Saturday, 22 July 2017

Swinging Relationships Ch. 01

I've been very lucky over the last few years to have a wife who has jumped excitedly and enthusiastically into the swinging scene with me. Until recently I have had quite an ordinary sex life with only a couple of different partners before meeting my wife. 

However about two years ago my wife and I had an experience that completely changed our lives and I'd like to share that story. Our sex life has always been really great, I'm not going to pretend that we were at it twice a day or anything, but we had sex two or three times and week and it was great sex. We were both open to telling each other what we liked and so it was not uncommon for Laura to cum two or three times a night when we did it. In fact I often managed to make it twice in a night, which as I'm sure you all know is quite an achievement for most married couples.

I should probably describe my wife. Laura is 5"7, with shoulder length brown hair. She has beautiful full soft tights, leading to a wonderfully tight full ass, slim waist and a soft silky smooth stomach. Her tits are magnificent, round and soft, silky smooth, they are a 34DD, with long pink nipples that stick straight out when she gets horny. We fell in love almost immediately (which was seven years ago) She is to this day the best sex I have ever had, partly due to the emotional connection, but also because she is dynamite in bed. I often think her sex drive is stronger than mine; she is always up for sex and loves trying out new things and different positions.

We had been together for five very happy years when things took a sudden twist (which as I have already said was two years ago). Neither of us had ever come close to having an affair and our sex life was still as exciting as it was when we first met. I was 27 at the time and Laura 24. Laura's best friends was (and still is) Dawn who is a bubbly large black girl, who to be honest I had never really thought of as particularly hot until this particular night which as I rarely find black women attractive was no real surprise. Now Dawn is fairly short, probably around 5"4 and most people would call her a little overweight. She has quite large thighs and big full ass which leads up to her wide hips and a soft stomach which does hold a little extra weight. Dawn is certainly not unattractive to look at with a sweet looking face with full lips and long jet black hair, which she often wore on a large plait down her back. 

What I had failed to appreciate until the night in question were her very impressive pair of huge tits, which really do seem to defy gravity. Her tits are a 40H and they really are massive, with large dark areola that cover almost as much flesh as the palm of my hand and her nipples are dark, fat and long, getting absolutely rock hard when they are erect. And the most amazing thing is that her tits have barely any sag at all, they stand out full and firm from her body, perfectly shaped and just beg to be heavily groped. 

Dawn had just turned 30, with her husband Neil, who is white like my wife and I, a couple of years older and they had had their first child about six months before. Dawn was desperately unhappy after moving due to her husband's job being relocated and Laura and I visited to try and cheer her up. The night we stayed over she admitted to being lonely and not having any friends, so we all decided to get drunk and forget about our woes.

At some point, and I'm not sure when, we started playing strip poker and before Neil and I knew what was happening both girls were sitting in front of us wearing nothing but their underwear. I was completely unable to take my eyes of Dawn's magnificent huge tits which were squashed into a large 40H pink lace bra, which could barely contain their sheer size. She was wearing a matching pair of high cut pink lace panties, which were almost see through at the front where I could see the engorged lips of her pussy pressed tightly against the sheer fabric clearly showing that she had shaved all her pubic hair off. 

It was around this point that I realised just how hot Dawn was. Yes she was overweight and yes she had a big ass and her thighs were too big, but she simply exuded sex. Her huge tits would sway from side to side every time she moved even though they were contained by her bra. The sheer pink fabric did nothing to hide her large dark nipples standing out rock hard from the flesh of her tits. 

My wife looked equally stunning and I could see that Dawn's husband was equally unable to tear his eyes away from my wife. Laura was wearing a tiny little black lace thong, which barely covered her pussy, with a few wisps of her light brown pubes poking out from beneath the sheer fabric. Laura unlike Dawn kept her pussy trimmed, but not hairless, with a small patch of light neatly trimmed hair above her pussy, but her lips left smooth and hair free. My wife's hot breasts were covered by a matching half cup black lace 34DD Bra that barely contained them. The soft flesh of her breasts was spilling out over the top of the bra her hard nipples clearly visible as they pushed against the thin material. 

The girls had lost again; Neil and I were still wearing our jeans and underwear. The girls looked at each other clearly trying to decide if they wanted to go the next step and reveal their tits to us. An unspoken agreement must have passed between them, because my wife reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Shrugging the straps from her shoulders, she caught the cups of her half-cup bra in her hands before they fell from her tits and looked at her best friend.

