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Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 09

Amanda hugged me tight.

"Are you sure you're ok with this? I can go with you instead, if you want."

At 5'6, my wife stood barely to my chin. I gently rubbed my nose into her straight, black, silky hair, which flowed to the small of her back. It was so soft and fragrant that I knew I could lose myself in there, as I had done so many times throughout the course of our marriage. She had a natural bronze tint to her skin that made her seem more exotic with her lush lips, dark eyes, and thick eyebrows.

"Amanda, I'm totally fine with this," I assured her for the umpteenth time. "We've all been discussing this for months now. Scott and Brandy understand the boundaries, and everything is out on the table so no one gets hurt. I'm totally excited for you!"

But Amanda still appeared unsure.

I continued in a much gentler voice, "Don't be concerned about hurting me. After all we've been through... after all we've already done... I still want this for you."

Amanda slugged me playfully in the left bicep. "You sure you're not letting me do this just for your own perverted benefit?" It was a rhetorical question, and we both knew it.

"Haha! Do I really need to answer that? You know I've always wanted to give you everything you need, and more. I just want you happy."

The truth really was that simple.

I could tell my wife was coming around, but the trepidation was still there. It dawned on me that something specific was troubling her.

"What's wrong, Mandy? Are you scared? If it doesn't feel right, then don't go! I never want you to be uncomfortable. I want you to feel safe. You know what? Forget the whole thing. Come with me to Vegas. It'll be fun, we'll have an awesome time!"

My wife laughed and, like always, it sounded like heavenly music. "Hmmm... do I want to accompany you to Las Vegas, and spend an entire weekend with a bunch of frat boys, most of whom still act like... well, frat boys? Let me think about this..."

"Hey!" I exclaimed in an injured tone. "Those guys are some of my closest friends! And it's 'fraternity', not 'frat'."

Amanda's disgusted expression matched the sound that she made. "Whatever. The point is, spending time with a bunch of 30-something year old FRAT boys isn't my idea of a vacation. And drinking and gambling all weekend doesn't really appeal to me."

"Don't forget about the strip clubs," I told her impudently.

"Gawd, just surf the 'net for porn!" She actually sounded exasperated.

I grinned incorrigibly at my wife, and pressed my forehead to hers. The exchange had been our personal sign of affection from almost the first day we met. "Why don't you come to Vegas with me, and you can strip for us." I was teasing her, but a part of me was serious. "I would love nothing more than to show off your sexy body and be the envy of my buddies. Besides, I'm sure they would fuck you nonstop for the whole weekend, if you wanted."

"So what you're saying is, you want your frat brothers to gangbang me, is that right?"

"Well, you said it."

Another playful punch. "Omigod, you're unbelievable!"

We burst out laughing.

Eventually, Amanda's expression turned serious once more. "I know we've done crazier things than this. Much crazier things. But..."

My heart pounded as she left her sentence hanging.

She sighed. "You know, that first night when I slept with Glenn and the other guys, you were right here with me [Chapter 1]. Even when I saw each of them afterwards, I knew you were always close by. But now..."

"What is it, Mandy? Tell me."

"But now you're going to be a 5 hour plane ride away."

"Are you afraid something bad will happen? That they may do something to you?"

"No, no. Nothing like that. I trust them. And I can handle myself." Her fists suddenly clenched. "And I won't let anyone hurt me again."

I felt a surge of pride at her confident words. It had only been months since her assault [Chapter 7], but Amanda had undoubtedly rediscovered her resolve.

"If it's not that, then what is it?"

"I guess I don't feel right going through with this when you're so far away. Like... like I'm being dishonest or unfaithful."

I sighed. "Mandy, I love you so, so much. I have never questioned your faithfulness, that's the last thing I'm worried about." I swallowed hard and licked my lips that had suddenly become dry. "I'm at peace with who we are, and where we are in our marriage. And I know you are, too. But if you don't feel right about the situation..."

It was my turn to trail off.

Amanda and I gazed at each other wordlessly. We had experienced so much, and endured happiness and horror, since the nature of our marriage had expanded. But it only made us love each other even more, and strengthened our bond to an unbreakable point.

"I love you," Amanda told me in a quavering voice, thick with emotion that essentially informed me of her decision.

"I love you, too." We touched foreheads again.

The idea of forgoing my trip and cancelling on my fraternity brothers, some of whom I hadn't seen in almost a decade, abruptly entered my mind. Spending a moment with my wife far surpassed a thousand Vegas trips. But as I looked at her, I knew I had to go. Although she would never outright say it, despite her misgivings, Amanda had been looking forward to this weekend. It was something that would be invigorating for her.

And, truth be told, imagining what she was going to do, and what was going to be done to her, while I was gone aroused me to no end.

"I should probably leave before I miss my flight." There was only a slight tinge of reluctance in my voice. "And you need to head over soon, too."

"Where's your suitcase? Is it already in the car?"


"That's good. I have my overnight bag right here."

"What do you need an overnight bag for? You're just going next door to Scott and Brandy's."

My wife's expression became downright naughty. She opened her bag and pulled out the first item: the proverbial "little black dress". It was sleeveless and strapless, made of that tight, stretchy material which always conformed perfectly to her body. The fabric would be skintight on her, and the skirt was so short that it wouldn't even reach halfway to her knees.

No doubt it would accentuate Amanda's best physical attributes: her toned shoulders and arms, her 34C breasts, the curves of her hips, and her incredible ass.

I looked at her questioningly.

"Brandy and Scott bought it for me."

"Oh, really?" My cock throbbed as I pictured her wearing the skimpy dress.

She asked with genuine humility, "Do you think I'll look ridiculous in this thing?"

Amanda was going to look so stunning wearing it that her question almost made me laugh in disbelief. "It might be easier if I dropped my pants to show you my opinion."

Amanda blushed, causing her freckles, which had always been one of my secret fetishes, to stand out even more. She rolled the dress carefully into her bag and showed me one last item: a set of plum-colored underwear. The top resembled one of those Lycra sports bras that she often wore to the gym or out running. The way they wrapped her breasts gave me an instant erection every time, and I suspected that they had the same effect on her running partner Bryan [Chapter 6]. The panties were somewhat rectangular in shape, and of the "boyshort" design.

The set definitely had a sporty quality about them, which suited Amanda and her athletic lifestyle perfectly. I recognized them immediately. I had given them to her some time back, and they were my favorite.

"You'll be gone, but not forgotten," she told me sweetly. "It'll be like you're right there with me."

I looked from my wife to the underwear she clutched in her hand, then back to my wife. My erection was raging in my pants. "Screw the damn traffic. I need to fuck you one last time before I leave."

She was already unbuttoning my shirt. "One for the road, eh? Yea, I can go for that!"

"Put the dress on. I want to make love to you while you're wearing it." The notion of fucking Amanda while she wore a sexy dress that somebody else had given her was extremely hot to me.

The doorbell rang.

Amanda instinctively turned towards front door, but I pulled her back. "Forget the doorbell," I growled. I wanted my wife one last time before our neighbors would have her body all to themselves.

Just as they had before [Chapter 8].

The doorbell rang again. And again. And several more times, each time sounding more incessant than the last.

I began to swear profusely as I buttoned my shirt. "I swear, if it's a goddamn door-to-door salesman, I'm going to strangle him!"

Amanda went to the door and opened it. Standing on our porch was a short blonde who was just a shade over 5ft tall, with long hair, slightly wavy bangs, hazel eyes, and a fantastic, curvy ass. She wore a dark brown halter top, outlining the huge breasts on her petite frame, over a pair of tight jeans and pumps.

Next to my wife, she was one of the most stunning women I had ever laid eyes on.

The highly attractive woman tucked her hands casually in her back pockets, which only made her bust more prominent. "Howdy, neighbors," she drawled. "I was wondering if Amanda can come out and play?" The sultry tone of her voice combined with her enormous tits made me ache in a pleasant way.

"Brandy!" Amanda greeted. "Come in, come in. My husband and I were just saying our good-byes. He's getting ready to leave, and I was about to head over to your place."

