Saturday, 22 July 2017

Delighting With Milk


"Wow, you've more admirers today!" Auntie Uma chuckled. 

Completing the usual three rounds of running along the grass track of a local park, huffing and puffing, I stopped in front of the bench where she was seated. Managing a faint smile, I enquired, "Really? Where're they?" 

Starting a day with walking or running in the well-kept, small park brought many from nearby areas. Men and women of different ages gather together in the park for different reasons, some for brisk walks or running, and some for chatting more than walking, some for fitness exercise or yoga or just for fresh air. 

As usual, upon reaching the park, Auntie Uma and I had walked together for two rounds and when she retired on a bench, I started running. We were sort of regulars in the morning and came to the park around 6 a.m. Auntie Uma was my co-tenant; we lived in the same building in separate flats. My flat was in front whereas her flat was at the backside of the building. She was in her early fifties, a tall, slender housewife with two daughters in college and a husband who worked for the railways. 

Throwing myself on the bench, I sat next to her. As she indicated by looking at them, I noticed the group of four men, sitting on a similar bench about fifty feet away on our left. They must be in the age group of 50-60 and all of them were staring at us in unison. None of them bothered to shift their glances even when we turned to look at them. 

I was not stunning or hot and at the age of 29, I was not in my prime but I always drew a second look from both men and women. I had common features, with 5'3" height, fair complexion, and long black hair. Even though I was a mom of an eight month old, I still maintained my figure and looked younger with my unblemished skin, tender face, and curvaceous body and could easily pass for 22-23. 

As my fast breaths subsided, I asked her, "Aren't you counting today?"

"Yes, it's twenty-nine, including those four!" she replied with a grin.

"Seven more than yesterday?"

Giggling, indicating my sports tee, she said, "Yes, they're looking at your wobbly boobs while you ran!" 

Smiling, I asked her, "And you're looking at them?" 

"Yes, did you miss not wearing a bra?"

"How silly! No way, I'm wearing a new sports bra. I bought it last evening." 

With mock disbelief, she asked me, "Really? Are you sure that you're wearing one now?"

"Oh, come on. I don't wear it at home but how can I come running without a bra? They told me, running or exercising while wearing an ordinary bra is very damaging, especially for a nursing mom. It causes sagginess."

Looking at my breasts intently, she replied, "You've got perky breasts, stop worrying."

"Yeah, they are! Since I'm lactating but what'll happen when I stop?"

With a mischievous smile, she told me, "Milk full or with no milk, you've the nicest pair!" she teased, indicating towards the group of four men, sitting on bench. "Should I ask them?"

I replied with smile, "Silly you!"

"Whatever, but your sports thing's worse than regular ones! You didn't sway so much earlier," she complained with a wink. 

Trying to convince her, I explained, "Material's completely different, no wired support and very comfortable. But yes, more body hugging and feels like I'm wearing nothing. It's like my second skin!" 

"That means you might've taken the wrong size," she quipped.

I smiled with amazement, "No, it's one size fits all." 

Pretending to weigh my boobs with her fingers, she replied with mock anger, "Oh come on, it may be for sports persons, but not for a mom with big boobs like you!" 

Bursting into laughter, I protested, "I'm not that big!"

"I see, you wanted bigger than what you have? When you ran, their eyes were fixated, even the ladies walking commented on your swaying tits!"

Looking at those men, I asked her, "How could I care about my look when I ran?" 

"Indeed, don't bother. After all, men are obsessed with big boobs and women get jealous," she replied with smirk.

"Not all women, you're not jealous!"

With a throaty laugh, she replied, "Are you kidding? My daughters are grown up, they're in college, how could I be jealous of your boobs? Moreover, I was never hot or big like you!" 

On getting up from the bench, I stepped forward and started free hand exercises. Raising both hands above my head, joining palms, I bent forward and touched my toes. Straightening back, I bent backward from my waist. I kept the posture for a while, when she remarked, "Hey your top fell short, showing skin around your tummy!"

