Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Spying on the Wife

This is a story about my wife and her good friend Debbie. Alice and Debbie have been friends for about five years now and Alice has helped Debbie through two divorces and a rocky relationship with her current fella.

I have always thought that Alice may well have feelings of a sexual nature for other women and when I discovered her secret relationship with Debbie it was like discovering a new woman.

Alice is 5'4" with short brown hair, very beautiful and a size 10. Her breasts are not that big but her nipples are very sensitive and give her great pleasure with touched or kissed. Debbie on the other hand is similar to look at but has longer hair and larger breasts, whenever I see Debbie I do enjoy admiring her full breasts and although not flirty she does seem to make the most of them.

The thought had crossed my mind about their feeling towards each other on a few private moments I had, mainly when wanking I wondered about the girls and fantasies about fucking them both together. I could honestly imaging them naked and kissing and caressing one another, but recently my suspicions grew stronger when on Alice's last birthday Debbie brought her a sexy camisole bra and pants set and my mind was made up. If they weren't already lovers then Debbie certainly was showing all the right signs of wanting them to be.

What I needed was a plan to set up the perfect evening for them to be alone, relaxed and to have the time to fulfill both of their desires. It didn't take much sorting really, I farmed the kids off to stay with the grandparents and booked a table for me and Alice for a night out, unfortunately I had to go away on business and not wanting Alice to be too disappointed I rang Debbie and asked if she'd be a stand in for me before I told Alice about having to go away for the night, I asked Debbie to stop over to appease Alice's fears of nights alone without me.

The next part of the plan was easy, I needed to make sure I could see everything and so rigged up some mini camera's around the house to my TV and video in the garage. Once tested it was easy, all I had to do was park the car round the corner, jump the rear fence and let myself into the back of the garage and settle down for the night.

Well the Friday night arrived and I was sorting the kids out to take them over to the grandparents, Alice seemed quite excited about her evening and I was feeling very horny myself, as she appeared from the shower I grabbed her from behind and pushed my semi hard-on into her back, as she reached around with both hands as I took a nipple in each hand and whispered in her ear

"God, I feel horny, shall we have a quickie?"

"No we've not the time!" she half protested "Debbie will be hear soon."

"I'm sure she won't mind waiting for a good cause." and as I spoke I pushed my hard on through her thighs and nudged against her pussy lips, they were already wet from my nipple attention and her resistance was minimal. Obviously my plan was to leave her wanting and so I teased her a few minutes more before giving in to time.

Well Debbie arrived looking a million dollars, summer dress with buttons down the front; the top few buttons being left open to let those who looked have a good view of her cleavage. I kissed them both goodbye before setting off on my trip.

I passed the next hour by driving around before returning to park the car somewhere out of the way and made my way into the garage, I'd set up a loft attic for myself with TV, video bedding and provision for the night ahead. Having tested all the links for sound and pictures I had the lounge, kitchen, bedroom and en-suit bathroom covered.

The girls arrived home at 11 o'clock and fell through the door giggling, they were laughing about the taxi driver and from what I could gather they had been teasing him on their journey home. My first sighting was as they entered the kitchen, it was quite clear that they had both had enough booze to be well relaxed but neither seemed completely pissed. Alice got two large wine glasses out and a bottle of Frascati from the fridge. 

The first thing I noticed about Debbie was how "touchy feely" she was when alone with Alice, as they giggled she reach out a hand or even two, they continued to talk about the same man and then I realized it was the waiter from the restaurant they were discussing and not the taxi driver.

"Just think Alice" Debbie laughed "if he was here now we're probably get done for rape!"

They both laughed out loud and Alice replied, "He was a hunk, wasn't he, and I could do with something like him right now."

Debbie smiled a coy smile and replied "well it's just you and me dear, so we'll have to entertain ourselves." as she finished she pecked Alice on the cheek, took her hand and led her into the lounge.

I had three lounge cameras so all angles were covered and switching through all three I could see both girl face on as they sat on two differed sofas. Debbie looked likely to be the perpetrator of anything saucy but I could tell that Alice would reciprocate without resistance, Debbie sat with her bottom on the edge of her sofa with her legs slightly parted, Alice sat cross legged opposite her,

"Oh I forgot to ask" Debbie quizzed "did you like the undies I got you for your birthday? I thought they were really sexy."

"Oh yes, they're so pretty, I've not had chance to wear them yet, I'm just waiting for the right moment." Alice jumped up from her seat and fetched the matching pink set from the next room.

That was it, the line that Debbie was waiting for, as soon as Alice said it I thought that there was not better opportunity to make something happen, and I was dead right!