My wife hugged Brandy as she entered our home. They shared a long kiss with a level of intimacy that would've surprise anyone but me and Scott. I studied them, watching the way their mouths worked, observing how their bodies mashed against each other.

Once they finally disengaged, Brandy then turned to me. "Hello, handsome." She kissed me as well, with equal fervor. I wrapped my arm around her slender waist to bring her close to me. As my tongue snaked into her mouth, I could easily taste my wife. Though the passion I displayed towards Brandy was quite less than my norm for Amanda, a casual onlooker would've assumed the busty blonde and I were serious lovers.

"Mmm... I always love the way you kiss." Then Brandy grinned sheepishly. "I'll be honest, Scott and I are getting restless. He sent me over here to see if I could speed things up." She looked meaningfully at my wife. "My husband's been like a dog in heat waiting for you!"

I sighed forlornly. Leaving my wife so she could have a sex-filled weekend with our gorgeous neighbors had seemed like a good idea, but I was suddenly feeling excluded.

"Well, I guess that's my cue to get going." I tried not to sound glum. "I should be getting on the road, anyway." I looked seriously at Brandy. "Take good care of my Mandy. I love her so much, she means the world to me."

Brandy's response was sincere. "I know. We all do. Scott and I are going to take great care of your wife, and make her the center of our universe while you're gone. We'll keep her safe, and treat her well. I promise, you have nothing to worry about. We'll make her happy."

That assured me somewhat. Brandy took a subtle step back to give us some privacy.

"One last time....are you sure about this? I won't go over if you're not feeling it. I still fly to Vegas with you, there's enough time for me to buy a ticket. Or I can stay home by myself, it doesn't matter."

"I just want you to be happy. That's all I care about. As long as you feel safe and comfortable spending the weekend with Brandy and Scott, I want this for you."

My wife's face beamed with love that matched the surge in my heart. She wrapped her arms around me. "I hope you have a great time with your fraternity brothers."

I kissed her one last time. "I love you, Mandy."

"I love you, too."

I reluctantly let her go. As I headed out the door towards the car, I called back loudly so Brandy would hear, "Make sure you take a lot of pictures!"

The love of my life, my beautiful wife Amanda, smirked at me. "Don't worry, babe. I always do."

My cock was hard all the way to Vegas.


Brandy was acting like a schoolgirl as she led Amanda inside her home.

"I still can't believe all this is happening," she confessed breathlessly, excitement and anticipation evident in her voice and movements. "Damn, I can't even believe all that's ALREADY happened between the four of us! And you... and your husband... I'm amazed, and quite frankly, so jealous, that the two of you can thrive in an open marriage."

Amanda was holding our neighbor's hand, and she squeezed it affectionately. "I have to admit, I freaked out at first. You have no idea how frightening it was to walk into my house to discover 5 naked men... men I know very well... waiting there for us!"

"Waiting there for you!" Brandy corrected. She had heard the stories about the gangbang [Chapter 1], and about Amanda's subsequent encounters with her lovers [Chapters 2-6] countless times already, but it never got old. It was more arousing to her than reading a well-written, cheesy romance novel.

"I'm just so happy you and your husband welcomed us into your lives," Brandy continued. She hesitated, and it appeared as though she was about to say more, but at that moment, her husband strolled into the room.

Scott was a handsome man to the point of his looks being unfair. Standing over 6ft tall, he possessed a muscular build with broad shoulders, penetrating blue eyes that made women (and some men) swoon, and shoulder-length, brown hair. He had a sharp jawline and poignant cheekbones that gave him a serious air.

Scott's face split into a wide grin when he saw Amanda, and she felt momentarily weak in the knees; even his own wife felt her heart flutter.

"Amanda! It's so good to see you!" He crossed the distance between them in 2 bounding steps, and swept her into his powerful arms. Amanda didn't resist.

Brandy watched and smiled as her husband kissed my wife, his hands sliding from her hips down to her ass, and groping them. The sounds of wet licks devouring each other, heavy breathing with occasional moans, and bodies rubbing against each other filled the room for a decent amount of time. Scott and Amanda were panting when they finally separated.

"You have no idea how happy we are that you're able to spend the weekend with us." The excitement in his tone matched Brandy's as he stepped next to his wife, and held her close.

"I'm psyched, too, but we have my husband to thank. I wouldn't be here right now without his approval."

Brandy nodded. "We know, honey. Scott and I are finally beginning to understand your marriage, and it really is a beautiful thing." She pouted, "I wish he would've skipped his trip so we could spend the weekend as one big happy family. I mean, I should be able to have sex with your husband if you're going to have sex with mine, right?"

Everyone laughed. Scott, in particular, appeared as though he was about to rip my wife's clothes off. But Amanda shook her head incredulously. "You just spent last Friday night with us! You fucked my husband twice, and you even woke him at the crack of dawn to fuck him again!"

Scott was still chuckling. "And here I thought you had the biggest sexual appetite out of all of us, Amanda."

"You get cheap thrills watching me screw her husband, Scott, just like he loves watching her with other people. Don't lie!"

"Oh, I do. Believe me, I do. And I love watching you with other women, too." He eyes danced meaningfully between the two women. The drop in his tone was noticeable as he added, "And the only thing better than watching you with another woman is joining you both."

Amanda could already feel her pulse quickening, and it was suddenly a little harder to breathe. An odd question suddenly entered her mind, one that she had never asked herself before: was she a slut? After all, she had slept with numerous men: her boss Glenn; the soft-spoken, pony-tailed Asian Phillip, Jansen, who was even taller and broader than Scott, and wielded his enormous cock like a weapon; Bryan, whose lewd behavior towards my wife secretly turned her on; and my best friend Dimitri, whom I loved dearly. And this wasn't even including Geoffrey and Kenneth, two former coworkers who had abused and humiliated her because they wrongly believed that Glenn had given her preferential treatment [Chapters 1-7].

And now she was having an affair with a married couple.

Sure, save for Geoffrey and Kenneth, Amanda knew that she had my full consent to engage in these extramarital relationships. She was aware that the more she enjoyed it, the more I got off from it. But as she stood there, looking at Brandy and Scott, who were clearly hungry for her, my wife began to wonder if she had finally gone too far. She hadn't ruined any marriages yet, but was that only a matter of time? Even now, as Brandy and Scott were currently in the process of redesigning the boundaries of their own union, Amanda feared our relationship with them would ultimately complicate things.

My wife licked her lips and swallowed hard. She returned the lustful gaze that our neighbors shared for her. The wonderful, tingly sensation in her nipples and clit as they hardened could not be denied. She felt hot all over her body.

Amanda knew why she was here. And why I had left her for the weekend.

"Why don't we all go someplace where we can get a little bit more... comfortable?"

Brandy and Scott nodded dumbly and emphatically.

"I want us to be naked, no clothes allowed." Amanda paused for dramatic effect. "For the entire weekend."

Scott was ready to fuck my wife right now, but Brandy unintentionally cock-blocked him. "I have the perfect idea. We have some time before dinner. Why don't we all take a relaxing dip in our new hot tub? Amanda, Scott and I just had it installed on our back porch 2 days ago. I can't think of a better time to test it out than now."

"Oooohhh, that DOES sound perfect."

Brandy looked at her husband. "Scott?"

"Sure," he nodded, but his expression indicated otherwise. Clearly, he was impatient to be with Amanda, but did not want to oppose his wife.

"Splendid! Let's have some drinks out there, too, shall we? Hon, be a dear, and bring out a bottle of wine and some glasses. Amanda and I will meet you there."

"Ok, love. But the two of you better not start the fun without me."

Brandy laughed. "We still have to change, after all."

A thin smile creased Amanda's lips. "I didn't bring a bikini."

"But how---?" The blonde caught my wife's look, and reddened in embarrassment. "Ah, yes. 'Naked all weekend'. Of course." Brandy shook her head. "Seriously, Amanda. I need to start thinking more like you. Come on, let's go!"

