Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Enhanced, New Boobs New Wild Side

Amy was a "cute" girl. That's how so many people looked at her and she was tired of it. People always assumed she was several years younger than she actually was. At 29 she is barely 5'4" and weighs only 105lbs. "Petite" is how most people describe her. Amy had dark brown hair and blue eyes.
In her early teens when all the other girls went into their growth spurts, Amy had to watch in envy as her friends developed figures and she didn't. When she graduated from high school, she could barely fill out an A cup. When she would be out with her friends and saw guys staring at her friends boobs, she would act disgusted, but always had a twinge of jealousy.

After college, she she met a nice guy and were eventually married. After only a year of marriage, they had their first baby. Amy breastfed her baby and during this time her breasts swelled. She was a full B cup for the first time in her life and loved it. But when she stopped breastfeeding, they shrank to even smaller than before. She decided that she just wanted to feel like a woman again and started looking into breast augmentation. After discussing it with her husband Jimmy, they found a doctor in town with a great reputation.

Over the course of the next few months, they had several consultations and set the surgery date. It was important to Amy that they look natural but, wanted to go as big as she could without looking too fake. They figured due to her small frame, she would probably be about a C cup.

The surgery came and passed without much excitement. Once everything settled she found herself fitting into mostly a D cup. They were much bigger had originally intended but loved how they made her feel. She finally filled her clothes out and even many of them went from loose to tight in the top. Shirts that never displayed cleavage before, she felt complimented her now.

When she went back to work she was really paranoid that people would notice as she did not want anyone to talk. In fact most people did not even seem notice. Probably because it was in the middle of winter and she was always bundled up.

Over the next several months her boobjob began to settle nicely. Amy was so happy about how they turned out. At home her sex life improved and she started to become more confident in herself improving her overall attitude. As the weather improved, Amy began to slowly try out clothes she would have never dared to in the past. Mostly trying new things out in the bedroom with her husband, but staying pretty conservative in public. Especially at work.

Amy and Jimmy were planning a trip to the beach in two weeks so she decided to head to the mall one day during lunch to find some new bathing suits. She stopped by one of the local shops that you would normally find teen girls in.

There was a girl behind the counter playing with her smartphone. She didn't even look up when Amy walked in. They had a huge selection in the back of the store so Amy started to look through them.

"Let me know if you want to try any of them on." Amy heard the store clerk call out.

"Oh, umm, sure. Actually I have a few I would like to try on." Amy responded.

The young girl came around and opened up one of the dressing rooms. Amy went inside and undressed. As she pulled the first suit on, she was surprised how tight it was across the top. The one piece hardly let her breathe, but the bottom felt too loose.

"Can I get you any other sizes?" Asked the clerk from outside the door.

"Yes, but I'm not sure what size. When the top is too tight, the bottoms are too loose." Amy said.

"May I have a look, so I can help?"

Amy opened the door slowly and the clerk opened it right up. Amy was shocked at first and not used to being so open, especially with strangers.

"Dang girl, you have a rockin body! How did you buy clothes before?" The clerk openly asked.

Amy paused for a moment not wanting to be so open about her breasts and looked at the clerk. She looked to be about 20 with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was a little taller than Amy, but more curvy. The clerk was dressed very casual with jeans and a cute shirt. Her name tag read "Summer".

"Well, I had a breast augmentation." Amy replied feeling embarrassed.

Summer's face lit up into a big smile. "Really?! Ohh I have been thinking about doing it too! How does it feel?"

Amy was surprised at the positive reaction and started to feel slightly better. "Well, I had a great doctor and I feel great. I'm just having issues fitting into certain clothes!"

"Hmm, let me get a good look at you." Summer said sizing her up. "I'll be right back." A moment later Summer was back with a few different tops and bottoms. Amy noticed they were all two-pieces.

"With the size difference, you will need to mix and match." Summer said handing them to Amy.

Amy waited a moment for Summer to leave but realized she wasn't going anywhere. She looked around and didn't see anyone else in the store so she peeled off the one-piece. As she finished removing the bathing suit, Amy tried to casually keep her breasts covered.

"They look amazing! Can I touch them?" Summer asked casually.

Unsure of herself and never being in a situation like this before, Amy said, "Umm, okay."

Summer stepped into the dressing room with Amy completely naked and boldly put her hands on Amy's breasts. Summer gently squeezed and lifted them. "These feel fantastic! And they have such a natural hang to them!"

Amy felt her nipples stiffen from the attention and Summer pulled away pretending she didn't notice. She gave Amy a bikini top and shuffled through some bottoms before handing her a pair. The top looked more like a bra and covered her breasts nicely, only showing a little bit on top.

Amy admired herself in the mirror. The way her full breasts filled out the bikini top in ways she had only dreamed of in the past. She smiled at her image forgetting Summer was even there.

"I have some more idea's. Hang on one minute." Summer said starting to leave.

Amy realized how late she was going to be going back to work. "Crap, I'm late for work. I will come back tomorrow!" Amy quickly got dressed and left the store in a hurry.

That night in bed. Amy thought about how great she looked in the bathing suit. Then she remembered how Summer touched her breasts. That was the first woman other than a doctor to touch her breasts. It wasn't that much of a turn on. At least not until she told Jimmy about it.

"You just let her touch your boobs?" Jimmy asked sounding confused but excited, like a little boy.

"Yeah, it wasn't that big of a deal. She wanted to know how they feel." Amy replied sensing Jimmy's excitement.

"Was it like this?" Jimmy asked as he reached over and gropped his wife. Amy laughed out loud and the groping turned into tickling. Jimmy pulled Amy's shirt off and started kissing her breasts.

