should get a move on." 

Once everything was cleaned up, they shared one more hug and a small kiss and Diane returned to her house. Once there, she noticed the guys were just putting the last touches on the shelves in the garage. Joni was running in circles with a scrap piece of wood. She smiled and let Jim know Sue was waiting for him when he was finished. Gathering his tools and saying a final goodbye to Jack and Joni, Jim headed back across the street to shower and see what Sue was wanting to do with the rest of the day. 

After putting his tools in the garage, Jim went inside and found Sue busy in the kitchen stirring a small pot of soup with one hand and holding Mary in the other arm. "Hey sweetie, what's for lunch?" 

"Potato and chicken soup." Replied Sue. Jim noticed she sounded a little distant, but thought maybe she was just a little tired from the previous evening just like he was. 

"Okay. I'm going to go get a quick shower before I eat. Be back in a couple minutes." 

"Okay Jim, have fun." Sue was staring off into the distance at nothing in particular as she stirred the soup. Jim thought it was odd, but figured he would talk to her once he was clean. 

Getting dressed after the shower, Jim made his way back into the kitchen where he saw Sue filling two bowls of soup. She set the on the table with a couple slices of buttered bread. She still seemed to have that vacant expression as if she was really in some far away land. "Penny for your thoughts?" 

Sue seemed to startle awake, "Oh, just thinking about things. Sorry." 

"What you thinking about? Anything in particular or that I can help with?" 

"I'll explain as we eat, I don't want your soup getting cold." And she sat down with Mary bouncing on one leg and holding her soup spoon with the other. 

"Okay. You seem off. Everything okay?" Jim sat down but felt like something was wrong. 

Sue began from the beginning. "When Diane came over today, we talked about how our evening went; the part after the play." 

"Wow, women do share everything, don't they?" 

"Some, yes. Well, I described everything pretty vividly and it started to have an effect on the both of us. She stated as such and also expressed a desire to try things with a woman, including feeding from full breasts like mine." Jim sat speechless, so Sue continued. "Well, I was taken back at first. But Diane explained that she had many sexual experiences due to her and Jack being swingers before they got pregnant, but never had she found a woman she wanted to try things with; until me she explained." 

"Okay, um, hmm." Jim stuttered out. 

"Well, both of us were so turned on, we ended up stripping and sucking each other's nipples while fingering each other to orgasm. I'm so sorry I betrayed your trust." As she said the last sentence, Sue started crying uncontrollably. Jim got up and rushed to the other end of the table. She kept sobbing as she tried to finish, "Please don't hate me, I'm so, so sorry." 

"Shhh. Stop crying," Jim said as he hugged Sue to him. Jim held her close, being careful to also embrace little Mary (who was happily chewing on her pacifier). "Let me see if I got this. You relayed our sexual exploits to a friend, something women do. You ended up getting turned on, something you especially do. And your friend wanted to try out your tits, something that anyone who sees them wants to do." 

Chuckling through a sob, Sue said, "You over simplify everything." 

"Well, the way I see it, you weren't trying to go behind mine or Jack's back. It was simply something that happened between two lady friends. Am I a little upset? Yes. But mainly at the fact that I missed out on what could have been a fun opportunity. Are you wanting to do this again?" 

"Would you hate me if I said Diane and I actually talked about wanting to do it again with you and Jack there and also participating?" 

"We've talked about this kind of stuff before. You know I would be interested in it. Are we talking full on swap? Or just you two do stuff to each other and us men do other things to our respective wives?" 

Wiping her eyes, Sue said, "Well, we didn't exactly hammer out the details. But I would be lying if I didn't say I was interested in a variety of, um, ideas." 

"I can think of a couple myself. But first and foremost, thank you for being honest and telling me immediately. Just make sure this is the last time you have to confess something that happened behind my back." 

Smiling, Sue wrapped her one free arm around Jim and held him close. She kissed his neck as she apologized again and expressed her love to him. Jim replied by standing up and saying, "Now that that's out of the way, let's eat. This soup smells good and I'm hungry from working on those shelves half the morning." 

