Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Couple Of Indian Couples Fuck

One of our family friends, or rather the only real family friends: Sethis (Satish and Sushma Sethi); informed me that they were returning from Dubai for a month and they would stay in Delhi at our house for about a week. Mr. Sethi said that he would like it if we could go out of Delhi to a hill station or a resort and enjoy the time with only our two families together. The news sent a wave of excitement in our house. My wife Tina's expressions were to be seen. She was ecstatic hearing the news; I could see her visible attempts to hide her excitement. She said that it was good to meet her very close friend Sushma (although I knew that she was more keen to see Mr. Sethi). My son was keen to meet their son. Me? I told everyone that I was very eager to meet my old and dear friend. However, the truth was that I was really looking forward to meeting Sushma (Mrs. Sethi).
Mr. Sethi and Mrs. Sethi were our neighbours before they left for Dubai. Mr. Sethi got a highly paid job as a senior Manager in an Automotive company in Dubai and was working for the past 18 months.


I am Tarun. I was 34 years and my wife Tina was aged 30 at that time. I worked in a Multi National Company in marketing division. Tina (my wife) was definitely worth a second look. She looked sexy and desirable to any adult male. Her face, figure, smile, gestures, walk were purely feminine. In spite of the fact that she did not act or dress provocatively, she invariably attracted oomph in men.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Surrogate Wife

My name is Ben Wood and I was brought up on a farm. My father owned the farm but it had been in the family for generations. The land was quite poor but we had a lot of it and there was a river running through the middle. That river was a handicap because the farm was on the flood plain and every twenty or thirty years the river burst its banks putting almost the whole farm under water. It was meant to have been a bad year for that in 1947 and I also remember the fields being flooded when I was very small.
Sally is two years younger than me and she lived with her mother in the farm workers cottage across the yard from the farmhouse. She didn't have a dad. The story I have pieced together is that Sally's mother Edna was a bit wild when she was young and only settled down when she was twenty-five. At that time she started being courted by a farmer's son and they were engaged for five years until she fell pregnant with Sally. The wedding had been arranged when rumours started that the farmer's son wasn't the father of the kid and he believed them. Maybe they were true but I think the rumour was put out by some bloke Sally's mum had knocked back because she never did shake off a reputation for turning a trick. Edna had been my mothers best friend at school so when she was kicked out by her parents and left pregnant with nowhere to live, my mum persuaded dad to let her have the cottage. During the years Edna lived in the cottage lots of people thought my dad was knocking her off but she was always more my mother's friend than his.

Sally and I grew up almost as brother and sister. For quite a number of years we went together to a small school in the nearest village but never progressed to further education - we were miles from anywhere and I think the authorities forgot about the pair of us. That school taught us to read and add up but there was no need to learn anything about Greeks and Romans because I was going to be a farmer and it was assumed that Sally would eventually be my wife.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wife cheating on husband for first time Part 2

I am a 40 year old married woman with three grownup kids; I am little less than 5 feet tall and have a petite body that I am proud of. I have a teeny tiny body with no sign of growing old. Even if I am a mother of three, I do not develop any fats on my belly.
I have a skinny body like that of a teen age girl and my childhood friends from school were jealous of me when we met because they said ‘I do not change at all.’ I do not have big tits either but just the right size to fit in any man’s hand and I have big nipples which come to half an inch when it is erect.
What I consider my assets is that I have a nice round ass with enough flesh for grabbing and my curvy tight ass is also the envy of my girl friends. My husband is a good nature man but I don’t know why I continue with this relationship with my boy friend that is just few years older than my eldest kid.
My extramarital relationship is a little more than a year now and I don’t know if I can stop it or not or do I want to stop it. Because I keep on meeting my boy friend and every time we met, we always have sex. This is another of those meeting that we had and as usual he took me to his house because he live with his mum who work out of the town and the entire house is always free.
It was a passionate kiss right from the car; Peter my boy friend got down first and then opened the door to let me out. He held me with one hand on the shoulder and locked the door with another and with his hand on my shoulder we walked to his house. As soon as enter the house he shut the door and we started kissing each other again.
With our mouth locked in a kiss we also undress each other. We dropped our entire outer garment on the floor and threw them over the places. With only our underwear we kissed and embraced each other and moved towards his bed room. He lovingly threw me on his soft bed and immediately jumped on the bed and climbed on me.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

MILF Finds Herself on Adult Site

It had been just another mundane day in Ritu's life. She had returned to her apartment from office at 7 PM, cooked herself a light meal and then taken a long shower to wash away her tiredness. Now, in her nightdress, she switched on her laptop to do away with some office work she had carried home. But she had no energy or interest to go through her work now, loneliness struck her like anything.

She was a 44 year old woman, 'happily' married for the past 22 years, with two children. Her children had moved to other cities for their college, and her husband, being a businessman, was often out for official trips. She always felt lonely whenever she was alone in the house.

On the professional front, Ritu was quite a successful woman. She was the Branch Manager at a consultancy firm, looking over the work of about a hundred people employed at the branch. She had risen up the ranks through her hard work and dedication, and was really happy with where she was at the moment.

