Saturday, 10 September 2016

Best Wife Lessons

My wife and I married young. We have been married for over 20 years and have two grown children. I have been her only sexual partner, although a couple others tried to get their hands (and more) on her body. Her best friend, who introduced us and now lives near us, was taking a trip back home for some family things and my wife was going along with her to visit her father.

When her friend came over to pick her up my wife was at the store picking up a couple last minute things for the trip so we had a little time to talk. I knew her friend was a little on the wild side and wanted to see if she could get my wife to get a little loose and crazy, so I bet she couldn't get my wife to kiss another guy when they were away. She asked if that was something I would be upset about and I assured her it was quite the opposite and told her I'd give her $100 for the kiss and $100 for every step beyond a kiss she could get my wife to take, but that she had to send me proof.

She held up her phone and said that would be no problem, but wanted to know where the limit was. I told her there were no limits as long as my wife doesn't get hurt. She said she knew a couple of really nice guys who would give her all the help she needed so she accepted the challenge and just as we were shaking on it, my wife returned to leave for the trip. Her friend recommended my wife pack something nice, like maybe a casual dress and they would go out for a nice dinner Saturday night. My wife said that sounded fun and grabbed my favorite dress of hers which was a knee length black with floral print skirt with a black top that zipped down the back and pair of white sandals.

I guess this is a good place to describe my wife... she is 5'8" tall, with shoulder-length light brown/sandy blonde hair that she usually puts up in a French braid when she dresses up to go out, which is perfect because she has such a pretty face. She has A-cup tits but always wears a bra because she is very shy and self-conscious about her nipples showing through her blouse. She exercises regularly, so she has a flat stomach and her butt is round and looks incredible in a nice pair of jeans or under a skirt! Her legs are long and always smooth. She seldom has to shave them due to what she attributes to her Hungarian blood. Her pussy is natural, but has a thin covering of blondish hair that never got thick for the same reason she rarely has to shave her legs. Seeing her pick my favorite dress for her dining out dress made me feel pretty excited since I figured any guy would see her in that dress the same way I do... classy, sexy and hot!

I walked the ladies out to the car, kissed my wife goodbye and off they went.

The following evening, as planned, her friend picked her up and they went out for dinner then, on the way back, stopped at a local bar for a drink. The bar she picked was a fairly quiet place not far from the restaurant and was a local hangout for our age crowd, with a dance floor and mostly country music.

As you'd expect, all eyes turned to the door when these two good looking women walked in. They sat at a half-round booth just off the dance floor and ordered drinks.

My wife has never been much of a drinker and likes sweet wines. It doesn't take her much to get a buzz going. Knowing this, her friend ordered her a sloe gin and orange juice with a shot of vodka (a slow screw) to which my wife responded she can't have many of those. Her friend just laughed and said, "Relax, its ladies night out."

The drinks arrived and they chatted and were most of the way through their drinks when two men walked up to the table and said hello to our friend. She pretended to be surprised to see them there and told my wife they had been friends for years so my wife thought nothing of it when she invited them to join them. She introduced them as Steve and Dave.

Before they sat down, our friend excused herself to the ladies room so when the guys sat down she was sitting between them. When our friend came back she just told one of the guys to scooch over and she sat on the end, so my wife was still between the two men and now both were close up against her. The guys ordered a round of drinks for the table, so my wife was now on her second drink as they all made small talk to get to know each other and as the second drinks came to an end, my wife was feeling pretty comfortable. The guys ordered another round but this time our friend just got a water since, as she said, "One of us has to keep our wits about us."

As they worked through their drinks our friend started telling the guys about my wife, how we had married young, and had a great marriage and family and how my wife had never even kissed another guy, which of course she knew was a lie. My wife protested and said she had kissed a couple boyfriends back in high school before we met, but her friend and the guys kept edging her on about being inexperienced.

They all started quizzing her about how much experience outside her marriage my wife had. They asked her how many other guys she had kissed, really kissed, before she married, and the answer was two. They asked her how many guys had got their hands on her tits before she got married and the answer was one. She was buzzed enough to admit the reason the first guy hadn't got his hands on her tits was because she was so self-conscious about her small tits that she had stuffed her bra with toilet paper back then and was too embarrassed to let him find out. Our friend laughed and said the two of them were the same back then with small tits and stuffing bras to try and fit in.

