Saturday, 2 July 2016

Love Bites

The day the Jones told us they were moving, I told Laura, I hoped the new neighbors would be as much fun. Laura sighed and said she was going to miss how horny I got from staring at Joan's huge nipples. I reminded her, of how she teased Jack letting him peek at her panty-covered pussy. 

Wistfully she wondered out loud if Jack would have liked her pussy if he had known about her clit. I assured her pussy was almost perfect. Giving me a playful punch, Laura asked what I meant by almost perfect. I told her it lacks a big black cock to fill it. She told me Fred, her black dildo was just fine and it was safe. The risk of disease had stopped us from becoming swingers, except for mild voyeurism and a little flashing on occasion.

Once at a party Laura and Joan had had too much to drink and let us play with their bare boobs. The next day we caught hell for giving them hickies. 

Until the day we saw two British cars followed by a moving van pull in their driveway, we had no idea who our new neighbors were going to be. Peeking through the open curtains, I told Laura to fix some cold drinks and we would go over and meet our new neighbors.

Several minutes later, armed with frosty pitchers of ice tea and lemonade Laura and I went next door. 
A tall handsome black man set down the box he was carrying and said, "You must be the Kings, the Jones' spoke highly of you. I'm Gordon Kent." Putting his arm around a cute blond, he introduced us to Inga, his wife. A minute later two cute girls came out of the house, the oldest about four. Inga introduced them as Heidi and Ann.

Sitting in the shade we sipped our drinks and chatted. Gordon's rich baritone was seducing Laura and I couldn't keep my eyes off Inga's huge nipples. Because her boobs weren't very big, her nipples were that much more obvious. Inga noticed my interest and said, "Because Ann can't drink cows' milk, she still nurses."

Laura shot me an icy stare, which Inga noticed. Inga told Laura she welcomed men staring at her breasts because before her nipples got big, men never noticed her. Grinning, Gordon told us they were also handy for late night snacks. Inga poked him and called him a horny old bloke. Gordon laughed.

The movers interrupted our conversation, however just before we left we invited the Kent's over for dinner. Walking to our house, Laura started teasing me about having a new pair of nipples to lust after. I told her I noticed the way she was checking out the bulge in Gordon's pant leg. 

Laura blushed and turned back to her work without comment. Opening the door to greet the Kent's for dinner, I was a bit disappointed to see that she was wearing a loose-fitting blouse that hid her nipples. Noticing my gaze Inga gave me a wink that made me wonder if I had a surprise coming.

Since I was cooking on our grill, Gordon chatted with me as Laura and Inga chatted in the kitchen. When we sat to eat, little Ann climbed into Inga's lap and began eating. At first I thought Ann was going to share her mother's lemonade, instead Ann's little hand opened a flap in the blouse exposing one of Inga's nipples. 

Without interrupting her conversation Inga adjusted her blouse to leave her nipple exposed as Ann nursed. Ann nursed for several minutes then went back to eating. All during dinner, Ann drank from Inga's nipples as if it were the most natural thing to do. As interesting as that was, I noticed Gordon's charming manners and sexy voice was seducing Laura.

When Ann had her, fill, she hopped from her mother's lap to check out our cat. Inga didn't bother covering her nipples and I watched with fascination as a drop of milk formed on a nipple. Seeing me staring at Inga's nipple, Gordon told me that because of the girls' frequent nursing, Inga usually goes topless at home. 

Curious, I asked what they did when they were eating in a restaurant. Grinning, Gordon told me Inga has many nursing blouses and loves to tease by showing off her nipples. The conversation changed and we talked about many subjects during that evening.

We quickly became frequent visitors in each other's homes and I got used to seeing Inga topless. Although I became used to Inga's nude boobs, I still had a secret lust to taste her milk from the source. I was a bit surprised to find out that all of the milk in their house came from Inga's boobs, even the milk in my coffee. At home Laura wanted me to suck her nipples more during sex play. One night I asked if she were going to nurse when she had a baby. She stuffed a nipple in my mouth and told me not to ask silly questions.
One fall afternoon Gordon and I were watching a football game when Inga came to see if we wanted anything. Gordon's face lights up and he tells her I would like some warm milk. Inga sat in my lap as she said that was great because Heidi was playing at a friend's house and Ann was still taking a nap. Without giving me a chance to protest, Inga stuffed a nipple in my mouth. The taste of the first few drops of milk, were enough to make my cock stiffen and press against Inga's pussy.

Embarrassed, I tried to shift my position but Inga wiggled her hips until she positioned her pussy right over my cock. Holding my head to her breast, she made several comments about the game. Gordon responded to Inga's comments then asked if I had drained that boob. Inga stroked my head and said I was doing a great job.A minute later Gordon was leaning over Inga's shoulder watching me nurse. Sliding a hand down to play with Inga's free nipple, Gordon whispered something in her ear. Turning her head, Inga kissed him passionately as she intensified her wiggling in my lap. A moment later Gordon left and Inga spun in my lap. Somehow when she changed positions, my cock was freed and pointed at her wet pussy. 

