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Swinging Relationships Ch. 02

Hi, this is my second story about my wife and I. We are a young coupe in our late twenties and as you may have read in my previous story we discovered an unexpected delight in sharing each other with my wife's best friend and her husband. After our unplanned night with them we shared a couple of other planned meetings which we thoroughly enjoyed, but had to call and end to it due to relationship problems between Dawn and Neil.

After that Laura and I talked a lot about what we had done with Dawn and Neil and decided that is was something we wanted to continue, but only if we could find the right couple. It took nearly a year and a half to find that couple, during which we had our first child who we absolutely adore, but eventually were we able to build a relationship with a young woman and her husband from Laura's work. They had just had their first child like us, and we have managed to fall into a very comfortable arrangement with them, where we swap partners for the night every other Thursday evening. After putting the kids to bed Danny and myself leave our houses to join each others wifes, we spend the night and then leave for work first thing in the morning before the kids wake. It's a great arrangement which we are enjoying very much. 

Lisa-Marie is a great looking young woman, only 22 with a hot full figure, luxurious long dark curly hair and beautiful plump 36C tits which I absolutely adore. Until we started our relationship with Lisa-Marie and her husband Danny both of them had only ever had a sexual relationship with each other having been virgins when they met. The night we first swapped with them was an amazing night, which I hope to tell you all about at some point, but for now let me tell you that the first night of sex with Lisa-Marie as only her second ever partner was an amazing experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. The combination of Lisa-Marie's natural innocence and inexperience together with her obvious enthusiasm for sex makes for an incredible sexual experience which I am privileged to share with her husband.

We have been swapping with Lisa-Marie and Danny for around three months now and while we are loving the arrangement it is strictly a swap partners for an evening setup. After our night with Dawn and Neil we really wanted to be able to go a little further, but with Lisa-Marie being so reserved we were worried she would never go for it. Laura has told me a couple of times that she really enjoyed her experience with Dawn, she had never been with another women until our nights with Dawn and Neil and now Laura was desperate to do it again. Lisa-Marie had made it perfectly clear that she had absolutely no desire to be with another woman, so Laura and I decided that we would ahve to add one if not two more couples into the mix. 

We spent quite some time trying to think of the bets way to do it. We drew up a list of couple who we felt we would be comfortable with. And finally decided the best way would be to annomously invite them to a party and make the invitation pretty clear on what we were intending To give us some moral support Laura suggested that we invite Dawn and Neil to help us run the party now that they had managed to patch things up and as I knew Dawn had recently been on a diet and working out I leapt at the chance to find out how good she was looking.

Out of 10 invites we sent out 4 couples accepted, making a toal of six couple sat the party along with Dawn, Neil and ourselves. This was great news for us as we really were not expecting anyone to accept. The rule for attending the party was that there was a strict dress code; boxer shorts only for the guys, knickers with optional stockings for the girls and no Bras. Given this it was pretty obvious what we were planning for the party so when we actually got acceptances we were really pleased.

The couples that accepted were all from my work. Of the four two were married couples with children who were in their early thirties slightly older than my wife and I (I'm 29 and Laura 26, Dawn and Neil by the way are 32 and 35 respectively).

Mikey is one of the guys I get on best with at work and with his wife Bev is in his early thirties with one child who is about three years old. I have never met his wife or seen a photo, so I was not sure what to expect when they arrived. 

Sonia is a sensual woman who works in my team, she's in her early thirties and recently gave birth to her first child. She is a very friendly woman and takes great delight in flirting with all the guys in the office, Sonia confirmed in her acceptance that she would be bringing her husband James. 

The two other couples were both young woman who worked near me at work, Marisa works in my team and is a full figured 24 year old blonde who was bringing her boyfriend and Eleanor (Ellie) a sexy athletic 21 year old brunette who works in HR and was bringing her fiancé.

