Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Things Just Got Better

My name is Melody, Mel to my friends. I'm twenty three, average height, build, etc. with long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm single but in a long term relationship with Phil, and the story begins when he and I were invited round for a few drinks with our closest friends, Lucy and Jack. The company was good, the conversation flowed and so did the wine, until towards the end of the evening we'd all drunk just a tiny drop more than we should have. You know what I mean, we weren't drunk, but we'd reach the stage where alcohol fumes are beginning to cloud common sense and relax inhibitions.

Somehow, whilst we were in that state, the conversation had turned to the differences in thought processes between men and women, and it was at that point that Lucy made the remark that started things off.

'What I don't understand.' She stated. 'Is why men always seem to be such bloody wankers?' She simply meant that she couldn't understand the male mind set, but it did leave her open to other interpretations.

'Hey, now steady on.' Phil exclaimed with a grin, deliberately taking her words at face value. 'You don't know what men do in private.'

'I can make a damn good guess.' She retorted in kind. 'And I do know that they spend a lot of time with the five fingered widow.'

'And women don't?' Jack interjected.

'No. Well... maybe sometimes. But nowhere near as much as men do.'

I listened quietly to all this, mainly because I masturbate regularly, sometimes with the help of one or maybe two of my little toys. Phil and I don't live together and so if truth be told I do it most evenings when I go to bed, unless he's there, of course.

'Yeah, only because their sex drive isn't as strong as a man's.' Phil came back at Lucy. 'Most women don't mind going without for a few days, but men have to empty their balls regularly.'

That wasn't quite how I saw it. Women have equally strong needs, they just cover them better. I just had to join in at that point. 'So Phil, are you saying that you toss yourself off every time we don't see each other?' I asked sweetly.

'Not every time. No. But I'll admit that I do it sometimes.' The guilty look on his face made me think that he meant most times rather than sometimes.

'I do it too.' I told him frankly. 'Perhaps we ought to do it together?' 

I was teasing to an extent, but I was also testing the water, steering the conversation gently in a direction that I wanted it to take. You see, I've always had a fantasy about being watched while I bring myself off, and I could sense vague possibilities here. Once or twice I'd started to play in Phil's presence, but he wouldn't let me carry on and he had always immediately turned it into full sex - much to my disappointment. Maybe he'd take a hint?

Lucy giggled suddenly. 'Do you mean you want you and Phil to do it to each other?' She asked.

'No. I mean do it to ourselves but whilst we're together, so we can watch each other.' I told her. 'I just want to watch Phil shoot his load, you know, be a real wanker for once.' In fact I wanted him to see me come just as much as I wanted to watch him.

Phil frowned at my remark, but Lucy laughed out loud. 'Well Phil, are you game? Don't tell me you wouldn't like to watch a woman bring herself off because I wouldn't believe you. So would you like it if you and Mel watched each other?'

'Of course I'd like to watch her. But if we're together it seems a waste of time, we would be better off having sex properly.' He answered in all seriousness, unaware of the inherent contradiction.

'You have no sense of adventure, Phil, that's your problem. I would have thought it would have been worth missing out on a shag just for once, if only for the experience.'

That was Jack. It seemed that the conversation was going just the way I wanted it without my help. With any luck I hoped that Phil would be cornered into watching me at some future time, but I really didn't expect the next twist in the conversation.

'You know what Jack. I've never seen you come by your own hand and I don't remember you ever watching me doing it either, so you're a good one to talk.' Lucy complained abruptly. 'So if you think it's worth doing for the experience, how about we do it in front of each other as well?'

'Oh, all right. We'll do it. I'll watch you and you can watch me, ok?' Jack threw up his hands in mock surrender.

'You're on, and I must admit I'm just in the mood tonight.' 

At least Lucy had got her way. But then she turned to Phil and I. 'What about you two, are you going to have a go as well?'

