Thursday, 16 January 2014


Me and my wife and her friend Manan were having regular sex, but we didn’t let anybody know. After the first experience of my wife fucked with Manan, me and my wife Niyati were very friendly with each other and we always used to discuss if we can go for wife swapping to which Niyati readily agreed.

Now I am going to narrate other story that happened last week, when me and my wife Niyati went to our friends house for dinner where all my friends had come with their spouses, my my I always had this fantasy of fucking many of my friends wivesthey are couple of them of which I never miss to brush my elbows and hands on their thighs, buttlock and their boobs. Never ever miss a chance to have a view of their boobs when they bend down or their clothes just get bit wavy with air.

On that night my friend Rahul with her beautiful wife jigna seating on the sofa, where jigna was wearing short skirt and was showing her nice waxed legs and at times here thighs too. She has wore a low neck black top which easily showed her nice cleavage, let me describe jigna,she is about 24 age 5 and 1 inch tall, but she has big firm breast I think may be size of 38. I had a big jerk in my pants and I did seat next to her and her hairs were waving in the air and nice fragnance was moving all around from her sexy body.

Niyati noted the lust in my eyes and could easily noticed my eagerness for jigna.That night while going home she asked me about jigna and hold my dick and I gave her cunning smile “signaling her that I badly want to fuck jigna,and to my surprise niyati got ready easily as she in return can get jigna’s hubby Rahul who’s also tall and handsome with sharp features, so without giving any second thought niyati called up rahul next day and straight away put wife swapping proposalwhich aroused rahul very much which he never thought would happen in his life. So with bit hesitation he asked Niyati about my confirmation too which Niyati explained him easily. So Niyati invite Rahul & Jigna at our place so that we could discuss very frankly the proposal.

We were shocked to see only Rahul coming to our house, which put some doubts in our mind, Rahul didn’t talk the proposal with jigna as he was afraid regarding such a proposal.So I asked Rahul about Jigna don’t she like SEX and he replied that she is quite dum about such mattersand they hardly try different things in bed, which helped me figure out that Rahul himself is slow starter and quite dum in this matters and is not able to satisy Jigna on bed with different positions and with long lasting fun as Jigna is quite modern with her clothes and looks and she cannot be such a person. So I asked Rahul about Jigna’s likings and dislikings, which helped me figure out what sort of personality Jigna is. Now Jigna’s birthday was in last week,so I told Rahul that let me handle the situation and I will make Jigna ready for the act,But at the same time I can see Rahul very eager as he wanted Niyati right there and than.But we had a mutual understanding, Now on Jigna’s bday at night 12 I messaged her wishing her birthday wishes which she was quite surprised and when she received my call in early morning she was quite stunned about my caring for her.

I also did send flowers and cake for her birthday with the birthday card written “MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY” DEAR YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL & MOST PRECIOUS PERSON IN THIS WORLD, Now Jigna was blushing and flattered and she asked Rahul to call me and Niyati for dinner at some hotel. I again came up with a gift and jigna asked me what was all about, why I was caring for her too much and I just replied her anything for you sweetheart, now Jigna was felt bit shamed in front of her hubby Rahul, but we did behave that nothing has happened. Now after dinner we separated and Jigna found my gift very astounishing (it had a nice lingere which was transparent),

Now she started asking Rahul about me how good person I am, Now Rahul cant wait to tell her abt the proposal but he had to build up slowly so that Jigna don’t get angry and he can also make up whether Jigna liked me(MAYANK) or not, or would she be interested in me(MAYANK). Now Rahul told Jigna that Mayank had a big crush on her, and he’s always praising her whenever we’re out with friends. He respect you too and always keep saying that Jigna is the most beautiful wive in our group. Now Rahul can see Jigna brushing and flattering too much,

Rahul asked Jigna whether she liked me(MAYANK) and she replied with a positive note that he’s a nice guy an allrounder and is keeping her wife happy in all the ways I mean in bed too….than she started laughing with a cunning eye, Now that the point when Rahul has to throw the proposal and he asked Jigna about the proposal that Mayank wants to make love making with you do you mind if I let both of you do it. Now Jigna gave a very big pause which made Rahul afraid.

But Jigna thought Rahul was joking and she said yes she would to make Rahul fool, but Rahul was quite happy and immediately called me and gave me the good news. Jigna was all standing and didn’t move lot of thoughts coming to her mind but had a nice feeling too her hubby is setting her up with MAYANK and she too felt let me try with a romantic guy like Mayank who knows how to keep females happy. Now we decided up time and it was my place again,Jigna and Rahul came to our place.