They continued to eat as eat started thinking of further possibilities between them and their neighbors. Even though this felt like a rocky occurrence, both Jim and Sue could only see the naughty fantasies that may unfold. 

Two hours later found Jim playing some random game on his computer in the office. Sue had just laid Mary down for another nap and decided to call Diane. 


"Diane, it's me Sue." 

"Hey, so, how'd it go? I didn't see Jim storm out, so I'm assuming it's not too bad?" 

"He is a little upset that it happened behind his back, but he actually liked the idea of you and me together." 

"Of course he would. Haha. Typical man. Did you mention the other stuff about Jack and me?" 

"I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to, but yeah. He didn't even seem fazed by the fact that you two were swingers. I even mentioned about what we talked about with wanting to bring the guys into it so we can all have fun." 

"Oh boy. What did he say?" 

"He was intrigued. He wanted to know if it would be a full on swap or just girls play and guys play with their own girls. I think he might be into this and I'm actually getting excited for it as well. Did you talk to Jack?" 


"And? What did he say?" 

"We had to convince Joni to stay in her room and watch a movie so he and I could sneak a quickie. He got super turned on. Said he wished he could have been there." 

"Did you ask about the four of us doing stuff together?" 

"Yeah, he is trying to figure out how we can have it so the kids are taken care of and us not be interrupted. Typically, we would just take Joni to his mother's, but I don't know if you would be okay with her watching Mary at such a young age." 

"What is his mom like?" 

"Retired nurse and is great with all her grandkids. I'm sure she wouldn't mind watching Mary for a weekend if we are able to work something out." 

"It's definitely something to think about. Maybe we should all get together and talk this out in person?" 

"That sounds good. I'll talk to Jack, and you talk it up to Jim. Make sure he is completely okay with everything, otherwise it wouldn't be smart to move on at all." 

"Definitely. I'll call you tomorrow or Monday. Bye." 


After hanging up the phone, Sue went to check on Jim and see if we wanted to talk about everything. She found him in the office, with his back to the door, completely immersed in a fantasy world of elves, orcs, and warlocks. Back when they first started dating, Sue would try to pull Jim away from his games by crawling under the computer desk and playing with his dick until he either gave up with the game, or told her to leave him alone: the second option never occurred. Sue took it upon herself to try this again. 

Getting down on her hands and knees, she crawled over to the desk. Unfortunately due to the configuration of the desk and everything underneath it, there was no room for Sue; but there was plenty of room to the side of Jim. As she approached his side, Jim glanced down, but returned his concentration to his screen. "Hey babe, what you doing down there?" 

Saying nothing, Sue reached into his lap and snaked her hand into the front flap of his gym shorts. 

"Oh god, this game? I'm in the middle of a raid." Jim whined. 

Smiling, Sue was determined to win. As she pulled his penis out of the front flap, she kneeled next to the chair. She would prefer him to have no pants on and facing her, but this was part of the challenge. To let Jim know she really meant business, Sue also dug into his shorts and pulled his balls out into the free air. 

"Guys, I'm experiencing some lag. Apologizing now if it fucks with anything." Sue heard Jim talk into the computer. Both knew the rules of the game: neither could communicate with the other, Jim was to try his damnedest to continue playing with the computer, and Sue was to try and get him to forget the computer existed. 

As Sue massaged blood flow into Jim's dick, she decided to treat his balls to a little tongue bath. She slowly stroked his penis while holding it up in order to have better access at her target. Licking first one, she then immediately sucked the other into her mouth and held it there as her tongue lavished the underside of his testicle. Try as he might to win his side of this game, his penis was not fighting for him as it began rapidly growing in his wife's expert hand. 

