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Housewives Club

Alice and David were married for almost 13 years now. College sweethearts, turned married couple when they were 23 (David) and 21 (Alice). The initial excitement of love, idealism, and adventure met reality within two years after their son - Mark - was born. David concentrated on bringing the bacon home and keeping the house lights on. Alice stayed at home to attend to their growing son. Through young Mark's elementary school, Alice was an active PTA contributor. David began to travel often for work, sometimes away for weeks.

Mark entry into middle school gave Alice a breather. She reflected on her life with David often. David seemed preoccupied all the time. The initial passion and lust began to wane. Alice felt under appreciated. On numerous occasions, her attempts to keep the passion, love, and adventure going, resulted in either being ridiculed and ignored. She struggled hard to come to terms with her situation. She needed something to change. She discussed this often with David which resulted in either fighting on his insensitivity to her needs, or him suggesting that she find herself a job.

After serious consideration. Alice reached out to her best friend from college, Lisa, who was a marketing lead promoting clothing line for a local chain. Lisa was only too eager to help. She had few temporary positions open to help with the seasonal demand, and she felt Alice the ideal hire. Alice would have the flexibility and work part time if needed, to enable her to balance her family life and work. Alice was excited. David was indifferent. He made sure he laid the rule that family comes first. She hated him for his dominance and control, just because theirs was a single income family and it depended on his employment. Alice was not paid much, but she appreciated the break she received. She was just happy to get away from being house arrested.

Lisa enjoyed Alice's company. They worked together closely. For Alice, she felt younger again. Lisa was not married and she had time to explore activities that Alice could only dream about. She was always on the go. Alice had to return to her family in time to attend to Mark. The commitments she made to David and Mark, and to her family were time consuming. She wanted more. Feeling underappreciated, she wanted liberation. Lisa sensed her frustration, depression, and low self-confidence. She hesitated to help as it may have deemed interfering in Alice's personal life. Soon, Alice began to envy Lisa. She wanted to be in her company more often and share her adventures vicariously. She joined her for lunch frequently, and at times worked with her at her house on weekend mornings when David and Mark spent time together. 

On one such morning, at Lisa's place Alice held on to her coffee cup. David and she had a showdown on a trivial issue related to Mark's care. She was consumed with anger and frustration with the inability to find a way out. Lisa could not help self, she enquired.

"Everything alright. You don't seem to be yourself these days." 

Alice did not respond immediately. Lisa persisted, "Sharing is caring. I love to help."

Embarrassed and with reluctance she blurted, "Lisa, I want to live your life. You have so much going for you. Your flexible time, your adventures, pursuits, and your freedom to do anything you want."

Lisa was a bit taken aback without burst.

"Well. Thank you for the appreciation of my life. I always envied you for what you have."

Alice shared her sob story with her. She listened with patience. She reciprocated sharing her life and her frustrations with Alice. The two women in their 30s agreed that grass seems greener on the other side. 

Lisa suggested that she may be able to help. Alice wondered how. She reached out into her desk in the study, and handed Alice a card.

The deep purple card read - "HW Club - By reference only." She flipped over and there was a web link and a gray scratcher enabled code.

As she handed the card, Lisa lowered her voice, "This is a onetime use only card. Use it with discretion. You may find it useful. You may want to browse incognito to ensure secrecy."

Even though they were alone in her house, she moved to close the door and continued, "My friend, Anna, runs a service. Few married women, I know, have found themselves new adventures through Anna. If you decide to explore, this might change your life."

Alice hesitated as she asked, "Are you a part of." Lisa smiled, "No, I help Anna and very close friends like you."

Alice tucked the card away in her bag. Alice was intrigued. She contained her excitement. Lisa would tell a change of mood set on Alice.

"Be careful. Spend some time to know yourself and your needs before you call on Anna." 

They got back to work and the task check list for the day was completed sooner than Alice expected. She had to return to her family. Lisa was driving out to the Gym.

The rest of the day was uneventful. David and Mark were into their male games. Even with their presence at home, she felt alone. Sunday passed uneventfully too.

Sunday evening, David announced that he would be out for three weeks. Alice came to expect this from him. He had his clothes on the bed, ready to be packed. His phone was among the clothes.

He just got into the shower. Alice was in the bedroom, she heard his phone buzz and the screen light up. Curiously, she reached out to check the phone. 

The message blinked, "Look forward to seeing you tonight. I miss you." The sender's id showed "Rainbow Crusader." She did not open the message. It remained unread.

Intrigued, she browsed through the applications on the phone. The photo gallery was already open. 

She was shocked by what she saw. The phone almost fell off her hands as she shook nervously in disbelief. She closed her eyes and opened them again to see the thumbnail pictures of David with another Man!

In the pictures preview, he was naked performing oral on another man, his face being sprayed with cum. One another showed him on his fours with his ass being penetrated by a thick hard cock.

She froze. She had to think fast. She set the phone back to its original state and dropped it back to the clothes. She moved quickly to step out of the room before David out come out of the shower.

She moved quickly to the kitchen. There were dishes in the sink. She stood in front of them, she almost screamed and exclaimed, "OH my God! It can't be."

Dazed, she reached out for the dishes and began hand washing them. The extremely hot water on her hands did not bother her. She was unable to erase the vision of what she saw on his phone.

When he came down the stairs with his bags packed and his phone in his shirt pocket, for the first time in her life, she looked away from him. He was too pre-occupied to notice.

He joined Mark at the table and they wrestled to gain control of the dinner she prepared. 

She could not see David in the same light again. She could not wait for him to leave the house. Finishing dinner, he kissed Mark and moved to hug and kiss her, she backed away. 

"What's up with you?" he laughed and enquired. He did not pursue her, he continued to pick his bags, and shut the door behind him to get into the waiting cab.

It was 8:00 pm, she sent Mark to bed. She reached for her phone and called Lisa. - "If you are free this evening, drop everything. I need you now. It's urgent!"

Around 9:00 am, she opened the door to Lisa. Lisa gave her a hug and held onto a weeping housewife. Over the next hour or so, she heard her vent about David and his infidelity.

Lisa could not help but smile when she heard that David was a homosexual and had male lovers. Alice was angry that he actually enjoyed them more than he did her.

