Saturday, 20 October 2018

Open Marriage

It was during my first or second year at the university in the English Department when I met and became friends with Jim, who was also a new instructor. He taught economics, and his department was in the same building on the same floor as the English Department. Jim was 6' 2" and slender with black, curly hair. His wife, Pam, was about 5' 2" with short, light brown hair. She seemed to have a nice figure, with B-cup breasts, but dressed mostly to conceal it. Both were average in looks. We had similar political views; Jim and I wrote poetry and admired Thoreau. We were all in our mid-twenties.

We occasionally dined at each other's homes. Jim liked my wife Jean a lot. It was clear to me that he admired her voluptuous figure. At a petite 5' 1", she was round, firm and fully packed with shapely legs displayed in miniskirts and short dresses, large D cup breasts, a plump jutting ass and a pretty face with short, blonde hair. I had encouraged her to show her assets. I am 5' 8" with light brown hair and about 160 lbs. Pam and Jean were friendly but not friends.

Jim and I would meet at a café occasionally for conversation. One day, he brought up the subject of sex.

"How do you get Jean in the mood for sex? Pam finds that smoking a joint relaxes her and heightens her pleasure."

I was startled by these intimate details confided to me but felt compelled to share a few details with him.

"I caress her body all over. Her breasts are very sensitive to touching; she likes her nipples sucked. Of course, she likes having her vagina caressed." I gulped at that confidence.

"You rub Jean's clitoris and finger-fuck her?"

"Uh, yes."

"What's Jean like when she has an orgasm? Pam's orgasms are obvious: she gasps as if she's short of breath and she shudders with pleasure. She gets very wet."

"Jean is a screamer. This was a little embarrassing during the 6 months when we shared an apartment with her female roommate, whose bed was just on the other side of the wall of our bedroom."

"Wow! I'll bet the roommate had her ear to wall and masturbated! Did she want some of what you were giving Jean?"

"She seemed ambivalent. She'd alternately flirt with me and then turn a cold shoulder, but she didn't have a man of her own. I think she was afraid of sex. She took sleeping pills."

Now I knew that Pam enjoyed sex, although she didn't look sexy.

A few years later, Jim and I planned our first canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness along the Minnesota-Ontario border. I invited my Canadian friend, Richard. During the 250-mile trip north, Jim mentioned that he and Pam had an "open marriage," apparently like what was described in a popular book. Jim went on to say that he and Pam are free to have sex with other people. This intrigued Richard and me. 

"So have you fucked other women?" Richard asked.

"I plead the 5th Amendment!"

"Did you tell Pam about them?"

"At first, she didn't want to know if I had another woman. I told her I hoped she'd tell me if she had sex with another man. I wanted to know all the details, because it would excite me to know that she had excited another man and satisfied him. I told her I'd be proud of her for being so sexy, and it would make good foreplay."

"Does open marriage mean that your wife opens her legs for all cumers?"

"Hardly! She's not a slut!"

"Has she had sex with other men and told you, providing all the details?" Richard asked.

"She said she hasn't dared yet. During foreplay, though, we began role-playing. She asked me the details of my fantasies about sex with another woman. In the throes of passion, she seemed excited by my imagined conquests."

"Wow! Maybe she's having sex with other men but isn't telling you." Richard said.

"It's possible, but I doubt it."

Jim's open marriage seemed to provoke Richard. During the night by our camp fire, Richard learned that Jim was in the Peace Corps in Africa.

"Did you fuck any native women?"

Jim was cagey, "I prefer not to say."

"Was she primitive? Did you screw like animals? Did you play dog and bitch? Is black pussy different from white pussy?"

Richard seemed to enjoy making my "free love" friend uncomfortable.

Jim and I were also avid photographers. One day, he was showing his latest photos to me and Jean when he accidentally (on purpose) showed a photo of Pam in their front yard without a blouse. I sized her up as filling B cups. I wondered if he wanted us to show each other sexy photos of our wives. I had much more revealing and much sexier ones of Jean!

"What did you think of Pam posing without a blouse?" I asked Jean.

"I think Jim wanted us to see her looking sexy to excite you. I think he'd like you to show him sexy photos of me."