They asked her how many guys had felt and fingered her pussy before she got married, and she said one boyfriend had got his hand between her legs, but not inside her pants. They all commented on what a waste that such a hot woman had missed out on so much. She disagreed saying there was nothing a guy could do to her that I hadn't done to her a lot during the course of our dating and marriage and that we were still very sexually active and energized for each other. 

So they switched gears and asked her that in a day and age of so few marriages surviving our length of time how did she keep me so happy. She explained that we just really enjoyed spending time together and saw eye to eye on pretty much everything. All agreed that getting along was important, but insisted that there must be some magic in the bed to keep me so happy so long. My wife kind of blushed a little and said she did whatever I wanted her to do and that when it came to kissing, we were incredibly compatible, which she considers the most important thing. 

They asked her what other qualities they should look for in a wife, and what all she did to keep me happy in the bedroom. She conservatively answered that she does whatever I want. So they asked specifics...

"Do you suck his cock?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Oh, then you like sucking his cock?"

"Well, yes... any woman should like doing that for her man."

"Do you let him cum in your mouth?"


"Do you swallow his cum?"


Steve commented, "Wholly shit, no wonder he married you!" And everybody laughed.

Then Dave immediately asked, "Do you let him fuck you in the ass?" 

My wife immediately answered, "NO! NEVER!" 

Dave sat back and said, "OK, so you're a little of a prude after all." 

My wife said "No, it's not that at all, it's just that my husband is too big for that." 

Steve remarked, "Damn, so you get a good kisser with a big cock married to a hot woman who likes to suck cock and swallow and gives her man mostly free range of her sexy body! No wonder you have a good marriage. Got any sisters?" And again, everybody laughed.

Steve, who was sitting on her right, said, "I can definitely see why your husband is still so hot for you... I want a taste of what he gets. I want to see what a really good kiss is." My wife immediately refused and everybody jumped on Steve's side and our friend said, "Oh C'mon, it's just a kiss! That can't hurt anything and I think as much as you've got Steve wound up, you at least owe him that. Unless you're just a tease! A cock tease!" My wife argued that she was not a cock tease, and had had enough to drink to not be ready to argue, so she agreed to just one kiss. She turned toward Steve and he leaned in and gave her a kiss. As soon as their lips met, my wife gave a quick smooch and broke the kiss and said, "There!" 

Everybody protested that that was not a good kiss and they goaded her on until she relented to give one good kiss, and she leaned in, put her arm around his neck and kissed him, lips first, then slipping her tongue in to his mouth, and he in to hers for what could never be argued as a great kiss. Of course, as soon as that was done and Steve was saying what a great kiss it was, Dave began to protest that he wanted one too, so my wife, somewhat buzzed and wanting to be fair, turned to Dave, put her arm around his neck and pulled him in for her second real kiss of the night.

They continued on, chatting and goading my wife about being so innocent and inexperienced, but all in good humor and after a couple more drinks, during which our friend continued to drink water, my wife was starting to get kind of giddy and slurring her speech a little so our friend decided it was time to go.

The guys helped my wife out to the car and told our friend to follow them for some more fun. Our friend waited for the guys to get in their pickup and followed them in her car.

They drove a few miles down the road from the bar, then turned off on a single lane asphalt driveway that went a long way up to where it ended at a nice small ranch house on a hill overlooking the road they had come off. They stopped in front of the garage, got out and came to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate. They came to our friend's car and helped my wife out since she was a little tipsy, walked her over and lifted her up to sit her on the tailgate and then sat on each side of her. My wife asked what they were doing there, and our friend explained that she just wanted to spend a little more time with her friends before heading back home, and thought that since they were all having fun together they may as well continue a little longer. My wife said that sounded OK. Our friend said, "Good, then let me get a picture or two to capture the moment.

She told everybody to squish together so she could get them all in, and took a picture of the three sitting on the tailgate. Then she said they didn't look comfortable, so they should put their arms around each other and so my wife put her arms around the men, then they put their arms up over her shoulders essentially locking my wife in place between them with her arms stuck behind their backs. Our friend said, "Say, pussy" and everyone smiled and did and she took a picture. She looked at the picture and said everyone still looked too tense so she told everybody to just relax and all look like friends and told the guys to each put their free hand on my wife's leg, which they did for the next picture.

With each new picture, she was messaging them to my phone and my excitement and anticipation were building.