"Well how about now?" Debbie giggled and sipped another big sip of wine "I'd love to see them on, and anyway we've got to make the most of the night remember. It's not often we get an evening on our own, is it?"

Alice looked a little hesitant before also taking a big gulp of wine

"Go on darling, don't be shy, it's not as though we're strangers."

"What the hell" she giggled "what harm can it do?" and stood up from her sofa.

Both girls looked flustered and Debbie looked like a child on Christmas morning, her eyes were wide and her legs parted slightly. Alice turned to face Debbie and slowly lifted her hands to remove her T-shirt top, Debbie sat back and gazed a lovingly wanton gaze as her best friend began to expose more of herself, her mouth was open and she never took her eyes from Alice as she revealed her pert breasts in a soft white bra, she then tugged on her trouser belt and opening the flies of her trousers. You could see the front panel of Alice's white panties and the patch of dark pubic hair they covered, in only a moment Alice was standing in her bra and pants as her best friend admired her with desires of a more sexual nature.

They continued to sip their wine and then Alice surprised me and I think Debbie by making the next move, she parted her legs slightly and ran her hand down over her crotch and said 

"Jesus Debbie, I don't know about you but this is making me so horny."

Debbie smiled and told Alice not to stop what she was doing, as she did so she slipped her left hand inside her dress and began to feel her own breasts. Her eyes closed momentarily as she caressed her nipples before continuing in watching Alice. 

Now it was a case of each performing for the other as neither of them took their gaze from the another, the atmosphere was electric as Alice stood in the middle of the lounge in bra and pants and Debbie sat back on the sofa with her hand in her bra, Alice lifted her hand and exposed a hard nipple before reaching round and unclipping her bra, as it dropped to the floor she took both nipples in each hand and let out a deep sigh, her nipples were as hard as I've ever seen them and her breathing was deep and clearly noticeable. 

"You are so beautiful Alice, I just knew those panties would suit you." 

Debbie then stood and collected the matching set from the sofa, Alice never spoke but put out her hands to take the garments, as she placed them in her hand Debbie smiled a big knowing smile and said 

"Go on darling, put these on for me, I really can't wait to see you in them."

Debbie sat back down with her wine and as she did I noticed just how aroused she looked, her nipples were clearly visible through her dress and bra and her breathing was heavy, her eyes never left Alice as she proceeded to stand in the center of the lounge only dressed in her white skimpy knickers. I think by now both girls knew where this was going and were both up for it. Alice looked down over Debbie and laughed 

"OK I'll put these on for you but only if you do some thing for me in return."

"Anything you ask sweetheart."

Alice didn't waste any time in taking her opportunity and told Debbie that she wanted to see her dressed only in bra and pants 

"It's only fair, and anyway I can see your nipples through your dress so it's not like your hiding anything."

"Well if I must!" she giggled and stood up only a few feet in front of Alice, as she reached up to begin unbuttoning her dress Alice watched intently with nipples hard and erect, she reach down and ran a hand over the front of her panties before tugging then down and kicking them off. 

Debbie was soon at her last button and pushed her cotton dress from her shoulders to relieve a beautiful white quarter cup bra and small white panties, similar to those Alice had just kicked off, Debbie's breasts are probably a C or D as apposed to Alice's B cup and in that bra they formed a sight every man and many women would be aroused at, her skin a darker olive colour and a similar narrow waist only emphasized her womanly appeal.

Alice's gaze was firmly fixed on Debbie sexy body as they both stood opposite admiring each other, Alice made the first move and looked up a Debbie and asked 

"Do you still want me to put these on? Or shall I help you out of yours?"

"Both" Debbie giggled "I've wanted this to happen for so long I'd love to see you in something that I brought for you." surprisingly she sat back down on her sofa, only this time she rested on leg up on the sofa with her legs parted in a relaxed easy posture.

Alice moved closer to Debbie and had lost all inhibitions, her pussy was in line with Debbie's face and only a few feet away, she didn't rush either and allowed Debbie plenty of time to enjoy her body as she presented herself for the offering, Debbie in the meantime just sat back and enjoyed the erotic spectacle.

Alice was now definitely performing for her audience and enjoying every minute of it, and posed a question to Debbie

"So tell me more you dirty old trollop, just what thoughts have you been having that I should know about?"

"Only those any hot blooded women would have when she fancies such a beautiful woman like you."

"And they would be what exactly?" as she spoke she placed her hand on her hips in a firm manner.

