Saturday, 10 February 2018

Indian Couple's Erotic and Loving Threesome with Husband's Close Friend MMF - Part -2

Anil saw Neena standing naked, close to me, after I stripped her completely. He got up, slowly removed his kurta, came forward, held her hands and caressed them affectionately. He closely scrutinized her body from top to toe. He wanted to have the feel of the entire body of the woman he had craved; for the past several months. He moved a little and took her in his arms. Not knowing exactly how to react, she simply let Anil’s arms envelope her. They were in a face to face, body to body embrace. Out of shyness, she avoided eye to eye contact with him. Anil kissed Neena, pressing his mouth closely against her. His fingers moved all along her slightly arched back. He caressed her hair, head, neck, arms, shoulders and the length of her back. He rolled his finger gently in the crevice between her ass cheeks. He caressed and squeezed Neena’s bare buttocks; pulled her closer to him to press his crotch harder into her belly.

Anil’s fingers explored the valley running between her shoulder blades right down to between her ass cheeks. Her breasts were hidden, closely pressed against Anil’s naked hairy chest. His cock poked my wife’s belly through his lungi. I quietly got behind Anil and untied his lungi cloth. As I did it, I touched Neena’s hand resting on Anil’s waist. Anil moved back slightly to let his lungi slowly slide down from his waist and fall to the floor. In those few seconds, I could see his cock uncurling, before disappearing again between their bodies; as Anil resumed pressing his body hard onto Neena. She moved her hand behind Anil’s body, slid it down and felt Anil’s curved buttocks. I saw her hand caressing Anil’s shapely behind. 

Anil slowly raised Neena’s chin to make her look into his eyes. He wanted her to shed the remaining hesitation. I could sense that she felt awkward and embarrassed; with her body hard pressed into Anil’s fully naked body. She was completely at a loss seeing such rapid developments. To reassure her and to let her know that I was fully with her in this, I picked one of Neena’s hands and tried to place it on Anil’s cock. I had to push her hand between their bodies. In the process, I touched his penis. It was not just any penis. Anil’s cock felt more like a piece of garden hose. It was sandwiched between their bodies. I could feel its length and girth. It poked her belly hard and made a depression on it. She moved back slightly to reduce the pressure of Anil’s cock and to take it in her hand.

Neena felt Anil’s naked cock for the first time. She lightly squeezed it and tried to feel its length and girth. I also saw Anil’s cock for the first time. It was admittedly, much longer than mine. It was certainly thicker. That was the first time my wife had seen an adult penis other than mine. There was a net of greyish veins circling his cock’s skin. It was reddish pink and looked fresh and shining. Neena just looked at it blankly. Anil’s cock was wet from his pre-cum. She held onto his cock for almost two minutes; dumb founded looking at a stranger’s cock so big, fat and hard.

I softly planted a kiss on her cheeks and shook her up a little, to bring her back to the present. She was perhaps shaken up somewhat, foreseeing a possibility of this cock entering her pussy. With shyness imprinted on her face, she made a ring of two fingers and wrapped them around Anil’s cock to begin a gradual shagging of Anil’s cock. Anil shuddered. He bent forward and affectionately kissed her head. Neena saw me behind Anil. She released herself from Anil’s hold and came forward closer to me.

I heard Anil telliing Neena, “Neena, why is your husband dressed, when we are all in our birth suits? That is not fair.”

Neena blushed. Anil caught the edge of my kurta, unbuttoned it and with both his hands, pulled it up over my head and dropped it by the side of the bed.

Neena embraced me and kissed my lips. She took my one hand, placed it on her breasts and said in a very soft voice, “Raj, I want you to kiss me and make love to me in front of your friend. I am sorry for having scolded you earlier. You are the best husband, a woman can make love to me.”

Although she said it softly, I was surprised at the boldness in her voice.

She pushed her hand into my lungi (cloth wrapped around waist) and untied the knot. My lungi fell on the floor leaving me naked. She came forward and saw my erect hard cock. The cock pointed upward, as if it looked at her in anticipation. She caught hold of her favourite companion of many nights. She looked at it lovingly and started caressing it. I felt a tinge of guilt, because my cock was definitely smaller than Anil’s. However, I was pleased not to detect any such feeling from the expressions on my wife’s face.

I called Anil, and placed Neena’s hands in his. Then, I gently pushed both of them down on the bed. However, as she was falling, Neena caught me and took me down with them. We were all on the bed. Anil turned to face Neena, raised his legs and wrapped them tight around my lovely wife’s body. He wrapped his arms all around her. She was completely engulfed by Anil. His big shaft was poking my wife near her pussy area. Seeing my lovely and faithful wife lying naked on bed in such a situation with my close naked friend, gave me a solid hard on. I was ecstatic seeing my fantasy turning into a reality.

Neena sensed that it was my desire, that she should pleasure her husband and his friend simultaneously. That I wanted her to give up all her inhibitions and enjoy both of us. I could feel that she was ready to be shared and perhaps eager to fulfil my desire. It is difficult for an Indian woman to forgo her monogamy traits and change her traditional social beliefs so quickly. My love and respect for my wife increased.

I knew that she had subtle sexual attraction for Anil deeply buried in her heart. She had, until then, let it not manifest. Perhaps, that was why she had not taken a strong exception to Anil’s casual flirting with her in my absence. She could have made a big hue and cry for Anil’s behaviour. However, she chose to remain silent and let me know of this after a while, in a very casual, simple and matter of fact manner. Perhaps Anil sensed that. He planned his strategy smartly, when he ventured out with us; hoping to break her barriers. He succeeded in his efforts by his skilful and gradual exploitation of my wife’s emotional weaknesses, with my sly assistance.