Moving over to provide this treatment to the other testicle, Sue continued slowly stroking his shaft. Since she had yet to apply any lube, this was mainly just teasing him as opposed to actually edging him closer. Back when this was a weekly occurrence, Jim had the goal of cumming as fast as possible in order to not be distracted for that long and still being able to play the game. He attempted to use this as his game plan. Sue, however, had other plans. 

After spending a sufficient amount of time on both testicles, she released them to start working on his shaft itself. Starting at the base, start moved her tongue in a zig-zag pattern front top to bottom. Slowly covering every square millimeter of the side facing her with her saliva. Her hand lightly gripping the head in order to keep everything position perfectly. As she neared the top, her hand slid down and her tongue just lightly fluttered on the underside of his engorged mushroom head. 

Jim let out a shuddering whimper as he tried to focus on his computer screen and what was happening in the fiery pits of wherever the hell he was. Try as he might, he was finding it harder and harder to pay attention to anything other than the attention being given to his dick. Deep down, he kind of knew he was going to lose, but he wanted to try his hardest to stay strong. 

Meanwhile, Sue was concentrating on how his body reacted to every little move. She started taking the entire length of his penis into her mouth. First, she would lower her mouth as far down as possible without her lips actually touching anything. Then she would come back up with her lips barely gliding over his skin. Repeating this several times caused Jim to shudder once again. Smiling, she changed tactics to make it rapidly bob her head up and down to coat the entire thing in slick saliva. 

Due to the angle at which she was positioned and how He was sitting, it was difficult to get enough penis in for a true deep throating, but she took as much of his cock into her mouth and buried her face in his lap. Just held it very as her tongue undulated against the side of his now throbbing dick. She held this for a good minute before quickly lifting off his cock and just watch it bounce and jump. She even lightly blew on it to cause the air to hit his sloppily wet dick and give a cooling sensation across the entire thing. 

Jim was pretty much now constantly shuddering and closing his eyes due to the immense pleasure radiating from his groin. He didn't want to admit this to his wife, but he had stopped walking around in the game and was now just standing still in the middle of some land he could honestly not care less about. He was so close to admitting defeat and turning in his chair to enjoy the remainder of the blowjob. 

Sue couldn't believe Jim was still holding out and playing his computer game. She could only think of one thing to really turn the tide in her favor. She placed her mouth just over the head of his dick and started swirling her tongue around the now purple one eyed monster. One of her hands was wrapped firmly around his shaft and was now stroking it in coordination with the circular motion of her tongue. Her second hand started rubbing his balls. While Jim may have thought this was the ultimate move, Sue decided to turn it up a notch. 

While working his dick head and pumping his shaft, Sue started rubbing the patch of skin just below his balls. Jim started squirming in his seat. Even though it was difficult to get the right angle of approach while he was still wearing his shorts, Sue was determined to make this work. She kept rubbing further and further back as her fingers were quickly approaching his anus. Jim gave up completely at this point. 

Pushing back from the computer, he was able to separate Sue from his dick long enough to remove his shorts completely. Soaking in the triumph, Sue resumed working the head of his cock with her tongue and pumping his shaft with her hand. She then went straight for his asshole with her free hand. Due to the amount of saliva that had dripped down during the blowjob, Jim's ass was plenty wet for Sue to start toying with his puckered backdoor. 

Not applying enough pressure to penetrate, just enough to let him know she was there and there wasn't anything he could do about it. Jim scooted his butt further forward as if to silently give her permission and better access at probing his back door. Any time Jim was close to the point of no return, Sue somehow knew to back off and slow down. Occasionally stopping altogether at one tactic and concentrating on another. She would go back to sucking his balls and even licking the skin just below his sack. Teasing that she might continue further. 

As she is sucking and toying with Jim, Sue starts undressing herself. First her shirt, then her pants. Because of how wet she was, her panties peeled off with her pants. Her bra was last to be removed. As soon as she peel it away, her tits sprung out as if celebrating their release from a prison. Milk free flowing from both nipples as she would move around and bob up and down on Jim's cock. 

