Saturday, 10 February 2018

Laurie's Milk Ch. 04

Laurie fidgeted in her seat, pulling at the sugar packet between her fingers. She was sitting at an outside table at her favourite café waiting for Danny. Angus slept in his pram next to the table, while an empty coffee cup sat between her elbows. 

"Where is that girl?" she thought. 

"Laurie!" called a voice from behind. 

Laurie turned to see Danny waving as she walked up the sidewalk towards her. She was dressed for the warm spring weather they were experiencing in an off the shoulder maxi dress and sandals. She walked up to Laurie and hugged her where she sat, before dropping herself into the seat opposite her. 

She looked into Angus's sleeping form in the pram and smiled, making cooing noises and wiggling his tiny toes, before returning her attention to her friend. 

"Sorry I'm late. Work is a bit mental," Danny said. "One of my bartenders quit on me this morning. The prick demanded to work nothing but night shifts, so I've spent my morning scrambling to redo the roster while everybody bitches and moans about who gets preferential treatment and all that bullshit. That's exactly what I want to hear when I have to go in on my day off to fix shit so the place doesn't fall down around them all. It's exhausting." She exhaled, and picked up the menu. "So what looks good?" 

She perused the menu a while before the waiter came to take their order, Danny getting a Chicken Cesar Salad while Laurie ordered more coffee. The waiter left and Danny looked at Laurie curiously. 

"Don't you have to watch your caffeine while you're breastfeeding?" she asked. 

Danny shrugged. "A couple of coffees aren't going to hurt anybody." 

Danny smirked. She then proceeded to unload on Laurie about the various employees at the bar she co-owned, and for the millionth time wondered aloud if it time for her to become a silent partner and go back and study or something. 

Danny's lunch came out with Laurie's coffee. Danny got stuck into consuming her salad while Laurie only played with her new cup, turning it on the saucer between her fingers. Danny looked up from her meal, and realised the whole time she had been speaking, Laurie had looked tired and drawn. And honestly, a bit worried. 

She stopped chewing and swallowed. "Laurie, is something up?" she asked. 

Laurie sighed, looking into her cup. "I'm just... I need to tell Steve what we've done Danny." 

Two weeks ago, Laurie and Danny had spent a night out on the town together that that resulted in the first lesbian experience of Laurie's life. They drunkenly hooked up in their room's hot tub, and again that same night while still feeling aroused, and a bit drunk, from the first time. Both of those times Danny nursed from Laurie, which at the time was out of necessity to stop Laurie's discomfort, and both girls had undeniably enjoyed the experience. 

They had promised to work out what they would tell Laurie's husband Steve and Danny's boyfriend Alex, also Steve's best friend, in the morning after their tryst, but the next day involved shopping, getting pampered and, in the heat of excitement at this new facet of their friendship, a lot more kissing and nursing. By the time they parted company they had not once discussed it. 

Laurie had still intended to bite the bullet and tell Steve the moment he came home from his boy's trip camping with Alex. But the moment he came home, Steve's phone rang. 

He had been working on a novel since they had had Angus, and the literary agent he sent his manuscript to was calling Steve to say his work was being optioned by an important publishing house in the city. He had been too happy after taking the call for Laurie to drop that bomb on him, and every day since, he had been busy working at his day job, or on the phone or computer, or driving into the city for meetings, trying to sort out his book deal. There was just never a good time to pin him down and deliver the news. 

Since that weekend, Laurie and Danny had also conspired to meet up twice to engage in ANR. The first time they met at Danny's club. Danny had simply walked Laurie to the green room they used to house the live bands that played there some nights when they weren't onstage. Danny had sat Laurie down, lay across her lap and drained one breast, then the other. 

The second time was potentially riskier as it happened in Laurie and Steve's home, while Steve was downstairs with Angus. It had started out as a nursing session, same as before, but both of them got a bit too handsy, a bit too horny, and the session ended with Danny eating Laurie out. With the resulting orgasm came a wave of guilt for Laurie, for while she had partially blamed the alcohol for their antics at the hotel room, nursing Danny now was something she had only planned to do for cathartic purposes. The last time, it truly felt like she had cheated on Steve. 

Danny looked at Laurie thoughtfully. "Well, okay, why haven't you told him?" she asked. 

Guilt wasn't the only thing holding her back from telling Steve. 

"Because, what I have to tell him involves you Dan," she said quickly. "You're dating Steve's best friend. I mean, me telling Steve, it really could ruin both of our relationships." 

Danny stared at Laurie, looking at though the thought of that reality had not occurred to her until right this moment. 

"Well, I mean, Alex knows that I like girls" said Danny slowly, processing Laurie's words. 

"Have you done anything with a girl since you've been with Alex that he wasn't there for?" Laurie asked. "Would it be any easier for you to tell Alex about this than it would be for me to tell my husband?" 

Danny looked into her half eaten plate, suddenly not hungry. 

"No, I suppose not," she answered finally. She sighed. "Okay, what are we going to do?" 

Laurie looked at Danny with pleading eyes. "I want to tell Steve about us, about what we've been doing. And...I...I was hoping I could convince you to tell Alex too." 

Danny looked at Laurie unreadably. Her face then split into a massive grin, and Danny started to laugh at Laurie. 

Laurie looked at her in surprise. "What? What is so funny?" 

Danny fought herself down to a chuckle to get the words out. "I'm sorry Laur, but really, did you think you were going to have to bargain me down to get me to agree?" Laurie still looked blank, so Danny leaned across the table and took hold of Laurie's hand. "Laurie, we might've only met because our partners are besties. But despite anything else, including what we've been up to behind their backs, I think of you as one of my best friends, and I love you, you silly woman. If telling the boys is what you need for some peace of mind then, okay, let's tell them. Together." 

Relief flooded through Laurie. "Thank you Dan" she trembled. 

"It's alright hon. Though, I'm not sure what I'm going to say exactly. I don't think it'll be easy," Danny replied, furrowing her eyebrows thinking. "Should we do it tonight?" 

Laurie nodded. "I want to get it off my shoulders, if that's okay." 

"Fine with me hon," agreed Danny. She looked at her watch. "Sorry, but I've got to get going to sort more shit out. But I promise me and Alex will have a good long talk tonight, okay?" 

Danny reached for the bill, but Laurie stopped her. 

"Don't worry about it, I'll get it" she said. 

Danny looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "Oh, you're Miss Moneybags now?" 

"Steve's been writing his novel while he's been looking after Angus. He sent a manuscript to an agent, and they threw it to a publisher who optioned it. He's editing some parts they've sent notes about, but the advance cheque has already come and cleared, so why not, my treat." 

