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A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 01

As the plane engine hummed away its tune, Sam continued to bask in the beauty of his new wife sitting next to him. They took their lavish wedding only a week ago and now on their way to a honeymoon that promised to be a beautiful dream. Being rich by owning a software company didn't hurt at all in planning all these expensive arrangements. In his heart, he felt it helped a lot in managing to find this beautiful wife too.
It wasn't like he was an ugly guy. Sam was an owner of a 5'9" average body with a pleasant face. But his wife had an angelic face, wavy brown hair that flowed down her shoulders till her narrow waist and long legs that can make any guy drool even though she was two inches shorter than him.

Julie was too much occupied with the scenery on display through the narrow window to notice the gaze of her husband. She was leaning on to the window side with her legs one over the other, resulting the hem of her yellow strapless short summer dress to ride a little higher than its original position of midway of her thighs. She was too bored to correct this little immodesty and besides she knew Sam loved to enjoy the view of her toned, smooth and long legs. After all this was their honeymoon and a little bit of teasing here and there should be something normal.

The small domestic plane was shaking more than a bigger plane against rogue air currents, resulting small bounces in her chest area from time to time. This was a tell tale indication of Julie having to choose between her 34c bra with a more covered top in the humid climate or more exposed and cooler bra-less, strapless top.

Julie always had a fascination for wild life and rainforests. She was starting to give up on her dreams about going for adventures in jungles soon after starting a job as receptionist at a software company. But everything started to change for good once caught the attention of company owner one day. Sam was a smart and a gentle guy with a fortune made by the age of 35. The 10 year age difference was made inconsiderable to Julie due to above qualities of him.

It wasn't like she married him only for his money. She did love him, but his wealth did manage to initiate the relationship. Julie was notorious for turning down even the hottest guys.

Looking down at the green carpet crisscrossed with snake like rivers only reminded Julie that she was so close to her dream vacation destination. After a grand wedding ceremony, it was Julie's idea go to a remote honeymoon hotel in the middle of Amazon jungle. Even though Sam wasn't a nature lover, he happily agreed knowing her love for nature. After arriving to Brazil, they had to take a small plane to reach the hotel in the middle of Jungle. Even though they were the only two passengers, the plane was filled with supplies since the plane was the only mean of transportation from hotel to the modern world.

After two hours of plane ride with scenery of a never ending ocean of greens and low pitch engine sound, both Julie and Sam were starting to fall asleep due to fatigue from all the traveling.Then both were slapped back in to reality from a high pitch alarm sound emanating from the cockpit and a violently shaking plane.

"Pilot, what's happening?" Sam shouted trying to overcome the noise of the alarm while Julie trying to cover her ears to stop the alarm noise while shaking with the plane.

"An engine failure, I'll have to try to make an emergency landing. Don't panic; put your head between your knees and brace for the impact." Pilot answered while trying to get the plane under control.

Not panicking was a hard thing to do in that situation, but the couple managed to position themselves and brace for the impact.

While hearing the pilot trying to send a Mayday message, Sam felt the impact like getting hit by a car. Every sense was overpowered by the violent shaking and rolling of the plane with sounds of tree branches hitting and breaking as the plane dived in to the green ocean. Then everything went quiet and dark.

Julie suddenly jerked up from her unconsciousness. She was still strapped on to her seat and everything that happened felt like a dream. But opening her eyes only brought her back to reality to realize that everything happened for real. Other than few scratches and bruises she was in good condition and somehow during all action her breasts have managed get free from strapless top. While instinctively readjusting her dress she looked around to see the damage. Sam was stirring up from his deep sleep and looked like he was also safe except for few scratches. But looking at the pilot made Julie emit a scream without her knowledge.

Julie's scream managed to completely wake up Sam.

"Oh my god! Julie, are you hurt?"

"I'm alright Sam. But the pilot is dead." She replied and then started to cry looking at the cockpit.

Sam freed himself from his seat and leaned in to look in to the cockpit and realized that the pilot did manage to land the plane, but some thick branches crashed through the wind shield and impaled the pilot in three places including one through the neck. His lifeless body was firmly pinned to the seat while blood poured alone the impaled branches and down his body.

Then suddenly a burning smell brought Sam's attention to the surrounding. There was a fire in the back of the plane where the supplies were and he remembered seeing few propane gas tanks in the supplies when they load the plane.