Five minutes later, Brandy was opening the sliding glass door which led to the back porch. The covered deck was made of a dark brown, water-sealed wood, and was quite expansive. Nestled in one corner was the brand new hot tub that was large enough to fit 4 people. Outdoor furniture, including 2 patio chairs, a table, and a long bench decorated the area next to it.

Brandy led my wife out, and closed the door behind them. Beach towels were wrapped tightly around their bodies. She looked hesitantly at Amanda, but my wife didn't second-guess their current situation. The awning above the porch completely shielded them from prying eyes, so Amanda calmly drew the towel from her body, and laid it neatly out on one of the lounge chairs. Brandy's eyes lingered on my wife flawless nakedness before she removed her own towel as well.

"Should we wait for my husband?"

Amanda thought about it. "No, let's go in first."

Brandy stared at Amanda's backside as she climbed up several small steps on the side of the hot tub, and lowered herself gingerly into the water. "What kind of hold does this girl have over me?" Brandy asked herself. Despite the fact that they had been intimate with each other several times already, it was still a new feeling for her, and one that scared the busty blonde.

"I can't believe how perfect the water feels. The temperature is just right!"

Amanda's voice snapped Brandy back into the moment, and she quickly approached the hot tub, turning a knob on the outer frame to initiate the jets. My wife playfully splashed Brandy as she joined her in the water. They hugged each other tightly.

"I'm so happy that you're here, Amanda."

"Me, too."

"Here, turn around. I want to hold you."

My wife did as she was asked and spun in the water, facing away from Brandy. Brandy moved behind and straddled her. She kissed the back of Amanda's neck. When she didn't pull away, Brandy gave her more kisses before resting her head on Amanda's shoulder. My wife leaned back, feeling her friend's erect nipples poking into her back. Her own breasts crested the surface of the water in her reclined position, making them feel pleasantly buoyant.

Brandy wrapped her arms around Amanda's waist. The women didn't speak. Only the sound of moving water interrupted the silence. Timidly at first, but quickly becoming more confident, Brandy began touching her lover's stomach. She marveled at how chiseled Amanda's abdominals were. At first, Brandy only teased her with her fingertips, but slowly began using her entire palm for deeper, heaver strokes. She felt a fire starting to rage within herself, and realized that she wanted more.

Amanda could sense that the beautiful woman sitting behind her was still holding back. "It's ok, Brandy. You can touch me. Here, let me help you, sweetie." She took Brandy's right hand and guided it around her body to place it on the underside of her breast. The blonde immediately felt its perfect shape and size, giving it a loving squeeze.

"Do you like it when I touch your breasts, Amanda?"

"I LOVE it. It feels so... right."

Brandy lowered her other hand from Amanda's tummy, and very delicately strummed her cleanly shaven and sensitive clit. My wife wasn't expecting it, and left out a soft moan.

"And do you like it when I touch you here, my love?"

My wife's response was to take Brandy's left hand and guide it in slow, circular motions.

"Ohhhh....that's it, girl. Show me what you like."

Amanda began shifting her hips in slow movements as she continued to use Brandy's fingers to pleasure herself. Brandy, to her credit, didn't want to neglect her friend's left breast, so she switched hands, now massaging Amanda's left tit while bringing her opposite hand to play beneath the water.

"Has all the extramarital sex truly made your marriage better?"

Amanda's eyes had been closed, and she had been savoring the warmth of the water, as well as Brandy's skillful hands moving all over her. That was why it took her a moment to realize the seriousness of Brandy's question.

Amanda sat up, turned, and faced her friend. "Believe it or not, Brandy, it has. It really has. And my husband and I had a wonderful marriage and sex life to begin with. But, having an open relationship has allowed us to take things to a completely different level. If you would've told me on our wedding night that we would be sleeping with other people after years of marriage and be ok with it, I wouldn't have believed it. I wouldn't think we were capable of it. Yet here we are." My wife became silent, and considered her next words carefully. "But I do need to say this: you and Scott need to be absolutely certain that you're both strong enough to handle an open marriage. Will he start feeling differently after you've slept with 4 other men? 5 other men? What's his limit? Does he even have a limit? Can you handle watching Scott bring other women into your bed? Will you be able to kiss him after his lips were on someone else? Will you be able to hold him, knowing that he may be thinking of another woman? I know these are obvious questions, but if either of you have even the slightest doubt that you can handle it... I just don't want you or Scott to have your heart broken."

Brandy nodded gravely. "I understand, and appreciate how honest you are. And I think Scott and I will be able to keep our feelings about other people separate, like we have been. But would you have done anything differently? With your husband, and all the men you've been with, I mean."

Amanda sighed. "It's ironic that you ask me that question now because there is something I wish I hadn't done."

"What is it?"

"I wish I would've stayed away from married men."

"But Scott..."

"He's a different story because you're in on it." My wife thought about Glenn and his wife, and of their daughters, one who was actually older than her; she thought of Phillip and his family... his wife and 4 children, the youngest who was only a toddler and the oldest who was about to enter college. She privately vowed she would never be the "other woman".

"The only other advice I have to give you, Brandy, is that if you...or Scott... or going to sleep with married people, make sure the spouses are aware, and ok with it, too."

Brandy was quiet. She studied Amanda wordlessly for so long that my wife began developing the uneasy feeling that her friend was judging her, and not in a good way. Finally, Brandy smiled warmly. "Thank you, Amanda. I think it was hard for you to share those thoughts with me, and I appreciate it so much."

Brandy leaned in, absently touching her forehead to my wife's. Amanda was reminded so much of our own personal sign of affection that she actually started.

Brandy softly stroked Amanda's freckled cheek. "Amanda... so brave and full of surprises... so naughty and yet so nice... so beautiful... I'd like to kiss you right now, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all."

Brandy was on her instantly, and Amanda was surprised by her friend's ferocity. Not only did Brandy devour her lips and slip her tongue deeply down her throat, but her hands seemed to be all over her and everywhere at once. Even submerged in the water, Amanda could feel her pussy become instantaneously wet.

"Stand up."

Amanda rose to full height, everything above her thighs suddenly exposed, water sparkling as it cascaded down her skin. Brandy stood as well, and glided her hands heavily all over my wife's body, from her cheeks down her neck and over her shoulders, down her arms and then back up, and then swirling them all over Amanda's breasts.

"I can't stop touching you... I don't want to stop touching you."

Before my wife could respond, Brandy leaned down to kiss her nipples, one first then the other, sucking and licking them in alternating fashion. Amanda's head rolled back, and she weaved her fingers through her lover's hair.

Suddenly, my wife caught a furtive movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned her head to look. She could clearly see Scott on the other side of the sliding glass door, watching them. He was naked, with his enormous erection in his hand. His hot breathe was clouding up the glass, and the intense expression on his face didn't change when he saw that Amanda had discovered him.

"How long has he been standing there?" she silently wondered. Then to Scott's wife, she announced, "We have a peeping tom."

The petite woman didn't stop kissing and touching Amanda's breasts, but she angled her head enough to see her husband. "Maybe we should give my man a show, my love. What do you think? Or should we invite him over?"

The possibilities were endless. But the idea of having an audience always thrilled my wife. And she knew how to make a man even hotter for her.

"Let him watch."

Brandy mewed in lust, and began working her lips and tongue all over Amanda more heatedly. She moved her hands downward, easily finding the wet crease between my wife's legs, and poked 2 fingers in. Amanda sighed and squirmed against the intrusion, parting her thighs and rocking her hips to impale herself more deeply. Brandy consequently started to shift her fingers back and forth, amazed at how quickly they became glazed in wetness, and how loose Amanda's pussy was.

Without being prompted, Amanda lifted one leg and placed her foot on the top edge of the hot tub, giving Brandy unimpeded access. But Brandy was no longer content to merely finger my wife; she needed a taste. She quickly crouched into the water and pressed her face into the gaping chasm between Amanda's legs.

Amanda closed her eyes and lolled her head back with a loud moan. "Omigod, that's it, Brandy. That feels so good..."