"Huh. I mean that's good and all, but shouldn't he be actually watching Angus when he's watching him?" 

"Well...babies sleep a lot" Laurie said sheepishly. 


Laurie left the café that afternoon with the intention of cooking an amazing meal for Steve when he came home. She bought a bottle of good red wine on the way home, and spent the afternoon slaving in the kitchen to cook one of Steve's favourite pasta dishes, even going so far as to make fettucine from scratch on the kitchen bench. 

Steve came through the front door just before six to find Laurie plating up her creation and bringing their dinner over to their rarely used dining table. For added measure, Laurie had showered and chosen a slim semi casual burgundy dress she knew Steve loved her in, as it showed of her hips and ass in equal measure, and a serious amount of cleavage in the front, especially when worn with a plunge bra, which she was. 

She smiled at her husband and rushed over to greet him with a kiss and warm hug. Laurie had Steve seated in quick succession, next to Angus who already sitting in his high chair. As he played with his son, Laurie was filling up Steve's wine glass. 

It was only after Laurie had sat herself down across from Steve that he looked at what was in front of him. 

"This is chorizo pasta with that cream tomato pesto sauce I like" he observed. 

"Yes, I thought I'd surprise you" she replied with a smile. 

He looked closer. "And you made the pasta yourself" he continued. 

"Uhuh" she said, like it was nothing. 

Steve was quiet a moment. That was a lot of effort for a midweek meal, especially with a toddler in the house. Eyeing the bottle of wine, he picked it up and looked at the label. 

"Doesn't this go for fifty bucks a bottle?" 


He looked back to his wife and what she was wearing. "Don't you hate that dress because on how much it squeezes your boobs?" 

Laurie didn't reply, and suddenly looked very nervous. 

Steve sighed, unscrewed the wine bottle and poured more into his glass until it was a finger-width from the lip. 

"Okay, what's going on?" 

Laurie blew out a tense breath. She picked up her own wine, took a long draw of it into her mouth, swallowed, and spilt the secret that had been eating her up for the last two weeks. She told him everything that had happened the night she spent with Danny, the boy band, the hot tub, spending the night in Danny's bed. She told him of the continued experiences at Danny's work and, with a pause, the night in their own house. Laurie had expected him to react at that revelation, and she did see some light play behind his eyes, but he was quiet throughout, and listened to her story. 

Neither ate while Laurie spoke, and by the time she finished, the meal she had worked the entire afternoon over was cold and untouched, with the exception of Angus's simpler spaghetti and meatballs that he had promptly upended and covered his face and hands in. Laurie looked at her husband, worried. 

"So...what are you thinking?" she asked tentatively. 

Steve was quiet for a while longer. "I'm just...processing" he answered her finally. 


Both of them swirled their pasta around their plates and took small bites. Laurie was cleaning Angus's face when her husband spoke again. 

"Do you want to see her again?" 

Laurie felt her stomach drop out. 

"Steve, I-" 

Steve put his hand out to stop her. "I'm not trying to make you feel guilty Laurie. I just mean... is it good? I mean, it must be if you've seen her every week since the hotel." 

"I- I mean I was only twice...well, yes. It is good," stammered Laurie. "It's different than when it's you nursing from me, or Angus. It's for sustenance then. And for you and me, it's something we do together, that we love to do together. But with's like- like...I don't know." 

"It excites you?" Steve ventured. 

"Yeah I guess so. And it's different...and" 

"So you want to see her again?" Steve repeated himself. 

Laurie squirmed as her face reddened and her nipples hardened slightly. 

"Is it bad that I do?" she asked quietly. 

Steve swirled his pasta around this fork thoughtfully. "Here's the thing. What I said to you about the Jensen situation, about finding yourself in situations where you want to go forward...I admit that when I said that it was about that particularsituation. But as far as it being about that exclusively, well...I love you and know you're committed to our relationship, and our marriage, and aren't about to try and leave me." He took his fork and put what was on it in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. He smiled tiredly at his wife. "No, I don't think it's bad. Not bad like thatanyway." 

Laurie smiled and felt a weight lift from her body. She had hoped Steve would take what she had to say well, but actually having him hear what she had to say and react calmly was a huge relief. 

Neither found that had much stomach for eating, so Steve packed away what was on their plates while Laurie took Angus upstairs. She bathed him, nursed him, burped him, and rocked him gently until he was fast asleep. All the while she could hear Steve come up the stairs, the shower turn on, and minutes later it shut off and his soft footsteps walking back toward their bedroom. Carefully placing her son into his crib, Laurie quietly left the room, and followed her husband's suit, showering before bed. 

Covered only in her towel with her damp hair slung over her shoulder, Laurie tiptoed back to her room. Walking through her door, she expected Steve to be reading, or possibly passed out from his day in the city. Instead the lights were low, and her husband was propped up on the bedhead, naked, smiling, and waiting for her to join him. Surprised, but happy, Laurie let her towel drop to the floor and climbed in under the sheets. 

Their joining was fast and needful. Their cool bodies pressed together as Steve rolled atop his wife, lips and tongues sucking and pressing against each other, and entered her wet snatch quickly. Pushing himself into a position to be able to grind into her G-Spot, he pushed his length into her with careful slowness. Laurie got a pleasant shock when as Steve's pelvis came close to her pubic mound, instead of feeling his flesh against hers, a buzzing pleasure pressed into her clitoris. Laurie raised the sheets to see where their bodies joined, and confirmed it; Steve had been sneaky and worn a vibrating cock ring to bed. 

Grinning, Steve slowly began to pump his member in and out of Laurie. Each forward thrust met the vibrator with Laurie's sensitive flesh, and it along with the sensation of Steve stretching and thrusting inside of her quickly engorged her own arousal. Her fingernails running over the skin on Steve's back, Laurie felt her nipples plumping, rubbing against Steve's chest as he moved back and forth against her. 

After her nipples warmed up, Laurie's breast milk reacted and began to let down, spilling down her chest and over Steve. Angus had taken some on top of whatever spaghetti he had eaten, so having expressed minutes earlier, her breasts had needed little provocation to let down again. Steve knew what the sticky warmth on his chest meant, and moved himself lower to suckle on Laurie's nectar. 

Neither lasted long. Steve fucking and sucking her while kissing her clit to his cock ring had Laurie orgasming long before Steve felt his balls begin to stir and swell, finally spilling his seed on her belly. Laurie had not gone back on the pill since the birth of their son, so it was too risky for him to finish inside of her. Quietly, Steve moved off to the side of his wife, and continued to nurse off of her still leaking nipples until her flow turned to drops, and finally ceased. 

Laurie smiled looking down at her husband. 