"Julie, we have to get out of here quickly. The plane is going to explode." Sam said in a panic voice.

Realizing the situation Julie also freed herself from the seat and followed Sam out of the plane and ran away about 100 feet away from the burning wreckage. While coming in to term with this unreal situation Julie tried to think about what to do next. Knowledge from reading few books about jungle explorations, she realized that they are now stranded in the world's biggest forest and their ticket to surviving is the supplies in the plane.

"Sam, we have save the supplies."Julie said while trying to go back to the plane. But Sam grabbed her arm and stopped her saying.

"Are you crazy? We don't know when that thing will bl" before he managed to complete the sentence the plane exploded with a shock wave that made the couple fall back.

While listening to the ringing in her ear caused by the explosion, Julie thought "There goes that ticket."

Far and deep in the jungle, the explosion and the tower of smoke didn't go unnoticed by most of the animals. Among those eyes, the most curious ones belonged to a human who was on a hunt with his tribesmen.

By night time Sam and Julie managed to salvage what they can from the burning wreckage. Very few things remained uncharred from intense heat generated from the plane fuel. They managed to make a fire in a clearing near the crash site since the wreckage was still burning. And after eating some canned food they found near the plane, the couple was sitting by the fire holding each other thinking in silence about what to do next and what will happen to them.

"Ouch!"Sam felt something bite him in the neck. Julie also turned to see what happened.

Thinking some kind of bug bit him, he put his hand where he was bitten and pulled out a small thin dart with a sharp end and something like a wad of cotton at the end. While both looking at it with big eyes and starting to realize what it really meant, Sam started to feel the world rotate around him. Before he dropped on the ground, he heard Julie's voice saying "Ouch!"

Sam woke up to find himself sitting on the ground, his back leaning on to a big wooden pole where his hands were tied to. Still drowsy from the poison, he looked around to see where he was and found unconscious Julie tied to a pole next to him. In front of them was a big camp fire and some tribal people sitting around it with most of their eyes on them. Then he heard Julie start to wake up.

"Sam what happened? Where are we?" Julie asked still a little groggy from the poison effect.

"I think they poisoned and brought us to their village. Are you hurt?"Sam replied.

"I think I'm alright. Do you think they'll call for help or take us out of the jungle?" Julie said with some hope thinking that they are at least not lost anymore.

"It's too early to assume anything. Let's try to communicate and get ourselves unbound first."Sam said while trying to looked composed and started to talk with people in front of them. Most of the tribesmen looked puzzled and some laughed at the gibberish the pale outsider was muttering.

While Sam was unsuccessfully trying to communicate with them, Julie observed their captors. It was still dark around them and only men were visible in front of the fire. All of them looked about to be 5 feet and some were even shorter. All of them had black bob cut straight hair and their facial features were obviously resembled the Amazonian natives she had seeing in documentaries. Their bodies were painted red and had white designs.

Julie got the shock of her life when she lowered her gaze to their mid sections. All round the world, people wear clothes to cover their genitals. But these people were displaying their genitals like they were their best ornaments or jewelry. And by all means they didn't look normal. Their pubic hair were braided and decorated with colorful things like small bones, Gem stones and feathers. And the scrotums were huge. One's looked like a sack full of two tennis balls. The sizes varied but all of them were freaky big.

Most impressive things were the penises that hanged in front of the huge sacks. Even though they looked to be soft and flaccid, most of them looked to be about 6 inches and some were reaching 8 inches. But length wasn't the most unnatural thing about it. Some penises had round protrusions that appeared like half spheres the bottom size of a nickel, neatly embedded along the penis in the front. Most had two or three of those bumps starting from the base of the penis and some had even more. The guy in the middle of the group with an 8 inch soft penis had 6 of them. Not being much of a fan of sex, she thought "Good thing I didn't born in to this tribe."

Then suddenly someone much taller and with a different facial structure appeared among them. Since he was also painted red all over, Julie couldn't determine the real skin color. But he had a normal looking genital that was about 3 inches long and soft. Definitely wasn't someone from this tribe. He talked with the guy with six bumps on the penis while looking at them. After few minutes he started to walk toward them.

"Hello, I'm Jack. No need to fear, you are in no danger." Said the man.

