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Strip Poker Wife Swap

Two weeks ago our next door neighbors invited me and my wife Megan over for a barbeque. Paul and Jillian have been good friends for a couple of years now and we have done lots of things together, like attend concerts, ball games and go on camping trips. But since Jill had their first baby six months ago it has put a crimp in our activities together. I have always had the secret hots for Jillian, especially when she was pregnant. She is very attractive, outgoing, funny, amusing and a bit of a flirt, unlike Megan who tends to be somewhat shy and reserved. 

We just found out that Megan is pregnant with our first child and so Paul and Jill invited us over to celebrate the occasion. After dinner we settled in to watch a PPV movie on TV. Their baby Suzy woke up and required some attention so Jill left the room for awhile to tend to her motherly duties. She returned a short time later. When the movie was over we started watching another one but part way into it Paul said “This movie is boring, let’s do some different for a change”. “Like what?” I said.

“We could play a game, how about some cards?” Megan indicated she didn’t know too many card games. I mentioned that we don’t play cards too often, Gin Rummy was about it. “You don’t know how to play Hearts or Spades” Paul said. Jill piped up with “Oh it’s easy, we can teach you” 

We started of with Spades but Megan kept loosing and she doesn’t like to lose at anything. Paul asked Megan, “how about some poker, everyone knows how to play that, right?” I then piped up with a wild inspiration “What about strip poker, has anyone ever played it or fantasized about it?” 

Megan looked at me and said, “I have always suspected you have the hots for Jill. It’s obvious you just want to see her naked.” We sat there in stunned silence looking at each other until Jill turned to Paul and said, “Yah, no doubt you’d love to see Megan naked too, especially now that she is pregnant. I know the thing you have for knocked-up chicks”. 

Paul responded, “Okay, I admit it, I think it would be fun”. Megan looked over at Jill and said “Did he enjoy you being pregnant?” “Yah, I suppose so, he couldn’t keep his hands off me. What do you think Megan, should we indulge our horny husbands?” 

“What are the rules?” she replied. “I suppose anything we want them to be. Let’s all start out by stripping down to three remaining pieces of clothing. Anything that comes in pairs is considered one piece”. So, we stripped down, the guys with shirt, pants and underwear, the girls with bra, panties and blouses. 

I won the first hand so Paul took off his shirt and the two girls removed their blouses. By dumb luck Megan won the next hand, so I took off my shirt and as Paul stood up to remove his pants we all heard muffled sounds from the nursery. Jill said it was time to feed little Suzy again and apologized for the interruption. My wife said “Hey, no you don’t, are you just going to leave me sitting here in my underwear alone with two horny guys?” Jill suggested that Megan go with her and that the guys could go jump in the hot tub and wait for them to join in after the baby got changed and fed. 

It was a warm July Friday night. The hot tub was on a secluded patio in the back. Paul and I did as suggested, first grabbing some drinks from the frig on the way. We got in the hot tub naked, sipped our beers and just relaxed as we waited for our wives. 

When they came out Megan was carrying a bunch of towels for us to use later and Jill carried Suzy in one of those baby baskets which she set down near the hot tub so she could keep an eye on her. Both women were naked and the first thing I noticed was that Jill’s pussy was completely shaved. 

As the girls got in Jill slipped down next to me and Megan gravitated over toward Paul. Before I knew it Jill was kissing me and my hands were roaming all over her body until somehow instinctively I got to her breasts. I lightly pinched her nipples as we tongued each others mouths. A couple of moments later I felt Jill’s hand on my penis. I glanced over to see how Paul and Megan were doing and it appeared they too were involved in some pretty heavy petting. While stroking my cock Jill moved to face me, sitting on my lap. She whispered in my ear “I want to feel you suck on my nipples and taste my milk”. 

She put her hands on my shoulders and as I sucked her baby’s milk from her huge nipples she ground her pussy against my hard dick. My back was to Megan and Paul but she was watching them intently to see how far they would go. Finally, she put her head next to mine with her mouth on my ear and whispered, “I think my husband just slipped his cock up your wife’s pregnant pussy”. I looked over to see Megan on Paul’s lap with her back facing him as she pumped her ass up and down on his groin. He had his arms around her and was pinching her nipples. They both appeared to be lost in their own little world and were obviously deep into the throws of passion. 

