Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sharing Tina For The First Time

I had a great time yesterday and wanted to do it again. When I asked Tina about going again today, she was unsure because she was ashamed that we might run into that couple again, but she eventually agreed.
I went to my friend to borrow his boat again, but he said that he might be using it to go out with a few other friends. He asked me if I had had any fun yesterday, so I told him all about the events and the couple we met.

He was raining questions on me about every single detail like, "Did your girlfriend have a shaved pussy?" or "What did the other woman look like? "

When he had finished with the questioning, he asked me to show him proof of events. I was at a loss to know how to prove it to him and then it struck me. I figured that the only way was to show him the naked shots of my girlfriend. He begged me to show him some and promised to lend me the boat if I was telling the truth. With that tempting offer I reached out for my cell phone and showed him her topless photos, but he wasn't happy with the pictures because he claimed that most girls go topless anyway, so he asked me to show him a more daring one. I told him to move onto the next picture and then his jaw dropped. He saw the photo of Tina standing on his boat giving a full frontal view of her naked body. His hard-on started to tent his pants, so I took the keys for the boat and left his house so he could 'think' about the picture he had just seen.

On our way to the island, I didn't tell Tina a word about what had happened at my friend's house. When we got there, we found a spot about 20-30 metres from the sea, so that we had more privacy. Tina removed her top, but didn't want to strip off the bikini bottoms. We decided to sunbath first to tan a little and go swimming later.

While she was on her back I took the opportunity to play with my girlfriend's silky tits. The nipples were getting hard and I moved my head closer to lick them. Suddenly Tina pushed me aside and I saw shadows on the ground. When I turned around I saw the man from yesterday and his beautiful topless wife. I was surprised at first, but then asked them to join us.

They placed their towels on our left, next to Tina. When we introduced ourselves, the man told us that his name was John, and his wife was Ann. They were from another part of the country, but they came to our town every year on vacation and sometimes would come to the island to have some privacy. Ann told us that she was 46, and Pete was 49 and they had been married for over 20 years. Then Ann asked us if they could get more comfortable and before Tina could react I said, "Sure why not. "

Before we knew it they had removed their clothes and John kissed his gorgeous wife. We continued to talk for the next 10 minutes or so, until John said that it wasn't fair that they were the only ones naked and that we should be the same.

I removed my clothes, but Tina blushed and said that she was too shy to remove her bikini bottoms.

John laughed, "C'mon Tina we are all adults here. Even your boyfriend is nude. Don't be so shy. "

That was all the encouragement she needed and she reached for both sides of her bottoms and pulled them down slowly. We could smell her scent in the air, which added even more tension to whole situation.

I could see that John was glancing at my girlfriend, trying to get a look at her bare pussy, but with no luck. Tina wasn't spreading her legs at all, although the rest of us were relaxed. While we were relaxing and catching the sun, I saw John whisper something to Ann.

After couple of minutes Ann spoke, "Tina, John has one favor to ask you. " I could see confusion on my girlfriend's face. "Do you mind opening your legs so he can get a view of your slit? "

Tina's face went red, she was shocked and speechless.

Before I could say anything Ann added "I let your boyfriend see mine yesterday, so it is only fair that you give John a little show. "

I could see her trembling, but she parted her legs a little and her opening came into view.

Ann laughed, "Sweetheart, if you are going to show it, you better do it right and spread your legs as wide as they can go. "

Tina looked at her in disbelief but obeyed. She started to open her legs until we could clearly see the sunrays glistening on her wet pussy.

It was a sight I couldn't imagine in my wildest fantasies, my 19 years old girlfriend stripping stark naked and obeying orders from a hot blonde.

Before Tina could back out she added, "Now touch your pussy lips with both hands and spread them wide. "

Tina froze rigid. She could never have expected that this would go so far. What had she got herself into?

She looked at Ann, and asked, "Is it really necessary to do that? I already let him see all of me."

But Ann continued, "C'mon dear. It's not big deal. Let my husband get a proper view of your little pink hole. You are not the only girl that has done that in front of us, so don't be so shy".

I started to play with her nipples and encouraged her to do it. I could feel her heart was beating like it was going to burst.

Slowly she reached for her pussy and said, "I can't believe I'm actually doing this," and spread her pussy lips apart.