"Thank god! Someone who can talk English." Said Sam with a relief as he was getting tired after trying hard to communicate with the tribe. "I'm Sam and this is my wife Julie. Our plane crashed while we were flying to Amazon hotel."

"Yes I heard the explosion myself while at the village. I'm glad you are not harmed. Are you the only survivors?" Said Jack while looking at Julie who still looked to be drunk.

"Yes, the pilot died during the crash. Please help us to get back to a town. You are a savior. I was running out of ideas about what to do next." Said Sam thinking everything will be alright now since jack is here.

While untying Sam, Jack said "Well Sam, I wish things are that simple in this cursed jungle."

"What do you mean?" Said Julie who was now out of grogginess from the poison.

"I used to be an anthropologist. My team and I were on an expedition to find a rumored tribe who said to have amazing medicinal skills. And we stumbled upon this area of the jungle. Surrounded by three wide rivers, this area is kind of secluded from the rest of the Amazon and almost about everything tries to kill you."

After finished untying Sam Jack moved to Julie's ropes.

"One by one, my team died due to various poisons while trying to escape this place. I was on brink of death when one of the tribesmen found me and brought me to the village. For some reason the forest surrounding the village is safe and full of game to hunt and fertile. But surrounding this Garden of Eden, there lays the forest of death. Nobody from outside can cross that. The villagers are immune to most of the poisons. But they have a strict rule of not entering that part. I found the tribe that I was looking for. But I've been a prisoner of this forest for the last 10 years."

Sam and Julie were listening to his story with wide eyes and opened mouths. And there was a tear falling down Julie's face. Jacks revelation only indicated that they are going to be trapped in this village with the tribe rest of their life if they don't perform a miracle and escape this jungle.

"This can't be real. How are we going to survive this? Please help us god." Sam was starting to break down from one bad news after the other. Julie came to Sam and shed tears while hugging him.

"Don't worry, there's still some hope left." Jack said while sitting beside them.

"After years interacting with the tribe, I can understand their language very well. I'll act as your interpreter. The tribe is tolerant of outsiders and they have a custom of not killing or chase away outsiders if they are not a threat to the tribe. But they will not hesitate to kill if you act violently in anyway. Do not underestimate them because they are small. Thanks to their medicines that were consumed for generations, they are genetically stronger than a normal person and use poison in every weapon that they are immune to. So if I were you, I'll try my best to be on their good side."

"And their society is very different from ours. Men are in power and women hold a lower place. There's something like a cast system. And the casts are not divided in the conventional way. If you didn't notice it by now, you can clearly see that their genitals are very special. And they proudly decorate and show it to express their status. Here, your position in the society depends of your hunting skills and mainly on the size of the man's penis. And about the bumps on it; more bumps embedded in a penis, the higher the rank of the owner. The bumps are actually a type of shaped stones. Bumps are embedded according to hunting skills. But if the penis is not long enough to add more bumps, that person will be stuck in that rank no matter how good the hunting skills are."

"This is insane, why do they care so much about the size?"Asked Sam who had hard time digesting this new information.

"I think that's due to the low fertility rate anatomy of the women in this tribe. Bigger the penis, deeper the penetration and bigger the scrotum, bigger the amount of semen produced. In overall, bigger the package, more virile the man is."

"What did you mean by the anatomy of women?" Asked Julie failing to find an answer in the explanation.

"I've had sex with few women in this tribe and according to what the villagers also say, the vaginal canals of the women in this tribe are longer than normal. I guess that's one of the main reasons it being hard to impregnate them."

"Ok, that explains a little why the size matter here. But what about us outsiders?" Asked Sam.

"Well we are also under the same rule and as you can see, having normal genitals, we are at the lowest cast. Since Julie is your mate, she'll be the same cast as you. And we are too big and not skilled in stalking and hunting animals we have to depend on the tribe. I'm afraid, if you are around the same size as me, your status will be a little higher than a slave here."Jack looked at Sam as if asking a question.

Sam's face got dark and had a worried face. And Julie knew Sam was even smaller than Jack. That made Julie worried too.

"I talked with the chief of the village. He's the one in the middle of the crowd."Jack said while pointing to six bumps.

