Friday, 31 January 2014

The Birthday Blowjob

My friends had talked about the "special" gift their girlfriends presented to them every year for their birthday, each considered the act their favourite present. This year for the first time I found myself in the midst of a moral conundrum. I had been with my girlfriend for six months, and I was crazy about her. My teenage years were a battle ground of assorted neurosis, which meant that by the time I met Libby, I was a 23 year old virgin. We had met through mutual friends, and the connection was clear for all to see, however it still took a month for my friends to get me to ask her on a date. By what can only be described as a miracle, our first dates were a success, and soon we were a couple. It was agreed we would take our relationship slowly, but Libby quickly understood the confidence issues caused by my predicament. With that in mind, I was soon rid of my retched virginity.
As a man, enjoying sex was second nature, but I found it difficult to relax as my years of sexual wilderness had created certain issues. On the one hand I idolised Libby and projected a respect onto her beyond that of a normal human being. On the other, the years spent watching online porn had solidified certain ideas that counteracted this respect. I loved my girlfriend, and detested the repressive principals surrounding male gratification, yet as hard as I tried, I couldn't help but long for her to give me a blow job. To feel her beautiful lips touch my cock, and the warmth of her tongue on my shaft. It was too much to ignore, yet I found the subject totally unapproachable. I didn't want to be one of those men who would simply push their girlfriends head into their crotch, until she got the idea. Some would call me weak, I preferred the self respect.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Boy watching doctor fucking his mom

This incident happened when I was very young. My mum had severe pain in her stomach, we went to 3 doctors and did all the tests but nothing helped and her pain was increasing with each passing day. One day, my mum’s cousin sister came to see her and all of us were surprised, as she and my mum were not on talking terms.
She showed a lot of concern and asked my mum to visit her doctor. We agreed to her suggestion as we had tried everything possible. Next day me and my mum went to the doctor. Our appointment was the last one at 8pm, as we booked in too late. When our turn came I asked my mum if I could come in, as I would get bored sitting outside.
After taking all the details, the doctor started asking normal questions like where is the pain? Since how many days the pain has been there. After a series of these normal questions he started asking embarrassing questions to mum like have you reached menopause? How often do you have sex? Have you had any STD’s in the past? Which position do you normally have sex?
Is there any position in which you feel pain? Do you have rough sex? While he was asking these questions he showed us that it was very important for him to knew, as the pain could be life threatening disease. After asking these questions he told my mum to lie down on his bed, so he could check her.
After hearing from the doctor that my mum might have a life threatening disease me and my mum were shocked and I decided to stay with my mum. Soon the doctor started the exam and asked my mum to change.
After that he checked blood pressure, temperature, and breathing and asked my mum to unbutton the patient’s gown, so he could check her breast for any lumps, after that he unbuttoned my mum’s bra and her boobs were in front me and it was the first time I had seen boobs. Her boobs were 40 C and were saggy. We both were embarrassed but we were still in state of shock.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pam's New Year's Celebration Ends

One of my industries biggest suppliers was throwing a large holiday bash on New Year's Eve at one of the larger, swankier hotels in town. The night of the party my wife was nervous, she didn't like her dress and she didn't think her hair was right. Pam said, "Why should I care how I look, with all the big-boobed beauties Carl will have on hand no will ever notice me." I mentioned in earlier stories that I work in a predominantly male industry and the owner of this supplier was known to throw some raucous rowdy events.
From a women's perspective I guess I could understand why my wife would think that, although I did not agree: she looked sexy and I told her so. She was wearing a bright red dress that was short enough to show off her athletic legs and low cut in the front which exposed glimpses of her black lace plunge bra. Although small-busted Pam's breasts were pushed up and shown off with the miracle bra she had discovered. I was turned on by how she looked and started rubbing her shoulders but she scolded me to look but don't touch, she had makeup to put on.