"Did hearing about me and Danny get you a little worked up?" she asked coyly. 

Steve moved so that he rested in Laurie's arm, and grinned. "I would be lying if I said it didn't." 

Laurie laughed, and they stayed together for a while. 

Steve suddenly turned serious and looked up at Laurie. "Does Alex know about you and Danny?" he asked. 

Laurie felt her stomach twist. "Danny was supposed to talk to him about it tonight too." 

Steve thought for a moment. "Okay. Well, can you find out and let me know" he said. "I think this is something me and him are going to have to talk about." 

"Do you think he'll take it badly?" she asked. 

"I don't know. I don't think he will," said Steve, thinking about what Alex had told him about Danny on their boys trip, "but still, I think it's better to talk about it rather leave it hanging between us all." 

Laurie agreed, and disengaging from her husband, went back to the bathroom to wash the semen from her body. As she walked, Laurie text Danny to ask her if she had talked with Alex yet. 

It wasn't until she was towelling off again that she received her reply: 

"Busy, we've talked, all ok, talk later" 

Laurie thought it odd that Danny, who usually wrote text messages like she was writing a letter, seemed so rushed in her answer. But, having received one she shrugged it off, told Steve, and read next to him in their bed before falling asleep. 


Two days passed since Steve and Alex found out about their partner's antics with no fallout from anybody involved. Laurie looked after Angus and made some phone calls about returning to work, her maternity leave coming to an end in a few weeks. 

Another day later, Danny came over to the house to see Laurie on her lunch break and they spoke quickly about what had occurred. Danny wouldn't give away what her and Alex had discussed or his mood, other than that she didn't think there was a problem. Laurie was relieved that Danny didn't ask to nurse from her, being a little wary since they revealed their secret, but was still a little surprised when she asked to 'borrow' a bottle of Laurie's breast milk to take with her 'for the road', as she had put it sheepishly. Laurie was taken aback slightly, but didn't refuse. As things stood at the moment, if Danny wanted to keep drinking Laurie's milk but was happy to take it from a bottle, she was happy to give it to her. 

Two days after that, Laurie and Steve were relaxing in front of the television, Laurie eating dinner while Steve's sat on the coffee table while he fed his son. Laurie was relaxing, bra off, and picking out the peas in her fried rice while Steve gave a running commentary on the reality dating show they had on. As they watched men and women running in a mad scramble to find the person they wanted to take to the next round by presenting them with an orchid, Steve looked to his wife, then back to the screen. 

"By the way hon," he said distractedly, "I forgot to say that I had lunch with Alex today." 

Laurie turned to him quickly. She knew what was unsaid. "Well? What happened?" 

"Nothing. We had a couple of drinks and talked it over and...yeah, everything's good." 

Laurie let out a relieved sigh. "Well that's good." 

Steve didn't look away from the screen, but the corners of his lips turned up slightly. 

"What?" Laurie replied in a tone that said she wasn't playing. 

"Him and Dan are going to come over for a barbecue on Friday night." 

"Well- uh, alright, there's nothing weird about that. They come over all the time" she said. 

"I know, we just have to have a discussion. Together," he added. When he saw the look of worry on his wife's face, he felt a tug of sympathy for her in his chest and squeezed his wife's hand. "Hey, it's all fine, okay?"

Laurie gave him an unconvinced smile, and nodded. He continued. 

"There's one other thing I thought you might like to know." 


"You remember Danny coming around the other day and taking some of your milk home with her?" 


"Well...apparently she wasn't the only one know..." 

"What are you..." Laurie started, before it clicked. "Alex drank my breast milk?!" 

"That is what he said" replied Steve smiling. 


"Well from what he said, Danny and his conversation about your...relationship...ended in much the same way ours did." 

"You mean they fucked each other senseless?" 

"They really did. The thing is Danny wouldn't stop going on about how good your milk tasted and how hot it was to drink something that came out of her best friend, and so on. So after a couple of days of it, Alex convinced her to 'borrow' some to see if it stood up to the hype." 


Steve laughed. "And, he tried it, and she tried it, and they ended up getting so worked up about it and fucked each other senseless again." 

"Wow" was all Laurie could say about it. 

"So...what do you think about that?" Steve asked. 

Laurie admittedly felt violated in some small part at the fact a product of her body had been consumed by somebody that she hadn't allowed to have it herself. 

Then again, that person was Alex, Steve's best friend, the Best Man at their wedding, and the boyfriend of her...female lover. As much as she trusted anybody outside of Steve or either of their families, Alex topped the list outside of those people, and she admitted so herself, if it was going to be anyone, she was sort of happy it was him. 

She also admitted to herself, she kind of liked the fact it was Alex drinking her milk. She loved her husband, but she was kidding herself if she didn't say she though Alex was hot. He was taller than Steve by a couple of inches, auburn where Steve was dark brown, and a gym junkie. He wasn't huge by any standard, but constant training left him with a single digit body fat count and chiselled definition where his muscles met. His passion drove his career as a personal trainer, and his body he considered to be the proof of his dedication, and the results he could give his clients. She had unconsciously bitten her lip or more than one occasion when both couples had gone on a beach trip, or seen the photos of Alex and Steve running in Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, and the thought of him drinking her breast milk, yes, was a definite turn on. 

"Hon?" Steve repeated quietly. 

Laurie snapped her attention back to her husband and cleared her throat, trying not to notice the warm feeling in her cheeks. 

"Um, well, I guess it's okay. I mean, it's only Alex, right?" 

"Right. Well, just if it comes up on Friday, I didn't want you to be blindsided." 

They were quiet for a moment, before Laurie asked, "What did Alex say to you about my milk?" 

Steve chuckled. "He asked if it tasted better fresh." 

Laurie's cheeks burned hotter. "And?" 

"I told him there's no comparison to the real thing." 

Laurie felt her nipples harden under her shirt fabric, and hoped to god Steve hadn't notice. 

He did, but only smiled at her and said nothing of it. They both went back to watching the television, and no more was said until Friday. 


Friday night came. Alex and Danny turned up on time and greeted Steve and Laurie warmly with smiles and hugs. Danny ran over to coo over Angus while Steve took Alex over the liquor cabinet to crack a bottle of whiskey. Laurie poured a glass of white wine for Danny, and popped the top off of a bottle of cider for herself. 

Steve and Alex roasted chicken breasts coated in a Cajun spice rub on the barbecue as Laurie prepared a Greek Salad in the kitchen, while Danny leaned over the counter top talking about investing in new bar in the city, bouncing baby Angus on her knee. 