I whispered back to Jill, “Well, at least we don’t have to worry about Paul knocking her up”. She slid back a bit, reached down, grabbed my cock again and resumed stroking it as she stuck her tongue in my ear saying, “I want you inside me. But let’s get dried off and go in the house first”. Then Jill slid off my lap and moved over in front of my wife who was so openly and blatantly being fucked by Jill’s husband. Jill told my wife she was taking me in the house to give her and Paul more privacy to enjoy themselves. She went on to tell Megan that she wanted to spend the night alone with me and suggested that she take Paul back to our house for the night. To my surprise my dear, previously conservative and somewhat shy, pregnant, and now whore wife said it was fine with her and went on to suggest making it a whole weekend swap. 

Jill and I got out of the tub and grabbed a couple of towels. She picked up Suzy and led me into the house. I loved looking at her naked body. We dried ourselves off and she led me into the den. After putting the baby down she pressed her nude body up against mine, kissed me and told me the water had washed out most of her sex lubricant and she needed a few minutes to get her girl grease back. She then dropped to her knees and started stroking and sucking my cock. It felt wonderful. I said, “Can I tell you something, I mean something in confidence, complete confidence?......I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I mean it. Those slender hips, tight ass, long skinny legs, that little bulge in your belly and your beautiful little tits drive me wild. I love your nipples, they must stick out at least an inch and I loved sucking milk from them. And I adore a shaved pussy. Even more, I like your personality and respect that beautiful brain of yours ! 
not to mention your fabulous humor. I wish YOU were my wife. Megan just doesn’t compare to you”. 

While I was talking she never missed a beat sucking on my cock. Then she stood up, held me close, gave me a big long kiss and finally whispered in my ear, “Darling, I have had a thing for you ever since we met. As of right now I am your wife, at least for a few days. I mean it and I mean it in every conceivable way. My wedding vow to you right now is that I belong to you, I am your bitch to have and to hold and to use to pleasure yourself in anyway you wish. I am your property now. So why don’t you take me to bed and consummate our union as husband and wife”.

On the way to the master bedroom she dropped the baby off in the nursery. I told her I wanted to taste her pussy. She sat on the edge of the bed, laid back and spread her legs wide open. “It’s your cunt baby, do with it what you will”. I got down and stuck my tongue into her open vagina and began licking her sex. She tasted wonderful. As I ate her out she talked dirty to me and mentioned how her “former husband” was probably having the time of his life fucking Megan since he didn’t have to worry about birth control. He could take her bareback and shoot his sperm in her all he wanted. Jill told me she and Paul usually used condoms and that there was a big box of them in the night stand. She went on to mention that Paul undoubtedly expected her to use them with me. 

I asked, “You’re not on birth control?” She said rubbers and the rhythm method is all she ever used since going off the pill a couple of years ago. She went on to say “You are my husband now, so we don’t have to use condoms if you don’t want. Actually, I don’t want to use any protection when you enter me. I want you bare inside me. Anyway, protected sex is no way to consummate a marriage”. So I asked what time of the month it was for her. “Oh, I don’t know for sure but I am somewhere in mid cycle. I could even be ovulating right now for that matter. I am a fertile bitch and have a healthy baby to prove it. You are too, I dare say since Megan is pregnant. But right now I am your wife, not her. I want you to pleasure yourself to complete orgasm inside me. I want to drain your balls and suck the seed into my fertile womb and keep on doing it until this bed is soaked with our procreation fluids. I want to feel OUR sweet bastard child growing and kicking around inside my belly”. 

“My God, you’re like a dream come true” I told her. “What would Paul think or do?” She responded with, “Right now I don’t care, I am in love with you, you know. After you knock me up I will probably let him fuck me bareback a couple of times and convince him the baby is his but you and I will know better. Enough talking about it now, it’s time to get up here, fuck my brains out and get that HOT sperm flowing to my ovaries”. 


So, my wife Megan was back at our house with Jill’s husband Paul, no doubt getting her brains fucked out. The strip poker game led to a nude romp in the hot tub where I watched Paul put his erect prick up inside my wife’s pregnant pussy. Jill wanted me all to herself and suggested Paul and Megan spend the night at our house while I spend the night here with Jill at her and Paul’s place. My horny little pregnant whore wife even went on to suggest we make it an entire weekend swap. 