In her loneliness, Ritu had found herself a faithful companion in the internet. First, she took to social networking sites to try and fill the emptiness in her life. But that was not enough. Gradually, and consciously, she started visiting adult sites on the internet. The woman in her needed some relief, and her husband was not at all interested in her now. So, whenever her husband was on a trip, or sometimes when he even was at home, Ritu took to some adult forum sites, reading stories and watching erotic videos, to provide her the ultimate relief. She had even ordered a vibrating dildo online; such was the intensity of sexual build up inside her unattended body.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Wife cheating on husband for first time

My husband and I are loving couple; people often said that we are made for each other. Some also said that our marriage is indeed one that was made in heaven. Ours is also a love marriage; we were in relationship since we were in school and we remain in relationship for ten years till we finally enter into wedlock.
No doubt during those ten unstable time; our relationship experiences its own ups and down and we breakup many times especially when I move to another city to pursue my studies. But overall we have a stable relationship since we first fell in love with each other.
After our marriage too, we have a happy marriage live with occasional misunderstanding that every family is experiencing. My husband weakness is that he is a short tempered man and he gets angry even at a slightest provocation, this is the only problem that I had with him.
I have nothing to complaint about our sex life too; we have a good sex life since we start having sex when we were both teenagers. I think we first have sex when I was just sixteen and my husband was seventeen then and since we first had sex; we made love at every available opportunity.
I have a very satisfactorily sex life because my husband had introduced me to all kind of sex since when we were young. He sucked my breast when we first made love and when my nipples were just tinny flesh on my two breasts which he obviously loved to suck and tease.
We made love everywhere, in his bed room, my bed room when there was nobody at home, we had sex in the car and we even had several outdoor sex too when we were young. Whenever we have the house just the two of us, my husband would introduce me to new sex technique.
He was more adventurous than me, he first licked my clitoris and eats my pussy and later encouraged me to suck his cock and we later start sucking each other. Occasionally we even had 69 which my husband seems to enjoy it very much.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Madhu's Day Out Ch. 01

It was Saturday. I woke up with a smile. After all today was my day.
After finishing my morning chores and sending the children off to school, I headed straight to my room, eager to get ready, my eagerness bordering on impatience. A broad grin was all I could see in the mirror as I stood before it.

Saturday was the day when I went to the market, to buy all household items required for the coming week. I could buy everything that was needed in the nearby local market, but I never did. Not since I had realized the importance of this day. I made it a point, giving one excuse or other, to go to the biggest market in the city. After all, it was my day.

I spent a lot of time and effort in preparing for the day's 'activities'. Right from a facial scrub to shaving my underarms and waxing my legs, it was a tedious process. But I did it with the same broad grin on my face every Saturday. Not that I wore revealing clothes, no. No sleeveless kurtas, no skirts, just the traditional Indian salwar kurta, but the lack of hair in my armpits and the smoothness of my legs gave a weird sense of confidence to the woman inside me.

The anticipation of the day's 'activities' made me work in a very efficient manner, making sure that I was out of my house by eleven in the morning. It gave me ample time to reach the main market by noon, a quarter of an hour away from my house by metro.

It was five minutes past eleven and I was at the metro station of my locality, waiting for the next train. In a couple of minutes I was standing inside the train coach. (It is impossible to get a seat on the metro here, even if it is not rush hour). It was not rush time so I had ample room for myself, not like office hours when it was impossible to differentiate one body from other. The rush would be in the evening, when I would be returning home; that thought made my grin even broader.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Journey to Desire

Simply discussing the possibilities of what we were about to do seemed to shift Michelle's libido into a higher gear than I had ever realized existed. We had sex daily for the next several weeks. And it wasn't just sex -- it was amazing, bed-shaking, brain-rattling sex; the type of sex you remember for years afterward. We had sex in every room of the house and at all times of the day. Whenever we could sneak in a few moments of pleasure, we took full advantage of it. We kissed and groped each other like hormone-fueled teenagers, and behaved as if we had just begun dating.
Because we would soon be naked in front of complete strangers, we went on a crash diet and began working out at a frantic pace. The fact that we were improving our physiques boosted our confidence, which only made us want each other more. One day, Michelle surprised me when she entered my home office completely naked -- and completely shaved. I had begged her for years to shave her pussy for me, but she absolutely refused to do so. And yet, there she was, completely smooth.

I practically jumped on top of her, spread her legs, and licked, kissed and sucked her wet pussy for a good, long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her smooth skin on my tongue and the full, unobstructed access she had given me. Afterward, she explained that she had read that many of the women at Desire have shaved pussies, and she didn't want to look out of place. She booked an appointment to have a Brazilian wax the day before our trip, which ensured that she would be silky-smooth the entire week.

