Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Truth Or Dare Leads To Life Time Memories

Hey Guys, I am Amit and This is the first time I am posting a story out here and i have been reading this site for a long time and eventually got tempted to share my own personal experience with you. The incident that I am narrating occured not very long ago rather just a couple of months ago. I was recently transfered to Bhatinda punjab due to my job and got a house on rent. I have been happily married for the last 6 years with a beautiful punjabi girl. My wife Meenu is a wonderful lady, a teacher, very fair, 5 feet 4 inches, 34 B 30 36 with attractive facial features and a jolly nature.
She is not kind of wild in bed lady but still was adventurous at times. I am 5 10, fair, with hairy chest, athletic with a bit of beer gut and shy on part but with very high libido. We shared a healthy relation despite of variating highs and lows in our sex life.
Just at a time our life was getting monotonous , there occured an incident which left a memorable mark on us forever and spiced up our relationship. I reached home late and after dinner and other daily attires ,was informed by Meenu that the house next to ours has been sold and new neighbours have arrived.

She said that they appear to be good human beings as she had a short meeting with them in the neighbour hood while there goods were being boarded in the newly built house. Being too tired, I didn’t pay much attention to her talks and soon dozzed off to sleep. Being an early awaker, got up in the morning and went to terracee to collect newspaper and suddenly with a jilt got stuck to a beautiful sight.

Saw a new couple in the neighbourhood, as told by Neetu last night. The couple were busy with their left over boarding decors and suddenly saw me staring them. They introduced themselves as Pinky and Prem. Prem was a handsome lad, 6 Feet, well maintained gym body and a bollywood actor looks.

Pinky on the other hand was a bit shorter on height somewhat like 5″2 but volptuous chubby busty beauty with 38 36 38 figure, wheatish complexion and very sharp facial features quite similar to those of South masala movie actresses. The first look of pinky itself made it clear that she was wild in bed kind of lady with dominating antics. She wore a tight fit sleeveless top which almost made her heavy boobs appearing to be falling out and a tight fight pyjama which was so tight that it made her butts and even the butt crack readable quite easily. Both Prem and Pinky were giving directions to the truck delivery man about the unloading of their house hold items.
Within few weeks the newly arrived couple got in tune with the neighbourhood and started visiting the families in the neighbourhood especially pinky exchanging sweets or cooked vegetables, like most of the indian ladies in the neighbourhood do. One such evening, I came back from work and decided to change clothes. I had just stripped off to underwear suddenly Pinky came in her typical deep neck suits with pallu on shoulder, giving an ample view of her deep cleavage with a bowl of sweet in her hands & watching me in that condition, she got a bit jolted and didn’t knew how to react, then after few seconds turned around and left. I just heard a sound that to tell Meenu bhabhi that something is lying in the kitchen shelf and then her foot steps moving down the stairs.
Before turning around I saw her checking out me and my crotch in my white Jockey from the corner of her eyes was she really or was I just considering myself casenova? No matter what it was, but the session on the very night with Meenu was a bit spicer than usual. Mere imagination of Pinky watching my crotch intently got me to a high. Pinky was also known for lavish shopping and extravagant nature in the neighbourhood and was often found displaying her dresses. Again on One such night during our regular foreplay before sex, suddenly I found Meenu complaining that I wasn’t as romantic as Prem, the husband of Pinky.
I was a bit surprised and teased Meenu that how does she knows the romanticism of Prem and meenu said that she saw the lingerie collection of Pinky today and most of them were highly sensual and skin revealing. She also told that it was Prem who bought all such stuff for Pinky. I asked Meenu to narrate the lingerie so that I could get one for her. While Meenu was narrating the lingerie she liked most in Pinky’s collection, I was creating a mental picture, how volptous busty Pinky would look like in that lingerie. A satin red laisy padded Bra, just making the heavy fleshy Breasts of Pinky oogling out and her areolas making an impression on the Bra. and than a net covering her well shaped belly and then a thong panty, most frontal part of which in pussy lips and back part of the thong panty stuffed her in ass crack with her fleshy butt mounds all nude and ready for spanks and thrusts.