"Did she do it like this?" Jimmy asked as he rubbed his face in her tits.

"You wish!" She said pulling his head up to kiss him.

As they kissed, Jimmy reached down and slipped her panties off with his boxers following quickly. "I bet she can't do this though!" Jimmy said as he slid his hard cock into her pussy.

Amy pulled his face closer again and kissed him hard as he quickened his pace. Amy wrapped her legs around Jimmy as he continued to pump harder and harder. He rolled onto his back, pulling Amy on top. She started grinding her hips and then lifted herself up and down. Her breasts bounced into Jimmy's face as she rode him. Jimmy began meeting her thrusts as they quickened the tempo. Amy could see the look in Jimmy's face and she pushed harder as she felt herself nearing climax when he let out a loud moan and Amy felt his pulsing cock empty into her. She tried to ride it out, but he quickly shrank and his body relaxed.

"Wow, that was great honey!" Jimmy said kissing her.

As Amy drifted off to sleep she thought again about Summer. How her nipples stiffened in her soft hands. How the whole thing turned Jimmy on. How it gave Amy a new exciting feeling.


Amy went back to the same store for lunch the following day. She saw Summer behind the counter playing with her phone again.

"Hey, Summer." Amy casually called out.

Summer looked up. "Hey girl! You get in trouble at work?"

"No, I don't think anyone even noticed. Sorry I left so quick."

"It's nothing. Did you want to check out more suits or something else?"

"I'm going to the beach in a few weeks, so I need to get something." Amy replied.

"I know something that would look so cute on you! Hang on one minute." Summer said and headed into the back.

A few minutes later she came out with a black bikini. "Here try this on." Summer said handing it to Amy.

Amy took the suit back to the dressing room. As Amy got changed Summer sat outside and they talked like old friends. Talking with Summer made Amy feel younger. Amy finished putting the suit on and stepped out of the dressing room.

"I can't get over what a job your doctor did! They look so real. You're going to have to give me your doctors name!" Summer said admiring Amy's breasts.

"You look like you have great breasts. Why would you want to change them?" Amy replied looking at the young attendant. While she didn't have huge tits, they looked proportionate to her body.

"No way, not if I could have tits like yours! Look, I'll show you." Summer pulled her tank top off and stood next to Amy looking at themselves in the mirror. Amy took her top off and Summer removed her bra.

The two women compared each others breasts. "But yours feel better." said Amy trying to reassure her new friend.

"What? No they don't. Here." Summer took Amy's hand and put it on her breast.

Amy gently squeezed and then cupped her own. "I don't know..."

Summer reached up and began feeling Amy's breasts then her own. The girls were now facing each other touching each other as their nipples started to harden. They looked up at the same time and started laughing, but neither let go of the other. As they laughed, they moved closer to each other. They stopped laughing at the same time and looked at each other. Their hands went from evaluation to a gentle massage. Summer smiled and leaned in to kiss Amy.

Amy froze momentarily, but Summer's soft lips made her relax. Amy began kissing her back and they embraced with their breasts upon each other. Their tongues interlaced and Amy could taste a hint of strawberry from Summer's chapstick.

Summer moved Amy gently back to the chair in the dressing room and moved her down into a seated position. Summer moved her mouth and nibbled on Amy's ear and down her neck. As Summer moved down Amy's neck, her hands moved from her breasts down her stomach and into the waistband of the bikini bottom. As her hands moved down, so did her lips taking extra time on Amy's beautiful new breasts. Summer got down on her knees and removed Amy's bottoms leaving her completely nude in the changing room.

Amy looked in the mirror. Summer had her back to the mirror, but the sight of her bare back and blonde hair between Amy's legs sent a chill of excitement through her. She felt Summer's warm breath between her legs and then her warm tongue enter. Summer moved her tongue in ways a dick never could. It twisted and massaged and pleasured Amy in new ways.

Jimmy was horrible at giving head so he rarely even tried. This was an entirely new experience.

Summer moved around the inside of Amy's thighs and came slowly back up kissing every inch of Amy. Summer moved a hand between Amy's legs and started massaging her clit. Summer's breasts were close to Amy's face so she reached out with her mouth and gently took a nipple. The ecstasy began to build up within Amy as she started rocking her hips. Summer now had two fingers assisting her. Summer moved back down and began using her fingers with her tongue. Amy grabbed Summer's head and bucked her hips harder until she screamed out in pure bliss. Amy felt a flush of moisture as Summer used her tongue to savor the taste.

Summer worked her way up Amy's body again while staying on her knees. Amy sat up and met Summer for a passionate kiss. The mix of Strawberry chapstick and Amy's salty juices from Summer's mouth was such a turn on for Amy.

Summer picked her shirt up off the floor and began getting dressed. Amy took this cue and started getting her work clothes back on. For a moment there was an awkward silence.

"First time?" Summer asked.

Amy blushed.

"No worries. It was just fun." Summer checked herself in the mirror and left the dressing room as Amy finished getting dressed.

Amy gathered the swimsuit and took it up to the counter where Summer was. Summer began to ring up the sale when Amy said, "Thank you." with a smile.

"Anytime, girl. Hey I'm going out with some friends Friday night to go dancing. Why don't you come? You can bring your husband if you like." Summer said motioning to her ring.

"I'm not sure. I'll have to see what's going on."

Summer handed Amy a slip of paper with a phone number. "Call me if you can make it out or want to get some coffee sometime."

"Thanks, I will." Amy said. She left the store excited and giddy.

She couldn't wait to tell Jimmy.

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