Anil kept looking at his dream girl: my wife, lying naked in his arms with fascination. Her body was raised a bit above the bed. He was fascinated with the way her breasts swayed as she moved slightly in his arms. He had only been seeing this as a fantasy in his wildest dreams. Not only was she in bed with him, she was holding onto his cock in her hand and shaking it lovingly. He held onto her head with one hand and kissed her on lips. He extended his other hand around her to grip Neena’s buttocks in his hand and squeezed them hard. His legs still remained wrapped around Neena’s both legs.

She succumbed to Anil easily. Both of them kissed like old lovers meeting after a long gap. Neena, was holding onto Anil’s cock stroking it gently with one hand and simultaneously lovingly massaging his balls and mildly squeezing them in her palm. This was Neena’s special trait. She has an expertise in caressing mates’ testicles for his utmost pleasure. Anil’s erect shaft pressed her pussy lips whilst he was kissing her. Neena played with it affectionately. I suspected that she held it to prevent it from entering her pussy for the fear of unknown. Perhaps, she was not ready for it yet. Perhaps she was trying to prepare her partner for it.

Her other hand held my cock. I lay behind her and I realized that she had to twist her arm to reach my cock behind her. It was uncomfortable for her. However, she held it and shook and pumped both the cocks lovingly. I was massaging her breasts, squeezing her nipples hard and pushing myself from behind into her body with my cock pushing into her ass cheeks. By doing so, I was also pushing her into Anil.

Neena slowly got up. She seemed to have gained a little courage. She whispered to Anil, “Can you go down to my legs and kiss me there?”

She had shed all her inhibitions. She did not elaborate further as to what he should do. However, Anil went to Neena’s face, kissed her on the cheeks and asked in a tone of hesitation, “May I also feel you in there with my fingers?”

Neena looked at me inquiringly. I rose from my position behind her and told Anil, “Look Anil, at this time, Neena is not just my wife. For now, she is your wife also. Please treat her as your beloved wife. Make love to her and enjoy her to your hearts’ content. Give her the pleasure that she deserves, as your wife, even if for one day.”

Then looking at Neena I said, “Neena, for today, Anil is as much your husband as I am. Love him whole heartedly, unhesitatingly and surrender to him completely without asking my permission. Give him the pleasure that he deserves as your husband and enjoy the pleasure that he gives you.”

I emphasized the words “Today” and “For now”. I hoped that the meaning was not lost on Anil as well as Neena. Both nodded their heads. They got my clear and unambiguous message.

After my go-ahead, Anil was fully pumped up. He lifted Neena a little and kissed her full on the lips. My message was enough to make my wife throw all cautions to wind. She fully reciprocated Anil’s kiss. She held Anil tightly and pressed her face hard on his. She sucked his lips hard, as if she was thirsty. She maneuvered her body repeatedly to change positions to facilitate what I could see as one of the most intimate kisses.

Anil gradually moved to her legs. He raised her legs, pushed them apart a little, went down on his knees and inserted his head between her legs. He brought his face down to the junction of her legs. His lips touched Neena’s pussy lips. Neena looked at his attempt and spread her legs apart a little more. Anil looked at my wife’s pussy and pussy lips. His expressions revealed as if he was looking at a long desired prized gift. When he bent down and actually saw Neena’s love hole, he looked at me in amazement. I knew that he was amazed to see her pussy hole. It was so small. From his puzzled expressions, I could easily guess that his wife Anita had a much bigger slit.

He knelt down and kissed Neena’s pussy lips and inserted his tongue into her love hole. After my direction to her for surrendering to Anil, Neena not only shed her inhibitions, she let go of herself. She was sexually turned on, as I had not seen for a long time. Even before Anil touched her pussy with her tongue, she shuddered and began twitching and shaking in anticipation. She perhaps recalled her past inconclusive flirtations with Anil. She had never before displayed such high level of sexual desire. She was never before as desirable, as she was on that day.

Anil had just inserted his tongue into her pussy when Neena jerked. Anil kept probing her pussy and pussy lips with the tip of his tongue. I could see his expertise in this job. He moved his mouth expertly and knew all sensitive areas. He knew how and where to move his tongue so as to make his partner vulnerable. She was unable to bear the pleasure of his tongue licking her pussy and pussy lips. She shuddered at the slightest touch of Anil’s tongue on her pussy area. She caught my hands, squeezed them and signaled me to fondle and maul her breasts hard. After a while, she pushed my head down on her breasts. She wanted me to suck them.

I was ready. Neena was squeezing and shaking our cocks and caressing our balls lovingly in her hands. Her pace increased as Anil kept probing her clit and as I sucked and mauled her tits. She jumped from waist up and down and was unable to control her feelings.

She murmured to Anil, "Kiss me there, harder! Push it (your tongue) in. That's much better. Lick it there. Oh... Raj, bite me there. Suck me harder."

I sucked her nipples as hard as I could, without biting her. I wondered how she felt at that time. Never before, had she to serve two husbands and never before had she been served by two husbands. I could imagine how important she felt at that time. Two loving males were ready to serve her the way she wanted.

Anil vigorously licked Neena’s pussy, inserting tip of his tongue in and out of her hole repeatedly. I was amazed at his ability to keep doing it for so long at that pace. Neena was ecstatic: mumbling, moaning and jumping her waist and tummy. She began moaning, "Ahhh... Oh… I am not able to bear this. I am unable to control myself. I am coming…" There! She had her second orgasm.