Glancing over at the boys, Laurie couldn't help but notice how Alex's arms strained at his sleeves, and the broadness of his chest pulled at the buttons holding his shirt together. Nor could she help but remember what had Steve had told her. 

Making sure Steve and Alex couldn't overhear her, she turned to Danny. 

"Dan, Steve told me that you gave Alex some... some of my..." she started. 

"Milk?" Danny finished for her. "Yeah, I did. Sorry, I know I should have told you what it was for. I really just couldn't think of a good way to ask. And it was already awkward; I didn't want to make things any more complicated." 

Laurie waved her friend's worry away. "It's okay Danny, I was just a little surprised finding out." She paused a moment before asking what she really wanted to know. "Did he like it?" 

Danny giggled. "If I'm being honest, I think he liked how horny it got me more than anything. We ended up doing it, and he made me cum so hard I passed out." 

"Wow, really?" 

"Yeah. I woke up hours later and there was some still in the bottle that neither of us had drunk so I finished it off, but it got me so worked up that by the time he woke up I already had him in my mouth and was pushing my pussy into his face." 

Danny redden slightly at revealing this last part, but found she was only mirroring the colour of Laurie's face. 

"Sorry, TMI..." said Danny to her feet. 

"No no Danny, it's all okay." Laurie walked over to her friend and wrapped her in a warm hug. "I think we're passed the point of sharing too much, don't you?" 

"I guess we are" agreed Danny, face pressed into Laurie's boobs. 

Laurie broke away and let her friend breathe. "To be honest, I think my pride was just a little hurt that Alex didn't like my milk." 

"Oh, I didn't say he didn't like it, he just liked the way I liked it more," said Danny. "He said something to me about it probably being better hot anyway." 

Laurie flushed harder. "You mean he thinks it would be better straight from the boob?" 

Danny smiled. Laurie could definitely see her pupils dilate. "He might. I think I might like to see that myself." 

"See what? Your boyfriend sucking on my tits?" 

Danny breathed out slowly. "Don't Laurie, or I swear we won't make it to dinner." 

The meal was boisterous and booze-filled as the couples enjoyed each other's company out on Steve and Laurie's patio. The spring heat had continued through the week, and so Steve had changed into a short sleeved button up shirt and canvas shorts after coming home from his meetings. Alex was likewise attired, though had chosen a black shirt instead of blue like Steve. Danny was wearing a maxi dress similar to the one she had worn to lunch with Laurie, while Laurie had decided on a short skirt and a thin button up blouse. 

Dinner finished and another round of drinks went around the table as Steve cleared away the plates and Laurie took Angus upstairs to clean him up and put him down for a nap. No matter how much he enjoyed chewing solid food it never seemed to all stay in his mouth. Though it was clearly enough at he wouldn't latch when she offered him her breast. That was good, but it did leave her feeling full and a little achy. 

When Laurie came back downstairs, Steve was already sitting back down at the table with their guests, and had replaced everybody's drinks that all three of them were most of the way through finishing. Laurie took her place next to her husband, and Steve looked at everyone sitting around his patio table. 

"So...maybe it's time we talked" he said. 

The good cheer around the table died down, and was replaced with...tension? Laurie read the feeling as tension but it didn't have the undertone of anger she was expecting, more like...excitement? 

"So, me and Alex had lunch the other day to discuss what you guys told us" continued Steve. 

"We talked about what it would mean for us as couples, and us as friends, and when all that was done, we decided that- it's all alright." 

Alex nodded. "If you guys want to keep seeing each other, that's fine. We trust the both of you. Our only rule on it is that we don't want you sneaking around to do it, okay? Keep us in the loop and letting us know where you are is all we ask." 

Laurie felt her heart swell. Everything was alright! More than being alright with her and Danny's trysts, Alex and Steve were happy for it to continue. Knowing that they hadn't ruined either relationship or friendship put her at ease. Smiling at everyone, Laurie refreshed Danny's wine glass and started on her new cider, while Steve did the same for his and Alex's whisky. 

The night then took a surprising turn when the drinking and cheer and levity took hold again, and suddenly the boys had question after question about the girl's experiences in the hotel, which ended in Laurie and Danny retelling story of the entire night from dinner, to falling asleep in each other's arms. It was surprising for everyone involved. Laurie had no idea how aroused Danny was towards her at the BoyToy BoyBand show, or how conflicted she was about wanting her and thinking she couldn't because of their friendship. Likewise, Danny didn't know about Laurie's indecision in the bathroom to come to her, or how much she enjoyed Danny's attention in the hot tub leading up to her nursing on Laurie. The boys were surprised both at Laurie and Danny's candour and their boldness, neither expecting their partners to act in the ways that did that night. 

Going over the night of the lesbian affair was having some obvious effects on everybody around the table. Danny's pupils became large and her breathing noticeably heavy. One of her hand's moved to the inside of Alex's thigh, stroking it suggestively slow, which Alex was enjoying to the point that he was having trouble keeping his mind on the story. Colour started appearing up Steve's neck while his sideways glances at his wife's voluminous chest were becoming more blatant. For her part during this, Laurie was enjoying the attention and the show. She could feel a heat through her trunk and thighs starting to prickle and her nipples starting to tingle. She was beginning to wonder what might happen if they continued on like this as she felt the group's tension rising. 

The recount finally ended with Alex grinning broadly. "Well, I wish I could have been there to see it" he said. 

Danny had visibly coloured through their telling, her eyes now shining and locked on Laurie's breasts. "Well...we could show you know" she said slyly. 

Laurie coughed into the neck of her cider bottle. "I beg your pardon?" 

Alex looked between them, and nodded, still grinning. "Well, I wouldn't say no." 

"Neither would I" admitted Steve quickly. 

"Wait, what?" started Laurie again, turning to her husband. 

Steve shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't." 

"Neither would I" Danny interjected. 

"This is because of what I said in the kitchen isn't it?" Laurie sighed. 

"Well, that was you and Alex, not you and me" said Danny. 

"Wait on, you said you wanted Alex to nurse from you?" questioned Steve. 

"No, I said-" started Laurie. 

"I'd give it a go" interjected Alex nonchalantly. 

"Huh?" said Laurie and Danny together. 

The table was silent for a moment as everybody took in what was happening. 

Alex cleared his throat. 

"Ok look, when we tried your milk from the bottle the other day, I thought it was good, but there was something about it that didn't do it for me. Then Dan tried it, and she told me it tasted better than that when she had it straight from you. So, I guess, I've been curious to see what it really tastes like since then." 

"Well, okay, I guess I can understand that," said Laurie slowly, "but..." 

Steve put his hand on hers. "Laur, whatever you want to do, it's your decision. Your body, your rules." 