Next she told everyone to look more comfortable and closer and she had the guys each lift one of my wife's legs up and put it over theirs and another "Say, pussy" for the next picture. My wife started to get a little nervous but they all told her to relax and that she was safe with them all. Her friend reminded my wife that they had been friends since childhood and told her to just trust her and enjoy ladies night out. She assured her that since she was such a good wife, she deserved it. So my wife gave her a kind of a what-the-heck tilt of her head and relaxed a little.

Our friend commented that that was the spirit and said, "So now let's have a little more fun with the camera. Guys how about having her show a little leg," and they slid her skirt up over her knee and slowly kept sliding it up her thighs until she started to protest. They stopped then but my wife was buzzed enough to not realize that with her legs over theirs and her skirt hiked up, her panties were nicely expose for the next picture.

The guys put their hands back on her thighs, so the next picture showed my wife with her legs spread and two guys with their hands on her bare thighs just below her panties. Our friend gave the "Say pussy" command again, but this time the guys just smiled so only my wife yelled "pussy." 

When she took that picture, our friend came over and showed it to my wife and told her she looked really naughty in the picture but like she was having fun and that it was time to see how much more fun she could have. My wife asked what that meant, and our friend said that she should relax and do what she is told and they'll all have fun and if she does, she'll delete all the pictures. 

My wife asked what would happen if she didn't, and our friend said she would have to decide where to send the pictures of my wife being so naughty. She asked my wife if there was anywhere she would want to be sure the pictures never went and my wife said yes, I don't want them going anywhere. Then our friend asked again if she trusted her, and my wife replied yes, so our friend said it was time to prove it and to just relax and do what she's told. She showed my wife the picture of her smiling with the guys hands so close to her panty covered pussy between her spread legs then kept scanning back on the pictures all the way to my wife sitting between the two guys in the booth and kissing each of them and asked if she is going to behave and do what she's told, to which my wife said yes. Our friend said, "Good girl. Now let's see how fun and naughty an innocent wife like you can be." 

She told the guys to stand up and each to give my wife another kiss. Steve stepped up to her, spread her knees apart to stand between her legs and bent down, held her head and kissed her in the mouth with a long deep passionate kiss, then stepped back so Dave could take his turn. As he stepped closer, my wife reflexively closed her legs but just as Steve had done, he spread her knees back apart, then reached up and hiked her skirt up the rest of the way, complimented her on her panties and kissed her harder and longer than Steve had. Our friend took pictures from behind the guys showing them between her legs and from beside them showing them deeply kissing her willing mouth.

After each new set of pictures, she showed my wife and reminded her to just keep doing what she was told and they would all be deleted when they were done. Steve made a suggestion that to up the ante a little in their favor, he could set up his video camera to capture the activities and as long as my wife remained compliant, they would delete that too. Everyone, except my wife, agreed that was a great idea and he grabbed the video camera and tripod out of his garage and set it up to capture the action.

As soon as they were back to action, our friend commented that Dave seemed to really like her panties so maybe he should get a better view. They gently pulled my wife off the tailgate, turned her around and told her to bend over onto the tailgate. Our friend told them to stand by her for pictures and they stood on each side of her and put a hand on her ass and smiled. As our friend watched on and took pictures Dave got behind my wife, put his foot between hers and nudged them apart and told her to spread her legs, then he lifted her skirt up over her ass to completely expose her panty covered ass and pussy. Both men started kneading her ass and squeezing her ass cheeks and upper thighs, taking turns running fingers over her pussy which was wet enough to show through her panties. 

Dave complimented her on such a nice ass and pushing a finger firmly against the wet spot on her crotch asked my wife "And what is this wet spot here?" When she didn't answer right away, he gave her pussy a light slap and asked her again, this time she said, "My pussy". He said he couldn't hear what she said and gave her another light slap and she said, louder this time, "My pussy." Dave said she needed to answer any questions immediately and loudly or she would be spanked. He asked her again what everyone was looking at, and she immediately and clearly said, "My pussy". Dave said he was looking forward to seeing that too, but not just yet. 

He asked my wife if she had let a guy see her pussy first or her tits, and she said, "My tits." Dave said they should follow the same sequence so they could figure out her secret to finding the right guy. He asked everyone if they agreed, and of course our friend and Steve immediately agreed but my wife didn't respond, so Dave slapped her pussy again and said, "That's OK wife, I think we know what needs done." He unbuttoned the button at the top of her dress, unzipped the whole way down her back then told her to stand up, and he slid her dress down and had her step out of it, so now she was standing outside in front of three onlookers in her bra, panties and sandals covering anything on her body. It wasn't much coverage, but everyone including my wife knew it was too much.