"He has granted you a hut which is quite surprising and as long as you two integrate in to the village, he has no problem. I'll provide you with necessary information as things go by. And one more thing. As the guy you are required to be naked to show your status all the time. You can paint your body if you wish to.And for Julie," he turned to Julie

" the tribe women wear short skirts made of straws and are topless. Since you are the women, you have a choice in this. Even though your current dress is bit revealing, it's better than the straw skirt. So I'll advice you to wear the dress you have now for some time. Revealing your breasts might bring unwanted attention since all the tribe women have sagged breasts by your age."

Julie blushed a little upon hearing this, but he made sense and the last thing she wanted was unwanted attention from five foot, dick monsters.

"Come, I'll take you to your hut and we can talk more about what you need to know to live here."Jack said as helping Julie stand up.

Without any of the three knowing, six bumps across fireplace was letting his eyes wonder around the body of this exquisite female. She was taller than the tallest man in the tribe. Her skin was smooth and as pale as the moonlight. She had a very fertile looking body and long shaped legs. She had the most beautiful face and type of hair he had ever seen. The most interesting thing was that even though she covered them it was obvious that her breasts were big but firm like a newly flowered girl. It was kind of unusual for them to lust for outsiders since they looked abnormal, but fertility was overflowing from this woman. The distance between the bumps on his penis started to increase as desire to claim this goddess surged across his body.

The next few days went smoothly as Jack taught them about tribal customs and ways of things in the village. Their hut was at the edge of the village away from other huts. Villagers tried to avoid them whenever they went around the village. The women were around the same height as the men but they had very wide hips. As Jack said earlier almost all the women of breeding age had sagged breasts due to lack of support when they grew. The duties of the women were mainly to take care of the children, keep the hut maintained, cook, bring water from a nearby stream and forage at the forest near the village. Following jack's advice, Julie stayed in the hut most of the time and went out only to bring water as the chief was sending some food everyday till Sam get hang of hunting and gathering. This was no easy task for him since he was used to work the brain, not the body.

Every morning Sam went in to the jungle with Jack to learn new skills of hunting to return in the evening. Julie was surrounded by jungle, but this was far from her dream vacation. And she was practically a prisoner in the hut. On the fifth day after Sam and Jack went in to the jungle, Julie got ready for her trip to the river to get water. As she was filling the big pot with water she looked at herself and realized she's in need of a bath and her short sundress is in need of a wash. She normally picked a time that villagers did not come to the river and were busy with other things in the village. So after double checking if anyone around, she peeled off her dress and got in the river.

Few minutes in the past, the chief was going on his usual patrol along the edge of the village when he saw the pale female walking to the river alone. His curiosity and desire peaked and he silently followed her. The six bumps hanging between his legs were not only for show as it showed his hunting skills. So stalking her was not at all hard for him. The sway of her hips as she walked and the way she so modestly bent down to get water and the way her hands moved, everything had some erotic aura to them. As he was enjoying the view, suddenly she stood up, looked around very carefully and peeled off the thin dress had been wearing all this time. An electric shock went from his heart to the tip of his penis as his eyes feasted on the glorious sight it was presented. Her hips were not that wide, but everything else more than made up for it. He was mesmerized by how her breasts seemed to defy gravity. They were full, round and had a mind of their own and bounced around when she walked towards the water. Her pink colored nipples were pointing to the sky like as if they were trying to show something flying in the sky. Her blue eyes reminded him of the rare gem stone he wears on his braided pubic hair. Her slender and well shaped long legs were inviting him to get between them and bury all six bumps in to her waiting depths.

As Julie dipped in the water and came up, water that hung to her flowed down along the contours of her body highlighting her fertility to the burning eyes of six bumps. At that moment, he even felt jealous for the water that ran down her body. And at the moment he decided that he'll breed this exotic creature. But according to customs he cannot kill the husband without a valid reason and he's not allowed to bring an outsider female in to his personal harem. He had to think of something and return to the village to put together a plan.

That evening by the time Sam returned, Julie was cooking dinner with what they had in the hut. She was happy to see him after a lonely day. After the dinner they went in to bed as after dark there wasn't much to do in their hut. As they both lay together on the straw mat, Sam started to massage Julie's succulent breasts through her dress and started kissing her neck whispering his need to be in her. After all, this was supposed to be their honeymoon. They had sex many times before the wedding, but Julie wasn't crazy about sex. She had only two sexual experiences before Sam as she wasn't much in to sex. As a result, even Sam's five inch hard penis found a tight fit in Julie's wetness. For Julie, she found sex a pleasant experience sometimes but mostly regarded it as a duty. So unlike Sam, she had a clear head through all the stimulation and she remembered something important suddenly.