She could feel what her body thought about the situation, and it was sending her a signal of emphatic 'Yes!'. 

"'s Alex..." 

"It's okay honey. I trust the both of you here. Anyway, I've already told you, if you want to go forward in a situation..." Steve trailed off. 

"Yeah, yes, I know. Okay," answered Laurie. She looked at her husband. "Do you and Danny want to watch?" 

"I think you'd find it hard to keep us away "laughed Steve. 

The thought of Steve and Danny watching her having her enormous tits sucked on by a gorgeous body builder made the heat between Laurie's thighs positively burn. 

The couple on the other side of the table both smiled at Laurie. 

"So, are we doing this then?" asked Danny. 

"I guess we are" said Laurie with a smile. 

They all got up from their places together, seemingly not wanting to break the spell by saying anything more. Danny came over to Laurie and led her inside into the living room, the two boys following close. 

Walking her over to the longue, Danny turned and gently pushed Laurie down until she was sitting down facing the group. She leaned in and kissed her. 

"Ready?" she whispered into Laurie's ear. 

Flushed with excitement, she nodded. Grinning from ear to ear, Danny kissed her again, and gently put her fingers to the buttons of Laurie's blouse. Teasingly slow, she popped them open, one by one. Each button releasing caused Laurie's bust to push and bugle against the fabric, fighting to burst out, until finally the last button popped and Laurie's top fell to either side of her body. Danny helped her to remove it. Sitting in front of her audience, Laurie was very conscious that all three of them had their eyes glued to Laurie's cleavage, tightly packed into a slightly-too-small black lace balconette bra, raising and falling heavily with every breath. 

Carefully, Danny put her arms around Laurie, her small fingers meeting at the clasp of her bra. Laurie could feel Danny's fingertips fighting the pressure her bust put on her bra as they worked to release the hooks from the eyes. After quiet moments of fiddling and anticipation, Laurie heard a pop, and felt the pressure of the band release. Her hands shaking slightly, Danny gripped her friend's bra straps and pulled the whole garment towards herself. The cups fell away from Laurie's chest, and Danny stepped away with her bra, exposed her taut, full breasts to Steve and Alex. 

Her breasts were so full of milk that despite their massive size, they barely moved an inch on her chest when they lost their support. Her nipples immediately plumped and hardened when they hit the air, thickening to about the same size and thickness of her last thumb joints, and continued to stay that way under the group's hypnotised stare. 

It was a bizarre moment for Laurie. Her husband had seen her bare breasts nearly every day since they had been together, but now with their audience, Laurie actually felt nervous having his gaze on them. Was it guilt for letting herself be exposed like this, or nerves that perhaps how beautiful he thought she was could change depending on what everybody else thought? Was it arousal? 

Alex broke the silence. 

"Mate, if that's what you come home to every night, I'm bloody surprised you even manage to leave in the morning." 

Laurie blushed and smiled, and felt a thrill in her stomach as her right nipple begin to drip fat globs of milk, seemingly at Alex's appraisal. 

All three of her audience members gasped quietly as they watched the droplets roll down her breast and down her stomach. Laurie felt a self-conscious flush of heat at their stares, and her left nipple rapidly began to drip as well. 

Alex looked long and hard at the uneven streams of milk coming out of Laurie. 

He turned to his girlfriend and his best friend. "You're both sure you're okay with this?" he asked. 

Steve smiled. "Dude, come on. Remember college?" 

Alex smiled, nodded. "Fair enough." He turned on Danny. "You're sure?" 

"Honey, remember how much it turned me on out of a bottle? Fuck yes I want to see you suck on her titties." 

He looked back to Laurie. Biting her lip, Laurie rearranged herself into a laying position, and put her hand to the zip on the side of her skirt. She slowly peeled it down her thigh, pulling the garment off with a couple shakes and revealing the lace thong that matched her bra currently draped over the sofa arm. 

"...Just in case" she said sheepishly. 

Alex smiled. With deliberation he set to unbuttoning his own shirt, then his pants, and had both off his body in quick succession. Laurie stared at her husband's best friend, standing in his boxer briefs in their living room. He took his work as a personal trainer seriously, and had worked intensely to bring his body fat under ten percent. The process left him with bulging pectoral muscles and rippling abdominals that Laurie could not take her eyes off. She felt her body responding to the vision in front of her and couldn't help but feel both excited and guilty as her letdown dripped quicker. 

Alex walked up to Laurie as Danny stepped back to stand next to Steve. She looked up at Steve and smiled, rubbing his forearm with meaning. Laurie felt a twinge of arousal and jealousy seeing the two them sharing that touch, but she couldn't very well take the moral high ground with Danny's boyfriend tenting in his underwear before her. 

Alex climbed onto the lounge and lay himself down so that Laurie had his head cradled in her arms. 

"Ready?" she asked him quietly. 

Alex didn't answer, instead smiling at her and jerking his head forward, taking the leaky nipple in front of him between his lips and sucking hard. 

Laurie's eyes widened as she felt the milk explode from her. The force of Alex's suction felt as though it was pulling it out of her body. The sensation was different from either of the others. Steve sucked hard until the flow began, and then softly to maintain flow until he drained her. Danny used her tongue and the roof of her mouth to hold her nipple and pump up and down quickly, making it squirt into her mouth rather than flow. Alex practically pulled the milk out of her breast with his powerful suction. The flow arced in Alex's mouth and hit the back of his throat, but he didn't stop or cough. Instead he drew again, pulling more of Laurie's nectar out. 

The feeling was intense. Laurie could feel the pulling in her breast as Alex forced the milk out. The sensation it created in her nipple as her milk funnelled furiously through it was a fierce tingle that welled behind her breast, and roped down into the pit of her stomach. He pulled again, and again on her breast, and Laurie sighed heavily, letting her head roll back onto the arm of the lounge. 

She rolled her head and looked at her husband and best friend through hooded eyes. Both were obviously aroused by what they were seeing. Danny's ears and chest were pink, and Steve was tenting in his shorts. 

Tentatively, Danny crept over to Laurie. Breathing heavily, she looked at her boyfriend, and then to Laurie, and kneeled so they were at eye level. 

"Laur, do you you think I know...with Steve..." she trailed off. 

Laurie looked back to her husband. Whatever jealously she felt, she reasoned, she was currently having her tits sucked on by another man while her husband watched. If he wanted to do something with another woman, one that she was also having extramarital relations with at that, she couldn't say no. 

Besides, she couldn't deny the thought of seeing them together was seriously hot. 

Laurie nodded contently. Danny smiled and walked back to join Steve. 