For some time, she lay there. She was almost breathless, trying to recover her breath. However, her energy level was far from finished; as I could see from the mischief in her eyes.

The entire room reeked of sex. I was in a state of ecstasy, seeing the situation unfolding in front of me. There was sex in the environment. All of us were sexually charged up. We were also emotionally overwhelmed. This was not just sexual exploitation for our sense gratification. It was a serious attempt to make my wife Neena experience and enjoy the forbidden fruit of extra marital sex, without having to do it surreptitiously. Neena was far more charged than the two of us. I saw my beautiful naked wife slowly rising and taking Anil into her embrace almost instinctively. She guided his mouth to her breasts. She was restless and sexually and emotionally under exceptional euphoria. She never thought that she would ever see her subtle fantasy of Anil fucking her, becoming a reality.

I realized that, my wife at that time was the most sexually aroused person amongst the three of us. This completely shattered my opinion about her sexual inclinations. Neena was so sexually turned on by the happenings and the sexual activities that, unlike her recent behaviour, she began kissing me all over my body. As she was doing that, Anil began to kiss her all over her body.

I pulled Anil near me and told him in his ears, “Anil, can we make my wife experience the height of sexual pleasure tonight; that she would never forget?” Anil nodded.

Neena saw us mumbling something in each other’s ears. She felt apprehensive and asked me, “Hey, you guys are up to something fishy. What is it?” both of us smiled, not answering.

I sat and made Neena lie down. I pulled Neena’s head in my lap and stretched my legs so that her half body rested on my legs. Anil turned towards her legs and pulled her legs inside his lap so that her toes touched his erect cock. Anil’s out stretched legs were below Neena’s buttocks and between my outstretched legs. He started finger fucking Neena, gradually and lovingly. I saw that finger fucking proved to be the biggest and the most explosive erotic foreplay for my dear wife.

It was a master stroke by Anil. He was able to arouse Neena beyond her limits. She was a woman sexually possessed. She began to moan loudly. She began to shake, twist and turn. I bent and kissed her mouth, her boobs, her neck and everywhere else on upper parts of her body. I massaged her boobs and kneaded them rolling her nipples between my fingers. She was shaking in excitement not being able to control her body. Anil increased the pace of his finger fucking. She was unable to control her third orgasm.

She clutched my cock and started murmuring, “Raj, Anil is playing havoc with me. I am unable to control myself. I am coming again…” She started moaning, trying hard controlling her voice so as not to cry out loudly, “Ohhh... What has happened to me? Why am I going crazy like this today? Ah…” And there, she had her third orgasm in such a short time that I was almost shocked. I could not believe that this was my wife. I had known her to be the one who had difficulty in having an orgasm even after a comparatively long session of fucking. I always felt sorry that I reached my high, but she could not, despite my sincere efforts. That day was a surprising exception.

Anil saw Neena’s pussy liberally leaking her love juice onto his palm and onto his pussy licking tongue. He lapped it up with delight. After her orgasm, she caught Anil’s arm and said, “So far you two have been serving me. Now, it’s my turn to serve you.”

Anil winked at me. I was excited at her commanding us. I knew that when Neena took control, she was quite demanding and organized. She asked Anil to stand up near the wall.

"I am going to give you a surprise, you will remember for a long time,” said Neena.

"Raj, please come here.” She asked me to stand pointing to a location behind her. Anil and I did as instructed.

Neena sat up on bed, bending on her knees with her buttocks resting on her folded legs. Her hands supported her front. Her juicy breasts hanged below her. Her stretched-out nipples pointed straight. She raised her mouth, took it closer to Anil’s crotch. Her hands encircled him and caught Anil’s buttocks. She gently pulled him towards her open mouth.

Anil’s erect cock was pointing straight at her lips. She pulled Anil’s buttocks so as to push his cock between her lips and started licking and kissing the tip of his hard and huge shaft lovingly. There was no question of her taking his thick cock fully into her mouth. It was too huge for her mouth. However, she caught his shaft and focussing on it, she began to lick it clean of his pre-cum with her tongue. Simultaneously, she also caressed, licked and smacked Anil’s large testicles. Anil was ecstatic. His pleasure knew no bounds. He was pleasantly surprised at Neena’s act.

Anil was overwhelmed. He could not control his ecstatic pleasure and gratitude and said, “Bhabhiji, you are the greatest wife. You really know how to give pleasure to your mate. Raj is so lucky to have you as his wife. Anita never loves me like this.She refuses to lick my penis and never entertains my request for a blowjob. In fact, she condemns any such request from me."

Neena did not respond but continued licking Anil’s testicles and giving Anil the blow job of his life. She clutched Anil’s buttocks with both her hands and pulled them so that his large cock fed into her mouth. She pushed her mouth in and out to give Anil the feeling of fucking her mouth. Anil joined her in the rhythm. He held onto Neena’s hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock and pushed it away in reciprocating motion.

Whilst my wife was sucking Anil off, I inserted my fingers into the pussy hole of my lovely, bitchy wife. Neena managed to hold some part of Anil’s large cock into her mouth between her lips. I could see Anil undergoing a spasm of pleasure at the delicate touch of Neena’s lips on his engorged cock. She artistically manipulated his cock in her mouth tenderly, without any of her teeth even touching his rock like, yet delicate tool. She rotated her tongue around Anil’s cock’s head; caressing it ever so gently. It was Anil’s turn to moan. Anil could not control his pleasure and was moaning, “Ahhh…” in ecstasy of experiencing his cock being lovingly sucked and testicles being affectionately caressed by his beloved woman. The way Anil lovingly tussled Neena’s hair and occasionally slid his hands over her cheeks, I could feel that Neena was not a slut or whore in his eyes. He treated her like a respectable lover, who was giving him the pleasure he craved for.

