Friday, 4 May 2018

Streak of Grey

How my wife was lead to a garden path of seduction by her friend with my implicit consent.

Ali had a tough day. He was quite tired and looked forward to getting a refreshing chilled beer after handing over the bus at the depot and reaching home. Ali was a Muslim. However, like many Muslims, he indulged in the lure of the liquor, occasionally, when none of his fellows were around.

She was the last person in the bus to get down. He had noticed her when she had entered the bus quite some time ago. She was worth noticing. After that some more passengers boarded and Ali got busy driving through busy streets of Sydney.

He looked at her in the mirror. She sat relaxed waiting for the destination. She did notice the driver checking her out several times. She was too busy in her own thoughts to pay too much attention to that. She was quite accustomed to male stares. Arpi was thirty-three and if she was still able to keep her body in shape, it was thanks to her long walks and diet control.

She stared back at the driver. He too looked Indian. Ali, the driver, smiled and waved at her vaguely. When he stopped at a traffic signal, Ali looked back and said, “Hello! I am Ali. I am from Pakistan. You from India?” That was obvious with her wheatish look and a red dot gleaming on her forehead.

“Hi! Yes, I am Arpita. You could call me Arpi. I have just joined an office near the Sydney Town Hall and this was my first day at the office.” Arpi replied. The signal turned green and Ali focused on the road and traffic, as the bus rolled on.

Ali drove daily on that route. He was pretty smart in spite of his middle age. He was about forty-four. Ali had a streak of light grey hair on his head. This caught Arpi’s attention. Arpi was very fond of her father and remembered how she sat in her father’s lap, when she was about eight or nine years old and played with the grey strip of her father’s hair affectionately. She teased her father that he was getting old. Her father smiled and admitted ruefully that it was true. This simple conversation stayed in her memory for years and flooded back when she saw Ali.

Arpi boarded the bus from the same point at the same time. Ali’s bus was scheduled at that very time. Arpi and Ali began exchanging hi and bye regularly. Gradually they started to talk. Arpi made it a point to sit right behind the driver’s seat so they could talk. Soon they became good friends.

I am Pratik (Let it be Prat), Arpi’s husband. We are from Delhi in India and lived in Sydney for more than a year now. Arpi had just got a good job. I was working with a reputed Software company at a decent salary.

Arpi told me about her exchange of pleasantries with Ali after the first few days of her new job. She told me that Ali was a Pakistani and was married. His wife was away in Pakistan looking after his parents.

When I asked her about Ali in greater detail, I could see a trace of blush on her face. She felt rather shy in telling me about Ali in some detail. It was obvious that he was handsome and smart and caught my wife Arpi’s attention. Perhaps his age and that streak of white hair attracted her to him, I guessed.

Arpi and I had a very healthy sex life and after having been married for three years then, our sex life seemed to be stuck. We did enjoy sex. However, the charm was no longer there. I was crazy about Arpita.

Arpi had just one problem. She was suspicious about my character and nagged me all the time about my office girls. In one of the office parties, she saw me paying attention to one of my female colleagues and from that day she kept asking me about my antecedents at the office. Since she was attractive, my wife Arpi, was over cautious. Every day, after I reached home, she would ask how things were and most of the time, as if as an afterthought, she would not forget to ask me about her. It almost reached a stage of nagging. It was terrible for me. If I reached home late, I had it.

I was at a loss to explain to her that the divorced woman was fighting her battle all alone. Her husband had deserted her. All her in-laws deserted her and they did not spare any efforts to either defame her or make her life tough in whatever way possible. She got regular offending calls from her ex or his family members chastising her on one thing or another. I was trying to help her resolve the problems, I told her.

However, instead of pacifying her, this information inflamed her. She accused me of trying to seduce her under the pretext of helping her. She forbade me to develop any kind of closeness with her. I realized that our married life was getting a bit daunting, to say the least.

I understood her anxiety in a foreign environment far away from relatives. I kept pacifying her that I was true to her and will always remain so. I, however, didn’t know how far I was able to convince her.

Arpi was well proportioned for an Indian married woman. She made it a point to walk to the market (About two kilometres away) for buying groceries and controlled her diet. Her figure invited jealous glances from women and lusty stares from men. At first, she felt ill at ease, when someone stared at her.

I would chide her and say, “Honey, you are so sexy that they are helpless. Poor guys, let them at least strip you naked in their minds. They really can’t do it actually. Can they? So what is the harm?” I pacified her. However, men glancing lustfully at my wife gave me a hard on.

Arpi had a figure that would certainly draw lusty stares. She was well filled. Not slim, but not fat either. She was five feet five inches. She had plum breasts and a shapely ass. She might not pass as an ideal model, however, she looked sexy. When she put on the jeans, I just could not avoid slapping her ass and pinching her butts. She looked irresistible.

Ali was street smart and suave. He had graduated from college and was working hard as a part time driver to earn his tuition fees and livelihood. Arpi told me that he was appearing for an examination. If he cleared it, that would propel him for a senior position in some specialized field of which Arpi was not fully aware.

Ali could not resist getting attracted to my wife. Ali had a charm and said funniest things and jokes that made Arpi laugh. Arpi liked his style and manly personality. Routinely, Arpi sat in the front of the bus nearer to Ali, whilst returning daily from the office. They would talk through the half an hour journey until Arpi reached her stop.

One day, I saw Arpi talking excitedly on cell phone with Ali. Obviously, they had exchanged their cell numbers. She told me that Ali had moved into a new house and sent her the pictures of the new house on whatsapp.

She narrated her talk with Ali in the bus to me almost verbatim daily. Clearly Arpi had developed a soft corner for Ali as time passed. I felt quite comfortable and perhaps a bit aroused fantasizing of Arpi’s developing closeness with Ali. I sure must have had a trace of voyeurism in my character. It also saved me from nagging I faced earlier.

I kept teasing her about her developing friendship with Ali and called him her close friend. Once, her phone rang late in the evening. I saw Ali’s name and called her, “Honey, there is a call from your boy friend.”

She snatched the phone away from my hand and ran into our bedroom out of my ear shot. They talked at length. Frequency of his calling Arpi began to increase as time passed. However, truthfully (or so I thought) she narrated a gist of all her talks with Ali. She told me that Ali was feeling lonely in the absence of his wife and felt better when she talked with him.

About a month later, Arpi came up to me and asked me, “Ali asked me to join him for lunch with his friends. Should I go?”

I said, “Why not? He will be there with his friends. You could go and enjoy.”

She went and later told me later that they were nice and courteous and she had a good time. From that time, she kept telling me of her regular lunch invitations and her going there even without informing me in advance. I saw no particular reason to feel otherwise as she informed me later about her visits and what happened there. There was nothing in what she said that was a cause to disturb me. On the contrary, I was rather disappointed that nothing exciting was happening between Ali and my wife.

Then one day I came home early from work and found Arpi at home. I asked her how was she so early? Was she ill or something? Arpi replied that she was okay. She said that Ali came by his car to pick her up from her office and dropped her home. She was conspicuous by her silence on what happened during that period.

Things started to happen faster from then onwards. Ali picked her up on weekends and dropped her home early, almost routinely. I was left guessing what happened in the interim. I had a feeling that she was beginning to hide things from me. However, there was one positive fall out of her rendezvous with her friend Ali. Her persistent nagging reduced considerably. Although her inquiries about my lady colleague did not stop, she asked about her in a comparatively tolerant manner.

One weekend, after Ali dropped her home, I reached home. It was rather late. She asked me about the reasons of my delay and I told her that I had to complete a presentation and we had to sit late and complete it. She then asked me, “Was that lady, your colleague, was there too?”

I told her that she was there. She and I were working on that project for a while and we had to submit the project the next day. Since she was new, I had to guide and help her at the same time, I had to do my job also. That was the reason for the delay.

I was expecting a big brouhaha from her. Instead, she said, “It is good of you to guide and assist her. I think you are right in supporting her to get established in your company. After all, she is alone fighting the whole society. I was wrong in picking up fight with you for helping her.” I was thrown off my chair, when I heard this coming from her. I hugged her for the understanding.

It was Friday. Arpi informed me that Ali and his friends were planning to go for a movie in the evening and she had agreed to join them. This came to me as advance information. She did not seek my permission. I again agreed that she should go. However, that time I told her to narrate all the things that went on between them explicitly.

That evening she returned at about 8 pm. She said that they went to a movie, which was rather erotic. In the cinema hall, Ali held her hand and pulled her closer to him. They watched the whole movie holding hands and with their heads and cheeks rubbing with each other. In spite of my repeated questioning, Arpi said that that was all. They did not have any closer body contact. I asked her if Ali felt her boobs, thighs, etcetera. Arpi replied that he may have felt her breasts over her blouse, moving his elbows several times. However, she did not allow him to squeeze her breasts. In other words, she informed me that Ali was trying to squeeze her breasts (as per her statement, unsuccessfully).

The meetings on weekends continued. Long calls on phone became regular. I could see Arpi getting closer to Ali as each day passed. Ali and Arpi talking endlessly on phone increased. I continued to play my passive role. I did not have an opportunity to meet Ali until that time.

I had just come out of the shower and was getting ready to go to office, when Arpi announced, “Darling, I shall be out today evening, after the office. Ali is going to the beach side restaurant with his friends and their wives in the evening and he wants me to join him. There is a birthday party, must be one of Ali’s friends. Ali has invited me. I have told him that I shall go, if you will allow me. I know you won’t stop me. Will you?” I looked at her face to see her expressions. I was quite surprised at the pace of Ali’s developing relations with my wife. I looked at her amazed and was silently watching her expressions.

She took my silence as my approval, she said, “However, there is one small problem. Ali said that he will not introduce me as a married woman. This is because in Islam, a man is not allowed to woo a married woman. When he told me that, I objected. I told him that I am married and he should introduce me as a married person. So he relented and said that he will introduce me as a married woman. However, he will bluff them and say that I was separated and seeking divorce.”

Arpi paused to look at me and then said, “ Do you mind darling? Is it okay?” She asked me hesitatingly.

I looked blankly at this woman, who had changed so much in the last two months. In that talk Arpi confirmed to me indirectly that Ali was wooing her. I kept listening to her like a cuckold.

I replied, “Well, Muslims are very conservative and it makes sense for him to do this.”

Arpi interpreted my statement as my approval. She hugged me, kissed me on my cheek and said, “I shall return late tonight. There is food in the fridge. Please warm it and eat it. I shall have dinner outside with Ali and his friends.” She left for the office saying bye to me. I kept looking at her beautiful behind, which perhaps I would have to share with Ali very soon.

The thought gave me a hard on. Had I become a voyeur already? I wondered. Was I not heading for an irreversible disaster in my married life? Was I not on my way to lose my wife to a Pakistani, whom we do not like much? However, I brushed aside my natural chauvinistic worm and started wondering about what Arpi would do with Ali that evening. I knew that Ali was certainly going to move a few notches forward. I was turned on with the thought and I felt my cock hardening. I wanted to shake it off. However, on second thought, I thought it better to empty my load inside my wife Arpi; when she returned late that evening after her rendezvous with Ali and his friends. Her narration would act as an aphrodisiac, I thought.

It became quite late. I had switched off all the lights in the house and was in bed holding my hard cock waiting for my wife; when I heard hushed voices at about eleven pm. I got up and walked to look out of the window. Ali was helping Arpi out of the car. He had something in his hands, which he gave to my wife. I saw Ali pulling Arpi and leaned on her to kiss her. I saw Ali rest her body on the car and let Ali kiss her. Their bodies joined. I had a very strange feeling. I did not know if I was jealous and angry at my wife or aroused seeing them kissing. Then Arpi turned her face and said something in low voice, which I could not hear from that distance. Perhaps she cautioned Ali that I might be watching them.

When I received her at the door, I smelled liquor. I saw that her face was flushed, with that small box in her hands. I asked her what it was. She excitedly told me that it was an expensive gold necklace. She said Ali had presented it to her. It was worth four hundred dollars she said. When she opened the box and showed me the glittering necklace, I saw her eyes twinkle with excitement. The necklace was indeed expensive.

I looked at her. Her lipstick was smudged and her dress had many creases and folds. Her hair was tidied hurriedly. This was unusual for her. Normally, whenever she returned from office; her dress would look almost as if she had just taken it out of wardrobe. She was always meticulous about her dress and hair. It was obvious that the dress had undergone a bit of rough handling. I noticed the top two buttons of her blouse missing. Perhaps she did not realize it or was too excited to think about it. She was excited and yet embarrassed. I smiled at her. She smiled back and mumbled something that felt like an apology for her late arrival.

