Wednesday, 20 September 2017


One night Derek admitted that his biggest fantasy was to see me having sex with another man. Just the thought, he said, of seeing me with someone else's cock up me was enough to make him as hard as a rock. He didn't know why, but it just did, and he wondered, rather tentatively, if I would ever consider making it happen. 

At the time I was shocked and more than a little angry that my own husband could even think of such a thing, but alone at home the next day I began to think about it, and then fantasize about it, and finally to masturbate about it, until by the time he came home from work I'd decided that, under certain circumstances, I'd not only let it happen, but I'd like it to happen too. Over dinner I began to outline those circumstances to him.

'It's simple.' I told him when he looked at me in astonishment. 'I can't just go out and find a man, take him to bed and invite you to watch, I'd feel wrong doing that because just looking for someone would feel like cheating. But there is a way it could happen.'

'How?' He asked, intrigued.

'If you find someone for me, invite him here and then give me to him, actually making me his for the evening and telling him I'm his to do with as he wishes.'

I'd thought it over and it seemed to me that if he chose me a partner and I was given to that partner, then anything done to or by me in my husband's presence could hardly be construed as cheating, and that's what had bothered me. It might make me something of a slut, but it wouldn't make me a cheat, would it?

He thought about it for a minute or so. 'But how will I know who you might fancy?'

I shook my head. 'Doesn't matter. It would be your choice, anyone, any age, any colour. You can give me to anyone you like and I'll have to let him have me.'

'And you wouldn't mind who?' He asked incredulously. 

'No, anybody you like, and I'll do whatever you like with him, okay?'

To be truthful, the more I talked about it, the more aroused it made me and the more I was sure that I could do it. I'm not a submissive, but the thought of not having any choice was becoming quite a turn on.

'I'm going to have to think about this one, Kath.' He told me after a rather long pause. 'Leave it with me.'

His voice carried the expected note of reluctance, but I could see the gleam of lust in his eye and the bulge in the front of his jeans, both of which told me that the scenario hit the spot with him.

Even so, a couple of weeks went past before he said anything else and by then I'd come to the conclusion that he'd backed away from the idea, until one evening he came home and asked me to sit down.

'You remember what we were talking about before? You know, about you and another guy?'

I took a sharp inward gasp and nodded uneasily, wondering if, for all that it had been his fantasy, my agreement had spoiled things between us. 

'I've found someone for you, if you're still up for it?'

I sighed silently with relief. I was definitely up for it, my pussy was melting at the very thought, but I took a deep breath to give myself time to summon up the courage before answering.

'I think so.' I told him trying not to sound too eager. 'If you are?'

'Good.' He sounded relieved, as if he too feared I'd changed my mind, both of us worried about each other's reactions. 'He's coming over Saturday evening. His name is....'

'No!' I cut him off. 'Don't tell me anything about him, let it be a surprise.'

I wanted a few days to wonder, a few days to feel anxious and, more than anything, a few days to fantasize.

'I will tell you one thing about him though.' He raised a hand to cut off my protests and went on. 'I'm told he's very well equipped, bigger than me.'

Now I wanted a few days to mentally prepare myself too, because Derek is not small in that department either, and if this man is larger - then, oh boy! 

By the time Saturday came I was a bag of nerves. I wanted it, but I was scared that I wouldn't be able to go through with it, or if I did that I wouldn't enjoy it, that Derek would back out, that the man would be repulsive, that he'd want disgusting things, and that I wouldn't be able to satisfy him. Then I did everything I could think of to make myself attractive and sexy, even down to shaving my pussy, figuring that I was more likely to enjoy it, and to do Derek proud, if the man found me attractive. 

That done I sat and read a book, got up and paced about, watched a little television, paced about, listened to music, paced about, stared at the clock, paced about, and generally reduced myself to a nervous wreck until finally I heard Derek's key in the door and his voice inviting someone in.

'Hi Kath, this is Sam.'

Sam turned out to be a white man in his early forties, ten years or so older than either me or Derek, tall, fairly heavily built, with short blond hair and a reddish complexion, his otherwise plain face offset by amazing pale blue eyes. 

'Hi Sam.' I tried to smile a welcome, but I know my nerves made it appear crooked.

'Hello.' Sam hardly looked at me as he spoke and I could see that he too was nervous, although probably not as nervous as I was. But then to meet someone for the first time with the preordained intention of having sex with them, and with their husband watching, must have been a little daunting for him too I suppose.