It was so erotic to see my petite girlfriend opening her pussy in front of this stranger and his wife who were twice her age. My dick was painfully hard, but Ann came by my side and put her hand on it. It felt so good and then she started to stroke it slowly. I moved my hands from Tina and reached for Ann's big tits and started to squeeze them. They were way bigger then my girlfriend's and were well tanned.

While I was occupied with Ann I didn't notice at first that John was starting to probe my girlfriend's pussy with his finger to see how tight she was. Tina was squirming a little bit, but reluctantly letting him finger her outer lips. Then he lowered his head and started to lick them. His tongue was dancing all over her pussy and clit. Obviously she was enjoying it, but at the same time was too scared to relax. John's cock went to full size, and I could tell it was way bigger than mine. It was over two times thicker with a fat purple head. Tina looked like she was scared of what would happen next, so she protested and told him to stop, but he continued to lick it even faster.

I wanted to stop them, but Ann took my hand and moved it right onto her wet slit. It was so good to rub her wet mature pussy and as I knew that nothing bad could happen to Tina, I decided to let her and John have fun while I brought Ann to orgasm. She let go of my cock so that I could give her my full attention.

Right then I heard my girlfriend gasping and saw her body start to shake as her orgasm hit her. I couldn't believe that another man had made my shy girlfriend cum. She was lost in pleasure for a few moments and then reality hit her. She panicked when she realized what was happening, but Ann told her that it was time for her to return the favor.

I could see confusion in her eyes. She was still on a high from the orgasm and didn't know what favor she had to return, but when John moved between her legs she panicked again and wanted to run.

John reached for her arm and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought you would play with it a little."

When the color came back into Tina's face, she asked him to move alongside her, then she reached for his shaft and started to play with it. Ann started to moan how sweet my girlfriend's little fingers looked on her husband's cock and how her purple polished fingernails matched the head of his cock.

Then she screamed, "Rub me harder Paul. Make me cum," and with that she came.

I thought she would return the favor the same way that Tina was doing to John, but instead she took my dick in her hand and pulled me over to lie between the legs of my girlfriend. She spread Tina's opening with her hand and guided my dick slowly into her while whispering into my ear, "Fuck your sweetheart Paul. Fuck her hard."

This was the first time I had fucked her without using protection and she didn't object. I started to pound her hard and could feel how wet her pussy was. The sight of my nude girlfriend jerking John's cock, that wouldn't even fit into her fist, was incredible. I moved her legs onto my shoulders so I could enter her deeper.

It wasn't long before I heard John moaning, "Oh my God Tina, you are so cute. Please stroke it harder."

Her fist was moving faster and faster on his cock until he shot a big load all over her milky tits. I asked her to rub his cum onto her tits, which is what she did, after Ann gave her wink. My eyes were glued on Tina rubbing the cum of a total stranger into her tender skin like it was sun cream.

Suddenly, I heard Ann whisper behind me, "Cum into your girlfriend. Fill her with your sperm."

That was the trigger I needed. Blood started to rush in my head and with a few more strokes, I thrust as far into her as I could get and flooded her fertile womb with my juice. I was so turned on by what was happening that I seemed to be filling her with spurt after spurt of my hot cum. When I recovered from my orgasm, I couldn't really believe what had just happened.

It was already late and I proposed that we went for a swim before the sun went down. We all agreed and I had a big smile on my face when Tina stood up and cum started to flow out of her pussy and down her thighs. I wasn't the only one who noticed that, because Ann hugged Tina from behind and reached with her right arm for her pussy. I could see Tina was uncomfortable with that, but it wasn't enough to stop Ann from spreading her pussy lips apart and letting more cum flow down her legs.

Then something unexpected happened.

While Tina was looking at her legs to see what was happening, John reached for his cell phone and started to take pictures of her. Instead of warning her, I looked the other way to let him take a few more. Then Ann let her go of Tina and she didn't even know that John had taken nude pictures of her.

We went for a swim, but Tina kept her distance from the couple. I asked her what was wrong and she started to act all shy again. She told me she hadn't wanted any of that to happen and that she had lost her reasoning because she was so turned on and because we had all pushed her into it. I told her how much I enjoyed everything that had happened, but she was too ashamed because she had never done anything like that before.