On the way to the party, I warned Pam there might be some things happening at the party that she would not approve of but to keep an open mind. She sighed and started to say something then stopped and then she said she would enjoy the night for me. When we got to the hotel there were multiple parties and crowds of people everywhere. The party we were attending was in one of the medium size ballrooms with a bar, a band stage and tables setup over a dance floor. It was a nice setup some festive temporary curtains on the side walls and Carl had ten or twelve scantily clad working type girls in festive outfits as hostesses to entertain the guys.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Enhanced, New Boobs New Wild Side

Amy was a "cute" girl. That's how so many people looked at her and she was tired of it. People always assumed she was several years younger than she actually was. At 29 she is barely 5'4" and weighs only 105lbs. "Petite" is how most people describe her. Amy had dark brown hair and blue eyes.
In her early teens when all the other girls went into their growth spurts, Amy had to watch in envy as her friends developed figures and she didn't. When she graduated from high school, she could barely fill out an A cup. When she would be out with her friends and saw guys staring at her friends boobs, she would act disgusted, but always had a twinge of jealousy.

After college, she she met a nice guy and were eventually married. After only a year of marriage, they had their first baby. Amy breastfed her baby and during this time her breasts swelled. She was a full B cup for the first time in her life and loved it. But when she stopped breastfeeding, they shrank to even smaller than before. She decided that she just wanted to feel like a woman again and started looking into breast augmentation. After discussing it with her husband Jimmy, they found a doctor in town with a great reputation.

Over the course of the next few months, they had several consultations and set the surgery date. It was important to Amy that they look natural but, wanted to go as big as she could without looking too fake. They figured due to her small frame, she would probably be about a C cup.

Sharing Tina For The First Time

I had a great time yesterday and wanted to do it again. When I asked Tina about going again today, she was unsure because she was ashamed that we might run into that couple again, but she eventually agreed.
I went to my friend to borrow his boat again, but he said that he might be using it to go out with a few other friends. He asked me if I had had any fun yesterday, so I told him all about the events and the couple we met.

He was raining questions on me about every single detail like, "Did your girlfriend have a shaved pussy?" or "What did the other woman look like? "

When he had finished with the questioning, he asked me to show him proof of events. I was at a loss to know how to prove it to him and then it struck me. I figured that the only way was to show him the naked shots of my girlfriend. He begged me to show him some and promised to lend me the boat if I was telling the truth. With that tempting offer I reached out for my cell phone and showed him her topless photos, but he wasn't happy with the pictures because he claimed that most girls go topless anyway, so he asked me to show him a more daring one. I told him to move onto the next picture and then his jaw dropped. He saw the photo of Tina standing on his boat giving a full frontal view of her naked body. His hard-on started to tent his pants, so I took the keys for the boat and left his house so he could 'think' about the picture he had just seen.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tina's First Exhibitionist Experience

Hi! My name is Paul and this is a story about me and my girlfriend's first exhibitionist experience.

I'm just an average built 22 year old guy who lives in Europe. Like most students who are attending college in their own town, I live with my parents. My girlfriend Tina is 19 years old. She has long brown hair, and a smile that could melt your heart. She isn't really a sex bomb, doesn't have big boobs, or a killer ass, but her petite body and charm wouldn't be uninteresting to anyone.

I met Tina for the first time about two years ago when I was at a friend's party at his beach house. Although we lived in the same town, I had never met her before. My friend introduced us and later that night I found out that she had just broken up with her boyfriend about a week ago. After few drinks he relaxed, so I asked her if I might have any chance with her. She just giggled and said "Maybe."

I was wondering what could make the "maybe" into "yes" and as I discovered, the answer wasn't so hard to find. I just poured us another drink and let her relax bit more. When it felt like the right moment, I just blurted out that I thought she was cute and then I kissed her. She didn't try to break free, so I knew she felt the same. After that, we went for a long walk along the beach.