"I don't care. Are they still looking at me?"

"Yes, they are!" she confirmed. 

"Ok, let them watch, I can't skip exercising because of them." 

"Yeah, you shouldn't, it's just harmless watching. Good way to start the day for them!" She chuckled.


Enraged, being stuck at the office for over an hour, I didn't even care to reply when my boss finally allowed me to leave for a lunch break. On picking up my bag, I ran for my bike hurriedly. I bought a ladies bike for commuting fast between home and office. Having a breastfed baby at home, I had to travel between home and work, twice a day. I was lucky to have a full time live in maid. Tara, who was around twenty, was quite inexperienced with taking care of an eight month old baby but I had no other option than to leave my baby with her. 

Both my husband and I were working for the same government department. When our baby reached six months, his transfer to another city came as a bolt from the blue. By then, I had exhausted all my leave but fortunately we had engaged Tara and she was working for us. I had no choice other than to depend on her to care for my baby. She looked after the baby in my absence, as well as helped me with household chores. 

I had taken a small, two room flat on rent; having two mid-sized rooms, a small kitchen, a small storeroom, and a washroom, all inter-connected with a long shared balcony in front. The first room, with an entrance at left end of the front balcony, was the drawing room. The door adjacent to entrance, in the right corner of the drawing room led to the second room, used as our bedroom. Another parallel door on the opposite wall of the bedroom led to our kitchen. A parallel opening on the opposite wall of the kitchen led to the storeroom, used as Tara's bedroom. Next to the storeroom was the washroom with door on the opposite wall and parallel to the opening from kitchen. Adjacent to the washroom door, at the right side of the storeroom, was a door leading to a common backyard. 

The old, two story, roadside building was not appropriate but it was close to my office and rent was cheap. It was not built for renting out but for a big family, quite common in olden days. The landlord inherited the building but with his small family consisting of a wife and two kids, he did not require so many rooms spread over two floors. He kept the first floor for himself and rented out the entire ground floor for an additional source of income. 

Out of three rented flats on the ground floor, I took the flat on left side, in the front part of the building. A newlywed couple in their mid-twenties took the flat at the right side in the front and Auntie Uma had the flat at the backside of the building. We had a common balcony in front, which I had to share with the couple next door. A cemented pathway from the compound gate led to our front balcony and a similar pathway at extreme right of the building led to the common backyard and Auntie Uma's flat and the staircase to first floor. 

The landlord's family did not mix with tenants and my relations with the couple living next door was lukewarm. As was common for old buildings, rooms on the ground floor were interconnected and there was a door in between my bedroom and the bedroom of the tenant couple next door. The door was bolted in order to make separate flats out of the interconnected rooms but there was a wide gap that could not be closed between the two wooden doors, which hung from the door frame. I tried to block the gap by placing a small wardrobe in front of it but distinct sounds from the bedroom of the couple continued to infiltrate my bedroom, and at night light from their bedroom splashed across the floor and my bed. I can only expect their experience had been the same. 

I had to wake up at night several times. Whenever my baby cried or had to have his nappies changed, I had to switch on the lights in my bedroom. Naturally, it disturbed the couple next door. Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of night with a baby's cry. Sounds in silence of a night were clearer and I heard their irritated comments. I could not help them anyway but with time, we learnt to adjust. 

Auntie Uma was very fond of my baby. Being a mom of two grown daughters, she knew the difficulties of a first time mom. She had plenty of spare time since her husband and daughters used to leave in the morning. Tara had a harrowing time in taking care of my baby so Auntie Uma assisted Tara in my absence. Her affinity, love and care for the baby and expertise were a huge relief for me. She advised me on the nitty-gritty of baby care and at times even helped me with daily chores. Because of work, household chores and my baby, I had not time for friends, but Auntie Uma and I got closer with passing time due to her daily presence and caring nature. 