I asked Neena to halt for a while and made her sit in my lap. I did not want Anil to eject so soon. She felt my erect cock on her ass. She felt the pressure of my hands on her breasts. She was holding Anil’s buttocks in her hands and was licking and sucking Anil’s cock hungrily in her mouth. Anil was holding her head in his hands and combing her hair lovingly with his fingers. All of us were engaged with all our active body parts fully involved and busy.

I always believed that in a sexual act, two men (not one) can satisfy a woman, and one woman can easily satisfy two men. I am talking here about average men and women. It is a fact, if truthfully experienced.

After sometime, whilst Neena was still on the job working on Anil’s cock, I made her raise her hips. I never noticed earlier how shapely her ass was; although I saw it almost daily. It is true that we take our wives for granted.

She was holding onto Anil’s legs for support, whilst sucking Anil’s cock. I could not move my eyes away from her shapely ass cheeks and tender skin. I gently inserted one finger first and then second one, in her pussy hole. With the other hand I lovingly caressed her tender buttocks. As soon as she experienced my fingers inside, she shuddered and looked back. She saw me fingering her. Earlier, Anil had driven Neena to a high by his finger fucking. However, I felt that she could do with a little more of it.

My finger fucking suddenly injected a load of adrenalin into Neena. It re-energized her and how! She started shaking on her feet saying, “Raj, what are you doing? You are making me hot. I had heard the word horny. However, I did not know what it meant. Now I know what it means to feel horny. You are making me horny. Don’t do this or else, I shall lose all control over myself.”

Not listening; I increased the pace of my finger fucking. I had my two fingers in her tiny love hole. She was now shaking and gyrating. She was reaching her third or fourth orgasm in the night. She started vibrating and moaning loudly, “Raj, Oh Gosh! It is sooo good. Ohhh... How do you do this so beautifully? I beg of you to continue… Go on… I am coming…. Ah!.... Anil, Hold me.” She just then experienced her fourth orgasm. Until then, I had no idea that she could get so excited sexually.

Anil and I were hugely excited seeing Neena responding to our seduction beyond our most optimistic expectations. She began to moan loudly as I increased the pace of my fingers. I thought that, that day, her excitement was unstoppable. She had just experienced her third or fourth orgasm. Yet I felt that she could be nearing her next orgasm. It seemed that sucking Anil’s cock combined with my finger fucking was an explosive and erotic experience for her. Anil kept pumping his cock into Neena’s mouth and she was sucking and licking it lovingly. I saw expressions of ecstasy on Anil’s face. He appeared to be nearing ejection. Neena realized it and stopped. So did I.

Gradually, my lovely wife stretched on bed and looked at both of us. She asked Anil to move a little away. She asked me to climb on her. She said, “Raj, come, kiss me and make love to me.” I looked at Anil. His big and rock hard shaft appeared to have softened a little. A little disappointed perhaps? He was so energized expecting the first opportunity to climb on my wife and screw her. I felt a bit sad for him. I thought, today should be his day. Neena saw me looking at Anil and perhaps understood my signal.

I nudged Anil to move towards Neena. He hesitatingly moved closer to her. Neena stretched her one arm towards Anil. She caught his hand and pulled him, hinting him to mount her. Neena looked at me. I nodded my head encouragingly. Anil did not lose time. He quickly climbed over her. He was on top of her crouching on his knees and palms. Anil bent and lifted Neena up to take her in his arms. My naked wife lay inclined in my naked friend’s arms. I was thoroughly enjoying the scene. Anil and my wife were in a loving embrace. Neena lay, leaving her full weight on Anil's two arms around her, lifting her closer to his chest.

Their mouths met to begin a kiss that would go on, as both moved their hands to caress all over the other’s body. Neena ruffled Anil’s hair, gently caressed his neck, moved her hands down to feel his strong biceps, lowered her hand to feel his back, lowered it further to assess the contour of his waist, brought it down to feel his strong buttocks, she squeezed Anil’s buttocks and inserted her finger into the recess between his ass cheeks.

Similarly, Anil moved his palms all over her naked back, measuring her spinal contours and gently inserted her fingers between her ass cheeks just as Neena did. Both were thoroughly enjoying the feel of the other’s body. It looked as if they would never have this opportunity again. It was fulfilling of their wildest fantasy. To me their kiss appeared interminable. However, slowly they separated. Anil slowly lowered her on bed.

They appeared quite comfortable with each other. Anil crouched closer to Neena and loomed on top of her, supporting his body weight on his knees. His hard cock rubbed Neena’s thighs. I could see the height of my wife’s horny state. She was experiencing Anil’s long and thick cock throbbing with excitement and rubbing her thighs. This position was making Neena crazy. I saw from expressions in her eyes that she was craving to have Anil enter her now. She was now ready for her lover to fuck her and she thought that she had prepared her lover for the ultimate pleasure. She was just unable to control her urge.

Neena saw me, idly watching them enacting their lovemaking. She picked one of my hands and placed it on Anil’s cock. I got the hint. I picked Anil’s cock and after rubbing it a little on her vagina, placed it right on my wife’s pussy lips. As soon as Anil’s cock touched Neena’s pussy lips, Neena shuddered and rose up just a little, throwing Anil off balance slightly. She blushed profusely as we looked at her.