At the time, we both lived in the country and got our electricity from the county cooperative. Pam asked me to go with her to a meeting of members to vote for clean energy. She had recently given birth to her second child, a girl. I was surprised that Pam brought her month-old baby along. She also brought a 12-year-old girl to mind the baby when we were in the meeting. Pam drove to our house and left her car in front of our garage, which was about 100' from the house. 

I didn't know Pam, a rather reticent person, very well, and this version of her was new to me. She wore a short skirt, and as I watched her get out of her car, she proved that her legs were well worth showing! We then took my Mustang. I drove, the girl sat in the passenger seat, and Pam sat in back. When I looked back to change lanes or checked the rearview mirror, I was astonished to see Pam bare-breasted! Instead of wearing a blouse she could unbutton or a nursing bra, she wore a pullover and went braless! I nearly drove off the freeway glancing at her sensual breasts swollen with milk. While she suckled her baby with one tit, the other remained in plain view for me. It may have felt purely maternal to her, but it felt extremely erotic to me! As we walked into the building, the girl took the baby to mind in another room.

I blurted out, "I couldn't help noticing what pretty breasts you have!"

"Thank you. I hope you don't mind that I let them all hang out, but I believe women should be able to nurse their babies in public."

"I was quite surprised, because I'd never seen you wearing a short skirt or showing any cleavage!"

"I didn't have much cleavage to show! They're bigger now with the milk in them. Maybe I was showing off a little. But exposing breasts to nurse is not sexual at all!"

"Of course it isn't, not for you!"

"What do you mean, not for me? What about you?"

"To me you looked very sensual and extremely erotic! I was bottle-fed. Maybe that's why breasts attract me so much!"

"You crave breasts, not for milk, but to feel and kiss! Is that part of what attracted you to Jean, her large breasts?"

"Yes! That attracted me to her sexually! We've had a lot of fun with her breasts!"

Pam smiled.

"That's a lucky baby! Is it pleasurable to suckle?"

"Emotionally, it's very pleasurable, but if you mean physical pleasure, yes, it is physically pleasurable, except when a baby is teething!"

I wondered if Jim sucked some of her milk while he fucked her. For the first time, I lusted for Pam, wanting to suck her and fuck her!

"Jim once told me that you have an open marriage, but you don't take advantage of it."

"Oh, he did? Did he say he had sex with other women?"

"He didn't admit it."

"Did he tell you how much he likes Jean's body and would like to have sex with her?"

"He implied it."

"Did he ask if you'd like to have sex with me?"


"Well, I don't have as good a figure as Jean, and I don't look sexy. I guess I'm a little jealous."

"I wondered why you wear slacks most of the time, especially now that I see what good legs you have."

"Thank you again!"

"I was astounded to see you so uninhibited and looking so sexy in the back seat of my Mustang!"

"Plain Pam surprised you, and turned you on, huh?"

"Yes! I will never figure out what goes on in women's heads!"

"We like to keep men guessing."

"But when we guess wrong, women take offense, slap our faces, and even have us arrested!"

"I'm not that politically correct. I believe that if a man kisses me or touches me intimately, I can just tell him to stop. If he doesn't, I can embarrass him by slapping his face in public. I don't think it's fair to say nothing to him at the time but later complain to the police, have him arrested and crucify him in the news media. Then, I don't have the problem beautiful women have. They must get tired of men making advances. Of course, if he's in a position of power over me, that requires drastic measures."

During the drive home, Pam again treated me to the sight of one bare breast with an extremely erect nipple, while her baby sucked the other one. How I wished the baby-sitter weren't there to chaperone us! When we arrived in my driveway, and Pam got out, I touched Pam's shoulder whispered in her ear,

"The girl does double duty as sitter and chaperone!"

She looked at me as if considering something.

"Do you have time to follow me home? Jim would like to see you. Oh, I forgot! He won't be home until later."

"Then you won't have a chaperone!"

"Isn't Jean expecting you?

"Jean expects me when she sees me."

"Don't you want to tell her where you're going?" Pam smiled, teasingly.

"To your home, alone with you?"

When we arrived at her home, a rambling structure they had built themselves and added on to over the years, Pam put her baby into its crib.

"I have too much milk! I need to express some of it!"

"May I help?"

"Help me use a breast pump?"

"Actually, I'd like to suck your nipples and taste your milk."

"Oh, my! You really liked seeing me suckle!"