"Sam we can't do this. I was planning on getting pregnant during our honeymoon, so I went off birth control. And I don't want to risk a pregnancy in middle of this jungle." Julie said while stopping the hand that was going to town on her breast.

Sam removed his hand with a frustrated grunt. Most of his frustration was due to realizing she was right. Getting pregnant was a worst case scenario in the middle of jungle where no medical help was available.

"Then How about a blowjob?" Sam was desperate for some release.

"You know I don't like giving blowjobs honey. But in our case I'm willing to get used to it for you. I just need some time to get used to it. Some other day. I promise." Julie said giving him a quick kiss.

Even though anal sex came in to his mind, he was pretty sure that it would be almost impossible to make Julie agree to it. So he got up and went outside to grant himself a release from all the pent up tension in his loins.

As Sam's seed left his body with all the tension with it and hit the dirt, in a hut in middle of the village, on top of a screaming woman in the throes of her orgasm, sweat covered chief got blessed with an idea.

On the seventh day, as usual Sam got ready to go in to the jungle with jack. He was now starting to get hang on setting traps. It suited him because it didn't require much physical strength or skills. Before he left the hut, he shared a passionate kiss with his wife.

As Sam and Jack walked on the path that leads to the jungle, Jack said "even if you had enough bad luck to end up at this place, you are a lucky guy to have a women like Julie as your wife."

Sam replied smiling "Yes, I am."

In the evening they were coming back to village. It was a good day. Sam got his first successful hunt using traps and he was carrying a small monkey in his hands. He couldn't wait to show his achievement to Julie. When they got near, they heard something like a grunting bark of an animal in rhythm from direction of the hut. Sam asked jack what kind of an animal that sound belonged to. Jack had to admit that he also had no idea. Closer they got to the hut, clearer the sound became.

When the hut came in to view Sam saw that there were two tribesmen with spears guarding the door to the hut. He kept on walking while wondering what's going on. When he got closer, the sounds were getting much clearer and they were coming from inside the hut.

The original sound was now accompanied with a sound of heavy breathing that went along with barking sound and a flesh slapping sound that was in rhythm with a deep throaty grunting sound that once in a while gave way to a high pitch squeal. Then a realization hit him in the head like a hammer. That grunting, heavy breathing and squeals sounded like coming from Julie if she was making those sounds for some reason. Even though when they had sex, most that came from Julie were soft moans. it was hard to believe Julie he knew could even make untamed noises like that.

But he was intelligent enough to know that she was getting raped inside their hut. Automatically Sam ran towards the door and the two guards pointed their spears forward and prepared for confrontation. When he was about two feet from spears Jack managed to tackle Sam and stop him before he was killed.

While on the ground, Sam screamed "Julie" with eyes full of tears before jack dragged him about ten feet away from the hut.

"Don't be stupid Sam. They'll kill you in a heartbeat if you do something irrational. Having two guards at the door only means it's the village chief in there. If you act wisely, you'll both live to see the sunrise tomorrow." Said jack with some firmness in his tone.

All Sam could do was to cry while noticing the slapping sound didn't miss a beat during all this commotion and was speeding up little by little. And suddenly with a masculine grunt, the slapping sound went in to jackhammer mode. With that Julie's voice became one continuous high pitch scream and went silent abruptly. But the jackhammer sound went on without any interruption. For about 20 seconds, the only sound came from inside was the slapping sound accompanied by a wet squishing sound. A deep toned gurgling sound started slowly and increased in tone and volume gradually until it developed in to a gurgling, bestial and murderous shaking scream that could wake up the whole village.

The scream surprised and shocked all four people outside and Sam was wondering what made Julie emit such a scream. For a second he feared that Julie got mortally wounded and noticed that the slapping sound stopped for few seconds and resumed again. Giving some relief to worried Sam, Julie's grunts also resumed.