Dawn and Neil arrived early in the morning to help us set up. When they arrived I was amazed at the transformation in Dawn. When we had originally got together with her and Neil she had definitely been overweight with a fair bit of extra flesh around her stomach and ass. Now she had gone on a strict diet and exercise regime I guessed that she had lost 20 -- 25 pounds since we had got together with them and she was looking really good. The only place she did not seem to have lost any weight was in her huge tits, which if anything looked bigger than I remembered. We spent the day getting ready for the party and around half an hour before the other couples were due to arrive we decided to get ourselves ready. Leaving a note on the front door for our guests telling them to come into the entrance hall and disrobe leaving their clothes in the baskets provided and then to make their way to our large lounge we all headed upstairs to get ready.

Once we got upstairs, my wife grabbed Neil's hand and led him to the master bedroom saying that the best way to get ourselves into the mood would be help each others spouses to get ready, with that she shut the door behind them. I took Dawn's hand and led her to the guest room, which had its own en-suite. I led Dawn into the shower room closing the door behind us, before turning to face Dawn. We smiled at each other briefly commenting that it had been a year and a half since we had been together, before I reached out and took hold, of the bottom of Dawn's T-shirt, before lifting up over her head revealing her massive tits squashed into a large black bra. I quickly unzipped the front of her jeans, peeling them down her full thighs leaving her standing in front of me in nothing but her underwear.

Quickly stripping completely naked I watched in fascination as Dawn reached behind her back and released her bra catch dropping the large bra to the floor, her huge tits falling out causing my cock to shoot to complete hardness in an instant. I stared at her large breasts with the massive areola that covered almost as much skin as the palm of my hand and in the centre large black nipples standing to attention.

I reached out and caressed her massive tits savouring the soft black flesh for the first time in 18 months, hefting her breasts in the palm of my hand I was certain, that despite Dawn loosing weight her breast had actually gotten bigger. Smiling at me Dawn said that they had not gotten any bigger, but they definitely looked bigger now that she had lost some weight. After a bit of prodding Dawn admitted they had gone from 40H when we got together originally and were now a 36H. 

I then quickly slipped her knickers down her large thighs and led her into the shower, I'm not sure how long we spent under the warm water exploring each others bodies with our hands, rubbing against each other, but it must have been quite some time. I convinced Dawn that she was not to touch my cock as I knew I would cum to quickly and was desperate to hold out to ensure I could enjoy myself tonight. That did not stop me from exploring Dawn hairless pussy and I spent several minutes going down on her until she came on my tongue, her sweet juices flooding my mouth.

After that we spent a few more minutes fondling each other before leaving the shower. I watched as Dawn slipped into the pink lace short style knickers she had brought with her that showed of her wonderfully sexy full figure to great effect, her massive tits bouncing around as she did so. We then left the room to find Neil and Laura waiting for us. I quickly grabbed my underwear and we all went down the stairs just as we heard a knock on the lounge door that signalled the first couple arriving.

Bev and Mickey were the first of the new couples to arrive, with Bev pulling her husband behind her, who looked a lot less at ease than his wife. Bev looked great, she was fairly tall with light brown hair falling just passed her shoulders with a slim figure and smallish breasts. Her thighs were long, slim and smooth, leading to a nicely shaped small ass. She was wearing a skimpy pair of light green cotton panties that although they covered both her pussy and her ass completely still allowed a lot of flesh to show. Her stomach was soft with just a little bit of spare flesh leading up to a lovely pair of soft 34B tits that were high and round, topped with beautiful pink nipples that were already standing out erect from her breasts. 

Laura and I crossed over the room to welcome them warmly. As we walked over I could see Mikey eyeing up my wife almost instantly. Laura was wearing black thigh high stockings, with skimpy black thong panties. Her full figure looked amazing with her confidence at standing there almost naked in front of two people she had never met before who were in a similar state of undress, making her even more sexy. Laura's full soft 36DD tits bounced gently as she crossed the floor to our guests, her full firm ass swaying in time with her hips.