Laurie turned her attention back to Alex at her breast, his nose pressed into her soft skin, dimpling it gently. His big pulls on her right breast felt like he had emptied about half, while her left had leaked only enough to take the pressure off. She smiled to herself, the muscular man on her chest, flooding her with pleasure as he took her milk, made her feel very sexy. 

A sudden pressure against her pubic bone turned her attention away from Alex's face. She looked at the space between their bodies. She shouldn't have been surprised, she knew, but the bulbous head of Alex's cock stretching the front of his underwear, grating against her sex, still shocked her. More so when Alex shifted his body, and his cockhead lowered and pressed thickly into her clit. 

The contraction in her pussy pulsed all the way up to her bellybutton. Her ankles involuntarily jerked up and clamped about Alex's hips. Laurie felt a snort of hot air on her chest as Alex grinned with a mouthful of her flesh between his lips, but continued to pulse more of her milk down his throat without breaking his rhythm. 

Laurie bit her lip. She craned her head around to try and get a look at what Alex was packing. From what Laurie could see, he was at least two inches longer than her husband, and yet... Steve had him beat in girth by about an inch or so. Between the two of them, Laurie thought she would take the thicker member over the longer. While either is nice, a thicker cock would rub against her G-Spot better, while constantly getting pounded in the cervix held less lustre for her. 

Nonetheless, right now she wanted the cock that pressed into her clit to do so again. Her legs still wrapped around Alex's hips, Laurie tentatively pressed her hips forward, trying to find his cockhead again. Across the room there was the sound of fabric hitting the ground, but it didn't register in Laurie's preoccupied mind. 

She felt a thrill as her pelvis pressed into thick hard flesh. Aiming for his head, Laurie had instead planted her clit on the underside of Alex's shaft. His eyes flicked up, but may no attempt to move away from her. 

Slowly, she started to grind along him, back an inch, then forward. She felt the wetness in her snatch soak into the material of her thong. Back an inch and forward another, and she felt Alex's flesh twitch involuntarily under her. Back and forth again, and this time a soft moan escaped Alex's throat. Again, he looked to her and her to him, but neither broke the tension. Looking him in the eye, Laurie pushed hard against his shaft, grazing her pussy hard enough against his member that the wetness of her thong began seeping into Alex's cotton underwear. A harder moan vibrated through Laurie's tit flesh, and Alex returned his attention to his forceful nursing. 

Laurie whimpered low herself, now rubbing and pressing her sensitive folds over Alex's clothed cock without subtlety. Alex gyrated his hips in time with Laurie's thrusts so to get the most for both of them out of every stroke, all the while pulling more and more milk from Laurie. He was surprised at how much a single breast held, unaware of exactly how much milk she supplied to her son and husband in a day, and now Danny on occasion. 

He felt Laurie pumping harder against him and heard her breathing tighten. She was trying to bring herself to orgasm. Unfortunately, before she could get closer to her climax, Alex pulled his body away from her and popped her nipple from his mouth. 

"What? Why did you stop?" she asked breathless. 

Alex grimaced, and squeezed her breast. A thin dribble of milk drew out. "I think you're empty." 

"Well, there's another full one right here" she said, offering her left breast to him. 

"Sorry, but I don't think so" smiled Alex. 

"You didn't like it?" she asked, a little shocked. 

"It's pretty good," said Alex grinning. "But I think my girlfriend might like the other one, if she isn't too busy." 

As one they turned to Steve and Danny, and Laurie's eyes widened in surprise while Alex only smiled. While Laurie and Alex had been having their fun, Steve had become completely nude, while Danny was still in her underwear, a pink G-string, her own ample breasts free to the air and bouncing up and down. She was on her knees, bobbing back and forth, sliding a significant amount of Steve's cock back and forth in her mouth, one hand on the floor holding her in position, the other gently squeezing Steve's balls. 

Alex was unfazed. "Honey?" he called. Danny looked at him without breaking her rhythm, and made a questioning sound in bottom of her throat. The vibrations of it around his shaft caused Steve to bend forward and moan. "Do you want to nurse from Laurie?" 

She looked to Laurie's leaking breast, and then up to Steve. Snorting in resignation, frustrated that she didn't get to enjoy Steve's cock more before swapping to his wife, she gave it a few more hard sucks before pulling it out of her mouth with a small pop, and walked over to Laurie, who was still reclining on the lounge. 

Alex got up from over Laurie, and when his girlfriend made it over to the lounge, he put his arms around Danny. Feverishly the couple put their lips together and their tongues in each other's mouths, all the while groping as much of each other as they could hold. 

"Come on" she gasped as she pulled her face away from Alex's. 

Laurie thought Danny would take Alex's place on top her on the lounge, but instead Alex walked to the side of the seat, bent over, and walked the ottoman over, placing it in front of Laurie. 

Danny mounted the ottoman of all fours, forearms and shins to the fabric, and lowered her head to nuzzle at Laurie's leaking breast. Taking it between her lips, it was simply a matter of Danny coaxing the milk already flowing from her nipple into a steady stream from the dribble that had been leaking down her front. Laurie breathed in contentment as the sensations of her friends mouth refreshed the pleasurable throbbing throughout her body that Alex had started. 

The two boys wasted no time, moving as one to their respective partners. Alex was behind Danny in a matter of moments, lifting her nicely rounded ass high and pert into the air, hip high to her boyfriend. Placing a thumb under either side of her G-String, Alex carefully peeled it down her thighs to rest between her knees. A thin stream of her wetness pearled and broke between her pussy and the material as her thong moved down her body. Alex then stood back, pulled his own briefs down to the floor and stepped out of them. Laurie finally got to see Alex's cock in all of its glory. It was longer than Steve's, though not as thick, uncircumcised, and turned slightly upward. It bobbed slightly under its own weight as Alex moved. 

Alex positioned himself behind Danny, cock in one hand, the other resting on her ass cheek. Rubbing his cockhead gently against her slit to cover it in her moisture, Alex carefully pressed his rod into her, and slowly, he pushed his impressive length into his girlfriend. 

Danny moaned with her mouth around Laurie's nipple as her vagina slowly filled with her boyfriend's cock. At no point did Alex pause or change pace, feeling her pussy tighten and pulse quiver as more of his thick meat was fed into her slit. Giving Steve oral had excited Danny, and more than drenched her pussy with enough wetness that Alex bottomed out in her before it became uncomfortable to continue filling her pussy. There was still an inch and a half of his length outside of Danny from what Laurie could see, a thought that made her tummy flutter. Alex held in this position while Danny's pussy stretched about his cock and got used to the fullness, before slowly beginning to push in and out of her. 