She changed quickly and came to the bed in about fifteen minutes. She was wearing the sheer gown that I had presented to her some time ago. That was the first time she wore it. It was obvious that she had anticipated that I would ask to fuck her. I was sitting on bed waiting for her. She knew that I was impatient to hear what had happened at the party.

She said, “Darling, Ali took me completely by surprise. I didn’t know that it was Ali’s birthday today. One of his friends had arranged the party. We all gathered at a beach side restaurant. Ali cut the cake in presence of his friends and their wives. Ali then gave me this beautiful gift. All his friends clapped. I was feeling so awkward not having bought any gift for Ali. Ali and his friends had drinks. They forced ladies also to drink. I refused to drink, but the ladies surrounded me and insisted that I should give them company. I had to drink wine to assuage their feelings.”

Arpi paused to take a deep breath and continued. “There was a disco in the basement. We went down. Ali asked me to dance with him. I said that I did not know how to dance. Ali took me to the floor and taught me some steps. We danced for a while. The atmosphere in the disco was highly sexual. All were couples and they were grinding their bodies. They all had beer and some liquor. It was so crowded that invariably couples bumped into each other."

"Ali danced very close to my body. He rubbed his body on mine when there was a slow number. I could see that he was aroused.” Arpi looked at me to see my reactions. She inserted her hand into my crotch and gave a hard squeeze to my cock, which began to harden with her narration.

I asked her to continue talking. She resumed, “Then one of his friends suggested that we should go out to the beach and celebrate Ali’s birthday. When we reached the beach we sat on the sand. I was feeling acutely embarrassed as I did not know that it was Ali’s birthday. I told them that I had brought no gift for Ali. Had I known that it was his birthday, I would have bought a gift for him. One of Ali’s friend’s wife suggested that since I had no gift for Ali, I should compensate Ali with a bigger gift. She said that I should kiss him. Ali’s friends clapped and kept hollering, ‘Kiss him, kiss him.” My wife was hesitant to continue. However, I nudged her to go on.

She continued hesitatingly, “Suddenly impulsively, Ali turned to me, held me tight in his arms, placed his lips on mine and kissed my lips. I was shocked at his action. I did not react for a few seconds. Then I pushed him away from me. Ali and his friends were shocked to see my reaction. One of the wives came to me and asked me if Ali and I had any problem. I told her everything was alright. There was no problem.” At that point Arpi stopped and looked at me. This was the first time; she talked about anyone else kissing her. She wanted to feel me for my reaction. I was terribly aroused and eager to hear what was to follow.

I saw remorse and sadness creeping up on my wife’s face. She said, “He is married, I am married too. How can he kiss me? It was wrong for his friends to ask and it was wrong for him to do. Was it not?” She began to weep. This was a great turn on for me. However, this was a stage I had to handle delicately. I realized that if I did not defend Ali at that stage, their adventures might stop.

I sat on bed and took her in my lap. I kept caressing her back and wiped her tears from her cheeks and said, “It’s okay, darling. It happens. He is lonely without his wife. That is why he is taking you with him. In the heat of the moment, seeing the other couple shout and cajole him, he was driven into kissing you. He was helpless. Any man in his position would be. Don’t you think? Otherwise, he is a nice man, isn’t he?” I asked.

She nodded her head understandingly. Her grip on my cock tightened and she began to shuffle my lund under my pyjama slowly. She said, “Do you think so? Yes, he is nice. He is a good friend but… On second thoughts, I should have been the one to be careful. I got swept away… I am a sinner.”

With tears in her eyes, Arpi looked at me with a penetrating stare. She wanted to be sure that I was not jealous or angry, she said, “Darling, I am sorry for hiding from you. It was just not a small kiss. There was more than that. I was afraid that you will get angry. I got carried away.”

I made her crank my lund. She gripped my cock so hard that I almost gave out a low voiced ‘Ouch’. My lund was rock hard by that time. She gently began wanking it. I inserted my hand between her legs. Gosh! Juice was flowing out of her pussy almost as if her pussy was flooding. I knew she was horny and was about to tell me something that could be explosive.

She continued. “When I told his friend’s wife that there was no problem between Ali and me, she said that in that case, she wanted me to kiss Ali and not the other way round. I was feeling so awkward. However, I realized that if I did not kiss Ali, they will make my life miserable. So I told them that I will do it, provided they moved a little away from us. Ali’s friends reluctantly moved away from us, but not much further. They split up into pairs. We could see them at some distance and they could see us. I saw them kissing and boys undressing their girl friends. They were doing everything other than fucking. There was no one else in sight and Ali’s friends were feeling pretty reckless. It was a huge surprise for me that all of Ali’s friends bared their girls topless.” Arpi began cranking my hard cock faster. I inserted my fingers into her hole, which made her shudder. I was going to reach my peak any time soon.

She cleared her throat and said with tears in her eyes, “I was overpowered with a feeling of guilt on one hand and on the other felt gratitude for Ali for the wonderful gift, he had bought for me. I stretched my arms. Ali came into them. I lay down on sand. He came over on top of me. I felt his body weight on me. We could see each other’s faces because of faint lights from distant driveway. His eyes were full of lust. I was also buzzed. What could I do? I had invited him to kiss me. I could feel him growing hard. His hard cock was poking my navel and stomach. As he inched closer to my mouth, his lund poked between my legs.”

Arpi trembled and appeared a bit shaken. After all, which wife wouldn’t feel awkward, for having to tell her husband (me) all these embarrassing details? She had agreed to kiss Ali and that could not be wished away. On top of that, I was constantly reminding her that she must tell me each small thing that happened between them.

She decided to continue, “I was flustered but I was mentally ready to kiss him. I took his face between my hands and pulled him on me. He kissed me really hard. That was the first time, when I fully joined him in the kiss, which was so explosive that I lost control over my reactions. We kept kissing for may be five minutes. He turned and made me ride on him. Then again he rode me. Once we lay side by side as we kissed. He did not leave my lips for all of five minutes. He inserted his tongue in mine and sucked my saliva. Then he pumped his saliva in my mouth and made me suck his saliva. He caressed me all over my body and felt my butts over the dress. When we separated, I was out of breath. I had hard time catching my breath.” Arpi began sobbing.

As Arpi was narrating her experience, I was going crazy. I quickly dispensed with Arpi’s gown and began sucking her breasts. I asked her to describe what happened then.

Arpi did not look at me in the eye and continued, “I could not blame him as he was highly aroused. Frankly speaking, I was also terribly aroused. Ali asked me look at one of his friends. I saw the fellow was sucking his girl friend’s breasts, whilst the lady was shagging his cock. Arpi looked at me sheepishly. I was going bonkers. I made my wife lie down and climbed on top of her. My balls were full of creamy juice ready to blow into her pussy. I slowly placed my cock between her legs. She caught it and adjusted it to centre it right between her pussy lips.

She asked me, “Honey, initially I was afraid that if I told you all of this, you might throw me out of the house.”

I replied back humping her, “Arpi, I let you go there with a condition that you will tell me all; as it happened. If you tell me all, I will only fuck you. I will not criticize or scold you. There is no question of any divide between us. You will always be mine and I will be yours, irrespective of such flings we might have now and then. I am happy that my wife is getting an experience of how it feels to have a change. I am proud that my wife is so attractive that even a married man falls for her.”

She sure was pleased with my reply. She tried to smile and said, “Honey, you were not there watching us. You are so turned on only hearing the story. Just imagine Ali’s condition! He is a strong and virile male. He did not have a woman for months. He was pretty buzzed up. We were watching all those couples doing all kinds of things and on top of that I was under him with his lips on mine, his hands exploring my body and his cock poking hard between my legs. I could well guess what must have been going on in his mind at that time. I was not in a much better shape myself. Watching the other couples hug, smooch, fondle, kiss and doing all those things, made me horny too. I had no control of my body. We saw the girls cranking their boyfriend’s cocks. Some of them bent down and were giving a blowjob to their boyfriends.”

I could experience her pussy contracting all around my cock as I fucked her. She was tight and was horny. She had hot juice flowing down her sides spilling out as I kept humping her harder and harder. I was about to explode in her pussy. I wanted to know how far they had gone that evening. I asked my wife, “Arpi, come on now. Don’t stop. Go on.”

She saw my eagerness and arousal. With the feeling of sheepishness there was also a dreamy look on her face as she resumed the description of her rendezvous with Ali. She said, “Ali was desperate. I knew he wanted to fuck me at that time. However, I would not let him do it. He placed his one hand on my thigh and it began to creep up towards my panty. I stopped him. I did not want him to go all the way. I managed to control my impulse. However, he would not stop. I told him that I would not allow him to touch me there. Ali then took his hand away from my thighs and began to jerk open my blouse. As he hurriedly jerked my blouse open, three buttons fell away and he quickly uncovered my breasts by unbuttoning my blouse and opening the bra straps. I was feeling so shamed and at the same time so aroused that I let him squeeze and suck my breasts.”

I continued fucking her, as I was close to ejection. I asked her, “How did it feel when he squeezed and sucked your breasts?”

She looked at me quizzically and realized that it was just a simple question without any mala fide, she said hesitatingly, “Well, that was the first time anyone squeezed my boobs, apart from you. I was upset, but he had straddled me so hard that I could not move. He requested me not to protest; otherwise his friends would be make fun of him. He told me that he just could not control himself. Well, frankly, in spite of my anger, I neither shouted nor forced him off. I could have, but I don’t know why I didn’t. I think I was aroused also. Have I sinned honey? I think I have sinned badly. I should not have accepted his invitation to go for an evening party.” Arpi again had a strem of tears in her eyes.

My fucking had reached a point of climax. With a big sigh and, “Oh….Arpi, you are fucking sexy. Darling, you have not sinned. I let you go to that party with Ali, knowing very well that something like that could happen. After all when a horny young man and a pretty woman like you meet in solitude, it is natural that sex sparks off. You have not sinned. Don’t blame yourself.”

Arpi cuddled in my arms cajoling me and said, “You are the sweetest husband a woman can have on earth. But I am the most sinful woman. I do not deserve you.” Whilst she was feeling gross remorse, she was also over powered by a strong wave of lust. My wife was caught between conflicting emotions.

Just then I passed my limit of control. With a huge burst, I released a whole lot of my creamy hot sperm flowing into her pussy. At that very moment my wife also had a big orgasm and with a big sigh, Oh… Honey… Hold me please… I am coming too…” She had a series of mild convulsions and then I fell aside with my flaccid cock slipping out of her full pussy. I was breathing hard after all the exertion. So was Arpi. She had matched my thrusts with her pelvis thrusts upward. She was out of breath.

We lay there for a few minutes in complete silence, trying to regain our breath. It was becoming clear to me that my wife was heading to a point of no return in her engagement with Ali and I was instrumental for it. Had I put my foot down, she would not have had the temerity to go so far ahead. Apart from letting my wife enjoy the fruits of extramarital pleasures, I had a hidden agenda behind that. I had my eyes on the lady in my office, who had a soft corner for me. She had given me subtle hints of her inclination to be wooed. However, I had to first clear my wife’s hurdle. I had to gain her NOC (No Objection Certificate).

After lying down for some minutes, she told me, “Darling, I have decided to discontinue my relationship with Ali. I considered him to be a good friend. I can understand his action of sexual behaviour momentarily. However, it was clear that he was trying to seduce me. I am feeling terribly offended. Of course, I was a gullible woman who was ready to offer her body away. How can I blame him also?” Again tears welled up in her eyes.

She was full of remorse and going into a determined mode. I decided to give her time to get over the guilt. I told her, “It’s ok darling. It was not your fault. God has given man and woman sexual emotions, which get triggered off, when one comes in close and intimate contact with the other. That is natural and you have not sinned, neither are you to be blamed. Actually, I feel that you rather controlled your emotions very well.” I took my wife in my arms and kept comforting her.

I gave her some day’s time to get over her guilt. During that period, she did not take calls from Ali. I kept asking her to take calls from Ali. However, she refused. She even changed her bus route. However, I also noticed a lost look and sadness in her eyes. She was missing Ali.

Then one day a courier appeared with an envelope marked in Arpi’s name. I received it. I opened it in Arpi’s presence. The envelope contained a handkerchief, with “I am sorry – yours, Ali.” stitched on it. When she saw it she became emotional and looked at me. I said, “Look darling, it is so nice of Ali to apologize. He has felt sorry that he hurt your feelings. I think you must forgive him and resume your relationship with him. What happened on the beach was situational and we can’t break relationship because of such things. It is said that it takes a long time to build a relationship, but it takes seconds to break it. I strongly urge you to talk to Ali and invite him over to our house.”