"I'd never seen you looking so sensual and erotic! You could have worn a blouse that unbuttoned and concealed one breast or you could have used a nursing bra, but you chose to bare all!"

"You're right. I could have dressed more modestly. I guess I enjoy having larger breasts and nursing au naturelle gave me an excuse to show them, to a discreet male friend. Now that we're alone, I'm very nervous."

"Jim said you like to smoke marijuana to relax you before sex."

"He told you that? What else did he tell you?"

"He asked about Jean's orgasms; he wanted me to describe them. He said it is obvious when you have an orgasm."

"He did, did he? How did describe mine?"

"He said you gasped and shuddered and your vagina became very wet."

"Oh, my god! I suppose he told you I squirt, too!"

"Wow! Really!"

"I shouldn't have told you that! I'm so embarrassed!"

"I thought you must be very sexy when you want to be."

"I think I do need a joint! You look like you don't need anything."

Pam was looking at the big bulge in my shorts.

"Nothing but you! Besides, I never learned to inhale."

Pam lit up, and we sat on the couch. She saw me watching her skirt ride up her thighs but made no effort to pull it down. After a while, she began crossing and uncrossing her legs slowly. She lounged on the couch. 

"Did Jim tell you he fantasizes during foreplay about having sex with Jean, or about me having sex with you?"

"No, that's new information."

"This not only relaxes me, but it also seems to heighten my sensations. Are you serious about sucking my milk?"

"I'd love to suck your nipples and drink your milk!"

She smiled and got a towel to place in her lap.

"I can't believe I'm doing this! I'll blame the weed!"

She pulled her top up and off. Her breasts were full and very firm; her nipples were erect. I moved beside her, and took the opportunity to caress her bare thighs. She sighed and opened her legs. I put my right arm around her shoulders and kissed her tentatively. She opened her mouth and darted out her tongue. I sucked on it and gave her mine to suck. 

Then, I grasped her left breast and squeezed it a little. Milk dribbled out and then squirted. I took her nipple into my mouth, licked it and began sucking until it became about an inch long. Milk oozed out. I squeezed the swollen tit until it squirted her rich, sweet milk onto my tongue. I savored her milk before swallowing. Pam bent her head back, closed her eyes, sighed, and moaned.

"You're right: I feel very maternal with my baby at my breast but extremely sensual and erotic with you sucking my milk!"

"Your breasts are very expressive!"

I sucked for about ten minutes, and then she cupped her right breast and offered it to me.

"Mmm! Does Jim do this for you?"

"He tried it a few times, but he wasn't as enthusiastic as you are. This is a lot more fun than using a breast pump! It's so erotic to feel you suck my milk and know I'm feeding you from my own body! I wish you could do this for me every day!"

"So do I!"

Pam grasped the bulge in my shorts.

"You want to do more to me than suck my milk, and you're certainly getting me in the mood to let you do what you want with me!"

She led me to her bedroom and stood by the bed to unbutton my shirt and unzip my shorts. Thinking how tall Jim was and if his cock were in proportion, I hoped I wouldn't disappoint her. Pulling my under shorts down, she smiled to see how she aroused me and grasped my cock. I knelt at her feet, stripped her skirt off, pulled her bikini panties down to her ankles, grabbed her plump ass, squeezed her buttocks and kissed her pussy.

"Oh, this is so naughty, in my marital bed, too!"

I sat her down on the side of the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her light brown bush.

"Oh, this is so intimate! Then, sucking my milk was extremely intimate, too!"

"You're very pretty between your legs!"

"I bet you say that to all the girls! Have you had many since you were married? I'm sorry! That's none of my business!"

"What if I said you are the first woman I found too tempting to resist?"

"I wouldn't know whether to be very flattered or guilty about exciting you to commit adultery!"

I went down on her, caressing and kissing my way up the insides of her thighs while she trembled in anticipation wondering how far my lust for her would lead. When I kissed her cunt and licked her folds open, she squealed her excitement. I wanted to know the scent and taste of her cunt.

"Oh, god, oh god, oh god! I'm ready! Take me! Fuck me! No, wait!"

Pam kissed, licked and sucked the cock that was about to fuck her. I laid her on her back in the bed and got between her legs. She raised her knees and spread her lovely white thighs for me.

"You must really want me to do that to me! You made me cum! I got so wet, and you licked it up like honey!"