We welcomed Mikey and Bev, Mikey's eyes glued to my wife's naked figure the whole time and then led them over to Dawn and Neil and introduced them as well. We all started talking and after a few short silences we were laughing away together as if this had been nothing but a normal party where we were all wearing clothes.

A few minutes later we heard another noise at the door and after a short pause the door opened and a guy I did not recognise came through, he turned and spoke to someone behind him and the reply came back in a voice I recognised. Seconds later Marisa followed her boyfriend through the door and I was smitten. Now I've obviously spent a lot of time with Marisa as I work with her every day, but seeing her hot 24 year old figure standing their in nothing but a skimpy pair of white satin panties I nearly creamed myself there and then.

My eyes travelled quickly up her full shapely thighs to the skimpy sexy white satin panties she wore barely covering her pussy and ass, her hips flared wide before coming back in to a slim waist and smooth stomach. Her ass was firm and round, not too big and not too small. Her long blonde hair framed her sexy young face, her full lips slightly parted as she took in the scene before her with three other couples all half naked. Then I allowed my eyes to wander up over her soft stomach, which showed just a trace of extra flesh and up to her large breasts. They were amazing full, soft and round with just a slight hint of sag despite being an impressive 36F, her skin was silky smooth with large areola and hard pink nipples. Before I had a chance to embarrass myself by staring at her for too long there was another knock at the door and the next couple were entering the room.

Sonia was the next to arrive with her husband. She looked magnificent at only 5"5 Sonia was fairly short, with long curly light brown hair that flowed just passed her shoulders. Her legs were short, with her soft smooth thighs covered by a sexy pair of black thigh high stockings that left a palms length of silky pale flesh bare beneath her sheer black thong underwear. Her pubic hair showed clearly through the thin material of her panties, with a neatly cropped patch of hair just above her smooth hairless pussy. Her thong panties framed a delightful hot full round ass that swayed sexily with her wide hips as she walked. Her slim waist led to a flat smooth stomach and beautiful 34D tits that jiggled gently as she walked, the soft milky white flesh, contrasting beautifully with her large hard dark nipples that stood out like bullets from her soft breasts.

Eleanor and her fiancé were the last to arrive. They walked in hand in hand and my eyes quickly fell to Ellie's firm toned body. She is a stunning brunette, around 5"6, with a toned athletic figure, smooth slim thighs a small tight rounded butt, slim waist and perfectly flat stomach, leading up to a firm pair pert 30B tits. Ellie was wearing a tiny little pair of black string panties that barely covered what was a clearly hairless pussy, the outline of her lips clearly showing through the fabric. They both walked over to us completely at ease with their near nakedness having seen the rest of us all laughing and joking, us guys in our boxers and the girls in skimpy knickers and their breasts bared for everyone to see. 

Things started out slowly despite everyone being almost naked as we all grabbed drinks to try and lighten out inhibitions. I flicked through the group making sure to talk to everyone and about an hour or so found myself talking privately with Sonia. Whilst we talked I found my eyes kept drifting to her soft plump breasts. The was a brief silence when Sonia noticed the way I kept staring at her, before she suddenly covered her tits with her spare arm and in a worried tone said she was sorry. Not sure what she meant I probed her and Sonia admitted she was still breastfeeding her son and thought I was staring because her breasts were leaking. Quickly re-assuring her that it was not the case Sonia relaxed allowing her arm to fall again.

I then suggested we went and got some more drinks so we could talk more privately. Once we were in the kitchen Sonia felt more able to talk as no one else would overhear. She told me that she was really scared her breasts would leak as she had not breast fed her son since early that morning and her tits were now heavily swollen. She admitted that she could not think of anything more embarrassing than getting intimate with one of us guys and for her breasts to leak as we were touching or kissing them.