Arpi looked at me with genuine surprise in her eyes and nodded her head. I called up Ali form Arpi’s cell phone. As soon as he came on line, he began apologizing, not knowing that I was on the line. I told him to be quiet and listen to me. I told him, “Ali, your girl friend has forgiven you. We would like you to come over to our house next weekend, if you are not engaged anywhere." Ali confirmed that he would be there positively.

Arpi came over to me she leaned on me, kissed me and said, “I reconfirm that you are the most wonderful husband a woman can have.”

I allowed my wife to seduce her close male friend and watched them make out.

The kissing and smooching by Ali at the beach and at our entrance shook me up internally. What disturbed me more than what happened, was Arpi’s attempts to try to camouflage real happenings and attempts to reason with me to justify her and Ali’s actions. If indeed my wife was not happy with Ali, why did she let him kiss her as she was getting off the car? She did not resist or argue with him there. Rather, she was telling Ali to be careful, lest I saw them in action. This was a question that bugged me. It poked a hole in her defence and her posture of revulsion at Ali’s action.

It would be naive to think that she had not expected what was to happen at the beach. She was indeed game for it. However, when it did happen, she pretended as if she was not ready for it! If you play with fire, you got to get burns sooner or later.

I was hurt, not because of what happened. I was hurt because she lied to me. In spite of my hurt, I decided to play along. I tried to make her feel that I was game for it. Perhaps I was unable to completely conceal my emotions. She suspected that I was not completely ok with what happened. Perhaps all wives have that inherent instinct to detect husband’s inner thoughts, particularly when another male is involved. It could also be that her guilt drove her to look closely at my reactions.

The next morning, Arpi informed me that she had turned her phone off so as not to receive calls from Ali. This went on for about three days. I was however, able to see through her posture. I could easily see that she badly missed Ali. She was restless, got irritated easily with the slightest provocation and kept looking at her switched off phone. I knew that she was desperate to talk to Ali. I felt pity for her. I decided to give her a face saver.

I rang up Ali. He was surprised to receive a call from me. I told him that I knew of their misunderstanding. I asked him to send my wife Arpi a gift of some kind with “sorry” inscribed on it. I told Ali that I would try and pacify my wife so that she was ready to see him again. Although he was a bit circumspect about my voluntary advice, he followed it and sent the gift.

The gift packet from Ali for my wife turned the things around. The envelope contained a handkerchief on which was embroidered, ‘I am sorry – Yours Ali’

I told my wife, exactly what she wanted to hear. I told her, “After all, Ali is a good friend and when two young and hot persons of opposite sex get into an intimate situation (like it happened at the beach), sexual overtures are natural. Therefore you should not be so cross with Ali. I think he has got the message.” She immediately acknowledged the logic behind my argument. I then gently added one more sentence, which I doubt, if she cared to pay attention to; “Unless you really don’t want to see him.”

She did not see through my ploy that I wanted to check her immediate reaction to my proposal for resumption of their talking. She jumped at my suggestion gleefully. She fell for my trap hook line and sinker. I realized, we were heading to unknown and perhaps unpleasant developments.

My wife Arpi bloomed again. For the past few days, she was not herself. She was missing Ali. After my reassurance, I saw my Arpi, chirpy again in the house and outside. I was taken aback by the shadow of influence this man Ali had cast on her. I decided to play by her game and see how far my conservative and until then faithful wife would go to satisfy her cardinal desire; which I thought had died down three years into our marriage.

Things were back to normal then. Usual calls, weekend lunches and Ali dropping her at my place resumed. I was seeing my wife giggling, blushing like a girl. This was not a very pleasant development for me. I wondered where that all would lead to. I decided to face it and let my wife also face the consequences of her actions I decided to deal with the situation in my own way, without preventing her from doing what she wanted to do.

Things were happening in my office too. A young and attractive Indian woman Ms. Roma, was transferred to our branch office as a secretary. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman in our office. Her eyes were unusually blue and when she looked at you, it felt as if her stare penetrated through the whole of you. She wore neck less blouse, which exposed a good part of her skin. Her skin was soft and smooth. Her navel and the area underneath left a lot to imagine. Her breasts looked big enough to play and suck at the same time. Her boobs swayed seductively as she walked along.

When I saw her first, I had tough time controlling myself. I just could not take my eyes off her inviting breasts, which formed such a tantalizing shape on her blouse that it was obvious that there was enough to keep one busy for a whole night. Her breasts jutted out of her bra and blouse. I had to turn my face away to keep me from staring at her unabashedly. She saw my stare and must have guessed my internal conflict. She just half smiled, said “Hi” and walked past me to her desk. It was almost half greeting and half indifference of my stares. She must have been accustomed to such stares from lecherous males like me.

There was a cafeteria in the office lounge on the ground floor where we all took lunch during lunch break. My face to face introduction with her was after some days of that “hi”.

Once she walked up to me, when I was eating and sought my permission to sit opposite to me. I waved her to sit. I was visibly tense seeing her sit so close to me. I distinctly felt her fragrance. To hide my awkwardness I carried on eating. A few minutes passed. Then she half smiled (again that Mona Lisa smile!) and said, “I am Roma. Perhaps you know my name already.” She knew that she was the talk of the office since she joined.

She surely had earned reputation of a beauty queen in the office. From what I had learned was that she was professional and limited her talks to work with everyone. I said, “I am Prateek, how do you do?

There was a trace of sadness in her voice, “Not very well, I guess.” She noticed my inquiring look and continued wryly. “I feel unwanted, really. My hubby fell in love with someone more beautiful than I am (chuckle) and has deserted me. I don’t have the heart to tell my parents or relatives back in India. In any case, they can do little to help me except to call me back or lose their sleep over the matter.”

It looked at that moment as if she hated the whole world. I had no words to pacify her and I controlled my impulse to catch her hand and squeeze it mildly to pacify her. I thought it better to be patient and hear her out.

She was financially well off before marriage. Her husband was street smart. Three to four years into their marriage, he manipulated her into signing legal documents authorising him to execute legal and financial instruments on her behalf. Very soon she lost control of her accumulated finances. As soon as her husband assumed control of her finances, he lost interest in her.

Roma soon found out that the man whom she loved so dearly for years and for whom she would have staked her life suddenly became completely indifferent to her. She learnt that he was courting another woman. When Roma confronted him with her phone calls and messages saved in his phone as evidence; he blandly told her that he did not care for her and that she was free to find her own way.

This was a rude shock for Roma and devastated her completely. She left her husband’s house. She was now trying to recover from this shocking phase.

When she finished her tale of miseries, my hand moved instinctively to catch her hand. I realized to my great relief that she did not object or flinch. However, I did feel her hand tremble a little. She was uncertain, if she should let me catch her hand or not.

I patted her hand and said, “Roma, I understand how you feel. I have some contacts and I shall try to work out a solution that will make your ex repent a lot for his actions and pay for them dearly. You simply relax and have faith in God.”

She smiled ruefully and said, “That is probably the only solace for me at this time. I thank you buddy, I really do.”

She smiled. For the first time I saw her genuine smile. I saw her bright shining teeth and enticing movement of her succulent cheeks that had a deep dimple in it. I could detect trust and relief in that smile and from the look in her eyes. She squeezed my arm as we got up to leave. The silent spectator between my legs stirred up in anticipation.

Fortunately one of my business circle friends, a fellow called David, was a well known advocate on social matters, mostly relating to divorce, alimony and inheritance matters. Apart from being a business friend, he was also one of closer friends. We hanged out at pubs occasionally on weekends and discussed all issues including personal ones. I had given him a hint of goings on between me, my wife and Ali. Although he did not understand my nonchalance, he discreetly kept quiet.

I called him up and explained briefly whatever I knew about Roma’s case. His first reaction was, “You bloke! I hope, you are not trying to get between her shapely legs and want to fire the gun from my shoulder, is it?”

I laughed at his first reaction and joined in his banter, “If I fire my gun from your shoulders, you bugger, you are already in it also. So be a good guy and listen.”

Anyway, after some friendly exchanges, he agreed to meet Roma with me and have her brief him about the matter in detail. I informed Roma about this the next day during lunch hour. She was quite happy and appeared to be in a much better mood than before.

David and I met Roma at a coffee shop not far from our office the next evening. Roma narrated her experiences and her accusations against her ex, whilst David dutifully noted points in his diary. After he finished David got up to say that he had another commitment and left promising to get back to us in three days time.

I drove Roma down to her apartment. As she got down from the car, she caught my hand and said, “Prateek, I thank you very much for what you have done. After what I went through in recent time, this has come as a big relief for me.” I was hoping that she would invite me inside her apartment. However, she just said “Good night” and sauntered over to the main gate.

I mumbled something like it was ok, not necessary etc. and left.

When I reached home, it was about 8 pm. I must have barely turned on the lights when, I heard a car stopping and saw my wife Arpi getting out of the car. I saw through the window that it was the same routine: passionate parting kiss and a big shopping bag in her hand. I heard Arpi’s footsteps in the doorway. The door was open.

I was standing near the switchboard. She did not see me in the darkness coming from outside lights. When she switched the lights on and saw me standing close to her, she had a start and shuddered a little before saying, “My God, You scared shit out of me. Prateek, darling.” She came and hugged me.

Arpi was trying to be extra emotional. It did not take me long to find out why. It was the parcel in her hands. “In spite of my repeated refusal, Ali insisted that he will buy me some… dress.” She floundered whilst completing the sentence as she did not know what the appropriate word for the contents of the parcel was.

“And what that may be?” I asked her looking at the parcel in her hands.

“Well that is lingerie, silly! I did not exactly know how to tell you.” Arpi finally concluded hesitatingly and looked at me with half doubtful, half hopeful eyes.

“There is nothing to hide, when you enter the house with that box in your hand darling. Besides, I find it quite in sequence.” I doubted if she paid any attention to my last sentence. It was enough for her that I was not cross at her. I wanted to convey to her that I was watching her moves carefully. I suspected though, if she cared to catch my meaning. She presumed that I was ok with Ali presenting her with a lingerie. I was curious to know more.

“Had he bought this for you or you both went together for shopping?” I asked.

“How could he have bought them without knowing my measurements and without knowing how they would look on me?” She replied.

I waited and asked what I thought was really a stupid question. “Oh, so he saw you in this lingerie. Did he?”

She averted my direct gaze as she said, “Sort of….. He insisted that he should see how I look in them and I had to let him have just a glimpse through the gap in the trial room door.” I knew that things were moving to their logical conclusion.

I decided not to be a spoil sport and rather play along. I asked her, “But he didn’t see you properly in this dress, right?” She shook her head to say that he didn’t.

“Then why not we have a dinner in our house this weekend; let him join us for the night and I suggest you give us both a pleasure of visual treat with you in this lingerie?” I told her what perhaps she dreamed to hear.

She hugged me hard in excitement and trying to control her excitement she asked, “Really, you mean that? I really wanted you to see me in these, before anyone else saw me in them. I really wanted to, Believe me.” she hugged me seductively, extracted my Lund (cock) parting the flaps of my fly inserting her delicate fingers into the gap and began caressing it lovingly. Her intimate body contact and her craving to expose before an outsider (was he really outsider? He may have probably been inside her, who knows?) The very thought made my dick harden quickly. She knew that she had me at that time.

She began to pump my Lund as we stumbled across to the bedroom. She asked, “Do you want me now, or you want me after I show you how I look in this lingerie?”

I was too turned on to delay any further. I said, “I want you now.” We both began to undress each other in a hurry, tossing the clothing around as I began to caress her pussy. She was wet as a flowing river. It was not just my doing. It looked as though she entered the house dripping wet. “Gosh! She was playing the games with Ali in car already.” I thought to myself. How na├»ve was I to think otherwise.

However, at that time I was not able to focus on anything other than what was happening between my legs. I was horny as hell and perhaps she was too. Our talk on the possibility of her exposing to Ali seemed to inflame her as well. She spread her legs apart to accommodate me between them. I inserted myself and positioned my hard rod on her mound. She held my cock between her hands and rubbed it for sometime on her wet pussy lips and gave it a tug to push it inside.

She was turned on. Ali and Arpi did not appear to have an intercourse. There was no cum in her pussy (Unless he released outside or used a condom). However, it was obvious that they might have done everything else. She was horny as a tigress in heat. I mounted on her and instead of entering, withdrawing and entering again to let her passage get used to my strokes, in one go I pushed my hard, long and thick rod through the length of her passage. Was it the expression of my anger or jealousy or frustration at work? I didn’t know.

It must have been a bit painful for her, as she gave out a cry of pain. However, it was just once. She got over her pain quickly and began to raise and drop her belly and butts to match my rhythm. As her torso rose and fell on bed, her boobs swayed and flayed tantalizingly. I grabbed one boob and sucked on the other biting her nipple hard. She let out a cry without stopping her movements.

