Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lesbian Lactation

Sally had graduated and needed to find a job. With few opportunities in town, she was happy when her mom told her that Leslie White was looking for a regular babysitter. Leslie was a friend of the family and single mom of a five-month-old. As it turned out, she needed someone to pick up her little one from daycare and stay with her until Leslie got home from work.
It was an easy job and Leslie was happy to pay Sally well for the few hours a day that she spent helping out. After a time, Sally noticed that Leslie was in no hurry for her to leave in the evening and she got paid for the extra time she stayed at Leslie's apartment. Sally felt a bit guilty being paid to sit and chat with Leslie. Leslie was a successful designer and her social life had been severely curtailed now that she was a mom. So, she enjoyed her time unwinding, changing out of her work clothes and having a glass of wine and some girl talk with the younger Sally.

Sometimes they would have dinner and play with the baby. Sally would often get home from "work" pretty late. But it was a nice arrangement that worked for both of them. One evening, with the baby asleep, the two got to talking.

"Do you mind hanging out with an older woman, Sally?" Leslie asked.

"Not at all, Les. I wonder if you get bored chatting with a teenager," Sally said.

"Not at all! Besides, you are pretty mature for eighteen. You don't go on about boyfriends or nonsense. You are really one of my closest friends," Leslie said, gazing at Sally.

Sally was wearing "skinny jeans" and a sheer black top. Her black bra was visible beneath the fabric. Sally had pert, little b-cups to compliment her lithe figure.

"Leslie, I had no idea. I feel close to you, too. So many of my high school friends have moved on and left me behind. You're probably my closest friend too," Sally said as she took in Leslie's reclining figure next to her on the sofa.

Leslie was 28 and had lost most of her "baby weight". At 5'5" she and Sally were similar in height, although Leslie was considerably curvier. Her hips flared to fill her jeans and tapered to a waist that was trim, if not as tight as it had been before childbirth. And Leslie was much bustier than Sally. Her full c-cups had grown to full d-cups or bigger with childbirth. And they seemed to be growing still. She was breastfeeding the baby and her milk production was prodigious. She found she was either feeding or pumping her milk for storage every few hours. She had even donated some of the excess to the La Leche League in town.

The two had finished a meal of take-out and were lounging on the sofa with the TV on. Neither was watching until Sally noticed that the news was showing a live car chase. The two sat up and discussed where the pursuit was taking place in their city. As Leslie sat up, she felt her milk "letting down". Her big breasts began to ache. She knew she would start leaking if she didn't pump soon.

"You're going to have to excuse me," Leslie said as she walked to her bedroom to get the pump. She lifted her baggy sweatshirt and undid the flap of her nursing bra. With a practiced motion, she applied the cup of the pump to her engorged breast and pushed the button. Nothing. Leslie shook the small pump and it buzzed to life. As she put it back over her large nipple, it stopped buzzing. The batteries had given out. Leslie sighed and dropped her sweatshirt and headed to the kitchen to retrieve more batteries from the junk drawer.

Sally was still watching the police chase as Leslie walked through the living room toward the kitchen.

"You're missing it, Les. This guy is weaving all over the road. He's on the other side of town now."

"The batteries in this stupid thing have died," Leslie said waving the pump. "It goes through two every other day!"

Sally knew that Leslie was nursing. She had fed her baby countless bottles of Leslie's milk.

"Damn it! I can't be out of batteries!" Leslie cried out from the kitchen. She came back into the living room carrying the pump and one AA battery. "This is all I have." She put the one new battery in with one old battery. The pump buzzed, then stopped. She shook it and it buzzed again. "Damn it," Leslie muttered.

"Let me see that," Sally offered.

Leslie handed the plastic pump to Sally and looked over at the TV. The chase was still going on. She turned up the volume so she could hear the commentary.

Sally tried putting the other old battery in with the one new one. The pump buzzed to life and then died again. As she fiddled with it, Sally noticed a drop of milk on the flared cone of plastic that Leslie had fitted onto her breast in the bedroom. She looked up and saw Leslie focused on the TV. Sally collected the droplet of mother's milk on her finger and tasted it.

"Sweet, isn't it?" Leslie said. She had glanced over in time to see what Sally had done but was back to looking at the TV.

Sally felt guilty and didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry, Leslie. I don't know what came over me. I just saw the drop of milk and.."

"It's OK, Sally. Curiosity is pretty normal. I've tasted my milk. No biggie."

Sally was relieved that Leslie let the subject go. The two sat watching the TV as the police finally cornered the suspect and ended the chase.

Leslie's breasts were really aching now. She moaned as she sat back.

"What's wrong?" asked Sally.

"Dear, I have got to relieve my breasts. I let down my milk a few minutes ago and I need to pump. But..." Leslie waved the useless pump.

"Should I go get batteries? I can probably be back inside a half hour," offered Sally.

"I really can't wait that long," Leslie looked down and her exposed breast had leaked a big wet spot through her sweatshirt. She had neglected to redo the flap on her nursing bra.

"Will you wake the baby? She already fed. She's full." said Sally.

"No. I'll have to just milk myself like a cow, I guess," Leslie sighed loudly.

Sally could see how upset Leslie had become. She wanted to help her friend. She could hear the discomfort in Leslie's voice and she couldn't take her eyes from the big, growing wet spot on her sweatshirt.

"I wish I could help. Isn't there anything I can do, Leslie?"

Leslie looked into her younger friend's eyes. Sally was looking at the wet spot on her shirt. Sally moved closer and Leslie lifted the sweatshirt to expose her big, white nursing bra. The left flap was pulled back and her big, dark nipple was exposed. It was dripping pale white droplets, soaking the bra and the pad it contained. Leslie reached out to Sally and took her hand. She guided Sally's index finger to the leaking nipple and Sally collected the drops. She moved the finger to her mouth and sucked the milk from it with a quiet moan. She repeated the motion, but this time she fed the droplet to Leslie.