I quickly re-assured her that it was nothing to be embarrassed about. Most of the guys at the party had kids with their partners and will have gone through this position with their own wives and would think nothing of it. Sonia suddenly seemed to relax as I re-assured her that she had a beautiful pair of tits and that I really hoped I would be lucky enough to be the guy to enjoy them tonight. Sonia asked if I really meant that, as she was sure all the guys would be wanting Marisa and to my surprise I was able to honestly tell her that if I was to get the chance to chose who I slept with tonight it would be her. 

Sonia smiled then and without thinking I leant into her our lips meeting in a passionate kiss. As we kissed our bodies came together and the feel of her soft flesh against my own near naked body caused my cock to instantly harden. I allowed one hand to reach behind and cup her hot ass as we kissed, the other slowly sliding up her soft figure.

I hesitated briefly before allowing my hand to slide over the plump tits caressing her soft skin gently. I gently massaged the flesh of her breasts as our mouths opened to each other our tongues entwining, my hand finally reached her hard nipples gently caressing them, before gently pinching a nipple between my fingers causing her breasts to gently leak onto my fingers. I slowly massaged the droplet of Sonia's milk into the soft flesh of her breast continuing to kiss her. I finally broke the kiss and slowly leaned my head into her breast, gently running my tongue over the soft flesh tasting her milk on her skin as I did so. I gently sucked one of her nipples into my mouth feeling her milk seeping onto my lips, just as Sonia's hand found its way inside my boxers and gently massaged my hard cock. 

I finally pull myself away from Sonia, reluctantly letting my hands fall away from her plump swollen breasts. We soon busy ourselves making drinks and head back to the living room. Just before we re-enter the room I slip my arms back round Sonia gently caressing her breasts one last time and promising her that we will get the chance to finish what we started.

When we get back to the lounge we find Bev and Mikey curled up together on a sofa, Sonia's husband James is sitting in one of the large armchairs and everyone else was sitting in a circle on a large blanket on the floor, with my wife currently snogging Eleanor's fiancé as he groped her large 36DD tits. As they broke their kiss Eleanor looked really uncomfortable and seconds later she was on her feet, saying that they should leave. Her Fiancé looked really annoyed, the bulge in his underwear clearly showing he was having fun and probably the reason Eleanor had a sudden change of heart.

He took a few seconds, but eventually got to his feet and followed his fiancé to the door. It was a really disappointing start to loose a couple before anything had really happened and I was now worried that things would falter without us managing to have any fun. I watched in disappointment as Eleanor's tight little ass swayed out of the door her pert little tits disappearing from sight as the door closed behind them.

"Prissy little bitch" 

I jumped and the sudden exclamation that broke the silence in the room and looked at my wife who had shouted it. Laura quickly motioned for me to join her on the floor with Dawn, Neil, Marisa and her boyfriend.

As I settled down Laura told me they had decided to play spin the bottle as a bit of an ice breaker and promptly spun the bottle in the middle of the circle. The bottle ended pointing at Marisa boyfriend and Laura immediately lent over and snogged him. I think he was a little shocked at how aggressive my wife was as her hand instantly settled on her boxer shorts rubbing the bulge that was rapidly growing. It only took him a second though and he was soon happily groping my wife's tits as they kissed.

I leant over to Marisa and asked if she was o.k with this, at the same time slipping my hand over the soft flesh of her thigh. Marisa grinned and leaned over giving me a quick kiss of my own before turing her eyes back to my wife and her boyfriend. I felt her hand settle on mine and guide it up her thighs to settle on the soft satin fabric of her panties. I gently rubbed her pussy through the knickers, quickly feeling dampness against my fingers.

Laura soon broke the kiss and we all settled back to our own places, and I reluctantly slid my hand out from between Marisa's thighs. Marisa's boyfriend then spun the bottle again and got to make out with Dawn and spent a couple of minutes groping her massive tits. Things continued like this for about 15-20 minutes with everyone getting the chance of a snog and grope of each persons partner, all while the other two couples continued to watch from the sofa.