Arpi was gripped by devil. She began to moan loudly as I pumped her. It was almost like a competition between us as to who was more aroused. I was holding her boobs in my hand tight as I pumped her. “So Ali wants you to wear the lingerie and show him how you look in them, right?” I asked her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me, as if trying to read expression on my face. She closed her eyes again reverting into relishing the inward out ward strokes I was impaling into her. She waited for a while before she spoke. She must have realized that my question was direct and demanded straight answer. “Yes, if you don’t mind.”

She had already replied to my next question, which would have been, ‘And you agreed to expose to him, right?” I was reaching my peak. Her answers left no doubt in my mind that my wife knowingly or unknowingly was heading to a point of no return. At that stage it was useless for me to try to stop her as she would cheat me behind my back, if I tried to do that; I thought.

I decided to go ahead and fulfil my fantasy of seeing how she would look, if some other male fucked her. I said, “Why don’t you call him tomorrow and ask him to come for dinner and spend the night here this weekend?”

So Friday arrived. But before that I could detect hidden excitement in Arpi’s behaviour. Admittedly I too was excited. Arpi spent a lot more time than I had ever seen her getting ready for the visit. She had shaved her pussy neatly. She went to a famous parlour nearby and got her facial, pedicure and all that women get done when they are getting ready for an important event.

Ali was a smart, somewhat tough looking tall and well built young man. Standing by his side, I felt like a young inexperienced and rather weak chap, who lacked confidence in front of him. Ali had a slight stubble and that (for me enigmatic) streak of grey on his head. I could see Arpi looking at it frequently and appreciatively.

Ali had put on a blue cut off T shirt and jeans. His T shirt was open enough to expose a part of his hairy broad chest. He had no tummy.

Ali brought a bottle of wine for me and a bouquet for Arpi. He gave me the bottle and hugged me. He handed over the bouquet to Arpi. He hugged Arpi. It was a normal social hug. I tried to muster up a bit of self confidence and stretched my hand to say ‘Hi’ and welcomed him into our house. His grip was tight and showed his maturity, determination and self confidence. He had a big palm that almost enveloped mine.

However, my self confidence returned soon after as I found Ali ill at ease in my presence, when Arpi entered the drawing room and said ‘Hi’ to Ali and shook his hands. I could easily see their discomfiture at their first meeting in my presence.

Arpi had a pretty cute dress that bordered between being Sexy and nice. Her flowing skirt stopped just above her knees. Her blouse showed just that much cleavage as not to be termed as provocative. She didn’t want to show that she was unduly excited, which I knew she was.

I made Ali sit on a sofa and I sat beside him. Arpi asked Ali if he would like tea or coffee. (I was bemused thinking if she was about to add ‘or me’).

Arpi served all that was required and sat in a corner with her knees joined tight together. I poured wine in three glasses. When Arpi looked questioningly at me I looked sternly at her and egged her on to take her glass, hinting at her not to protest. For a few seconds there was an awkward silence broken by Ali, who said, “That was nice of you Prateek to invite me over. I appreciate it.”

I muttered something that sounded like “No problem. You are always welcome.” I doubted if Ali heard it though. I had to regain self assurance, if I was to enjoy the evening.

I got up from my sofa, raised my glass and said, “Cheers.” As we began sipping the wine, I added, “And welcome to my wife’s boy friend.”

As Ali raised his glass and was taking the first sip, he coughed out hearing my words. A few drops of wine splattered around as he looked at me thoroughly embarrassed, not knowing how to react. He quickly apologized for coughing up and moved to clean his shirt.

To sooth him and make him feel comfortable (as well as to re-establish my grip over the situation), I stood up and patted on his back and said, “Well, Arpi has told me all that happened between you two. So relax. You are more than a friend to her and so you are to me. She is my darling wife and her special friend is also my special friend.

The atmosphere in the room was charged with subtle excitement. Sexual tension was palpable. I switched on music that had some dance tunes for such occasions. I zoomed to the tunes of the music. I certainly was not the best dancer in Sydney. However, I wanted to make all feel at home. I caught Arpi, took her in my arms and began to dance. I stepped on her toes several times. Arpi stopped. She could not control her laughter, seeing me dance with awkward steps. She looked at Ali, who smiled broadly for the first time that evening.

Arpi said, “Ali dances much better.” I went near Ali and pulled him up off the sofa and pushed him towards Arpi, who was waiting for me to return to resume dancing. Ali walked gingerly to Arpi and stretched his arms. Arpi went into his arms and they moved in rhythm with music. Ali swung around like an experienced dancer and began dancing with slow steps. They took care to maintain a respectable distance between them for my benefit. They danced for a while, when I stepped up the tempo of the music. Ali was fluent and Arpi seemed to have learnt a thing or two from him. About ten minutes of dancing made us all comfortable with each other. Ali and Arpi began looking at each other directly and smile. The initial awkwardness was gone.

Ali appeared visibly relaxed and a little tired. He smiled and looked affectionately at Arpi. Arpi felt at ease at my relaxed attitude. After the dance, Arpi went to the kitchen and brought some things to eat for dinner. All of us quickly finished eating. We all knew that there was much more to the evening than dinner. She was about to sit in her earlier seat away from me and Ali, when I said, “Come on darling! Don’t be a spoil sport. Sit with us.”

Arpi looked awkwardly at me. I caught her hand and made her sit between Ali and me on the sofa. The sofa was meant for two persons. There was not adequate space on the sofa for three persons. She was tightly sandwiched between us. I looked at her discomfiture and said, “You are squeezed. Why don’t you sit in your boy friend’s lap?”

Arpi looked confused at me. I pushed under her armpits to make her rise and sit in Ali’s lap. However, Arpi was smarter. She slid and sat in my lap instead. I felt my cock hardening at the pressure of her bottoms on my crotch. I began to caress Arpi’s hair and looking at Ali I said, “Arpi likes elder men. I don’t know why. Perhaps she finds a reflection of her father in them. She likes you because of your streak of grey hair. Of course, her emotions for you are not exactly fatherly, is not it, Arpi?” I looked at Arpi questioningly.

Arpi seemed to have regained her composure. She kissed my forehead and said, “Well, you know all, my hubby. Why do you ask me? Now Ali is also your special friend. Ask him, if you like.”

I nuzzled my head behind her back and caressing her cheeks said, “Oh! You feel so hot and good in my lap, darling. I feel like doing something to you.” I began nuzzling her neck and back from behind her. Arpi bent and looked back at me and asked, “What are you doing? It’s not our bedroom for God’s sake.”

I laughed and said, “Then let’s go to the bedroom.” Arpi was red faced hearing me talk like that in Ali’s presence. She didn’t reply. I fingered her waist and dragged my fingers upwards. I could see Arpi getting a bit aroused with my actions. Her bottoms had flattened out in my lap and I was sure she felt my hard rod poking her ass crack. She looked back at me and asked, “What are you up to darling?”

I said, “Nothing dear, I just want to have a bit of fun.”

Arpi said, “But darling, Ali is watching. You are embarrassing him. Look at him.”

I gently lifted one of her arms hanging by Ali’s side and rested her arm around Ali’s neck and said, “Honey, if this is embarrassing to him, then you embrace him and remove his embarrassment.” I lifted Arpi’s bums and pushed her towards Ali in such a way that she had to sit in his lap.

My wife Arpi looked back at me with an awkward expression (it looked more like mock anger to me) but did not move to get up or step away from Ali. She was then lodged well and truly in Ali’s lap and I was sure adrenalin was rushing at tearing pace in Arpi and Ali’s veins. Looking at Arpi trying to adjust her bums onto Ali’s crotch, I was sure Ali had a solid hard on and my wife was feeling it on her ass crack. Her one arm was around Ali’s neck.

I nudged her on, “Darling, won’t you kiss your boyfriend ‘welcome home’?”

My wife looked at me nervously. I nodded her on. She bent and placed her lips on Ali’s cheeks and kissed him on his cheeks. Ali was visibly relaxed at Arpi’s action. He turned and placed his lips on Arpi’s cheeks and kissed her cheeks. They looked into each other’s eyes and I knew for sure that this was not exactly how they wanted to kiss. I nudged her further and said, “Come on darling. This is not the way a boy friend and girl friend kiss. Is it? Besides, this is not the first time that you will kiss each other. Is it?”

Perhaps, I could not help avoid a trace of sarcasm in my voice. Arpi looked at me angrily and got up. She tried to move away from me towards the kitchen saying, “Enough! I am leaving unless you have something else to suggest….” Before she could complete her sentence and move away, I pulled her onto me; making her almost fall in my lap. I held her tight and kissed hard on her lips. I kissed her so passionately saying, “Darling, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be sarcastic. Come on, darling!!” I began to kiss her passionately. She looked at me helplessly not being able to move away and neither did she try to. She reciprocated my kiss with equal passion, looking occasionally at Ali, who sat by the side watching our love making.

As I kissed her I spread my palms caressing her, squeezing or pinching her occasionally around her bottoms and back giving Ali a treat to watch. Whilst I continued to kiss her, I pulled down her between Ali and me on the sofa. Since there was not enough space on the sofa, perforce, she had to rest her hand first and then her bums into Ali’s lap.

I could see Ali remaining calm with great restraint. Here was a pretty girl, with whom he had many experiences of touching, smooching and kissing; lodged into his lap in an erotic pose, kissing her hubby. In order that she should not tumble over, Ali instinctively gripped her shoulders. There was little else he could do. I saw. a big tent in his trousers, I was sure Arpi felt that too. Ali was highly aroused seeing Arpi and I engaged in intimate kiss. I gently released Arpi’s head which I had gripped firmly in my hands. Arpi was breathing hard after my kiss. She looked up at Ali.

Ali made Arpi lean on him pulled her up and placed his lips on her lips. For a second she sat frozen in Ali’s lap indecisively. She let Ali kiss her, but only for that moment. Had she not suddenly jerked herself free from Ali and got up from the sofa; perhaps something would have happened there and then. She stood up, looked at us angrily and walked away towards the kitchen in a huff. Ali looked at me with guilt written all over his face.

I tapped Ali’s shoulder and smiled at him; to try to free him of guilt. I told him, “Don’t worry. It was not your fault. Relax, I shall bring her back.”

I jumped up from the sofa and followed her into the kitchen. She was washing the dishes. I caught her from behind and positioned my dick between her legs and began mock fucking her from behind. She turned around, smiled and said in hushed voice, “Let me clean the dishes. If you want to fuck me, let us go to the bedroom. But don’t make a scene here. Ali might come in and see us.”

“Darling, leave the dishes alone. You don’t wash them. I shall wash them after leaving you and Ali together for some time. We want to see you in that lingerie. I am sure Ali is also very eager to see you in that lingerie also. Will you not oblige us? You promised.” I pleaded with her.

She said, “I can’t just walk out and dance in the lingerie. There has to be some plan. Some excuse. Think of something logical and I may consider your request.” She spoke expansively.

I said, “Ok. I shall think something out, but please come. Don’t play truant. You have told me what you two have done in my absence. So why hesitate now in my presence ?” I caught her hand and lead her back into the drawing room. Arpi followed me meekly. Ali’s face brightened up when he saw Arpi coming back into the drawing room. I sat onto a bigger (Three seat) sofa and made Arpi sit next to me. I called Ali over and asked him to sit on the other side of Arpi as before. However, all of us sat in reasonable comfort.

I went to the music deck and selected some sweet old film songs in Hindi. They were romantic and soothing. I knew Ali loved old Hindi film songs. I dimmed the lights. All of us focussed on listening to sweet melodious voice of famous past wizards. Ali was completely immersed in Old songs and began humming with the songs. I could see some of the songs were so emotional that all of us and particularly Ali was captivated and almost in tears. I nudged Arpi to move closer to Ali and catch his hands.

I caught one of Arpi’s hands and moved closer to her. Ali caught Arpi’s hand and began to affectionately caress it. The serene and romantic effect of the songs and music enveloped us all. Arpi looked at me. I nudged her to go ahead. She extended her hands around Ali’s shoulders and brought his head to rest on her shoulder. Ali was fully absorbed in the melody of the songs. He gently moved Arpi closer to him and began running his fingers into her hair.

I moved to Arpi and pushed my head face to face with her lips and kissed her as Ali watched us from a breathing distance. I signalled Arpi to move into Ali’s lap. I murmured in her ears to kiss Ali as she had done in my absence. I slowly got up and excused myself to go to kitchen to wash dishes. Arpi protested and offered to go there. However, I didn’t listen to her and said as I was leaving, “I want to you lovers to be alone for a while to talk over and be at ease with each other.”