I couldn't have phrased it better myself. A sudden thought came to me that would make it even better than just having Phil watching me, and I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by. We were all a bit liberated from the effects of the wine and there wouldn't be a better chance.

'What, you mean all four of us do it together?' I gasped in mock surprise, deliberately misunderstanding. I could feel the adrenalin pumping as the words passed my lips.

Lucy giggled. 'Well, that wasn't quite what I meant.' She looked very thoughtful for the moment and then went on. 'But I'm game if everyone else is.'

'Yeah, why not? I'm up for it.' I jumped in, hoping I wasn't sowing trouble for later.

'So am I.' That announcement came from Jack. 'I don't often get the chance to see two women playing with themselves.'

'Yes, and please note. That's playing with themselves, not with each other, so don't get your hopes up.' Lucy put him straight.

'Damn.' Jack crashed one fist into the other palm in mock frustration, before turning to Phil. 'But what about you Phil, are you up for the challenge?'

I couldn't have got away with saying that, and I don't think Lucy could have either, because Phil can be a bit old school at times, but with the dare coming from a fellow male he could hardly back down. 

'Yes.' He said it a bit hesitantly. 'Yes, ok, I'm on.'

'Do we strip off?' Jack asked.

'Oh definitely.' Lucy answered without consulting anyone else. 'All the way.'

Phil had gone ominously quiet now and I just prayed he wouldn't chicken out. I was feeling so damn horny at the thought that I just knew that my thong would be soaking. 

'Are you okay about this Phil?' I asked him quietly. If he was going to back out I wanted it to be now, not after we'd started. 

'Yes, I think so.' He whispered, sounding hesitant. 'I just want to be sure you're not just going along with this because everyone else is. I don't want you to be pressured into anything you don't want to do.'

Bless him. I was pretty sure he was the one feeling pressured, but I was too fucking hot to care, and by putting the onus on me, he'd inadvertently committed himself. Silly man. 

'It's ok; I think I'm rather looking forward to it. I don't often get to see two randy men naked, and it isn't as if we're wife swapping, is it?'

'So long as you're sure.'

'I am if you are.' I smiled to let him know I meant it. 

'Ok. Then I am.' His cloudy expression turned sunny.

'So how far are we taking things?' I asked, looking round at Lucy, as if it was all her idea.

'Whatever we're comfortable with, I guess.'

From my point of view things were getting better and better. Not only was I going to be able to show off to two men and another woman, but I was also going to be able to watch them as they played. I was getting wetter by the minute.

I'm not quite sure who led the way, Lucy I think, but a few minutes later we were all in her bedroom taking off our clothes, us two women maybe a bit more enthusiastically than the men. Strange that, isn't it? Usually it's supposed to be the men raring to go. All bravado I guess. But in the end we were all stark naked and it was evident then from Phil's colossal hard-on that his libido approved even if his mind had harboured doubts.

Now I've always been jealous of Lucy because she's a fair bit taller than me. She's nearly six foot tall and towers over me by at least four or five inches, but she's also quite slim and I noticed with malicious satisfaction that her tits were tiny, the proverbial fried eggs, with correspondingly small rosy nipples, and not at all like my own fuller breasts and long dark nipples. I don't know why, but that knowledge made me feel a whole lot better about the entire thing. 

Lucy and I lay down side by side on the bed to get ready to start, only for her to jump up again suddenly. I looked at her in alarm, thinking that perhaps she'd had a sudden attack of cold feet, but that wasn't it at all.

'Swap over.' She said, and then went on after seeing my mystified look. 'You go this side of me because I'm left-handed, and then we won't get in each other's way.'

The light dawned and I understood what she meant. If I lay on her right then both our 'wanking hands' would be on the outside and not obstructing each other. We changed sides and laid ourselves down again, looked at each other and parted our legs ready to begin.