"Your love juices are delicious!"

She spread her inner labia for me. I pressed the head of my cock against her wet entrance and made it wetter with my precum. I rubbed her labia up and down teasingly until she said,

"Give it to me!"

She rested on her elbows to watch me penetrate her. She seemed to hold her breath while I entered her, and she watched my cock drive all of the way home. Then, she gave a big sigh and lay back in complete surrender. I stroked her thighs and began to fuck her slowly to delay my orgasm from the extreme excitement of having her for the first time. I gently grasped her tits and fucked her more. I fucked her mouth with my tongue while I fucked her cunt. I sucked milk from one tit and then the other while I fucked her.

"Oh, that's so sexy, sucking and fucking me at the same time!"

"Will you tell Jim how you excited me and what I did to you?"

"He once said he'd find me very exciting if I let another man fuck me and then told him all of the details as foreplay. Our sex life has become rather a routine. I don't know how he'd react for real. Don't stop to listen; keep fucking me!"

I fucked her harder and faster. Pam gasped, squealed and began to squirt!

"I'm sorry about getting us so wet!"

"Don't apologize! You're very excited and exciting!"

I felt the thrill rising up my cock and ecstatically fucked my sperm into her. We looked into each other's eyes as she felt my cock pumping and spurting into her. Then I collapsed onto her. We lay coupled for a timeless interval.

"We've become very good, intimate friends today!"

"I cheated on Jim! What's worse is that you didn't just fuck me, but I felt that we made love!"

"Yes, we had exciting sex, and when friends have sex, they make love!"

"Don't tell Jim that you've had me! Now that you've made a conquest and know what I'm like in bed, what happens next? Have you solved my mystery? Will you lose interest?"

My cock began to grow in her again.

"What happens next is that I want to fuck you again, now!"

I reared up, grasped Pam's upper arms and began re-fucking her.

"Mmm, you want seconds, just as you wanted more of my milk! Are you going to want me again another day?"


"If I tell Jim, he may decide it's only fair for him to fuck your wife!"

"Would you mind if Jim fucked Jean?"

"It would be fair, and then we'd all be equally guilty."

Pam moaned and wrapped her legs around me. She lifted her hips slightly to meet my thrusts.

"Oh, why is it so exciting to let another man fuck me? I feel so sexy and so nasty!"

"The seduction is exciting. Realizing your power to excite another man, pleasure him and satisfy him while you revel in how he savors your body and pleasures you must be very exciting!"

"Yes! That's about it! I love that I can excite you to enjoy me again and give me such a deliciously long fucking! Eeeeee, I'm squirting again!"

Pam was rubbing her clit furiously.

"I love to fuck you and make you squirt!"

I fucked her for several more minutes. She moaned and whispered "Fuck me! Fuck me!" I fucked her harder and faster. I groaned and pumped a second load into her. Again, we lay together coupled. The phone rang by her bedside! I was glad to find her managing to keep my cock in her while she reached for the phone.

"Hello? Hi, Jim! Yes, we, I, got home a while ago. Yes, we accomplished our goal and cast our votes. I spoke in favor of clean energy. Linda did a good job minding Annie. Yes, Bill was good company. We had a good time on the trip and became better friends. Yes, you were right about wearing a skirt, a short skirt. I got a compliment from Bill. . . . Oh, he asked why I wear slacks so often when I have such nice legs. Yes, I was flattered.

"I sat in the back seat to nurse. Well, when he had to look back to change lanes and when he looked in the rearview mirror, he probably got an eyeful! Do you mind? Oh, you like that! No. Remember, we had a chaperone, so we couldn't park, you dirty-minded stinker! I think it might have been dangerous if she weren't present and I had been sitting in the front seat. . . . He might have reached for a feel and driven off the road!"

Pam allowed herself a little laugh.

"Oh, I think Bill saw my sexy side. What more do you expect? Be careful what you ask for! What would you think if I were lying in our bed right now with Bill on top of me and inside me? Oh, boy, that's naughty! When will you be home? About 20 minutes, okay, bye."

Pam hung up the phone, still careful to keep my cock in her.

"It sounds like Jim encouraged you to show me your body!"