I gave a broad hint for them to go ahead. As I was walking away, I saw Arpi moving over into Ali’s lap and nuzzling her head into Ali’s face. I began to clean the dishes and clean the kitchen, whereas my whole mind was focussed on what Ali and my wife must be doing at that time. It took me about fifteen minutes, when I returned and saw Arpi in Ali’s arms and kissing passionately. His one hand was behind her back exploring the curves, contours and cavities of her body. I coughed up. Arpi jumped hearing my voice and sat up. I told her to relax.

I asked Ali, if he would like beer. Ali nodded his head. I had to go out and fetch beer from the garage. I walked out and returned after about ten minutes. I saw Arpi and Ali kissing each other passionately with Arpi’s hand inside Ali’s zip and Ali’s hand exploring my wife’s back. When she saw me, she withdrew her hand with lightening speed. I looked and smiled at her. She got up and began to straighten up her dress. I clapped my hands and said, “That is more like two lovers.” I sat next to Arpi and whispered in her ears, “Darling, I am very keen to have one or two beers with your boy friend and in the meanwhile, will you please be ready to show us what your boy friend has bought for you?”

Arpi awkwardly nodded her head and we watched her swaying hips as she walked away towards our bedroom. Was there an invitation in that wiggle of her hips?

I poured two glasses and asked Ali all superfluous questions. Then I told Ali softly that I have asked Arpi to wear the negligee that Ali had bought for her. Would he like to see Arpi in them? I asked him. Of course, I knew the answer. I told him to wait at our bedroom door until I signalled him to come in.

After finishing beers, I lead Ali to our bedroom door and asked him to wait there. I went in the bedroom, leaving the door partially open. Ali hid behind curtains.

Arpi stood on bed with a towel wrapped around her, shy perhaps of exposing her body to two of us. I asked her to remove the towel. She looked inquiringly at me. I knew she was asking where Ali was. I looked at the door. She understood. Arpi slowly removed the towel and displayed herself in the negligee.

The view was breath taking. For the first time in my married life, I saw my wife in such a sexy dress. It was a three piece dress. The top was a frilled top which looked more like a semi transparent bra. Arpi’s breasts almost came out of the negligee revealing all but her nipples. Even her nipples were vaguely visible through the semi transparent cloth. Her belly and belly button were fully exposed showing her tempting navel expanding out into her thighs, hips and again tapering down into her legs. Her bottom piece was of two piece clothing. One piece was semi transparent which exposed rather than covered another piece, which was more like a string panty. The whole negligee was dark black with netting thrown in good measure.

I could not control my “Argh…” Arpi heard similar sound from behind the door. I asked Ali to come in. Ali walked in awkwardly looking at Arpi standing practically naked on bed. Ali could not take his eyes off her. Arpi suddenly wrapped herself again in the towel and said, Ok? I have done what you wanted me to do. Are you happy?”

I moved closer to her and pulled her down on bed. Her towel fell away and she landed in my lap. I laid her flat on bed and sat by her side. She was excited and confused. She saw Ali standing by the edge of the bed to her legs. I bent down and kissed her hard on her lips. She surrounded her arms around my neck and pulled me close on her. I said “Having come this far, is it fair for you to deny your boy friend the feel of your succulent body?”

Arpi must have kicked Ali hard on his shin (for I felt the bed shake a little). She was perhaps hinting him to sit on the bed near her legs and massage her legs. Through a corner of my eyes, I saw Ali slowly sitting on the bed close to her. He was greedily looking at Arpi’s naked legs, which were covered by the towel above her knees. I saw Ali massaging her slim legs starting from the sole of her feet up towards her ankles.

Arpi again caught towel lying on the side feigning attempts to resist her exposure. I swiftly removed her towel with one hand and threw it away. I said, “Darling come on now do not torture us. Your boy friend and I are eager to feel you closer. I would love to see you two enjoy each other.

Arpi was getting aroused with the feel of Ali’s hands on her legs inching upwards and my hands on her breasts. I unbuttoned her top and pulled out the flimsy top and threw it away in a corner. Arpi was trembling like a leaf at her being topeless. I caught Ali’s hand in mine and pulled him so that he could sit on the other side of Arpi, who lay on bed between us. Ali saw (I hope) for the first time, Arpi’s full ripe milky white breasts fully exposed, being fondled by me, Ali also held one of her boobs in his hands and said, “My God these are marvellous. Prateek, you are so damned lucky to feel them every night.”

I said, “Come on boy friend! These are all yours. Feel them as much as you want. Suck them as hard as you can and pinch these nipples as hard as you like. Ali bent down and placed his lips on one of her boobs and began to suck it hard. With another hand he grabbed the second boob and squeezed it so hard that Arpi cried out, “Oh, Ali, be gentle.”

I saw Ali taking over the charge of her breasts. I came down and began to fondle her tummy and caress her flat curvaceous belly. I inserted my tongue in her navel. I lifted her mid riff and inserted my arm underneath her to feel her buttocks. I was slowly trying to undress her, when she suddenly got up from bed and sat in Ali’s lap. She inserted her hand in Ali’s lap and was trying to feel her lund (Cock). She signalled me to come closer to her and spoke in my ears, “Ali has a huge lund (Cock) just look at it. I have felt it under his clothing. I have not yet seen it. I am going to see it now.” I didn’t know if she was seeking my permission or informing me of her decision.

From there on I did not need to do any more prompting or motivation. Both were busy exploring each other as Arpi nudged Ali to undress and expose his lithe well built body for her benefit. I had already removed an excuse of that loin cloth covering my wife’s modesty. All this was very interesting for me to watch. This was the first tme I saw Arpi getting ready to be fucked by another male. She was virgin when we were married and Ali was perhaps the first person in her life other than me to reach so close to her. She had perhaps mentally already surrendered herself to Ali and what was happening was just fructification of her deep desire to be fucked by Ali.

I sat aside watched them as Ali removed his trousers and uncovered his long and thick cock. I had seen such huge cocks only in xxx rated videos and never thought any one could have such a huge rod really. I was always under the impression that such long and thick cock was the result of taking steroids and drugs.

Arpi took Ali’s Lund in her hands and fondled it caressing it lovingly by rotating her delicate fingers on the mushroom head of the circumcised cock. His pre-cum was oozing out almost as if he was ejaculating. I looked at Arpi and saw expression of fear on her face. She was scared of the possibility of this huge rod entering her Choot (pussy). Arpi’s choot was small and passage narrow and she had problems even taking in my Lund. (I have a fairly big 6 inches Lund one and half an inch thick). Ali’s was not less than 7 inches, more like 8 inches. It was about two inches thick.

I was afraid that if (or rather when) Ali fucked her that night, she was sure, going to bleed profusely, and the whole thing might turn painful. I saw Ali inserting his large hand between Arpi’s legs. She spread apart her legs to give Ali access to her Choot. Her neatly shaved Choot was a sight to watch. Her fluids were flowing out revealing her highly aroused state. As soon as Ali inserted his fingers my wife started moaning loudly. I knew she was undergoing pulsating twitching and titillation in her Choot.

She began to gyrate the bed as Ali began to slowly finger fuck her with just two of his fingers. I saw a spate of convulsions going through my dear wife’s body. I never experienced her having such orgasm in three years of our marriage. Her body moved uncontrollably as Ali’s fingers kept playing inside her pussy.

I did not just manage to get my wife into a spin, I caused a nightmare in our lives.