Steve stepped up and grabbed my wife and turned her around to face our friend and Dave, then got behind her and wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her tits for the next picture. He asked my wife what he was doing to her, and she obediently replied "Squeezing my tits." As soon as she answered, he asked her how many guys had squeezed her tits like this and she answered, "Two." 

Next he asked if she had let a guy see her bare tits or get his hand in her panties first. She thought a second then answered that I had gotten my hand in her panties before I had seen her bare tits. So Steve asked her where his hand should go next. She hesitated a moment until she saw Dave stepping up to slap her pussy and she cringed and quickly and loudly said, "In my panties." So with the video camera rolling and our friend taking pictures of each new step, Steve moved beside my wife and slid his right hand down over her abdomen and in to her panties, told her to spread her legs and immediately slipped a finger between the hot lips of her very wet pussy.

My wife let out a slight gasp from the sudden pleasure of being penetrated and Steve complimented her on how wet she was, then asked her what he was doing, to which she almost breathlessly responded, "Fingering my pussy." He told everyone how hot and wet her pussy was then told Dave to come and see, and when Steve pulled his hand out of my wife's panties Dave immediately took his place and put his hand in her panties and slipped his finger in her pussy. 

Dave told my wife to look at the video camera and tell the camera what he was doing. When she had complied, he took his hand out of her panties and told her to open her mouth, and he brought his hand up to her face and put his wet finger in her mouth and told her to suck it. He told my wife to look at the camera and tell the camera what she tasted on his finger, and she said, "Pussy". "And", he said "do you like the taste of pussy on a finger in your mouth?" to which my wife replied,, "Yes, I like to taste pussy in my mouth." All three complimented her on how hot that was and how good she was behaving. 

Steve asked her if after fingering her pussy, she had let me see her naked tits next, and when she said yes, he go behind her, turned her toward the camera and unhooked her bra, lowered if off her arms then set it in the back of the truck. So now my wife was standing outside in the lights of the driveway in only her panties and sandals. 

Steve started kneading, groping, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and asked my wife if she liked that. Steve told Dave to help and he stepped up and stated squeezing the sucking my wife's right tit while Steve focused all his attention on her left tit. Steve took his mouth off my wife's nipple long enough to tell her to hold their heads and she put her hands on each guy's head and held them tight to her tits. After giving her tits ample attention, they stopped and took a break from ravishing her body to take turns kissing my wife and ravishing her mouth with their tongues and fingers. 

Dave asked her what I had got to do next, was it seeing her bare pussy or something else, and my wife told them she had let me get her panties off next. With that new information, Steve got behind her and grabbing her tits held her up firmly while Dave removed her panties. After sliding them down her legs and having her step out of them, he brought them up to her face and told her to stick out her tongue. When she complied, he gently rubbed the inside of the crotch of her wet panties over her tongue a few times before he set them in the back of the truck with the rest of her clothes.

So now she was naked except for her white sandals, outside with 3 pairs of watching eyes.

The men complimented my wife on how well she was behaving and told her that since she had been so good and so compliant, she deserved a reward and could pick her reward for being such a good wife. She said she'd like to have her clothes back but Steve corrected her and said, that no, she couldn't have her clothes back because they weren't finished with her body yet. He told her that since she didn't seem to fully understand yet, they would choose a reward for her. 

Steve grabbed a blanket out of his truck and brought it back behind the truck and folded it in to a thick square, put it on the ground and told my wife to kneel on it. When she knelt down on it, the guys stepped up close on each side of her and asked her what she wanted for her reward. When again, she got the answer wrong, they told her that since she liked to suck cock, they were going to let her suck two cocks for her reward. They asked if she would like that, and she knew the right answer was "Yes."

They asked her if the first time she got to see my cock if I had taken it out or she had. She told them she had tried, but was afraid she would hurt me trying to bend it to get it out of my pants since I was so hard by then. So the guys helped her out and took off their pants then stood right beside her and asked her which cock she wanted to see first. She just picked a name and said "Steve" so he told her to go ahead and pull down his underwear. Steve told Dave not to worry that he was sure there was something special she would be able to do for making him wait. My wife pulled down Steve's briefs and his rock hard cock immediately popped out at her.