My wife strained to keep her balance as her friend enthusiastically ate her pussy. Brandy rolled her tongue and inserted it as far as she could, then slid a hand up Amanda's body to grope blindly at her breasts. With other hand, she began rubbing Amanda's bare clit while continuing to make love to her with her tongue.

Amanda refrained from reaching down to touch her lover. She didn't want to interrupt what Brandy was doing, and knew with certainty that no man--- not even her husband--- could generate the incredible, mind-blowing sensations that Brandy was providing right now. Her pussy was practically gushing, and she didn't want it to stop. Apparently, neither did Brandy, as she lapped Amanda's juices hungrily.

Amanda whispered, "You please me in ways that no man would understand, Brandy."

The petite blonde's face was glistening with wetness as she pulled back to gaze adoringly up at my wife. "Your pussy tastes so divine, like nothing I've experienced before." She shivered despite being bathed in the warm water. "You have such a hold over me, Amanda. It excites and scares me to no end. I feel so vulnerable and yet so alive when I'm with you. Not even Scott can make me feel this way." Brandy suddenly froze. "Scott," she repeated, her eyes suddenly widening.

She had forgotten that her husband was watching them.

Brandy leaned in again and landed a soft kiss between Amanda's legs. Then to my wife's surprise, Brandy abruptly stood up, and pushed her to one side of the hot tub. Grabbing her somewhat roughly by the shoulders, Brandy spun her around to face away from Scott.

"Bend over," she commanded.

Amanda hesitated.

The tiny blonde slapped her solidly on the ass. "I said... bend over!"

My wife solemnly did as she was told, bending 90 degrees at the waist while supporting her upper body on the edge of the hot tub. Brandy rubbed her ass in a slow, heavy movement as she purred like a cat. Then she lifted her hand and spanked my wife once more.

"Brandy! What's come over you?"

"I wish you could see the look on my husband's face right now. He's so in awe of your beauty. You have absolutely no idea how much he talks about you, how badly he lusts for you. He craves your pussy, just like I do. Let's give him a peek, shall we?" She stretched Amanda's asscheeks apart and gaped her vaginal entrance, which was still red and engorged from the oral sex. Keeping the hole stretched open, Brandy massaged her fingers up and down my wife's slit, occasionally driving them in and out. She didn't have to look at Scott to know his reaction.

"That feels so good... almost as good as your tongue."

Another hard slap on her ass.

"What about this?" Keeping two fingers buried in Amanda's pussy, Brandy took the index finger of her other hand, and lightly swirled it around my wife's anus, causing her entire body to shiver. "Hmmm... so you DO like having your ass played with. So many cocks have been in here, I can tell. Maybe if you're lucky, we'll add one more to the list before the weekend is over." Brandy looked up at her husband. "Look at my Scott, love. Just Look at him. He wants you so badly!"

Amanda maintained her position, but swiveled her head back. Scott's eyes were bulging, and he was furiously masturbating. Brandy observed how quickly his hand was moving, and she began fingering my wife in both holes at a similar speed.

"Omigod, Brandy! What are you doing to me?"

"Same thing that I'm doing to Scott: getting you off."

It only took a moment before Amanda saw a white, creamy substance splatter onto the sliding glass door from the inside. No longer paying attention to Scott, she clenched her inner muscles to lend more friction to what Brandy was doing. Brandy's movements were deep and heavy, and Amanda suddenly felt her anus reflexively contract, followed immediately by the frightening sensation of losing her bowels. But my wife had experienced anal sex enough times to know that it was just a phantom feeling, and willingly let the swell wash over her. The spasmodic episode spread from her anal entrance to the rest of her body, and with a victorious cry, she felt a glorious explosion of warmth and wetness from her vagina.

Brandy giggled. "Now that's what I call killing two birds with one stone!"

My wife's legs bucked, but she caught herself. They both looked over at Scott, but he was gone. Left behind was copious amount of thick semen oozing down the glass.

The women wrapped their arms around each other, breast to breast, as they sunk back into the water. Amanda couldn't believe what her friend had just done to her, and savored the afterglow for a little while longer.

She began to climb out of the hot tub.

"Aren't you going to wait for Scott? I'm sure he's rushing back."

Amanda laughed as she retrieved her towel from the lounge chair and started drying herself. "He should've joined us earlier instead of watching and jerking off. Besides, it's almost dinner time, and you made me work up and appetite."

The busty blonde joined her on the deck, and kissed her on the cheek as she began toweling herself as well. "You're a cruel, cruel, dicktease! He's going to really give it to you when he finally gets his hands on you." Realization suddenly dawned on Brandy. "Oh, you clever girl! My poor husband..."

They laughed.

Brandy added mischievously, "Now that you've mentioned it, I'm starving, too!"

The door to the porch suddenly slid open, and Scott frantically hurried out. They immediately noticed his huge penis was fully hard again. He actually looked horrified that they had already exited the hot tub. "Hey, wait! What about me?"

Amanda smirked and lightly slapped at his erection, making it quiver in the air. "You came too late to the party, Scott. Brandy and I are hungry, we want to go out to dinner. You snooze, you lose." Trying to hide her evil grin, she hung her towel on Scott, using his erection like a hook, and casually sauntered inside.

His eyes followed her into the house. "That amazing ass," he breathed. When Amanda was gone, Scott regarded his wife forlornly. "Are you going to leave me like this, too?"

"I love you, hon." She gave her husband a quick kiss on the lips and hung her towel in the same humiliating fashion. "Come on, let's not keep the girl waiting."

Brandy followed my wife inside, leaving Scott naked and alone, and in agonizing need.


"Amanda! It's good to see you again. My Lord, you look amazing!"

Amanda, Brandy, and Scott were waiting for a table at our favorite Italian restaurant. The little black dress hugged her body as if it were merely another layer of skin, highlighting her athletic figure. She wore her luxurious hair in a tight bun, and together with the strapless cocktail dress left the smooth, naturally tan skin of her neck and shoulders exposed in a flawless nature. The bottom of the outfit rode tantalizingly high on her thighs.

Everyone in the restaurant was gawking at my wife the moment she entered.

Phillip brought her hand to his lips, and kissed it reverently.

Amanda beamed. "I've missed you, Phillip. And I'm happy to see that you haven't lost your manners."

It was the tall Asian man's turn to blush.

"Phillip, I want to introduce you to my friends, this is Brandy and Scott. Guys, this is Phillip. He a very special and dear friend of mine."

He smiled warmly at them. "Nice to meet you. Let me humbly welcome you to the restaurant. I truly hope you enjoy our food and ambience." He looked around. "Your husband isn't with you tonight?"

"No, he's in Las Vegas hanging out with some of his old fraternity brothers." Amanda wrinkled her nose before her expression changed, and her eyes twinkled. "I'm spending the weekend with Brandy and Scott."

Phillip instantly understood the allusion behind her words. "Is that right? Well, I hope they'll meet your expectations because I have no doubts that you'll greatly surpass theirs." He eyed our neighbors, who were trying to conceal their embarrassment. Openly smiling, he continued, "Give me a moment, and I'll have a table prepared for you and your... friends." He quickly left.

"So, uh.... Phillip. 'Special and dear friend'. He's one of your boyfriends?" Scott asked.

"None of them are my 'boyfriends'," Amanda corrected. She couldn't totally stem the exasperation in her voice. "But I do have a history with him, if you want to call it that."

Brandy laughed. "'History with him'? Is that what you call it?" She lowered her tone. "Phillip is right, though. You look absolutely devastating in that dress!"

"I'll be happier when we rip it off," her husband murmured, causing my wife to blush.

The ponytailed Asian man quickly returned, and immediately led them to a table. The ladies sat on either side of Scott, and directly across from each other. Brandy's eyes trailed Phillip as he left them to attend to other patrons. "I can see why you're attracted to him, Amanda. He's looks like he should be a model or a stripper."