Dawn slowly reached behind her own back and worked the catches of her bra; she slid her hands under the fabric of her bra allowing it to fall completely from her body, her own hands cupping her massive tits hiding their full nakedness from my eyes. Laura then counted to three and they both dropped their hands revealing their soft naked tits to our eyes. Dawn's breasts looked magnificent, even without a bra to support them they still stood high and firm, only the slightest trace of sag despite their immense size. The soft expanse of her flesh was covered by large areola almost the size of my palm and topped by a stunning pair of fat dark nipples that were absolutely rock hard, standing over an inch out from the soft flesh of her breasts.

My wife looked equally stunning with her 34DD tits uncovered, her large pink nipples standing to attention, betraying her obvious arousal. Laura quickly dealt another hand of cards saying that she was determined to get us naked. They lost again. Laura and Dawn looked at each other and Dawn said she was not ready to be completely naked, not with both Neil and I still mostly clothed.

Laura sat there for a minute clearly thinking. I could tell she desperately wanted to keep the game going as she was obviously enjoying herself. Finally my wife suggested that maybe from now on if someone did not want to remove a piece of clothing they could perform a dare instead. Before I could answer Neil shouted agreement and dared the girls to make out with each other.

Laura and Dawn just stared at him for a moment, before Dawn hesitantly said that she was happy to do it, after all it was only a kiss and had to be better than letting us both stare at them completely naked. Laura looked at Dawn for a moment then clearly decided it was worth it to keep the game going as after a short hesitation she leaned into her best friend and kissed her softly on the lips. After a short hesitation Dawn returned my wife's kiss and their lips opened to each other allowing their tongues to caress. The girls shifted slightly so that they were kneeling facing each other, their large tits pressed together and their hands caressing each others butts. The contrast between my slim wife with her pale white skin, squashed against the large black naked figure of Dawn with her massive tits was mind blowingly hot and without thinking I pulled my jeans off and moved behind Dawn, my hands wrapping round her to cup those massive tits. 

I revelled in the sensation of Dawn's huge tits in the palm of my hands amazed at the weight of them. My wife opened her eyes and slowly broker her kiss with Dawn; she slid her hands round from Dawn's full ass and up her stomach to join my own hands as they massaged Dawn's huge tits. Dawn slowly moaned and my wife and I groped her tits, tweaking and pinching on her hard nipples, my wife leaning forward to share another sensual kiss with her best friend. Laura slowly pulled away from Dawn again and took her hands and pulled her towards the sofa, seating Dawn down and sliding onto the seat next to her. Laura motioned for me to move in front of Dawn on the floor and then reached her hand down to grip the waistband of Dawn's pink lace panties. I reached forward grabbing the other side and together we slowly peeled her panties down her thighs revealing Dawn smooth hairless pussy. I took in the sight of Dawn's twat her puffy black lips glistening with moisture as my wife leaned into Dawn again to share another kiss, her hands reaching down to massage her friends large breast. I watched for a second and then took hold of Dawn's full thighs, parting them before me and leaning in to taste her twat. I let my tongue caress the folds of her hairless twat tasting her cum that was already drenching her pussy, before allowing my tongue to slide into her twat, lapping up her juices, bringing an almost immediate deep groan of pleasure from Dawn. My wife meanwhile was still groping her friends tits and sucking on her nipples and almost failed to notice as Dawn's husband slid her own panties over her hips and without any warning drove his cock into my wife's twat from behind. Laura gasped loudly in both shock and pleasure as he entered her and after a second of fear, shock and indecision, she dropped her mouth back down to her best friend's huge tits and Neil started to hammer his cock into her twat. 

I watched in amazement as Neil fucked my wife from behind, not able to take my eyes of his cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy, whilst my own tongue worked his wife's twat brining deep moans of pleasure from her. Dawn was already close to orgasm and seeing her husband almost force himself into my wife's twat without asking anyone for permission almost made her cream herself on the spot, but I pulled back teasing her, not letting her cum until I was ready for her. Keeping her on the edge of orgasm for a few minutes I moved to my knees, slid my own underwear off and grabbed my cock slowly rubbing it through the soaking wet folds of Dawn's twat. Dawn pushed her hips forward wanting me to enter her, but I held back continuing to tease her, using my cock to rub her clit, brining more and more moans of pleasure and frustration. 