As the evening continued, Alice continued to voice her thoughts aloud. Soon she seemed to be coming to terms with it. Lisa enjoyed the evening. She knew she had a way forward for her.

By midnight, she was sitting next to her, holding her hands, and gently hugging her to comfort her. Alice felt insulted by David. She wanted to avenge him. Lisa found an opening for her to explore.

"Do you still have the card I gave you? The purple card I gave you yesterday." Alice nodded. Lisa suggested that she should try it.

Soon they were in front of a laptop computer, Alice typed in An all deep purple web page, with a pink central heart invited them to enter the reference code.

Lisa scratched the grey silver cover and the code - 4807696 - appeared. There were then prompted with a choice of location and an appointment schedule.

Alice chose the coffee shop close to work and lunch time the next day for an in-person meeting with Anna.

On closing the laptop, Lisa suggested that she dress up for the occasion and represent her true self to ensure Anna has a good understanding of her needs. Alice decided to follow her instructions to the letter.

Lisa stayed over for the night, and continued to push Alice to make the move to HW as quickly as possible.

Meeting with Anna

Early Monday morning, Mark left for his school. After breakfast, Lisa went to work directly. She allowed for Alice to take the day off. Alice showered and dressed casually in her comfortable pink flowered cotton panties, and a white laced bra, with a loose white top, and a flowing blue skirt. She arrived early. To her surprise, so did Anna. A middle aged (in her late 40s) grey haired European looking curvy woman, height weight proportional, greeted her warmly. 

"Just got off the phone with Lisa. She hinted you may arrive early."

These words put Alice at ease. Anna led her to the quiet section of the coffee shop. She observed the suburban housewife cautiously following her. Anna was experienced to appreciate the prospective new novice member for her Housewife Club venture. Anna shared her life, challenges she faced, and her personality with her. Alice felt comfortable enough to share the same with her. Soon, they were laughing about their inhibitions and their reluctance to overcome their fears. Alice felt Anna was very approachable and the communication was easy. She also felt Anna checking her out, her neck, her low blouse and her heavy firm D cups, her curvy ass and her slender legs.

"I think you will be a unique addition to our Housewives Club. Should you consider joining us, please complete this questionnaire and mail it to the address provided. There are some location preferences you can choose from."

She handed her a binder, "Please follow the instructions. I assure absolute discretion. Even Lisa will not know of your activities - unless you tell her"

"Now", she continued, "I get 30% of the business you bring in. The first 9 interactions will be sponsored by me, I get 50% for them. You have the first right to deny service to customers. It usually gets a bit difficult to promote you if you do so. All activities are consensual."

"You must maintain a good health and be able build repeat business, and retain your customer base. Should you have your own clients, I get 15% to maintain their records."

Alice nodded. Anna softly said, "When will your husband return?" 

"Three weeks." she nervously replied. Anna smiled, "I may have a client for you in a day or two."

"My photographer will be at your place tonight. We will need some pictures."

Alice suddenly felt uncomfortable. Anna sensed it. "You have an option to have them taken neck down."

"Also, there is a script in the binder to prepare for a video profile." 

Alice hesitated. Anna moved closer, "Alice dear! Housewives Club will change you. It is a network of about 100 housewives, aged 25 to 65, in similar situations as yours, who explore their desires and fantasies. More so, we all make some good money as we enjoy the pleasures of our customers. I have been doing it for almost 15 years now and my husband is blissfully unaware I will be meeting my regular lover this afternoon."

She felt Anna's hand drop to Alice's thigs, "Men want this body of yours. You are going to have fun giving it to them, enjoy the adventures with them, and be rewarded financially doing so. "

Suddenly, it dawned on her what the Housewives Club's services were about. She stood up to leave, Anna stood up and whispered, "I hear David is getting a lot of dick. Don't you want some too?"

Alice was taken aback with the comment, but could not help smiling, "Yes, I guess I do." 

Anna has broken through her defenses. She had a new member. "Well, go home, complete this package. It should take you about an hour or so. Julie will come by this evening to take pictures, and return tomorrow for the video shoot."

Alice's confidence grew and she was now inclined to be a member. Anna wrote down on the paper napkin, "I may have your first client this weekend. Lisa will care for your son."

Anna followed her as they left the coffee shop. She waved for a cab, turned and gave Alice a warm hug, whispering, "You will lose your virginity again and will change your life forever. Welcome to our club."

Alice's HWC profile

Alice returned home and almost immediately focused on the binder. The questions ranged from her external interests to her sexual needs and passions, her likes and dislikes, turn on and turn offs, preferences in partners, wine, song, sports, and arts. On completion of the questionnaire, she was prompted to total her scores. She chose her personal id as "Luscious Dimples" and completed the form to submit her membership application.

Anna called her almost immediately. "Love your id - luscious dimples. Julie should be there by 7 pm."

She was encouraged by her words. Things were moving quickly. The thought of a homosexual husband disappeared for a while now. She went with the flow of the events.

She called David's mother - Jane, "Hi Mom, may I have Mark at your place this evening. I am working on a program that needs completion today and he is playing hard."

Jane loved Alice. She thought she was too good for her son. Alice was the daughter they wished they had. 

"Sam is out travelling again like David. I love to take care of Mark for you. I will drop him at school tomorrow. "

After few pleasant exchanges, Alice hung up the phone and reached for the video script in the binder.

The script instructions read:

"Introduce yourself with an impact, get their attention, and make them want you"

"What you can do for them."

"What you are not comfortable doing, but with a positive spin."

"Be expressive."

"Close your sales pitch with a value statement"

*** Remember - sometimes pleasure is more than just physical, make an emotional connection

She reviewed the instructions again and again. The guidelines provided her a structure.

She scribbled her script for a while and narrowed it down to

"Hello, I'm luscious dimples. Your everyday average housewife. New to this and am willing to explore. I look forward to your passion and desires. 

I have not been touched for years now and want more. I will not be your fuck toy, but your lover. Bring the woman in me out and I will bring the man in you" 

With Mark out of the house, as she practiced her pitch, Julie knocked the door promptly at 7:00 pm. 