Getting delayed at the office meant feeding time for my baby had passed by an hour. While riding my bike, I felt a sense of coldness on my chest. I noticed in horror, two big wet spots on my blue top. The wet spots, from my leaking breast milk, were distinct and rushing air had brought the cold feeling. 

I used to wear a sari at the office but switched over to a shirt-pants outfit since it was easier to ride a bike. With a sari, such spots could be easily covered with the pallu of the sari but not possible with a top. Worrying me, the wet spots were getting bigger. Cursing my boss for my plight and hoping no one would notice, I pushed the bike to go faster. 

My paediatrician, strictly against formula foods, had advised me to feed him breastmilk as long as I could. I had no problem since I had more than he needed. Maybe, my hormones were at fault but I used to be so full that when I failed to feed him on time, I felt pain in my breasts and my clothes would become soaked with leaked breastmilk. At times, even immediately after feeding him, milk continued to flow out. Worrying, I consulted a gynaecologist and came to know that such pain and overflow happened with some moms and it was absolutely normal. It can be controlled with medicine if necessary but she suggested I consider myself lucky, having enough milk for my baby as in most cases due to insufficient production, she had to prescribe medicines to new moms. 

On office days, routinely I fed him just before leaving, at lunch break and immediately on returning home. I had never been so late in coming back home at lunch. Tara, with worried expression, was waiting at the gate. On seeing me, she quickly opened the gate. On parking my bike inside the compound, I walked fast into the drawing room and was relieved to find Auntie Uma with my baby, sitting on a sofa. She almost shouted, "Oh my Gosh! What made you so late? He's hungry and has been crying for a long time." 

I could not answer her, plunging with guilt. She had experience and could stop my baby from crying, even in difficult situations, baffling him with her baby talk. While I entered into the room he was silent, lying in her lap but on seeing me, he started crying. I sat on the sofa across from her, taking him from her lap. 

"Why are you so late today?" she asked me again. 

"I'm so sorry, you know, I've a mean boss," I replied.

By then, in desperation, my baby was about to suck on my wet top and noticing the wet marks, she yelled in surprise, "Oh my God, you're leaking milk." 

I nodded, "I'll change first then I'll feed him."

She retorted, "Don't waste time, he's hungry. Feed him first, you can change later."


Nodding in agreement, pulling up my top and lowering my bra, I brought him closer and put his mouth on my left breast. Instantly, he started suckling but due to his hurried, hungry sucks, milk trickled out from the corner of his mouth and rolled down. 

"Lucky baby, you're so full of milk!" she commented with a sly smile. 

"They're painful with fullness and getting relief by feeding him." 

"Yeah, you told me that before," she replied, pondering awhile before continuing with a smile, "Your husband comes on the weekend, so problem's on weekdays only."

I nodded with shy smile.

"Supply me free! I can reduce my milk bill!" She laughed.

Due to her jovial nature, she often gave me such funny suggestions. I quipped, "Silly you!" 

"Oh why not? You pay Tara for taking care of your baby, isn't it? But I take care of him for free." 

She argued, "You've milk in excess, so instead of wasting, you can supply me free in return." She winked. 

Sound logic! In fact, she suggested earlier I buy a breast pump for storing my breastmilk. In case of getting home late from the office, she could use it for feeding my baby. I did not want my baby to be fed with stored milk. Storing and warming would surely lower its nutritional value, and harmful bacteria could pass to my baby with stored milk. I did ask my paediatrician and she suggested I avoid it as much as possible. 

Sharing secrets with Auntie Uma was fun and we discussed many private things in spite of her seniority in age. I had shown her the gap on the doors in my bedroom and she heard sounds coming through the door gap from the bedroom of the couple next door. I told her how on some nights, sounds of their love making made me horny. She chuckled and suggested I use my fingers to get relief! 