Jack and Phil promptly took their positions to either side of the bed. Nobody had arranged for them to stand there, it just seemed the obvious thing to do. They stood about level with their respective partner's knees and turned to look diagonally up the bed. I was only too aware that both Phil and Jack could now see my pussy, and I could almost feel myself lubricating again at the thought, although in a way I was strangely disappointed that Lucy couldn't see it too. Don't get me wrong, neither of us is into our own gender, but I wanted the biggest audience I could get. I couldn't see hers either, of course, but I could see two rock hard erections. Obviously looking at two naked women was having the right effect on the guys.

Lucy reached out between us and took hold of my free hand. 'Ready?' She asked.

I nodded. 'Willing and able.' I told her, squeezing her fingers as I reached down with my other hand and felt for my clitoris.

We all started off gradually and uncertainly, the two men stroking their shafts very hesitantly while Lucy and I both nervously played with ourselves. Our hearts were all going like crazy with excitement, but self-consciousness was making us feel a bit reticent and we were taking things very slowly. 

Even so, I was enjoying every second and I'm pretty sure that went for everyone else too, and it didn't take long before the gorgeous feeling of my fingers playing with my clit with the added thrill of having my friends around me began to have an effect. I lost any short-lived shyness and started to play properly, my fingertips strumming away at myself. The same thing seemed to be happening to everyone else too, because we all soon began to act much less inhibited, openly enjoying ourselves in full view of each other. It was a hell of a buzz and my eyes kept going from one person to the next, enjoying the excitement of watching and being watched.

Beside me Lucy was working away at herself and although I couldn't see her pussy I could see her knuckles moving as her fingers played with her button, making her breath faster and clutch at my hand. At the same time her husband, Jack, seemed more interested in looking at me than at his wife, but I suppose that was to be expected as he's never seen my pussy before. He was milking his cock with long deliberate strokes as he gazed openly between my legs, making me feel all the more excited and getting me wetter than ever.

Strangely, Phil had his eyes closed as he wanked himself with hard fast strokes, his mouth slightly open and his tongue flicking out and around his lips. I recognised the signs and knew that he was well away, even if it seemed he didn't want to see two naked pussies. 

I like to play with my tits while I bring myself off, so as soon as I felt the first signs that I might get to orgasm I disentangled my fingers from Lucy's and began to maul my own breast, squeezing and tugging hard at my very sensitive nipple. For some reason I like the discomfort this causes, perhaps it's the contrast with the intense pleasure I feel between my legs, I just don't know why but I know it works for me.

Lucy seemed as though she needed some physical contact between us, not in a sexual way, but just to know someone was there, I think. Anyway, as soon as I worked my hand free of hers she reached out, fumbling to find contact with me again and ending with her hand resting just below my hip, right at the very top of my thigh. I didn't mind, in fact it felt quite nice because I could feel the movements of her body coming through to me as she masturbated, and I could tell that she was getting quite carried away, though I did wonder irrelevantly if it constituted 'touching each other'. Not that I cared very much.

We had all begun in total silence, but it didn't take long before we were all making little randy noises. I know I was letting out little groans as each wave of pleasure went through me and I could hear both men start gasping and grunting as they played. As with the rest of us Lucy began completely silently, but she quickly started to make tiny whimpering noises, and soon they were interspersed with sibilant 'yeses' each time her actions made her hips jerk involuntarily. She, like all of us, was enjoying this more than we thought we would, and I was triumphantly saying a silent 'told you so' to them all.

It was Lucy who came first, closely followed by both men. I could see her knuckles moving faster and faster and the fingers of her other hand gripped the top of my thigh as she got closer. Then her pelvis lifted from the bed, her nails bit into my flesh and she moaned deep within her throat before collapsing back, panting and trembling.