Dave stepped out of his underwear and told my wife to grab his cock. He complimented her on how soft her hands were and how nice her little fingers looked on his cock, then told her to see how much she could fit in her mouth. He put his hand on her head, tipped it back so she was facing up towards him, then he told her to open her mouth and he slipped his cock between her lips. He told her to relax and see how much she could fit in and he slowly kept pushing his cock in her mouth until she started to gag slightly and recoil. He held his cock in her mouth as far as it would go then wrapped his hand around his shaft and pulled it out to show how much she could fit in. He then stepped away and let Dave do the same thing, so again, after my wife took off his underwear, he filled her mouth with his hard cock and was able fit it all in. All the while the video camera capturing the action, and our friend was taking pictures and sending them to me.

When both had tried out her mouth, Steve asked her if she had let a guy cum in her pussy or in her mouth first, to which she answered that I had cum in her mouth a few times before she let me take her virginity and it was a long time after that before I actually came in her pussy since we didn't use birth control at the start. Next Steve said, "OK, we'll try to do the same. So who do want to cum in your mouth and who do you want to cum in your pussy? I hope you've figured out by now that you are getting fucked tonight." My wife said she figured that was probably going to happen and that if she had to pick, it would be Dave in her mouth and Steve in her pussy since Steve had the bigger cock. Dave asked her what her favorite position was to be in when she was sucking my cock and she told him our favorite way was me laying down while she was between my legs. Steve commented that works out great for him to fuck her from behind which was his favorite position.

Steve told my wife to look at the camera and tell what was about to happen, to which my wife looked at the lens and said, "Steve is going to fuck me while I suck Dave's cock." Then Dave made her tell the camera why they were both going to fuck her like that and she looked at the camera and said, "They're going to fuck my pussy and my mouth as my reward for being so good tonight and showing them how a good wife treats her husband." 

With that, Dave lifted my wife up off her knees and Steve unfolded the blanket enough to make it longer and spread it out behind the truck. Dave lied down at one end of it and told my wife to get down on her hands and knees, which she did. Dave pulled her head down to his cock and she took it in her mouth and immediately started to suck it and move her mouth up and down on him. Steve got behind her and wasted no time getting his hard cock buried in my wife's wet, slippery cunt.

With all the play leading up to this, it didn't take long before Steve was pounding hard and deep and with a groan, slamming deep inside my wife and filling her pussy with his cum. The moan she gave out when he slammed in the final time made my wife moan and put Dave over the edge and he held my wife's face tight to his cock and started cumming in her mouth. Both men pushed their cocks as hard as they could into my sweet wife and held her tight while they filled her with cum.

When they were done pumping my wife full of cum, they both stood up, helped my wife up off the ground, then picked the blanket up, put it down in the back of the truck then laid my wife on it while they all caught their breath.

My wife asked if she could get dressed yet, and Dave said, "Yes, everything but your panties." My wife stated to dress while asking why she couldn't put her panties back on yet, and Dave told her he wasn't done with her yet. He said he still had to get something extra for my wife making him wait to get his cock in her hands and mouth.

After a few minutes of catching their breath and recharging, Dave said he was ready for his something extra, and told my wife to get off the blanket and get behind the truck. She didn't question, since she knew to just do as she was told. Dave turned her around and told her to bend over the tailgate. He pushed down on her shoulders so she was lying flat bent at the waist, and he reached down and pulled her skirt up, folded it over her back and told her to spread her legs.

Spreading her thighs and ass cheeks, Dave looked at her cunt and told her that with Steve's cum running out of her pussy, it wouldn't be a tight fuck, so he was going to fuck her virgin ass. My wife stated to say no, but he pushed back down on her shoulders, smacked her ass and told her to just do what she was told and he would be gentle, but to relax, and get fucked in the ass. My wife let out a little whimpering plea but Dave turned to our friend and, spreading my wife's ass, asked, "Is this alright?" Our friend said, "Yes. It may be a little uncomfortable but it won't hurt her." She then came up to my wife, put her hand on her face and said, "Just relax, you're going to get fucked in the ass."

Our friend went back and got the video camera off the tripod and came back with it to my wife's face and said, "Tell us what's about to happen to you." 

My wife nervously replied, "I'm going to get fucked in my ass." 