I knew she just needed some time alone to relax and see that nothing bad would happen to her because of this. I suggested to her that we go back to our things and get dressed if she was uncomfortable. She decided to do that, while I stayed bit longer with the couple. They asked me what was wrong with Tina and if we were going to be here tomorrow. I told them that she had just got a bit scared and that I'll would try to persuade her to come tomorrow.

After that we all got dressed and went home. On the way back Tina wasn't talking much. I guess she was thinking about what had happened on the island.

The next morning we went to a local town to grab an ice cream and have a walk by the beach. I could see she was still tensed up, so I asked her what was wrong. She told me that part of her was still bit scared of events that happened yesterday, but at the same time another part of her felt horny thinking about it.

I told her how much I enjoyed everything that had happened, especially fucking her in front of others and seeing her tits covered with John's cum. As we continued to talk I could feel that her heart was pounding harder and harder. Finally I asked her if she wanted to go again.

She blushed, and barely managed to mumble, "I don't know."

It didn't take me long to persuade her. The only problem left was to ask my buddy to lend me his boat.

When I went over to his place, we had a drink and talked about everyday life. Then he asked me about yesterday. I told him there was nothing special, which disappointed him. I asked him if I could take his boat and he gave me the keys saying how lucky I was to have such a hot girlfriend. He told me his ex never wanted to be even topless on the beach, not to mention the rest and asked me if he could see any pictures of Tina that I had taken that day. I smiled and told him that I would give him my SD card from my phone, if he promised to keep it for himself. When he had promised I told him I would drop it in later. The idea of my friend jerking off to my girlfriend's nude pictures was strange, but at the same time it was turning me on.

I called Tina and told her to meet me near the boat when she was ready.

While sailing across to the island, I told her to change into her swimming suit so I could put my hand into her bikini bottoms. When we arrived her pussy was already soaking wet.

We noticed Ann and John were already there and we went to say "hi". Their stuff was close to the sea, and some kids were playing in the sand close by, so John suggested we move to another place to have some peace. I told him to lead the way because here, there was no privacy at all. He went deeper into the trees which I didn't mind because I didn't want us to get sunburnt.

While we were sitting there talking, Ann asked us about our relationship and where we met. They offered us some cold orange juice and while Tina was holding her glass I took the opportunity to undo her top. We could see she was surprised and she tried to cover up her little tits with a free hand. I guess she expected this to be just the ordinary hanging out like most couples do, but that wasn't what I had in my mind. I gently reached for her hand and pulled it down from her chest.

I told her, "Don't be so shy again. Why don't you sit a bit closer to John?"

Tina looked at John, but instead of her moving to him, he came closer to her. He hugged her with his left arm and started to caress her tits with his right. At first I got the feeling she wanted to run, but soon she relaxed and he moved his hand onto her legs and under the waistband of her bikini bottoms. She looked at me not knowing what to do, but I only moved next to Ann and started to feel her huge breasts.

Then Ann got up and said to me, "Let's take a walk and give them some privacy."

My heart stopped. Did she really mean that? Was I really going to leave my girlfriend with him?

Tina looked at her terrified, but Ann added, "Don't worry honey. We will be back soon."

I joined Ann, and we took a walk. Ann told me that she knew my girlfriend would never let John fuck her in front of me, so she wanted us to leave the two of them alone. My heart broke in two. I wanted to run back, but Ann took me by the wrist and told me we would quietly go back together to watch her and if I wanted to, I could stop them.

We hid behind a bush and watched what was happening.

John had his hand in her bikini bottoms and was playing with her pussy. When he tried to remove the bottoms Tina started to protest, but he put his lips on hers and pushed his tongue deep inside my girlfriend's mouth, as he slid her bikini bottom down her slim legs. I wanted to go and stop John, but Ann told me to remove my swimming pants. That was an offer I couldn't refuse. When I dropped them down I was amazed how hard my cock was.

She took it in her hand and said, "See how hard it is. I knew you wanted to see your little girlfriend fucked by my husband."

Was he really going to fuck her, I asked myself?

He continued to finger her until she started to moan. Then he knew it was time to take her a step further and he asked her to turn onto her belly, which she did, not knowing what would happen next. While she was on her belly John sat on her legs, just under her ass so she couldn't move and took her arms in his. I could see his big hard shaft was leaking pre cum onto her little ass. I wanted to stop him, but then Ann moved her mouth right onto my cock and started to suck it. It felt so good that I almost forgot what was happening to my girlfriend.