Neil then started to moan loudly and suddenly pulled his dick out of my wife's twat. Moving along the sofa Neil aimed his cock at his wife's face; Dawn grabbed his cock with one hand and gave it a quick rub, before rubbing her tongue around the underside of his cock. This was too much for Neil and he grunted loudly as he came, his cum splashing over his wife's face and large heaving breasts. Taking that as a sign I suddenly drove my cock into Dawn's tight black twat, sinking my full length deep inside her. Dawn almost screamed as I entered her, her wet pussy stretching round may larger cock and gripping me like a vice, I slid one hand between her legs, my fingers working her clit as I drove my cock deep inside her again and again. My other hand moved up to grope one of her wonderful tits, working her large nipples between my fingers. 

My wife had collapsed on Dawn and was lazily licking his cum up from Dawn's other nipple. Soon Dawn could take it no longer and she let out a deep moan and a huge orgasm rocked through her body, her pussy painfully squeezing my cock between the muscles inside her twat. I slammed myself deep inside her a few more times and then just as my orgasm hit me I pulled myself out of her tight wet twat and leaned forward to rub my cock over Dawn's huge tits. Her hard nipple rubbed at the underside of my cock and my orgasm hit me hard, my cum spurting out all over Dawn's huge tits, the milky white cum coating her black flesh and dripping down between her huge breasts and onto her soft stomach. 

I moved up and Dawn happily swallowed my spent cock into her mouth sucking up the last of my cum. Once I was completely drained I collapsed next to Dawn on the sofa and watched as my wife lazily ran her fingers through river of my white cum covering her best friend's massive tits.

As I caught my breath Laura slowly moved her head to Dawn's tits and began licking up my cum, taking time to caress and grope Dawn's soft skin as she went. My wife kept going until she had cleaned up all the cum and then moved to lick her friends face clean of Neil's spunk. The girls slowly shared a sensual kiss, swapping our cum between them, their lips glistening with our sticky fluid. As they kissed Laura's hand slid down Dawn big tits to gently finger the drops of my cum that had dripped onto her stomach, then taking a deep breath Laura kissed her way down Dawn's body. She slid passed her big tits, down her stomach stopping briefly to lick her stomach clean of cum and then dropped between her friends full thighs.

I watched in amazement as my wife moved her face towards her best friend's twat and slowly ran her tongue along her wet engorged lips, before her fingers gently opened Dawn up. Laura took one more deep breath and slid her tongue deep into her friend's twat lapping up her creamy cum, before attacking her friend's clit. Dawn screamed out loud in pleasure as my wife's tongue hit her clit and within moments Dawn was bucking hard against Laura's mouth as another orgasm ripped through her body. 

As Dawn's orgasm subsided Laura continued to lazily stroke her twat with her tongue , keeping Dawn aroused as her hands explored Dawn Thighs and stomach, one hand reaching up to gently caress her huge tits. I slowly joined my hands moving to Dawn's massive tits gently caressing the soft skin and hefting their enormous weight. My fingers teased her nipples, gently pulling and pinching them as they swelled, becoming large rock hard nibs, Dawn moaning in pure ecstasy as my Wife and I pleasured her. Dawn briefly looked up at me opening her eyes and without thinking I leaned down to her and gently kissed her, our lips locked together sharing a soft sensual kiss for the first ever time and it was electric. My cock instantly swelled to full hardness and I soon felt the soft skin of Dawn's hand gently caressing me, her hands lightly stimulating my cock sending shivers of pure pleasure through my body.

We continued to kiss our mouths opening allowing our tongues to caress as my hands continued to play with her tits. I slowly broker our kiss needing something more than Dawn hand. As I moved away from Dawn her husband moved towards her and fed his dick into her mouth, Dawn greedily swallowed him and started giving him a long slow blowjob. By now I was completely rock hard and desperately wanting some attention of my own, so I moved to the floor and knelt behind my wife. I briefly ran my tongue over Laura's twat long enough to ensure she was dripping wet and then placed my cock against her well fucked pussy and entered her. 

Laura moaned deeply as her pussy was invaded for the second time that night, my larger cock spreading her pussy wide as I slid in and out of her. Laura stepped up her work on her best friend's twat and soon Dawn was bucking her hips into Laura's face again yet another orgasm ripping through her. As Dawn calmed down from her orgasm I slid out of myself out of my wife's twat and moved onto the sofa. I grabbed Dawn and pulled her over to me so that she was sitting on my lap facing me. I took hold of my dick and after briefly rubbing it over the folds of her twat I aimed myself at her wet opening and pushed up, my cock sliding deep into her pussy. Dawn allowed herself to drop down onto me pushing herself fully onto my cock moaning in pleasure as I spread her pussy wide. I reached up and groped her huge tits as Dawn slowly rode my hard cock. 