With a professional attitude, she set up the cameras and the lighting to create a stage on the bed for Alice's shoot. 

Alice sat on the edge of the bed uncomfortably and managed to force a smile as Julie snapped her first picture.

"Don't worry, we will get you comfortable soon."

The camera was on 'auto-click' and continued to take pictures as they spoke.

Julie read her script, "I like the name Luscious Dimples. We have to work on the rest of the profile."

Alice appreciated her frank opinion. She replied, "As you can tell, I have not done this before."

"Let me show you some profiles, it may give your ideas as to how you wish to present yourself." she said looking into her laptop. It was few minutes of silence as she waited in anticipation to see what Julie had.

Julie turned her laptop to Alice and said, "Ok, I am going to step out for a while. You have a look at these and come up with a script. Anna said that she has some one in mind for your first break in into the club. She is very good at this. Her choice for my first introduction was ideal."

She did not wait for her response. "I will be back in an hour or so.", she moved quick out of the house.

Alice shut the door and locked it behind her. She took the laptop to her bedroom and laid down with it resting on her breasts.

The first one was Anna's, it had no picture on it. Curiously, she clicked in it. With the dark background with no image, she heard

"Are you lusty, crude, and horny all the time, intelligent, young or old, Cum - Lets Play? We can work out our needs when we meet. You will be satisfied - that's my guarantee. Ask for - Purple Flower - when you call in."

The second one was Julie's. It had her face and a full body picture on the profile with a flower pasties covering her nipples and her right hand hiding her pussy.

"Come get it. Ask for Squirting Fountain" There was no other message. The video showed her in different costumes for the roles she played in the past and written testimony of her lovers expressing their gratitude and satisfaction.

Then there was a big black woman. Her picture was just her face.

"Kiera here." Her thick lips moved as she softly uttered in her low base voice. "He is out looking for other women and I decided to see other men." She then unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her large Ds with dark nipples.

"There is more to me than just these." She was pinching them as she spoke. The camera moved down her belly and exposed her waxed cunt. Her fingers slipped into her wetness, "I am sure we will have a good time. Signing off as Dick Sucking Lips aka DSL"

She clicked on the fourth image, a smiling girl in pig tail.

There were about 6 videos of 15 seconds each showing her on the bed in different poses, each being fucked hard. The final one being splashed by cum. Then the flashing -- Buck Cake.

Alice was beginning to understand what was expected of her. She continued to browse through the profiles, she came across "Aggressive Petals".

She saw a matured woman, in her 40s, sitting in a chair with a book in her lap. She smiled and hesitated before she spoke. She was fully dressed in a business attire. A flashing scroll appeared - "A-Type personality, intelligent, sapiosexuality, with a dominant streak."

She commanded "Call me - AP."

She reached for the last profile in the folder. It showed as "Rising Unicorn."

It was Lisa - naked - sandwiched between another naked woman and a male penetrating her from behind. As the bodies rocked together, "Threesome Play" flashed on the screen.

Alice smiled as she saw Lisa's one minute video many times. She felt her cunt beginning to get wet. She reached out for to a pad and began to script her profile.

"MILF looking for partners, please be mature. Dimples appear during oral sex. Let's explore together." 

Julie returned in time. Alice was dressed in a classy evening blue gown. With a laced bra and a thong covering her wet patch. Julie could smell her wet cunt. She smiled, 'I think you are ready."

Julie turned the lights on. 

"Ready when you are."

Alice looked naturally at the camera. She smiled. She gestured with her right hand.

'Hi, I think I am a MYLF. Please be mature." 

She stopped and gave a kissing and sucking facial expression. 

"Dimples appear during orals and when I swallow." She laughed naturally. 

"Cum." she licked her lips "Let's explore together."

"Seriously! Let's explore together."

She turned to Julie - Please flash "Ask for Luscious Dimples" during the message.

Julie smiled, "Its perfect message, you got it on the first try. Do you want your face shown?" 

Before Alice could answer, she continued "let's keep it a mystery and intriguing."

After the shoot, Julie and Alice reviewed the final video together. Julie looked at Alice, "I can smell your wet cunt. You seem dripping wet."

She smiled and nodded positively. Her hand reached under the blue gown and touched her soaking thongs.

"We got to get you laid quickly."

She was tender and juicing. She nodded again with excitement and anticipation.

After Julie left, she stripped naked and laid on the bed, caressing her tender clit gently, closing her eyes, and revisiting the image of Lisa in the threesome.

Soon she was moaning as she drenched the sheets with her orgasm.

First Assignment

Monday morning, Alice was excited about the previous evening activities. She thought to herself wonder who Anna has in mind for me.

She made her a coffee as she got ready for her work. 

The Doorbell rang at 8:30 am. FedEx first delivery service presented with a package with HWC as a sender. No sooner the delivery man left, Alice snapped open the package.

The box contained a 4 Seasons Hotel room key -- 821, a blindfold, and instructions that said -- "Clothing Optional on entry to the room. Blindfold mandatory. Check in time 3:00 pm. Room booked for one night."

She was tempted to call Lisa and Anna, but refrained as she figured that the adventure was on.

She made it to the hotel by 3:00 pm and was in the room 821. There were flowers, wine & cheese, cream & honey, and a fruit basket to greet her. On the bed were the instructions:

•Shower and bathe

•Bathrobes on

•Cell Phone off

•Blind Fold on

•Be on the bed

She followed them and by 4:30, she was on the bed. Her naked body being covered by the white bath robes. There was a knock at the door. She reached for the blind fold and put it on. She felt the presence in the room.

She heard a soft voice asking, "This is consensual." Nervously she answered, "Yes."

He was near her. "You can stop me at any time. The blind fold has to stay though." She felt him undo her robe and expose her naked body.

"What is your name?" she asked.

"Jim", he responded.

His hands parted her thighs. She twitched on the bed. Her trimmed pubic hair moved as her cunt ached for more. Suddenly, she felt a warm breathe on her pussy and felt his tongue roll on her clit. She swooned, her hips raised with a sensual exclamation.

He pushed his tongue into her and slurped her juices. She was Cumming and could not contain herself. She poured out with a violent orgasm; screaming and grunting aloud. His mouth held onto her cunt as he received her rising cunt lips. The pink inner tissues were throbbing, trying to grab hold of his tongue.