My wife apparently had the hots for Paul more than I ever would have suspected and now that I had recently gotten her pregnant she felt free to enjoy having complete unprotected sexual intercourse with him. I certainly have the hots for Jill and I was about to fuck her for the first time. I could already tell it would be the best fuck of my life. She was lying before me naked, spread wide open on her marital bed. She had already told me she wanted it bareback with no birth control. The mere thought of sexually mating with her had already caused some pre-cum to start oozing from the tip of my dick. My lust for her was intense but I also realized I was falling in love with Jill and when she told me she wanted us to make a baby together it put me over the top with a lustful erotic sensation I had never experienced before. 

I was about to fuck the sexiest woman I had ever met and she was married to another man. She even wanted us to make a bastard baby together and we were going to do it right in her own marriage bed. 

So, I got up on the bed and fucked her. Her pussy was slippery wet and she kept telling me she loved me. She came three times on my cock and in the throws of her fourth orgasm she sensed I was about to cum and said “Yes, Yes, my darling, don’t hold back, make me your wife. Fuck your sperm into me”. I tried my best to sperm her uterus. I stayed inside her and we kissed for a long time. I was still inside her when I felt my erection begin to return so I continued to fuck her. Our procreation fluids began oozing out of her and she kept telling me how good it felt and how she hoped she was ovulating. 

Then we heard her baby cry out from the nursery so she got up to go tend to her. Little Suzy needed changing and feeding. When Jill sat up a river of fuck juice poured out her pussy. She did not even bother to wipe herself. She just let it drip down her legs as she stood up and walked to the next room. 

When she returned she was holding Suzy to her breast. The kid was sucking like there was no tomorrow. I enjoyed the sight of Jill standing naked in front of me, nursing her daughter with my seed deep in her belly and fuck cream still dripping down her legs. She said, “How are you going to like having both your wife and me pregnant at the same time with your offspring?” “I love the idea, but I got to tell you, you having by baby turns me on the most. I already know our little bastard kid is going to be my favorite. It may be a terrible thing to say but I already love you more than Megan.” She got back into bed and I sucked milk from one tit while Suzy sucked from the other. Eventually, Suzy went back to sleep lying beside us. With Jill’s back to me I entered her spoon style and we engaged in a long slow leisurely fuck with me rubbing her tits and belly. After I shot my wad up her cunt I fell asleep, still inside her. 

When I woke up in the morning Jill was not in the bed with me and I smelled breakfast being cooked in the kitchen. I got up and walked to the kitchen to find Jill wearing nothing but an apron. Suzy was in a high chair and the table was partially set up. I asked if I could help and Jill told me to finish setting the table. When she sat down for breakfast she removed the apron and we ate in the nude. After breakfast we cleared the table. While she was at the sink I came up behind her and started humping her butt. She asked if I was going to fuck her right there. I bent her over and entered her from the rear. It wasn’t long before she started moaning and saying things like: "Yessssss......give it to me.......deep in my married whore cunt.... I want you to flood my twat with your hot spunk......fuck me adulterous ovaries need your seed. 

With her spasming I could almost feel her cervix expand and the very tip of my cock enter her womb. I was now lost in the ecstasy of draining my nuts into her sex. This brought her to another orgasm as she begged, "Yes give me your load......give me a fucking bastard kid......breed me...... keep fucking me.....Ram your cock into me.....push it deep......make me pregnant .... Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck........" I pumped my seed directly into her baby factory. 

After the last volley of semen entered her uterus, her cervix felt like it was forcing my cockhead out and sealing my sperm in her womb. Jill was still shuddering and involuntarily swiveling her hips. This allowed my cock to remain stiff and hard. 

I pulled completely out of her overflowing and hopefully ovulating cunt. Jill said, "I love your cock. You can have me as often as you want, whenever we can arrange it. I asked again, "What will Paul say when you tell him you are with child?" "He'd think it was his." She stated. "Let the asshole pay for someone else’s fucking. I don't care. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I love having you breed me you fucking stud." 

I then took her over to the kitchen table and laid her on it with her legs hanging over the edge. I got between her legs and entered her again. She said, “Keep fucking this married whore. Knock me up good. I want your lovely hard cock shoved into my womb when you squirt again. I want your bastard baby." I asked her if she wanted a boy or another girl. She said she wanted a boy so he could grow up and be a stud like his father. Once again I flooded her married birth canal. When she got off the table sexual fluids once again poured forth from between her legs spilling out onto the floor. She looked down and said we were going to have to get the mop out and asked if I wanted to see how nasty she really was. I told her nothing she could do would be nasty. 