Laura quickly got the idea and pushed Neil onto his back straddling his dick until he was deep inside her also. The girls briefly turned to each other sharing a quick kiss and a grope of each others large tits before immersing themselves in each others partners. Dawn rode me like a pro as I groped and squeezed her large tits, kissing, licking sucking and biting her hard dark nipples, making her moan in delight. I could not believe how large and firm her tits were, I needed both my hands to be able to cup just one of her massive breasts and the weight of them was immense. Dawn would squash them into my face every now and then as she bounced her tight wet twat on my cock. My head would get lost between her massive heavy mounds of flesh, the soft silky skin electrically surrounding my face. 

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only fifteen of twenty minutes Dawn lent back and rode me slowly in a full sitting position allowing me to watch her heavenly big tits bouncing around as she rode me. Dawn then slid one hand between her thighs and started to play with her own pussy, building up her orgasm. Her other hand cupped one of her breasts and was soon squeezing her tit and pulling at her large nipples. My wife saw what Dawn was doing and followed suit and soon Neil and I were watching both our wives, riding our cocks whilst masturbating and groping their own tits. Dawn then slid the hand between her legs out and over Laura's thigh and into her twat. Laura quickly copied and they were soon working on each others pussies. 

They both started to ride us harder and faster and I moved my hands up Dawn's body to fondle her heavy tits again. Both girls then suddenly hit their orgasms crying out in pleasure as they rode us hard and fast. I pulled Dawn down to me and kissed her again, our lips and tongues caressing together as Dawn's orgasm rocked through her body, her twat once again constricting painfully round my cock as she came. The tightness of her contracting pussy was enough to send me over the edge and my own orgasm hit me pleasure running through my body. I quickly reached between us my hands groping Dawn's heavenly big tits just as I sent spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into Dawn's tight twat. Seconds later Dawn collapsed against me her huge tits squashed against my chest as we both desperately tried to catch our breath. I looked over to see that my wife and Dawn Husband had already finished and were both collapsed on the sofa, Neil's cock still embedded deep inside my wife's pussy. As I caught my breath I allowed my hands to gently massage Dawn's huge tits as she recovered from her own orgasm. As her large soft globes heaved in my hands I could already feel my cock hardening again inside her twat.

After a few minutes recovering Dawn decided we had better have a drink and slowly lifted herself of my cock. I slid out of her my semi hard cock bouncing slightly as I popped out. I looked over at my wife who was still collapsed on top of Neil. She slowly lifted her self up his cock springing free of her wet twat. Laura collapsed next to him, her thigh hanging wide open. As I stared at her I could see Neil's spunk slowly oozing out between the lips of her twat and coating her soft silky thighs. My cock bounced again at the site and I quickly followed Dawn into the kitchen to help with the drinks. I sat on a stool at the counter as I watched her making drinks her massive tits swaying around as she did so. We chatted for a while and the whole time I could not take my eyes of her hairless black twat where my sticky white cum was being squeezed out of her pussy as she walked around the kitchen. Her full black thighs were coated in my glistening cum; creating the most erotic sight I had seen in a long time. Once the drinks were made Dawn came over and sat on the bar stool opposite me and we chatted for a while. Dawn kept telling me off for the blatant way I was staring at her naked tits and pussy and I just kept staring, my cock once again fully hard.

As we talked Dawn told me about her and Neil's sex life, which she admitted she was a little bored with. She had tried a few things to spice it up recently which was why she had shaved her pussy, in the hope it would encourage Neil to go down on her more often, but none of it had worked. I suggested that maybe tonight would help and that after we left things would start to improve. Dawn quietly agreed, but did not sound convinced and as we talked she admitted that she had taken to masturbating at night after Neil had fallen asleep just to keep herself satisfied. 