"Wow!" she thought. It was just 10 minutes of his arrival and she squirted.

She felt his lips on her mouth. She could taste her pussy on his lips. She also could tell he was naked as she felt his body on hers. She felt his fingers on her cunt, her legs were stretched. He was in control. She lay there at his service. 

Without warning, she felt his cock move quickly into her wet cunt. He moaned into her ears, "hmmmm." Her legs rose and circled his ass. His cock moved in, parting her inner pussy with ease. Her pussy held onto his throbbing cock as he began to pound her. She felt his hairy chest crushing her tender breasts.

His hands moved under her shoulders, holding her neck firmly and he kissed her passionately as he pried her cunt apart with his thick cock. She was moaning loud. She wanted to see her lover bad. Her cunt was ready to explode again. He could sense it.

"Hold on", he commanded, "wait for me".

His hands gripped her neck harder, he began to bang her cunt harder. His balls pressed her open pussy. She felt him jerk and he came in her. He cum was filling her up. She held on to him. Kissing him back, flicking her tongue over his. Her arms around his back, her fingers were digging into him. 

She could feel his breathe on her neck as he fucked her like a rag doll. She wanted more. She wanted him to continue. He obliged. His erection did not subside. He was still hard in her. She held on waiting for him to move. He pressed his cock into her. Her D cups pressed against his hairy chest, her erect nipples were aroused and sensitive.

Blind fold on, she was blinded. She resisted the temptation to remove them to see him. He kissed her passionately. He gently tapped her, suggesting she release her tight hold on him. Her cunt loosened her grip on his cock, her legs and arms fell to the side. His hands slipped out from under her at the same time his cock slipped out.

She smiled and she sensed he was smiling too. His fingers caressed her cunt and he flipped her on her stomach. Her face dug into the pillow. She felt him part her legs and push her ass cheeks aside, as he positioned himself behind her. 

The room echoed with their loud moans and grunts as he mounted her from behind, affecting a deep penetration. She bit into the pillow and her hands clutched the mattress as he pushed in with hard thrusts. His hands reached for her D cups and holding them firmly moved her as he made her his bitch.

Alice was sore and she was cumming again. He was too. 

Her laugh was muffled by the pillow as she came. He heard her say, "I am exhausted and sore. I don't want you to stop."

She felt a warm tight squeeze of her breasts. His cock was erect as ever. He fell forward on her back. She felt the weight of his body on hers.

"I want to see those luscious dimples."

She turned her body to lie on her back. He placed his knees on either side of her stretched arms. His wet cock touched her lips as his ass caressed her nipples. She opened her mouth to suck him in.

"I see them. Oh Gosh! You are right, those dimples just appeared."

He continued to push in and pull out of her wet mouth. She obliged him with her pouting lips and sucking mouth. His thickness filled her mouth and she was trying hard to breathe through her nose. His musky cock smell excited her. 

Jim was excited too. He pushed in hard and she gagged on his cock. He immediately withdrew and pulled out of her mouth.

Though his erection remained, he felt compelled to give her a break. He lay next to her and cuddled to giver naked body a warm hug.

Strangers, now a satisfied couple soon feel asleep.

Her blind fold was still on when she woke up. She was now alone in the room. She lazily lifted the blind folds. It was bright sunshine outside. She looked around. Her lover was gone.

She moved slowly to the shower. She saw herself in the mirror, her cunt was sore and red with the banging she took. His cum crusted on her thighs. She could not help but smile with her state. She had a time of her life. 

She quickly washed up and enjoyed her warm shower again. She returned naked to the bed and saw a packet on the night stand with a note.

She looked into the packet and to her surprise there were fifty $100.00 bills in it. She looked into the note.

"That was awesome. Please don't feel insulted with the amount in the envelope. I did not have more in my wallet. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to seeing you again. May be the next time -- No Blind Folds."

Alice did not care for the money, but she appreciated the gesture.

"Well, back to reality."

She dressed up and walked out of the room to head back home.

Alice was sore for few days. She began to feel liberated after that intense session with the stranger – Jim. She began to fantasize often of different situations. 

Lisa nor Julie reached out to her to discuss her experience. The only call was from Anna. She referred by her HWC id – Luscious Dimples aka LD. She provided her the feedback she received from Jim. Also, that Jim sent in an online payment of $2500.00. She suggested that Alice open a discreet bank account for the transfer of funds. Suddenly, she was richer by $6250.00. She did not know what do to with the new disposable monies. She decided to put it away for future use. 

Three weeks later, David returned. There was no love exchanged. Each of the spouses went about their activities at the same time supporting Mark. 

David began to stay away from home more often than he used too. She appreciated her free time and began to spend time out of the house improving her body and image. Her legs were now waxed smooth, pubic hair trimmed perfectly to wear a bikini without embarrassment, her cunt was bare and her ass clean. She also took care of her armpit hair and invested in some new clothes. 

Lisa noticed her change. She did not interfere with her actions. Alice began to keep to herself. She appreciated her new found identity and felt discretion is critical. Alice wanted more. She often wondered what her next adventure was going to be. 

Few weeks passed, she was back to her routine. David was at home that morning. The FedEx early delivery service delivered a box addressed to LD. She hesitated to receive it with the fear of getting caught. Luckily for her, David was in the yard. 

She received a Mobile Phone – sponsored by HWC. She quickly slipped it into her shorts. That was close. David almost answered the door. Luckily for her, she beat him to it. 

That week on Thursday night, David and Mark we to have their boys night out. She got a text on her new phone, "Cougar experience: press 937 if interested, or 66 if not." 

Alice smiled, her reply was instantaneous – 937. The follow up text was immediate – "Same Place, Room 231 – today 4p." 

Alice did not need much preparation. She was ready. 

No sooner did David and Mark leave, she drove down the familiar road to the four seasons. She parked in the basement and took the elevator directly to the second floor. She was confident that she was not seen by anyone. 

Entering the room, she refreshed herself and waited. 

5:30 pm and no one was at the door. She reached for the phone and texted, "No show." 