“Oh yeah, watch this”. She sat back up on the edge of the table with her butt half hanging over. Then she raised her legs and spread them wide as she started urinating, squirting her piss on the tiled floor. I loved it. I said, “Oh, cool”. I grabbed my limp dick, walked up to her and she invited me to piss on her, so I pissed all over her belly. 

After we cleaned up, she put Suzy back in her crib and we took a shower together. It was going to take some for me to recuperate from all the fucking. So she decided to do some housework. We never bothered to get dressed. We both liked hanging out in the nude and I loved watching her. She said maybe we should join a nudist colony or something. I told her it was a great idea and asked if she thought we could find one where fucking was performed in front of an audience. “Oh, so you mean others can watch us procreate”. I indicated it might really be cool. She said, “I am your bitch, whatever you like is okay with me. Would you like to parade me around naked, my belly swollen with our baby in front of other people?”. I told her it was an interesting idea. 

Later we got back in bed together. She climbed on top, guided me into her and sat down sharply and my cock actually entered her uterus. She fucked me for at least a half hour. Finally, she sensed I was getting close to cuming again so she slowed down as she leaned over to my ear and whispered softly. "Bust your nut in me and fuck it up my tubes. I'll fuck for you anytime, anywhere." 

"Keep talking to me, bitch. Tell me you're my whore. Tell me what you want. Beg for it. Make it filthy and nasty. Let it out." I commanded. 

Jillian complied. "Fuck my married cunt. horny fuck hole. Kill me with cock. I want to die happy........fuck me ......suck me…….eat me .......breed me.....anything you Just don't stop. 

"You are a whore, aren't you?" I asked" "yessssssss......." She grunted with animalistic tones, "I am your fucking slut whore....control me.....keep fucking entire body is yours. I belong to you.... my sexy stud. I want your baby in my womb. Empty your balls into meeeeeeeeeeee." 

I complied. With the force of what seemed like a hurricane I pumped her uterus full of more sperm. I grunted saying, "Here it comes Baby, you fucking bitch......take my sperm up your twat" 


My wife Megan was back at our house, next door, with Jill’s husband Paul and I stayed the weekend with Jill and her baby Suzy at her place. I didn’t know or really care if Megan was having fun with Paul or not. All I knew for sure was that I was having the time of my life with Jillian. 

By Saturday night I had lost count of how many times I had spermed Jill’s womb and my balls felt drained. Never once did we get dressed or wear cloths. We both enjoyed looking at each other’s naked bodies and having free access to adulterous sexual intercourse whenever we felt like it. It really turned both of us on to copulate with no birth control, with both of us actually wanting to make a bastard baby together. Doing it in her marital bed was an added extra thrill. 

We got a call about dinner time from Megan. She wanted to know if we were interesting in getting together for dinner. Jill indicated that we didn’t have any cloths on and the only cloths I had were left over from the night before. Megan reminded us that Paul didn’t have any cloths at all since he and she had left the hot tub naked and went directly next door to our house though the back yard. 
“Oh, so you’re both butt naked too”, Jill commented. “Honey, not only that, but right now your husband has his fingers in me. By the way how many times can he cum in a day anyway? My God, I’ve douched several times already and he’s still at it”. Jill’s response was, “Well, I guess I really don’t know but I can tell you your husband has already filled at least a dozen condoms so far” “What? You’ve gotten him to cum that many times since last night? How do you do it?” 

Damn, Jill sure was being cool how she covered herself by indicating that we were only having “protected sex”, that I was shooting off into condoms rather than inside her bare pussy. “He put one down my throat too” Jill said. She went on to say, “Actually, we’re not that hungry. Why don’t we get together tomorrow night instead?” Megan said something like that’s okay, just as well since Paul was getting ready to fuck her again. 

When Jill hung up she said we should go flush some condoms down the toilet so Paul wouldn’t be suspicious. I was standing right next to her and she said, “But first I need to make good on the other thing”. She dropped to her knees and started stroking my cock and sucking me. She looked up at me and said, “I want to taste some of that seed that’s going to make me pregnant”. 

She sure knows how to suck. When she started massaging my balls and sucking me down her throat I had a wonderful orgasm. Half my semen went directly down her throat and she sucked the remainder into her mouth. Afterwards she made a show of tasting my semen in her mouth and swallowing every last drop. 