With a slight grunt she buried my cock in her pussy and stuck her full nipple in my mouth. After kissing the top of my head she asked if I wanted her husband to know that I was fucking his wife bareback. Without legging go of her nipple I shook my head no. Inga kissed my head again and told me to be a good boy and drink my milk. 

Although Inga wasn't riding up and down my cock her pussy was giving me one hell of a ride. When Gordon returned, he commented about me switching nipples and leaned over to kiss Inga. In spite of me being scared, Inga kept my cock very interested, just using her internal muscles.

After a few minutes of her pussy acting like a milking machine, my cock kissed her cervix and I knew I was getting close. Grabbing my hand, Inga guided it to her pussy as she whispered for me to rub her clit. Caught up in the fuck lust, I did as she asked though I knew Gordon was just feet away. As my fingers began rubbing her clit, Inga's pussy went into overdrive. 

I began to thrust in spite of me trying to stay still. Oh shit! I was blasting my sperm deep in my neighbor's wife! I just knew I was going to die. 

Inga shuddered and tried to pull my cock even deeper as a soft moan escaped her lips. Sitting paralyzed with fear, I waited for Gordon to jerk his wife from my lap and expose my sperm-covered cock. Instead Inga asked Gordon to get her a glass of water.

Turning to kiss Gordon and take the glass of water, Inga bumped the glass spilling the water down my front and wetting my lap. As she apologized for being clumsy, Gordon went for a towel. Then Inga got up and announced she was going to change as I hurriedly stuffed my cock in my pants. A second later Gordon handed me a towel. 

After making a show of drying myself I excused myself and rushed home. Opening the door, I half expected to see Laura standing there with divorce papers in her hand. Instead Laura was talking on the phone and laughing. Quietly I slipped into the bedroom and changed. For what felt like an hour Laura continued to chat on the phone as I pretended to watch the end of the game. 
Hearing Laura, hang up the phone I braced myself for her wrath. To my surprise Laura came up behind me and rubbed her boobs against my head. After kissing the top of my head she asked how I liked tit-milk. Trying to be cool, I told her it was Ok. Laura laughed and sat in my lap. After kissing my lips she asked if I wanted another lap dance. Blushing I said. "OK I'm busted where is the lawyer?" 

Laura laughed and admitted that she knew Inga was going to seduce me with her milky nipples. Stunned I asked why she hadn't warned me. Grinning, Laura told me that if she had warned me, I probably would never let it happen. After telling her what happened she asked if I had used a rubber. Wiggling her ass in my lap Laura whispered for me to take her to bed. 

Laura hopped up and I followed her to the bedroom as she stripped off her clothes. In spite of having my balls drained by Inga, my cock was stiffening as Laura beckoned to me from our bed. In a flash I had my clothes off and I dove face first into her pussy. As my tongue parted her pussy lips, I could tell Laura really didn't need any warm up. However, I love the taste of her pussy too much to pass up an opportunity to lick it. 
Besides having a huge clit Laura has very fat outer lips that she keeps clean- shaven because she loves to feel my lips and tongue caresses them. After several minutes, Laura was ready for my cock and she grabbed my ears to pull me on top. As my cock slid into her buttery depths, I marveled at how two pussies could feel so different yet feel so good. 

Several minutes into our fuck Laura asked to get on top. I grabbed her tightly and rolled over and grabbed one of her nipples in my mouth. She cooed and began riding on my cock. When her pussy lips kissed my groin, I remembered what was so special about her pussy. The only sounds to be heard were, Laura's grunts and the slurping sounds of wet pussy sliding on a hard cock. I guess if you listened carefully you might hear me sucking on her nipple. 

We were just too busy to talk until Laura stopped and asked if I really wanted to see her pussy stretched around a big black cock. Letting go of her nipple, I asked if she were thinking of seducing Gordon. Laura stuck her other nipple in my mouth and asked if I wanted her to. Knowing Laura had stopped taking the pill in preparation for starting a family I told her I was curious about birth control. Leaning forward Laura kissed me and said she would let me be in charge of her birth control. She did volunteer to get morning-after pills incase, I changed my mind. All of this was just too much and my cock unloaded into her diaphragm-protected pussy. 

As we cuddled, I found myself asking myself how she would feel about having children that looked like Inga's. Laura kissed me and asked how many children I wanted. Sliding a finger in Laura's sloppy pussy, I told her I thought pregnant women were sexy. Laura gave me a big grin as I said I didn't think I would get tired of seeing pregnant women for four or five years if one of them looked something like me.