The next day, I called her and we spent the whole day together. We were talking between us and decided that we were officially a couple.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

First Experience With Doctor

Hi everyone! I am Deepali . I am 24 year old. Sometime i read story on ISS site. I feel very excited when i read stories in office sex column. Here i am going to narrate the incident which happened with me six months before. After lots of confusion whether to write or not finally i decided to narrate it. I am a very average looking girl. My assets are 34 28 30. I am working in a private company.
Before this incidence happen no man has touched me. I never had male friends. This incidence had changed my life. It has converted me from shy girl to bold girl. Six month before during monsoon i got fever. I avoided it for 2-3 days which lead to weakness and more fever. I visited a doctor near my office area because by the time i reach home all clinics in my area gets closed. There was no much patient in the clinic. One of his assistant was there he asked me my name and told me my number mine was third number. Two patients were before me. My number came and that assistant showed me direction to doctor cabin. The doctor was handsome. He may be 38 -40 year old with 5.8” height good personality.
He asked me what happened to me i told him about my fever. He asked other health related thing he pulled my chair near him and asked me to show tongue. He checked my eyes. His face was near my face. His perfume smell was very good. Then he asked me to lie down on examination table. One girl was there in that examination room, she was doing something with the instruments may be she was cleaning them. I lay down on the table. He came near me with stethoscope. He then adjusted my dupatta which has covered my boobs and put it near my stomach .He started checking with stethoscope by softly pressing to my boobs and near cleavage. He asked me to breathe in and breathe out because of breathing my boob’s size increase from its actual.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Me And The Lady Auto Driver

This is my first attempt at lesbian erotica. Constructive feedback is welcomed.
My name is Vanaja Menon. I’m a 28 year old woman from the Malabar region of Kerala. I am married to a handsome young businessman and we have a beautiful one year old baby girl.
One night, i got into a ladies auto from the railway station after getting back from a boring training in Mumbai. It was raining and almost close to midnight. I had phoned home and told my husband that i would be reaching in the morning as the train was running late. But i managed to catch another train while mine was held up at Mangalore.
As the auto started, i sat back and arched my aching back. That was when i noticed the auto driver looking at me through her rear view mirror. From the passing lights of the city, i could see a glint in her eyes. That was when i gave her a second look.
She was an older woman, probably in her early 40’s, married going by the sindoor on her forehead, just like mine. Though her body was covered by the ugly regulation khaki shirt, i could make out a well-toned working woman’s body.
“Are you going home, dear?” she asked when she noticed me staring back at her.
I smiled and nodded.
As the auto rolled into a tight alley, i saw that the road ahead was completely flooded. And this was the only way to my street.
“Oh! God! What do i do now?” i said in exasperation.
“I can stop somewhere around here. Once the rain stops, the water will recede” offered my driver as she turned around to look at me.
“But how long will that take? What if the rain doesn’t stop?” i said, almost at tears.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tailor in ahmedabad

Hi, this is gayatri sharing with you an experience at the tailor’s. Once ajay had an invitation to attend an important congregation of commercial photographers. He wanted me to look at my absolute best on that evening which was a week away. Now, i look tempting for a 28 yr old. I am 5 ft 7”, 36c 30 38 and fair. He wanted me to dress up for the occasion. So, i reached my friend deepa for suggestions. She mentioned about the shailesh tailors. She said that the place was *popular* among women and strongly advised me to try it. She finished the statement with a ‘wink’ in her eyes which confounded me a bit, but i didn’t take it serious by then.
I decided to try this place. On a hot and sultry june afternoon i managed to find the tailor shop, after shopping my saree and the matching blouse piece. I was sweating by the time i reached the tailor shop, so the cool air from the air conditioning was a great relief when i entered. I was greeted by a 14 to 15 year old boy. “hello gayatri madam …please sit down, uncle is busy inside – he’ll be back in a minute “. I smiled at him and sat in the comfortable leather chair and relaxed and was skimming through one of the many magazines for women, particularly the one’s concerning women fashion. I was thinking to myself, ‘ very thoughtful of the owner of the…’– my thought-train was disturbed by a “good afternoon gayatri madam.” I looked up to see a nicely dressed gentleman with a pleasant smile. I nodded and got up. He said “i am shailesh. What can we do for you?” I told him “i need to stitch a blouse – in some modern style. I need to wear it for a special occasion”. He looked at me appraisingly from head to toe and remarked, “we can transform you from an angel that you are right now, to a goddess!”. I laughed at the comment. He said, ‘i haven’t seen you here before gayatri madam…”. I said ‘my friend deepa directed me here’. He said… ‘Oh mrs. Deepa, she is one of our special customers. I am glad ‘. And ‘winked’ at me meaningfully.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Unexpected Photo Shoot