Derek seemed not to notice our nerves, or if he did he figured that pressing on would be the best way to overcome them, for he started to explain what he expected to happen.

'Sam, I'm giving Kath to you for the evening, on condition that I'm there to watch. I want to see you fuck her bareback, and I want to see her cunt afterwards leaking your spunk. So don't hold back, shoot your load right up her.'

I sat there open mouthed for a moment at the coarseness of his words. He never normally spoke of 'fucking' or of my 'cunt', but for some reason it seemed right in the circumstances and I felt a shudder of lust run all the way through me. My nerves disappeared and all I wanted was to feel Sam do exactly as Derek wanted. I was suddenly as ready as I'd ever be and my 'cunt' unexpectedly ached to be filled.

It seemed as though Derek's words had worked on Sam too, because now he looked straight at me.

'Are you okay with this?' He asked. 'Not going to cause any marital problems am I?'

'No problems at all,' I assured him. 'We both want it.'

Sam nodded his satisfaction and turned to Derek. 'So how do you want things to start?'

Instead of replying to Sam Derek directed his answer at me. 'Perhaps you'd better show him what he's getting.' He said, indicating with his hand that I should take my clothes off.

That was when things really kicked in for me, twin jolts of desire and fear shot through me simultaneously, making me absolutely need to do as I was told and yet utterly scared to do so at the same time. I climbed to my feet and then just stood there like a statue until I saw a frown of impatience cross Derek's face and then, with trembling fingers, I began to fumble at my clothing. It wasn't that I was backing out, it was just that I needed to know that Sam wanted what I had to offer and I was worried that he'd reject me.

As I undressed my eyes went from one man to the other, looking for their reaction and, if truth be told, for their different approvals. Sam was looking straight at me, his eyes following my hands as I removed one piece of clothing after another, but Derek sat with his intent gaze going from my face to Sam's and then to whichever part of my body was being exposed next. By the time I was down to my panties their stares had my heart hammering and my breath coming quicker. My near nudity, the look of lust in Sam's eyes and especially the pride on my husband's face, were all adding to my confidence. God, I felt so good and so hot, and my arousal was mounting rapidly.

Now I felt secure enough to want to put on a bit of a show and so I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and then, looking directly at my audience, I shimmied out of them, finishing by holding them between finger and thumb as I straightened and dropping them seductively at Sam's feet. Then I simply stood there with my arms away from my body and my feet a little way apart, and let the two men look at me naked, knowing that they couldn't see what I could feel - a dry mouth and a wet pussy.

Derek had seen me shaved before, it's not usual for me but I do like to be smooth sometimes, but I could tell that it wasn't something Sam was used to, because he openly gaped at my shaven pubes with a look of delighted amazement. I smiled, happy to have taken him by surprise and to have met with his obvious approval.

'Well?' Derek asked Sam. 'Is she what you expected?'

'Oh yes, and more!' Sam replied, his eyes bright and his smile wide. 

'Go upstairs then Kath.' He said to me. 'And get on the bed ready. I think you're about to get laid.'

I felt my eyes close momentarily from the flash of pure desire that I felt, but then I turned and went out, almost feeling their hungry eyes on my bare skin as I headed for the stairs and the bedroom, trying to keep the look of excitement from my face. I wasn't anxious anymore, I was just plain horny thinking about the giant cock that Sam was supposed to have.

I lay on the bed expectantly for what seemed like hours, wondering if one or the other of them had decided against it. Time seemed to have stopped as I lay there, and I almost got up and went back down to find out what had happened before I finally heard them coming up the stairs. I found out later that they had deliberately kept me waiting to enhance my anticipation. It certainly worked, because by the time Derek pushed open the bedroom door and ushered Sam in before him I was a feeling nervous wreck, so frustrated that I had to stop my hands from wandering between my legs. 

'There she is, ready and waiting for you.' Derek told Sam, one hand gesturing at me before addressing me directly. 'Open your legs, Kath. Show him your wares.'

I did it as sexily as I could, spreading my legs wide and then bending my knees so that I was showing them both every little bit of me, my eyes holding their gaze so that neither could just gaze at my pussy until I glanced down, indicating with my eyes for them to look at me. Then I used two fingers of my right hand to spread my pussy, using them like a fork to push my labia open, knowing that my husband and a stranger were both staring at my most intimate parts. For a minute or so I held that pose, looking at each of them in turn, seeing them with their eyes pinned to my pussy, unable to look away. Then I let my fingers drift together until they closed over my clitoris and I could begin to gently rub myself, masturbating in front of them, doing something even Derek had never witnessed before. 