In about 10 minutes, there was a message - 

"He is in the lobby, too shy and nervous to come up. J" 

She was amused. She adjusted her bra, and her loose white Top and pulled the long green skirt down to her ankles. Her laced black panties were beginning to get wet. 

She confidently walked into the lobby. It looked empty, except for the front desk staff. At the corner of the lounger, she saw a young blonde haired male who was sitting nervously shaking his legs. Alice flashed a smile at him and instantly knew she had her mate. 

As soon as she walked up to him, he stood up. Tall, at least 6ft4 190 lbs., broad shoulders, and build like a ball player. 

"Hi, I am LD." 

"Huh! Ted", he extended his hand. She felt the firm grip of his large hands. He voided eye contact. She was not sure of what she has to do next to get him into the room. 

"How are you doing today?" she asked as she looked up and down the huge figure in front of her. 

He smiled. She moved forward, put her hand in between his right arm and his body holding his thick biceps. 

He followed her in the elevator. They looked at each other in silence. She opened the room 231 door and entered. He stood outside, hesitating to enter. 

"You are a strong young man. I can't hurt you." 

She left the door open and went into the room. It took him few minutes to finally enter the room and shut the door behind him. 

Sensing he was a virgin, her cunt was dripping wet in anticipation of being his first cherry. She had to think fast, had to do something to get him to be comfortable and ease him into her. 

Like before, there were flowers, wine & cheese, cream & honey, and a fruit basket on the table. She sat on the sofa and he on the chair opposite her. 

"So, tell me about you Ted", she sat as she adjusted herself and crossed her legs. 

He smiled and lowered his eyes, "Well, I play at the university." 

She could see that. She checked out his frame as he continued speaking. She did not hear a word of what he was saying. She wanted him out of those clothes and his cock in her. She felt a trickle ready to gush out of her well lubricated cunt. 

He continued to speak. She nodded her head pretending to hear him. He was getting comfortable too. 

She came back to hearing him as he continued, "lately I have been alone." That was her lead in. 

"You have a girl friend?" she asked. Her legs were uncrossed. She could smell her juices and hoping he could too. 

"No, I don't. I do have a crush on one." 

"Oh, that's sweet. Do tell more about this." 

She stood up and reached for the fruit on the table, and moved to the bed. 

"Well, she is my senior in college. I get very tense when she is around." 

"What's her name?" she looked at him and gestured for him to sit next to her on the bed. He followed her instructions. 

"Jesse." he said as he sat on the bed. She caressed his arms and his chest. 

"What about her do you like?" she kissed his face as he spoke. Her hands were on his chest. 

"She is mature and very beautiful. Does she have a curvy body that you like to touch?" 

"Hmm, I did not notice." 

"Liar!" she exclaimed and dropped her hands on his crotch. He was taken aback by her move. He withdrew and was silent again. His cock was hard. 

"Have you seen a woman naked?" she whispered nibbling into his ears. He shook his head sideways in response. 

"Undress me." She unzipped him as she gave him that instruction. His stretched white underwear showed he was not a very large package, but appeared thick. His hands moved quick and had her white top off and was now unstrapping her bra. 

He glared down at her exposed Ds nipples. Her hands moved to his head and drew his mouth to them. His mouth clasped her right breast like a hungry baby. His lips sucked her nipple in and he was swirling it in his mouth. 

"Do you like that?" she asked laying back on the bed and having him on her. His hand reached out for her left breast and he was kneading her gently. 

She felt his mouth was pulling her nipple hard as he sucked. She did not mind the pain, she guided his actions with soft words "Be gentle, don't hurt those puppies." He was apologetic, his sucking pressure decreased. 

He moved from breast to breast alternating his attention. She felt like a queen and enjoyed the attention. Naked to the waist, she laid on the bed and allowed him to play. 

Few minutes later, his play on her was interrupted by her ringing cell phone. She sat up to reach for it on the table, at the same time putting her finger on her lips to ask him to be quiet and silent. 

"Hi, how are things going?" 

David was on the other line. 

"Mark and I are on a boat. We are having a wonderful time. Wish you were here." 

"Me too." She lied. 

"What got you on a boat?" she laid back on the bed to allow Ted to get back to his play. His mouth took her nipples in again. 

"Well, it was a wild idea. Mark wanted it." 

Ted's mouth was gentler now and he was sucking her in. Her nipples were beginning to get tender. 

"What are you up to?" 

"Me." She giggled silently. "I am helping and tutoring an intern." Her hands played with Ted's hair as he sucked her. "He is a quick learner." 

"That's nice. Alice, we won't be back till Saturday afternoon." 

"Aw! I was hoping we watch a movie tomorrow night." 

She felt him moving down to kiss her belly and his tongue played on her button. She knew he was ready to progress. She patted his head to move and she was on her feet again. Loosening her green skirt, she stepped out of it with her soaked black panties. She pulled her panties down. Her wet cunt lips with her trimmed hair came in full view. He froze as he saw her juicy cunt. 

She laid back on the bed with her legs folded at her knees and thighs stretched apart. 

"I got to go now. My intern needs some help. You guys have a wonderful time. Take pictures and tell me all about it when you return." 

She blew a kiss on the phone and she hung up. She looked at her lover boy. She touched her clit area. 

"Kiss it here and suck in it. You can use your fingers into me as you do." 

He obeyed her commands. As his face came closer to her cunt, he could smell her. He put his tongue out and his mouth planted a kiss on her cunt. She swooned. Her hips raised to meet his mouth. She heard a slurp as his mouth sucked her juices in. 

"Oh Ted, fuck me with your mouth. I want that tongue in me." 

He began to work her. She was on the edge, her hands gripped his head and directed his actions. She grinded her cunt to his face. 

"Oh gosh I am Cumming. Don't Stop. Don't stop." 

She moaned aloud as she entire body vibrated with an intense orgasm, probably multiple ones. Judging by her reaction, he knew he did something right. As her body settled back, she pulled him up to the bed and moved on top of him. Her naked body pressed against his clothed one. 

She kissed him on his lips. She smelled and tasted her pussy on him. 

"You are an expert at this. Have you done this before?" 

"No. I don't even know what I did there." 