"Oh, no, I can't ask you to do that," said Kate. "It's your profession. It's how you make your living. I wouldn't ask you to come to my office and process my paperwork for free."
"It's different," said Ben. "Photography is my passion. It's not like work for me, shooting someone as beautiful as you."

Kate smiled.

"Perfect!" said Ben. "Just like that!" He raised his new camera and snapped the shutter.

Our dinner guest sure knew how to flatter a woman. And in this case, it was my wife.

Kate sipped her wine again, then stuck out her tongue. It was already stained purple.

The shutter clicked again.

"Besides," Ben continued, "my portfolio is really one-sided. The only women that book my boudoir shoots are the rich housewives in Lake Oswego. You know the type—they go to Palates classes every day, and to the tanning booth, and dye their hair three tones of blonde, and wear too much makeup.... I don't have anyone like you. You're so much younger, and more hip. So natural. The classic Girl Next Door."

Monday, 20 January 2014

Slave For Hire

Answering the ad was my idea. I lost my job and I really did not have the heart to tell my husband. He has a good job but we really can not survive on just his income. I didn't want us to go on welfare and tip my hand that I had lost my job. Don't get me wrong, Chet is a great guy. I don't fear his wrath, He really is a giant pussy cat. I do miss him right now because he is working double time on the night shift. That will only last for a couple of months and even with his extra work we need my income. The real problem was I didn't want to confess that it was my own stupidity that got me fired. I improperly read a series of invoices and cost the company over 10,000 dollars. The fact that I had to pay my employers back was the REAL reason I didn't want to tell my husband. The circumstances of my mistake could be easily interpreted as me giving an off the books sweetheart deal to the invoiced companies. It really wasn't the case but I could easily understand how people could view it that way. In exchange for leaving quietly and repaying the shortfall, my employers promised not to seek legal action and to give decent referrals to potential future employers. In the meantime there was the mortgage, the car payments, cable bill, and tuition for the kid's school and day care. You know the drill. In short, I needed a lot of money in a hurry.
I called the number and set up an appointment. It was in an office in the Devon building. Stenciled on the door was the name of the firm "Employment Solutions, Inc." I knocked on the door and was told to enter. Behind the desk sat an attractive man who was about 45, he had salt and pepper hair and looked a bit like a famous movie actor.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Make Me Pregnant, Prakash

After a lapse of long period I am again here at the behest of my net friends, who are searching my love making stories, they often write to me about it. This story I have written as explained by the woman character of my story. This is because I wanted show the heart felt sorrows of her life.
Hi, my name is Anjani, I originally hail from Gujarat. I have settled in Hyderabad after my marriage. I got married early at my age of 20. My husband is in automobile business along with his family members. Ours is a joint family. My marriage was a happier one as everybody would respect and care me well. But this didn’t continue for long. After few years I lost peace of mind. The reason was that I was unable to conceive.
We carried many tests and done many medications, but nothing resolved. Even at the age of 25 years I was unable to have a child. The family was blaming me for the same. My in laws are very orthodox and I was not allowed to go out without having any family member with me.
I have no way but to pray god for my help. My parents are very poor and stayed at Ahmedabad. They are so poor that they were unable to even visit me at such a long distance from Ahmedabad. My parents were also praying God to save me from this curse.
Many tests were conducted again and again. Doctors were changed. Once a gentleman doctor told me, when I was alone in his chamber, that there is nothing wrong with you, but your husband has low sperm counts and the sperms present are not active. So, there are least chances of becoming pregnant.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Our Parents are Swingers