We began going out on "dates" more often, mostly so that we could talk without being overheard by our children. Everywhere we went, we held hands and kissed, and we spoke in hushed tones about all the naughty possibilities of this exciting new world we had just opened together. We shared a delicious secret that no one could ever know, and there was something incredibly thrilling about that. We had allowed each other the freedom to express ourselves openly; which meant that if I saw an attractive woman, I could point her out to Michelle instead of pretending not to notice. Michelle would also point out the men she found attractive, and I was surprised that she always seemed to gravitate toward older and/or bald men.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sister-In-Law Deal Pt. 02

The next morning was a blur. It wasn't a dream, it had most definitely happened and I suppose now I had to face the music. I forced myself up and headed to the kitchen. Sue was up already and sat there in her skimpy night top and panties. At 44, she was still looking pretty hot. She'd slept in our bedroom, whereas I had fallen asleep in the lounge after drinking a few glasses of scotch.
"Morning sleepy head." Sue said, in a very chirpy tone. That certainly wasn't the greeting I was expecting. I was expecting a kitchen pan across the head. Ok, I know she'd been caught sucking some stranger's cock but for me to force her to blackmail her sister into a complete cunt and anal fuck fest, well I just didn't expect a warm welcome.

"Morning are we this morning?" Probably not the most wise question, I'd no doubt receive the verbal abuse now.

"Still horny as fuck actually. You got to dump cum over my sister, Jules managed to come twice, once with your cock in her arse and the second with my mouth on her cunt. And I ...I didn't get any kind of treatment." She followed this with a pretend grumpy look with her bottom lip poking out. Ok, she was taking this all very well and if I wasn't mistaken, was actually looking for a good-morning fuck.

"Frankly, you didn't deserve it slut." I let that hang there for a second or two.

"You went with another guy, you sucked his cock and let him cover you in fuck juice" I was now trying to be dirty as possible. Trying to get Sue worked up even more.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sister-In-Law Deal

I always thought it was a safe bet to marry a Catholic girl. I believed I would never have to worry about her thinking of other men or messing around. But there I was, sitting in my car watching my wife of 7 years having some guy's full load empty into her mouth, run down her chin and drip into her cleavage. Heaven knows who he was. I'd never seen him before but she obviously knew him pretty well. It hadn't stopped at the blow job and facial, he was no doubt about to fuck her silly. As he reached up and ripped her panties off, I decided enough was enough. I switched my lights on, started the engine and gave the horn a push.
Sue jumped and looked straight over. It took her about 10 seconds to realise it was me. She said something to the guy and he shot off, like a rocket was up his arse. You may question why I never got out the car? Well, I'm not exactly the strongest guy in town and I could see this big guy ripping my head off like Sue's panties. My annoyance wasn't with him anyway, it was with her. I could clearly see she had removed her wedding ring.

"God did you see that Guy Andy!" She said with panic in her voice as she jumped into the car.

"I was just waiting there for you to collect me and he comes over and put his hand right up my skirt!" She lied.

"Why didn't you get out and do something? He was about to Rape me Andy, what kind of man are you?" She said, looking at me and waiting for an answer.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

First Swing Party in a Prom Dress

Cindy and Dennis stand outside the large mansion where a swinger's party is being held tonight. Dennis had called yesterday and got an enthusiastic invitation. Dennis is a 19-year-old freshman, a bull of a young man with a football scholarship at a local university. Cindy is a cute, blonde 18-year-old recent high school grad. She wears her beautiful pink prom gown that shows off her slim figure, firm small ass and barely holds in her full breasts. Dennis told her to dress very nicely - and Cindy had learned the hard way not to say no to Dennis. The first and last time she said no to Dennis, he had spanked her sweet ass until it was beet red.
Dennis is vain and thinks himself quite the lover. He's gone out with plenty of girls and prides himself on having taken the virginity of a dozen or more naive high school girls. He has had great success with innocent, unfucked, submissive girls. He could spot them in a crowd before zooming in and sweeping them off their feet and thrusting his stiff cock into their untouched pussies. But he yearns to expand his experience to older, more knowledgeable women. All of his relationships have been short term. He enjoys the hunt for new pussy, and doesn't care about his conquests' feelings at all.

Cindy, beside him, is his most recent prize. He won her over just a couple of weeks ago. Even though she is drop dead gorgeous, he is already itching to move on. He'd taken her virginity in his dorm room the very same day they'd met at a local coffee shop. On the second night, she'd incurred his wrath when she refused a direct command to suck his cock. He had spanked her sweet ass and she had sucked, licked and gagged on his cock for almost an hour as he held back his orgasm just to make sure she learned a lesson. She swallowed his cum and then licked him clean as he instructed afterwards. He had to admit to himself that his cock was never harder than after he punished her insolence. She did whatever he wanted after that. In a way, that disappointed him since he wanted another opportunity to spank her ass. He even fucked her in his friend's truck at a tailgate party. It was in broad daylight and she was wonderfully shy as he made her strip totally naked and made her straddle him and sit upright on his cock. It made him feel good to know his friends could see him and her through the window with her firm breasts jiggling up and down. He had an earth shattering orgasm.

