Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Soft Swing?

This is the story of a couple's initiation into the world of swinging.

My name is Megan and my husband is Bryan. I'm 5' 6" about 150 pounds with strawberry hair, fair skin and glasses. My Bryan is 5' 11" a little over 200 pounds, dark black hair with glasses. We are both a little on the nerdy side. Bryan, like me, has always had a little extra padding. While not fat, most people would consider us thick. We have been married for three years now, getting married right after college. We met as freshmen in college and fell in love.

Bryan and I both were virgins when we met but our virginity ended in my dorm room bed the spring of our freshman year. We had figured that we would wait till we were married to have sex but a night of drinking led us to be naked in my bed. One thing led to another and Bryan's cock found its way into my pussy. After that we were like kids that found the key to the candy store. Our Junior year we moved in together. We fucked a lot but we weren't very imaginative. Mostly Bryan would be on top or I would be on top so he could play with my tits as we fucked. As conservative as we were, we loved fucking.

College ended and we got married, settling into our new lives of being a married working couple. As much as I still enjoyed our sex, I had to admit to myself our sex life was getting somewhat boring. Bryan and I started hitting the gym working on getting in better shape. Our exercise kick got us more excited about sex and talking about it. Bryan brought up that he had noticed the guys at the gym looking at me more. I was shocked to hear him say that he liked when other guys looked at me that way that way. We tried some new positions but we both felt that our sex life was in rut. It was during a lunch with a good friend that our sex life was on the road to a big change. 

Tiffany was a friend from college who know both Bryan and I from when we first became a couple. I hadn't seen her in a couple of months and she commented on my weight loss, telling me how sexy I was looking. I told her that Bryan and I had been working out and it felt great. Tiffany and I always shared everything. She was the first personI told when I lost my virginity. During lunch I let it slip that I was feeling bored with our sex life. Tiffany gave me a shit eating grin but didn't say anything. Tiffany had been married about as long as we had and I could tell that she was holding something back. I prodded her for a while and finally begged her to tell me her secret.

"Okay, but you can't tell anyone." Tiffany leaned in close. "What if I told you that Greg and I have tried swinging."

"What? Oh my God, really, you mean you and Greg did . . . 'you know' with another couple?" I said in disbelief.

"Yes Meg, we have fucked another couple and it was great. Greg lay next to me with his cock in another woman while her husband fucked me. It was so erotic. Here is the best part - Greg and I have had the best sex we have ever had since we have been swinging. Maybe that is what you need to spice things up. It has been great for us," Tiffany whispered.

"I don't know, Tiff, you know Bryan is the only man I've 'you know-ed' with, and I don't know if I could . . . 'you know', with another guy," I said

We talked in whispers for the rest of lunch; Tiffany told me how it all happened and all about the couple they swapped with. She told me that the other couple was experienced and patient. As shocked as I was at the idea of sex with others, I couldn't deny the wetness between my legs.

That night after dinner, Bryan was settling in to watch TV. I grabbed Bryan's hand telling him I wanted to go to our bed and fuck. Fuck was not a word I used very often so Bryan knew something was up. Of course he didn't argue. Bryan asked what had gotten into me as he drove his cock into my very wet pussy. I told him 'shut up and fuck me'. Doing as he was told, Bryan shoved his dick into me harder and harder. My body shook to the best orgasm I'd had in months. Bryan didn't slow down till he grunted loudly, filling my pussy with his cum.

Bryan collapsed on top me as I held him tight. I looked at Bryan and said, "Did you know that Tiffany and Greg have tried swinging? Can you believe it?"

Bryan and I lay there with me telling him the story that Tiffany told me about their start. Bryan didn't say much other than to ask who and when. My hand moved down and found that his cock had sprung back to life. "That excites you doesn't it?"

Looking at his hard dick in my hand Bryan said, "It's hard for me to deny it with my cock like that, but you can't deny that you were turned on too."

I had to admit to Bryan that I was intrigued by the idea swinging but I reminded him that I had only been naked with him, never mind having sex with someone else. We talked some more about swinging while I was stroking Bryan's cock. After we fucked again, Bryan and I agreed that I would talk with Tiffany some more. Neither of us thought we could actually bring ourselves to actually have sex with others but, as turned on as we were, we decided that it couldn't hurt to at least talk some more about it.