"Jim got very excited! He said if I were lying in bed with you, I should stay like this until he comes home to see what you did to me and then he'd do it to me, too! He sounded proud of me for looking sexy for you. I think I should tell Jim. If he gets excited about the real thing, he may want me to let you fuck me in the future. He may be proud if I can excite you to come back for more."

"It was sweet having you, Pam! I hope you won't have any regrets."

I kissed her lips and each nipple. I got up, dressed and drove home. What would I say to Jean? Pam would probably keep our secret, but Jim might tell.

When I got home, Jean asked how the trip was. I told her that Pam looked uncharacteristically sexy wearing a short skirt that revealed nice legs.

"Did you manage to keep your eyes on the road?"

"Pam sat in the back seat to nurse her baby. She brought a girl to mind it while we were in the meeting. The girl sat in front. What surprised me is that Pam, instead of wearing a blouse she could unbutton to keep the other breast covered or an even more modest nursing bra, wore a pullover and went braless! She just pulled it up! I saw her breasts, swollen larger with milk; her nipples were extremely erect!"

"That prick-teaser! She felt safe to flaunt her tits at you while she used the girl as a chaperone! Did you say anything to her?"

"When the girl took the baby off to mind it, I complimented Pam on her legs and her tits."

"And what did she say?"

"She thanked me and said she enjoyed her breasts being larger and may have been showing off a little. I wonder how she would have behaved, if the girl weren't present."

"She's sexually attracted to you and wants you to be sexually attracted to her. That's her triumph without any risk. Without a chaperone, she probably wouldn't have had the nerve to show herself off like that, but if she did, she would have deserved it if you had driven her into the woods and fucked her!"

The next day, Pam called.

"Can you talk? It turned out okay. Jim came home and looked for me in the other rooms, calling my name. I lay trembling with fear and excitement. When he saw me naked on our bed, his eyes nearly popped out! He began taking his clothes off and asked me, 'Is this a fantasy? Are you role-playing? That's very sexy!' When he got onto the bed, he could see my inner thighs wet with your sperm and your sperm oozing from my pussy! I said, 'I fulfilled one of your sexual fantasies! Are you satisfied?' Jim said, 'I can't believe that you let Bill fuck you! You sexy slut! No, I don't hate you! I love you more! You did this to be more exciting for me! No, I'm not satisfied!'

"He rammed into me, squeezed my breasts until milk squirted out, and ravished me. Then he paused and said, "You're incredibly wet and have a lot of sperm in you! Did Bill do it to you more than once?' I said that you had enjoyed me so much that you helped yourself to seconds. Then he resumed fucking me, harder and faster. He came, and I would have, if he had lasted a few minutes longer.

"He was almost as surprised by what you did to me as by what I let you do. I told him, 'Bill is well educated, well read, and has a good sense of humor. He is what women call safe, safe company, safe even to be alone with. He is shy, quiet, gentle, unassuming and very married. He doesn't fancy himself god's gift to women, so he won't make a pass. He's not devastatingly handsome or excruciatingly charming. Still, when I'm with him, when he looks at me, I feel more aware of being a woman. I felt I disappointed him when he'd see me in slacks and an old shirt or sweatshirt. I was no siren, but I wanted to look attractive. After your fantasizing about him and me, I became curious how a little temptation, a subtle invitation, would affect him. I, being Plain Pam, didn't expect as strong a reaction as I stimulated!'

"Oh, I told him you sucked my milk and loved it. I asked him if you could milk me daily. He said you're welcome to milk me and fuck me as often as you want. He wants to talk dirty with you about the sex you have with me. He's not quite ready to watch you fuck me. He hopes you will help him to seduce Jean!"

We made dates for me to fuck her once a week and to meet daily for me to suck her excess milk.

Jim loved to find her freshly fucked with my sperm still in her and waiting for him to give her what she deserved for behaving like a slut.

A few weeks later, Jim and Pam invited us to supper at their home. I dared Jean to wear her cocktail dress, which displayed about 10" of her thighs when she stood and rode at least halfway up her thighs when she sat down. It was cut low to show off her large breasts and was made to be worn without a bra. She liked the idea of getting revenge on Pam for showing me her tits.

Jim said, "Jean, you look beautiful!" and gave her a hug.

"Thank you, Jim."

Pam wore a short skirt and a blouse with a low neckline. I said she looked good, too, and Pam gave me a hug that Jean didn't see.