I am Pratik. My wife Arpi and Ali became friends, whilst she travelled to her job in the bus. Ali was a regular driver on that bus. Ali’s impressive personality, mysterious air about him and strong physique attracted her. Arpi was a bit puzzled when she realized that she rather liked Ali’s stares roaming all over her body.
Ali and my wife Arpi had several outings with Ali’s friends. Ali introduced her as his girl friend, concealing the fact that Arpi was married; perhaps with an implicit consent from Arpi.
Arpi later told me that in one of their outings Arpi and Ali kissed and Ali fondled her breasts. Hearing all these narrations and adding to it what she did not say, I could picture the whole sequence of events, enough to arouse me for a solid erection. I realized that I was becoming a cuckold husband.
I realized that my dear, beautiful and (until then) faithful wife was uncontrollably heading towards a dangerous relationship with her elder paramour Ali. A situation came when she was so crazy about Ali that if I had stopped her, I was almost certain that she would have either resorted to cheating or might at some point have even left me to be Ali’s fuck buddy.
Ali by then had an income which would be adequate to bear her sustenance. I thought Ali might even marry her. In his religion, more than one wife was legitimate. That was not the outcome that I desired. I decided to use the difficulty as an opportunity. Had I known that their relationship could head the way it ultimately did, perhaps I might have thought differently.
A sinister plan developed in my mind. It could kill three birds with one stroke. First was to enjoy the role of a controller of the little puppet show that I had planned, with Ali and my wife Arpi acting as my puppets. I wanted the situation to end as I wanted it and not the way Arpi and Ali wanted. Second was to fulfil my fantasy of seeing how she would act and emote, if some other male fucked her. The third was to take my secret revenge on my wife for punishing me for a little flirting I did with my assistant Roma. Of course the main objective was that I wanted to control and enjoy the situation and not be controlled by it or suffer as a consequence.
I not only let my wife and Ali to play out their love act, I encouraged them. I invited Ali to my house and encouraged Ali and my wife Arpi to flirt and smooch in my presence. This factor added tremendously to strengthen their morale and boosted their confidence. Naturally that lead my wife Arpi to get ready to be fucked by her boy friend Ali, who was so eager to oblige, no questions asked.
They both stripped in our bed room and kissed and smooched. That was the first time that I saw Ali’s long and thick cock. Even when half erect, it was not less than eight inches long and a solid three inches thick. It was as if he had come out of any porn movie. I could easily understand why my wife had fallen for him. I strongly suspected (looking at familiar expressions on her face, when she saw Ali uncovering his cock in front of her) that she must have seen it before, fondled it and in all likelihood had it inside her.
Arpi caressed Ali’s long, thick and naked cock lovingly in her palm while Ali inserted his two fingers in Arpi’s pussy to make her twist and turn in the bed and beg him to fuck her black and blue. I was not fully certain if it was the first time that she let his fingers inside her pussy. 
She convulsed on the bed and had a huge orgasm, the like of which I had not seen in a long time. Ali had driven her to such heights of passion and desire that I, as her husband, had not been able to do.
Ali knew all her weak spots. Either he had had good experience of my wife’s body reflexes or he was married and had been there with plenty of women before. To me, the later seemed more logical. However, the first one also could not be ruled out.
As Ali kept finger fucking my wife Arpi, her moans and pleadings increased. Her moans became louder and her shouts pleading Ali to fuck her became frequent. However, Ali was in no hurry to oblige her.
Ali asked my wife Arpi to stand on the floor. He perhaps wanted to see her naked in her full glory. Arpi’s shapely figure standing in nakedness must have been his ‘dream come true’. Ali licked her with his saliva starting from her toes. Ali’s kissing all along her body drove my wife to frenzy. She experienced new and arousing sensations. When Ali reached my wife’s vagina, he stopped and made her spread her legs and sit with his mouth between them. Her pussy was right atop Ali’s mouth. Arpi’s dripping juice was flowing straight into Ali’s mouth. He seemed to enjoy its taste. (I never liked the taste of her juices.)
Ali’s eating my wife’s pussy was a huge turn on for me too. Arpi saw from the corner of her eye that I stood watching them make love. I was happy that at least she noticed me finally. She signalled me to come closer and caught my crotch. I removed my trousers and under garment to let her fondle and caress my hard erect penis; while Ali sucked her juice. It was almost like a scene from a porn movie. My demure and innocent wife had turned into a slut that evening.
Ali and my wife were both horny as hell. From their comfort level with each other, it was easy to guess that they must have fucked at least once earlier. After overcoming initial hesitation on account of my presence, my wife and Ali were at ease with each other. There was no first time hesitation. Usually it is the male who pleads his love mate for mating. Here the opposite was the case.
Lost in the thoughts of my wife’s changed personality, I did not notice that Arpi had made Ali mount her as she lay on the bed, eager to feel his thick, long and hard meat rod enter her small, tight pussy hole. She had closed her eyes in anticipation. Her anxiety reflected in her tightly squeezing my cock in her hand; which she had not left during the transfer of their positions.
I grabbed her soft, succulent and full breasts in my hands and ruefully wondered why I decided to lose my exclusive right over her superb tits. However, all that was of no consequence. I had taken the step and the result was in front of me. I was not in charge of my wife’s tits or body anymore; looking at the pace with which Ali was progressing on making my wife his plaything.
I came out of my reverie when I heard ‘futch… futch…’ sound of Ali ramming my wife and Arpi’s cries, “Oh… Ali… slowly... please… you are hurting me,” and then Arpi moaning loudly as the pace of their fucking increased. I saw my simple, shy wife turning into a fuck-loving slut enjoying each thrust from Ali’s pelvis. I saw his testicles swinging and hitting my wife’s ass cheeks hard.
While Ali was ramming into my wife, she covered my jealous boner with her fingers and kept shagging me. I was hard and erect seeing my wife fucked by a cock the size of which I had only seen in porn movies.  With each heave from Ali, Arpi would give several shags on my cock. When Ali stopped to breathe, Arpi shagged me faster. Perhaps she wanted Ali and me cumming at the same time; Ali inside her and me in her fingers.
As the fucking progressed and Arpi wanted more and more of Ali’s cock, Ali started shouting dirty filth such as, “I knew you slut… you were always wanting my big cock in your tight pussy. You were never satisfied with your husband’s tiny lulu (for penis). Here you are. Now take mine. You will now be my slut forever. Remember that will you? NO, don’t just nod your dumb head. Say you will be my slut forever,” Ali asked Arpi as he repeatedly rammed into her.
I saw Arpi nod her little pretty head to say, “Yes, Ali darling… Fuck me black and blue. I am your slut and yours forever. I am here to please you any time and every time you want me.”
I was amazed at the language being dished out by both Ali and Arpi. It looked as if they'd had not one but several fucking sessions before Ali visited my house. That was shocking for me. That meant that my wife was cheating on me, even though I had allowed her to keep Ali as her lover. I felt disgusted at both of them. I wondered to myself, what shameless and ungrateful people they were! I did not know if I was playing a victim card to myself or justifying self imposed righteousness.
As Ali and Arpita reached their climax, I could see my loving, seemingly simple wife, crying herself hoarse asking Ali to fuck harder. Ali at the peak of his arousal, kept banging my wife with the words, “Take it honey. Are you getting my bomb? I am coming in you darling. Keep my manhood into your small little body…” With that final sentence, I saw Ali’s face twitch as he unloaded a huge load of sperm in my wife’s hungry pussy.
I too released my load in my wife’s tender fingers almost as Ali released his inside her. Arpita had convulsed and had a huge orgasm a few seconds before and was content to see us both cry out our ecstasies as we unloaded our liquids. My cum sprayed all over her naked body with some drops falling on her lips. I was surprised to see her licking that out. She had never done it before.
I was not happy that Ali should have cummed inside her. I asked Ali, “Did you not wear any protection?”
Ali looked at me quizzically and said, “But Arpi asked me not to. She said she did not have a child for long with you and if she conceived through me, she would love it.”
For me that was the end of my moral right over my wife. I realised that I had lost my wife Arpi to this old (I admit my gross prejudice), not so good-looking, but hard-fucking fellow. I felt small. I slowly rose and left the room leaving them in the bedroom.
My head was spinning with multiple and confusing thoughts. Arpi had cheated on me. My fantasy of seeing my wife fucked by a stranger evaporated. She was no longer my wife. She now decided to belong to another man and be his fuck buddy, his slut. She said in so many words. I washed myself and dressed up and walked out to a well lit but deserted park nearby. I wanted to breathe some fresh air. Ali and Arpi’s fucking smell had still not left my nostrils. I wondered what I would do now.
After about half an hour of aimless roaming around in the park, I returned home. Ali’s car was gone. The door was open and Arpi had dressed and was sitting on a chair in our dining room waiting for me to return. As soon as she saw me enter, she rushed and clung to me, and started crying. She said, “Honey, are you cross with me? Why did you encourage me to go forward with Ali? I had decided to break my relations with him. Why did you make me turn around?”
When I kept quiet, she composed herself, turned and looked at me and said, “Besides, I thought you were taken in by this girl Roma, aren’t you? I thought you wanted me to get attached to Ali so that you could have your fun with Roma, isn’t it?”
I was completely foxed and didn’t know what to say. I opted for a softer approach. I patted her back and said, “You seem to have made a choice. You love Ali and now I know that he fucked you many times before today. Did he or did he not? Say yes, or no!”
Arpi nodded her pretty head to admit that she was fucked by Ali several times earlier too.
“And you decided not to tell me about it?” I asked. Arpi nodded her pretty head again.
“Which means: you love him and want to keep getting fucked by him again and again. Is that right?” I asked her in anger and was horrified to see her nod her head in acceptance.
Then realising that she had blundered, she said, “No no it s not like that. Yes, I like him and… You know… I did… have… sex… thrice earlier with him… when his friends coaxed him to have sex with me. that I was his girl friend… Ali pleaded with me… I could not say no… But…” Saying this she broke down and started crying. 
I was completely confused. I felt pity for my simple wife, who was driven by her lust for a hard and big lund (cock) on one hand and her loyalty to her husband on the other. She did not want to leave either. It looked like what started as a mere funny experiment was turning into a nightmare. I felt sympathy and love for my wife and thought she had erred. I kept pacifying her and made her quiet gradually.
However, the nightmare had not ended. Sobering down after her sobs, Arpi dropped a bombshell.
“Honey, when you went out just now, Ali said he wanted to do a Master’s degree and was looking for a house on rent. He asked me if we can accommodate him in our house and give him our guest room. Please! He is prepared to pay good rent for it. That way we could also get some extra income. I think we should say yes, darling, don’t you agree? Please!”
Well, in a moment of emotional insanity, I had registered my house (which I had paid for, from my income) in Arpi’s name and she had then become legally the owner of the house. If Arpi wanted it that way, she could do whatever she liked with the house. I had no choice but to say yes. It looked to me that her request was not really a request. Her emphasis behind the word “please” (repeated twice) made it clear that it was her decision disguised as a request.
Ali soon shifted into our house and then began the sequence of their fucking openly in my presence and absence in our house day in and day out, in each nook and corner of the house. Arpi would never have enough of Ali. Arpi looked to enjoy the freedom of being fucked whenever and wherever in her house. Arpi slept with Ali all nights and Ali behaved as if he was the owner of the house. Surprisingly it was okay with Arpi too.
Arpi behaved more as if she was Ali’s wife than mine. Only in the presence of some of our acquaintances and old relations, Arpi acknowledged me as her husband. When Ali’s friends visited the house, Arpi treated me as a guest and behaved as if she was Ali’s wife. She seemed to have surrendered completely to Ali. I never expected that having a big cock can win you such loyalty and commitment from a normal, conservative household woman.
I was seething inside. However, there was little I could do. Laws in Australia are inclined to favour women and I was afraid that if I raised my voice or if I misbehaved with my wife, she might create legal problems for me with Ali backing her. I had to accept my fate and hope things would change in times to come.
One day, when Ali was out, Arpi gave me good (although not exactly shocking) news that she was pregnant. I was in half a mind to ask by whom. However, it would have been foolish to do so. The way Ali and my wife were fucking, only a fool would ask such a question. In those days, Arpi and I had rarely, if ever, fucked. She was not interested in sleeping with me anymore. She always went to sleep with Ali after dinner and household chores. They fucked loudly the whole night, not caring that I could hear their moans and cries in the next room.
I had to meekly hug her and congratulate her as if I was happy to hear the news of an addition in our family. I had to hear her blabbering as to how she was lucky to have mothered a child after a long time. (Was it to remind me that I was unable to make her pregnant for years?) I would have been thrilled to hear the news, under different circumstances. However, I hardly had any feeling at all.
After about a week, I had to travel to Melbourne for a week on official business. When Arpi heard of my going on tour she asked me, “Honey, the guest room in which Ali lives, needs to be repaired and renovated. Would you mind if Ali shifts to our bedroom while you will be away? I shall get the room painted while you are away.”
It did not make any difference to me. I told her it was okay. In any case she slept with Ali all nights.
However, when I returned from tour and reached home, I found that, although the guestroom was neatly done up and was ready to use, Ali’s clothing were replaced by mine. Besides, Arpi placed my suitcase, quietly in the guestroom instead of our master bedroom. I was puzzled and asked her why, she said, “Darling, Ali and I felt that for two people the guest room is rather small. When you left, you said it was ok for you if Ali and I moved into our master bedroom. Then I thought, why don't we change our rooms? Would you mind, darling?” Arpi asked me sweetly.
So I was being pushed out of my own house gradually. From master bedroom to guestroom, from master of the house to a guest, I had become. I had an acute pain in my chest. I realized that day that I had lost my dear and committed wife Arpi and the house that I had built with my hard earned money to Ali forever. I was completely shattered. When I heard Arpi say this, I collapsed on the sofa. Arpi saw that I was unhappy with her decision. She asked me if I was okay.
I was too shocked to respond. I looked at her blankly. Was this my wife who I loved so deeply and who I wanted to give all the happiness in the world? Was this the same person, who loved me so deeply and who was so much dedicated and committed to me?
I told her I was fine. She heard me and walked away without bothering to see that I was obviously not so. She had lost all her sensitivity to know how I felt.