Laura began humping at my finger as she told me Inga wants more babies and was unprotected during her lap dance. I trembled with excitement and rolled on top of Laura. As she felt my cock touch her pussy she asked if I shouldn't put on a rubber first. Without comment I lifted my hips and waited as Laura rolled rubber on my cock. Because I had already had two strong climaxes and I was wearing a rubber, I didn't expect to have another climax. 
Nevertheless, it wasn't too long before Laura's pussy worked its magic and brought both of us to a climax. 

In the kitchen helping Laura with dinner, I said, "I guess I'll need another box of rubbers." 

Laura kissed me and told me I should pick up a box of large ones for Gordon. Several minutes later I pressed myself against her back and cupped her boobs. Laura cupped her hands over mine and suggested that I might want to wait two or three months before getting her knocked up so Gordon and I would always have a pussy to play with. 


Monday evening Gordon called to invite me to watch the game. As I hung up, I asked Laura if she wanted to come. She said she had things to do and for me to have a good time. Before I closed the door, I told her not to wear out Fred. Laughing, Laura tossed a dishtowel at me. 

The second quarter had just started when the phone rang. Inga answered the phone and from the way she was talking I thought it was Laura. After several minutes, Inga handed the phone to me. Laura asked if I had forgotten to do something before I left. I didn't know what she was talking about until she mentioned that she might have a visitor during halftime. 

I told her it was too soon to be dealing with a mistake so she should prepare for herself. Laura said she loved me, and then said that she wanted to talk to Inga again. 

With about five minutes to go in the Half Inga came in and leaned over to kiss Gordon. As she did, her short skirt rode up exposing her sexy butt. I thought she whispered something to him before kissing him again then turning to me. Announcing it was time to feed me, Inga straddled my legs and had my cock out in one quick motion. Her pussy sliding down my cock was so distracting, I didn't see Inga's nipple until it poked me in the eye. 

Giggling. Inga apologized for being careless with sharp object. 
Feeling playful I nipped at the offending nipple catching it with my teeth. Instead of pulling away or howling she left it in my mouth and caressed my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gordon watching the game as Inga's pussy muscles stroked my cock. The kinkiness of the situation added to the thrill plus I still wasn't sure Gordon would be happy if he knew what we were doing.
As the Half ended, Gordon got up and said he was going to check on his girls. A few minutes later he returned and leaned over to kiss Inga. I was sure he could see my cock sticking into his wife but Gordon didn't let on. When their lips parted Gordon announced, he was going out for a few minutes and asked Inga to keep me company. 

Hearing the door close, Inga whispered that she was going to ride my cock every chance she got until her belly swells with my baby. My cock responded by twitching and the tingle in my balls increased. Remembering the last time we had done this I slipped my hand down to play with her clit. Then just for the hell of it I let go of her nipple and gave her a love bite next to her areola. 

Feeling my teeth on her creamy breast flesh Inga shuddered and held my head tightly against her boob. In a sexy voice, Inga told me to mark her so that Gordon would see. As I increased the pressure of my teeth and my suction, Inga's pussy picked up the pace. 

Begging me not to stop Inga began whimpering then went stiff as a huge climax hit her. The wonderful things her pussy was doing to my cock triggered my own climax. Recovering from her climax Inga stared at the vivid love bite on her boob as her fingers lovingly caressed it. With tears in her eyes, Inga looked up and asked if it bothered me to do that to her boob.

I saw her tears and I apologized for being too rough. Inga kissed me and explained that her tears weren't from pain but of joy. I was still confused. Why would anyone want to be hurt? 
Inga said she couldn't explain it but when she experienced certain kinds of pain at the right time it made her climaxes fantastic. I told her about the time Jack and I gave hickies to Laura and Joan and how they had scolded us. Inga asked me how I would feel if I knew that was just an act because they didn't want us to think they were strange. 

Seeing my confusion, Inga giggled and told me to never try to figure out how a woman's mind works. Still caressing the love bite Inga asked how I would feel if I saw love bites on Laura. My protective nature sprung forth as I told her I go after anyone who hurt my wife. Inga kissed me and asked if would make a difference if Laura wanted him to give her a love bite during sex. 

I asked if she was trying to tell me that Laura wanted Gordon to give her a love bite. Inga nodded yes before telling me that she and Laura shared the same interest. Next she told me that Gordon also had an interest in rough sex. However, his upbringing made it hard for him to consider doing it with his wife. 
"So he wants to do it with my wife?" I asked in an inquiring tone. "Only with your approval," Inga said. 
Denying that this was turning me on was hard, as my cock was stiffening in her pussy. Hesitantly, I told Inga that it was all right with me if it was what Laura wanted. As a small came to Inga's lips I asked what she would have done if I said no. Inga said she would call Gordon and tell him to back off. Explaining that she and Laura had talked about this and that Gordon knew about their kinky interest. 