Debbie just sat back and closed her eyes, ran her hand over her wet panties and continued, 

"From the day I first met you I've wanted to kiss you, I knew you have some feeling for me but have never been too sure, now I know you do because you're standing there naked in front of me"

Alice moved closer and this time Debbie reached out a hand, her fingertips rested upon Alice stomach, she traced circles around her belly button and watched her own fingers all the way, Debbie looked up at Alice and returned her smile of approval with a kiss to Alice's flat stomach, she than positioned herself on the edge of the sofa in a way she could run her hands around Alice's back and pull her in between her open thighs. There was not resistance from Alice as Debbie eased her forward allowing her to kiss more of her stomach, Alice just place her hand on Debbie's head and rocked her own head back.

The whole thing was so erotic I wanked my way through it all, dick in one hand, camera switch in the other, watching two sexy women getting it on is erotic enough but when one is your sexy wife and the other a women you fancy it doesn't get much better, and on top of that my dirty wife is confirming something I had thought about for many years, that she does have desire for other women.

Back to the show, there was my wife, stark naked standing between the open thighs of her best friend, who herself was now only dressed in her panties, this was obviously going all the way and they both seemed to be basking in the excitement and eroticism of it all, neither seemed shy or reluctant and I knew I was in for a wonderful night.

Debbie's hands were softly caressing Alice's back as she continued to kiss her stomach, as Alice looked down she placed a hand under Debbie's chin and said 

"kiss me Debbie, I want to you to kiss me."

Instantly Debbie rose and for a moment they stood toe to toe, tit to tit, Debbie partially dressed and Alice hot and naked, Debbie moved her hand up to touch Alice's breasts and as she did they kissed for the first time, wow, it was so fucking horny seeing them both like this, the desire for each other was so strong they pulled each other in tight and pressed their bodies together, they kissed softly at first but then it became more passionate and soon Alice was clawing at Debbie's bra strap in a quick and successful attempt to remove it, it was quickly discarded to reveal what I'd expected, a perfect pair of tits with lovely large dark red nipples, my camera angle was perfect and my focus was firmly on Debbie's big nipples.

Neither girl wasted any time in finding the others breasts and for a good few minutes it was all kissing and caressing of each other, it was fantastic to see my wife searching out a nipple with such desire and passion, as she found her target Debbie let out a gasp of excitement and pushed her hips into Alice's, Alice's also moved to allow her to rub nipples and this continues for a few more minutes. Debbie was the first to break away despite the attention and spoke quietly in Alice's ear, I couldn't make out what she said but I was soon to find out as my dirty wife took her new lover by the hand a turned for the door, the door led to the stairs and so onto our bedroom. 

Time to switch cameras, the bedroom was the best set up of the lot, three cameras a good quality hidden microphones, my anticipation was almost uncontrollable as I watched them appear through the door, Again I was a little surprised to see my wife take the lead as she turned Debbie to the bed and gave her a command

"Lie down, I want to please you." Alice said firmly and offered Debbie the whole bed, she lay back looking up at Alice who remained at the edge, my hot wife then moved to the end of the bed at Debbie's feet and began to mount the bed in a big cat fashion, slowly on her hands and knees she positioned herself over Debbie looking down, she gave a little kiss and explored her mouth with her tongue, before beginning a slow and purposeful decent down Debbie's sexy body, she almost pinned Debbie down and didn't allow her to roam her hands over her body, moving to her neck and shoulders Alice continued to roam her lips and tongue over Debbie's body. I guess Debbie just gave in and made no attempt to return and favors, her head was to one side and her eyes closed, taking in the feeling of seduction that she was being submitted to, sighing every few seconds she would push her hips out and arch her back, this looked wonderful on my screen and gave me a perfect view of her hard nipples and full breasts, as Alice made her way to the top of her breast Debbie couldn't take it any longer, she opened her legs very wide and at the same time placed a hand over her panties

"Stop teasing and suck my nipples before I scream" it was almost a whimper, "Please sweetie, I need to feel your mouth on my nipples."

Alice said nothing but gathered in Debbie's tits and pushed them together, her nipples almost touching she snaked out a wet tongue and began to flick each nipple in turn, I could now clearly make out both girl moaning but it was certainly Debbie who was the furthest gone, she was so aroused from the attention she was receiving with in a few minutes she was clearly close to orgasm, she was rubbing herself through her wet panties and Alice was squeezing her tits and sucking and licking her nipples. 

What surprised me was just how much attention Alice gave Debbie's nipples, despite being wonderful breasts I would have though she'd have moved on after about ten minutes but no, she loved every minute of sucking, biting and licking her friends fun bags, she seemed to be working herself up by playing with Debbie's tits and anyway, who was I to complain. It was clear that they were both enjoying the fun and that my dirty whore of a wife was as much a titman as I am!