I was depressed and sad to say the least. That reflected in my behaviour in the office too. Colleagues around me noticed it also. My boss perhaps guessed there was something wrong but refrained from asking what it was. However, Roma came to me a number of times to casually ask me how things were with me. Seeing me in that state of dejection, she had some womanly instinct to know that I had some issues with my wife. She asked me subtly if everything was okay at home. I kept dodging her inquiries. Several times, Roma went out of her way to come very close to me and took my hands into her. She sat much closer to me and made me feel her body as she asked me how things were at home.
I avoided her queries and she left it at that.
One morning I was sitting on my bed in my guest room, thinking about my situation vis-a-vis Arpi and Ali. I kept brooding about my pathetic state when I saw Ali emerging from what was our bedroom. He looked at my state and smiled at me sheepishly. He came and sat beside me and as he laid his hand on my shoulder, he asked me, “Prateek dear, are you surprised at the situation you are in now? Did I not tell you much earlier that your lovely wife shall be my sex slave once she had my big cock inside her? Now she is mine and I can do to her what I want and she will be game for it. Your lovely, faithful wife is no longer yours dear and the earlier you accept it, the better it is for you.”
He paused for a while to look at the impact his statement made on me. I was foxed to say the least. Ali squeezed my shoulder and said, “But dear, do not get worked up. After I get bored with her, I shall leave her for you. You may then fuck her to your heart’s content, because I would then have moved onto someone else’s wife. You see, I love to fuck just married beautiful wives of husbands like you.”
I was bursting with anger but I controlled myself. I was shocked at Ali’s impertinence. I was the one who made them reconcile their differences. 'Ungrateful bastard!' I thought in my own mind. However, I still had some confidence in my wife. I told Ali, “Don’t be so cocky. Yes she likes to be fucked by you. However, she knows the difference between sex and a relationship. She would break away from you if you talk nonsense about me or ask her to do weird things in front of me.”
Ali laughed brazenly and asked me, “Oh! Are you so confident of your wife? Suppose I demonstrate to you that she is no longer yours and wholly mine? Would you leave us alone?”
I thought about his challenge. In any case, if indeed she decided to go all out for Ali, then I had no role in my wife’s life. I decided to accept his challenge. I said, “Be my guest. Prove it.”
Ali looked irritated at my accepting his challenge and said, “Okay, wait here and I shall show you.”
I nodded my head and stretched on the bed to catch some sleep while Ali walked back to their bedroom. I wondered what he would do next. I was sure the first thing he would perhaps do, would be to fuck my sex-guzzling, pretty wife well and truly to gain her favour, before he ventured into asking anything of her.
However, I did not hear anything for quite some time. I must have dozed off when suddenly there was a knock on my door. Ali called me out to come to their bedroom. I was fast asleep. I got up and walked gingerly to open the door. Ali had left. I washed my face and walked to what was their bedroom now. The scene I saw when I opened the door was unbelievable.
My beautiful wife was stark naked standing bending forward with her arms resting on the bed. I could see Ali’s shapely bum from behind as he pumped his rod into my wife’s cunt repeatedly with great force. His hands clutched my wife’s hanging breasts. With each heave my wife cried out, “Oh… Ali… Fuck me… harder… Gosh! You are good…”
When I entered the bedroom, Ali turned to look behind and saw me. He smiled and asked Arpi, “Darling, your hubby is here now. He wants to know if you are now my slave for ever or not.”
Arpi turned behind to look at me. I could not fathom the expressions on her face. She first looked at Ali and then smiled pitifully at me, then again looked at Ali and said, “Ali darling, I am yours to be fucked and sucked as you want forever. My hubby is a nincompoop. He could not give me a child. He is no good. I shall have your child and I shall be yours forever. Prateek is legally my hubby still, but is no good for me anymore.”
I felt dizzy. I had lost my wife forever. My fantasy had proved fatal. I envied Ali. He was thoroughly enjoying her cunt, breasts, body, her lips and all that was mine for years. Seeing me watching him fuck my wife, gave Ali tremendous extra energy. He kept impaling my wife from behind with great vigour.
I saw his long, dark and thick rod shining brightly with his pre-cum and my wife’s slimy juices, a maze of intertwining veins swollen fully, slipping in and out of my wife’s swollen pussy. My wife’s luscious full breasts were strongly gripped by him and he squeezed them hard as he fucked her harder with each stroke. His firm butt shrunk and shook with each of his heaves. Arpi’s moans kept getting louder as she neared her orgasm.
Ali asked Arpi in what appeared to me humiliating tone, “Is my whore satisfied by the fucking I gave you honey?”
Arpi looked behind at me first and then at Ali and said in dutiful voice, “Ali, you gave me a solid fuck. I am fully satisfied.”
Did I notice a hint of awe for Ali in her eyes? I was not sure.
Ali then looked behind at me triumphantly and asked, “You never fucked her ass, did you?”
He was right. Arpi never allowed me to fuck her ass.
Ali said, “Now look how badly she would want me to fuck her ass with my long and thick cock.” Ali bent, kissed Arpi’s ears and asked, “Honey, should I fuck your ass?”
I was greatly enthused when Arpi cried out, “Oh! No darling, don’t fuck my ass…”
However, my joy was short lived as she finished her sentence. “Don’t fuck my ass now. Give me all your juices in my cunt first and then I will be ready to get your cock in my ass, honey!”
Ali winked at me and smiled from ear to ear. He was nearing his climax too. His frequency of stroking into my wife increased. He pushed faster as he neared his release. He cried out, “Arpi I am coming… Ah… Wow. My slut. You are a great fuck.” I could feel him emptying out all his virility into my wife as he sighed heavily.
Arpi cried out simultaneously matching Ali’s rhythm, "Darling, I am coming too… hold me tighter… Ahhh…”
Ali and Arpi collapsed on bed. Ali holding Arpi firmly in his arms, keeping his cock embedded in her pussy. There was perspiration on their foreheads. I was aroused too. I'd had no sex for longer than I remembered. I held my rock hard cock in my hands as I saw both Ali and Arpi resting with their bodies still joined together.
Ali looked at me and smiled disdainfully, “Look at the poor husband of my slut! Looks like he did not have a choot (cunt) for a long long time.”
Ali turned to look at Arpi and said, “Honey, you are not fair. After all he is the one who let us mingle. How can you make him starve for sex for so long? Let him fuck you at least once in a while, even if you don’t enjoy fucking him! After all, there is something called kindness and pity, in this world, isn’t there?”
Ali then looked at me pitifully and asked, “Do you want to fuck her? I can allow you to fuck her before I fuck her ass. Would you like to?”
I hated myself for getting aroused. Ali was getting on my nerves. He was asking me, showering his pity on me, if I wanted to fuck my wife!!!
However, my hard on, my boner, prevailed over my brain. I had not fucked my wife Arpi (or any woman for that matter) for longer than I remembered. I wanted to feel her pussy enveloping my cock. I timidly nodded my head.
Ali quickly got up, withdrawing his still hard cock and smacked Arpi’s naked bum hard and said, “Honey, let your hubby fuck you while I clean myself up. After he finishes, I will fuck your ass, okay dumbo?”
I was amazed at the way he treated my wife. I thought Arpi will shout or snap at Ali for calling her "dumbo". However, she nodded her head meekly and said, “As you say darling. You are my master. I am not very keen to have my hubby fuck me with his small penis. But since you have asked me, I shall let him fuck me until you are ready to fuck my ass.”
She straightened up. Her perky breasts still looked fresh and tight yet full, even after the beating and biting from her lover Ali. She looked a perfect naked woman except that I noticed some grazes and a hint of scratch on her breasts and cheeks. She lowered her body and stretched on the bed, spreading her legs wide, exposing her pussy for me, following Ali’s command.
I had never heard my wife using such foul words, treating me like a dust bin and behaving like a slut. However, I was too enamoured and horny seeing her naked body lying invitingly naked in front of me to think of anything else. It was not often that my wife so easily agreed to get fucked by me before. I had to resort to a lot of foreplay, plead with her and sweetly undress her before she consented to get fucked.
I mounted her. How lovely she looked lying naked after the fuck from Ali with her pussy oozing out Ali’s cum. In desperation, I slipped my cock into Arpi’s waiting cunt. My cock slipped in easily. There was no movement in her body. Probably she hardly felt my cock sliding into her.
It was when I started stroking her, she said, “Prateek dear. Come on, be quick. If you are horny, get it out. Doesn’t that slut Roma let you fuck her? If you just wanted a cunt, you should have told Ali. He would have let you fuck me, if you were sex-starved. I thought you were fucking Roma all this while.”
Although I enjoyed the experience of my cock in my wife’s pussy, the ecstasy was killed by Arpi’s sarcastic comments on Roma and her complete lack of interest in me, her husband. I hated myself for falling for Ali’s trick of humiliating me in front of my wife. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and retorted equally sarcastically, “You have now become a whore from a housewife. I am sorry that I was also responsible for it to some extent.”
I saw Arpi twisting her face at my reply, cleaned up herself and got up. She looked at Ali respectfully (or was there some fear in her eyes?) and addressed me, “To some extent? You were the root cause of all this.” Then moving to Ali, she caught Ali’s hanging not so erect cock in her hand and said, “But I am happy that you did it. If you had not encouraged me, I would not have experienced this and missed something in my life.”
Then brushing me off with a wave of her hands she said, “Anyway, what has happened has happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Arpi then looked at Ali and asked him, “Am I right, honey?” I detected a faint ray of fear in her eyes. It looked to me as if she asked Ali if her behaviour and words met with Ali’s approval.
I walked out of their bedroom frustrated. I felt like a tree cut from its root. I was desperate, helpless and lonely. I decided not to think anymore and fell in my bed to catch some sleep.
All the time Ali was making inroads into our personal lives, Roma had been watching my ill at ease behaviour in the office. She had asked me several times the reason, and I always avoided her inquiries, saying it was nothing serious.
However, that day I was not myself in the office. I was getting distracted in my job and had a tough time with my boss. Roma noticed it and before office closing time, she came to me to ask what the matter was. When I tried to evade her persistent inquiries, she held my hand and asked me point blank not to dodge her question and tell her what was bugging my mind.
When she confronted me with her persistent and sincere questions, my inner turmoil became uncontrollable. My eyes became wet. In the confines of my office, when she came closer, held my hands comforting me and almost hugged me to ask what the matter was, it burst out in the open. I was unable to control my emotions. A lump had formed in my throat and I could not speak. She comforted me quietly, patting my back without asking questions and hugged me so tight that I was sure she could feel my cock below her navel.
The office was closing. She asked me if I could drop her home. When we reached her home, she invited me in.
She offered me a drink without asking my choice and rushed to the washroom perhaps to take a shower and change as I sipped the drink sitting on the sofa, looking around at her living room. There were no family pictures. There was a bookshelf and some flowers in a pot.
She returned quickly changing into a loose fitting gown that made her look desirable. I saw her perky breasts that had been focal point of my attention, whenever I saw her earlier. Her bra hardly contained her lovely breasts. From where I stood, I could see a huge swell of her breasts forming tempting cleavage above her tiny bra. She sat opposite me crossing her legs and came to the point straight away.
Roma: “You look distraught and broken. I don’t want to be intrusive, but I strongly suspect you need help. You saved my career and my life, when I was in deep trouble. I feel it is the time, when I could perhaps reciprocate the favour. What is the matter? Is it your wife?” I didn’t know how she guessed. She perhaps had an inkling about the reason of my pain and agony; a womanly trait. She had perhaps pieced together my occasional blabbering about my home affairs, when earlier she had asked me about my behaviour.
I could no longer control my emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes. I looked at her. I could not speak. I slowly nodded my head. The whole hell broke loose. I began to cry like a baby.  She moved closer to me and took me in her arms. Her mild perfume and feminine body smell was driving me crazy. My complete focus shifted from my misery to my good fortune. I lost my pretty wife to that crook Ali, but was likely to get Roma in the bargain, if I was lucky.
She patted me like a mother. She rested my head on her breasts. I could feel her firm and full breasts on my face. I was genuinely grateful for her compassion and at the same time highly aroused by the sensual feminine fragrance of her body invading my mind and hardening my cock. She let me nuzzle my face on her breasts. I could feel her bra on my nose. She patted my back and said, “Come to me, my baby! You are so innocent and sweet. Just relax and don’t say anything. Everything will be fine.”
Her touch was soothing and arousing. I had not felt a woman’s body so erotically close for some time. I was craving for sex, seeing Ali and Arpi fucking like rabbits day in and day out shamelessly in my house either in front of or behind me without a care. My dear and lovely wife for years did not care that I also had sexual desires and perhaps she could devote some part of her time to me at least once in a while. I had to withdraw my cock from inside her pussy when I was in a highly aroused state. That feeling was still inside and I was horny as hell to fuck a woman.
I just could not control myself and enveloped Roma in my arms. I moved closer to her and tried to place my lips on her lips. Roma moved away, instinctively. She said, “Okay, baby. Have patience. I know you are going through difficult times. But tell me exactly what is going on.”
I realised immediately that I have to tell her my story and it had better be an emotional one.  In any case, I was emotionally stressed so much that I had no difficulty in letting my emotions play out. I told her my tale of woes in a continuous stream of words. She listened to me with rapt attention. She was overwhelmed and perhaps aroused (my guess) hearing about Arpi and Ali’s nonstop fucking in my house. I did not restrain my language and she did not mind my using four letter words.
By the time I finished my story, she had gradually snuggled into me in an attempt to console and to comfort me. I had her almost in my lap. I placed my hand on her boobs over her gown. She did not push it away. I got a bit bolder and I squeezed her full breasts. Her bra was just for name's sake. Her breasts were flowing out of her bra. I could feel a ball of flexible meat of her breasts in my fingers.
Roma tuned behind and looked in my eyes. She raised her mouth and offered me her lips. She adjusted her position as I lowered my mouth and placed my lips on her lips. We were engaged in a passionate kiss which perhaps lasted for several minutes. She not only let me kiss her but aggressively bit me hard on my lower lip and said, “I have been waiting for you for a long time Prateek. I was not keen to disturb your marriage. However, now I see that your marriage is on the rocks. Come on, no more questions and forget stupid social dogmas. Now, I am yours to enjoy. I want you to fuck me like you never fucked Arpi.
During that time, without uttering a word and distracting from our passionate kiss, Roma had quietly opened up her gown from the front and unstrapped her bra. She moved my mouth from her mouth and let it slide onto her naked breasts. I felt as if her full, succulent and pert breasts were eagerly waiting for me to kiss and suck them. I nuzzled my head between her breasts as if seeking to remain hidden from the realities of my life. 
