Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mother and Daughter Bond

"Damnit" Ally cursed out loud as she dropped her keys for the fifth time since walking up the steps to her parent's house. She had been out with a few friends for some drinks to wallow in her sorrows about her husband leaving her for another woman. Now she was a single mother, living with her parents at the age of 26.

She steadied herself on the doorframe, took a deep breath and retriever her keys. Just as she was about to put the correct key (or so she hoped) into the lock, the door swung open. Her mother was standing there, hair disheveled, with a white, floor-length, satin robe wrapped around her small frame.

"Ally? What's the prob....are you drunk?" With that, Ally could feel her mother's hand under her chin, forcing Ally's head up. "Allison Renee! How did you get home?" Frantically, her mother looked over Ally's shoulder for her small SUV.

"It's okay, mom. I took an Uber home. The bar knows I need to get my car in the morning. They were cool about it." Ally's mumbled words came out, and with every breath she felt more and more exhausted.

"It's okay hunny. Just go on upstairs and head to bed. The twins are down in their cribs." Ally made her way upstairs, and plopped down onto the bed, closed her eyes, and let the numbing darkness consume her.

The next morning

Ally was pumping out all of the wasted breast milk since she couldn't keep any of it with alcohol in her system. She hated wasting it, and she regretted her decision to drink so damn much. Luckily for her, Ally never had an issue pumping. Her breasts filled with milk so quickly, and she ended up pumping and storing excessive amounts of milk in the freezer. She even donated some of the milk.

While she was finishing, her mother walked in. "Hi, sweetie. How are you feeling?"

Taken back, Ally quickly moved to cover herself, but her mom walked forward and swatted at Ally's hands. "Sweetheart, no need to cover yourself. I'm your mother" she smiled. Ally couldn't help but blush as she watched her mother's eyes lingering on her breast, watching the milk drip from the nipple. "Here, let me get that for you." With that, Ally's mother took her finger and gently wiped the excess milk from Ally's breast. Ally sat there, a bit stunned. "Your father is leaving tonight for his golf trip, and I thought we could have a girls night after you got the twins down. What do you say?"

Ally smiled at her mother. "Sure, mom. That sounds great. Want me to help with dinner?"

Ally's mother brushed the hair out of Ally's face and shook her head, "No sweetie, I've got it covered."

That night

Ally and her mother sat back in their chairs at the dining room table. Her mother had made a Greek salad and homemade pizza. It was absolutely delicious. Ally had grown up eating homemade meals that were always original. Her mother had been a culinary teacher and chef before she decided to stay home with Ally and her brother Ben. Ally's father made a large amount of money, and there was no need for her mother to work.

Ally and her mother spent the evening eating and talking about Ally's plans, her emotions with the upcoming divorce hearing, etc. It was nice to have some time to talk with her mom, get some things off her chest. She helped her mom load the dishwasher and noticed how sore her breasts were getting. The twins were down for the night, but she needed to relieve her tender breasts of the milk. She absently rubbed at them from the soreness.

"Oh, sweetheart. You poor thing." Ally followed her mother's eyes down to Ally's white shirt. There were two very large lactation marks.

Ally sighed. "Sorry, mom. I need to go pump again. I can't seem to keep these things from filling up every few hours."

"I remember having the same problem when I nursed you. I always had so much extra milk that my breasts would ache."

"Were you able to help it out? I'm pretty desperate, mom." Ally shook her head. She knew her mother could hear the weariness in her voice.

"Well, actually. Yes..."

Ally waited for her mother to finish but she just stood there, biting her bottom lip. "Well?"

"Well, your father would help me. He would, suck on my breasts." Ally's face scrunched up. "It helped, sweetie." Her mother moved toward her until Ally was backed against the counter. "Sweetie, do you trust me?"

"Y—yes. But mom, I think this is weird."

Ally's mother just smiled up at her. She slowly lifted Ally's shirt so that it was scrunched above her breasts. Ally looked down at her engorged breasts. "Just, close your eyes sweetheart."

Ally obeyed. At first she could feel soft hands lightly touching her breasts. Her mother's fingers lightly traced around the nipples, causing Ally to shudder. At once, the touch was gone and Ally felt a cool breeze on her left nipple, and then, just as soon as she felt it, it was gone, replaced by a warm, wet mouth.

Ally's mother worked the nipple in her mouth and ran circles around it with her tongue. Slowly she began to suck, and allowed her daughter's sweet milk to fill her mouth. She swallowed what her daughter gave her. Her hands needed the breasts, pushing for more milk to come. She closed her eyes as she sucked on Ally's nipple. She felt wetness gathering at her pussy. She had always thought her daughter was beautiful. And now, feeding on her breast, she couldn't contain the erotic thoughts in her mind. She reached her hand down and under her sundress so that she could touch her bare pussy, She felt the moisture on her fingers she she teased her own clit.

Ally was fighting back not to moan. It made her mother smile knowing that she was just as aroused. Finally the flow of milk slowed and she was able to move to the other breast, sucking the milk out just as slowly. She moved forward so that her wet pussy was against Ally's thigh and she lightly started to grind on her.