Quickly changing camera angle I had a view from the bottom of the bed upwards and this was so erotic, I had a perfect view of both girl's crotches as Alice straddled Debbie, the dark tufts of Alice's pubic hair clearly visible and the wetness of her pussy lips could be clearly made out. Debbie however became the focus of my attention; her white panties which covered her hot pussy looked so inviting as she lay there with her legs wide part, not slightly parted but wide apart, her hand sliding over them stimulating her clitoris, occasionally she'd pull them to one side giving me a flash of her pussy as she dipped a finger into her wet cunt. 

Alice continued to suck on Debbie's tits for a few minutes more then suddenly and quickly moved things on a little, she sat up on her heals with her wet snatch on Debbie's stomach, kissed Debbie hard and before you could say "Suck my pussy!" she was straddling Debbie with her pussy only inch's from her face, without any prompting Debbie pulled Alice down and began to lick her pussy, again I had to pinch myself, my slut wife was on our bed sitting on her best friends face whilst getting her pussy licked, this time however I had full sound as well and boy did it add to the show. Alice moaned a deep throaty moan the very first time Debbie touched her wet lips and with in a few moments she was grinding her hot pussy into Debbie's face, I think she was so desperate to get off that this was going to be a quick orgasm and Debbie certainly obliged in doing her bit, her hand were around Alice's back pulling her onto her mouth and by the way she held her Debbie was not letting go until she'd fulfilled Alice's desire.

Alice's moans became deeper groans, the kind I myself was used to hearing whenever I made her come, and I knew what was coming, Debbie just lay there with her legs spread wide, raising her hips and clenching her buttocks to increase her own building desires, Alice began to rub the palms of her hands over her nipples and this was almost it, she threw her head back and gasped to Debbie.

"Oh my God, Oh my god I'm gonna cum" 

These words I'd heard so many times but this time she was sitting on her best friends face, Debbie held her tighter and looked up from her lover crotch, as she did she passed her hand over her stomach and cupped Alice's breasts, this was it.

"Oh yes, don't stop, Oh my got Debbie I'm gonna cum, OH MY GOD, YES YES OH YES, OOOOOH MY GOD!!" and that was it, the flood gates opened. Alice ground her pussy hard into Debbie's mouth and shuddered to an intense orgasm. 

I almost shot my bolt too but managed to hold myself off for a while longer, Alice got off of Debbie's face and kissed her passionately, her tongue snaking in and out of Debbie's mouth, as she did so her hand reached down to Debbie's crotch, sliding her hand into the front she instantly had control of her new lover. Debbie bucked hard from the touch of Alice's fingers and opened her legs wider, I watched in anticipation as Debbie began to rhythmically meet Alice's touch and also pinched on her own hard nipples, she was certainly close to satisfaction because in only a few minutes she, like Alice before her, was moaning loudly from the attention she was receiving. Suddenly Alice broke from their kiss and quickly turned to face Debbie's pussy, she obviously wanted to watch Debbie cum and so quickly removed her panties, with one hand she parted Debbie's hairy pussy lips and with the other she began to finger her wet hole and tease her engorged clit, she to was looking very flush and aroused but it was Debbie who was in the land of pending eruption. Obviously from my vantage point I was now looking straight into Debbie's crotch and the view was wonderful, a hairy but neat thatch of hair and a lovely tight butt hole that I'd love to fill.

Alice didn't take her gaze from Debbie's dripping pussy as her fingers fucked and teased Debbie to her climax, Debbie's wasn't as loud as Alice but you could clearly sense the intensity building as she bucked and responded to every touch, she suddenly squeezed her lovely tits hard together and pinched her nipples as finally her hips lifted high off the bed, and only inched from Alice's face she satisfied Alice desire to make her cum, she began to shudder long and hard and groaned

"Oh yes, oh baby that's it, that's it I'm cumming for you......OH JESUS YES!"

That was it, she grabbed the duvet and held on tight as she let herself go, and boy did she go! As Alice rubbed her clit her pussy ejaculated her orgasm much like a man, her pussy released a flow of hot juices as though she was pissing herself, it was such a wonderful sight that it took Alice by surprise and took me over the edge, I too came so hard I too moaned a loud, Alice looked surprised at the intensity of Debbie's pleasure but had a glow of satisfaction on her face, when Debbie relaxed my slutty wife turned and lay beside her and they kissed passionate kissed whilst they explored each other once again.

I watched and wanked all night as the girls pleased one another but the desire was lovingly sensual, not so much dirty sex but passionate love making and exploring their new found relationship.

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