Then gently, she took Anil’s cock in one of her hands and shook it. Anil was at the pick of his arousal. Veins on Anil’s shaft were pulsating with increased pace of blood flowing through them. Neena looked at Anil’s shaft in amazement; just as Anil had looked at Neena’s love hole, a little while earlier. Anil’s cock was really big and huge for her. Neena could see the shining penis of Anil pointing directly at her pussy hole.

I could imagine fear of such a big shaft entering her tiny hole, lurking in her mind. However, it was too late for her to withdraw. Moreover, I was sure that she would have brushed aside any such thought as soon as it entered her mind. She was prepared to bear the extra pain in preference of losing such an opportunity. Now it was her turn to offer herself completely to Anil and fulfill her fantasy of letting Anil have her.

She lovingly kept on massaging his cock on her pussy lips for a while. With another hand she made it a point to caress his rather large balls in her palm affectionately. Anil was in tremendous ecstasy. He could not wait to enter her. His cock was straight, hard and erect. It was eager to penetrate into my wife’s love hole without any delay.

He lowered his body onto Neena and placed some of his weight onto her. He was concerned that Neena might not be able to bear his full weight. When women lie on their backs and men mount them for fucking, women develop tremendous capacity of bearing body weight of their lovers. Neena not only carried all the body weight of Anil but smiled at him. She turned her head, looked at me and smiled again. Anil bent his head down and kissed Neena’s lips lightly. He continued licking her neck, breasts and cheeks. He was ecstatic as he positioned his cock onto the crack of Neena’s pussy. I could feel his body tightening as he was ready to penetrate my wife.

Anil started rubbing his hard cock on Neena’s pussy lips. He wanted to prepare Neena well, before entering her tiny cunt hole. It was very difficult for him to hold his cock from entering into Neena’s love hole. However, he wanted to give her a lot of pleasure, before entering. He increased the pace of rubbing his cock on Neena’s crack.

Neena was so aroused that she was unable to bear the regular brushing of Anil’s cock on her pussy lips. She was far too excited to control her urge. Her eyes were closed. Her mind was perhaps focused on the foreplay taking place at the centre of her being at that time. She held my cock and said, “Raj… see, how it feels. She held my hand and made me insert a finger into her pussy hole. I could feel her pussy twitching repeatedly. I could feel her vagina wall contracting and expanding instinctively. This indicated high state of her arousal.

I made Anil insert a finger into Neena’s hole. He also felt the twitching of her pussy. Her love juice was leaking out almost like a flow. It looked as though she was a patient on the operation table being attended by two surgeons. She murmured, “Raj, I am on the edge and unable to control my reactions. Anil, please stop this game. What are you doing? You are making me go crazy. I did not know, sex can be this powerful.”

I knew that at that time all she wanted was to be fucked, and fucked badly by both of us. In that state of arousal, I suspected that she could have satisfied more than two of us without tiring.

Then puling me over her, she said, “I want both of you to make love to me, fuck me hard and do anything you want with me. I feel like a bitch in heat. I want to be your whore tonight. I never felt like this before. Is my feeling normal? Is this sensible? Anil, I am unable bear the torture. Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard. Please put it in. Don’t torture me with this foreplay.” She was on her orgasmic wave again.

She kept squirming on the bed as Anil kept rubbing his cock on her vaginal area. I was amazed at the restraint Anil exercised, driving Neena crazy. Neena’s waist and hips rose and fell on the bed with each surge in her orgasmic wave. She cried, “Oh Raj.. Oh Anil, I cannot hold myself.. Hold me please. Hold me tight.. I am coming…" And she had her what? I didn’t know; I thought fifth or sixth orgasm. Her emotions were so overly sensitised that she had orgasm simply by the feel of Anil’s cock rubbing her pussy lips.

This was beyond my comprehension. The hidden sexual part of my wife was getting exposed. I watched her with great excitement and amazement; wondering how my conservative and faithful wife opened up to the forbidden extra marital sexual adventures. For me, this was a miracle. That Neena could be sexually so aggressive and explicit was a revelation to me.

Anil allowed Neena to cool down after her orgasm. He halted his movements, waiting for her to rest a while. However, Neena was far from willing to rest. She signaled Anil to get into her without delay. Anil rose slowly from crouching position to sit on his knees and bent to manoeuvre his cock into Neena’s waiting pussy.

Although Neena was greatly aroused and eager to take him in her; I saw a look of concern on her face. I realized that she was concerned at the prospect of Anil’s big cock entering her small hole. She had this problem with me also. Every time we started fucking, she would caution me on taking care to lubricate her slit and my cock and push in slowly. She gently held Anil’s large tool in her hand.

She halted him and gently rubbed it for some time on the periphery of her pussy labia and then gradually pushed it slightly into her love hole. She expected Anil to do the rest. She raised her head closer to Anil’s ears and avoiding an eye to eye contact with him, murmured in Anil’s ears, “Anil, please push it slowly. Don’t force it in.”

With her fingers guiding Anil’s cock; Anil gradually entered her the first time; pushing in slightly and pulling back a little. He did this several times, allowing his and Neena’s pre-cum to lubricate the tip of his long shaft at the entrance of Neena’s woman hole.

Neena’s eye brows were raised in consternation, as Anil’s cock entered her hole a little. Anil’s shaft was about seven inches long and was much thicker as compared to mine. I could not avoid its comparison to a horse’s penis. Looking at his shaft I felt a bit jealous. I was not too small to feel threatened from Anil. However, I knew that women enjoy big cocks.

Anil said, “Neena, don’t worry, I shall be slow and careful.” Neena kept her eyes closed. However, she blushed when she heard Anil.