No doubt the hairy pussy of Meenu my wife was marauded roughly by my 6 inch penis after her narration my dick was much stiffer than usual and my pelvic thrusts against her tender bums were much stronger and deeper intended, than usual. Even Meenu, satisfied after multiple long lasting orgasms enquired if there was something special today. I just smiled away. Soon, Prem and Pinky became a regular topic of discuissions of our evening tea in our terrace, from where we saw them doing their daily decors. I realised that not only i was getting attracted towards Pinky, rather Meenu my wife, started suggesting me to wear tight fit T-Shirts and Jeans like Prem did. Somewhere down the line, I knew tha she too had developed a sort of liking towards Prem as most of the women in the locality did.
My wife Meenu had a special liking for low waist jeans and she told me that Pinky too has expressed her desire to wear low waist jeans as Prem asked to try after seeing Meenu but she couldn’t as she felt she had butts too heavy to try low waist jeans. I quickly understood that we too were topics of their personal discuissions. I noticed the change in body language of Prem as well seeing Meenu around unknown from the fact that I was observing him from my Flat’s terrace. So eventually I became sure that fire was set on all four corners i.e. me, meenu, Prem and Pinky and just a coordination was needed to make it a bonfire.
Fortunes turned around when Pinky offered a together tour to Chandigarh Meenu which meenu readily accepted and 4 of us roaded away to the trip having fun. Throughout the trip I saw Prem checking out Meenu and her slim trim figure from the corner of his eyes. I too never missed a chance to check out Pinky or slight brushing against her while moving or passing something against her. Prem too was clever enough to sense out my advances because couple of times I saw him smiling at me. I knew deep bottom that this tour was going to be a tour of a life time. As we reached Chandigarh late in the night with heavy rain pouring down, we got wet while checking various hotel accomodations and eventually we took two rooms, though the girls chuckled that why waste money for two rooms and why not just have a single room, but all took this as a joke and as we checked in, to our utmost shock, we saw our luggage missing.
None of us had an idea, where we pick pocketed because we had various stoppages during the trip. Meenu my wife’s mood got spoiled but eventually Pinky consoled her saying that she has some extra clothings in her handbag which in turn was still with her and would help both the couples tonight. Eventually we moved to our rooms. Meenu wanted to have a bath and but since had no undergarments , nor any other dress to change, so wondered what to do. Just then our door was knocked and as if Pinky understood our problem, came with a sexy lacy black lingerie & a small hand towel just enough to be wrapped around the waist. She laughed that she knew the lingerie was too sensual and revealing but this is what she wore and we had no other option.
I teased her if prem too had some fancy underwear as well on which Pinky opened up more and slightly punching me said, ” I am sure after seeing Meenu in my lingerie, you won’t need to wear any underwear because once I wore this, Prem never needed any thing rather than one particular thing, if you know what I mean”. I was taken aback with a pleasant surprise by her blunt answer. Meenu asked if she had something for herself. Pinky blinked towards Meenu and said that she had same set of clothing and towel for them as well and eventually left the room. We put our wet clothes to dry.
Meenu returned after shower in Pinky’s lingerie and now I understood what pinky meant and meenu looked stunning though the lingerie was a bit of loose fitted coz it was meant for Pinky’s voluptous boobs and ass but still made my manhood to rise. The perky nipples of Meenu were visible from the transparent lingerie, so were her pussy hairs peeping out of the panty. The thong panty hid less and rather revealed more of the Meenu’s milky white thighs and bubble but ass mounds. She looked like a damsel ready to be pounded. I just had a wrapped towel around my waist clearly making the bulge of my manhood visible. Unable to resist, I went around Meenu and hugged her from behind, my penis poking into the ass crack of Meenu over her thong.
Meenu today had a different aroma I could feel Pinky in that lingrie. I moved down and kissed the buttocks of Meenu and smelled between the thong covered ass crack. It smelled different, and sensing who it was my dick rose to higher erection. I turned her around and chewed her nipples over her lingerie, here too the taste of the clothing made me feel the difference, as if I was chewing the thundrous tits of Pinky. My erection was now oozing pre-cum drops because I had Meenu in my hands, but I was feeling Pinky all around the curves. I touched her crotch and she too was wet down there. Meenu appeared all different tonight. All of a sudden we heard a knock at the door and I came back to my senses.
I opened the door and it was prem outside dressed almost similar to me with a small hand towel wrapped around his waist large enough to hide his penis and buttocks like me. The comment of Pinky that she had a same set of clothing for them, flashed across my mind and I became sure that Pinky too might be in a lingerie right now, a thought enough to boost my erection. Prem said that restaurant was closed as it was 2:00 AM so all they had were some snacks which they wanted to share as we all were hungry. So he invited us to their room as both the rooms were adjacent. While Prem was inviting us, despite he was talking to me, his eyes were glued to Meenu standing at the back. The erection in Prem’s towel was proof enough to ensure that he liked what he saw standing behind me.