They laughed together. She looked into his eyes. 

"My turn to help you out." 

She had him sit up and pulled his underwear down. His 5+ inch cock was erect. Alice gasped as she saw the thickness. Her small hands could not hold it in one grasp. Uncut, the foreskin covered the pink thick head. Pre-cum was on. 

Game on. 

"It will help a lot more, if you got naked too." 

Ted smiled. He was walking to the bathroom to remove his clothes. 

"Do it here. I want to see that body come out in the open." 

He turned to her as he dropped his clothes. 

"Don't judge me." He pleaded. 

She laughed "Are you kidding me?" 

Her hands reached for his cock and pulled him closer. He sat next to her and she told him to look at her hands as she moved them on his thick dick. 

His foreskin moved slowly back as she pealed it and forward as she pushed it back. He moaned as her skillful hands played him. She wanted to capture his expressions as she milked him. His balls were loaded and she could tell he was ready to ejaculate. 

She saw him close his eyes and his hands tightly clasping his hair. It was her moment to surprise him. She moved quick and opened her mouth wide to take his thickness completely into her with one suck. He grunted with approval. As her tongue rolled on his meat, her lips holding on, she felt him shoot his hot cum into her throat. 

She gagged and coughed but did not let go of him. His vocal cords screamed out primal noises as he emptied his sacs into her. She held on. 

"This is the moment he is going to remember for rest of his life" she thought as she received him. 

Her mouth was filled with his cum. She enjoyed his taste. Her luscious dimples were visible. She wished he could see them. He had his eyes closed enjoying the moment. She gently swallowed his spunk and released his wet sticky cock into the open. She licked the sides of his thickness. There was a drop or two of his white cum on his head. She licked and sucked it in, his dick moved with a shiver, and he moaned with pleasure. 

The two naked bodies laid on the bed. 


"Yeah Wow!" 

Each had their moment to cherish. His first cunt ever. Her first cougar experience. 

"Between Wait Times" 

It has been few months since Alice had Ted. She wanted his thickness to fill her up and tear her tightness. However, he was reluctant to do so that evening. Their only contact was through HWC. Rules prohibited exchange of information. 

HWC transferred money in small intervals for the services rendered to Ted over 6 months. She figured he could not afford the payment in one installment. She received a couple of messages too through HWC. 

"My game improved. More focused now than ever. Thank you." 

"Every time I score. I think of you." 

"Will be nice again." 

Mark was growing older and too involved his activities. David was hardly at home. He seemed more careless now than ever. There were cum stains on his underwear, probably not his cum. He seems reluctant to be naked in front of her anymore. 

Alice accepted his desires. She wondered if he would accept her adventures. 

There was no communication with Anna or Julie. There were a few propositions for her through the HWC cell phone – a threesome, gangbang, and voyeur - she chose not to pursue. She felt HWC profiled her and soon was not receiving too many calls. She wondered if she should be more open for exploration. 

She kept at her daily schedule. Lisa promoted her to a new role. The pay was good. However, Alice began to miss HWC's referrals. She decided to revisit her profile. Her profile showed, there were about 50 visitors, her experiences were only 2. 

"Is that a good success rate? Do I fit into HWC's business model?" 

She clicked on the FAQs to look for answers. Many of them were trivial questions with obvious answers. She clicked on the one that said "I am not getting too many responses. What do I do?" 

"The short answer – there is nothing you can do. Your profile is accurate based on your responses and the feedback received from the past HWC experiences. 

You are unique. Be patient. 

A picture or video usually helps." 

Discretion was important to her. Patience was her path forward. 

It was Monday evening, she was returning from work. Jane, her loving mother-in-law, called her. 

"Hi Mom, how are you doing?" 

"Good and you. Are you on your way back?" 

"Yeah, Mark is at a camp this week. David is out. What do you have in mind?" 

"Well, I am heading to Seattle this evening. Chris is out of town too. Can you stop by to check on the house when you can?" 

"Sure, not a problem. But, Seattle on a short notice. Everything alright." 

"Chris suggested a ladies trip and got a good deal for few of us. It should be fun." 

"Lucky you. Wish David did that for me." 

"Oh really, I did not know if you would be interested. I would have asked to include you." 

Alice smiled, "That's sweet of you. You have a wonderful time. I love to hear details when you return." She was happy for Jane. Married for 35 years to Chris. Never complained once about him. Very loving and caring. She stepped in to make her feel more like a daughter than her son's wife. 

Later that evening, Alice was watching a movie. The HWC phone alerted a text. 

"HWC member is double booked. Your profile fits the needs. 937 or 66?" 

She was convinced that HWC has made their selection with care. Her response was 937. There was no reply for an hour or so. 

The movie ended, she got into bed. 

11:30 pm, the message flashed - "86 Silver Palms Street. Tomorrow evening. Dinner. Travel Light." She squeezed her breasts and touched her cunt as she softly murmured, "Finally." 

'Relative' Surprise – First Day 

She woke up early to get to work. As she got ready she wondered what 'Travelling Light' meant. As she prepared her breakfast, she got a call from Lisa telling her that she is going to be travelling and suggested that she could work remote or take a week off. 

Relieved, she took off her shoes and sat back in the living room. She reached for her HWC phone and checked the message again. There was a flashing text – "Mature Man. 937 or 66?" Amused she responded "937" and waited for reply. 

A smiley face appeared along with "Same address. Now for Lunch 12:00 pm." Followed by more specific instructions, "Over sexed. Be flexible and open." 

She knew she had to expand her horizons. She wanted to explore. 

Around 11:45 am, she was reached the gates of the community on Silver Palms Street. She pressed the house number 86 and a gently deep voice enquired and buzzed the gates open. She felt the voice sounded very familiar. 

As she drove towards the house, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to turn back. Her clientele was small, she did not want to be cast out of HWC for her inflexibility and lack of openness. She got out of the car and composed herself. 

She checked the time and it was 11:50 am. 

Hesitantly she rang the doorbell. 

The door opened. 

Alice stepped back with a gasp. Her secret was out. She wanted to run, escape from the man who stood in front of her. 