That was enough for both men, and they came almost simultaneously, leaning forward red faced and grimacing to point their cocks at Lucy and me lying beneath them. Jack groaned and shot his load first, but only just first. The initial huge spurt landing all across his wife's little breasts and trailing over her upper arm and neck, with some of it even landing on my arm as I played with myself alongside her. But then, even as I felt the thrill of my friend's husband's spunk landing on my skin, Phil grunted and released his own fountain spraying it over my belly and across my left breast. It was lovely to feel his warm creamy cum landing all over me, and knowing at the same time that other people were present. 

For the next half minute or so the two men ejaculated unevenly over both Lucy and me, coating us both with blobs and splashes of their lovely cum, hardly caring which of us it fell upon. Some of mine, I know, came from Jack, because I watched it arc from his cock to spatter over my nipple, but I think most of it that I received was actually Phil's. Whoever it came from I didn't care, because all the time I was busy rubbing my clitoris and getting closer and closer to an almighty orgasm.

I was now the only one of us who hadn't come, and I must admit I was in no hurry. All their eyes were now on me, watching as I pulled and squeezed my breast and played with my clitoris, my legs fully open to their gaze. I was tempted to plunge my fingers deep up into my pussy but I resisted, especially when Lucy sat up to get a better view, knowing how much more of my pussy was visible with my fingers just playing at the top and not covering a half of my slit to reach my hole. It was the showing off that counted for me, having other people watching me at this very erotic and intimate moment really got me going. I absolutely loved it, seeing Jack and Phil just staring at my fingertips rubbing frantically at my clit, and seeing Lucy lick a little blob of cum from her lips as she looked at what I was doing both added to my stimulation

My orgasm, when it came, was gigantic, totally living up to all my fantasies of exhibiting myself to other people gaze. I felt this gorgeous heat inside me, a sensation that grew and grew in intensity until it erupted all the way through me, sending waves of pure enjoyment racing out from my pelvis to every extremity of my being. I grabbed at my nipple, twisting and squeezing it as I arched my back and cried out, groaning and gasping with pleasure. I knew my bottom was rising and falling, pounding the bed as I came, and I could feel one of Lucy's hands still trying to take hold of my thigh again through it all, a fact that somehow delighted me, knowing that she was trying to share in my pleasure.

When it was over and when my body had stopped jumping and jerking from its influence I subsided onto the bed, a shaking, quivering, gasping heap, covered in sweat and glowing red from my exertions. I was a wreck, and certainly not the alluring erotic woman that I wanted to be seen as. But by then I was too spent to care. I just looked back at the three faces gazing at me and smiled inside.

For a few seconds we all just stayed in tableau, none of us sure what to do next, but then Lucy surprised us all by reaching her finger across to wipe a little blob of cum from my stomach and put it to her mouth. 

'Well.' She explained in answer to our astonished looks. 'I think that one was Jack's, so it belonged to me anyway.'

Impulsively I did the same thing, rubbing my fingertip across her breast to collect a little runnel of cum that was sliding down her miniature curves. I didn't know or care whose it was, but it tasted nice.

Lucy flashed an encouraging smile, but diplomatically stopped things from going any further. 'I think we'd better get showered before we get ourselves into trouble.'

In hindsight I was glad she did, because otherwise we might easily have unintentionally given each other, and the men, all the wrong signals. Jack was already going along that route.

'Just when I thought things might get interesting.' He remarked, grinning.

'Dream on, boy.' Lucy told him. 'We aren't about to put on a show for you two. But that doesn't mean we're finished with you either.'

Lucy has a wet room rather than a shower cubicle, so we showered together, and yes, we soaped each other up and rinsed away our partners' cum from each other. But it was as friends, intimate friends I suppose, but not anything else. We're both straight.

While we were towelling each other down Lucy asked me if I was still hot. 'I'm still as randy as hell.' She said. 'What about you?'

I had to answer honestly. 'Me too. I could do with a bloody good shag right now.'

'That's what I hoped you'd say, I could too. Do you think we can get the guys to help us out?'

My heart began to hammer again. What Lucy was suggesting was watching each other have sex, and that was the ultimate for me, if the boys were up for it - in both senses of the word!