Her friend smiled and asked, "And have you ever been fucked in the ass before?" 

My wife replied, "No." 

Our friend smiled slyly and asked, "And, do you want to get fucked in the ass?" 

My wife said, "Not really" which got her a hard smack on the ass.

Our friend said, "Wrong answer. Let's try this again. "Do you want to get fucked in the ass?"

My wife quietly said "Yes". With another smack on the ass, she said, "Yes", loudly and appropriately.

All the while this exchange was going on, Dave was behind my wife, fingering her pussy and taking cum from her pussy and spreading it on her asshole and pushing as much inside her ass as he could to get her lubed up. When she was admitting she wanted fucked in the ass, he obliged and started to push his hard cock in her ass, for the first time putting something up there.

Dave slowly and gently kept pushing farther in her ass until he had got the head of his stiff cock inside her. With some more pushing, he got the thickest part of his shaft inside her tight ass, all the while telling my wife, "Relax, we're almost there" which was kind of comforting to her that she would be alright. 

When he had finally got his full cock shoved inside her, he began to slowly at first then fast and harder thrust in and out of her ass for a few minutes that seemed like a lot longer to my wife, before he groaned and pushed deep and dumped cum for the first time in my wife's tight little ass.

After a few moments of catching his breath while his erection faded away, he pulled out of my wife, gave her ass a light smack, and said, "Great fuck."

My wife started to get up and asked if they were done now, to which our friend said, "You are, but watching all this got me excited, so I need fucked before we leave, and I want you to watch Steve fuck me. Climb up on the blanket and lay down and relax while I get fucked." 

So my wife climbed up in the truck and lied down. Our friend said, "Turn around so your head is towards the tailgate so you can have a good view." Steve came over and started kissing our friend while he undressed her, and when she was naked, she climbed up in the truck, on her hands and knees over my wife with her pussy above my wife's face so she had a good view.

Steve climbed up behind her on his knees and started to push his cock in our friend's wet pussy, and he slid smooth and fast fully insider her. Because it hadn't been long since he came in my wife's mouth, Steve lasted considerably longer, but in a few minutes our friend was moaning loudly and starting to cum as Steve pushed hard inside her and started to cum with her.

With a couple hard deliberate thrusts, Steve finished cumming in our friend and slowly started to withdraw his cock from the pussy over my wife's face, pulling some cum out with his semi-hard cock which dripped down on my wife's cheek. 

After he was out of our friend, Steve reached around her and pulled her up against him which put her dripping pussy right over my wife's face. Our friend lowered down slightly and Steve grabbed my wife's head to turn her mouth toward our friend's pussy. Our friend continued to slowly lower down on my wife's mouth as Steve told her, "Lick her pussy."

My wife stated slowly and reluctantly licking cum off our friend's pussy then as she continued, she just surrendered and started devouring the cum of and licking it out of the wet pussy on her mouth and in no time our friend was loudly cumming again!

When her orgasm subsided, our friend started to climb down of my wife, moving slowly and deliberately so her tits ended up sliding over my wife's mouth then ending up with her face right over my wife's face. She held my wife's head in her hands and softly said, "Thank you for an incredible ladies night out", before lowering her mouth down on to my wife's for her first girl kiss.

After everyone dressed, our friend grabbed the video camera and moved it up close to the three sitting on the tailgate and told my wife, "OK, now look in the camera and tell us everything that happened to you here tonight." 

My wife looked at the camera and said;

"I got kissed then stripped naked by two men I just met."

"They squeezed and sucked my tits, then they fingered my pussy and made me taste my pussy on their fingers."

"Then they put me down on my knees and took turns putting their cocks in my mouth."

"They put me on my hands and knees and pulled my face down for one to fuck my mouth while the other fucked my pussy."

"After they came in me and I swallowed a load of cum, they bent me over and one fucked me in the ass and came in my ass. That was a first for me."

"When they were done with me, one of them put my friend on her hands and knees over me and fucked her right over my face so I could watch."

"When they were done, they made me eat cum out of her pussy, which was another first for me, and that made her cum again."

"Finally she kissed me, which was another first for me, and thanked me for a fun evening."

With the festivities complete our friend made my wife thank both men for what they had done and for and she kissed each goodnight and they got in the car and left. When our friend dropped her off at her father's house she made my wife kiss her goodnight and thank her for the evening.

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