My brain was trying to digest all of this when I asked if her seducing me had anything to do with her husband wanting to do kinky things with my wife. Grinning, Inga told me it had everything to do with it because she wanted someone to kinky things with her. 

My cock was now hard as steel as Inga's pussy muscles worked their magic. How could I be mad about a set up like this? After taking a playful nip at Inga's nipple I told her to call Gordon. Her fingers were trembling as she dialed. "Laura, Bob wants to talk to Gordon," Inga said nervously. 

She handed the phone to me as Gordon said, "Hello." I asked if Laura knew he liked leaving love bites on tender parts of women. He told me Inga had told him not to ask her just do it. He added that he respected me too much to do something that would hurt our friendship. 

With the phone still to my ear I asked Inga if she wanted me to do the same things to her and get her pregnant. Inga answered with a vigorous affirming nod of her pretty head.

I asked Gordon if he had a problem with that. Sounding relived, he said that was fine with him. I told him to have fun but respect Laura's wishes. Gordon said he wouldn't have it any other way and said he would see me after the game. 

Inga kissed me then suggested we go it her bedroom so we wouldn't wake the children. With everything out in the open, I was anxious to explore part of the kinkier side of sex. Closing the bedroom door, Inga excused herself and slipped into the bathroom. As I listened to her pee hissing into toilet I knew I didn't want to hurt Inga. However, I thought that pushing the envelope might be fun if it made her happy. I also wondered about Laura. 

Those thoughts vanished as Inga emerged from the bathroom, for the first time I saw her completely nude. Seeing me stare at her, she posed in several positions showing off her trim body. When I commented on the small patch of blond hair above her pussy. Inga laughed and told me that was to prove she was a real blond. 

Teasing, I asked how do I know that wasn't dyed also. Inga thrust her hips at me and told me to check her roots. Feeling the need to pee. I excused myself and patted her on her butt as I went into the bathroom. Returning to the bedroom I saw Inga spread invitingly on her bed. In no hurry I crawled between her thighs to get a close up of her pussy. Her outer lips didn't bulge out like Laura's and her clit while still very big was smaller. The big difference was Inga's long inner labia. They hung down like mud flaps on a truck. Curious I sucked her mud flaps into my mouth. Inga whispered for me to nibble on them. She responded by gentle humping motions and softly moaning. Soon she was babbling about how great I was.

As my own lust built, I stopped worrying about hurting Inga and focused on bringing her as much pleasure as I could. With Inga's guidance I soon had her writhing like a snake and howling like banshee. Knowing she was having a climax I started to back off but Inga screamed for me to do it harder. Increasing the pressure on her clit I tugged and shook my head like a dog with a new toy. 

Inga went into a new sexual climax that was so intense no sound came from her open mouth as she body went stiff. Still quivering from her climax, she begged me to fuck her. When my cock head touched her pussy lips, she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in. Her pussy muscles immediately began trying to milk my cock as Inga pleaded with me to knock her up. The way my cock was kissing her cervix I was sure it was doing all it could do to get in her womb. 

Incredibly Inga was quickly building to another climax and my balls were telling me that I was also getting close. When Inga felt, the first twitches of my climax she started clawing at my ass cheeks trying to pull me into her womb. Keeping me locked in her pussy we rolled on our sides as Inga kissed my nose lightly. 

After thanking me for making her feel so good she said she hoped I had enjoyed having sex with her enough for me to want to do it again. I told her I did but future sessions were up to Laura's approval. As I got dressed to go home, Inga proudly showed me what I had done to her pussy. The sight of traces of blood on her swollen pussy flesh stunned me. 

Seeing my reaction Inga took my head in her hands and insisted that I only did what she wanted and loved it. "But doesn't that hurt?" I asked, in disbelief. 

Inga kissed my lips then my eyes before saying, "It made me make a baby and I love making babies." 

Sitting beside Inga, I told her about my plans for Laura's breeding. Inga kissed me and told me to make it fun for all. As I went to leave, Inga reminded me not to be upset if Laura looked like she did. I was about to reach for the doorknob when Gordon open my back door and stepped out. For a second we stood looking at each other trying to think of something to say. 

Gordon started to leave and I said, "You are lucky to have such a wonderful wife." 

Gordon touched my arm and thanked me for sharing my wife. I asked if Laura was going to be sore. Gordon said he hoped I wouldn't be upset as Laura got a little carried away. I told him I understood and said I would like to talk to him tomorrow. Gordon, suggested after dinner then said good night.
Approaching our bedroom I heard whimpering. Trying to remain calm, I walked into our bedroom to find Laura frigging her clit and tugging on a nipple. Seeing me Laura begged me to pretend she was Inga and bring her to a climax. 
Hearing the distress in her voice, I crawled between her thighs. There were love bites on the insides of her thighs, on her labia and teeth marks and drops of blood covered her clit. Never before had I seen Laura's clit so swollen or so red. 