This new exhibitionist turn-on gave him the idea to find a swingers club and give it a try. It was a "couples only" club and Dennis brought Cindy along, and because he wants a piece of candy on his arm. This is his opportunity to try MILF pussy. He doesn't much care what happens to Cindy and tells her that they will "go with the flow" at the sex club. Cindy doesn't dare ask what that means. She's relieved when Dennis takes out a fifth of bourbon. The liquor burns her throat and eases her nerves. It makes her feel warm and even a bit giggly. Dennis takes her hand and guides her towards the big double doors and the unknown behind them.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mother's Secret

It happened in January, basketball season. It was that reason I knew my mother would be in the locker room and why I went to find her. Of course, I'm getting head of myself. My name is Liz and I'm an eighteen year old senior in high school. I'm not some star student or athlete, but I'm in the top ten percentile and I have won some awards due to my field hockey and track years.
Track actually is one of the reasons for this story. For one thing, I got my body from track; all that running gave me a killer ass that was firm but bounced with every step and a flat stomach that was contrasted by my large 34DD tits. Those tits I had inherited from my mother, who told me she had 36DD for most of her life, only recently getting to be 38DD. The tits also got me attention from the star sprinter, Devon. He stood at 6'1", with dark skin and a killer stride. Watching him race just made me stare and he noticed. We went out for a while, stuff happened, it's not important...

What is important is that I went into my mother's office after the basketball game to see when we could leave. She was the school nurse and the athletic trainer, meaning she took care of the athletes when they were hurt. When I found her office empty I knew she would be in the locker room, probably tending to some poor, lucky boy who's ankle was twisted. You see my mother is without a doubt the most attractive woman in the school. Besides her tits, her ass was fabulous and while she wasn't creepily skinny in the waist there was almost no trace of baby fat from when she was pregnant with me.

As I walked the few steps from her office to the boy's locker room my pussy tingled as I realized I was thinking about my mother's body once again. I shook the feeling off as I opened the door and walked inside. I didn't call out to her or make any noise at all when I heard her talking from around the corner.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Wife's Fun on the Side

My wife Teresa and I have been married for 21 years. We're in a good place in life -- good jobs, two wonderful children, and a reasonably active sex life. At 44 years old, we're both in good shape; Teresa has nearly-black medium-length hair, brown eyes, and the most sensuous lips a woman can have; a little exercise has kept her slim body in good tone, and her medium-sized boobs are still firm.
We have in-laws that live fairly close by -- my wife's sister and brother-in-law (Annie and Mike) live about two hours away, and our children are very fond of them. As a result, we visit quite often. This is about one of those visits.

We'd been at Annie and Mike's for about a day and a half. We'd eaten out the night before and gone shopping for the kids that morning. Back at the house, the kids had headed for a playground down the street, and the adults were relaxing in front of the TV with some unmemorable movie on DVD. It was mid-February, and the house had a bit of a chill. My wife and Mike were on the couch with a blanket across the two of them, sharing it with my in-laws' three lap dogs. I was on a big, cushy leather chair in a sweatshirt, while Annie was in the chair next to me, a small blanket across her legs. Annie almost always wears tight shirts without a bra while at home, showing off a set of spectacular boobs of which she is rightly proud -- that they're largely the work of her plastic surgeon really doesn't matter. Both Mike and Annie are in excellent shape, and I've had many fantasies about what Annie and I might do together. As often happens, I spent as much time glancing at her boobs as I spent watching TV -- the chill was doing a wonderful job of keeping her nipples perky. The sun was shining through a huge den window, and we were all pretty relaxed.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sex Club: Best Fuck Of My Life

When she stood in the doorway of our swingers club upstairs playroom, she literally took my breath away. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as her in real life. Here was a vision of photo-shopped perfection right out of a fashion magazine in our humble Chicago den of pleasure. She was wearing a knee-length light pink chiffon designer dress with matching dainty high-heels. Her clothes could easily have graced a movie star on a red carpet. Our playroom is somewhat dark and the light behind her on the other side of the doorway shone through the thin fabric of her skirt, showing off her perfect feminine figure and slim legs. I have heard of people dying and seeing a figure in a light that calls them, her perfect figure called me. She had Nordic blonde hair just long enough to touch her bare shoulders. The cleavage of her dress was dramatically cut low almost to her navel with two strips of satin fabric tied at the top behind her long slim neck. This showed off a tantalizing amount of her perfect, braless breasts. I could imagine dipping my hand in that deep V of bare skin and slipping my hand under the soft fabric and cupping a small, firm breast. Sexy but classy. She could have been any age from early twenties to thirties; simply young, fresh perfection. I am sure every man in the room was captivated by the sight and every woman envious.
Standing beside her was a man, no to be more accurate, a gentleman, dressed in an expensive grey tweed suit jacket and tan slacks. He was tall, athletic and handsome in a refined way like the type of rich thoroughbred horse owner that you see in the winners circle after a big stakes race. A sportsman, possibly in his late forties with just a touch of grey in his otherwise black hair. He was looking about the room like a wolf looking for prey and ignoring the beauty on his arm. As he gazed brazenly around the room, the girl held on to his arm with both hands and gently stroked his suit-covered bicep. She then leaned her head into his upper arm and closed her eyes and waited. This struck me as incredibly erotic. I could not take my eyes off of her.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wife's Brother Takes Advantage