I asked Meenu if she was willing to move to the adjacent room for snacks doubting she would deny because she was almost nude in completely transparent lingerie. To my utter surprise, she readily agreed, may be it was the hunger. As we reached the adjacent room, the sight was an absolute treat. Prem was sitting on dining table just in a towel with snacks served. My eyes wandered at my treat but Pinky was no where in the vicinity. I heard water pouring in shower and knew she was bathing. Prem’s eyes were fixed on Meenu, His look clearly indicated that he was fucking Meenu with his eyes. The bulge in his towel rose to ultimate. Meenu had started taking snacks but Prem’s look made her white cheeks turned red. I knew, my shy wife was blushing and was liking the vulgar look which Prem was giving her. She was sitting next to me and I was sensing the wetness in her crotch suddenly had a bigger patch. I knew she always admired the gym fit body of prem, and there she was sitting next to him seeing him in just a small towel, completely nude toned chest, biceps and abs with his erect dick bulge saluting the transparent nude beauty of Meenu.
Suddenly I heard the gate knob turned and there came Pinky in a two piece transparent lingerie almost identical to that of Meenu’s and god what she looked. He breasts were falling out of lingerie showing ample amout of cleavage, absolute fleshy and dark pink aerolas clearly visible. She had thundrous thighs and her clean shaven pussy through the lingerie presented a perfect view. Her thong panty, as I imagined was struck between her chubby ass mounds. My penis never felt so hard. My mouth was wide open, even Pinky sensed that and said, “hope I am not making any one uncomfortable”. Her voice brought me back to the scene. We had snacks and Prem told, he had a small champagne bottle, if we wanted to try.
We agreed and we all had some pegs Soon alcohol was up our brains, and we were comfortable with each other in those almost nude women clothings and semi nude mens clothings. Prem and Meenu were now very comfortable with each other. Prem was telling jokes and patting on thighs of Meenu. I too began hitting at Pinky. Suddenly Pinky offered playing some games. We decided to play truth or dare. I almost became sure where we were heading. We got the champagne bottle rolling. The bottle rolled and stopped towards Prem. Pinky jumped in joy and asked Truth or dare. Prem said Truth and pinky asked what was in Prem’s mind right now ? Prem answered what most men have always in their minds, SEX and we all burst in laughter.
Pinky almost commanded the game and rolled over the bottle again this time it was Meenu Meenu Chose truth as well pinky asked if ever she got a chance to cheat Amit, will she go for it ? though the question seemed serious, but Meenu gave a witty answer that she doesn’t needs to cheat, because she can do anything she wants to, in Amit’s presence. So there is no question of cheating. The bottle rolled over again, It was me this time. Seeing TRUE the popular option, I too chose it. Pinky asked who had better breasts, Meenu or her ? All remaining three of us were startled by the question, but pinky looked straight into my eyes and repeated the question. With a slight hesitations, I tried to be diplomatic and said I can’t because I haven’t seen both of the girls .
I thought this would just end up right heard but too my utter surprise and i saw Pinky taking out one of her breasts and said ” See here and tell now”. Meenu burst into laughter and said ” come on Amit, now you have to answer”. Prem looked out of sorts and wondered what had just happened. My penis got erect at seeing the nude flesh of Pinky’s breast and dark pink areola on it. Pinky & Meenu saw my bulge and joked that they wanted answer from my mouth rather than any other organ. Finally I said, it was Pinky’s breast that was more luscious. so the things began getting steamy now. Meenu was quietly enjoying the scene but the wet patch on her crotch was growing bigger and bigger. Bottle rolled over again and this time it was Pinky.
We all clapped as so far she was helming the game and now it was her turn being the real player she chose dare and none of us knew what to offer. Suddenly Meenu said ” take off your lingerie and give a lap dance to any one you like in the room”. Being sport, Pinky rose to the occasion and took of her lingerie. Both Prem and Meenu gasped at her courage. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Volptuous Pinky, Big breasts, perky nipples, flat tummy, fleshy pussy mound, curvaceous ass cheeks, soft toned thighs, every thing awsome. She looked at all three of us, and moved towards Prem, took off his towel and 6 inch dick of Prem rose. She spread her legs wide on both sides of Prem and started rubbing her pussy lips over Prem’s dick.
