Saturday, 20 October 2018

Open Marriage

It was during my first or second year at the university in the English Department when I met and became friends with Jim, who was also a new instructor. He taught economics, and his department was in the same building on the same floor as the English Department. Jim was 6' 2" and slender with black, curly hair. His wife, Pam, was about 5' 2" with short, light brown hair. She seemed to have a nice figure, with B-cup breasts, but dressed mostly to conceal it. Both were average in looks. We had similar political views; Jim and I wrote poetry and admired Thoreau. We were all in our mid-twenties.

We occasionally dined at each other's homes. Jim liked my wife Jean a lot. It was clear to me that he admired her voluptuous figure. At a petite 5' 1", she was round, firm and fully packed with shapely legs displayed in miniskirts and short dresses, large D cup breasts, a plump jutting ass and a pretty face with short, blonde hair. I had encouraged her to show her assets. I am 5' 8" with light brown hair and about 160 lbs. Pam and Jean were friendly but not friends.

Jim and I would meet at a café occasionally for conversation. One day, he brought up the subject of sex.

"How do you get Jean in the mood for sex? Pam finds that smoking a joint relaxes her and heightens her pleasure."

I was startled by these intimate details confided to me but felt compelled to share a few details with him.

Her Beautiful Leaking Little Tits

Breastfeeding. Tis a wonderful thing.

Now as a man, I realise that saying such a thing might see me mistaken for a perve and a creep. Hell, it's pretty hard for a guy to espouse any praise for the natural act of a woman feeding an infant by the boob, as the natural assumption is that most guys can't separate their base sexual feelings from an appreciation of what is, very much, a natural and beautiful act.

Not that I'm saying I'm not a perve and a creep. I am those things, very much so.

I can't help it. I've been a fan of the boob for as far back as my muzzy memory stretches. I love boobs. I'm a boob man. A tit fan. And frankly, though I'm not at all proud to declare it, I'll default to stealing a glimpse of some boob even if there does happen to be a baby hanging off the end of it.

I know. I'm terrible. I'm ascribing a sexual objectivity to what is, first and foremost, an organ designed for and devoted to the rearing of young ones. I ought to be ashamed of myself – and I am, quite genuinely.

Unless I work really hard at it, I will often find myself, out of pure base instinct, whipping my head around at the merest glimpse of a breast bared in public – a breast bared not for my benefit, nor anyone else's benefit, aside of course from providing nourishment to the woman's offspring. I swear I have a radar for bared breasts. I see them beyond the corners of my eye, even if the poor woman is sitting directly behind me. Somehow, I know that a boob is out, and I find myself gawking at it before I can think to stop myself.

Swapping Hot Kerala Girlfriend With My Best Friend

Hello everyone! This is Suraj from Bangalore and I am an architect working in a design studio. I am 26, and I go running 4 days every week to keep myself fit. I have a medium sized tool and high endurance towards sex. And I love partying and going out to meet new people. Anyone interested in a no strings attached relationship please mail me.

This story happened in 2016 and back then I was dating Shweta, my office colleague who was a Malayali. I went crazy the first time I met Shweta. She was like one of the typical Kerala beautiful girls. Shweta was fair and had such a pretty face with sharp features. She had really hot and firm boobs and the most exciting part was her hot ass.

Initially, we were good friends going out for smoke breaks, weekend parties, and official trips. Slowly, we started liking each other and we started getting cozy by making out and kissing.

I was staying with a friend then and I was not so comfortable to take Shweta there. So I moved to a studio apartment in Jeevan Bhima Nagar with a really cool terrace to party. The intimacy level grew really good between us.

Waiting for My Turn

I couldn't believe it had been just a few months earlier that I first revealed to my wife that I really wanted to watch her have sex with another man. It's not like we had never talked about it. I mean, we had even had a threesome with a gay friend of ours years earlier, but that was really more for me than it was for her, even if she had a good time, too. I had told her I wasn't simply fantasizing about it, and I wasn't just saying it in the hopes she would make some similar agreement so I could be with another woman. I wanted her to start looking, I wanted her to find someone that she wanted to fuck, and I wanted her to start now.