We sat across from each other at the dinner table. Pam made a tasty meal and served wine. Jean liked to drink, so she had two glasses. Jim dropped his napkin on the floor and was slow picking it up. Jean seemed not to notice, because she still kept her thighs several inches apart.

Afterward, we sat in their living room, the women on the couch and Jim and I on easy chairs facing the couch. Jean was having difficulty sleeping, because of headaches and pain in her neck and shoulders. I mentioned Jean's headaches and other pain that made sleeping difficult. Jim offered to massage her neck and shoulders.

Pam said, "Jim gives good massages; he really does! You should let him try!"

Jim asked Jean to put her feet up on the couch and her lower back against the arm of the couch. This position caused her to bend her knees, and her skirt slid up to display most of her thighs and their lovely skin. Standing behind her, Jim had a good view of her breasts. Jim massaged her upper arms, shoulders, and neck. 

Jean responded, "Mmmmm!"

Pat lit up a joint and offered it to Jean.

"This might help relax your tense muscles and it can help with pain."

Jean wasn't a smoker, but she had smoked a few times and was able to inhale Pam's join. She took several puffs and did begin to relax. She didn't seem to notice Jim's hands moving over the exposed parts of her breasts.

"Jean, I can give you a better massage, if I can take the dress off your shoulders."

"Oh . . . , but I'm not wearing a bra. I guess I can cover my breasts with my hands."

Before she finished the sentence, Jim had unzipped her dress all the way down the back and slipped it off her shoulders. She cupped her breasts, but her small hands could cover only the lower halves, just past her nipples and aureoles. His big hands explored her bare back, and his long fingers brushed the bare sides of her breasts. Jean gave a little shiver.

Meanwhile, Pam had finished the joint and removed her blouse.

"Now, Jean, you won't be the only one partly undressed!"

"Why don't you take your bra off, too? I know Bill saw your bare boobs! Shall we compare tits? Jim, would you like to see a pair of big tits?" Jean giggled.

"I'm dying to see yours, Jean!"

Pam accepted Jean's challenge and stripped off her bra. Her nipples were excited.

Jean said, "Well, you do have longer, sexier nipples than mine! Bill, do you mind if Jim strips my breasts bare?"

"No, I'd be proud to show you off!"

Jim stripped Jean naked to the waist.

"God, you have big, beautiful breasts, Jean! I've always wanted to see them!"

"I bet you'd like to get your hands on them, too! Bill, should I let Jim massage my tits? Pam, do you mind if Jim massages my tits? I'm sure Bill would like to get his hands on yours!"

Nobody objected, and there were 4 erect nipples and two erect cocks among us. Pam, seeing my hardon, walked over to me, sat in my lap and squirmed about until she was comfortable and I was uncomfortable. Her skirt rode more than halfway up her thighs invitingly, so my hands began exploring them, Apparently, when all attention was on Jean and Jim, Pam had removed her panties!

Jim was thoroughly feeling up Jean's tits, and she sighed and moaned with pleasure. It appeared that he was unzipping his pants, taking his cock out and rubbing it on Jean's bare back! Pam unzipped my shorts, freed my cock and aimed it at her already wet cunt. She squirmed about until I had penetrated her, and then she impaled herself completely on my cock. With my cock in her, we turned to watch the show of Jim seducing Jean, who was high with a dazed smile.

"Jean, let me give you a full body massage. You'll relax even more and enjoy it."

Jim picked Jean up and carried her into the bedroom. Pam and I uncoupled to follow and see the show. Jim stood my wife up and stripped her dress off and then slipped her panties down to her ankles. In a daze of drugs and sexual excitement, Jean stepped out of them and lay prone on the bed. Pam lay on her back beside Jean, and spread her legs for me to mount her. Oh was Pam ready for fucking! We just lay with my cock in her juicy cunt while we watched Jim's progress to score with my wife.

Jim massaged Jean's feet.

"Oh, that feels nice, Jim!"

Jim worked his way up Jean's ankles and calves. Gently, he caressed the erogenous zones at the back of her knees. Then he worked his hands up and up Jean's lovely thighs.

"You have beautiful legs, Jean! You look great in short skirts and dresses!"

"Thank you, Jim!"