As anyone who has grown up in a tightly knit family knows, there are personalities, likes and dislikes, and of course the private secrets about other members of the family. These secrets are sometimes small, sometimes large, and are rarely revealed to outsiders because, in a way, it would be doing something against the family's privacy and trust.
Let me begin. It started innocently enough, I'd just turned twenty, getting ready to return back to college and I was in the attic of our house looking for some old books that I'd packed away in a box several years before. There was a lot of clutter in the attic and I finally spotted the box that I was looking for. It was underneath some other boxes and, as I moved one of them another box fell to the floor and spilled open. I was completely surprised by what I saw. The box was full of homemade porn. The photos weren't slick magazine photos; they were real photos of people having sex in what looked to be private homes. For the most part the people were just average men and women performing every imaginable sex act. There were a lot of old Polaroid photos in the bottom of the box that looked to be at least twenty or more years old.

After my initial shock wore off a little I started looking closer and I began to recognize some of my parent's friends and a couple of neighbors from our old neighborhood. At the bottom of the box there was another smaller box that was taped-up. When I opened the box I was really surprised -- I could hardly believe what I was looking at! There were hundreds of nude pictures of my parents having sex with other people and each other. There was no doubt...they're hard-core swingers! Suddenly things that had happened years ago started to make sense to me.

Friday, 17 January 2014

True story of Wife Swapping

Darlene and I had never considered swinging until we met Ricardo and Silvia. Now it has become our number one self-pleasure. My wife is extremely beautiful and I would never allow anyone to touch her until I met Ricardo. His wife Silvia is equally as beautiful as my gorgeous and delicious Darlene and Ricardo feels the same way as I do - if someone touches his wife, he must give that approval and few men would ever meet that standard. Once our private affair started it changed our entire marriage relationship and our friendship with Ricardo and Silvia.
I was almost 35 yrs. old when I met Ricardo; I had been assigned to train him. I was an advanced technician compared to most of the other craftsman on the Refinery. I had gone to the best schools in Houston as well as learned from my father who was a 1st class Tech and had become a trainer before his retirement. Ricardo was from California and had lost his job who had interviewed well and we hired him a few weeks later. Ricardo was sharp for a 25 yr. old and was easy to train. He was polite, respectful and hard working.
Ricardo and Silvia bought a house about a mile away from me and Darlene, since I would be his mentor and coworker; it was easy to simply commute together. We took turns driving and enjoyed the friendship. Darlene and Silvia became good friends as well, even though Silvia was 10 yrs. younger. They had no children and knew only a little about Texas, so we took it on our own to show them Texas hospitality. After only a few times together on weekends, it seemed like a very good friendship. We had no idea this friendship would develop into something beyond our wildest imagination.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Me and my wife and her friend Manan were having regular sex, but we didn’t let anybody know. After the first experience of my wife fucked with Manan, me and my wife Niyati were very friendly with each other and we always used to discuss if we can go for wife swapping to which Niyati readily agreed.

Now I am going to narrate other story that happened last week, when me and my wife Niyati went to our friends house for dinner where all my friends had come with their spouses, my my I always had this fantasy of fucking many of my friends wivesthey are couple of them of which I never miss to brush my elbows and hands on their thighs, buttlock and their boobs. Never ever miss a chance to have a view of their boobs when they bend down or their clothes just get bit wavy with air.