Everything was going pretty swell. I'd recently got promoted at work and was now heading up a new investments department. As a consequence, we'd been able to move to a much larger house in a better area and were now starting to really enjoy the good things in life. That included a lovely new 4x4 car for my beautiful wife.
Louise, my wife, was over-the-moon with her brand new Range Rover and although the monthly payments were ridiculously high, she looked every-bit the part of the yummy-mummy in it. At 38 she looked stunning. She certainly worked at it though. Every morning, without fail, she'd work out in the gym to ensure her 38 year old body still resembled at 28 year olds. She was quite petite, very slim but with perfect size breasts. Pert and very firm breast too, all thanks to those gym work outs. The gym was another monthly expense though but hey, we could afford it. The new home meant moving to a new gym. Somehow, the new gym cost three times the cost of her old one but I never understood why.

Our only daughter, Sarah, was now 19 and at University, yet another huge cost each month. Hopefully, that was money well spent though. Louise's monthly credit card bills were also increasing vastly as she started to do more 'lunches' with our new rich neighbours. Although my new salary was excellent, it was already starting to feel the strain.

Then everything wasn't so swell. The company I'd spent the last 20 years with, working my way up each year, suddenly goes into receivership. Within a few weeks I'm out of work and without a wage. I wasn't too worried to start with, I had an agency looking out for me and I suspected I'd have a new job any time soon. A few savings but not much. But the new job didn't come. Apparently, at 48, I was 'a little too old' to secure a new position elsewhere.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Novel Part of Me

It is Sarah who is back again.
Since last time I wrote about me and my lovely man Thomas, it has been a tremendous happy time. After our marriage we have had some very lucky years. Staying at home has been valuable to me. The possibility to return to the university for improving my knowledge in foreign languages has made me feel more confident. Thomas is very supporting to make me feel great in my role as a house wife as well. I think he had made up his mind to try to make me forget the time as an assistant at the construction company. Not at the least my hot feelings for Oscar also.

We have made new friends here in the residential district. In particular we have been together with a neighbor couple. Ruth and Arne lived in the house next to ours. Once a month at least we enjoyed the social life together by eating and talking.

Rather soon I found that Ruth and I had the same interests. We often discussed literature. She also attempted to learn foreign languages. For the moment her favorite was Spanish.

Thomas and Arne acted more as brothers with different interests. Thomas was more of the tranquil and meditative type. Arne was often the one who came out with cracks and got us to laugh. He was easy to get on with.

Monday, 14 April 2014

A Weekend at Dean and Michaela's Ch. 01

I've known Dean & Michaela for years. Michaela is a petite strawberry blonde whose knickers I've wanted to get into probably from when first we met, but have never tried to for a variety of reasons. Even though they're very broadminded and if I asked they'd either say yes or say no and not be offended. Once when she stayed at mine I did wrap a worn candy-striped cotton thong around my cock and wanked while she was out. And over the years, Michaela has teased me knowingly and unknowingly a number of times. I've seen her in a school uniform when she and Dean were on their way to a fancy dress party AND she flashed her knickers at me - twice; she's put my hands on her (covered) tits and once when she and Dean stayed at mine she went to the kitchen to make a morning cup of tea wearing just the t shirt she slept in, she reached up to a high shelf and her t shirt rode up exposing the bottom of her bum cheeks and some pubic hair through the gap between her legs.
Of my many 'kinks', one is pregnant women and another is women who are lactating. Well, having had a baby about a year ago, Michaela is currently breastfeeding. On the way to stay with them a few months ago I couldn't help but recall a conversation we'd all had a number of years before. For some reason we started talking about human milk and all of us kind of wondered what it would taste like. Well, I decided to remind them of the conversation.

On the Saturday afternoon, Dean's mother came round and insisted on babysitting until the next day so we could go out. Time was getting on, so getting ready was a bit of a rush job. I showered and shaved first and then while Dean used the bathroom I went downstairs to ask Michaela if I could use their iron. I'm fairly light on my feet and they have the quietest staircase I've ever known. The living room door was ajar and for some reason I looked through the gap between door and frame before I entered the room, to see Michaela sat watching television with a double electric breast pump milking her as she held her top up. I stood there mesmerised for what seemed like hours as the machine pulled on the nipple closest me, my cock hardening. The bottles on the pump were nearly full, so I crept back upstairs and lay on my bed gently wanking for five minutes being sure not to get sweaty and determined not to cum. By the time I noisily walked through the door, I was hiding my erection with my shirt and Michaela was pulling her top down.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cocksucking Competition Ch. 03

"I'm really glad you're here," Aaron said as he surveyed the scene at the hotel bar.
"You kidding me?" Anthony said. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

Aaron was grateful that there had been no awkwardness between them since that night in his kitchen. In fact, to his relief, Anthony hadn't mentioned it again. It were almost as if it had never happened.