The next time I was with Tiffany I told her that Bryan and I had a great fuck after talking about swinging and wanted to know more. Tiffany knew that we were both virgins when we met and that we had only been with each other, so she was really surprised that we were even considering it. Tiffany understood that we were only talking about it. Being honest with Tiffany I told her that I had never been naked with another man much less touched another man's penis. As much as this was a nice fantasy I wasn't sure I could actually do it.

At the end of our conversation Tiffany brought up the idea of a soft swap. She explained that with a soft swap the two couples would have sex with their own spouses in the same room as another couple. She said that she had heard that some find it a good way to start or to see if they actually want to swing. When I asked Tiffany if she and Greg would be willing she said that was not a good idea. If it didn't work out it could ruin our friendship.

Tiffany suggested that she could talk with the couple they started with; they were experienced and very nice. If it didn't work out with them then no harm. Tiffany thought it might be a good idea to just have lunch with the wife of the couple to see if I was comfortable talking with her. I told her that I was having serious second thoughts about the whole idea but I agreed to lunch.

That night I told Bryan that Tiffany was setting up lunch with the wife of the couple who introduced them to swinging just to talk. I also told him that I was having second thoughts and might cancel the lunch. Bryan worked hard to convince me to go through with the lunch. When I say he worked hard, I mean that he put in a lot of effort with his tongue between my legs. After a good orgasm, Bryan's cock went to work with more convincing. He whispered in my ear as he fucked me how hot I was and how much he wanted to show me off. His hornyness told me that he was not having second thoughts. After we had another great fuck we cuddled with his cum still in me. Bryan assured me that if I was uneasy about any of this we would call it off. I was so relieved when he said that, and I didn't feel right to just call the lunch off. I told Bryan that I would at least do the lunch and meet the woman.

I had this picture in my head of the woman we were meeting. Someone with thick makeup dressed like a hooker that talked like a sailor. The woman who sat down at the table with us was nothing like that. She introduced herself as Taylor. She was conservatively dressed and well-spoken, looking more like the girl next door than anything else. I was feeling guilty that I was thinking of her as a hooker. We had a secluded table that allowed us to talk without fear that we would be overheard. We talked for a while just getting to know each other, nothing sexual, just chit chat about ourselves. I know I kept staring at her just thinking 'she looks so normal'. While she was about ten years older than me, I felt very comfortable with her, and saw why Tiffany hit it off with her so quickly.

Finally Tiffany broke the sexual ice asking Taylor to tell me how they got stated swinging. Taylor told me about their philosophy - that sex and love can be separated. While she and her husband make love with each other; with others it is just fucking. Fucking can be with or without emotion and just for the pure enjoyment of it. I hadn't ever thought of it that way but it made some sense to me. Taylor said to think of fucking as sports, just done naked, where you changed teams from time to time.

I confided in Taylor that Bryan and I were virgins when we met. Taylor said that was so romantic and that she understood if our beliefs about sex were different and we didn't want to try swinging. She would never push anyone into something they didn't want to do. She thought it was cute that the only dick I had seen and touched was my husband's.

I told her that while I was deeply in love with Bryan I couldn't help but admit that I was curious about sex with other men. I told her that I would feel guilty when I would look at a guy and picture him naked.

We continued to talk and Taylor suggested that we going slow. She said that once you go all in you can't go back. She even brought up the idea that Tiffany had talked about, a soft swap. Taylor thought the place to start might just be getting in the presence of another naked couple or Bryan and I getting naked in front of someone else. She suggested that we could take things step by step and if at any point we felt uncomfortable we would stop. She said their policy was that the women controlled the pace.

I liked that the women were always in charge. We agreed that a good start would be to go to dinner with Taylor and her husband so we all could meet and there would be no pressure. It would be a nice way to get to know each other.

I thought that was a great idea. We exchanged numbers and I told her that I would have to confirm with Bryan but I already knew his answer. Taylor didn't speak much of her husband but as I drove Tiffany back to work I asked her about him. Tiffany looked at me with that sly grin and said I would really like Sam and just winked at me.