On that night my friend Rahul with her beautiful wife jigna seating on the sofa, where jigna was wearing short skirt and was showing her nice waxed legs and at times here thighs too. She has wore a low neck black top which easily showed her nice cleavage, let me describe jigna,she is about 24 age 5 and 1 inch tall, but she has big firm breast I think may be size of 38. I had a big jerk in my pants and I did seat next to her and her hairs were waving in the air and nice fragnance was moving all around from her sexy body.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


My name is Ramesh (44 years), my wife is Saroj (40 years). We both are in Govt jobs. We live in Hissar (Haryana). We have one son and one daughter; both live in hostel and are away from us. I am regular reader of N8story since last about one year and like to read incest stories, specially brother sister relations.
My wife is of holy nature and I dare to talk to her about incest or relations with some other person. She is having a great figure (38, 30 and 36). On my choice she often very exposing dresses when with me and very formal cloths while on duty.
About one month ago (15 May 2011) there was our marriage anniversary. We had a lot of outing the whole day. We came back at about 8 pm with packed dinner. We had our bath and thereafter she wore a Rajasthani Dress (Lehanga, sleeveless and fully exposing choli). Her breasts were fully exposed in that dress. I took many kisses of her forehead, lips as she was looking dam sexy.
We were about to start our dinner, a door bell rang and before we could react, her brother Raj (28 years, unmarried) came in. She hugged him and he presented some dresses to her. He informed us that he had got some job in our city and will join tomorrow. We asked him to join us in dinner and he sat in our front chair.
I noticed that he was a little drunk and paying much attention towards her exposed breasts. After dinner we took ice cream and a little portion fell in between of her breasts. He got up and tried to clean with his hanky but she got up and went to the bathroom. I thought of a plan to see his activities.
After making an excuse to see my friend in nearby hospital, I left them alone and asked them I will lock the main door from outside and will come back soon. After about 10 minutes I rang on her mobile and told her that I will not be able to come for minimum two hours.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Truth Or Dare Leads To Life Time Memories

Hey Guys, I am Amit and This is the first time I am posting a story out here and i have been reading this site for a long time and eventually got tempted to share my own personal experience with you. The incident that I am narrating occured not very long ago rather just a couple of months ago. I was recently transfered to Bhatinda punjab due to my job and got a house on rent. I have been happily married for the last 6 years with a beautiful punjabi girl. My wife Meenu is a wonderful lady, a teacher, very fair, 5 feet 4 inches, 34 B 30 36 with attractive facial features and a jolly nature.
She is not kind of wild in bed lady but still was adventurous at times. I am 5 10, fair, with hairy chest, athletic with a bit of beer gut and shy on part but with very high libido. We shared a healthy relation despite of variating highs and lows in our sex life.
Just at a time our life was getting monotonous , there occured an incident which left a memorable mark on us forever and spiced up our relationship. I reached home late and after dinner and other daily attires ,was informed by Meenu that the house next to ours has been sold and new neighbours have arrived.

She said that they appear to be good human beings as she had a short meeting with them in the neighbour hood while there goods were being boarded in the newly built house. Being too tired, I didn’t pay much attention to her talks and soon dozzed off to sleep. Being an early awaker, got up in the morning and went to terracee to collect newspaper and suddenly with a jilt got stuck to a beautiful sight.

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 02

The sixth day of Sam and Julie's stay in the tribe. A day before the fateful rape of Julie. Chief Magoya sent a message summoning Jack to his hut early in the morning. He had come up with an idea that might lead him to taste something exotic. He was so turned on by the images that got burned in to his eyes at the river yesterday, he had to have sex with his women two times just to subdue his erection.
Having to go back home with a monster erection hanging, reaffirmed his status in the village. It was rare for the chief to display a full hard on in public. Having the power to have any woman in the village and best tool for that, made sex kind of a boring everyday task for the chief. If he signaled, any woman was honored and followed him to his hut. There was even a completion among women to receive his seed.