"How's she doing?" Anthony asked.

"Nervous," Aaron replied, "but I think she's okay. She's up in our room, sleeping. She has a big day ahead of her tomorrow. She's meeting with wardrobe in the morning, and then the media team in the afternoon. And tomorrow night are the preliminaries."

"That's wicked important," Anthony said. "You get a bad seed in this tournament, and it's a tough fight to the top."

Aaron merely nodded his head, and took another sip of beer.

"How are you doing?" Anthony asked.

"I'm nervous for her," Aaron replied. "She's worked so hard for this, and I'm so proud of her. I know she'll do well."

"I gotta give you props, man. I don't know how you do it. What's it like to watch your wife suck all those cocks?"

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cocksucking Competition Ch. 02

Anthony stood, hesitantly, and fidgeted with his hands. Rochelle rose from her chair and dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked at her husband, as if giving him one last chance to back down. He simply nodded and smiled. Then she looked up at Anthony.
"You have to take it out for me," she said.

Anthony looked at Aaron, who instinctively looked away. Although they had seen each other naked before, this was different than the locker room way back in the day. He reached down, unzipped his pants, reached inside, and pulled out his dick. It was already becoming engorged.

Rochelle simply stared it at for a moment. It had been more than twenty years since she had seen another man's naked penis. She wrapped her hand around it, and it continued to grow. Her eyes shifted to her wedding ring, and she looked again at her husband. He gave her a reassuring nod.

At last, she moved closer to the now nearly-erect cock in her hand, and placed her mouth over it. It felt different than her husband's, and she suddenly felt her panties moisten. Normally, she would take her time and enjoy the experience, but she knew she was auditioning for a race, so she swallowed his cock entirely to the base and used her powerful tongue to milk it to full hardness.

"Holy fuck!" Anthony groaned.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Cocksucking Competition Ch. 01

Rochelle's soft and plump lips inched slowly down her husband's shaft until his cock head grazed the back of her throat, and her nose pushed firmly into his pubic hair. She held him there, and pressed her tongue firmly against the roof of her mouth. His bulging cock reflexively throbbed and expanded in her throat.
"Are you going to join me?" Aaron asked between stilted breaths. This was his polite way of letting her know that if she wanted his hard cock inside her, then she had better stop doing what she was doing as quickly as possible.

She hesitated for a moment before slowly removing him from her mouth with an audible slurping sound.

"No, I'm having fun," she answered in a playful manner. It was the end of a particularly brutal week at work for her husband, and she enjoyed rewarding him for all his hard work with a slow and sensual blowjob. At times, it seemed as though she enjoyed blowing him more than she enjoyed actual intercourse. He could swear there were times in the past when she actually experienced an orgasm from giving head.

From the very first time her lips traveled below his belt, he realized that she was unusually gifted in that particular area of sexuality. Granted, he had only been with three other women before her, so he didn't have much of a basis for comparison, but it was difficult for him to imagine that any woman could possibly be more talented than Rochelle when it came to giving head.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wife Website Ch. 03

It had been two weeks since my boss Steve had come over for a "photo" session with my wife Erin. I say photo session in quotes because what started as just pictures of Erin ended with me fucking my wife from behind while she sucked Steve's cock. Even though we had both enjoyed it, Erin and I hadn't talked about what happened that night. A couple days of mild awkwardness slowly gave way to a return to life as normal. I wish I could say the same about my two weeks with Steve. Every day he had come up with an excuse to drop by my office. Each visit would start with about two minutes of business after which Steve would shut the door and start replaying that night.
Just the sight of Steve was starting to annoy me, but at the same time I couldn't deny that I got off on rehashing our threesome as well. Most nights I would flip through the pictures or watch the video of my wife with a cock in each end. After just a couple minutes, I would be hard as a rock and go searching the house for Erin. I don't know if she was as turned on by the memory as I was, but I do know that our love making every night since had an extra level of passion and energy.

After one particularly rough Tuesday, which saw Steve make not one stop into my office but three, I retreated to my basement, poured myself a beer from the tap, and pulled out my laptop. I opened the web browser and typed the letter 'k' in the address bar and the name of my favorite wife posting website automatically filled in. I hit enter and turned on the TV to sports highlights as the website loaded. I went to the pictures section and filtered the results by "Group." I began flipping through the pictures of wives in scenes straight out of Caligula's palace. I imagined my wife in the place of these other women: with two other women, with two men, swapping husbands. I wasn't sure if I wanted my wife to be the center of something like a gangbang, but for some reason the thought of it made my cock rock hard.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wife Website Ch. 02

I recently made the first career switch of my life, ending my 7 year run in consulting for a job at a tech start-up as VP of strategy. It was a bit of a stretch for my skill-set, but I was looking forward to the challenge. The potential pay-out if the company was successful wasn't a bad motivator either.
I pulled into the parking lot and saw a reserved space with my name on it. Reserved parking, pretty nice, I thought.

The front desk receptionist led me to my office on the top floor of the 7 story building. My office was spacious and faced the mountains to the west. A room with a view, very nice.