"Please don't look at it, just do what you did to Inga," she begged. 

All the countless times I had sucked Laura's clit, I had always been careful not to let my teeth touch it. Now she wanted me to bite and tug on it. Blocking out my thoughts I answered her frantic plea. Laura babbled and whimpered as I gave her pussy a rough workout. Several times I started to ease up but she screamed for me to do it harder. 
Finally I tugged hard on her clit and she screamed and went stiff as a massive climax gripped her. For a moment I didn't know what to do then went to the bathroom for something to clean up her pussy. Returning with witch hazel and cotton I gently cleaned each mark as I wondered if things had gone too far. Knowing this wasn't the time to discuss it, I turned out the lights and took Laura in my arms and kissed her. 


The following morning Laura slept in. At work I couldn't keep my mind on my work as visions of Laura and Inga's pussies kept coming to mind. I wasn't having a problem with the wife swapping and was looking forward to seeing Gordon impregnate Laura. What I was worrying about was causing a health problem for either woman. 

By lunchtime I had to call Laura; I had to know how she was feeling. Laura's hello was cheerful and upon hearing my voice brightened more. When I expressed my concern over our activities Laura laughed and assured me she was fine but a bit tender. She told me she had been talking to Inga and she too was fine.

With the possibility of someone walking in my office, I didn't want to discuss our sex life any further. I told her I loved her and promised not to work late. With my mind somewhat at ease I could make it through the rest of the day. However I couldn't get over the way both Inga and Laura climaxed when I was being so rough with their clits. I had always thought a clit had to be treated very tenderly.

On the way home, I decided I had to talk to Laura about how pain fit into our sex life. Having surfed the porn sites on the Internet, I knew that people did some strange things but I figured most of it was faked. After all way would anyone want to feel pain when sex was supposed to an expression of love? 

Laura was in the kitchen as I walked in. Wiping her hands, a smile lit her face as she welcomed me home. As we hugged and kissed I told her I loved her and asked how her clit was doing. After kissing my nose, Laura told me to stop being such a worrier. 

Giggling, she asked if I wanted to chew on her clit again. After kissing her I told Laura I needed to talk to her about it before I could be comfortable with what we had done. Looking scared and nervous Laura sank into a nearby chair as she whispered, "Damn, I was afraid of this when Inga talked me into it." 

Reaching across the table, I took her hand in mine as I assured her I wasn't upset and all I wanted was to understand what was going on. She brightened slightly and looked at me as she told me she had a confession to make. Squeezing her hand I told her no matter what she had done in the past I still loved her. Laura tried to smile as she told me I needed to hear this if I was going to understand her.

For the next hour Laura opened her soul and told me about her sexual awakening. She described how she discovered that doing things to her "pee-pee" caused 
sensations that she liked at an early age. Stopping to look into my eyes, Laura asked if I ever wondered why her clit was so much bigger than other women's. 

Smiling, I told her I just thought it was my good luck to find a girl with such a sexy pussy. Flashing me a grin, Laura told me that her clit got that way because she played with it every day, sometimes for hours. Her grin faded as she told me that in her quest for new sensations, she learned that mild pain added to sexual stimulation made her climaxes much stronger. 

When she was thirteen, a girlfriend's older sister showed her how to use snakebite suction cups on her clit and nipples. A year later that same girl, gave Laura a jar of cream, to rub on her clit. Pausing for a minute, Laura told me that after using four jars, she found out that the cream contained hormones to make her clit grows. 
Curious, I asked if she continued to use it after she found out what it was doing to her. Laura said her friend's sister only gave her another jar before getting married and moving away.

Knowing real hormone creams can be hard to get and expensive, I asked why the sister gave her the cream. Blushing, Laura told me it was payment for allowing the sister to play with her pussy. Before I could ask what they did, Laura told me about having needles stuck in her pussy lips and clit plus all types of clamps. Taking a deep breath, Laura asked if any of this upset me. 

Without pausing, I told her some of it aroused me as I nodded to the wet spot in my pants. Before either of us could speak the buzzer on the stove went off. Laura slid her hand from mine as she went to tend dinner. After setting down to eat Laura asked if I wanted to call off our sex play with Gordon and Inga. 

Unsure of where her question was leading I asked how she felt. Laura smiled and accused me of evading the question. I told her that my emotions were confused and I could go either way, depending on what she wanted and I was still excited about her being bred by Gordon. 

With her eyes twinkling with mischief, Laura asked if I wanted to trade babies with Inga. Sticking another fork full of food in my mouth, I gave myself a moment to think before saying. She would have to decide as a mother when the time came. I would support her decision either way.