As they waited for someone to take their order, Scott continued to question Amanda about Phillip. While he was generally aware of her previous partners, this was the first time he had met any of them, and he was obviously curious, if not a bit uncomfortable.

Amanda finally asked, "Would you really like to know what happened between us?"

"Most definitely."

"Well... I came here to meet Phillip one night after closing time. I remember it was very cold and rainy, and I was wearing my heavy trench coat. And I only had my bra and panties on underneath."

"Did he fuck you as soon as he saw you?" Scott demanded. "I bet he wasn't able to hold out for very long."

"You know, Phillip was a gentleman. He actually cooked me a nice, romantic dinner with a glass of wine."

"That DOES sound very sweet of him," Brandy commented.

"Of course, before I was allowed to eat, Phillip seasoned the food with his cum. And that was before he stripped me naked and smeared food all over my body [Chapter 3]." Amanda kept her tone casual, which only aroused her listeners even more. She turned and pointed at a nearby table. "We were sitting right there. He used my own bra to tie my hands behind my back, then he slowly fed me. I have to admit, that may have been the most delicious meal ever." My wife smirked.

The couple stared at her. Scott's jaw dropped open. "Bullshit. That didn't really happen... did it?"

Amanda leaned forward intently. She was well aware that, in doing so, her ample cleavage was exposed, a fact that wasn't lost on either of them. Or to a handful of other patrons who happened to be ogling my wife at that precise moment. She reached beneath the table to squeeze his crotch, and wasn't surprised to discover that Brandy's hand was already there.

"What do you think?"

"I think, as soon as we get home, I'm going to fuck you until you pass out. Then I'm going to wake you up, and fuck you again and again."

Amanda laughed.

The trio ate and drank and talked over dinner. The conversation primarily focused on Amanda's recent sexual history. Both of her dates for the night, it seemed, had a hunger for her juicy stories. Although Amanda and I had given them bits and pieces before, this time she didn't hold back and confessed everything, down to the most insane, graphic details.

Near the end of the night, the couple sat with wide eyes and incredulous expressions. Amanda reached out and gripped Scott's hand while simultaneously sliding her foot up and down Brandy's leg. "So now you both REALLY know what you've gotten yourselves into. Do you still want to me to come home with you?"

The couple looked at each other, and an understanding passed between them.

Brandy asked quietly, "Do you know why I picked that particular dress for you? Other than the fact that I knew you would look so unbelievably sexy wearing it."

"No. Tell me."

"I knew that dress would be so tight on you that you wouldn't be able to wear any underwear." The busty blonde arched an eyebrow. "You aren't wearing any underwear, are you?"

Amanda shifted her legs. "You know I'm not."

"That's good, because my wife is wearing some right now. Red lacy panties. Crotchless."

Amanda grinned. "For easy access."

Scott nodded. "For easy access," he echoed. "Baby, take them off."

Brandy looked around furtively. When she was certain no one was looking, she reached down and deftly wiggled out of her underwear. She held it up and kept it close to her body so only her companions could see it.

"Good. Now give them to Amanda." Scott looked directly at my wife. "I want you to put them on. Right now."

Amanda's eyes widened. She had done some very naughty things, but his request caught her off guard.

Brandy reached out across the table with a balled fist. She opened her fingers, letting the panties drop from her hand. Amanda quickly snatched it, and hid them under the table.

"Put them on," Scott repeated, more firmly this time.

"Seriously, I'll rip this dress if I bend down!"

Brandy looked gravelly at her. "We're not leaving until you put those panties on. And don't even think about going to the ladies' room to do it." Clearly, she was siding with her husband.

Fate often seems to have a sense of humor, for as luck would have it, Phillip appeared. "Just thought I'd check in to make sure everything is going well," he said warmly. "I hope the food has been to your liking?"

"Everything has been fantastic, and the food here is excellent," Brandy replied sincerely.

"I'm happy to hear that!"

"Actually, Phillip, I do need your help with something."

"Of course, Amanda. What can I do for you?"

My wife cautiously showed him the red panties. Phillip stared at them, unsure of what was being asked of him.

"Can you help me with these? Please."


In spite of herself, my wife laughed. "I need your help to get these on. I can't bend down, my dress is too tight."

The tall Asian man looked from Amanda to Brandy and Scott, then back to Amanda.

"Just pretend like I dropped something, and you're picking it up for me," she suggested mildly.

Phillip stood rooted in place for a moment longer. Had anyone else asked him to do this favor for him, he would've reacted differently. But he knew my wife, and suspected the game that was being played. They did, after all, have a history together.

"There is definitely some excitement in store for you tonight." The ponytailed man chuckled as he sank to one knee and took the underwear. Making sure his actions were shielded from view, he coolly looped the panties around Amanda's ankles, and gently slid them up, lightly brushing his hand against her thighs as he did so.

Amanda smiled at his touch. She wiggled her hips as she adjusted her new underwear. She could still feel Brandy's bodily heat emanating from the fabric, and it was a sensation that my wife found extremely sexy.

"Thank you, Phillip. You're always such a sweetheart."

"Anything for the opportunity to touch you again." He was about to say something to Brandy and Scott, but stopped. Instead, he simply told the trio, "I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening... and the weekend." With a nod, he walked away.

"I like him," Brandy gushed. She looked at her husband as she spoke to my wife. "Maybe one of these days, you can...formally...introduce me to him."

Dessert came not long after that, and they finished it quickly, knowing that a sex-filled night still lay ahead of them.

Scott was a reluctant chauffeur after they left the restaurant. He nearly drove off the road several times while watching the ladies through the rearview mirror as they made out in the back seat. "I can't wait to have you both," he growled, his erection longing to break free from the confines of his pants. He pushed dangerously passed the speed limit, anxious to get home and finally have that threesome he had been fantasizing about.

Brandy peeled my wife's skirt up over her hips as she eyed her red panties which now adorned Amanda. "They look so good on you," the petite blonde remarked. She licked her licked her index and middle fingers, and drove them into Amanda's pussy once more.

"Easy access," my wife noted breathlessly as she pulled Brandy on top of her.

As they kissed, Brandy rotated her palm upward, and crooked her fingers inside Amanda, scraping my wife's inner walls and making her and moan. Amanda crossed her legs tightly in a playful attempt to her lover out, but Brandy would not be deterred, and her fingers sought to gain deeper entry.

"I can't get enough of your pussy, Amanda. It's always so wet... and smells so good."

"Just think, we still have the entire weekend ahead of us."

For Scott, the ride home lasted an eternity.


Immediately after they finally reached their destination, the couple anxiously escorted their threesome partner to their bedroom. They were a tangled mess as Brandy and Scott half ushered, half carried my wife, a writhing mass of arms and less, as they kissed and groped one another.

Just as they were about to enter the bedroom, Amanda suddenly stopped. "Hold on, I need to do something first."

But Scott swore and tugged at her arm desperately. "You are NOT making me wait any minute! I'm so hard for you, I need you right now!"

Amanda kissed them both quickly. "Scott...Brandy... go into the bedroom. I won't be long, I promise! There's just something I need to do for my husband." Not bothering to wait for a response, she turned and disappeared.

They looked at each other.

Scott grinned as he suddenly scooped his gorgeous, tiny wife up into his arms. "Let's warm the bed up for our guest." He carried Brandy into the bedroom.

When Amanda entered their bedroom not even 5 minutes later, the husband and wife were already naked in bed. She stood quietly in the doorway and smiled as she watched them. In the dimness, she hear them more than she could see them. Judging by the frenetic pace of their lovemaking... the way they moaned and gyrated against each other, and the way Brandy's tiny feet swung wildly overhead as she lay on her back... Amanda didn't want to interrupt the couple, despite her own rising needs.

But they both became still immediately once they noticed Amanda.

"No, no, please! Don't stop on my account. Keep doing what you're doing. Please!" She actually felt guilty for interrupting them.

But Scott dismounted his wife, and Brandy rolled onto her stomach. They looked at my wife like animals would regard their prey prior to a feeding frenzy. Brandy called out to her, "Come we can see you."