A 55+ year old man, standing in black lounge pants, in an elegant grey robes, he stood 6 feet 3 inches in height. Large frame with a clean shaven look. He stepped back too. It seems unreal. He wanted to shut the door and open it again to see if it was really her. 

They stood staring at each other. 

"Alice, what are you doing here?" he saw her in her braless blouse with her nipples showing through her clothes. She looked up to the towering man in front of her. Her eyes met her father-in-law's. He was so different from David. 

He enquired with a soft whisper "Luscious Dimples?" 

She lowered her eyes with a smile. Embarrassed, she was looking for a way out. She felt him move down the steps and put his arms around her back and led her into the house. 

The house was dark, the shutters down, and curtains in place. The floor was lit dim and there was soft music playing in the back ground. 

Alice sat on the chaise. Chris stood in front of her. There was an uncomfortable pause. 

"Jane does not know. I have my needs." 

She looked up to his words. 

"I understand if you want to leave." 

She did not respond. She sat stunned with the turn of events. He left her to her thoughts. She saw him walk up the stairs. 

For the next 30 minutes, her mind went crazy to come to terms with the situation she was in. 

"HWC, David, Mark, Jane, Chris. Her Adventures. The fear of being outed." 

Chris returned around 1:00 pm. Now dressed more formally that she is used to. The lights went up, the curtains drawn apart, music stopped, and the lunch was on the table. 

He invited her to the table. She joined him. 

"How long have you been a member?" 

"About six months. You?" 

He laughed, "I am not a member, but I have been doing this for about 10 years now." 


"She doesn't know. Hope we can keep it that way." 

She had him. He wanted discretion and secrecy as much as she does. 

"David?" he asked. 

"No. He doesn't either. He is Gay." 

"I suspected that he might be." 

The in-laws continued with their lunch. She was more relaxed and was gathering her courage to address her assignment. 

After lunch, as he was putting away the dishes. She went about shutting the blinds and drawing the curtains. She dimmed the lights and was looking for the music. 

He returned to a pleasant surprise. 

"Where is the music?" she asked. He used the remote to turn it on. 

She stood in the center of the room as he approached her. His hands reached out to her, around her waist and drew her to his hard body and put his lips on his daughter-in-law. 

She did not remember the last time his son kissed him like this. She enjoyed the moment slowly putting her arms around his back as his tongue rolled on hers. His hands moved down her back and cupped her ass cheeks. 

His fingers traced her ass and found that she had no panties on. His mouth moved from hers to her neck. He bend to hold her waist firmly and lifted her off the floor. 

A strong man, she enjoyed his control, he gently whispered, "I wanted to do this from the first time David introduced you to us." 

His hands disappeared between her legs and his thick fingers were exploring her pussy lips. 

He heard her say "Take me Chris." 

He held her tight, off the floor with one arm and pulled his erection out with the other. He looked into her eyes as his cock touched her wet lips. She wanted him. 

Her mother-in-law and she now shared a common lover. 

His hands stretched her ass cheeks as he moved her slowly down. His rock hard cock pushed into her. Her vagina gripped his cock as he began to penetrate her. 

Standing in center of the living room, he began to fuck her tight hole. The couple were breathing together enjoying the moment. Her hands around his neck, her legs on either side of his body, knees resting on his elbow joints. 

She was wet, juicy, and was dripping. He increased his thrusts into her. 

"Oh fuck, Chris. I think I am going to cum soon." 

"Me too." 

Both wanted to delay the inevitable. 

Alice was dripping hard, her squirt was on its way. He edged into her. 

In absolute silence, breathing heavily the orgasms coincided. 

Chris held her in the position, with the erection softening in her cum filled pussy. When he finally let her back on the floor, they stood looking at each other with love. She fully dressed and he had his long cock dangling out of his pants. 

The music was still on. 

She walked towards the powder room. He moved to his bedroom. 

She looked into the mirror. Smiled at first, then laughed covering her mouth with her hands. 

"Oh My God!" 

Chris sat on the bed in his room. He closed his eyes. 

"Oh Fuck. He just filled his Son's wife with his cum." 

He thanked his vasectomy decision. He was getting amorous again. 

Alice remained down for an hour or so. Chris walked down. He sat next to her. They looked at each other. They smiled, then they laughed. She moved to kiss him on his lips. He held on to her. 

"Clothing optional" he suggested. 

She was on her feet and her clothes on the floor in seconds. He sat back looking at her. 

"Your turn." 

"Help me", he said standing up. 

Her fingers ran through his shirt buttons, and ripped the inner wear of his chest. Unbuckling him, she unzipped and pulled his pants along with his underwear to his ankles. 

"Fuck me hard, Chris. Fuck me like you never fucked another woman before." 

Aroused, he turned her around and bend her to her waist, her hands held the head of the chaise. She felt him cup her large breasts, her nipples escaping through the grip of his fingers. In one move, his throbbing cock moved in with force deep into her tight twat. 

His cock pounded her with hard thrusts, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. She bit her lips to hold back her moaning and screaming. Her mouth biting into the chaise. She was his fuck toy. 

The penetration and the tight cunt stretching continued for good fifteen minutes. She had tears in her eyes. She was squirting over his cock as he roughed her tight cunt up. 

Minutes after she squirted, she felt his grip on her breasts tighten and with a loud animal like grunt, her father-in-law came in her again. 

Alice was exhausted. She wanted a breather. 

Chris was not. He wanted more. 

"Are you okay?" 

"Will be soon." 

He hugged her. He bend down and picked her up. He carried her to the bedroom, and gently put her down on her back. For the first time, she looked at his full body. His elongated hard cock looked monstrous. David did not get his genes. 

He laid behind her and lifted her legs. She felt him caress her cunt again and this time entered her slowly from behind. 

"You are wonderful." 

She felt him caress her clit as he began to fuck her again. 

"Fuck you are a tight one." 

She loved hearing his words of appreciation. His cock moved in and out of her as her lips grabbed him. 

"Fuck you are good. Better than that Gay son of yours." 

"How did you realize he was gay?" she felt his finger touch her ass hole. 

"Oh No, he never attempted. I would not let him if he did. I saw pictures of on his phone with other men." 

He laughed. "I like to take your ass if you let me." 