Anil penetrated my wife very slowly; and gradually started pumping motion, in and out of her pussy hole. He experienced extra pressure on the fore skin of his cock. Neena’s hole was really small. Anil’s cock must have been gripped so powerfully by the walls of Neena’s pussy, that I knew Anil would experience extra ordinary sensual pleasure. Neena felt some pain initially as her hole had to expand quite a lot to accommodate Anil’s Cock. I could see this from contraction of her eyebrows and expressions in her eyes.

As the initial pain subsided, Neena gradually started moving in sync with Anil. This is the beauty of a woman’s body. However, small her aperture might be, as it receives her lover’s large cock, it expands many times to welcome it. However, the process of penetration must be slow and careful to avoid damage or skin tear. I saw this happen, as she slowly engulfed Anil’s big shaft in, through her tiny entrance. Anil was careful and did that by slow repeated in / out thrusts with loving care. It took quite some time and many gradual in and out thrusts, for him to get into her fully.

At that point, there was nothing in this world for these two people except their bodies enjoying each other’s intimate feel. Gradually, Anil went deeper and deeper into my wife’s pussy with each of his strokes. I could not but appreciate his talent of pleasing his lady companion with his artful master strokes. By his gentle strokes and lovingly caressing all parts of her body, Anil managed to master not only her body but also her heart.

I saw Anil’s hips going up and down. I saw his huge shaft repeatedly coming out from my wife’s pussy hole and suddenly disappearing into it in a fraction of a second. It was like a big shining fully lubricated piston reciprocating inside a flexible loving cylinder. (I am an engineer and I could only make such a boring comparison).

As he fucked Neena, Anil let out umphs and ohs. Neena seemed to relish the new sensation deep in her body as could be seen from her expressions. She continued to moan indicating to her partner how well she enjoyed his love making. She sometimes cried out of ecstasy. After initial pain, Neena was thoroughly enjoying the reciprocating motion of Anil’s cock into her body. She clutched Anil’s waist helping him in his fucking motion. Intermittently, she looked at me inquiringly. I smiled encouragingly and mildly tapped on her fast moving ass, indicating my happiness.

Whilst fucking her hard, Anil made it a point to maintain his control over her breasts in both his hands and fondled and squeezed them; occasionally pinching the nipples. Occasionally, when he released Neena’s breasts from his palms to support his body on bed; her breasts would bounce up and down or sideways depending on how the loving couple manoeuvred their bodies. My excitement knew no bounds, seeing how my lovely and faithful wife being lovingly and powerfully fucked by my close friend. It was my fantasy to make my wife experience a big hard cock and enjoy it. As the result, my own cock became hard. It was oozing out pre-cum.

I extended my hand and encircled my fingers around Anil’s reciprocating shaft. Anil’s cock was lubricated and my palm had a feel of his cock going in and coming out of Neena’s pussy. I started tickling Neena’s pussy by massaging a fold of her pussy’s lips and pressing them onto Anil’s reciprocating cock. Neena experienced the sensation and smiled with laboured expression; whilst she was being hammered hard by Anil. Her whole body from tip to toe was sliding up and down; wobbling and moving in rhythm with Anil. Her hair was dishevelled; a part of it came over his face occasionally.

Anil slowly increased his pumping motion and Neena matched him stroke by stroke. She rose and dropped her ass rhythmically as Anil pumped her. She was moaning ohhh… Ahhh… hmmm… and said, “Anil, my gosh.. What a great fuck you are? Fuck me the whole night. Hey, you are officially my hubby for tonight. Do not hold back. Fuck me hard. Keep banging me.” She encouraged Anil to fuck her harder. I could see the impact of that challenge on Anil. He further increased his pace. He pumped her like a sledge hammer. After a while, I moved forward and made Anil release my wife’s breasts. I bent down and started kissing her breasts with one hand and with another hand I held my own cock. Seeing them fucking hard, I began shaking it vigorously.

Neena wanted my cock in her mouth so that she could give me a blowjob, whilst getting fucked by Anil. She did not want me to feel sidelined whilst they were fucking. She wanted me to enjoy my share of love making. I tried moving my penis near her mouth whilst Neena was being hammered constantly by Anil at her pussy. It was not working out. The positioning was a problem.

Anil saw my futile attempts. He stopped. All of us were puzzled. He said, “I want this love making to last much longer. I don’t want to ejaculate now.” This was a big letdown for my wife. Perhaps, she was at the top of her high. She wanted Anil to continue. Neena wanted Anil’s cock working more and more into her.

Neena told him, “Look if you guys are worried about ejaculating in me, don’t worry. I am well protected. In fact, I want both of you to pump your juices right into me.”

However, Anil gracefully halted Neena and withdrew his cock (which was still rock hard) from her pussy with some apologetic words and asked me to mount her and serve her.

Neena looked at me and saw me holding my cock in my palms, shaking it gradually. She said, “My poor husband. I hope you don’t mind my getting carried away with Anil. He is sooo.. good.” I put my finger on her lips.

She looked at Anil and said. “Well, cool off for now. However, I do not want this to stop.” She sat up on the bed and signalled to me to lie down on the bed, instead. Then she climbed on top of me. I could see her breasts with her nipples pointing straight ahead, with practically no sag. She picked one of Anil’s hands and rested it on one of her breasts. She said, “Anil please, I am feeling something here. Please suck them. Suck them hard whilst I serve my hubby.” Anil did try. However, with her jumping up and down on me, it was difficult for her to mouth the breasts. He kept fondling and squeezing them.