It was then that things suddenly sped up. Laura took her turn to spin the bottle and it landed on Dawn, rather than spinning again, which had happened each time someone landed a person of the same sex Laura got up from the floor and moved over to the sofa all the while keeping direct eye contact with Dawn. Laura than sat down on the edge of the sofa and leaning back slowly slid her skimpy knickers down her thighs. She slowly revealed her beautiful full bush of neatly trimmed pubes as her panties slid off, the swollen lips of her pussy showing clearly and her engorged clit already clearly visible. After a moment of hesitation Dawn nodded her head and slowly crawled over to my wife her massive H-cup tits swinging beneath her, as she crawled between my wife's thighs, Dawn hesitated briefly looking up at Laura, who gently nodded letting her know it was o.k. Dawn then took a deep breath and reaching one hand up to gently hold my wife's thigh, she allowed her tongue to gently was over my wife's damp twat. Laura moaned gently easing her hips forward encouraging Dawn to eat her twat, Dawn needed no more encouragement than that and was soon sliding her tongue deep into my wife's wet twat causing Laura to moan loudly in pleasure. 

The show in front of us all was so hot we almost missed Neil moving up behind his wife, just like the first time he took my wife he wasted no time. Neil moved behind his wife rub his cock quickly over her wet twat and pushed himself inside her, Dawn groaned loudly in surprise and pleasure as her husbands dick stretched her pussy open. Dawn never missed a beat though and continued to work my wife's twat with her tongue. 

Deciding to get in on the action myself I slipped onto the sofa next to my wife and leaned over to fondle her hot tits. Laura opened her eyes briefly smiling at me with a lustful look of both passion and love as we briefly kissed our lips softly caressing together. As we broke our kiss I felt warm breath on my dick and looked down to see Marisa's beautiful face just inches from my cock. 

Smiling up at me Marisa asked if I would like a hand with my erection as she reaches out and gently stoked my painfully hard shaft with her hand. I replied that I would rather a mouth and Marisa smiles a little more as she leanes forward her tongue sliding between her full lips and gently caresses the head of my cock. I gasp in pleasure as her hand and tongue work together brining waves of pleasure through my body, before she finally slips my cock between her lips taking me into her hot young mouth. . 

As Marisa works worked my cock with her tongue I could see the two other couples finally relaxing in their own private space. Sonia's head was in her husbands lap giving him a slow sexy blowjob, while her husband had slid his fingers into her knickers and was working her twat. Mikey and Bev were watching us all and each had a hand in the others underwear. 

Marisa's boyfriend meanwhile had taken a leaf out of Neil's play book and after pulling Marisa's panties to one side was busy inserting his hard cock into her twat. Marisa groaned round my cock as she was filled from both ends as her boyfriend slid in and out of her juicy twat whilst she worked my hard shaft with her sweet mouth.

Marisa's work on my cock soon started to get me close to cumming, but just before I reached that point of no return both my wife and Neil cried out, their orgasms hitting them almost simultaneously. Dawn's husband pumped his cum deep into her tight black pussy before he collapsed on the floor exhausted. 

I looked at Laura as she slowly recovered from her own orgasm, with Dawn still lazily stroking her pussy letting her down slowly from the peak of her pleasure. After a few seconds Laura opened her eyes and seeing that I was close to cumming she quickly took control of the situation. She grabbed Marisa's hand and pulled her of both my cock and her boyfriends that was buried in her twat. Laying Marisa down on her back Laura quickly guided me to kneel next to the sofa and personally placed my dick back between her waiting lips. 