Her nipples had turned erect and bulged out at their seams. There were goose bumps on her brown areolas. Her breasts swelled at my touch. She lovingly watched me suck her succulent and silky breasts. She slipped her hand between my legs and felt my swollen cock. She slipped down my zip and felt my cock under my briefs.
I moved hurriedly to undo my belt and removed my trousers and slipped down my briefs to let her feel my engorged cock in her palm. She caressed my cock and testicles tastily in her palm and fingers and murmured, “My! How I wished to feel these for weeks now. Mind you Prateek. I am not obliging you by showering my sympathies or love on you. I am repaying the debt that you bestowed on me by helping me get rid of my earlier hubby and his tortures and making me self-sufficient by getting my dues from my ex, thanks to your lawyer friend. If you helped me then, how can I ditch you in your tough times now? Besides, I always wanted to be fucked by you, believe… me.”
Her sentence was left hanging as I bent over her, took her naked body up in my arms, lay her on her bed and placed my lips on her, lying by her side. My hand slid up the smoothness of her thighs and reached her thin velvety-hair-covered pussy. I spread her pussy lips apart only to find that her juices spurted out of her horny cunt, showing that she was hot and wanted to be fucked hard. She convulsed as I poked one of my fingers in her leaking cunt as she mumbled, “Prateek, fuck me and fuck me hard as you have never fucked any one before….”
Although I was close to her in the office and we were meeting often as well as the fact that I was certainly attracted to her, never did I expect in my wildest imagination that the most beautiful and sexy girl in my office craved to be fucked by me.
All my frustrations and pent up anger went up in the air, replaced by sheer animal hunger of sex igniting the beast inside me. I began finger fucking Roma’s pussy by inserting one finger first and then adding one more for better effect. I could see the immediate effect of her turning and grinding her body on the bed, while letting out groans and moans revealing her arousal and pent up sexual needs. She had perhaps not been fucked since she left her husband.
She began letting out loud moans as she bit my nipples and scratched by back with her nails. I kept finger fucking her and watched her ecstatic movements on the bed. Her beautiful eyes were closed as if intent in enjoying each movement of my fingers inside her vulva with her loose hair spread around her face and shoulders.  Her fingers tightly clasped around my bloated cock, which she gently and lovingly stroked. My pre-cum had already oiled the rubbing surface and the slime made her fingers slide on the stem of my cock giving me a big horny feeling.
I slid my fingers a bit down to her anus and poked it. She raised her head, opened her eyes and looked at me sharply as if to ask if I was an ass lover. She closed her eyes without speaking, when I slowly withdrew my finger. I didn’t want to start an argument, if she was not an ass fuck enjoyer. Her ecstasy was increasing as I fucked her choot (pussy) with my fingers, occasionally caressing a light bunch of her pubic hair. She caught my hand and without speaking urged me to mount her.
Her pace of cranking my cock had increased. She wanted me to be the hardest before she received me inside her. I was as hard as you could get. As I stood up getting ready to fuck Roma from atop her, my rock hard cock shook sideways gently in the air standing erect, curving a bit upwards and shining in light, occasionally dripping my pre-cum from its tiny orifice.
As I zeroed in the mushroom tip of my cock on her love hole, I felt her body shaking in anticipation. She caught the bulbous head of my cock in her fingers, rubbed it lightly on the surface of her pussy lips and centred it at the entrance of her juicy choot. She spread her pussy lips apart to let my rod enter with less friction. I pushed my cock in a little to feel how smoothly it would go initially. I entered a tiny bit. She winced as I applied a slight pressure to enter her further.
Was it a pain of anticipation or her hole contracted as she had not been fucked for a long time or what? I could not guess. I withdrew and made some in-out, in-out pushes and pulls to lubricate the entrance. Once done, the entry was just smooth. I entered deep inside her and stayed there without moving as I wanted to feel the depth of her cunt on my cock for some time.
I felt a whole lot of my self confidence recovered as I fucked her. My wife had destroyed my self esteem by surrendering completely to Ali, fucking Ali right in front of me and denying my right for at least a part of her for myself. Roma gave me back my esteem and only for that I was so grateful to her.
The next few minute were full of “fuch… fuch…” sound of my balls slapping her ass combined with deep grunts and Roma’s increasing moans. All through my fucking, she kept her eyes closed except occasionally to look at me and smile indicating to me that she was thoroughly enjoying the mating of our bodies and grinding of our tender skins in ecstatic delight of fucking. Her lovely naked breasts swayed violently as I plummeted into her. I grabbed both her breasts in my hands and squeezed them hard to add to her sensuality.
Roma had pulled a pillow to place it under her lovely ass so she could receive me deep inside her. She reciprocated with her upward thrust as I drilled my cock into her. I was ecstatic and horny at my high and I knew that I would not last much longer. Perhaps Roma knew it too. She coaxed me to release into her, “Come darling let me have all of you inside me. If I ever manage to catch your seed, I will be pleased to mother your child, officially or otherwise."
Before she could finish, I released a hot spraying load of my cum into her waiting womanhood. I kept on creaming and I had premonition that I was going to father her child.
With a big moan, she let out a huge orgasm sigh with, “Oh… Pratik, this was a damned good fuck for a long time. God I feel like a real woman tonight. I love you darling... for this.”
She murmured a few incoherent words and fell in the bed tired. She closed her eyes as I slipped my flaccid cock out of her and lay beside her, watching her naked, half-asleep, satisfied, lovely form with appreciative eyes. She was all God’s blessings for me at that time.  Had she not enlivened me up by pouring into me her womanly love, I would probably have crashed out that night, either in a pub or fucking a prostitute, or more likely in a roadside ditch; fully drunk.
When I tried to rise from bed to clean up, she pulled me to her and clasped her arms around me. She said, “Pratik, don’t get up and go away. I want to make a lot more love to you tonight…”  She murmured that and again fell into a deep slumber.
I quietly released my arm, got up from bed and gently cleaned myself first and then her, so as not to wake her up. I then slipped by her side and pulled a blanket over our naked bodies. I lovingly straddled her in my arms and legs and poked my semi hard cock into her lovely bum and fell asleep.
We fucked once more that night. The second time was slow, gentle, loving and full of endearments; love making. It lasted a long time. I must have slept for about four hours or so, when I found her hands around my cock. She seemed horny again. I took her in my arms and pressed my lips onto hers. She whispered, “I want to tell you something if you are awake. It is important. Tomorrow, I may not be able to say this.”
I woke up, wandering if there was something in store for me that I needed to worry about. I told her I am wide awake and all ears.
She said, “I have been thinking about you and Arpi. My heart says, you must be patient and wait for Arpi to come back to you. I have met her. She is such a sweet little thing. She did not look like she is crooked and scheming. She did not seem as if she could be rude to you. I saw deep love and respect for you in her eyes. That cannot just go away. Yes she would have enjoyed Ali’s big cock and would have liked to keep getting fucked by Ali repeatedly. But her being so rude to you, beats me. I think there is more to it than meets the eye. I suspect that she is being used. I can understand her, because I have gone through this situation myself.”
After completing the sentence, she again fell off to sleep. I could hear her light regular breathing. I wondered what kind of woman she was. I developed a sense of deep respect and love for this woman. It looked to me that our mutual attraction was destined by some cosmic forces. I wondered if I fell in love with her. She had not hesitated to tell me that she was in love with me.
I walked over to the washroom and had a shower. I changed into my clothes and before walking out of the house, I gently planted a kiss on Roma’s cheeks making her murmur something in her dreams with a faint smile on her face, I quietly closed the main door behind me and walked out to get back home. While driving home, I kept thinking about what Roma said about Arpi. I felt that she had a very strong point there. I too was puzzled with Arpi’s behaviour. There was something about this whole thing that bothered me. It was more than Ali and Arpi’s fucking each other. I was unable to put my finger on what it was. 
Several weeks passed. After office hours, I usually drove Roma to her house. As soon as we reached there, we fucked hard. Roma did not ask me about my personal issues. She was simply hell bent on fucking me and getting fucked all over. She simply enjoyed my company and kept telling me that she wanted to be the mother of my child. I usually got back home around midnight.
It must have been about three months after we fucked the first time, Roma told me excitedly, “Prateek, I am pregnant. You are going to be the father of my child!”
I was excited hearing her declaration. I was unable to father a child with Arpi and somehow was always carrying a feeling of guilt or inferiority. Roma boosted up my mood that evening. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her hard and said, “This is a moment of the greatest joy for me, darling. We must celebrate this moment.”
I had bought a diamond ring for Roma earlier to present it to her on a suitable occasion and I thought this was as good an occasion as any. I took Roma to her favourite restaurant and we had dinner there and as dessert was served, I bent down on my knees and presented her with the ring and asked, “Would you marry me my love?”
“I would love to darling, if I can,” was Roma’s loaded reply. She was hinting at my yet legally valid marriage with Arpi. “I think you should sort out your issues with Arpi before proposing to me. However, I am already your de facto wife and even if you are not legally divorced, I am happy to be so,” concluded Roma, inviting me to push the ring onto her finger.
We got up and kissed to the clapping of some diners around us. We had romping sex that night, both of us behaving like a newly married couple. Roma made no bones about the fact that we were deeply in love. I was wondering all this while, where our lives were headed for. It was a very clumsy situation and it was good that in the office no one asked me about my personal life. I did not have the courage to discuss this with Arpi, who seemed heads over heels in love with her new found fuck toy, Ali.
Arpi had started bulging due to pregnancy. She seemed quite happy within herself. She never asked me what I did until late at night and perhaps did not even know or care what time I returned home.
However, one night (it must have been more than ten weeks after Roma and I fucked the first time) when I returned home past midnight, I heard some loud arguments from the master bedroom. I stopped at the door of the bedroom to hear. I could not make out much except that Ali was hollering over my wife and Arpi was trying to plead with Ali for something. It looked me as if she was crying and asking Ali for something. Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps moving toward the door from inside. I quickly ran to my room and looked through a small gap in the door. Ali rushed out of the bedroom. He quickly went out to the porch. From his face I could see that he was very angry. I heard him start the car and drive away with screeching noise of his car tyres, which perhaps hinted that either he was in a hell of hurry or he was seething with anger.
I quickly opened the door of my room and silently tiptoed to the master bedroom. The door was open. I peeped inside. I saw Arpi crying. I slowly went inside and stood behind Arpi. Arpi must felt my presence. She looked up at me. Her eyes were swollen crying. She was surprised to find me at that late hour. She hurriedly controlled her emotions, wiped her tears and asked me in her unusually sarcastic and harsh tone, “What are you doing here at this odd time? Please go and sleep.”
I noted more helplessness than sarcasm in her voice. I placed my one hand on Arpi’s shoulder and asked, “What is going on honey? Why are you crying? Is Ali hurting you or abusing you? Please tell me. I can sort this out.”
In a fleeting moment I saw Arpi loosening up and saying something, but in the next moment she changed completely and rubbing her eyes she said dramatically, “Crying? I was not crying. I had something in my eyes. By the way Ali is being very nice to me. There is no need for you to worry about me. I am fine. Please go away and don’t bother about me.” Her last sentence had me genuinely worried. There was definitely something that she hid from me. That was not like Arpi.
I was about to move closer to Arpi, when she looked sternly at me and pointed her fingers at the door hinting me to leave the room.
I slowly walked out, went to my room and fell in bed. I was tired and fell off to sleep.
I found the front door unlocked. Arpi was sitting on a sofa watching TV. Ali was perhaps sleeping in the bedroom.
As soon as Arpi saw me, she rushed to hug me. Tears rolled down her pretty eyes. I wondered how I was so lucky to receive such affections from my dear wife after many months. I realised that in spite of what all had happened, I was surprised to find that I still loved her. I just could not hate her.
I took Arpi in my arms and asked her, “Darling, what is the matter? Why are you crying?”
Without looking straight into my eyes, she replied, “Darling, I am feeling sorry for how I have been treating you lately. It is not fair on you.”
I felt as if the earth had shaken. I could not believe my ears. She was so indifferent to me all this while, and suddenly she had such an extra ordinary change of heart overnight! I asked her with a tinge of sarcasm, “Honey, you have not spared any opportunity to humiliate me. This has been going on for months and now you are feeling sorry for me? Why?”
The answer was not far to get, when she said, “Honey, Ali has left for Pakistan in a hurry. He may or may not come back…”
“So?” I asked bitterly. “Why are you telling me all this? Am I anywhere in your scheme of things?”
She looked at me blankly. She did not know what to say. I looked at her quizzically and asked, “So what you are asking me is that there is a vacancy for a man who will now sleep with you in the master bedroom, and you thought that I could have that privilege. Is that right?”
I looked at her blank face. I realised that her pipe dream had crashed and she was left standing alone like a fool not knowing what all this meant for her. As I finished my sentence, she touched her eyelids and tears started falling. She sobbed and wept for a while, whilst I watched her silently.
I said, “I had been waiting and hoping for quite some time that you would return to me after you fucked Ali a few times. I just could not reconcile with the situation where you willingly not only surrendered your body to Ali but your soul too! You were no longer mine. You fucked Ali day in and day out shamelessly, in front of and behind me. You discarded me like a piece of used clothing. You chose to be Ali’s de-facto wife, pushing me slowly out of your life and even from my house. Now you have the audacity to ask me to come back in your life!"
I was seething in anger and frustration. Arpi interrupted me to say, “But Prateek, please listen, I have something very important to say…"
I cut her short and said, “What is left anymore to say or hear? In my moment of weakness, I had transferred ownership of this house to you. You are earning enough to feed yourself and yours and Ali’s baby. You did not lose an opportunity to humiliate me and make me feel like dirt. You pushed me out of your life and I do not fancy coming back to you like a loser. I wish you all the best.” I patted a hurried kiss on her forehead, went into the house (which once used to be my home), packed my clothing and important documents and walked out of the house in a huff. Arpi wanted to say something, but I kept my finger on the lips and asked her to be quiet.
She watched me helplessly as I hurriedly packed my bag and was leaving. However I froze when Arpi blurted out, “I saw several passports of Ali in different names...  He caught me seeing them and has threatened to kill me, if I spoke.”

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