The next two hours were spent doing typical first day activities: meeting my co-workers, getting office supplies, recording my voicemail, and getting my computer set-up. I was in the middle of logging into my email for the first time when Steve Williams, the president of the company knocked on the door. Steve was 41, but he looked about 30 as he was in good shape and didn't have a gray hair on his head. He was a pretty big name in the Colorado tech community as he had helped a half dozen other companies grow and get bought by one of the big guys. I came away very impressed during my interview with him a few weeks earlier. I was going to be reporting directly to Steve, and was excited for all I could learn from him.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wife Website

My wife Erin and I have been married for 5 happy years. In those years we had moved around a few times but now had settled into life in Colorado. We met near the end of college after each of us had an exciting four years of various partners. I didn't think I was ready to give it up, but when I met Erin she had me instantly. My wife is 5'10", with an athletic, curvy build and perfect 36C breasts. She is 1 year older than me at 31, but her short curly hair makes her seem 5 years younger. I'm a fairly good looking guy, 5'11" with a body I keep in shape with daily pick-up basketball games, but I am proud to say my beautiful wife way outclasses me.
Our sex life has been steady throughout our marriage, but recently I found something that brought a new level of excitement for me. While doing some late night web surfing I came across a website for sharing nude pictures of your wife. My dick immediately jumped to its full six inches as I thought of my wife being displayed on the site. For a reason I can't fully explain, the thought of other men (and women) looking at my wife completely exposed turns me on immensely. Part of it is that I think she is so gorgeous I love showing her off, and the other part is probably imagining others pleasuring themselves to her pictures wishing they were me.

I started fairly mildly with just some topless photos that we had taken on various vacations. After posting about a half dozen photos in secret, I worked up the courage to tell Erin what I was up to. Well, tell her isn't really the right wording, I didn't have the courage for that so I "accidentally" left the website open on my computer. I sat at our kitchen table pretending to read a magazine, the butterflies in my stomach going crazy in anticipation of my wife's discovery.

Monday, 7 April 2014

he Railway Trip

It all began in the most southern part of Sweden. A dull and ugly day. The rain poured from heaven.
My husband, George, and I, Mary, had decided to take a week off for skiing in the far north. As you perhaps know, Sweden is a country of some length. From the most southern part, up into the snowy mountains in the north, you have to travel for at least 800 miles. That means that normally you wouldn't use a car: of course you could go by air, but it's more delightful to go by train.

We had packed our skis and some suitable clothes for the train trip to the far north. It felt peculiar to hire our skis from the store and then carry them out on the wet streets of the city into the cab taking us to the railway station.

The first part of our journey was the day train ride to Stockholm, the capital, and from there we had to take the night train for the north.

George and I had booked a first class sleeping compartment for two. As we entered the train, we found it - a small one with two beds, with the luxury of an ensuite shower room and toilet. After having put down our luggage, we went to the dining-car. There were plenty of people but we found a table for four. Two of the seats were already occupied by (as we would learn later) a nice couple, Anne and Adam. They were also destined for the same ski village that we had chosen.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Wife, a Glory Hole Slut

My wife and I were pretty nervous, but we decided it was time to fulfill a fantasy of ours. We were going to go to a local adult video store that had private booths. I was going to pretend to be a stranger that needed his cock sucked. She was going to be a horny slut who couldn't wait to get a stranger's cock in her mouth and cum all over her face.
We arrived, paid our fee and made our way to the back. As you'd expect it was dark, cramped and noisy. Men of all ages, in all manner of dress "bumped" into my wife as we negotiated the halls. Movies were blaring from every open booth door. Wonderful noises of fucking, sucking and moaning filled the air. After a half dozen "bumps" she began to enjoy the attention. Our sexual batteries were beginning to move towards overload. This being our first time here, it took a while to figure out the maze of halls and find a booth that look suitable and safe.

A short time later we're in a booth and making ourselves comfortable. Found a good movie and began to make out. The sexual energy was almost arcing off our bodies. It had been years since we were this turned on and scared at the same time. It felt like being 17 again! Eventually, we broke our embrace. If we didn't, we would use up all our lust and never get the fantasy started. It was time to stuff her mouth with a "stranger's" cock.

Her Moments of Glory

My name is Abhishek. I got married when I was 26 and my wife was 22. Her name is Mrinali. Ours was an arranged marriage. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one of my dreams. She was very pretty, cheerful, fun loving, and personable. We both liked each other and said yes. I was living in the United States even before marriage, so as soon as we got married I took her back to the US.
Let me describe how she looks. She has big beautiful eyes, 5' 6" tall, fair, has long legs and she is quite athletic. Let me get to the more interesting parts, her boobs were 34C when we were married (that was one of the things I measured with my eyes before I said yes, I am a big tits man, if you know what I mean), very perky and firm and she has big pink nipples. Mrinali had a very tight pink pussy (she was a virgin) which she either kept trimmed or had it waxed very smooth. She was quiet conservative in her dresses and her wardrobe consisted of saris and salwars before she got married but that was all about to change once she landed in US. She had a nice bubble butt and when she wears tight jeans I have seen many a guy ogling her butt.