After getting rid of some condoms she had to go tend to the baby while I fixed us some drinks. Later we soaked in the hot tub. I bent her over the edge and entered her pussy from the rear. She told me not to cum while we were in the hot tub. She didn’t want any of my little sperms getting washed out of her in the water. “Before you shoot let’s go back to the bed so you can seed my womb properly. Put my ass up on a pillow, sperm my cervix and then hold my legs up to get your DNA flowing to my egg” she said. We did just that. After awhile when she was ready to get off the pillow I told her to squat over me. I wanted her to piss our fuck juices into my mouth so I could taste it. She put her hand over her cunt, got up and squattedright over my face. When she took her hand away the procreation fluids came running out and she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I stuck my tongue up her vagina and licked for all I was worth, savoring the fruits of our sexual mating. 

Afterward she said, “Hey baby, if I don’t get pregnant this weekend we are going to keep doing this until I am, aren’t we?” “I hope we don’t stop there” I said. We tentatively worked out a schedule to secretly meet whenever we could get away from our respective spouses. Both Megan and I worked. Jill usually stayed home with Suzy but I had a flexi-time job that would allow me time off to visit Jill while Megan and Paul were working. 

The following night Jill douched, I put my cloths back on and she slipped a shift on but wore nothing else. She got some cloths for Paul and packed up the baby. We decided to go over to my house and surprise Megan and Paul. We did not announce ourselves, just came in the back door. We heard some moaning and when we entered the living room there was Paul fucking my wife spoon style on the floor. When they saw us they did not even bother to stop what they were doing. Megan said “He’s getting ready to cum, hope you don’t mind but we can’t stop now” I said, “Yah, Paul fuck that pregnant pussy” He had one hand on one of her tits and the other was rubbing her belly. “Oh God, yes that’s it Paul, I can feel it spurting out all over inside me”. Jillian put the baby down, took her shift off and got down on the floor with them. She raised Megan’s leg and put her mouth to my wife’s pussy as Paul pulled out. First she sucked the tip of her husband’s dick and then stuck her tongue into my wife’s pussy making a show of licking the sex fluids. I got down with them and sucked milk from Jill’s tits as she licked her husband’s sperm from my wife’s whoring twat. 

Both Paul and I thought that was pretty hot. Since I was the only one with cloths on I got up and shed them to get naked. Then Jill came over to me and started sucking my cock in front of her husband. She then turned to Paul and said, “You had your fun, now it’s my turn”. She then laid down on the floor, spread her legs and told Paul to get her ready for me to fuck her. He got down while Megan and I watched and stated licking her vagina. When she was good and wet she said, “Okay, that’s enough Honey, I want you to watch me get fucked now”. She turned over on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her. I got down behind her, rubbed my now hard cock up and down her slit and poked it into her. I stood perfectly still with my hands on her hips as she rocked back and forth fucking my penis. Paul asked if she was going to let me cum in her. 

“Yes Paul, this time I want him to cum in me and afterwards I want Megan to eat me”. “What time of the month is it”? he asked. Wow, Jill was really hot and bothered by then, fucking me really hard and I was deep in the throws of uncontrollable lust. I heard her say, “I don’t know and I don’t care, this man is going to bust his nut right where it belongs…….in my womb. Oh God yes, Megan, he’s getting ready I feel it, your husband is about to shoot. Paul baby, watch as another man spills his seed in your wife’s fertile pussy” 

Paul yells, “Jesus Christ, Jillian, what the fuck are you doing?” Megan was fingering herself and yells, “Oh yeah baby, this is HOT. Go ahead, fill her, make her pregnant like me”. Just as I was about to cum Jill starts having an orgasm and yells, “Oh yeah, you heard it. Obey your wife. She wants to see her husband fertilize another woman”. She pushed back on me hard and I pushed in deep and I let out a big moan as I ejaculated. 

I could see that Paul was hard again and stroking his cock. Even though he was in shock, like me, I could tell it turned him on big time. Megan got down on her knees and began sucking Paul’s dick while I continued to fuck Jill with my softening penis. I watched him ejaculate in Megan’s mouth and she swallowed his sperm. Jill pulled off me and laid on her back. She asked Megan to get a glass of water, wash her mouth out and then eat her pussy with my sperm in it. Megan did it. 

Paul then told Jill it was time to go, we all had had enough fun and she needed to douche right away, that they didn’t need anymore kids right now. I was in wonderland, still shaking in the afterglow when they got dressed and left. Little Suzy had slept through the whole thing and we never did have dinner together that night. It was the most, lovely weekend of my entire life, even surpassing my honeymoon. 

Well hell, it was like a honeymoon but better because it was with another man’s wife. 

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