Now that her cloths are completely out of the way, Sue plan to claim her prize for winning the game. As she continues working over his head and jerking his cock, Sue reaches down to make sure she is wet enough. Taking a moment to spread her fluids all around the outside of her pussy, she shivers in anticipation of what she plans next. 

Increasing the suction on the knob of Jim's dick, Sue quickly releases his tool with a loud pop. Jim can only groan from the mixture of pleasure and discomfort at this action. She quickly stands up and straddles his lap; lowering herself onto his glistening erection. Reaching down to help guide it into position, she gives it one more quick stroke before sitting straight down: impaling herself on her prize. 

Leaning forward so as not to throw the chair off balance, Sue forces one of her tits into Jim's face. Jim is on cloud nine as his hands go to her hips and mouth closes around the hardened nub of joy leaking the sweetest cream he had ever tasted. With Jim sucking deep, Sue releases a lust-filled growl as she begins grinding her pussy as deep into Jim's lap as possible. 

Wanting to get further into his wife, Jim spreads his legs to allow more of him to be enveloped by her. Both frantically trying to race the other to the finish line. Jim holding Sue's hips to guide the fucking, Sue holding Jim's head to her breast to encourage the sucking. Both relishing the new found fetish that has heightened what they thought possible of pleasure. 

As his motions became less rhythmic and more erratic, Jim realized he was close to cumming. Dangerously close. With the same sucking pop that Sue did to his dick, Jim releases one nipple to capture the other. Trying to get as much of her soft, tender breast into his mouth as possible, Jim starts draining this second breast. Tingles rise within Sue as she takes one hand and grabs the breast Jim just abandoned. Pinching the nipple she starts the unstoppable train that is her orgasm. 

The feeling starts in her pinched nipple and travels up to her brain. Her brain diverts the growing locomotive of pleasure down to the nipple being manipulated by Jim's mouth and tongue. From there it takes a slow but growing path down to her stomach where the fluttering of her stomach lets her know this is going to be amazing. No time is left to contemplate the oncoming orgasm as it finally arrives at its destination. 

Head goes back in a silent scream of ecstasy. Clenching every muscle, she is unable to even breathe as nothing but excruciating pleasure and joy runs rampant throughout her entire nervous system. Feeling her vaginal muscles clench onto his dick, Jim is pushed over the edge into a free fall of his own orgasm. Rope after rope of cum shoots from his dick; painting the walls of Sue's pussy. 

Feeling Jim shoot off inside her launches Sue into another orgasm greater than her first. It is her turn to shoot off as she squirts all over their joined hips. Bucking her hips with his dick still inside her, Sue is now feeling non-stop orgasms. Just as one subsides, another hits like a prize fighter. Lifetimes pass them by as both are fully immersed in their own worlds of orgasmic isolation. Unable to think of anything else other than what their love just did to them. 

As the waves of satisfaction subside, Sue is unable to hold herself up on Jim. Trying to let her down easily, Jim fumbles to hold onto her as well. Still sitting in a computer chair, they quickly get off balance and topple over. Laughter is the only response possible right now. Both still giddy from their mutual erotic explosion, they can't contain anything and just laugh from the bottom of their bellies. As they finally calm down, they survey the scene. 

"You know?" Jim speaks first. "I think we need to invest in a carpet cleaner." 

Lightly slapping his chest, Sue responds, "After what we just did, you're thinking of carpet cleaners?" 

"We may as well if we plan on making this much of a mess every time we fuck." 

Looking around, Sue couldn't help but agree, "And thank God your computer chair is so sturdy. Didn't realize it could withstand that." 

"Yeah, but I think we may have broken something when we fell." 

"We better get up and get cleaned up. Don't want to reek of sex when Mary wakes up." 

Jim got up and helped Sue to stand. "Good idea. You shower first and I'll start mopping this place up. I think the chair cushion is soaked." 

Without looking back as she walks out of the room naked, Sue responds, "Worth it!" 

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