As she said this her hand slid between her thighs and was gently rubbing between the wet folds of her pussy. Dawn suddenly realised I was staring and looked down not having realised what she was doing. Telling her that it was a really hot sight, Dawn leaned back slightly and slowly spread her thighs allowing her fingers to start working her pussy more openly. Suddenly she slid her fingers deep into her wet pussy and scooped out a large drip of my cum. Dawn watched me for a second before feeding my cum into her mouth sucking her finger clean of her own juices at the same time. Dawn's other hand soon took over as she started to gently massage her tits with the other. I found myself rubbing my own dock as we watched each other masturbating. I watched in fascination as Dawn slowly brought herself to orgasm, her thighs squashing her hand into her twat as she came, her other hand tightly squeezing her nipples as her orgasm hit her.

I forced myself to stop rubbing my cock as Dawn regained her breath again, just as the noises from the other room started to pick up. Grabbing Dawn's hand I led her out of the kitchen and into the living room. We quickly curled up on the sofa, with me caressing Dawn's large tits as her hand gently rubbed my hard dick.

Laura had clearly decided Neil owed her another orgasm and had laid Neil down on his back on the other sofa whilst she straddled his face, her pussy pushed against his face. Laura was bent at the waist her own mouth wrapped around Neil's cock. We watched our spouses as Laura started moaning louder, her orgasm creeping up on her. As her orgasm approached, Laura sat upright squashing her twat into Dawn's husbands face, suddenly Laura groaned loudly, squashed her thighs tightly around Neil's face and came hard, before collapsing next to him on the sofa. Neil lost no time in flipping my wife onto her back, sliding between her cum coated thighs and driving his cock into her hot twat. Laura moaned softly as he entered her, his full length sliding into her in one motion. 

My attention momentarily left my wife as I felt soft lips wrapping round my cock. I looked down to see Dawn's sweet face smiling up at me as she slid my cock into her mouth. Her soft lips gripped me gently as her tongue caressed the head of my cock, bringing waves of pleasure through me. I went back to watching her husband fuck my wife as I savoured Dawn's blowjob. Neil was building up pace, having spread my wife's legs and using her thighs for leverage as he hammered deep and hard into her pussy.

Laura had slid a hand between her thighs as Neil fucked her and was gently massaging her won pussy. After a few minutes Neil starting pumping quicker and then suddenly without warning her slammed into my wife one last time and just as her own fingers brought on her own orgasm Neil came hard filling my wife's pussy with its second load of cum. Neil collapsed on top of her as they both regained their breath.

I slowly returned my attention back to the amazing blowjob I was receiving from Dawn and reluctantly pulled my cock free of her soft lips. Pushing Dawn onto her back I followed her husbands lead, spreading her full thighs and driving my dick deep into her tight twat. Dawn almost came as I entered her, her own fingers instantly slipping to her twat, rubbing her engorged clit as I hammered my dick in and out of her pussy. We both reached our final orgasms of the night quickly as I drove into her tight wet twat one last time my cum once again flowing into her pussy as I collapsed onto Dawn, her huge tits squashed underneath me.

I think we all fell asleep for a while then as it was much later when I opened my eyes. I was still lying on top of Dawn, my soft dick still inside her wet pussy. I rolled off Dawn, my cock slipping of her as she awoke also. I slid my hand down to caress her heavenly tits as our spouses woke on the other sofa. We all lay their and talked for a while our hands exploring each others bodies slowly and gently. I revelled in the size of Dawn's tits, caressing them squeezing them and every now and then gently kissing them and sucking on her hard dark nipples, each time causing Dawn to gently moan in pleasure. As we talked we agreed to get together and do it again, during which I allowed my hand to slide between Dawn's full thighs and slowly finger her wet twat. Neil and I both gave each others wives one last orgasm with our fingers before we all moved upstairs and collapsed into bed with our own partners.

We met up with Dawn and Neil twice more after that first night, both nights were filled with as much sensational sex as the first. However we all realised that what we were doing was painting over the cracks in Dawn and Neil's relationship and that if we kept up our little meetings, the underlying problems they were having would never get dealt with. So sadly we all agreed that it would be best to stop getting together until Dawn and Neil had completely resolved all their issues.

It took sometime, over a year in fact, but Dawn and Neil did finally manage to resolve all of their differences. They went through some tough times where we all thought things were over, but I pleased to say that they are both very happy now. And yes now that they have everything resolved we have met up with them again, but in a very different way.

Following our experiments with Dawn and her husband both Laura and I agreed we wanted to try it again with another couple. We set some very strict guidelines for who we would approach and because of that it was almost a year after we first go together with Dawn and Neil that we had our next swapping experience.

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