Ally's mother knew that she couldn't push too much in this moment, but she also didn't know if she had the willpower to control it....

Ally couldn't handle this. She was aroused by her mother, sucking her breasts. She even felt the wet heat of her mother's pussy as she pushed it against Ally's thigh. "Oh, God" Ally whispered as she heard a pop and her mother's mouth left her breast. Immediately the cold air that hit her sensitive nipple made her even hornier.

"How does that feel, sweetie? Better?" Ally could only nod. "Need anything else?" Her mother asked teasingly.

"Ummmm, no. Thank you, though. I feel a lot better, mom." Ally rushed from the kitchen, and down to the basement where she was staying. She laid in bed and her mind raced with a million thoughts. She could not get the images of her mother out of her head. Ally knew it was wrong, but she found herself stripping naked and feeling her pussy. She used her index finger to circle her clit while she remembered the feel of her mother's hot mouth. She had moved her fingers down to the entrance of her pussy, inserting two at once while her thumb flicked the swollen clit. God she was so fucking horny. It took no time for her to get off, so she kept going, three more times. Finally, she pulled her fingers from her pussy and tried to close her eyes for some sleep.

"Yesssss" Ally moaned in her sleep at the best dream she could have ever had. She felt her pussy juices flow, soaking the curls that covered it. She started to buck toward the sensations. There was a soft, small finger tugging on the curls of her pubic hair. With a fuzzy mind, Ally slowly realized that the feelings were real. She wasn't dreaming. She opened her eyes to find her mother sitting on her bed.

"Sweetie, I came down to check on you. You were yelling out in your sleep. You must be exhausted, baby girl." Ally's mother smiled. Ally's eyes moved down to see that her mother's hand had flattened over her pubic area. Did she imagine it all? Was it a dream?

"I'm good. Sorry if I woke you mom. Ummm, I must have just been dreaming."

"Want to talk about it?" Her mother asked.

Ally sighed. This was her mother. She knew that she needed to tell her, especially since she lived here and wouldn't want to feel uncomfortable. "Mom, I think earlier when, you know, you were, um..."

"Breastfeeding?" Her mother finished the thought.

"Yeah. That. Well, I kind of got a little aroused by it. And trust me, I know how that sounds. I just, well, it felt so good." Ally felt her face flame as she let her loose hair cover it to try and hide the embarrassment.

Ally's mother smiled at her daughter. She wasn't anticipating for Ally to acknowledge her feelings this soon, but she wasn't complaining either. "Sweetie, are you saying that it made you horny?"

"Yeah. It did" Ally answered quickly.

"I see." Ally's mother moved her other leg onto the bed and shifted herself closer to her daughter. "Baby, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I was aroused by it too."

Ally looked at her mother, almost with a knowledge of the arousal but shock that her mother would admit to it. "Mom..."

"Ally" she held her hand up to quiet her daughter. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to do. But I want you to know that I would love to explore these feelings more.

She watched her daughter blink repeatedly, her lips parted as she drew harsh breaths in. "Tell you what, Ally. Let's just lay here together, and I'll run my fingers through your hair like I used to when you were younger."

Ally nodded and laid down, nervous energy radiating from her body.

Ally couldn't believe the conversation happening, and she was trying to absorb it, but she simply couldn't with the knowledge that her mother was spooning behind her. She felt her hands softly run through her hair. She started at the root and worked her way to the end, moving throughout Ally's scalp. Ally began to feel herself relax with her mother's touches.

After a few minutes, Ally felt her mother shift closer so that her front was flush against Ally's bare back. She felt her mother's breath on her neck, then the lightest touch of her lips. Ally shivered with excitement and clenched her pussy as she felt the moisture begin to pool again. Her mother kissed up the column of her neck with a tender, light press of the lips. The hand that had been in Ally's hair was suddenly around Ally's front, tracing circles on her abdomen.

Ally sucked in a sharp breath as her mother ordered her to turn onto her back. Ally complied and felt her mother resume trailing feather light touches down Ally's stomach, barely passing through her pubic hair and down to her thighs. With each pass, she grew closer and closer to Ally's soaking pussy.

"It's so warm, Ally. And wet. You're wet for me, aren't you baby girl?"

"Yes. Mmmmmmmm" Ally couldn't help the moan that escaped her as her mother's finger brushed past her slit. Her mother moved herself down so that her mouth was lined up with Ally's nipple.

"Mommy wants a drink, sweetie."

"Please" Ally begged. She didn't wait long. Her mother took her breast into her mouth and began to suckle.

Ally's mother felt the warm flow of breast milk into her mouth. She continued trailing her fingers against her daughter's wet cunt. Finally she slid her index finger through Ally's slit until she found the swollen nub of her clit and began to flick it. Ally started thrashing and moaning on the bed, bucking her hips. She knew that her daughter was going to cum, but she didn't want that yet, so she pulled her hand free. She sat up, and Ally followed her movements with her eyes. Her mother took her fingers, soaked in Ally's juices and inserted them into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked the cream from her fingers, even allowing it drip down her chin.