Jim's hands were close to Jean's cunt, now. He had coaxed her thighs apart enough so that he feel her inner thighs and see her cunt. He skipped to her ass to massage and knead her plump, firm buttocks until he had her moaning with pleasure. Then he massaged her back, sides, arms, shoulders and neck.

"Okay, Jean, turn over."

Without seeming to think, Jean turned over to display her tits and cunt for Jim's enjoyment! As Jim felt his way up her legs, Jean turned to see Pam naked with me on top of her and my cock in her.

"The slut deserves a good fucking! Give it to her, Bill!"

Jim began massaging Jean's mound of Venus until her outer labia became swollen and inflamed. Then he found her clit and rubbed it. He opened her cunt and began to finger-fuck her.

Jean now saw that Jim had his pants and undershorts off and was sporting a big hardon for her. She looked at Jim's face, his cock, and me on Pam.

"Jim, it looks big!"

Jean reached for Jim's cock, pressed her lips to its head, licked it tentatively and then took his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked, as Jim groaned with pleasure!

"Now maybe it will fit! Did Pam do that for you, Bill?"

Jean raised her knees and spread her legs wide for Jim. He touched her opening with the head of his cock and used his thumb to press it into her cunt. Jean's mouth was wide open as she gasped and flinched a little. Jim paused for a moment and massaged her tits. Then he thrust and split her cunt open!

"Oh, my god!"

"I'm sorry! Did it hurt?"

"Nooo, I just felt very stretched open!"

The way open to possess her now, Jim thrust deeper and deeper. 

Jean cried, "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!"

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she closed them as Jim drove his cock home. He took a while to savor her wet cunt around his cock and give her a chance to recover her senses. Jean relaxed some and welcomed her guest. Then, he began fucking her by almost withdrawing his cock, only to drive it home to her again. She gasped and moaned. As Jim fucked her harder and faster, Jean began screaming. She took a few minutes of this ravishing, but then she fainted! I became alarmed, but Pam said,

"Don't worry, Bill, Jim didn't fuck your wife to death! She just fainted. Sexual excitement enhanced by drugs can do that. I fainted two different times when Jim did it to me. After my first baby, my vagina was stretched so that I could accommodate him easier."

Jim had paused when Jean fainted, but he was too excited to stop. He fucked her steadily while she lay helpless. He shouted in triumph as he pumped a big load of his sperm deep into my wife. He lay on her for a minute or two and then turned toward us.

"Pam, did you get excited watching me fuck Jean? You're nodding your head. Go ahead, Bill, and fuck Pam. We know she wants it! I want to see you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed your wife. Let's be proud of our sexy, exciting wives! Fuck my wife!"

Jean regained consciousness in time to watch me fuck Pam. Jim kindly placed a pillow under her head so that she could see, but he kept his cock in her. Pam squirmed on my cock and spurred my thighs with her heels urging me to ride her. I grasped her tits, and she opened her lips for a passionate kiss. 

"Fuck me, Bill, please fuck me!"

I began to fuck her slowly, because I was over-stimulated. Pam wrapped her legs around me and ran her hands up and down my back. She wailed with pleasure. She was showing off for our audience. The two women were competing to be the best fuck. Jim and Jean watched, mesmerized by our frenzied mating. Pam reached down and rubbed her clit rapidly. I fucked her harder and faster. She emitted a long wail as she squirted.

Jim said to Jean, who looked astonished, "Pam squirts when she has really good sex!"

I made a guttural sound as I emptied my balls into Pam's slick cunt and lay down on her.

Jean asked, "You two fit together very well! Is this the first time you've had Pam, or did you fuck her the day you drove her to that meeting?"

Jim answered, "Bill got so excited seeing my wife's legs and tits, and she got so excited showing him her body that she let him take her in our bed! Bill enjoyed fucking my wife so much that he fucked her a second time! When I came home, I found her naked in our bed, freshly fucked with Bill's sperm in her!"

"Didn't you get angry and jealous?"

"No, I got excited to see Pam being so sexy! I wanted for a long time to spice up our sex life! I jumped on her and fucked her myself! Now, Bill has a 'standing' date to fuck my wife every week, and we hope she keeps exciting Bill to do it to her!"

"So, Bill, while you're fucking Pam every week, what am I supposed to be doing, letting Jim fuck me?"

Three of us said, "Yes!"

Pam said, "I saw that you enjoyed letting Jim fuck you!"