I felt horny while breastfeeding my baby and I was ashamed about it. But I learnt on sharing with her that many felt the same way while breastfeeding their babies and I should not be ashamed about it. Many such things, which cannot be asked to anyone, I could ask her and thus I became more open with her. 

Leaving the room, Tara went inside to make snacks for us. It was her job and after some time she returned, carrying a tray, with snacks and two cups of tea. She kept the tray on the centre table and left for a siesta. I suggested she try to get some sleep while I was home. 

Taking a few bites of the snacks, I asked Auntie Uma to have some but she declined and took a cup of tea. By the time my baby relieved the pain in my left breast, I exposed my right breast and swapped him. Annoyed with the break in changing breasts, my baby protested with small cries and she teased him with her baby talk, "Oh, see the greedy baby! He'll have milk but won't allow mom to have food!" 

He was in no mood of listening her and continued suckling. Taking a few more bites, I took the cup of tea. We sipped tea while I explained how my mean boss delayed me at the office. 

I did not cover my left breast while I changed him from my left to right breast. She listened, sporadically looking at my bare breast. It was nothing new, I used to breastfeed him, sitting with her face to face, talking to her. I had an inkling that she liked to watch me breastfeeding. She knew the feeding times of my baby and was always in my room when I had to breastfeed him. In fact, sometimes I purposely kept my other breast uncovered to let her watch. She never asked me for that but I knew from her gaze that she liked to watch and her stealing glances always made me hornier. 

I checked myself with a secret glimpse and found a drop of milk dangling on my left nipple. She could not avert looking at it again and again and once on meeting eyes, she understood that I caught her looking at my naked breast. She said with a nervous smile, "Sorry for staring but the milk drop on your nipple is very tempting!" 

I smiled. I knew it but with her unabashed admission, I straightened my back to let her have a better look. My panties were getting wetter with her open admiration. She continued teasing my baby, holding the back of his head then she pulled his head, disengaging his lips from my nipple. "No more milk, baby, you're full!" 

Bewildered, he watched my face for a moment and started crying in protest. She pushed him back to my breast and he resumed suckling. But her teasing continued, "Greedy boy wants to finish all the milk? I'm also hungry. Won't you leave some milk for me?" 

Distracted and puzzled, he looked at her face and then forcefully brought his lips on my nipple. Continuing their tug of war, she put her fingers around my areola and pulled out my nipple from his mouth, "No more milk, baby, rest's mine, I'm hungry." 

He started crying again and she had to put my nipple into his mouth to pacify him. When he resumed sucking, she mockingly rebuked him, "Greedy boy!" 

He was sucking but she did not remove her fingers from my areola and in a while, she started pressing on my areola to cause more milk to flow into his mouth. Never before had she touched my breast. It was shocking but I was getting turned on with the movements of her fingers. Busy in the act, her face reddened with excitement and milk rolled down from the lips of my baby. Since he fell asleep, she removed her fingers gingerly. For a while, she could not raise her gaze and look into my eyes. 

Getting up from the sofa, carrying him, I entered my bedroom and put him on the baby cot. She came into the room, following me. My breasts were still open and after putting him on the cot, I moved to the dressing table, placed in a corner of the room. On picking a hairband from the dressing table, I turned back, facing her, and tied my long hair back on the nape of my neck. I took time in tying back my hair and she was looking at my open breasts shamelessly. Moving over to the wardrobe, picking a fresh top and bra, I changed to the fresh set in front of her as she watched unabashed. My panties were soaked but I decided to keep them on. 

It was 3:05 p.m. and I went inside to wake up Tara as I had to leave for the office. On my return in the bedroom, Auntie Uma told me, "Ann, I've to leave now. Don't worry, he's sleeping. I'll be next door and Tara's here."

"Yeah, it's ok. Come at night, we can talk a while," I replied.

With twinkling in her eyes, she replied, "Sure, after dinner, ok?" 

I smiled, "Ok." 

As Tara entered into the bedroom, I picked up my office bag and instructed her, "Close the door and don't sleep now."