"Scoot over, baby girl. Mommy is still thirsty." Ally wasted no time, and her mother lowered her lips to her daughter's supple breast. She bit at the nipple, making Ally cry out. Her daughter moved her hands to her mother's head and pushed down, encouraging her to do it again. She continued to nip at her daughter's nipple until she had made the nipple raw. She then started sucking, hard. She wanted Ally's nipple to extend even more than it was. She wanted to make her nipple longer.

Ally tried to move her hands to her own cunt, but her mother wasn't allowing it. "No, sweetie. Not yet."

"Mommy, please. I'm so fucking wet. Please." Ally begged. Her mother bit down on the nipple, making Ally yell. "Ouch!"

"Be a good girl and listen to your mommy sweetie."

Her mother sucked the other tit completed dry and rolled the nipple around between her fingers when she finished. Ally couldn't believe how big her nipple had become. Fuck she was horny. She had never felt so damn wet in her life.

"What does my little girl want?"

"I want you to taste my pussy, mommy."

Her mother simply smiled. Instead of moving down to Ally's pussy, she turned around and straddled Ally's face. Ally immediately put her face against her mother's pussy. She couldn't do much because her mother was wearing a pair of yoga pants. Ally could feel the wetness through the material, and she could smell her pussy juices leaking. "Mommy, I want to taste you."

"Not yet, baby girl. Mommy wants you even hornier."

Ally felt her mother's hands begin to separate the folds of her pussy. She felt her fingers slide up and down her wet slit. Ally could hear her wetness, and she groaned when her mother used two fingers to pinch and pull her clit. Then she felt her mother's hand move up and grab the pubic hair and pull it. "I like this, baby girl. Does it feel good when mommy pulls it?"

"Yes, mommy. Please don't stop." Ally's mother grabbed hold of the long pubic hair and pulled hard, making her pussy stretch tight. Her mother immediately inserted a finger and slowly fingered Ally's pussy. Every time her finger went inside, she would push up against the wall of Ally's pussy and pull it back out. Slowly she added a second finger, and then a third. Ally felt full. She couldn't believe how tight her pussy had become.

Ally's mother began pumping three fingers in and out of her daughter's pussy, loving the wet slapping sound it made as she fucked her with her hand. Eventually she wanted to fist that tight cunt, but she knew she would have to wait. Knowing that her daughter was dying for a taste of her mommy's pussy, she decided to get off the bed and take her clothes off. She knew that she had a nice body. 38 D boobs, a fairly toned stomach, a waxed cunt, and tan, golden skin. Her long blonde hair was pulled from the ponytail so that it fell around her shoulders.

Ally was watching with her intensely. She stared down at her daughter. She had gotten her build from her, but her father's dark hair. And she was still carrying weight from the twins around her middle. Ally's breasts were heavy and large, at least a 40 F. She was curvy, and it turned her mother on.

Ally's mother propped a foot on the edge of the bed and began to touch herself. Ally watched her and whimpered. As soon as her fingers were nice and coated, she placed them at Ally's mouth. Her daughter eagerly took the fingers in her mouth and sucked on them, moaning as she cleaned the juices from her mother's hand.

Her mother smiled and moved to the foot of the bed so that she could crawl up to eat her daughter's pussy out. Ally opened her legs for her mother. "Pull your knees up, baby. That's it. Now separate those pussy lips for mommy." Ally did and her mother was greeted with the sight of her daughter's glistening pussy. She wasted no time burying her face and licking up her slit. She flicked the clit with her tongue, and placed her hands under and around Ally's legs so that they rested on the front of her daughter's thighs.

"Fuck! Yes, yes, mommy. Yes!" Ally cried out.

Her mother moved her tongue down to her daughter's opened and started to tongue fuck her. She brought one hand down to play with the clit while Ally moaned in pleasure. "Mmmmmm, I love that sweet cream from your pussy baby. Mommy wants you to cum in it. Can you do that?"

"Fuck, yes, mommy. Please make me cum in your mouth."

Ally's mother moved her tongue back up to Ally's clit and put her fingers into her daughter sopping wet pussy.

Ally couldn't control it. She was absolutely losing control of her body. She was shaking to the point that she couldn't lay still. Her mother's fingers were inside her, fucking her relentlessly. Her tongue was teasing her clit. The pleasure was too much.

"I'm cumming, mommy. I'm cumming!" Ally screamed as her orgasm built. Just when she was finding release she felt her mother take her other hand, replace it with the one in her pussy. She used the pussy-soaked fingers and shoved a finger in Ally's tight, virgin asshole. Ally exploded. She came all over her mother's hands, her face. She moved her hand to her mother's head and pushed it into her pussy. She rode the orgasm out until she felt her body relax.

"Mmmmmm, baby girl that was so wonderful." Her mother moved up the bed and Ally didn't hesitate. She grabbed her mother by the back of her head, pulled her down and kissed her. She loved the taste of her own pussy. She pushed her tongue inside her mother's mouth and they laid there kissing. Finally, Ally sat up and turned to kiss her mother's neck.

"Sweetie, tonight was about you. You can pleasure me tomorrow. Right now, I just want to suck on those pretty tits I gave you and fall asleep with your milk flowing down my throat."

And that's exactly what she did.

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