"I was unconscious! I don't know how it felt!"

"You were conscious long enough to have an orgasm and faint from excitement!" Pam charged.

"Well, I don't remember much."

"Let me refresh your memory," Jim said.

He still possessed her, and his cock was hard in her again. He began fucking my wife. She lay back submissively. He fucked her slowly for about 10 minutes, and Jean took it like a hot wife. She moaned at every thrust.

"You're getting nice and wet for me, Jean! We fit well, now! Bill, I love how your wife's tight, wet cunt grips my cock, as if it won't let go until I've fucked her enough!"

He fucked her faster. She began screaming and cumming on his cock. She begged him to finish her off.

"Do you want me to cum in you, Jean, now?"

"Yes, yes! Cum in me now!"

"Oh, God! Can you feel my cock pumping my sperm into your belly?"


"Does it feel good?"

"Yes, it feels good!"

Their sex show aroused Pam and me again. She smiled to feel me hard to fuck her again. I began slowly, caressing her thighs outside and inside. I played with her tits and sucked her nipples until they were an inch long and squirted her milk onto my tongue. I massaged her mound. Her labia were swollen and inflamed. I squeezed her tits and we French-kissed while I began fucking her. Again, she wrapped her arms and legs around me to get my cock as deep into her as possible. I was able to give her a long, hard fucking and make her cum. She became wetter and wetter, so I had to fuck her even harder and faster in order to cum in her. I certainly didn't want to disappoint her or myself! She had another squirting climax. We worked up a sweat coupling like animals until, with ecstatic relief, I unloaded deep into her. We lay lovingly together.

I saw that Jean was ready to leave. She looked embarrassed at what she had let Jim do to her. As we left, Pam gave me a hug and kiss; Jim gave Jean a hug and kiss. On the drive home, Jean was silent for a while.

"Well, congratulations on your conquest of Pam! I suppose I should give her credit: she's not a prick-teaser after all. She was testing her sexual power by showing you her legs and tits. She was prepared to put out to you and obviously loved doing it to her! I don't blame you for fucking her; she deserved it. What upsets me is that three of you conspired to seduce me, make me an adulteress and become equally guilty!"

"Remember Tom Jones's code? He thought it would be ungallant if a woman invited him to her bed and he refused. Remember what Zorba the Greek said to his young friend refusing the beautiful widow? If a woman invites you to her bed, and you refuse, it's a terrible sin! On the other hand, women can reject men and feel righteous. It appeared to me that you got excited and enjoyed everything Jim did to you. He has always liked you."

"Now he likes me a lot more—on my back in bed! He fucked me into submission."

"If he did, you granted him a second helping! Be generous with your body; it's made to give and receive sexual pleasure. I wanted to share you."

"So you expect to keep fucking Pam, and Jim expects to keep fucking me!"

"The woman should always decide whether or not give a man sex. If she's enough of a woman, she admits that she would probably enjoy the sex he wants to give her."

"Pam probably wants you to fuck her every day. She could still satisfy Jim as well! Am I supposed to go without, because you'd rather fuck her as often as possible, or is your scheme for Jim to satisfy me?"

"Darling, I still want you! We've made some very erotic memories. All I have to do to get excited about you is to remember how much you excited Jim and how much he enjoyed you! If you don't want me to fuck Pam again, and you don't want to let Jim fuck you, we will stop. They'll understand, and we will still be friends with them."

"Well, I hope so! If Pam feels rejected; you can explain that you still want her, but I am jealous, because she squirts and I can't. I wouldn't want to hurt Jim's feelings, either. I could explain to Jim that, although I enjoyed sex with him, I thought it prudent that we not become habituated to it. I could still let him give me a hug and a kiss. He does give a good massage." Jean smiled slyly.

"Do you suppose I could ask him to massage my neck, shoulders and back, instead of giving me a full body massage?"

"If you don't let him reach around your back and TITillate you!"

"Ha, ha! If a man gets his hands on my bare breasts, I'm a goner! Remember how you got me into bed? The first time you got my bra off, felt my breasts and kissed them, I got so excited that I surrendered and wanted you to possess me! Don't tell Jim how sensitive my breasts are, because if he ever gets his hands on them bare again, I'll probably let him fuck me again!"

"Honey, I think you gave that secret away the first time you let him handle your breasts."


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