He felt a long lost flame reignited in him after seeing the pale female in her natural beauty. That amazing creature made the fifty year old feel like a hormone raged teenager again. An insatiable fire of lust was spreading through him and he knew the best way to put it out.

Few hours after the sunrise, Jack entered the chief's hut to heed the summoning. The chief expressed his desire to mate with pale female. Since he wasn't used to or ever had to force a woman to mate with him, he preferred to have her consent for this coupling. Being the bridge between the outsiders and the villagers, it was Jake's duty to formally announce this to Julie. He felt sorry for the pretty girl. Their efforts to avoid unwanted attentions have gone futile. Worst of all she had attracted the eyes that she should have avoided at all cost. Chief Mgoya's will was the iron rule of the village. And he always got what he wanted. Most of the time he was happily given what he desired. But when he had to take something he wanted, he was ruthless.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 01

As the plane engine hummed away its tune, Sam continued to bask in the beauty of his new wife sitting next to him. They took their lavish wedding only a week ago and now on their way to a honeymoon that promised to be a beautiful dream. Being rich by owning a software company didn't hurt at all in planning all these expensive arrangements. In his heart, he felt it helped a lot in managing to find this beautiful wife too.
It wasn't like he was an ugly guy. Sam was an owner of a 5'9" average body with a pleasant face. But his wife had an angelic face, wavy brown hair that flowed down her shoulders till her narrow waist and long legs that can make any guy drool even though she was two inches shorter than him.

Julie was too much occupied with the scenery on display through the narrow window to notice the gaze of her husband. She was leaning on to the window side with her legs one over the other, resulting the hem of her yellow strapless short summer dress to ride a little higher than its original position of midway of her thighs. She was too bored to correct this little immodesty and besides she knew Sam loved to enjoy the view of her toned, smooth and long legs. After all this was their honeymoon and a little bit of teasing here and there should be something normal.

The small domestic plane was shaking more than a bigger plane against rogue air currents, resulting small bounces in her chest area from time to time. This was a tell tale indication of Julie having to choose between her 34c bra with a more covered top in the humid climate or more exposed and cooler bra-less, strapless top.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lesbian Lactation

Sally had graduated and needed to find a job. With few opportunities in town, she was happy when her mom told her that Leslie White was looking for a regular babysitter. Leslie was a friend of the family and single mom of a five-month-old. As it turned out, she needed someone to pick up her little one from daycare and stay with her until Leslie got home from work.
It was an easy job and Leslie was happy to pay Sally well for the few hours a day that she spent helping out. After a time, Sally noticed that Leslie was in no hurry for her to leave in the evening and she got paid for the extra time she stayed at Leslie's apartment. Sally felt a bit guilty being paid to sit and chat with Leslie. Leslie was a successful designer and her social life had been severely curtailed now that she was a mom. So, she enjoyed her time unwinding, changing out of her work clothes and having a glass of wine and some girl talk with the younger Sally.

Sometimes they would have dinner and play with the baby. Sally would often get home from "work" pretty late. But it was a nice arrangement that worked for both of them. One evening, with the baby asleep, the two got to talking.

"Do you mind hanging out with an older woman, Sally?" Leslie asked.

"Not at all, Les. I wonder if you get bored chatting with a teenager," Sally said.

"Not at all! Besides, you are pretty mature for eighteen. You don't go on about boyfriends or nonsense. You are really one of my closest friends," Leslie said, gazing at Sally.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Wife Gang Banged By Tribal Men part 1