However, my revelation came after we spent the night splitting a bottle of wine with dinner downtown and then barhopping as we made our way home, so I thought neither of us paid it much mind. After all, we had both imbibed more than a little too much that night, so we knew we shouldn't be held responsible for everything that had been said when we got home and started drunkenly fooling around.

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 09

Amanda hugged me tight.

"Are you sure you're ok with this? I can go with you instead, if you want."

At 5'6, my wife stood barely to my chin. I gently rubbed my nose into her straight, black, silky hair, which flowed to the small of her back. It was so soft and fragrant that I knew I could lose myself in there, as I had done so many times throughout the course of our marriage. She had a natural bronze tint to her skin that made her seem more exotic with her lush lips, dark eyes, and thick eyebrows.

"Amanda, I'm totally fine with this," I assured her for the umpteenth time. "We've all been discussing this for months now. Scott and Brandy understand the boundaries, and everything is out on the table so no one gets hurt. I'm totally excited for you!"

But Amanda still appeared unsure.

I continued in a much gentler voice, "Don't be concerned about hurting me. After all we've been through... after all we've already done... I still want this for you."

Amanda slugged me playfully in the left bicep. "You sure you're not letting me do this just for your own perverted benefit?" It was a rhetorical question, and we both knew it.

Mother and Daughter Bond

"Damnit" Ally cursed out loud as she dropped her keys for the fifth time since walking up the steps to her parent's house. She had been out with a few friends for some drinks to wallow in her sorrows about her husband leaving her for another woman. Now she was a single mother, living with her parents at the age of 26.

She steadied herself on the doorframe, took a deep breath and retriever her keys. Just as she was about to put the correct key (or so she hoped) into the lock, the door swung open. Her mother was standing there, hair disheveled, with a white, floor-length, satin robe wrapped around her small frame.

"Ally? What's the prob....are you drunk?" With that, Ally could feel her mother's hand under her chin, forcing Ally's head up. "Allison Renee! How did you get home?" Frantically, her mother looked over Ally's shoulder for her small SUV.

"It's okay, mom. I took an Uber home. The bar knows I need to get my car in the morning. They were cool about it." Ally's mumbled words came out, and with every breath she felt more and more exhausted.

"It's okay hunny. Just go on upstairs and head to bed. The twins are down in their cribs." Ally made her way upstairs, and plopped down onto the bed, closed her eyes, and let the numbing darkness consume her.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 06

Steve Andrews listened to the voice on the phone, nodding his head as he absently kicked his feet in pool.

"Okay Chloe. Well, we'll see you tomorrow then." He listened more. "Okay, thank you, I'll let her know. Okay, bye then." He put down the phone on the tiles and returned his full attention to his baby son Angus, sitting in his swim ring and splashing about in the shallow end.

"Aunty Chloe's coming over tomorrow. That will be fun, hey buddy?" cooed Steve, jostling Angus as he laughed.


Steve looked up from Angus, and saw his best friend Alex, and Alex's girlfriend Danny walking across his patio. Danny had a towel bag slung over her shoulder, while Alex carried a six pack of Canadian Club and Dry in hand. Steve smiled and greeted them as they walked up the steps and through the pool gate, hugging and shaking hands when they all came together.

Alex and Danny were over for a swim day. The winter had been surprisingly mild, and spring early and warm. Steve and Laurie's pool was still a little cool, but with the current humidity, no one was complaining about the water being a little nippy.

Alex was wearing a pair of swim trunks that were practically molded to his thick muscular thighs, a blue collared shirt, unbuttoned and open, and pair of flip flops. Danny was similarly attired for the weather in a billowy white coverall, floppy sunhat and aviator sunglasses. The coverall did nothing to wear Danny's shapely figure, hugging her hips and bottom tightly.

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