But the sounds were a bit different now. The slap sound got slower in frequency, but the hardness and the volume of the slap increased. Julie's grunts now had a hint of pain mixed with them and Sam could also hear a more masculine grunt leading each of her grunts. Then suddenly Julie shouted sobbing in panic, the words disturbed by her own grunts.

"NO NO ungh!!!.PLEA ungh!!!.DON'T oooh!!! OUT SI..fuck!!! OH GO..aieee!!! HELP!!!"

That was all he could do to stop himself. Upon hearing Julie shout for help Sam lost all senses. He pushed off Jack who was holding him and charged towards the door. The two guards who were still laughing at Julie's inhumane scream got surprised and didn't have enough time to extend their spears. So they tackled him to the ground in front of the door. From this, his head went passed the straw curtain that was hiding the chief's breeding of Julie.

From what Sam witnessed then, his heart sank to deepest depths almost giving him a heart attack. There, barely three feet away from his eyes laid the chief on top of his beautiful wife. She was lying on her back with both her legs on the shoulders of her rapist. Thanks to her long legs and the short man, her two heels were resting on the man's back bending her knees over his shoulders.

The chief was leaning in to her so much with her legs on his shoulders, her butt was raised in the air and only her shoulders were making contact with the floor. And the only part of chief that touched the ground was his firmly planted toes, giving him the maximum leverage to drive deep in to Julie. So she had her two arms firmly planted on the ground to balance both of them.

Then he realized his wife's strapless summer dress had transformed in to a yellow ring of cloth around her waist. He realized it couldn't have taken much effort to lift up the short skirt part and pull down the strapless top. A torn underwear was lying on the ground near her head.

Julie's whole body was covered in a thick sheen of sweat which made her glorious body glow from the light that seeped in to the hut. Dripping the excess sweat to the clay floor had made a dark shadow around her jerking body. Even her hair was soaked and some matted to her face. It was humid and hot at day time in the jungle, but he thought that was too much sweat for one person. Then he realized the chief himself was sweating profusely and dripping on to Julie. The dark sweat soaked shadow around her body on the clay floor was the result of both of their combined sweat dripping down her body to the ground.

They were lying at an angle relative to him and the legs were facing his side. So he was kind of puzzled with the fresh liquid puddle accumulated near to his face that had few colorful pebbles submerged in it, and a large soaked area on the floor right under their point of union.

That's when he got the third big shock. His brain went in to such a big shock, everything was happening in slow motion around him. When he first noticed their point of union, chief was buried to the hilt in his wife and the view was blocked by a huge ball sack that accommodated two tennis ball size testicles. It was outlined by braided pubic hair that had small colorful things weaved into them. He found the source of those colorful pebbles that lay in the liquid puddle. When the first inch of the penis was pulled out, the huge scrotum moved away enough to give him a front row seat view to the main location of action.

"This is unreal."Sam thought. The thing that stuffed Julie's vagina with was as thick as his wrist. What was more unreal was her opening that stretched around that monstrosity. Julie was a very tight woman. It barely accommodated his smaller than average penis. Even then sometimes she complained. But this man have managed to fit something like that in to his tight wife without splitting her in half during the process.

There was so much lack of space in her, the clitoris was jutting out from the enclosure normally it shyly hid in. When the second inch was coming out, there were some weird movements in the area of her clitoris. It looked like that area was being pushed out by something inside her. Then there was clearly some tension between her opening resisting and the cock pulling out, a bump on the penis popped out of the stretched opening. A throaty low moan started from Julie as one bump after another popped out every two inch he pulled out of her. Her stretched to the limit opening pulsated each time as his bumps plucked on the edge of her opening just under the clitoris like guitar string.

Sam counted the bumps as they came out tormenting Julie's clit in disbelief. As six bumps came out of her amounting to 12 inches worth of cock, followed two more inches of a purple angry cock head that was thicker than its length. This sudden increase of girth got caught behind the folds of her opening for a fraction of a second and a quick tug from chief's hips freed the trapped head with a wet noise and a gasp from Julie.

Now Sam was looking at the instrument that was buried to the hilt in his lovely wife half a second ago. By all means it was impressive and if it wasn't the monster that was violating the depths of Julie, he would have stayed impressed. But he got worried about Julie as he observed the 14 inch angry looking monster with bumps every two inches and surrounded by a system of veins. An attractive hair do at the base soaked with wetness, complete with a purple head at the end the size of Julie's fist and the huge scrotum only made it look bigger.