My wife slowly stepped into the room. She had changed out of her dress and crotchless panties, and now wore the plum-colored bra and boyshort panties that I had given her.

"She looks yummy, doesn't she, Scott?"

"Yes, she most certainly does. Good enough to eat." He beckoned Amanda. "I think it's time you joined us. You've been a bad girl keep me... us... waiting. You're going to get what you deserve."

Amanda approached them as they sat at the edge of the bed, and placed her cell phone on a nearby nightstand. First she kissed Brandy softly on the lips and then Scott before slowly sinking to her knees. "A little prelude of what's to come. Now both of you, spread your legs for me."

The couple could barely contain their excitement.

Amanda put her mouth on Brandy's pussy first. She sealed her lips firmly between the tiny blonde's legs, lathering the entire area with her tongue. Brandy's clit was already stiff, and Amanda flicked her tongue over it several times before delving into her vaginal opening. Brandy had an unmistakable taste, but the traces of masculine fluids were clearly evident.

"Oh, fuck! I can't wait to get my cock into your mouth!"

Scott was stroking himself as he watched my wife give oral sex to his own spouse, but Amanda slapped his hand away and replaced it with hers.

"Oh fuck!" he repeated again. "That feels good... that feels SO good..."

Amanda was aware that Brandy's husband had been chomping at the bit for her. He hadn't even attempted to hide that fact, even from his wife. But Amanda secretly loved having that kind of power over him. She would never admit it aloud, but it was such an ego boost when men stared at her, like they did at the restaurant, barely able to conceal their lust for her. To know men...and women...craved her was the ultimate compliment, even if it did often make her feel uncomfortable and guilty. Sure, the attention had gotten my wife in trouble before. She suddenly thought, again, about the married men she had been with, and figured it was only a matter of time before an enraged spouse confronted her. There would be a price to pay one day, Amanda surmised.

But today was not that day.

Here in the moment, Amanda wanted to please Brandy, and at the same time tease Scott and make him even hotter for her. She knew that the longer she didn't allow him to enter her body, the more pent up aggression he would unleash on her.

So Amanda kept eating Brandy's pussy while slowly massaging Scott's cock.

But Scott could watch the ladies and settle for a handjob only for so long.

With an impatient roar, he reached over and grabbed Amanda by the neck, pulling her off Brandy and planting her head squarely onto his erection. "Sorry, baby," he told his wife apologetically, "but I need her mouth on my cock right now!" Brandy laughed as she leaned over to kiss her husband even as he thrusted his hips forward.

Caught off guard, Amanda half-choked, half-laughed, onto the fat cock that was shoved down her throat. She had anticipated that Scott couldn't hold out for very long, but the short amount of time still surprised her. His meat squelched in her mouth until she was able to swallow all the fluids, and reset. Then my wife commenced his blowjob in earnest.

Scott moaned in pleasure. Had I been home next door, I surely would've heard him! He began thrusting with so much zest that he had to seize Amanda's head for support. Brandy leaned her head on his shoulder as she looked down, watching him feed his cock to her.

"Your reward for being so patient. Oh, Scott... she looks so adorable with your penis in her mouth. Look at how much she loves it!"

Amanda, with flesh protruding from her dripping mouth, look up over at Brandy. In response, she began rubbing the blonde's clit, then drove 3 fingers into her still-wet vagina. She loving being the plaything of our neighbors, sucking the husband while fingering the wife. Amanda continued her actions for a long while until she became hungry for pussy again. Shrugging Scott's hands off her head, she turned back to Brandy and swaddled her tongue between her legs with long, heavy licks. Before the blonde had even stopped moaning, Amanda swung back to Scott and licked him as well, starting from the base of his shaft and up the entire underside, to the very tip. Back and forth she went between her married lovers, sucking and licking, stroking and fingering. All the while tasting and swallowing.

My wife began to fantasize that I was sitting in the room with them, watching her every move while stroking myself. A lewd idea suddenly formed in her mind. She stopped what she was doing, and rose up to her feet. Looking gravelly at the couple, she began undressing.

"Here, let us help," Scott offered. He lowered her panties as Brandy slipped the bra over her head.

Amanda always enjoyed being slowly undressed by her lover; in this case, lovers.

"My husband bought these for me, they're his favorite set."

Brandy smiled appreciatively. "I can see why. They look fabulous on you, and totally suit your personality."

Amanda sank back to her knees again. Casually, she wrapped the panties around Scott's stiff penis, and rubbed the bra all over Brandy's wet pussy and clit. "Do you like that?" she asked them.

Scott nodded. "Uh, yea... never had....ah, love how silky that feels... yes, that's good..."

Brandy smiled and nodded in agreement.

Amanda thought of me as she continued, knowing the idea of her using my favorite bra and panties to masturbate her partners would totally get me off. That knowledge drove her to a higher stage of lust, and she began working them over furiously. Amanda was only vaguely aware that someone---she wasn't sure who---was pleading with her to stop in order to prolong the moment, but she wouldn't relent.

My wife didn't cease until both pieces of underwear were completely drenched. She brought the bra to her nose, and sniffed. Brandy's scent was extremely familiar to her now, and she relished the musty fragrance. And even before she brought the panties to her face, she could already detect the pungent aroma of Scott's semen. The fabric was so saturated and spunk was running all over her fingers.

Amanda noticed a thick layer of milky white semen dulling the sparkle of her wedding ring. There was definitely some irony there, she thought in amusement.

Still, undeterred, my wife sniffed the panties, inhaling the overpowering sent of Scott's cum and savoring its metallic scent. Under normal circumstances, Amanda would've thought to rinse her soiled underwear right away, but she decided to save them for me, just as they were.

A gift; or perhaps evidence of what I had missed.

The couple both noticed the twinkle in my wife's eyes and her twisted smile as she momentarily stared off into space with a dreamy expression.

"You're thinking of something evil, I can tell just by the look on your face."

"Sorry, Brandy. But I left my whips and chains at home. I only use them with my husband." Amanda threw her head back and laughed, casually putting the dirty underwear aside and reaching for her cell phone. "Get close to me," she ordered as she crawled into bed with them. "I want to text my husband a picture of us together."

Brandy and Scott pressed their heads against hers. They were all smiling brightly when Amanda snapped the picture, and immediately sent it to me.

"Tell him I miss him and can't wait to suck his cock again," Brandy said.

"Will do."

Amanda reached over to place her cell phone back on the night stand. When she lay down, Brandy and Scott instantly sandwiched her so that she lay belly to belly with him, and back to belly with her. She caressed Scott's face as they looked into each other's eyes. He placed his hand on her hip while Brandy reached around to fondle my wife's breasts once more, nuzzling the side of my wife's neck. Amanda felt like she was enveloped in a splendid, sexy cocoon, willingly trapped between two warm bodies as they moved against her bare skin. She felt oddly safe and secure, and would've been content to lay there for much longer, quickly starting to semi-doze in a position of warmth and extreme comfort.

But Scott became aroused again in no time; he was still hot for my wife.

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood, but pulling Amanda with him. Leading her to the foot of the bed, he then grabbed Brandy by the ankles and dragged her down so that her ankles hung over the edge.

"I'm going to fuck you from behind while I watch you eat my wife's pussy again." It was a statement, not a question. Scott pushed Amanda's head down, bending her at the waist, until her face was buried between Brandy's legs. "That's it, pretty girl. Right where you belong!"

"Scott!" His wife exclaimed in surprise.

"Don't worry, baby. I'm going to give us what we both want. I love you."

He then stepped behind Amanda and licked his fingers before using them to lubricate her hole. "Damn, I haven't been in your pussy yet, and it's already wet and loose!" Latching onto her hips, he speared his hardened pole into her from behind.

Amanda "ahhh'ed" as she felt her lover, literally, drive home his point. He didn't stop until he was fully engulfed by her, the front of his hips pressed against her rear. She lifted her head up long enough to beg him to remain there, before he forced her head back into his wife's pussy. Grinding his cock inside Amanda without pulling out, he reached for Brandy's ankles again, and slung them over Amanda's back.