John moved her legs apart and took his fat cock in one hand and started to rub it up and down between her pussy lips.

Tina froze for a split second and then begged him to let her go saying, "Let me go. I have never done it before with a stranger. Please, you are too big for me."

Instead of letting her go he continued to rub the swollen head of his cock up and down her slit and said with calm voice, "Shhhh. Relax sweetheart. Just let it happen. I promise it won't hurt you. "

I knew that it was a lie because his cock was way bigger than she was used to. I had to stop them right now, but Ann took her mouth from my cock and whispered into my ear, "Please let him fuck her. Let him put his big cock into your sweet little girlfriend's nubile pussy and make her a real woman. I know you want it to happen. "

Ann was right. I was turned on way too much with the idea of a fat 49 year old guy with a huge dick fucking my helpless girlfriend and stretching her young pussy, to stop them now.

Then John tried to push just the tip of his cock into her opening, but the head was too big to fit.

Ann whispered into my ear again, "How many fingers can you fit into Tina? One? Maybe two? Try to see how many you can fit into me, because that's how wide your pretty girlfriend will be when John is done with her. "

I moved the bottom of her bikini to one side and started to push my fingers into her. Three slipped in without the slightest resistance. I bet it could fit even more if I pushed a little harder. Tina on the other hand was in pain when I pushed in two.

I turned to see what she and John were doing and saw John withdrawing his cock back a bit and then slowly thrust his hips forward a little more and the rounded head of his cock pushed between her outer lips and slipped inside Tina's tight pussy. Tina gave out a little moan and shuffled around under him trying to accommodate his girth. He stopped there for a moment letting her get used to the full feeling and then asked her if she was ok.

I heard her whisper, "Just go slowly, please, you are much bigger than Paul."

After a few moments of not moving, John again pushed a little more and another inch of his cock entered my girlfriend. Slowly, inch by inch, he entered her until his balls were resting on her little ass and he was at last fully inside her.

Just then, I realized that John wasn't wearing any protection. I said that to Ann, but she just smiled and said, "It's not that easy to make a girl pregnant. It takes more than a few drops of cum, but if you let him cum in your little sweetheart, I'll let you cum in my mouth and swallow it."

Her mouth felt too good to refuse the offer, so she just lowered her head onto my cock and continued to suck.

I could hear whimpers as pain melted into pleasure. I could hear my once innocent girlfriend as she started to moan, "Fuck me John! Fuck me harder!"

Hearing that, I started to shoot my cum right into Ann's milking mouth. I couldn't believe how John had turned my innocent and shy girlfriend into a slut.

I told Ann that the thought of letting John cum into my girlfriend was bothering me, but she just said, "Don't worry, a bit of cum is nothing and I bet he is too old to make her pregnant anyway."

Just then our conversation was interrupted by the sounds of the two of them cumming. It was too late to do anything now, so we got up and went to them. When we got there Tina was sitting on the towel with her legs closed wanting to hide what they were doing.

John told her, "It's ok Tina. No need to hide. I told my wife to bring him back later so they can watch us fuck. They have seen it all already."

I could see confusion and shame on her face but John continued, "Don't act shy now. Lick my cock clean and spread your legs so your boyfriend can see what we have done there."
Without hesitation she put his dick in her mouth. I couldn't believe she did that, her tender lips wrapping around his slimy cock.

"Spread your legs and pussy sweetheart." he said.

She opened her legs bit and I could see a white trail on her slit.

"More," added John.

She opened her legs wider and I could see her pussy lips were gapping open, which wasn't the case before. As I looked, sperm started to flow like a river down to her asshole and onto her towel. She was still sucking John when he reached for her pussy and spread it for me to see. I was amazed to see that her white pink pussy was now dark red. John had a satisfied smile on his face and asked me, "What do you think? "

Before I could answer, Ann kissed her husband and told me to see how many fingers I could fit into my girlfriend now. When I touched her pussy she jumped a little because she was still sore from John, but Ann told her to relax. I easily pushed two fingers into her stretched 19 years old slit, but when I tried a third she asked me to stop. Ann laughed and told me that if she could fit John's shaft inside, three fingers wouldn't be a problem, so I pushed in a third one.

Tina shrieked at first but then calmed down. I could feel John's sperm inside her. It wasn't "only bit of sperm" like Ann had promised, but instead it filled every part of my girlfriend's opening.

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