'They might need a little encouragement.' I replied after a moment or two, my mouth suddenly dry. 'I'm not sure they'd be up to it for a little while, anyway.'

'Ah.' She said, smiling sexily. 'But that's where we can help them out.'

When we got back into the bedroom the men were sitting on the bed looking serious. They were still naked, and I took that as a good sign, but they'd obviously been talking too.

'How do you feel about what just happened?' Jack looked from Lucy to me and back again and waited for us to answer. I tried to read his opinion from the tone of his voice, but he had carefully kept it neutral. He wanted us to commit ourselves first. Fortunately Lucy had the nerve to tell him, as always.

'I'll tell you what I think.' She stated bluntly. 'I think it was a bloody good start to a bloody good evening.' In one sentence she had quashed the possibility of guilt from our actions and set the scene for things to continue. Three cheers for Lucy, I would never have been able to put it so succinctly.

'It's just that we were a bit worried.' Phil explained sounding both relieved and anxious at the same time.

'Yes, but a start to the evening?' Jack asked, also sounding relieved. 'What were you thinking of for the rest?' There was a teasing note in his voice as well; he was clearly up for more.

'Sit properly and you'll find out.' Lucy told him, pointing to the edge of the bed.

It must be said that Jack moved with a little more enthusiasm than Phil, but very quickly they were sitting side by side on the bed, and I wondered where Lucy was taking us now.

'I think they're in need of a little oral resuscitation.' She pointed at their still flaccid cocks. 'Which one would you like?'

I stared at her in amazement. I knew what she meant, but she really was taking things a bit far and a bit quickly. I liked the idea of reviving each other's partners, in fact I loved the idea, so I knew which one I'd choose, but I wasn't sure how they'd feel about it. I could already see Phil looking maybe interested but fidgeting uneasily, wondering perhaps how I would react.

'You choose.' I hedged.

She promptly moved forward and knelt in front of Phil. 'Let's explore new territory.' She giggled. 

The two men glanced at each other and I could almost see them mentally shrugging their shoulders, why not? I looked at Phil, just to be sure and then, when I could see no objection forthcoming, I knelt in front of Jack, pushing his knees apart to get close enough.

'Ready?' I asked. I was looking across at Lucy, but my question was really aimed at everyone, a last chance to back out. 

Nobody spoke. We all looked at each other in anticipation and then Lucy made the move, pushing Phil backwards to lay flat across the bed and then reaching out for his cock and guiding it to her mouth. I smiled at the momentary look of panic on his face that rapidly gave way to pleasure, and then I did the same with Jack.

It had been a long time since I had gone down on a cock other than Phil's, and it did seem strange at first, perhaps because Phil was watching and perhaps because Jack was circumcised. But it didn't actually matter, I was sucking cock to an audience and that was the turn on.

I quite like sucking a spent cock back to life and I set to work on Jack with perhaps more enthusiasm than I ought to, but his soft little thing seemed to suit my mouth so well. I heard him murmur something, but it clearly wasn't a complaint about who was doing it because he made absolutely no attempt to stop me. I guess he liked having my lips closed behind the head of his flaccid weapon and my tongue swirling around it, trying to bring it back to life. I risked a glance across to see how Lucy was doing.

I couldn't see exactly what she was doing to my partner, because she had the whole length of his cock in her mouth, but there was a look of delighted satisfaction on his face. I don't think either man had ever thought, even in his wildest dreams, that we would be swapping partners like this, even if it was only to prepare them for each other.

Soon Jack's cock began to fill and lengthen, becoming firmer and warmer until I was able to slide my mouth up and down his shaft, my hand around it moving in opposition to my mouth and bringing him to full arousal. A quick look sideways showed Lucy doing just the same to Phil, his cock now too big to fit completely in her mouth. We exchanged a quick smile and a wink as a sign of success.