"Wrap your leg around her head. Don't let our little sex slave escape."

Amanda murmured a muffled response. Scott remained in her and maintained a heavy pressure against her ass, occasionally wigging his hips which made my wife moan and squirm. After hearing her reaction several times, he began lightly spanking her.

Scott shifted his eyes from Amanda's backside to Brandy, whose ankles were crossed in an "X" behind Amanda's head. The hulking man stared at his wife, who was stretched out in a beautiful pose and propped on her elbows, while he fucked the woman who was currently eating her out. They made eye contact, and Brandy brought her hands up to play with her enormous breasts; she wanted to give her husband a show, as well.

"My god, I love you, Brandy. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"I love you more and more each day, Scott."

Amanda heard the exchange, and felt a happy warmth cover her entire body. As much as she enjoyed having sex with them, being partially responsible for enhancing their marriage made her feel good. She began delving into her lover's pussy with greater enthusiasm, using her hands to spread Brandy's vaginal lips and give her tongue more surface area to taste.

Scott pumped into Amanda even harder, retracting his pelvic until his cock was almost completely out of her, and then slamming back in. Each thrust propelled my wife deeper into Brandy, causing the women to moan and tremble together each time.

Scott ran his hands all over my wife's ass as he continued to fuck her. At one point, he withdrew from her vagina, making her groan in dismay. The big man rested his cock on her ass, and began sliding it along the vertical crease. She remained bent at the waist, but was able to rock back far enough to rub against him with a rhythmic undulation of her hips.

"If it's an ass-job he wants, fine then," she thought smugly to herself.

It wasn't long before Scott inevitably succumbed to my wife's skillful use of her ass.

"Fuck... oh god... oh god..."

"That's it, baby!" Brandy cried as she began gyrating her hips equally as hard into Amanda's face. "Don't hold back, let it go! Cum all over her ass!"

Brandy's encouragement must've been the tipping point, Amanda surmised, because my wife heard his ragged grunts followed immediately by something hot and viscous splattering all over her backside. Brandy saw the rapturous expression on her husband's face and began shouting his name over and over, enthralled by his ecstasy as much as her own.

Amanda couldn't contain herself; she gave a victorious cry as she felt her lovers simultaneously discharge their essence onto her. She writhed between them, continuing to rub face and ass against them.

Brandy was no longer crying out her husband's name. "Oh my god... Amanda...oh my god..."

Amanda's face was smeared in wetness and Scott's semen rolled down the back of her legs as she stood up. She gave her cum-covered ass a cute little shake, making him groan in pleasure. Then my wife turned around and eyed his manhood critically. "You need to get that back up right now," she told him severely. "And next time you cum, you better be inside of me."

Scott looked at his wife wildly, who nodded.

"Yes, ma'am," he responded as they watched him massage his appendage back to life.

Brandy laughed. "That didn't take long at all, did it? Glad to see you didn't have any... performance anxiety." Amanda and Scott joined in the laughter.

"I've had my fill of pussy for now. I want to suck more cock again. Is that ok, Brandy?"

"I suppose," the blonde responded with an exaggerated eye roll. "If that's what you want, then get back on your knees, you filthy slut!"

My wife assumed the position once more, doing what she does best. But she only slurped Scott's erection for a moment before turning back to Brandy, who was sitting on the bed next to him and watching intently. "Babe, your husband's got a huge cock. Why don't you come down here and help a poor girl out? Sharing is caring, after all."

Brandy grinned and joined my wife on the floor, both ladies kneeling on either side of Scott's protrusion and facing each other. His expression turn from excited anticipation to pure bliss as Amanda sucked on his cockhead while Brandy nibbled and licked the base of his shaft. He was making strangled noises of infinite joy as they methodically worked him over. They were all over his throbbing meat...sucking, licking, and kissing... while jostling each other for position and playfully fighting over cock. At one point, Brandy began diligently involving his scrotum as Amanda continued focusing on his penis.

After a while, they switched, with my wife now attending to Scott's balls and Brandy blowing him. Amanda sealed her lips around his sac tugged firmly with her head.

"Holy fuck!" Scott cried gloriously.

"You like that, baby?" Brandy demanded. "You like what the little whore is doing to you?"

"Yes! Yes! Dear god, yes!"

Brandy twisted her head down to suck on the little bit of scrotum that my wife didn't have in her mouth. As the ladies slurped him, they simultaneously reached out and stroked his cock together.

Scott's spine arched backwards and stiffened as he felt an indescribable sensation that he had never experienced before. Fucking two beautiful women... easily the two most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on... was the dream of all men, and he was determined to enjoy himself to the fullest. Scott shot his hands out, palming the back of their heads. Repositioning the women so that they were directly facing each other again, he brought their faces closer together. With their mouths almost touching, the big man pumped his hips forward and back, using their lips to masturbate himself.

Scott heard the girls giggling, which stoked his fire even hotter. "Suck me again," he growled, turning his wife's head to jam his member back down her throat.

Amanda chuckled. "I've never felt you so hard before, Scott!"

"And you! Stop talking and open up!" He guided her mouth where he wanted it: back on his swollen balls.

The ladies pleasured him with wanton abandon, filling the air with the sounds of sucking and smacking lips. As was usually the case with prolonged oral sex, they created a wet mess, Scott's lower half and their faces and fit bodies coated with spittle. Amanda and Brandy didn't mind wearing each other's fluids. In fact, they relished it and licked each other clean.

As Brandy aggressively blew her husband, Amanda popped his sac out of her mouth and swung herself behind the large-breasted blonde. Just as Brandy had felt her breasts throughout the night, now Amanda returned the favor, kissing Brandy's neck as she reached around her tiny body. Brandy murmured her approval as her head whipped up and down the length of her husband's shaft.

Another idea suddenly entered Amanda's mind as she weighed the largeness and heaviness of her friend's breasts. She yanked Scott's penis out of his wife's mouth then nudged Brandy into her husband so that the flat of his erection rested within her cavernous cleavage. Brandy turned and looked curiously at my wife, but before she could speak, Amanda pressed her breasts together, sandwiching Scott's appendage.

"You know what to do." Amanda winked at Scott.

The big man didn't need to be told twice, and started thrusting his hips.

"Amanda!" The petite blonde gasped. "We've never done this before!"

My wife was genuinely surprised. With the D cups that Brandy possessed, she had assumed that tittyfucking would've been part of their sexual repertoire. She kissed Brandy solidly on the lips, then looked up at the man towering over them.

"Doesn't it feel so good to be making love to your wife's breasts? These beautiful, luscious melons... they feel so firm and ripe in my hands. You love rubbing your cock against them, don't you, Scott?"

Clearly, he agreed with my wife. "Why haven't we tried this before, Brandy?" he panted as his hips bucked wildly. The friction was starting to burn Brandy's chest, but she didn't care. To witness her husband pleasure himself with her breasts while Amanda squeezed them together...

Amanda can always tell when a man is about to orgasm, it's the ragged breathing and spasmodic twitching that give it away. She grabbed a hold of Scott's erection and stroked it feverishly, pointing it directly at Brandy's tits.

"Cum for me, Scott! I want to feel you all over me!" She pressed her breasts together, giving him an even greater visual inspiration.

"That's it! Jerk me hard! Harder! All over my wife's titties! Aaahhhh...!!!"

Amanda cackled in obscene delight as the large penis rippled in her hand, growing suddenly hotter as it erupted. She masturbated Scott furiously, loving how heated and hard he felt, loving the sight and sound of his semen bursting out of his cockhead to splatter all over his wife's stacked chest.

Scott moaned as my wife frenetically jerked him off while hissing lewd works of encouragement. She continued after he had spent his last drop, and even then, as his cock began losing its rigidity, she cruelly didn't let up. "Please stop....stop," he begged. "I'm so sensitive... please..."