Leslie sucked her milk from Sally's finger and then reached out to her and laid her across her lap. Sally turned to face Leslie's chest brought her lips to the large, stiff, pinkish-purple nipple. As she began to suckle and the milk began to flow, Leslie cradled her head gently. Both women moaned quietly as Sally sucked and swallowed and tasted the warm, sweet nectar.

Leslie felt a wave of warmth move over her chest and then lower to her loins. She was aware of her pussy becoming wet. As she cradled the head of the suckling teenager with one hand, her other hand caressed Sally's reclining body. It was soft and warm and her hand glided from Sally back to her rear. She stroked the younger girl slowly and felt the pressure in her left breast ease.

Leslie shifted and removed the sweatshirt. She started to undo the right flap of the harness-like nursing bra. She paused looking down at Sally and then reached behind herself to remove it altogether. Her huge breasts swung free from the support and constriction of the bra. Her right breast was bulging, filled with its load of sweet mother's milk. Sally cupped and caressed the giant orb and, parting her lips, darted her tongue out to collect the milk drop hanging from that big, stiff nipple. Then her mouth encircled the nipple and she suckled gently, then more urgently.

Leslie resumed her stroking of Sally's slender form. Sally had turned to access the other breast and Leslie's hand stroked her shoulder, then her smaller breasts and flat stomach. Sally moaned and rubbed her thighs together. In the tight jeans her pussy was growing warm and moist. She felt her passion rising and her clit getting hard. She felt Leslie's hand glide between her legs. As she felt this, her own hand slipped between the older woman's legs. She felt Leslie's warm pussy and rubbed it slowly.

All the while, Sally's hungry mouth suckled and pulled at Leslie's big breast. Leslie could feel the pressure subsiding as Sally swallowed again and again. It felt so good and she felt so connected to Sally. Leslie felt Sally's hand rubbing her pussy through her pants. Her clit was stiff and throbbing. Her pussyjuice felt like it was dripping from her lips.

At the same time Leslie's hand was rubbing against Sally's mound. Both women moved to undo the pants of the other. This caused them to break their "nursing embrace" for a moment. Leslie stood and stripped her pants off, standing nude before Sally's wondering eyes. Sally raised her hips and slipped her jeans and panties off. She sat up and stripped off her top and removed her bra, which seems so small and delicate compared to the discarded nursing bra. Leslie took in the smooth, toned body of the younger woman and moved to kiss her smaller breasts, the small, pink nipples at full attention. As she moved, Leslie's own large, pendulous breasts hung down in Sally's face. Sally reveled in the warm, almost smothering, flesh. It seemed endless.

Her mouth found a big, hard nipple and she resumed her suckling, although the flow of milk was only a trickle now. Sally's hands kneaded the big, fleshy masses and induced more milk to flow into her hungry, sucking mouth. Her hand reached up to Leslie's exposed pussy and its nest of brown pubic hair. Her hand cupped Leslie's mound and felt the warmth. A finger found the cleft between the older woman's pussylips and it slipped between them to trace the wetness from the opening of her pussy up to the stiff, hooded clitoris. Leslie shuddered and moaned around the pert, upturned breasts of Sally.

Leslie's hands roamed the younger woman's body, feeling it respond and twist as if dancing. Her hand found Sally's hairless mound. It was warm and wetness was dripping from it. Leslie dipped a finger in Sally pussy and pumped it slowly. She withdrew it and brought it to her lips. The younger woman tasted exquisite. Leslie's fingers rubbed the wetness over Sally's lips and plunged back inside.

Once Leslie had a taste of Sally wetness, she had to have more. She moved her head lower until she could lick where her fingers had been playing. Her tongue parted Sally's labia and dipped inside to slurp the warm wetness.

As Leslie moved, her big breasts were drawn away from Sally's appreciative lips. But Sally found herself looking directly at the full nest of curly brown hair between Leslie's legs. The powerful aroma of a woman aroused filled her nostrils and Sally's finger's parted Leslie's pussylips and her lips, that had been suckling Leslie's nipples, now suckled on her stiff clit. The women 69ed lazily, each bringing dizzying pleasure to the other. As Leslie's pleasure intensified, her hips ground down on Sally's face and mouth. Sally gasped for breath as she licked and sucked at the delicious wetness. She held Leslie's labia between her own lips and ran her tongue over Leslie's hard clit again and again until she erupted in a string of mind-shattering orgasms. Leslie grunted and moaned and shouted Sally's name. Her pussy pulsed and spasmed and squirted droplets of her she-come that Sally licked up and swallowed.

As her orgasm drifted off, Leslie moved lower and pushed her tongue as deeply into Sally's pussy as she could, Sally's hips bucked and she tried to fuck up at Leslie's face. Leslie replaced her tongue with two probing fingers that curled to Sally's g-spot and massaged it. Leslie's mouth moved to Sally's clit and she swirled around the tiny bud until Sally exploded. Leslie's fingers felt the inner walls of Sally's pussy contract and a flood of her juices gushed forth. Leslie was surprised by the jet of juices, but sucked and lapped them up as hungrily as Sally had feasted on her milk.

Finally, both women sighed and collapsed. Leslie eventually moved around to face Sally and they kissed deeply, each tasting her pussy's wetness of the lips of the other. Sally's small, firm titties pressed against Leslie's massive boobs. Their legs scissored each other. Leslie would not be needing batteries for her pump anytime soon.

"Tomorrow, Sally, I'll show you some of my toys," Leslie said.

Sally rubbed her pussy against Leslie's thigh imagining what was to come.

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