I was correct about Bryan - he was very excited. I think he was a little disappointed when I told him that the plan was just dinner, nothing else. I told him that we did talk about a soft swap but I didn't believe I was ready for it. Brian reassured me that we would not do anything I was uncomfortable with. I know that Bryan's expectations soared when his fingers found my pussy dripping wet after our conversation.

As we were fucking, I pictured Taylor lying next to me with my Bryan on top of her, fucking away. While odd to think of my man fucking another woman, I was turned on by my little fantasy. I kept asking myself if I could really go through with it and let his dick go into another woman.

We met at an Outback Steak House, figuring the guys would like steak. Taylor and Sam were already there waiting for us. Sam was not what I was expecting either. I had told Bryan on the way to the restaurant that I expected him to be overweight, have a porn star mustache and be really loud. He was bigger than I had expected, but clean cut, fit and conservatively dressed. He and Bryan hit it off right away, talking sports and drinking beer they were like old friends. For being ten years older than Bryan and me, we seemed to have a lot in common with them. There was no pressure and in fact there was no sexual conversation at all. I kept sneaking looks at Sam, trying to picture how he would look naked.

As we were finishing up Taylor said she had to use the girl's room and invited me to join her. We both commented how the boys were acting as if they had known each other for years. Taylor suggested that Bryan and I come over on Saturday night for dinner for a little more privacy. She said no pressure to do anything, just dinner. I agreed, but there was a big knot in my stomach. We rejoined the boys and told them the plans.

Bryan said that was great he could see Sam's man cave that he was telling him about. It was settled we were going to a swinger's house for dinner and maybe more.

Saturday arrived and I was still so nervous. I really thought I was going to throw up as I was getting dressed. Bryan was nervous too, but wouldn't admit it. I paused at the door, "Are we really going to do this?"

"Only if you want to, babe. It looks like you're ready, showing all that cleavage," Bryan said, holding my hand.

Bryan was right. I was wearing a low cut blouse that showed off my boobs. I was glad he noticed. I gave him a quick kiss and patted him on the ass. "Let's go."

Taylor met us at the door, wearing a skirt and nice blouse. Not the conservative work clothes she had on at dinner. She looked sexy but not slutty. Taylor gave us both a hug and kiss on the cheek. She called for Sam. Sam shook Bryan's hand and then gave me hug. While the hug was brief it seemed very awkward between us. Sam offered Bryan a beer and they went off to see Sam's man cave, while Taylor and I got dinner ready.

Large wine glasses were waiting for us in the kitchen to enjoy while we prepared dinner. Taylor handed me the glass.

"I know you're nervous, maybe this will help."

Taking the glass, I took a big gulp. Taylor commented on how sexy I looked and that Sam would be staring at my tits all night. I blushed knowing that was the reaction I was hoping for.

The boys emerged from the man cave chatting away. Bryan was raving about Sam's man cave saying it was what all guys want. Taylor looked at Sam and asked him to show me his man cave while Bryan helped her in the kitchen. Sam grabbed my hand and without a word we were heading downstairs.

My stomach was churning as we made our way down the stairs. Sam's hand was very warm holding mine. I had to admit it was impressive, a big TV and lots of sports memorabilia.

"You're nervous aren't you?" Sam asked, in a very concerned voice.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, putting my head down.

"Look its okay. Just remember, we want to you to be comfortable. The last thing Taylor and I want to do is make you or Bryan nervous. You guys are a great couple," Sam said

"Can we try that hug again; I wasn't ready for that when we arrived."

Sam put his arms around me and held me tight, this time I hugged back. It was a very intimate embrace.

Sam whispered in my ear, "I'm sure Taylor warned you; but I will apologize now for staring at your breasts. They are magnificent if you don't mind me saying so."

"If we are being honest, I was hoping you would notice," I said, melting into Sam's arms. My mind was racing about what to do next.

Sam smiled and said that we should get back upstairs for dinner. I was a little disappointed that he didn't try something.