"No can do. It is not meant for that purpose." 

Chris smiled to himself as he caressed her ass, "One way or other, soon it will be mine." 

Alice let her father-in-law have his way with her pussy. She was not letting her ass virginity go. She lay there with his hands caressing her cunt as he fucked her, his other arm around her shoulder and neck holding her in place. 

She yelped like a bitch as he dogged her from behind. Her pussy plugged tight. She has never been fucked like this before. 

"What about Jane?" 

"What about her?" 

"What is she like and into in bed?" 

"Are you asking as Luscious Dimples or as Alice?" 

"As Alice." 

He pushed in and out few more times to thoughtfully answer, "Well, she likes her pussy eaten. She watches gangbang porn. I taught her how to swallow cum. She now loves it." 

"Have you ever discussed doing me?" 

"No, she is very possessive and jealous." 

"I confess. Before we had Mark, I thought of you." 

"Well, you have me now." 

"Yes I do, yes I do." 

He started to move hard and began to pound her cunt again. Alice was whining. Chris fucked her hard, his hips moving like a well maintained piston. Alice came twice before he busted his balls again in her. She was not squirting anymore. 

"Please stop." She begged. 

"Weren't you warned by HWC that I am over sexed?" 

"Please stop. I promise to keep up." 

He kissed her, "I know you will." 

'Relative' Surprise – Second day 

She woke up with a heavy breathe between her legs. She was stretched out on the bed. His hands clasping her breasts and his head between her legs munching on her tender clit. 

"You are insatiable", she said as she continued to enjoy his tongue. 

"Good Morning", he said as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Her hips raised to grind him as he did so. 

His hands firmly holding her breasts, he moved quickly to lay full body on her. He began to kiss his daughter in law. Her legs raised to either side. 

She asked him with passion, "Enter me." 

He did not need an invitation. His cock moved into her wet juicy lips. 

Saw him press his lips together with "Aaah!" escaping from them. 

"Press my tits harder". He held them tighter, they began to turn a darker share of pink. His cock began to bang deeper into her cunt. 

They moved together, she raised her hips to get him to hump her hard. This time around, she was unaware that he came in her. She wanted him to go on. He slowed down and soon she could feel him softening in her. 

She kissed him as his cock slipped out. 

"Is that all you got?" she teased, "get it up and put it back in." 

He ignored her tease. He laid on her and kissed her back. As she looked into his eyes, she felt secure and wanted more of him. He felt her cuddle warmer and tighter, her legs circling his back. He felt her wet pussy against his cock which pressed her belly. 

Chris laid back. Alice wobbled weakly to the restroom and soon sat on the bowl as she peed. Her warm trickle made a running sound in the toilet. 

"Sweet. That's a lot of pee" he yelled out from the bedroom. 

"Golden Shower" she responded. 

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was bruised. Nipples swollen and tender, her cunt ached. She saw him walk behind her, his long cock dangling. 

"Hold it for me, I don't want to wet the seat." 

She obliged. His cock released his shower. His hands pulled her closer by her waist. He kissed her until the last drop trickled into the bowl. He turned the warm shower on and carried her into it. The warm water was soothing. Soon they walked out naked drying each other playfully. 

"I have to be back home soon. They will be back. Also, I promised Jane that I will stop by." 

He did not want her to leave. He smiled a silent approval. He reached for the draw and handed her a silver colored card. As she looked at it, she saw that it was a credit card with HWC on it. 

"Unlimited credit. Nobody need know." 

He also reached for a lube and walked closer. He gently applied it to her nipples and breasts. They stiffened with the initial coolness. As he pressed the lube on her cunt, she felt relaxed and soothing. The burn subsided. 

He pulled her closer and gave her a warm hug. His hands cupped her ass cheeks and a finger pressed her ass crack. 

"I will want it sometime." 

"I promise you if I do want to try, it will be yours." 

Alice put her dress back on. She left him standing naked as she walked out of the door. 


Her HWC schedule got busy. 

She had Ted twice a month. His confidence grew each time. He wanted her to come see him play and often gave her his game schedule. She did not indulge him on his request. 

She did not visit her in-laws after Jane returned. Chris did not call her either. 

There were two no-shows, HWC paid her for her time anyway. 

She was having a time of her life. 

David was less at home. Did not communicate much. 

Mark was enrolled in a prep school. Alice was left alone at home. 

A week after their wedding anniversary, David asked her for lunch. It has been a while. She looked forward to it. 

At the Italian restaurant, just as they finished the lunch. David moved closer to her. 

"Please don't freak out. I have something to talk about." 

"Oh God. Does he know of my adventures? Did Chris tell him?" her mind raced with different ideas and she was trying to prepare responses. 

She felt his hands on hers. 

"Mark is now out of the house. I don't think he will be back home for extended period." 

Her son's name calmed her mind and she returned to the situation at hand. He was rubbing her hands. 

"I like men", he blurted. 

"So do I." 

He laughed, "No, I like, like men – physically." 

She stopped, "Ah! He confesses", she felt more secure. Her secret is safe. She took a combative tone. 

"What are you trying to say?" 

"Alice, it is over. I am out. I am moving in with Bill." 

She could not contain her laugher, "Be serious." 

"I am. I will be out by the weekend. I will make sure you don't have financial difficulties." 

Alice could not believe her luck. 

"Mom and Dad now know. I told them this morning." 

"What did they say?" 

"Well, strangely Dad was okay with it. Mom did not accept it. She cried and wanted you to be taken care of." 

Feeling liberated, she moved forward, "What happened, we have a good life." 

He interrupted her, "I like men. I have been seeing them for few years now, and Bill asked me to move in." 

She pretended to be upset and sad. He looked at her contemplating what he should do next. She suddenly stood up and walked into the restroom. She closed the door behind her and clasped her hands together. Happiness and liberation dawned on her. 

When she finally returned, he was gone. The bill was paid and there was an envelope on the table. With a note – 'Sorry' – there were a stack of $100.00 dollar bills. 

She saw the HWC phone buzz a text alert, "86 Silver Palms Street, Saturday – Dinner 7:00 pm. 937 or 66". 

She smiled, "Lost a husband, found his father." 

Her response – 937.

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