I could see Meenu rubbing her crotch at the sight of Prem’s dick rubbing below Pussy of Pinky. Prem couldn’t handle anymore and he sucked nipples of Pinky. My dick began oozing at the sight of seeing Pinky’s ass moving on Prem’s dick. She continued for few moments and came back to her seat. I could see her pussy juice drops coming out form her pussy. The room had heated up and bottle rolled over again. It was me this time and I chose DARE as well. Pinky said ” take off your towel Amit and have a sword fight of your dick with Prem’s dick”. Initially we laughed but a dare was dare.
Prem too stood up, both of us were already erect so I hit my dick on Prem’s dick It was weird for us males but I saw both the girls rubbing their crotches immensely on the sight. Both our dicks were equal in size, Prem’s was a bit fat. I had a clean shaven dick while Prem had hairs around his dick which sent tickles down my spine when we hit softly each other again and again. Prem added a bit variation and grinded his well toned buttocks over my hard dick. Girls wooed in joy over his act. Finally we got over and It was Meenu this time and she too chose dare this time.
Pinky as if avenging the previous dare said, “now you take out your lingerie and Suck some one out in the room” As expected Meenu stood, took of her lingerie and just what we least expected, instead of coming towards me, she moved towards Prem, knelt on her knees, giving a clear view of her ass hole to me and Pinky, took the penis of Prem, started stroking it with hand and took the complete shaft in her mouth and started deep throating. I could not believe my eyes, my own shy wife was sucking the cock of Prem, whose eyes were closed in ecstasy. Suddenly I felt a hand over my crotch and saw pinky taking off my towel and stroking my cock. I saw her and she was inviting me with her eyes biting her lower lips.
As she stroked my cock, I caught hold of her milky globes and pulled her closer to me. Her face came close to me and suddenly she licked my lips with her tongue. I pinched her nipples and she sighed….Ummmhhh. I started pressing her breasts and she increased over my dick. I turned towards Meenu and was surprised to see Meenu kneeling doggy style and Prem licking her ass hole. My Dick grew tighter on the sight. Pinky sensed it and came in front of me and sat on her knees presenting her asshole in front of me. It moved my tongue over from her ass hole down to her pussy. She shivered and her pussy and anal muscles contracted and relaxed with every movement of my tongue. She smelled wonderfull. She was wet and moist.
She moved and laid beside Meenu who was laying on her back and Prem was eating her pussy and i too started eating Pinky’s Pussy both Pinky and Meenu started moaning…..ummm….aah….ouugghh..Now Both me and Prem turned in 69 position. As we laid together, Pinky’s hands were moving on Prems butthole whose dick was in mouth of Meenu, While Meenu’s hand moved over my butthole while my dick was in mouth of Pinky. Pinky jerked her pelvic area up towards my mouth in enjoyment. Soon Prem and I , we both moved in missionary positions and started fucking each other’s wives. The girls were moving rhythmically with our thrusts with their breasts jiggling with each thrust. The room was full of noises and grunts.
While I was pounding in Pinky’s pussy my testicles stroking the bottom of her pussy Prem was marauding Meenu’s pussy with my each thrust, Pinky’s heavy globes moved presenting a wonderful sight. All four of us were sweating heavily. Soon Prem blasted and ejaculated in meenu. I too was on the verge to cum but Pinky had other plans. I said I was about to cum, suddenly Pinky took out my cock from her pussy and sat and put my Dick between her big boobs and we started tit fucking. As my dick moved up, she teased it with her tongue. Then she turned doggie style and presented her pussy. I caught hold of her ass through her love handle in her waist, and started ramming from the back.
I turned around and saw that both Meenu and Prem were watching us with their eyes wide open and i continued ramming her and sound of our every thrust echoed in the room. Pinky shouted ” harder……aahhh…deeper……aah…dig it…fuck it..ahahahaha” suddenly her pussy muscles contracted oozing out her love juices. I could feel her love juices driping down to my testicles. I continued ramming her and my wife sensed she needed to wind me up. While I was ramming now cooled Pinky, Meenu came and started striking my butthole slightly with my every thrust. Eventually my scrotum contracted as well and I blasted loads of cum in her pussy.
Pinky and I were breathing heavily and It was once in a life time orgasm and i lied on the bed and Meenu came and cuddled in my arms. Prem came and lied next to Pinky and both of them cuddled. All four of us dozed off to sleep, wondering what we thought and where we have headed towards.

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