Dinner was on the table, but it appeared that we had interrupted something as we came upstairs. Bryan kinda jumped back from Taylor as we came upstairs. Taylor poured me another big glass of wine. I quickly took another big drink. Not being a big drinker, I was starting to feel a little buzz. The conversation at dinner was certainly more sexual in nature than dinner the other night. Bryan was getting into the flirting as well. Bryan and Taylor were having a lot of playful banter, with Taylor's hands touching Bryan often as they flirted. I don't know if it was the wine or what but I was even getting comfortable with the flirting and tried to join in. Near the end of dinner Taylor said she had a present for me upstairs and wanted to show it to me after the dishes were cleaned up. I protested that she didn't need to get me anything and even Sam shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't know what was going on. Sam announced that he and Bryan would take care of the dishes so the girls could go upstairs.

Taylor pulled out a Victoria Secret box from under the bed. She said that Tiffany had given her my size and hoped it fit. I opened the box to find pink lingerie. I found the tag that said it was a peek-a-boo baby doll. It was frilly sexy and very see-though. Taylor suggested that I try it on. After some protests, I agreed. I went into the bathroom and changed into the outfit. I slipped on the G-string panties and noticed my ass was not covered at all; the strap was crawling up my ass. I adjusted the straps on the baby doll top to cover my tits as best as they could. Attached to the bra was a frilly see-through material that covered the bra to the top of the panties but it didn't go past my belly button.

Taylor gushed at how hot I was looking and suggested that we should show the boys. I really protested at this point. I told her I was almost naked.

Taylor laughed and said that she didn't think the boys would complain. She said that she wasn't suggesting that I go it alone. Taylor pulled out a bra and pantie set on a little hanger.

"I got something for myself too."

On the hanger was a black lacy thong and a small push-up bra set. I couldn't help but think that it wasn't going to cover much. Taylor came out and modeled for me. It took me a moment but I finally noticed that the bra was one that didn't cover her nipples and her naked nipples were staring me in the face. Her thong didn't cover much either.

"You think the boys will like our outfits?"

"I think 'like' is an understatement," I said, still staring at her naked nipples.

Taylor handed me a pink silk Kimono and put on a black one herself.

"We don't want to shock them too much at first."

Taylor announced us as we made our way down stairs. The boys' heads turned, then they stared. The guys clapped and hooted at us. I had to admit to myself that I was feeling sexy - the buzz from the wine helped. Taylor did a spin, giving a hint of what she had on underneath. She looked at me and said that it was my turn.

I was about to say no, then my head said, 'what the hell'. I slipped off the Kimono to the applause of the guys. I danced over to Bryan to gave him a good look, finishing off with a kiss on the lips. Sam put up his arms in a sign like 'what about him'. I danced over to Sam, giving him a show, bending down so he got a good view of my tits. To everyone's shock, even my own, I turned around and bent over, giving him a great view of my barely covered ass. Then I turned back planting my lips on Sam's. I immediately looked to Bryan, scared to see if he was mad, but he was clapping.

Taylor jumped up, sexily removing her kimono. I thought Bryan's eyes were going to pop out. He looked at me and I mouthed to him that my tits were showing, to which he shook his head in agreement. Sam rubbed her nipples as she danced in front of him. Taylor like I did, ended her dance with Sam with a kiss. Taylor danced over to Bryan leaning in so her nipples were eye level. She grabbed Bryan's hands and moved them to her nipples. Taylor looked my way and said, "It's okay Megan won't mind, will you Megan?" 

"Oh no, I don't mind at all," I said, encouraging Bryan on.

It didn't last long but Taylor ended with a kiss. I could see her tongue going into Bryan's mouth.

Taylor left Bryan and turned the lights down some. Bryan joined me on the couch, putting his arms around me.

"You okay?"

I kissed Bryan, this time using my tongue, and whispered in his ear.

"I can't believe we just did that but I'm so horny right now." My hand discreetly went to his crotch. "I see you are too."

"You know what, Megan, it seems that the two of us are practically naked and our hot men are fully clothed. I'm going to help Sam out of some of his clothes if that is alright with you. I will leave it up to you to how your husband is dressed," Taylor said, pulling off Sam's shirt.