Tara replied, "Ok, come back soon." 

Both of us came out of the room, leaving Tara inside. As I started my bike, which was parked in the front yard, she stepped towards the backyard and waved to me "See you at night." 

"Yeah, you'll see me tonight." 

She stopped and turned back, looking at me, she said with a shy smile, "Silly mom!" 

Regretting my choice of words, I realised instantly that she misunderstood by taking my remark, 'you'll see me tonight' literally. She interpreted, as if I invited her to watch me tonight and she indirectly accepted my invitation with her 'silly mom' reply. She watched me just before awhile, since it was playing in her mind, she took my words that way, just her wishful thinking. Did she hint that she would come at night? Lost in thoughts with loss of words, I remained silent for the moment while she spoke again, "Ok, I'll come after dinner, around eight-thirty."

I laughed and nodded at her prior to speeding off on my bike. 


Sounds from the TV were coming from the bedroom of the couple next door. Tara was fast asleep in her room. As usual for weekdays, we took an early dinner and my baby fell asleep. Bed for Tara was in the storeroom, next to the kitchen at the backside of my flat. She had a tiring day and I told her to go for sleeping. Switching off all lights, except a night lamp in my bedroom, I sat on a sofa in the dark drawing room. 

For a summer night, the weather was not very hot. All the windows of the drawing room were kept closed throughout the day in order to reduce the noise from the adjoined road but at night sounds from the TV from the bedroom of the couple-next-door was clearly audible from my drawing room. Opening all the windows, I switched on the over-head ceiling fan, hoping to remove the stale air from the room. Traffic was sparse; few headlights of passing vehicles sporadically illuminated the dark room. 

After diner, on taking my second bath of the day, I changed into a thin cotton lingerie. I was excited, thinking about Auntie Uma. Did she hint her interest in seeing me? I do not wear anything inside at night and on applying night cream, standing in front of the mirror, I noticed how prominent my nipples looked in that thin pink lingerie. Inadvertently, taking the bottle of Jasmine, I sprayed it on my cleavage and in my armpits. Auntie Uma always complimented my looks, I knew she liked to watch me and with her clear words, I knew she would come in a while. I was confident about myself, excited about showing her again but startled and felt nervous when I heard the sound of weak knocks on the back door. I was fearful about waking Tara, so I tiptoed to the back door and opened it silently. She asked me with an alluring smile, "Hi sexy! Is he asleep?" 

Making room for her entry, I smiled, "Yes, please come in." 

She noticed Tara laying on bed while I latched the door. I told her, "Let us go to the drawing room." 

When crossing the bedroom, she commented, "So cute and calm he looks now! Did you feed him now?" 

I replied in a low tone, "Yes, just before, about half an hour ago."

Walking into the drawing room, she sat on the sofa. Moving towards a window, I invited her there. "Look at the moon tonight!" It was a full moon night, clear sky with numerous tinkling stars, a beautiful sight. 

Trickling through windows, moonlight fell on the floor, slightly illuminating the dark room and it was cool since all the windows were open. I was standing in front of a window, looking at the sky and on coming toward the window, she stood behind me. She was taller than me and standing behind, she exclaimed, "Wow! So beautiful!" 

Silently, we stood there watching the moon. Her breaths were falling at my nape and she asked me, "You're wearing perfume?"

Briefly, turning my head, trying to see her face, I nodded, 'yes.'

She asked me, "Do you wear it every night?"

I was looking outside and replied, "I do." 

I heard the sound of a deep inhale at my back and she asked me, "Jasmine?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Is it your husband's choice or do you like it?"

"It's my favourite and he likes it too," I said.

"My favourite too!"

I turned my head backward. "Really?"

She did not answer for a while, then she said, "You know, new moms have a special scent! The baby, baby oil, baby powder, milk. The combination makes the scent and it is very difficult to hide. But you've mixed it with jasmine, which is very special!" She sniffed again and continued, "May I smell you some more?"