Hi this is Rajan and I hope you all enjoyed my pervious story ‘My Wife’s casting couch’ and thank you all for the comments. For all those reading for the first time a brief intro I am 30yrs old and my wife Kavitha is typical south Indian wife 26yrs beautiful voluptuous women, 5.5 height
She is fair in complexion with nice big tits and a nice curvy ass always dressed in a sari with jasmine flowers tied to her long silky hair in short she looks like a south Indian actress and she is a mother of two kids.
After my wife gave birth to her boss’s child things got back to normal her boss was transferred to Europe and Kavitha became the boss in her office and I became the namesake legal father of the child which she had by fucking her boss.
A year went by and her pussy got back to the normal size as she stopped fucking her boss and our sex life also improved a lot I would fuck at least 4 -5 times in a week and whenever and I fucked her and I would remember how she got fucked by her boss right in front of me and how he used to fill her pussy and how I used to lick it, this made me very horny.
I really deeply loved my wife for what she did. One day while browsing the net I found this really nice holiday package to Andaman islands and asked Kavitha if she could get leave so that we can go for a holiday as the last holiday we went was for our honeymoon since then it has been only sex , work and pregnancy for Kavitha and she too needed a break.
So we booked the 3 night tour package, we left the kids with her parents and we took off for our second honeymoon to the Andaman Islands when we reached it was beautiful our room was on the beach and we would have sex every night.

Friday, 3 January 2014

My Wife Gang Banged By Tribal Men Part 2

Hi guys !!! this is Rajan again I hope you all loved my previous story ‘My Wife Gang Banged by Tribal Men’.
I would now like to continue the story and what happened next.
We got to Hyderabad form our wild and unbelievable holiday , my wife kavitha got pregnant due to the gangbang and the hard fucking she got from those tribal men , but we decided to abort the child as we dint know who the father was and could not answer our friends and relatives.
After a few days Kavitha recovered her health and was back to normal, due to the gangbang she had put on a few extra pounds weight making her even sexier. Her boobs had enlarged into a pair of big globes with pointed nipples, her hips and butt had widened a bit , she had put on some mass on the thighs making it even more sexy and most of all her pussy had grown beautifully , it was like a bud growing into a flower.
Ever since the gangbang her pussy started smelling, a pungent smell used to all ways come from her pussy and I started liking this smell when I licked her pussy.
I could hardly fell her pussy when I fucked her as it was so much stretched out due to the gangbang fuck she had with those tribal men due to this she stopped having sex with me and I was only allowed to lick her pussy.
Life went on like this for a few months I got busy with my business and kavitha got busy with her office work and the kids.
One day I had to go to the sea port on some work and guess what .. I accidentally found the tribal chief working as a coolie at the port , he was dressed in a old torn banian and lungi.
He was very happy to see me and I offered him to buy him some tea so we went to a tea stall and started talking, he first asked how kavitha was I told him that is fine and she misses his dick very much.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Vikas fucking office lady Aneesha

Today I would like to narrate a real story which happened 2 years back. Every line every word of this story is true. I am Vikas 26 years old guy from Bangalore and have been working in an MNC from last three years. I am average looking guy with a normal built but a good sense of humour. I guess this is the major reason I have a good rapport with the oppposite sex.
It all started in Aug 2009.I was working on a project which had a a very strict deadline and had to be delivered by Sept 2nd week. I along with my team members very slogging there asses off. We had a team of 8 members 5 guys and three females. 2 of the females were married. Days passed by and the deadline date started coming closer.
We all started working late in the office and the best part was that everyone inspite of their family commitments gave their 100% to the project. This particular female Aneesha, who was married a few years back was the star of our team. 31 years of age and a figure to die for. Not very fair but a sure stunner and used to dress to kill. Although she used to wear only formals but she had an amazing collection of formal clothes.
On once during a group meeting we were sitting next to each other. It was a long day and almost everyone was tired. Aneesha's shoulder was touching mine and I was feeling amazing about it. First I thought of moving aside but then I withdrew the plan. It was a presentation so the room was dark so chances of anyone seeing this was minimal.
For next 20 mins we were sitting in the same position and her aroma was making me horny. I tried to take a chance and adjusted myself in a way that my hand was slightly above her's. Now with every breath she used to take my bisecps used to slightly rub her outer part of the breast. Initially I got scared tha she might complain but nothing happened.
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