He wondered if Julie really was able to fit something so big inside her. Her now invader free sensitive opening was try to close up desperately like castle gates trying to close before invaders get it. By now her opening was too stretched to close up immediately after the monster cock was removed.

As fast as he withdrew, the chief flexed his body and adding his body weight, he did a brutal dive in to Julie. It was too brutal to even watch. In a fraction of a second, those six bumps on the penis plucked her clitoris six times as it dived in to her sensitive depths and met some formidable resistance from the depths of her vagina for a few milliseconds with one more inch left to the hilt. But the chief skillfully timed and pressed his hip down in the same fluid motion adding his grunt to the symphony of their sexual throes. For a normal eye it would have seemed as he buried to the hilt in Julie in one brutal thrust. Then came the slap of flesh with a wet sound followed by the all so familiar painful grunt from her throat. A protrusion was visible above Julie's navel that was created by the monster cock head.

A powerful shock-wave originated from the place their bodies collided and went through rocking her body and initiating a mesmerizing dance of her firm breasts. As her nipples floated on the soft flesh as if they were painting something. The over grown scrotum swung in and slapped her round firm buttocks softly signaling the end of one thrusting cycle only to repeat again.

Julie's eyes were turned up to show the white and in middle of her moans, gasps and grunts, she was still trying to mumble something. Her whole body jerked violently as the chief increased the tempo of his unmerciful diving in to her innocence. As her most sacred place was being exposed to this brutal violation, she was trying to say something to her attacker. Sam could only pick up some fractions of words like "don't, out, cu, pre, plea."

Then Sam realized what was happening. Horror struck him anew as he remembered about Julie saying that she's not on birth control. She was pleading the chief to cum outside.

Just as he was about to voice out, the chief leaned in a bit more as he was pulling his cock out from Julie and jumped in the air with a grunt by pressing on his toes while holding her legs against his shoulders. While falling, he lifted both his legs up in the air and was free falling towards his wife with his penis pointed at her gaping pussy.

Sam was frozen in mid sentence as Julie's cervix took the full brunt of that aerial attack. A loud scream originated from Julie as the chief locked himself to her by putting his hand under her armpits while pressing her knees to her shoulders.Julie was literally folded in to two and was locked in place while the chief had his cock buried in her deepest place.

Then the dancing of the testicles began. They were dancing in the sack while churning a huge amount of potent cum to be delivered in to unprotected depths of Julie. With a howl like an animal the chief stopped moving. Then Sam noticed extra movement near Julie's ass. Even if the chief stopped moving, his scrotum went to overtime. It was contracting and relaxing repeatedly. Then came the sobbing scream from Julie.


Then it hit Sam that it was too late and the five foot, monster cocked chief who was old enough to be her father was thoroughly inseminating her.

The contractions continued and with each contraction came a low sobbing "no" from Julie and a loud grunt from the chief. After about the twentieth contraction of the scrotum, the tight seal her vaginal opening had round the big cock failed under the pressure that was building inside her. Now thick white semen was shooting out from around the seal with a wired sound each time his balls danced. The scrotum and balls were huge for a reason and they were fulfilling their purpose by producing an uncanny amount of sperm to impregnate the sobbing girl.

After about 20 more contractions, the dancing stopped. They both were a mess. Both were drenched in sweat from head to toe from the rough fuck Lucie received and the rough fuck the chief gave. Both their loins were plastered with thick white cum. There was a puddle of white goo under them on the floor and a good amount crept through Julie's butt crack and made another puddle under her back that was soaking in to the bunched up sundress.

With a satisfied smile, the chief let go of her and pulled out now softening weapon from her fertile and cum filled depths with a plop sound.

Julie curled up in to a fetal position and continued sobbing. Cum was still leaking from the gaped opening like a small stream. The chief looked proudly at his handy work one more time before going out through the door stepping over Sam.

The guards let go of Sam and followed the chief who was walking with a wide satisfied grin.

Sam crawled to Julie to hold her and started crying saying "I'm sorry baby; I wasn't strong enough to save you."

"I'm sorry too honey." Came a barely audible whisper from weakened Julie puzzling Sam about her apology. 

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