I turned back slowly, facing her, trying to look into her eyes in the semi-dark room. I permitted her. "Yes, you can." 

She was standing close to me and bending forward, she sniffed at my shoulder. "Mmm, such an enticing fragrance!" 

She continued sniffing as she lowered her face and upon reaching my cleavage, she whispered, "Mmm, love your smell!"

I stood transfixed when the tip of her nose touched my bare skin and she asked, "Are you still full?"

My mouth dried up in answering, "Yes."

I could see brightness in her eyes, even in the dark room and she asked me, "Show me, mom."

It was something forbidden, nobody had ever asked me so explicitly! My heartbeats were pacing up and I turned back to face the window, without replying. Slowly embracing me from behind, her palms reached over my tummy and her chin rested on my shoulder and she pleaded, "Won't you?"

Honestly speaking, I wanted to let her see the moment she asked for it but with a dry mouth and fast heartbeats I did not move and stood silently in her arms. Her palms slowly moved upward and grasped and nudged my breasts and she asked me again, "Show me."

I was barely audible to myself when I told her, "I can't. It's not right." 

"You promised me. Don't break your promise and you owe that to me."

Shaking my head, I whispered, "No, it's not right."

Snubbing my faint refusal, shoving her left hand over shoulder inside my lingerie, she touched the bare skin of my left breast. Involuntarily, my head tilted backward and leaned against her. She clasped my already erect nipple with two fingers and her slight press released milk. I shook my head and whispered, "No, please stop."

Unheeding my soft pleadings, she took out her left hand and unhooked the front of my lingerie, baring my right breast. Grabbing and squeezing with her right hand, she whispered into my ear, "Yes, you promised me, remember?"

With her repeated squeezes, milk spurted out, crossing over the window grill. She was watching it over my shoulder, "Oh my God, you're so full even after feeding him!" 

Leaving my right breast, she got hold of my shoulder with her right hand and made me turn to face her. Her left hand moved over my right breast and she rubbed spilled milk over my areola and whispered in delirium, "When you've so much, won't you give me some? Let me have some, mom, make me healthy with your milk!" 

But suddenly, she stopped, took away her fingers from my right breast and looked into my eyes. She asked me, "Won't you?"

By then, craving more, I was not in a position to stop and I nodded, "Yes." 

She moved to my left and made me half turn towards the window so that we were standing face to face, moonlight falling on my bare breast. Pulling open the other side of my lingerie, she exposed my left breast. She bent down to look at my nude breast in the moonlight and exclaimed, "Mmm...smelling milk!"

She took her time inspecting while her hot breaths rushed over my bared breasts. Eventually she whispered, asking me, "May I taste your milk?" 

Breathing heavily with her close inspection I did not answer and she was sniffing but carefully did not touch. On failing to elicit any response, she straightened up and her face was close to mine. Putting a finger on my lips, she parted my lower lip and whispered again, "Would you allow me to taste your sweet milk?"

I remained silent and she argued in husky tone, "Baby is asleep and you're full, let me have some. You owe it to me!"

I wanted to say 'No' but with my lips separating and my teeth opening, her finger slipped on my tongue and involuntarily I sucked on a little. Taking it as my consent, withdrawing her finger, she planted a short kiss on my lips and whispered, "Thanks, mom." Instantly bending down, she put her mouth on my right breast and began sucking hungrily. Milk flowed into her mouth. Feeling the sensation of feeding her was different from feeding my baby or husband, and I closed my eyes, still shaking my head, thinking it unreal. Sounds from her strong, hurried suckles filled in the room and her lips moved from my right to my left breast at will, emptying my breast milk. Suddenly she stopped sucking and withdrew her mouth, and said in a low tone, "Come in." 

Startled, I opened my eyes. I noticed Tara, standing at the bedroom door in front of the closed curtain. Quickly, I pushed Auntie Uma's shoulder but she sat in front of me, on her knees, and said again in low tone while looking at Tara, "Come here."