Both ladies laughed as my wife finally let go. Amanda took one look at the mess they had created all over Brandy's body, and immediately she began licking her clean. Amanda first started at her friend's lips, where a small amount of cum had landed. From there, she licked her way towards those huge breasts, eating the viscous goop off the nipples first before vacuuming the rest of Brandy's body clean.

Scott rocked back on his heels as he watched Amanda ingest his cum from his wife's voluptuous figure, and instantly began masturbating once more. He knew with certainty that he was going to set a new record for orgasms in one night!

Amanda was playing with his semen as it filled her mouth. She rolled her tongue in it, even wickedly gurgling with it as she felt her partners' eyes on her.

To my wife, the show was part of the sex.

"Kiss me."

Amanda was delighted that Brandy wanted to cumswap. Resisting the urge to swallow, she brought her lips to her friend's, allowing a copious amount of Scott's sperm to flow from her mouth to Brandy's. But my wife greedily kept the majority for herself as she swallowed.

Brandy felt the mixture of her husband's spunk and Amanda's saliva accumulate at the back of her throat. She couldn't believe how delicious they tasted together. She watched Amanda swallow expertly, and then tried to do the same, choking and sputtering her a bit. It took the blonde two gulps to clear her throat.

"I don't recall you ever taking so good, baby."

"Fucking wow," Scott breathed. His erection was already full-sized. "You... I don't... I can't believe..." He was speechless.

As Amanda leaned against the bed, she suddenly realized how exhausted she felt. Her skin felt flushed, and she sweated as if she had just completed a 10 mile run. Her entire body ached in a pleasant way, and she wondered if the kink she felt in her neck from sucking Scott's massive cock would go away any time soon.

Scott and Brandy stared lovingly at each other. There was such thick emotion within the silent exchange that my wife thought of me and experienced a pang of wistfulness.

"Scott, make love to your wife," Amanda whispered.

Brandy looked at her husband hopefully as he attempted to process the words. "What? Again? Maybe we should---"

"No, silly." Amanda smiled at the married couple, and Brandy looked profoundly joyous and grateful. "I mean, make LOVE to your beautiful wife."

Scott suddenly understood.

He held out his hand and helped his wife to her feet. Folding his arms around her, they embraced and shared a long, passionate kiss before slowly lowering themselves onto the bed.

Amanda had quietly stood up and moved to the other side of the room, giving the couple their space. She knew that their marriage was solid like ours, but she was also aware that inviting a sex partner into their marriage could potentially spell disaster. In a threesome involving a married couple, the lines often blurred and sometimes it was hard to discern who the third party was. Brandy and Scott were both obviously infatuated with her, but Amanda was cognizant enough to keep everything in check. However, she still felt the need to direct them back to each other, as unnecessary as that might have been.

She watched as Brandy spread her legs for Scott to penetrate her; my wife smiled.

Whereas the trio had been in a frenzied heat just moments ago, Brandy and Scott initiated their lovemaking slowly. She kept her legs wide as he delicately gyrated against her, his long, gigantic shaft somehow completely disappearing into her tiny body. They held and caressed each other, heads pressed together and staring thoughtfully into each other's eyes.

Amanda leaned against the wall as she watched, the guilty pleasure of being a voyeur only adding to the flush that permeated her entire body. It made her recollect the last time she and I had sex... the last time I went down on her pussy... and her hand immediately drifted to her still-moist hole.

Despite their intimate moment, the couple couldn't help but notice what my wife was doing to herself.

Brandy reached out towards Amanda as her husband remained on top of her. "Come join us," she invited softly.

Amanda shook her head.

But Brandy continued to beckon. "You're a part of this, too, Amanda. A part of us now. I want to be with you, and I know my husband feels the same way. And I---I can't really explain it, and I don't fully understand why, but I want him to make love to you as badly as I want him to make love to me. We both need you so very much."

"Everything will be ok," Scott assured her. "You'll see." He patted the empty space on the bed next to them. "Be with us. Please."

Amanda swallowed and inexplicably began feeling butterflies in her stomach. Brandy and Scott looked at her with an expression that indicated genuine affection rather than pure lust, and it made her remember how warm and secure she felt laying between them. She took one step forward and then another, her legs feeling as heavy as lead. It seemed to take a long time to reach them.

Slowly, my wife climbed onto the bed and lay on her back, resting shoulder to shoulder with Brandy.

Still making love to his wife, Scott shifted until he was lying partially on top of Amanda.

"Oh, Scott... Amanda..." Brandy whispered amorously as she watched them kiss, undulating her hips in unison with her husband as he remained inside of her.

Scott pulled his face back and, to Amanda's surprise, withdrew his erection from Brandy as well.

"I'm going to make love to you now."

Scott changed his position once more, moving his lower half over Amanda's. Brandy reached over and seized his sex organ, which was glistening with her wetness, and carefully guided it into my wife's vagina. Her husband let out a low murmur as Amanda trembled.

"I think about you so much, Amanda. Your sexy body... about being inside of you. You're so beautiful and sweet... you make everyone around you so happy."

Scott's upper half now lay over Brandy, and it was their turn to lock lips as he continued to steadily roll his hips into my wife. Amanda watched them as Scott fucked her, the stimulation of her visual and tactile senses threatening to overwhelm her into an intense orgasm.

When Scott lifted his head, his wife turned to mine and didn't hesitated; she kissed her with equal fervor. Time seemed to stop for Amanda as the couple focused their attention on her. Scott was thrusting more intensely now, using a wonderfully slow and heavy technique. My wife reflexively squirmed, but the handsome man kept her pinned in place. As Amanda opened her lips to moan, Brandy seized the advantage and slithered her tongue down her throat.

Both husband and wife were intent on penetrating her as deeply as possible.

Amanda clutched the bedsheets in pure ecstasy.

After quite some time, Scott withdrew from her and returned to his wife's vagina. He pumped his hips several times before pulling out and plunging into Amanda once more. The girls remained on their backs, allowing Scott to alternate between them as Amanda and Brandy held onto each fiercely.

Scott subsequently altered his method and instead of merely thrusting his hips back and forth, he remained in one of pussy until he was on the verge of cumming, then withdrew. He painfully waited for the urge to subside, before penetrating his other partner. He had gone back and forth between the girls perhaps 8 times, living the fantasy of all men, before realizing that he no longer possessed the stamina or the willpower to prolong the moment.

Brandy immediately knew it by the look on his face, and Amanda sensed it, too, since she felt his cock twitch inside of her at that precise moment.

"That's it, Scott. Cum for us, cum inside Amanda! I love you so much!"

Scott didn't yell or holler as he normally would have; he didn't viciously pound his hips into his lover to quicken his release. Instead, he remained calm and composed as he ejaculated heavily into my wife. The surge in his loins was like nothing he had ever experienced, and he knew he would empty himself completely into Amanda's in a matter of seconds.

But his wife deserved his semen, too.

Clenching his pelvic floor muscles as tightly as he could, Scott abruptly pulled out of her then quickly buried his erection into Brandy, blasting an equal amount into his beautiful wife. When he had completely emptied himself, Scott collapsed in a sweaty heap, laying on the other side of Amanda so that she was between them again.

For a long time, no one spoke. Only the sound of panting and heavy breathing filled the room. Amanda could feel the heat emanating from her lovers' bodies, and it felt soothing. Like Brandy, she didn't move, and relished the feeling of Scott's semen filling her. He had ejaculated numerous times throughout the night, and she was incredulous that he still had enough to fill them both. Their vaginas were, literally, overflowing!

Amanda basked in the aftermath, too exhausted and too lazy to move. But she suddenly realized that Brandy was sobbing. My wife rolled onto her side to tenderly regard her friend.

"I love you, Amanda," Brandy whispered, her voice cracking as tears streaked down her face. She delicately stroked my wife's freckled cheek, staring deeply into her eyes.

"And I love you, too," Scott professed to my wife. He was close enough that she felt his warm breath on her neck.

Husband and wife pressed tightly against her, each believing that Amanda was in her rightful place: in their bed, between them. Their hands explored her entire body.

Stunned, Amanda couldn't respond.

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