She found a job right away in US and I told her that the norm is to wear western dresses to work. I took her shopping to refresh her wardrobe with western dresses. I bought her a few modest skirts and tops to begin with. She tried them on in the fitting rooms and I recommended the ones which showed of her shape well. Even in those modest dresses she looked really hot. She loved the way she looked in most of the dresses. I also took her to couple of bars where the girls dressed boldly just to get her accustomed to the way people dressed and the way I wanted her to dress. She was a little shocked initially by the amount of cleavage the girls were displaying and how short the skirts were. Slowly I encouraged her to buy more revealing dresses and she had warmed up to it. She started dressing more boldly when we went out. I also noticed the attention she was getting from all the horny guys who couldn't speak to her eyes whenever we went to the clubs and I am pretty sure it must be the same story at work. She noticed the change and enjoyed the attention as well.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor

Part I: Waiting Room
As I walked into the doctor's office, following my mother, my head hung down. It hung down because I knew what I would see if I looked up: my mother's unbelievable body, encased in a tight business suit. If my eyes drifted upwards, I'd see her tiny, 4-inch-heel-encased feet, her curvy, tight legs, her full, slightly swaying ass. And, framing her petite torso, her gigantic, round breasts. Yes, from the back. Her breasts were so massive that the poked out from either side of her body. At 5'3" - in those heels - she was completely out of proportion.

I shuffled along, my aching, erect penis pushing out visably from my pants. We stopped at the reception desk.

"Ms. Pepper, here with her son Brian."

The receptionist, a busty young woman wearing a tight sweater, looked at me. I raised my gaze, but only got as far as her chest. I suddenly realized what I was doing and snapped up to look her in the eye. She smiled.

"Hi Brian. We know all about you here. You can stare at my breasts if you want to."

"What!" My mother inhaled sharply, making her cartoonishly swollen chest bulge outward. "What are you talking about?!"

"Ms. Pepper, it's fine. From the questionnaire you filled out online, we already know about Brian's condition. We're going to help him. Please" -- she gestured at two of many empty chairs in the waiting room - "have a seat."

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Love Rekindled Ch. 01

I am Vandana, now 34 years old, married to Vijay ten years ago. My marriage was a typical Indian type, arranged by parents. I had done my post-graduation in literature in a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. In our ten years of marriage, we have had our share of ups and downs.
Our sex life was just average in the first year of marriage. I had been in love with someone during my college days. But those were the days when most love affairs met with family resistance from both bride and groom sides. Our love affair met the same fate.

Vijay was a very understanding and easy-going personality. I even thought that he knew about my affair but was afraid to ask or discuss this with him. During our first night, I slept on a sofa in the same room! Strangely, he did not disturb me and rather looked relieved. After we set up our home in Pune, the city where Vijay was employed, we started opening to each other. With months passing by, I started forgetting Kishan, the man I was in love with.

In college, I was one of the few most beautiful girls on the guys' list. I had a figure that was the envy of the girls. I had inherited good looks from my parents, as both of them were good looking themselves. Though Vijay had average looks, he was of a short stature. We did finally consummate our marriage three months after we got married.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Adult Nursing Experience

This is about breast feeding experience.
I always dreamt of being breast fed and I have a huge attraction towards woman’s breasts. I am 40 years old, single, not so handsome, from south India. I live alone in an apartment situated at the in a coastal town of south India. The ground floor of the apartment has 2 commercial floors. There is a Vodafone store in one of the spaces on the ground floor. I go there usually for my bill payments. One day in the afternoon I walked in there to pay my bill. Behind one of the counter seated, was this 25-26 year old, very pretty looking girl. I had seen her earlier in the store. She stopped coming to work in between and I assumed she had quit. I was pleasantly surprised to see her again, from her looks, as in she had put on more weight all at the right places, I realized she had gotten married and had a baby. That kept her away from work, and she had just joined back.

The store was pretty much deserted being the afternoon hours and I sat down in front of her to pay my bills. She is usually dressed in her T shirt and jeans as their standard uniform. One thing I had notices is that she always had a slip around her neck and chest even if she wore the uniform. While she was typing out my bill, I stole a glance at her ample breasts, though she still had the shawl on as usual, it looked like she had wrapped it, unusually tighter around her chest. She looked very uncomfortable and disturbed. She was very restless and something about her face made it look like she is in some sort of pain. Her eyes were tearing up. I asked her If she is alright and she managed a weak smile and said yes. I said you don’t look alight, and if there is anything I could do to help. She smiled again and again said she is alight. She continued what she was doing and my eyes wandered back to her breast. I saw a wet patch developing around her nipple, on her shawl. I suddenly realized what her problem is and I had an instant hard on. She caught me looking at her breast and for one moment our eyes locked. She suddenly looked embarrassed and I looked away. I felt bad about staring at her and to ease the awkwardness, I told her if she wants to take a break,
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