Puzzled, I could not react as Tara came near me. I was standing in front of the open window with my open breasts and Auntie Uma was kneeling in front of me. Failing to perceive what was going on, I could not move and my head started reeling. Taking Tara's hand in her hand, Auntie Uma put Tara's hand over my lingerie on my crotch. Tara was looking down at Auntie Uma. Auntie Uma held Tara's hand on my crotch then raised her eyes, looking at me, pleaded in a low voice, "Please allow her."

Shaking my head, I told her, "NO!" 

Without bothering about my non-consent, she pressed more over Tara's hand as her closed fingers and her palm unmistakably touched over my pussy. Auntie Uma withdrew her hand but Tara's fingers remained glued there. As Auntie Uma pulled up the lower part of my lingerie, Tara assisted by briefly withdrawing her fingers. But instantly on pulling up the lingerie, her fingers touched over my bare pussy. It was very wet and her fingers delved in, exploring my wetness. 

Auntie Uma got up and stood in front of me and took off my lingerie. I stood before them completely naked. Auntie Uma started kissing me, sharing the smell and taste of my milk from her mouth. Sucking on my lower lip, she inserted her tongue into my mouth while her fingers kneaded my breasts, making me drip more milk. I was almost out of breath when she broke the kiss. Auntie Uma told Tara in a hissing sound, "Suck her pussy."

Obediently, getting down and sitting before me, she put her mouth on my pussy. Pushing Tara's head, she told me, "Let her taste your honey." I wanted to say 'no' but my body was not in my control; enraged and driven by senses, I could not utter anything. Pinching on my nipple, Auntie Uma asked me, "Won't you?" 

Her pinch was not light and inflicted pain. Then she clasped my other nipple and asked again, "Won't you?" 

I nodded. Tara was licking on my pussy and my juices flowed, soaking her cheeks. Taking my labia between her teeth, she bit me lightly, driving me crazy, making me shiver. When she pushed her whole tongue deep into my pussy, I moaned aloud uncontrollably. 

But Auntie Uma quickly pressed her fingers on my mouth, "No, they're still awake." 

Vaguely understanding, she was referring about the couple next door, somehow I lowered the sounds of my moaning. While holding the back of my head, she brought her lips to mine and started sucking my lower lip again. My legs and pelvis were moving in rhythm presenting more to her invading tongue, letting her go deeper, drenching her cheeks completely. With their continued torments, I could not take it anymore and shaking hard, almost pushing off her with uncontrolled spasms, I flooded her with my orgasm juices. When it subsided, I almost fell but Auntie Uma held me by the hand and dropped me slowly to let me sit on the floor. Upon sitting, I noticed Tara's face, just in front of me. Her whole face was wet but she grinned at me, groping my breasts.

Auntie Uma auntie sat down on the floor and on seeing her groping, she scolded her softly, "No more. She needs milk for the baby. You chose honey and she gave it to you. No milk for you tonight." 

We sat for a while on the floor of the room. When I could resume thinking, the first thing came into mind, it was completely pre-planned by them. How could Tara do that to me? She had seen me innumerable times in various stages of undresses. I knew, while I took bath she looked through holes in the bathroom door many times, she watched me every time I breastfed my baby, even might have watched us having sex but I took those as her inquisitiveness and age appropriate being single. But she sucked my pussy and made me cum and that too was by choice. Shocked, my brain almost stopped working. How could I make her work for me tomorrow? Auntie Uma wanted to taste milk that was ok, I had no inhibition but why did she included Tara? 

Words of Auntie Uma brought me into reality. I was still stark naked, sitting on the floor before them and she told me, "Get up now, take rest, we can talk tomorrow." She held my hand and I stood up from the floor. Entering into my bedroom, I crawled into bed, as Auntie Uma and Tara left the room saying, "Good night." I fell asleep in no time.

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