'Keep going much longer and I'll come in your mouth.' Phil suddenly warned Lucy. 

She stopped and pulled her mouth away. 'Just when I was enjoying myself.' She announced with a chuckle.

I released Jack's cock, now long and hard and shining with my saliva. 'Looks like it's time to swap back.' I told her, gazing at two very erect cocks.

'Do you really want to?' She asked abruptly. 'I think I fancy the one I've got.'

There was absolute stunned silence.

She waited a minute or so and then went on. 'Okay, let's put it to a vote. Shall we stay as we are? Hands up anybody who doesn't fancy a different partner just for once.'

Put like that to four exceptionally horny people and it would have taken a very strong will to raise a hand. Nobody did, although Phil looked at me curiously, seeking my agreement. I nodded and smiled just as before, and just as before a look of satisfaction spread across his face. He was as ready as I was. 

My lips were dry and my heart was thumping with sudden excitement at the prospect of illicit sex. I can't say for the rest, but I was surprised how easily we'd agreed to have sex with each other's partners. No wonder wife swapping is so popular.

Almost together Lucy and I climbed onto the bed and straddled our new partners as they sprawled across it with their feet on the floor still. We looked at each other for reassurance and then, feeling for two rock hard cocks, we lowered ourselves down. I will remember till the day I die the feel of Jack's cock entering me and the look of pure contentment on Lucy's face as Phil's went up inside her. I'd known that she kind of fancied Phil, and there it was for all to see. I didn't mind, I'd always quite liked Jack too, and the two guys didn't seem to have a problem either.

I took my eyes from Phil and Lucy and looked down at Jack, laying there beneath me with a dreamy smile on his face, before starting to ride him, hesitantly at first but then with increasing eagerness as I got used to the idea. I'd never cheated on Phil before, but then this wasn't cheating was it? Not with him beside me giving his unspoken consent by fucking Lucy. But it still took a bit of getting my head around and so I pushed it to the back of my mind and concentrated on enjoying Jack.

I was so randy that my pussy was soaking, so much so that I could hear wet noises as his cock slid so easily in and out of me, and that just made me all the hotter. I don't think he was any bigger than Phil, but because of my position on top he just seemed to fill me up more. It was wonderful, and soon I was riding him flat out, bouncing on his cock as if I was on springs. I could hear myself gasping with pleasure each time I slid down his shaft, especially when his push upwards rammed him into me even harder. The dual effect of our joint thrusts multiplying the sensations and making us both vocalise our enjoyment.

But as we got more and more carried away we found ourselves getting out of step, his thrusts up into me no longer corresponding to my downward plunges until sometimes we were both going up at the same time and cancelling each other out. Eventually out of pure frustration he reached up and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down on top of him and holding me still while he fucked me from below. Now I was crouching over him with my head pressed against his shoulder, just holding still and receiving short hard stabbing thrusts into my pussy, but with the added bonus that my face was turned to the side and I could watch Lucy riding Phil.

Lucy was still upright, her hands over her tiny breasts as she went up and down his shaft. From my new angle I could see between her legs and see Phil's cock disappearing inside her. I couldn't see him actually entering her, but it didn't matter, what I could see looked fabulous.

'Look at us.' I gasped out, wanting Lucy to see Jack fucking me. 

Her head swung round and she stared at us, giving me a real buzz of excitement. But then she leaned back as she knelt over Phil, peering around my bottom to see Jack's cock actually going inside me. 

'Lovely.' She gasped, smiling broadly as she watched.

For a few minutes we watched each other in silence apart from the little random gasps and groans of four people enjoying wonderful sex, but then suddenly Lucy declared her climax.

'I'm coming.' She announced, her face furrowing with concentration.