Steve likewise walked over to Laurie, rubbing his dick as he closed the space, Danny's saliva still coating his skin. He came around the back of the lounge until he was at Laurie's feet. He reached across her body, and like Alex had to Danny, pulled her thong down past her knees, her toes, and off her body with a quick fling. As gently as he could, Steve moved his wife so that there was enough space for him to lie behind her in a spoon position. Laurie, Danny and Alex all had to shuffle, but quickly they found a position they were all comfortable with and continued their own actions. 

Laurie could feel Steve's throbbing erection pressed between her ass cheeks. 

"What are you doing back there?" Laurie purred in her husband's ear. 

"I thought I might do this" he replied before planting a heavy kiss on her lips. Not breaking their kiss, Steve took his cock in hand, and using the back of it to gesture to Laurie to push her knees forward, presenting her pussy to him, pressed his thickness into her. 

Laurie gasped as Steve filled her quickly. Unlike Alex who had taken his time so to agonisingly drag out Danny's arousal and climax, Steve was already excited from Danny's attention, and was very ready to bring himself to orgasm. Laurie wasn't much better, sawing against Alex's cock had her ready for an orgasm of her own, so when Steve pushed himself into her urgently, Laurie pushed back hard against him. The force of both actions pushed the head of Steve's dick to kiss Laurie's womb. Both of them grunted at the not-quite-comfortable sensation, but several thrusts and pushes from the both of them and they found their rhythm. A pair of climaxes between Steve and Laurie would take little time. 

The low infrequent noises Danny was making while taking Laurie's milk suddenly became high pitched squeaks in the back of her throat, as her body visibly shuddered with her first orgasm. She popped Laurie's nipple out of her mouth for a moment while she caught her breath, Laurie's breast milk drooling over the both of them and the lounge. Alex's smiled at the sight in front of him, but didn't change his rhythm while Danny tried to recover. So the entire time she was trying to recover, Danny couldn't stop panting, and her pussy was still throbbing urgently as each thrust from Alex pushed more and more pleasure through her body. 

Watching the scene in front of him, Steve could feel hot semen roiling in his balls, needing to erupt from his body, and started thrusting into his wife urgently. Laurie moved with him, making small sounds of exertion as she felt her own orgasm beginning to build. 

The ferocity of Steve's thrusts suddenly gave Laurie pause as she realised how close he must be to cumming. She wasn't sure he would be able to pull out in time if he kept up at this pace. 

Laurie knew that Steve knew she wasn't on the pill, but still felt that he might need a reminder. 

"Be careful honey. You don't want to get me pregnant" she breathed. 

Laurie felt Steve's cock give a thick twitch inside her at the word 'pregnant'. He pumped his hips harder, catching his knee under her thigh and forcing her leg up, pushing his entire length inside of her with each stroke until his balls slapped against her perineum. 

Danny caught her breath enough to relatch onto Laurie's spurting nipple. 

She looked at her husband in shocked disbelief. "Are you trying to get me pregnant?" 

Steve chuckled breathily. "God I need to cum. I haven't cum once since we fucked the night you told me about you and Danny," he said. "I want to blow my load in you, right now." 

"But- we're not ready for- oohh..." Laurie's sentence cut off as one of Alex's harder thrusts pushed Danny's face into Laurie's breast, sending a pleasurable throb through her chest. 

"No, Steve, we- need to... talk about this. We were going to wait until Angus was older before trying again," she said in a quick, uneven voice. "I'm about to go back to work." 

"Go back to work. And in six months you can go on maternity leave again with a big pregnant belly, and I'll keep your pussy well fucked until our baby comes." 

Laurie moaned. She wasn't against them having more kids, they agreed before marriage that they wanted three or four, but she had wanted more time before they tried again, more time with Angus. He was still a handful, a second baby would only compound the time and effort and stress. 

In spite of that, she was getting excited at the thought of Steve dumping a thick load of babymaker into her right now. 


"No buts. I need you to cum for me first honey. Then I will fill you up. Cum for me." 

Steve's dominance made Laurie flush with excitement. She felt her pussy tingle and squeeze around Steve's cock in quick pulses. He was going to make her cum hard, now, and then he was going to make her pregnant. 

"Cum for me baby. Cum so I can fill you up," he breathed in her ear. "I want you to get so big your clothes don't fit. I want your tits to swell up with more milk than they can hold and leak constantly. I want your ass to get huge and your lips to plump up. I want your pregnant pussy to get so used to me fucking it that you get wet every time I walk in the room." Danny moaned into Laurie's breast listening to Steve's words. Laurie was so close; her inner walls were clamped over his dick. He only needed to say it once more. 

"Cum for me." 

Laurie's pussy exploded in wet pulses as shocking pleasure cannoned through her body. She sobbed in ecstasy as the dribble of milk in her right breast that Alex didn't take oozed out of her, while the left pulsed three or four weak spurts between Danny's greedy lips. 

His wife cumming over his cock and pulling her velvet folds over his oversensitive glands pushed Steve to the very edge of his own orgasm. Panting desperately, his slid his in and out of Laurie fast, but somehow unable to bring himself to completion. 

Her own orgasm still roiling with Steve's continued thrusts, Laurie was caught under a cloud of pleasure and sex heat. No longer was there any hesitation. She wanted her man's seed in her, filling her, impregnating her. She knew exactly how to set him off. 

"Cum for me baby," she moaned. "Cum for your wife. Breed me." 

Steve screwed his eyes shut and thrust into his wife one final time, pushing the head of his cock inside her as close to her cervix as possible, before the rolling swell of his orgasm burst from him and jetted pulse after pulse of thick semen into her body. Each throb of Steve's cock was met with tiny thrusts from both of them, milking as much pleasure as possible while Steve seeded his wife's womb. 

"Oh god" Laurie shuddered. He just kept cumming. 

"Oh god" Steve sighed, slumping over his wife. 

"Oh God!" 

Laurie and Steve looked to see Danny pumping up down Alex's dick desperately. At some point Danny had released Laurie's nipple again, and currently had her forehead pressed to the ottoman, forearms flat to the fabric and her whole body arched up to Alex, still pounding her with heavy thrusts. 

Alex's face was red and covered in a light sheen of sweat, obviously near his limit as well. Steve couldn't quite keep his eyes off Danny's ass, all the while still pumping cum into his wife, while Laurie's attention was squarely on Alex's balls swinging thickly under him, husband and wife both still holding squarely to each other so Steve's cock stayed filling his wife. 

Alex orgasmed in front of his captive audience, his balls visibly pulsing as he shot his load into Danny, holding her ass cheeks his grip as he continued thrusting into her in short strokes. Feeling him cum pushed Danny over the edge, and gave her her second shuddering orgasm of the night. She pushed forward in the throes of her spasms, and Alex's dick popped out of her, spilling the last few ropes of his cum onto her lower back as she sank into a quivering mess on Laurie and Steve's furniture. 