Laura then moved to her boyfriend and taking his dick in her hand she quickly slid him into he rown mouth cleaning Marisa's juices from his cock, before guiding him between her full thighs. Laura quickly took hold of Marisa's panties and slipped them off her hips and down her full soft thighs. I watched as her incredibly hot pussy came into view, the soft lips of her twat glistening with her juices and framed by sparse patch of curly light blonde pubic hair. Laura then rubbed her boyfriends cock down through her pubes and over her swollen twat, eliciting moans of desire as her fingers flicked against her engorged clit. Staring at Marisa's large tits I could resist no longer and reached out caressing the soft full flesh of her tits and pinching her hard nipples. Marisa moaned loudly again and this time Laura guided her boyfriends cock to the entrance of her tight wet twat. He wasted no time in driving into her, Marisa cried out as his cock drove deep inside her. 

I continued to grope her big tits as she sucked my cock, my own orgasm rapidly approaching. Not wanting to be left out Laura was soon leaning into Marisa her lips bathing Marisa's soft breasts in kisses and sucking her rock hard nipples into her mouth. My wife's hand was soon sliding down the silky soft skin of Marisa's stomach and between her full thighs, seeking out her pussy. Marisa moaned loudly again as Laura found her target and seconds later Marisa's body was squirming in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her, my cock falling from her mouth as she was lost in pleasure.

Just seconds later Marisa's boyfriend started to moan loudly and Laura grabbed his cock, pulling it out of Marisa's tight twat, and then giving him a quick lick with her tongue she made him erupt all over his girlfriend. He covered Marisa's tits and stomach with hot white sticky cum, before my wife swallowed his softening dick into her mouth to clean up the last of his cum swallowing it all as she did so. 

The sight of this was too much for and after slipping my cock back into Marisa's sweet mouth one last time I pulled out and rubbed my cock over the soft pale flesh of her big tits, her hard nipples rubbing into the sensitive underside of my cock finally sending me over the edge.

My cum erupted from my cock in a wave of pure pleasure, the first two jets coating Marisa's large tits adding to the load already deposited by her Fiancé. I quickly aimed my cock at her face, my next load splashing across her lips and chin, before Marisa leaned forward and swallowed my cock back into her mouth sucking me dry and swallowing the last of my cum. As my cock slipped from between her lips Marisa opened her mouth to lick my cum from her lips just as Laura leant in and kissed her. I watched as they kissed slowly, the cum I had deposited on Marisa's lips coating them both as they kissed.

Laura broker the kiss and slid down Marisa's body, gently kissing her way up Marisa's full thighs my wife slid her tongue through the soaking wet folds of Marisa's young pussy, causing her moan with pleasure once more. Laura then kissed her way up Marisa's soft stomach, licking up cum as she went. She dipped her tongue into Marisa's deep belly button lapping up the pool of cum that had had collected there into her mouth. Laura continued up Marisa's body licking all the sticky cum from her large soft tits, before laying her naked body onto Marisa's their large tits squashed together, the soft full thighs entwined and the wet twats squashed together. My wife then lent into Marisa's mouth and gently started kissing her, their cum smeared lips caressing together as Laura opened her mouth allowing a trickle of cum to drop into Marisa's mouth. They continued kissing for a few minutes sharing our sticky cum between them, their soft lips glistening with our juices. 

I watched in fascination as they shared our cum between their mouths, the sticky white liquid sticking to their lips and tongues as they shared the passionate kiss, before each of them swallowed a mouthful of our cum. Laura finally collapsed alongside Marisa on the sofa, her hand s lazily caressing Marisa's huge tits as she stared at my cock which was already getting hard again. I watch as the girls continued to lazily caress each others naked bodies, before sliding their hands between each others soft full thighs, their hands seeking out their pussies. They were soon both gently fingering each other as they squash their naked bodies together, their large tits pushed together and sharing yet another passionate kiss. I watched in fascination as they slowly brought each other to orgasm, their fingers expertly working each others wet twats.

There was a bit of a stunned silence through the room as we all caught our breaths and everyone slowly realised he importance of what had just happened. I looked around to see Sonia slowly licking cum from her own lips, her husband with a look of deep satisfaction on his face. In the chair next to them Bev was wiping her thigh with a cloth, obviously cleaning her up where Mikey had cum. Dawn and Neil were still together on the floor, Neil's hand still gently stroking Dawn's pussy and her hand gently stroking his cock which was already hard again.