Derek pulled up a bedroom chair and sat level with the bottom corner of the bed where he watched me hungrily for a minute or so more before tearing himself away and turning to Sam. 'Go on, fuck her before she does it all herself.'

Still watching me, Sam began to take his clothes off, his shirt buttons popping open under clumsy fingers. I just gently played and watched, waiting for the moment when I would first see the cock that Derek had arranged for me. It wasn't long before Sam was pushing his boxers down and his weapon sprang into view - and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was big, long and thick, but not as gigantic as I had feared, maybe a good inch or so longer than Derek's and proportionately wider. I don't know how big it was in actual inches, and I don't care. All that interested me was would it fill me and could I take it, and the answer to both was a definite yes.

When Sam was naked I stopped playing and took my hand away, lying back with my legs still spread and my arms wide in an attitude of surrender, just waiting for him to take me. I looked at my husband to make sure he still approved, but his eyes were constantly on Sam's cock as he clambered onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs. Derek's hand was at his crotch, gripping himself through his clothes and waiting impatiently for Sam to enter me.

I was still staring at Derek's face when I felt the tip of Sam's cock touch my pussy, apparently there was to be no foreplay, no kissing, no caressing, just plain and simple intercourse. But I didn't mind, foreplay was for Derek and I, a good fucking was for me and the man Derek had chosen to give me to.

I felt Sam's fingers fumbling around my entrance as he guided his cock into me, not that he needed to have worried, for all that he needed to do was to follow the little rivulet of wetness that I was sure was trickling from my hole. His finger found me and slid inside, letting his cock follow along that guiding finger until the head was past my opening before he moved, grunting quietly as he adjusted his position on top of me with his cock just inside. He looked down at me and then thrust hard, pushing his entire length deep into me in one swift and powerful movement and making me gasp with surprised pleasure. He filled me and stretched me beautifully, just to the point where any more would have been uncomfortable. It was wonderful.

Hearing my gasp Derek glanced quickly at my face and, seeing no pain in my expression but only enjoyment, he smiled hurriedly and looked back at my pussy, seeing it filled by another man's cock for the first time. 

I put my arms around Sam's back while he hooked his hands under my arms to grip my shoulders from below and hold me still, withdrawing and thrusting, each thrust jolting me as he plunged into my pussy, my very wet and welcoming pussy. 

I saw Derek lean over, going out of sight behind Sam's shoulder as he moved to get a better view of my adultery. I was very aware that I wasn't supposed to have any man other than Derek doing this to me, but the forbidden nature of my actions was mitigated by Derek's enthusiastic consent and instead of putting me off, it simply made me feel hotter than ever. I was being fucked by a stranger with my husband watching, and I felt sexier than I had ever felt. 

Sam was a vigorous but unsophisticated lover, he thrust hard and quickly, grunting each time his cock slammed into me, but that was what I needed and very soon I felt an orgasm building.

'I'm going to come.' I announced, wanting Derek to know that the man he had picked for me was working his magic. 'I'm going to come soon.'

I could have added that I was going to come hard as well, for my orgasm hit me like a brick, intense pleasure waves rolling heavily through me, making my toes curl, my fingers dig into Sam's back and my entire body jerk and shudder uncontrollably. I cried out unintelligible sounds, not stifling them as I often did but purposely letting everyone know that I was coming. 

Through it all Sam kept up his inexorable thrusts, driving himself into me time after solid time. Even after my climax had waned and I collapsed back into a shaking heap he still kept up his metronomic fucking, grunting and pushing as I lay gasping beneath him. I didn't mind, I knew that my sudden orgasm had just been the first inevitable reaction to a different, larger, cock, and that I had more to come. I felt I could let him fuck me for hours.

Of course, that's not what happened, for it seemed that no sooner had I got my breath back and begun once more to respond to Sam than his movements started to become erratic and uncoordinated and his grunts became gasps and moans. He was on the verge of coming and I was about to receive another man's load. Just the thought of having him come inside me was beautifully arousing and I pulled my legs right back so that he could thrust deeper and deposit his cream as high in my body as possible. I was a receptacle just waiting to be filled.