Alex stood a moment as he caught his breath. He then put his arms around his girlfriend gently, lifting her up from the ottoman as though she was weightless, and cradling her, Alex walked over to the other unoccupied lounge that sat in their host's living room. He lay down on it and arranged Danny on top of himself, holding her as they cuddled in their sex afterglow. They kissed, and Laurie saw Danny thrusting her clit lazily into the still semi-hard shaft of Alex's cock. 

"God she's insatiable" Laurie thought. 

Steve kissed his wife. "I'm just going to check on Angus, okay?" he said. 

They disengaged, Laurie cupping her pussy to make sure none of Steve's cum seeped out onto the lounge, and Steve walked naked up the staircase and to Angus's nursery, grabbing a towel on the way past the bathroom. 

This side of her orgasm, Laurie was again uncertain of what they had done, but nonetheless grabbed a throw pillow and placed it under her bottom, thighs up on the arm of the lounge chair. She could feel some of Steve's copious amount of cum seeping from her regardless of her position, and thought of the sweat and body fluid of all four of them all over their fabric lounge suite made her sigh. They could get them steam cleaned, she reasoned. 

Laurie turned her head to look at Alex and Danny. "Did you guys want to stay the night?" she asked. 

Alex smiled. "No, it's alright. I think it's probably best to get this one home," he said, nodding down to Danny. In the time Steve had left, Danny had gone from milking her orgasm on Alex's cock to snoring quietly on Alex's chest. "I'll get her dressed and we'll Uber home. I'll come back for the car in the morning." 

Laurie nodded, and went back to staring at the ceiling. 


Less than an hour later, Alex and a sleepy Danny were loaded into an Uber, Laurie and Steve had had a quick shower, and were now in each other's arms, waiting for sleep. 

Laurie looked to her husband, worried. "Do really want me pregnant again? Now?" 

Steve smiled at her, and absently rubbed her belly. "It might be a little late for second thoughts." 

"Steve I'm serious." 

"I know you are." He sighed. "I don't want you pregnant for the rest of your life-" 

"Bullshit" Laurie cut in. 

"But, I think now is a good time for us to be having and raising more babies." he finished. 

"Why now?" 

Steve rolled over and looked her in the eye. "The book deal finalised" he smiled. 

Laurie tried to make the connection. "Did they offer more money?" she asked slowly. 

"The advance they gave me was reflective of the initial print numbers," said Steve. "The last meeting I had with the publisher, they've decided to triple the volume to do a limited international release as well." 

Laurie's eyes widened. "So..." 

"So there's enough money in the amended advance that you can be off work for a good while, if you want to be. Maybe even with some help if we can find someone at the right price." 

Laurie punched her husband playfully. "Why didn't you say anything?" 

"Well honestly I was going to say at dinner, but it got a bit...out of hand..." 

"It really did. God, both of them sucking of my tits..." She thought for a moment. "Steve, what did you mean when you said to Alex, 'remember university'?" 

"Oh. Well..." stammered Steve. "Ah, do you ever remember me telling you about a girlfriend of mine, Melanie?" 


"Well, back at university, she was...Alex's girlfriend too." 

"Oh. Well that's not too weird. Did he date her first or did you?" 

"Ah, actually we both dated the same...time." 

Laurie couldn't believe her ears. "What?!" 

Steve shrugged. "It was just the situation we were in. Me and Alex had a place together and we both liked her but weren't looking for anything serious, and neither was she, so...sometimes I'd take her out on dates, sometimes Alex worked for us" 

"Did you three all had sex together?" 

"...It happened once or twice, yes..." 

"Wow...I can't believe you didn't tell me about that" Laurie exclaimed. 

Steve shrugged. "Well exactly how would that conversation have come up?" 

"I don't know. We've spoken about our past sex lives before, maybe then?" Laurie stopped for a moment, processing what Steve had told her. "Is that why you're so okay with me being with Danny...with other people?" 

"It probably weighs pretty heavily on it," Steve admitted. "I had a pretty colourful sexual history myself back in my university days. I wanted to try everything I could while I was around a group of people that were happy being promiscuous and experimenting too. I've always treated monogamy with respect, but back then I got used to being around people that could go out every weekend and come home with a different guy or girl, and never let it colour my opinion of the person. Because their sex lives didn't change who they were, their personalities or the lives they led, their families or aspirations. Like, I got to seeing a person and seeing them as the whole person they were, and not just for the stuff they liked to do behind locked doors...I guess finding out about you and Jensen, and you and Danny...well I guess really I'm the same guy I was back then in the way I'm thinking about it." 

"So you see me as your wife and mother of your child, and everything else, as well as the person who likes sexual experiences, even if they happen outside the marital bed. There's definitely something comforting about that." She smiled and snuggled into Steve's chest. "So you would be okay with anything I wanted to do or try, no matter what, or are there limits?" 

He kissed his wife's forehead. "I've only ever wanted you to be happy. I trust you, and I know you're loyal to me, and our marriage. Nothing else matters to me so long as that stays true." 

Laurie smiled in her husband's chest. 

"So...did you get your pregnancy fetish in university?" 

Steve smiled. "I've had a pregnancy fetish since puberty, even if it took me a few years to realise it for what it was. Though I have to admit, there was more than one pregnant co-ed that held my attention for a while" 

Laurie's smile got broader. "Always a sleaze", she said. "You seemed to enjoy having your dick in Danny's mouth too." 

"Oh god, I didn't know how I was going to make her stop before I shot that load straight down her throat" said Steve. 

"Do you think you want to be with other girls if I'm allowed to be with other people?" asked Laurie. 

Steve was quiet a moment. "I'm not sure. I married you and I was happy then thinking you would be the only one I had sex with for the rest of my life," he answered. "What do you think?" 

Laurie drew small circles around Steve's nipple. "I think...I think it's unfair if this is a one sided deal. If I can fuck other people...I guess you should be able to as well." 

"And you won't get jealous?" he asked. 

"I don't know. I don't think so. So long as you tell me and don't keep secrets from me, or if we discuss things if you're not sure, it will probably be okay" she replied. 

"Well I'm not interested in anything else except putting another baby in you right now, so worry about it later. But thank you honey" 

They were quiet for a while after that, still holding each other, but Laurie realised that even though she was in bed, she was still wide awake. And very horny. 

She looked at Steve. 

"Well, would you like to try again before bed?" she asked playfully. 

Steve smiled. "You know I do" he said, and jumped of top of his wife. 


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