After a few minutes to get her breath my wife, now staring at my hard dick, suddenly suggested that it is time we all take the next step and share each others partners completely. I look around the room and wondering how many of the couples would get straight up and leave. Although I had spent half an hour with Sonia, I knew her husband was less keen on sharing her than she was and Bev and Mikey had not even joined in the truth or dare game. From Marisa's exhibition I was pretty sure she and her boyfriend would go along with things, and Dawn and Neil were obviously not going to pull out. To my surprise it was Marisa's boyfriend who spoke first, saying that they had had a lot of fun, but that they had agreed before coming out they would only go as far as some light swapping and thought it was probably time for them to go. He quickly got to his feet and put his hand out to Marisa, she looked really disappointed and slowly disengaged herself from my wife on the sofa, allowing her boyfriend to pull her to her feet. Laura quickly got up and slid between the two of them wrapping her arms around Marisa's boyfriend and squashing her full breasts into his chest. Marisa took a step and fell into my arms, as I wrapped myself around her naked body, one hand falling to her full ass and the other caressing her soft tits.

Laura was whispering into Marisa's boyfriend's ear, but whatever she said and despite the attention she was giving to his hardening cock, it did not work. He slowly pulled himself away from her, although not before he got a grope of her tits and ass and reached out to Marisa pulling her from my arms.

Seconds later they disappeared out of the door and were gone. 

As they left Dawn quickly said that her and Neil would love to stay and have some more fun, I looked towards Sonia and James desperately hoping they would say yes as I was yearning for the chance to sink my cock into Sonia's hot pussy following our little interlude earlier in the night. Sonia looked at me and I knew she was thinking the same thing. Looking at her husband she suggested that they could stay a little longer to see what happens. James did not look to sure, but nodded his head in assent. 

Bev and Mikey were the last remaining couple and I looked over to them sitting on the far sofa together. Bev was still wearing her knickers, but a dark stain had spread over the front, where her juices has soaked through the light green cotton. She looked at Mikey who said it was up to her and after a moments hesitation she said she was in.

To be continued...


As with my last posting I would love to get feedback on our experience and the story. As I have said this is a true account of what has happened to us, my wife is sitting naked beside me as I write this adding bits, correcting things where she thinks I've made a mistake, and every now and then swallowing my cock into her sweet mouth to help give me inspiration when I've found it difficult to think how to describe something

We've tried really hard not to embellish anything. But we have changed few things to help the story along. We invented the scene where I took a shower with Dawn, as we had planned to do just that to get ready, but were running late after setting up and only had time to dash in and out of the shower. We felt we wanted to add the scene In anyway though as a good way to show how great Dawn is looking after her diet, as she really is looking great.

The scene between Sonia and myself happened just as I've described it, but there was actually a couple of hours gap between us returning the rest to the group and the events that occurred immediately after in our account. This was done to help the flow of the story. In reality things happened very slowly and there were a number of hesitant encounters spread over a few hours( during which time Eleanor and her Fiancé left) before Laura and Dawn decided to push things along by putting on the show for us all. After that things happened almost exactly as I've described without any embellishments at all. My wife and I are trying to write the next part of this story and any feedback will help us make it better. 

Laura and I have totally separate experiences for the rest on the night and we are still trying to decide if we should each write our own experiences separately or just write one account of what we both got up to. Let us know what you think!

Also let us know if you would like us to recount the story our first time with Lisa-Marie and Danny, we've been having trouble writing it down as it happened very slowly and took a lot of coaxing to get things moving. As such every time we try to write the story it feels quite slow and disjointed. We've been thinking about taking a bit of artistic license and changing a few things to help the story along. Again please let us know if you have an opinion, would you rather we wrote it exactly as it happened or alter things a little to make it a better story? Thanks for reading 

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