As Laura and I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner Gordon knocked on the door. He seemed a bit nervous as I welcomed him. He reminded me that I had asked him to come over to talk. Laura went to him and kissed him warmly as she pressed herself against him. 

Gordon relaxed and glanced at me as his hands move to cup Laura's ass. Their embrace lasted a few seconds before Gordon released her. Suggesting we would be more comfortable in the den, I led Gordon from the kitchen.

We had been talking over half an hour when Laura stuck her head in and said she was going over to see Inga. Gordon told me he had been talking with Inga and she hoped I would want to continue our swapping games. I told him that I was a bit shocked to see the state of Laura's pussy when I got home and was ready to put a halt to things last night. However after having time to think and talk to Laura I was ready to continue if we made sure the girls didn't get hurt. 

Gordon grinned as he told me Inga wanted me to do her tonight although she is still tender. After making a comment about how serious Inga was to get pregnant by me, I asked how he felt about having a white baby. His white teeth flashed at me as his face lit up and he said. "About the same as you feel about you wife wanting to have my baby." Smiling back at him I told him we could trade babies if we chickened out. Gordon laughed and said it would depend on Laura and Inga, not us.

The ringing of the phone interrupted us. As I reached for it, I saw that we had been talking for over two hours. As I said "Hello" Laura asked if I wanted Inga's breast milk or should she pump it for her children. I looked at Gordon and told him. Inga was asking for me. He shook his head and grinned as he told me to go if I wanted. 

Turning back to the phone I told Laura I would be over. Before I hung up, she told me to ask Gordon to wait for her. After hanging up I told Gordon I had thought the girls would want to take a night off to let their wounds heal. He told me that maybe they didn't want them to heal too much. Shaking my head in bewilderment, I told him, Laura asked that he wait here for her.

When I got to Inga's, Laura met me at the door. With a twinkle in her eyes and a naughty grin she told me that they want to "play hurt" and that Inga wanted it just as hard as last night. I kissed her and asked that she not get too wild but to tell Gordon to finish even if I came home before he was done. Laura kissed me as Inga joined us wearing a sheer negligee. 

The love bite I had given her last night was clearly visible, looking almost like a tattoo on her breast. Her need to be milked was evident by the wet spots over her nipples. Laura kissed me passionately and rubbed my crotch before telling me to be good to Inga. 

As she walked out the door, Laura blew me a kiss and said she would keep the bed warm for me. Turning to Inga, I asked her if she wanted her itch scratched or her boobs milked, first. Taking my hand, she led me to her bedroom as she told me to drain some of her milk first then drink the rest after I had taken care of her itch.

Lying beside her, I took a nipple in my mouth and devoured her sweet mother's like a staving baby without doing anything more sexual then stroking her. In a whisper, Inga told me she likes this side plus the rough stuff and was delighted that Laura and I hadn't chickened out after last night. 
After spending five minutes on each boob I nibbled my way down her tummy stopping to give her a love bite just below her belly button. When Inga realized what, I was doing she got excited and asked me to make her pussy so happy it would hurt for days. Yesterday I wouldn't have understood her request but now I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give her exactly that.

This time I didn't feel guilty about what I was doing and took great delight in seeing how Inga responded to my lovemaking. Several times I wondered if Gordon was doing the same thing to my wife but Inga's moan or shudder brought me back.

After bringing Inga to a strong climax with my mouth she begged me to fuck her. Her pussy felt like melted butter as my cock bumped into her cervix. She grunted and wrapped her legs around my ass. Looking into my eyes, she told me to make sure she was bred. On every down stroke, I felt her clit bump into my pelvis when my cock head kissed her cervix. Claiming her clit was overheated Inga Begged me to hurry. 

She didn't have to worry, because of my pussy eating activities I was on a short fuse. Again her pussy did its imitation of a milking machine and I climaxed in time with Inga. A minute later Inga asked me to get off because her clit was sore.

Afraid I had gone too far I rolled off and asked if I had been too rough. She pulled me close and told me I had been great but her clit couldn't take any more. After a tender kiss she told me to go to Laura. As I dressed Inga told me not to be shocked if Laura's clit was worse than last night. 

I sat on the bed as if someone knocked the wind out of 
me. Inga pulled me to her and told me that she had been talking to Laura and that Laura wanted Gordon to spend the whole evening just working on her clit. I told Inga that wasn't fair to Gordon. 

Laughing, Inga reminded me that my wife knew how to give a blowjob. I kissed Inga and thanked her for being so thoughtful. Inga laughed and reminded me that she got what she wanted and wanted to keep us happy so we could play more.