And I didn't have long to wait. Suddenly he grabbed at my shoulders, gripping them hard from below with his fingers, and at the same time he pushed himself forward, ramming his cock into me, grinding and forcing it deeper before I felt it begin to twitch and jerk. I looked across at Derek, but although his face was hidden from my view by Sam's shoulder I could tell by his posture that he was staring intently at my pussy even as it was being filled with Sam's cream. I just knew that the sight was turning him on, fulfilling his fantasy of watching his wife with someone else. I couldn't help but smile at the thought that he was probably enjoying this fuck as much as the two people doing it.

Just as that thought passed through my mind Sam groaned long and low, pushing himself even deeper, and then slumped on top of me, a spent and useless dead weight having emptied himself into my pussy. I held him tight for a minute as a thank you and then released him so that he could pull out of me and remove his weight. In fact he didn't need to pull out, for as soon as he moved at all his rapidly subsiding cock slipped from my saturated hole to lie wet and slippery against my leg.

Almost immediately Derek came back into view, climbing to his feet and tearing at his clothing, pulling his shirt over his head in his haste to undress. I looked at him in surprise before I suddenly realised that he had been so aroused by what he had seen that he too intended to fuck me. I was going to have two men in one evening!

At first Sam hadn't noticed and was still lying on top of me, gasping breathlessly into my ear, but then he must have caught sight of Derek from the corner of his eye and he looked up questioningly.

'Move over mate.' Derek told him. 'My turn, remember?'

That was when I understood that it had been arranged all along that Sam would take me first and then my husband would follow, fucking my cum filled pussy to add spice to his fantasy. Sam rolled away, squashing my leg as he passed over it, and Derek scrambled to take his place, shuffling into place between my thighs and reaching down to guide himself into me.

'God, you're wet.' He whispered in my ear, his voice thick and tight from his arousal. 'It's all spunk, isn't it?'

I nodded even though some of it was my own juices and then, realising that he couldn't see my nod, I whispered back. 'Yes, I'm full of Sam's cum. I've been well fucked and well filled, lovely isn't it?'

I had kind of guessed what he would like to hear, and I was right, because he groaned and pushed his cock all the way into me. It was, I could tell, rock hard at the thought of being inside his wife's well fucked pussy.

'Did you enjoy it?' He asked. 'Did you like being fucked by another man?'

'It was divine.' I answered. 'His cock is really big and it was really hard, just like yours is now.'

'Did you like me watching?' he asked, beginning to thrust faster into me.

'I loved it. Could you see it all?'

'I could see everything.' He whispered, his thrusts becoming more forceful, making squelching noises inside my soaking passage. 'I could see your hole stretched wide around him, and his cock gleaming wet with your juices when it went in and out.'

'And now your cock is where his was, getting covered in his cum.'

He groaned at the thought and thrust hard inside me, his cock convulsing as he pushed it home and shot his load in with Sam's. The sensation did it for me too, and I came, my pussy spasming around his cock, my hands gripping my husband as tightly as I had my appointed lover just that short time before. Wave after wave of sensations ran through me and I cried and gasped every time, loving my second orgasm of the session, each one down to a different man. Several times Derek pulled back, groaned, and thrust in again, each time spraying his own cream into me, and then he too gasped and collapsed on me, panting for breath and trembling with exhausted excitement.

'That was bloody fantastic.' He gasped after a minute or so. 'I've never had a woman who's just been fucked before.'

He lay on top of me for what seemed like ages, his cock softening and slipping from me just as Sam's had, until eventually he raised himself on his elbows and looked into my eyes. 

'I loved seeing you get fucked.'

'Did you darling?' I asked. 'Would you like to see it again?'

'I'd love to, anytime we can make it happen.'

'Then you can give me to anyone you like, anytime you like. I'll do anything with anybody.' I said it because I meant it. Having Derek watch me with Sam had been the biggest thrill of my life and I was pretty sure it had been Derek's too. Maybe Sam would call again next week. I'd forgotten all about him while Derek and I were fucking, and now I looked around to ask him if he would come back and do it again, but his clothes were gone and so was he. He must have dressed quietly and left while we were busy, and I'd never heard a thing.

'Sam's gone!' I exclaimed.

'Yes, that's what we arranged.' Derek smiled. 'We both figured it would be less awkward if he went while I was taking my turn.'

He rolled to one side and gazed down at me. 'Anyway, if we do do it again, I think I'd like it to be a different man each time, wouldn't you?'

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