"Bryan you heard our host, we have to do what she says," I said, now pulling off Bryan's shirt. When I got Bryan's shirt off I looked back to see Sam's pants going down, but I also noticed that Sam had Taylor's bra in his hands. Bryan had noticed too. "Oh pants too? Looks like your pants are coming off, babe," I said to Bryan. With Bryan in just his underwear on we settled back on the couch.

Taylor looked over at me with just her thong on and grabbed the waist band of Sam's boxers. She slowly pulled them down to his ankles. Sam's cock popped out and it was fully erect. I gasped when I saw how big he was. I then knew what Tiffany meant about Sam. Bryan leaned in and whispered in my ear that Sam was big. I just grunted while staring at Sam's cock. Taylor was stroking his cock just a few feet from us. Bryan took my hand and put it on his crotch. I took the hint, starting to rub his dick through his boxers.

Taylor looked my way, giving me an approving nod. I looked up at Bryan with a "should I" look? Bryan nodded and shifted so I could pull his boxers off. With a quick tug, I had Bryan's cock in my hand and his boxers were on the floor.

Taylor looked back over saying, "Oh yeah! Nice cock, Bryan."

Bryan's cock was nice but it was not as big as Sam's. I was stroking Bryan's dick but I could not take my eyes off of Sam's cock in Taylor's hand. She bent down and put her lips around the head of his dick. Sam let out a moan as Taylor started sucking his dick. It was so erotic watching Taylor suck Sam's dick. I felt like I was in a porn movie.

Taylor stopped and looked over at Bryan and me.

"Bryan honey, I was just noticing that the three of us are naked and one is not. No pressure, just making an observation."

"You're right, Taylor, I will see if Meg can do something about that. Oh by the way thanks for pointing that gorgeous ass our way," Bryan said, with my hand stroking his cock.

"Anything for you, sweetie," Taylor said as she spread her legs, giving us a great view of her bald pussy.

I had been so mesmerized by Sam's cock I didn't realize that Taylor's thong was on the floor and it was me that they were talking about. It then hit me that that I was about to be naked in front of two people that I barely knew and wasn't sure what would happen after that. Between the wine and erotic show that was in front of me I thought to myself that my "good girl side" was not winning out this time.

I slid the straps over my shoulders and then reached behind me to unclasp the bra of the baby doll. I let it slip to the floor releasing my breasts.

"Mmm your boobs are magnificent, Megan," Sam said.

That was all the encouragement I needed to take my panties off. I sat back down into Bryan's arms. Bryan leaned over, kissing me passionately. Bryan broke the kiss to whisper in my ear that he loved me. Just then the couch moved with Sam sitting down next to us.

Taylor was kneeling in front of Sam, playing with his cock. Taylor looked over at me.

"You want to try it?" she asked, pointing at Sam's dick.

I bit my lip and looked at Bryan. Bryan just nodded. I slid my hand over to Sam's thigh where Taylor took it and gently placed my hand on her husband's cock.

"Oh my," I moaned. I couldn't believe I was sitting naked with my hand around another man's dick. With a little nudging from Taylor, I moved in front of Sam, between his legs, examining his cock and sliding my hand the length of his shaft. I was in a trance staring at this relative stranger's cock inches from my face.

Taylor gently tapped me on the shoulder; she was kneeling in front of Bryan's dick but not touching it. "Do you mind if I . . . well you know."

I just silently nodded approval. Taylor smiled and in one motion engulfed Bryan's cock into her mouth. I watched in amazement as Taylor sucked my husband's dick. Bryan moaned as Taylor deep-throated him.

Sam reached up and squeezed my tits, breaking my trance. I had been distracted from the huge cock in my hand watching my husband's cock disappear into the mouth of another woman. I was surprised that I wasn't feeling any jealousy; just very turned on.

I had given Bryan the occasional blow job but it wasn't something I was very comfortable doing. I could tell Sam was wanting some of the same treatment that his wife was giving so I moved down to Sam's cock and gave it kiss. The head of his cock head felt huge as I took it into my mouth. I glanced over at Bryan and Taylor - they had switched positions. Bryan had his face between Taylor's legs and it was Taylor who was moaning now. 