We had nice time talking dirty things where I commented lot of things of Jigna.which she was enjoying and giving me a look. It was hard for me with Jigna as she was very shy and feeling shameful with me,on the other hand Niyati had her man and they went to my bedroom.

Now it was me and Jigna in the other room so I slowly started kissing her at differents points where females get excited (I hope Rahul never had did that) which made Jigna excited but still she was not moving much or moving her hands on me,

I gained her confidence by putting her hands on my dick which was quite erect, Jigna slowly started calling me “JAAN” “ HONEY” love me as you never had done with your Niyati or any other lady, now that excited me and started massaging her on her thighs and back, kissing her lips and fingers,slowly my tongue found her cleavage with my both hands caugthing hold of Jigna’s firm BOOBS. Now I pulled her jeans and made her topless with taking her top too, she was wearing the same lingere which I presented on her birthday,

Now Jigna was gaining courage and told me that I was all yours make me your honey, I can feel that she and Rahul never had bad words during SEX. So I had to avoid using such words which would annoy her.Jigna had a nice clean shaved pussy which was making me crazy.

Now I was fully concentrated on her BOOBS gaved her nice sucking on her BOOBS, slowly my finger was inserted in her clean shaved pussy which excited her like anything and she was going made and uttering, AAAH HHHHAAA” MAYANK JANNNNNNN I LIKE IT,

DON’T STOP KEEP DOING IT,I AM ALL WET, TU AAB TAK KAHA THA. I took out my dick for her to give me nice blowjob which also she had never done in her life as Rahul never made her do. She readily put her in her mouth and started giving me nice mouth stroking with all the fluids on my dick. I asked in her ears any erotic desire she had and never had satisfied, which she replied “WILD SEX” was her answer that made me crazy, so that I can used her and fuck her the way I want..

Now I called her up and gave few slaps on her face and told her to suck my dick so that I can fuck her hard, this new language she was enjoying, I also told her JIGNA TERE BOOBS BAHUT BADE HAIN,KYA INSE DUDH BHI NIKALTA HAIN” she smiled and asked me to milk her.

Now I went down to her G-SPOT and started licking her which made her feel in heaven. I keep her sucking her and fingering her until she had orgasm with which she was moaning hard and request,beg me to stop but I was never going to do it.

Now with the more power & energy I hold her up in doggy style and with the first thirst inserted my fully erect dick in her sweet pink pussy.I was riding her like a horse and she never had this long play in her life. I tooked her in all the different positions like missionary, doggy.

She liked me teaching her all the positions and fucking her in all of them, she was happy to be a experienced guy as Jigna and Rahul never made sex other than missionary position where Rahul will stroke her and ejacute and the play was over,

Thought she was not as much flexible but did gave me nice support in making our night the best one. I called her few time RAND TUJE AAJ PURI RAAT CHODU GAA. TERI BOBLE DONO HAATH SE PAKDE TUJE CHODU GAA.

The best part was I tooked her 4-5 times in that whole night, where I used to make her wear different Niyati’s bras, I also oiled her boobs with a great massage, I tried chocolate syrup licking on her pussy.etc etc which she never had experienced in her 3 yrs of marriage life.

Jigna was quite an emotional girl and she cried before me for having RAHUL as her husband who is so dumb and unromantic person, who hardly cares and make her feel good, I promised Jigna that I will always make her happy when she needs me,

I will always be available for her service, she felt good gave me a nice hug. Morning when I waked up Jigna was taking bath and this time she was so wild,aggressive and demanding that she asked upfront “ MAYANK BATHROOM MAIN APNI JAAN KO NAHI CHODEGA”

Now that me horny again and I fucked her in shower too while massaging her boobs with the soap, which continued on the bed too. We went out of the room where Niyati and Rahul were sitting on the dinning table waiting for us to join on a breakfast.

Jigna went and hug Rahul for accepting the proposal,on the other hand Niyati and Rahul were too looking happy to have other sex partners, I was very eager to hear from Niyati about the last night with Rahul which she later narrated. Will soon write that experience too.

Me and Jigna are having regular fun at my house when Rahul is out of work,Niyati knows that as she also has Manan on her side who can come anytime and do the act.

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