She loomed over me and adjusted her pussy onto my erect cock. Whilst pumping her cunt on my cock, she held Anil’s cock in her hands and gave it a slow rhythm loving shake. Now it was her turn to pump her pussy up and down on my shaft. It was such an exhilarating experience to be fucked by my wife whilst my close friend watched us. This scenario pumped me up. Neena was in no mood to stop. She went on and on.

Suddenly the dam burst, I just could not control myself and ejaculated into my wife’s pussy. As soon as I let go, she also raised a huge cry saying, “Ahhh… Ohhh... Raj, this is great. I don’t want to stop. You… carry on… don’t hold back. Release all you have got into me. Go ahead. Anil, please knead my breasts harder and harder, I am cumming…” and burst into what was her fifth (or sixth no, seventh, perhaps?) orgasm in one night.

Anil was busy handling her breasts. I clutched Neena’s ass and squeezed it hard in ecstasy of releasing my load into Neena’s cave. Gradually I collapsed out of exhaustion. Neena, in spite of her repeated orgasms, was just insatiable. Seeing me exhausted, she pushed me aside and wanted Anil to clean her up.

Anil took some tissues and cleaned her pussy of so much of cum, pre-cum and her juices. She quickly moved aside, lay down and pulled Anil to climb on top of her.

She said, “Anil, come on now. Give me all you have got. I knew that you were craving for me. Whenever you came in the absence of Raj, I suspected that you wanted to play with my boobs, smooch with me and ultimately fuck me. Am I right? I did not allow you to take liberties then. Now I am all yours… I surrender to you completely. Now there is no curtain of inhibitions or negativity. Please fuck me with all your might. I now want to take you in and feel you in all corners of my passage. You have already stretched-out my vagina. Now fuck me to your heart’s content and to my heart’s content. It should be such that I remember it for the rest of my life; even if we are unable to do it again. Now have no mercy on me.”

She caught Anil by his arms and held his cock in both her palms. She placed it at the entrance of his pussy. This was just the signal, Anil was looking for. Now there was no need for any lubrication. Her pussy was filled with my cum. If at all there was any feeling in Anil’s mind that he was going to get a loose and slippery pussy, after I fucked my wife; he need not have worried. As soon as Anil’s huge cock entered my wife’s tiny pussy hole, it forced out whatever cum was accumulated in Neena’s tiny pussy. Her passage was almost as tight as it was the first time.

He started fucking her with long and passionate strokes. I was witnessing a huge and long piston entering and withdrawing my wife's pussy hole. She was in no mood to give up. She matched Anil’s strokes, one on one, and was pushing her buttocks up and down in rhythm with Anil. She was full of, “Umhhh… Ahhh… Mmmm… feels good… come on… Anil… Harder…” Etc.

Anil was at his peak of arousal. He was not going to stop. He was humping my wife really hard. I felt a bit jealous seeing him pump my wife so hard. I was also ecstatic. That was what I subtly looked forward to. I was seeing my friend banging my wife. I couldn’t blame him. Anil had wanted to fuck my wife since the day he saw her. He kept enticing her, kept persuading her to favour him for a little touch here, a little fondling there. However, Neena was stubborn. She did not give him anything. But finally when she did give in, look what he got? He got the whole (not just the hole!) of my wife. He was making the most of it. He was not going to let her go half satisfied. Neither was my wife going to remain half satisfied.

He increased his speed and so did Neena. She was panting and urging Anil to fuck her harder. Her forehead had beads of sweat. I was watching my lady love getting consumed in the fire of pure lust with the person she secretly desired. In the past, when Anil had tried hard many times to entice her, perhaps she might have considered giving in. However, reluctance, loyalty, morality etc. restrained her. She had no such constraints now. It was her husband, who was prompting her and asking her to give in and surrender to his friend. This was what she had subtly desired and her desire was now being fulfilled.

Anil was concentrating on syncing his movements with her. He was experiencing how his lund was tightly gripped by my wife’s vagina walls. That clearly highlighted how badly she wanted him. He also focussed on Neena’s lush boobs. He squeezed them and when he could, he sucked them. There was a stream of perspiration flowing down from Anil’s forehead.

Neena kept on saying puffing and panting, “Press my boobs… harder…. I want this…. to last… the whole night…. This is it.. yesss.., good…, go on…, ahhh. …. Hmmm... never… felt like this… How…. I missed this….". Anil looked at Neena from atop her, as he was coming down on her and then withdrawing. She looked so lovely and desirable. He could see that she was thoroughly enjoying the intimacy of mating of their bodies. Each of his pelvic thrusts created a surge of excitement in her mind and body. She saw him as he thrust in and pulled back. Her eyes revealed serenity and unlimited joy. She seemed to smile at him all the time; as if assuring him that his thrusts were giving her extra ordinary pleasure.

Anil had never believed this could happen. Her earlier rejections had made him somewhat pessimistic. He only imagined this situation in his wet dreams. The round red dot on her forehead increased her charm and made her look more desirable. Her eyes looked so joyful, yet serene. He could see that she was enjoying what her body was experiencing. Whenever their eyes met, she looked sweetly at him. Anil felt that her eyes were telling him so much. Sometimes, she closed her eyes and seemed to absorb all that Anil seemed to transfer to her body. She seemed to be enjoying deep down; each moment of their mating and wanted to give Anil the utmost pleasure, she could give. At the same time, it was clear that she got the same amount of pleasure herself.