Quietly closing my back door, I heard Laura moan loudly then tell Gordon to do it harder. She moaned louder followed by heavy breathing and whimpering. Drawn to the sounds, I slipped my shoes off and eased down the hall to our bedroom. 
Gordon's black body was between Laura's pale thighs, his head shaking as Laura tugged and pinched her nipples. From the way her belly was quivering it looked like she was having multiple climaxes and loving everyone. 
Suddenly Laura went stiff and arched her back as she whimpered and began crying. Gordon continued to tug at her clit until she went limp. Gordon slipped off the bed and began dressing. As he put on his shoes he asked Laura if he should tell me he had to leave before she finished. Slipping down the hall I heard her say yes.

I was standing in the kitchen fumbling with my coat when Gordon emerged from the hall. As Gordon promised, he told me Laura still wanted more but he had to go to Inga. I said good night and went to Laura. She still had her knees up in the air as she toyed with her nipples. 

Even from across the room I could see how red her clit was. As I climbed between her legs, Laura opened her eyes and asked me to suck on her clit. In spite of her clit looking like raw meat the skin hadn't been broken and all I tasted was the sweetness of her pussy juices. To Laura's delight I began sucking her clit like it was a small cock. After several minutes she began to whimper a much softer whimper, a whimper I was used to hearing when she was building up to a climax.

It was clear Gordon had done a good job of getting Laura hot because it only took me ten minutes to bring her to a climax. Turning out the lights and pulling up the covers, I cuddled up to Laura and fell asleep. Walking in the kitchen the next morning Laura was singing softly with a tune on the radio as she fixed my breakfast. Slipping up behind her I slid my hands in her robe and cupped her boobs as I kissed her neck. 

Moaning softly she pushed her ass against my cock and put her hands over mine. Speaking softly she told me Gordon didn't put his cock in her last night because he didn't want to taste the spermicidal jelly she used with her diaphragm. With my mind already switching to my work mode, I just kissed her and filed that information away.

Over the next several weeks our sex life calmed down. Laura and I had soft sex or would swap two or three times. As Laura got close to her period, I told her she could let Gordon have sex with her bare back. The first night Laura took Gordon bare I thought she was going to fuck him to death. 

Twice after I got home, she coaxed him to shoot another load of sperm in her. However the best part was I finally got to see Gordon's big black cock pumping sperm into my wife. Words can't describe the feeling I got as I stood several feet away and saw the globs of sperm racing up his cock into Laura's pussy.

Laura's period came right on time but Inga's didn't. Several days after her period was supposed to be over, she invited us over and made a show of pissing on the home pregnancy tester. Sure enough, a + showed in the window. When we calmed down a bit, Inga asked when I was going to let Laura get knocked up. I told her I hadn't decided but I had planned to tease Laura a little bit first.

After Laura's period was over I had her use her diaphragm with KY jelly instead of the spermicidal jelly knowing that increased the risk but still leaving things in doubt. Again she had her period right on time. For three days after her period I let her have unprotected sex with Gordon while I used a rubber. 

For the next two weeks she used her diaphragm with the KY jelly then unprotected sex until her period. By now Inga was over her morning sickness and always feeling horny. That month I let Laura have unprotected sex until a full week after her period and only having her use her diaphragm for the week when she was most likely to get pregnant. By now everyone was caught up in my game. I had been carefully monitoring Laura's cycle and was pretty sure of her date of ovulation.

To keep everyone guessing I had Laura use her diaphragm up to the time she was due to ovulate then I let Gordon shot his sperm in her womb. The next morning I didn't say anything about Gordon coming in her and she visited Gordon and again that night. The following morning put the morning after pills on the table next to her breakfast. 

Laura sighed and gave me a wistful look before taking them. For the rest of the month I let her have unprotected sex but her period came on time. After her period was finished, I told her it was time for Gordon to breed her for real and if she wanted she could have him sleep with her while she was at peek fertility.

Laura hugged and kissed me passionately before asking if she could run next door and tell Inga and Gordon. I kissed her again and said I would go with her. Gordon greeted us with a whisper as he told us that Inga was putting Heidi to bed. As we made our way to Gordon's den, Inga emerged from Heidi's room wearing panties and a drop of milk on each nipple. With her belly starting to swell Inga could have been the poster girl for motherhood.

The four of us went into the den and closed the door as Gordon asked what was up. I sat in a love seat making room for Laura to sit next to me but Inga hopped in my lap and stuck a nipple in my mouth as Laura walked over to Gordon. Lifting her skirt, Laura told him it was time to make her belly swell. Gordon leaned over and pulled her panties off then gave her a love bite on her tummy. 

Suddenly Inga and I didn't exist for them. Scooping up Laura, Gordon carried her to his bedroom, leaving Inga feeding me her delicious milk. Several minutes later, Inga asked if I wanted to go watch. I kissed her nipple and told Inga that I'd dreamed of the day when I could see that black snake in real action. Like two school kids off to a picnic, Inga and I went hand in hand to the bedroom. 