She raised herself almost clear of Phil's cock and then pushed herself down hard onto him, groaning deep in her throat as her instincts took over, her fingers digging into her breasts and her pelvis squirming as she rubbed her pussy against Phil's pubes with his cock deep inside her. It looked fantastic, even more so when she finished and just slumped down, spent, trembling and gasping for breath, while still sitting on Phil's cock. His cock does feel good, and it was nice to know that someone else thought so too.

Not that Jack didn't feel good too. He was thrusting it up into me as hard as he could, and it was having the right effect. It wouldn't be long before I followed Lucy and came. His arms were around me as tight as possible, making it so that I couldn't move; all I could do was crouch over him and let him have me. I love it like that. The position doesn't matter, I absolutely love being held and used by a cock that's just relentlessly pounding my pussy. 

Beside me Lucy had bent over Phil now in a similar position and we could look at each other as we were being fucked. Her face had that beautiful satisfied expression that follows a climax, even though she was still letting Phil fuck her as hard as before. I looked across and smiled happily, feeling even happier when she smiled back. We were breaking all the rules and nobody minded.

I could feel my orgasm growing. Once again the sensations were increasing, building and building inside me, ready to burst and fill me with those wonderful, toe-curling feelings of a climax. When it happened I felt every nerve in my body go into overdrive, every muscle go tense, so that the noises I couldn't help making came out as strangled animal noises that made Lucy stare and then giggle. I didn't mind, I was having the most powerful orgasm of my life, and that following an earlier almost equally powerful one. The evening just got better and better.

When it was finished I still couldn't move. My legs were trembling, my chest was heaving and my heart was hammering its way out of my chest, but Jack's arms still held me tight and his cock still pounded into me from below. Lucy and I were in the same boat now, we'd both come but we were waiting for our men to finish. Not that either of us was complaining, it was too bloody nice for that.

Suddenly I felt Jack's arm's tightening further and his fingers digging into my skin. His breathing was getting harsh and his thrusts erratic. He was on the verge of coming, and I was on the verge of getting a pussy full of Lucy's partner's cum. I looked at her to see if she had noticed, but she was busy holding herself steady because Phil was close too and was in danger of literally pushing Lucy off of his cock. She sat up and pushed herself down onto him in order to keep him inside her, at the same time giving me a quick look of pure delight.

Phil and Jack came almost simultaneously, Jack ramming himself up into me and holding himself deep all the time his cock twitched and jerked, pumping spurt after spurt of his lovely cum deep inside me. At the same time, Phil was groaning loudly, his eyes squeezed shut as he flooded Lucy's pussy. What wonderful way to end a wonderful evening - well, nearly end anyway.

When Jack had finished and released his hold on me I climbed off and sat beside him, for some reason holding his hand like a teenager. Lucy did the same, except for the hand bit, and all four of us sat naked and sweating on the edge of Lucy's bed, wondering what to say. Then, as usual, it was Lucy who took the bull by the horns.

'Right.' She said. 'Does anybody have a problem with what we just did?'

She waited a few minutes and then, when nobody had said anything, she went on. 'Because if anyone regrets it, now's the time to say.'

Again, nobody spoke.

'Then we'll be doing it again, won't we?'

This time there was a bit of fidgeting from both men, but again nothing was said, and I didn't speak either. I just wasn't sure what to say. Yes, I'd enjoyed it, and yes I'd like us to share again, but to actually come out and say so. Now that was difficult. I was more into exhibitionism than simple swapping. 

'Well, won't we?' Lucy insisted.

'Err, yes.' Phil finally answered, looking round. 'I hope so.'

Lucy looked directly at me for my opinion, and I had a method, I thought, of getting brownie points and getting my way at the same time. 'I want to as well, but only if we always do it together, then we'll know we're not cheating.'

'Yes, I'll go with that.' Jack entered into the discussion. 'That was the only thing that worried me, that we might start doing it behind each other's backs.'

The nods showed that everyone agreed and we've met several times in Lucy's bedroom since, and we will do again. Two couples have become a foursome, and things have just got better.

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