I licked Sam's cock and moved up to slide his dick between my tits. Sam grunted his approval as he fucked my tits.

As Sam titty fucked me I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. "We are going up to the guest room to be a little more comfortable if that is okay," Taylor said, holding Bryan by the cock.

"You okay with that?" Bryan softly asked.

I hesitated for a moment. I knew I was agreeing to my husband fucking another woman.

"Yeah, I'm okay with it if you are."

Without another word they were gone up the stairs.

Sam looked at me with his cock between my tits and pulled me to his mouth. I climbed onto his lap with an embrace. Our lips met and then our tongues. I shifted in his lap then jumped in surprise when Sam's cock rubbed against my pussy lips. He apologized and started to move so his dick was not pressing against my pussy.

"Please don't move it," I said. "I was just surprised, it really feels good there."

My juices were flowing as I started to rock on Sam's cock. Sam's shaft pressed against the outside of my pussy lips. My head was spinning, again it was decision time. I pulled back from Sam and looked him in the eye.

"I think I'm ready."

"Let's go up to our bed and do it right," Sam said, as we got up off the couch.

I took Sam's hand and we headed upstairs. There was no turning back now. As we walked upstairs I tried to listen to see if I could hear what Bryan and Taylor were doing. I heard some noise but wasn't sure what it was.

Sam picked up on what I was trying to do.

"Yeah, they are fucking. That grunting is a sound that Taylor makes when she is fucking. You okay with that?"

"Yes, it makes this easier actually."

Sam guided me to the bed, moving right between my legs with his tongue. I jumped a little when his tongue met my pussy. My pussy was already very juicy so it didn't take Sam long to get me going.

I grabbed Sam's head and gently pulled him up to me. "I think I'm ready, I need to do this before I chicken out."

"As you wish, my princess."

Sam reached to the night stand, pulling out a condom. He held it up for me to see and I just nodded. Sam ripped open the condom and rolled it down his cock.

I lay back on the bed spreading my legs for Sam.

"Be gentle," I said, as I closed my eyes.

Sam kissed me then guided his condom-covered cock to my pussy. Sam started slowly pushing his dick against my pussy lips. After a number of pushes the head of his cock slipped inside me. 'Oh my god, it is so big,' I thought. Sam kept pumping and with each stroke his dick went a little farther inside me. The pressure kept building till his cock was all the way inside me.

"Please just hold it right there. I want to feel your cock all way inside me," I moaned.

I kissed Sam hard as he held his dick motionless inside my pussy. Sam then commenced slowly moving his dick. Very slightly at first but before long his pace had picked up and his cock was pumping in and out of me. It felt so good I couldn't help but moan in pleasure. I knew it wouldn't be long, and after about five minutes of Sam slowly pumping his cock into me, my body tightened up and my pussy muscles clamped down on Sam's cock.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming," I moaned loudly.

I grabbed Sam, holding him tight as I was cumming and cumming hard. As my orgasm subsided, I collapsed back on the bed, releasing Sam. He patiently waited for me to come down from my orgasm. I realized that Sam hadn't cum yet and I knew I wasn't ready to stop. I asked him if he wanted to change positions.

"I would love to fuck doggie, so I can play with those magnificent tits," Sam said

I was never a big fan of doggie. I have never wanted to be treated like a dog but I wanted to please Sam and I really wanted him to cum.

"Of course, my tits would love to be in your hands, especially while that thing is, well, you know where!" I said, pointing at his dick.

Sam just smiled then guided me to the edge of the bed where I got on my knees. He lined up behind me and shoved his cock inside me. As promised, his hands found my tits.

"Yeah, fuck me, Sam."

This was not the slow gentle fuck I got the first time. Sam was pounding my pussy and I loved it. I buried my head into the pillow to brace myself. I was starting to wonder how long he could go when I felt my own orgasm building. I'm usually good for one orgasm not two. Sam was pushing harder and grunting louder. I was cumming again as Sam grabbed my ass and pushed his dick in as far as he could. His loud grunt let me know he had just filled his condom. We both collapsed onto the bed.

Clapping erupted from behind us. It seemed that Taylor and Bryan were standing there, naked, watching us.

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