Without a word Inga and I went to the side of the bed and knelt on the floor to watch Gordon as he kissed and nibbled Laura's boobs. Somehow my clothes came off as the erotic seen before us and Inga began stroking my cock. 

By the time Gordon had worked his way down to Laura's pussy Inga had my cock in her pussy. When I started to pump my cock in Inga's pussy, she indicated I was just to hold it there for her pussy to play with. I guess if anyone had seen us it would have almost looked like a strange religious ritual, one couple on the altar and another kneeling in prayer. 

The contrast of Gordon's big black body over Laura's slender pale white body was every bit as exciting as I had dreamed. The howls and whimpers from Laura where exciting and scary, several times I wanted to stop Gordon, but Inga's pussy distracted me just enough to keep me from interfering. 

After a strong climax Laura calmed enough to beg Gordon to fuck her. As Gordon moved up over Laura, his cock looked a thick black snake ready to strike. Impatient, Laura grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. When she had, his cock head in her pussy Laura wrapped her legs around Gordon's ass and pulled him in.

The scene must have excited Inga as her pussy became more active. I leaned forward and pinched her nipples further inflaming her lust. After fucking me hard for a minute Inga deliberately slowed, trying to keep pace with Gordon and Laura.

For his part Gordon moved his hips with long deliberate strokes. Laura had her hips off the bed and met his every down stroke with a grunt as Gordon's big cock hit bottom. In all of my dreams, I never thought the real thing could be this exciting. The sights, sounds and smells were so incredibly intense I hoped it would never end but I wanted to see Gordon fill Laura's womb with his sperm.

Gordon wasn't in any hurry and neither was Laura. They were so wrapped up in themselves that they didn't know we were there. Then like someone threw a switch, Laura turned her head toward me and reached out her hand.

"Gordon is going to breed me. Can you see his big cock fucking me?" Laura said in a dreamy voice.

Reaching out to her hand, I told Laura it was a wonderful sight and I hoped that I got to see it often. As we held hands, Laura asked if I wanted Gordon to give her more than one baby. Giving Laura's hand a squeeze I told her two or three would be fine. Looking over at me, Gordon asked if I liked breeding Inga. 

Inga scolded her husband for asking such a question. Laughing, I told Gordon I was just loaning Inga my cock and she was doing all the work. Gordon laughed and commented about Inga's pussy having a mind of its own. Laura did something that made Gordon groan and turn his attention back to her. Sensing that Gordon was getting close, I pulled out of Inga and moved her so we could get a closer look at Gordon's cock and Laura's pussy.

Inga whispered to me to turn on the overhead light. After turning on the light I slipped up behind her and my cock found her hungry pussy. Reunited, we watched with rapt attention as Gordon's cock worked up a white froth that coated their union. 

Soon Gordon's balls tightened and I saw the globs of his sperm start down his cock shaft. Gordon jammed his cock hard into Laura and jerked his hips in short jabs that I knew were driving his sperm in Laura's womb. In response, my balls unloaded in Inga's pussy causing her to purr with delight.

After resting for a minute Gordon whispered in Laura's ear, she kissed him and they separated. A moment later Laura was on her hands and knees and Gordon was slipping his still hard cock in her from behind. Gordon made a few strokes and Laura asked me to bring my cock close enough so she could suck it. I glanced at Inga and she grinned and slapped me on my butt.

Lying with my head toward Laura's hips I had a fantastic view of her pussy and Gordon's swinging balls. As I watched I noticed Laura's clit wasn't getting much contact with Gordon so I reached up and started stroking it. Laura moaned with delight and sucked my cock with even more enthusiasm.

Feeling the bed shift I saw Inga crawl along Laura's other side and start playing with Laura's nipples. Laura lifted her head from my cock and said. "Make it rough." Seeing that I couldn't get my mouth on her clit, I started pinching and tugging on it. Laura went out of her fucking mind. The only thing that kept Laura from waking Inga's children was my cock in her throat.

When Gordon was finished shooting his sperm in Laura's womb he let go of her hips and let Laura slid off his softening cock. Seeing that magnificent cock dripping with their juices I lifted my head and kissed it. He didn't move or comment, then as I turned to kiss Laura's hip Gordon and Inga left.

Laura and I cuddled for a few minutes before she asked me to go home and get her diaphragm. When I asked if it wasn't too late for that she kissed me and told me she wanted to keep Gordon's sperm inside. With new energy I threw on some clothes and dashed home. When I returned, Inga asked if something was wrong. Holding up Laura's diaphragm, I explained my mission. Inga suggested she take it to Laura in case Laura needed help.

Wearing a bathrobe Gordon appeared and asked if everything was all right. Touching his arm, I told Gordon, I was delighted that he was my neighbor and friend.

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