After some time Anil stopped and without removing his cock from my wife’s pussy, told Neena to sit up. Neena was puzzled. However, she quietly obeyed him. He gently made Neena sit on his lap, with his long cock still embedded in her pussy. They faced each other. Anil offered his lips and they began kissing each other. Anil wrapped his arms around her body. Neena wanted Anil to go deep into her. She inched closer to him (if that was possible!). She extended her arms and tightly wrapped them around Anil. She tightened her arms. Their bodies were pressed hard against each other. Neena’s two legs were spread wide, on both sides of Anil’s waist; whilst Anil’s cock was jammed in her pussy. This was a highly erotic scene for me. Anil asked Neena to pump him. In turn, he also started pumping Neena. It looked to me as if Anil and Neena had blended into each other.

Both of them went on like this for a short while after which Anil removed his erect cock. Neena was unable to guess what was coming. Anil asked her with all the humility, "Neena, please stand down the bed. Good! Now please bend forward and hold the bed. I am coming behind you." Neena and I realized that he was going to fuck her ‘doggy style’. She got down and bent forward, holding the bed. Neena then tasted the most erotic and fierce lovemaking of Anil’s strokes banging her pussy like a sledge hammer. Now Anil’s long and thick shaft entered the deepest points in her body, where no other cock had entered before. Neena was feeling Anil’s cock touching the deepest points in her belly. She exclaimed, "Anil… I am feeling you… deep inside me… I have never felt like this before… I am feeling… like a complete woman… giving my men all I have, and taking from them, all they have to give."

Anil's cock was just insatiable. He would just not stop. Unlike me, Anil kept on going seemingly forever. He squeezed Neena’s boobs persistently, as if holding them for support; as he pumped his long rod mercilessly into her.

Looking at their fucking, I got aroused and my soft cock began developing hard on. It was erect in no time. My wife looked at me massaging my own cock in anticipation. Neena stopped Anil, with his shaft still inside her. She made me stand in front of her to take my almost erect cock in her mouth.

Anil resumed banging my wife, who tried sucking my cock as she was rammed. It was difficult. Realizing the situation, Anil slowed down the pace. She started giving my cock, lip treatment. This was a blow job, I shall not forget. Neena sucked me, pulling my ass, so that more portion of my cock entered her mouth. She was being fucked by Anil from behind. My hands were holding her waist to steady her against Anil’s hammering. Whilst fucking, Anil was not leaving her boobs even for a moment. We were all so very busy and all our organs and limbs were fully occupied.

Anil soon reached the limit of his unlimited pumping capacity and told Neena that he was about to explode. Neena kept on urging him to pump her.

Finally, she said “Anil please release your semen into me. Release all you have got inside me without the slightest hesitation. This will be my reward for a wonderful time with my two loving husbands for the night. Please do not stop and do not take your cock out until you are fully exhausted.”

I told Neena, “Darling I am also about to explode once again.”

She smiled and looked upward at me. She was shaking by constant thrusts from behind. She said, “Hubby darling, please come in my mouth. I want to taste your semen today. I have never done it before. Don’t hesitate. Release all juices into my mouth.”

I immediately released my pent up load of cum into her mouth. I ejected for the second time in less than half an hour. This was a record for me.

I was amazed to see Neena swallowing my cum without making face or any adverse comment. She was today not only my most beloved wife, but was my most sexy, intense, erotic, lusty and horny lover.

Her eyes were closed when, with a big ooo…hhhh… Anil released what seemed like a truck load of his sperm into my wife’s pussy. He kept on pumping and pumping her, until the last drop came out; but by that time, my lovely wife had a tremendous orgasm, of which, I lost count. She sighed aloud and finally collapsed. After some time Anil withdrew his cock. It was still large but soft. Anil’s white cum was overflowing out of my wife’s pussy. My cock was flaccid in Neena’s mouth. I gradually withdrew it.

My wife tidied her hair and sat on the bed. She looked more than satisfied. Folding her legs beneath her buttocks, completely naked, with her breasts showing signs of brutal sucking but still proudly erect, her nipples pointing straight and areolas swollen, sitting there, she looked lovely. I could not fathom expressions on her face. Anil and I sat closeted with her on the bed. Anil took her into his arms and said, “Bhabhi, you are lovely. This bloke is very lucky to have you. Today, I have fulfilled my life time’s desire. Thank you.”

She came into our laps, caught our shoulders in her arms, pulled us closer to her and began to kiss us both at the same time. Anil and I wrapped our arms around our three bodies. All of a sudden she burst out crying loud.

Anil looked at her, wondering what happened. Streams of tears were rolling down her eyes. She began kissing us pressing her lips hard into ours. I knew that her emotional dam had collapsed. She let loose her emotions. We began kissing her on the mouth, cheeks, shoulder, forehead, navel, her breasts and her thighs. She was so over powered by love and sex that she was not able to understand the extreme emotions she was going through. We were all in a tight embrace on the bed. At that point we did not care for outsiders. All three of us were just one body.


After that encounter, our lives changed. Those were the most memorable and enjoyable days of our life. Anil became almost like a member of our family. He was welcome into our house at any time of the day or night. I told Neena that she could sleep with Anil, even if I was not in the house. However, Anil was very restrained. He never came in my absence. He came only a few times and that too slipped in discreetly to avoid any possibility of neighbourhood gossip. Once he came when his wife was away, for three nights and stayed with us.

We three enjoyed sex together. Sometimes, I fell off to sleep and Anil and Neena fucked by my side. Sometimes Anil insisted on watching me fucking Neena, whilst Neena masturbated him. Sometimes both of us fucked Neena one after the other, or together.

In the meantime, Anil slowly but methodically made his wife agree for group sex with us. His wife Anita was added to our circle also. Then we had threesome, wife swap, foursome and all that. But that is another story. Like all good things, our story also ended. Anil was transferred to Delhi. Our sexual adventure lapsed into history.

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