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Learning to Let Go Pt. 02

It was about 9:45 by the time we arrived and parked. The place was called an adult theater, but it didn't look like a theater, at all. I don't know why, but I had a mental image of an old-school movie house. It was just an isolated building in a run-down, semi-industrial area. The building was old and had probably once been a warehouse. 

It had a large, brightly lit sign that proclaimed ADULT THEATER out front. The parking lot looked like it had been paved in the 60's and not repaired since, with large potholes and gaps. In fact, it ended completely at the side of the building, with a sign that read "additional parking in rear". Beyond that point, it was just gravel.

We found an open spot near the entrance, which was at the side of the building near the font. A glass foyer had been added on many years ago. The glass was darkly tinted and plastered with product posters and advertisements, along with a warning that firearms were prohibited. Well, that was reassuring. 

We walked in and found the foyer was dimly lit. It contained a couple of vending machines. One sold sodas and the other snacks. An open, exposed staircase was just inside the entrance, to the right. It climbed up, and turned to the left, ending at a landing we couldn't quite see from there. Passed the stairs and more to the right of the foyer, there was a metal door with a hand-written paper sign taped on it at eye-level. We couldn't read it from here.

Over to the left, the foyer opened into a brightly lit room that was an adult novelty and porn DVD store. There was a lot of clutter, signs, posters, and warnings, but it was all a bit overwhelming. I also noticed a couple of men milling about in the foyer, drinking sodas. 

We were not sure what to do, so we walked into the store, through an anti-theft detector that beeped as we passed. Just inside the gate, to the left, was a raised platform with a counter that came up to about chest height. Behind it was a 30-ish guy with a long pony-tail, full beard, lots of muscles and a bored look on his face.

As we entered, he gave my suit a funny look, then stared with large eyes at Jenny. "Here for couples night?" he asked, stepping closer and leaning on the counter to look over it at us. Jenny stood close to me, looking around. I could tell she was very uncomfortable. She didn't even realize her dress was unbuttoned again, laying open and giving the pony-tail guy a great view of her tits, down to almost her nipples. 

"Yeah," I answered, looking around, "how did you guess?" I asked without thinking.

"Uhh, you're a couple, and it's couples night," he spoke, stating the obvious, then added, "Twenty bucks for the couple, its good all night."

I nodded and pulled my wallet out, then handed him the twenty dollars. He took it and printed out a small paper receipt with a time and date stamp.

"This is your ticket. You have to have and present it to get in the theater upstairs. It is good all night until 5 AM tomorrow. You can leave and re-enter as many times as you want. If you lose the ticket, you have to buy a new one. If you go into a private room, you have to feed the machine. If you stop, you'll get a warning. If you still don't feed it, we'll kick you out. If you want privacy close and lock the door, otherwise, people will walk in, but then that's what some people want. Upstairs is couples only. Show the ticket to the camera upstairs and push the doorbell, you'll get buzzed in. Theaters inside and at the end of the hallway. There are two lounges upstairs for you to relax. No nudity in the lounges and the restrooms. You do what you do, but don't do it in the public areas. Downstairs is singles, you can go in there if you want, but from the looks of you, I would not recommend it. Any questions?"

It was a lot to take in. He spoke rapidly in a rehearsed manner that told us he made this speech a lot. I didn't get half of it, but I was not about to ask him again. I took the receipt and Jenny, and I started to leave. The ponytail guy leaned over and said, "Hey, hang on." He was speaking much more softly, almost friendly. "This is your first time here, right?"

I shook my head, "That obvious?" I asked a bit chagrin.

"Like Kim Kardashian's ass," he said, chuckling, "word of advice, don't leave her alone for a minute. And here, you'll need these." He tossed me a small packet, and I caught it, then stared at the label. "Condoms."

My heart skipped a beat, and I saw Jenny look at them and blush deeply. "Oh, we don't need these," I stammered, "we're just here to look."

Ponytail Guy nodded with a smirk on his face. "That's what they all say." He pointed back to the foyer, "Stairs right there, go up and show the ticket, we'll buzz you in. Don't let anybody else in with you."

"Ok," I said, ending the conversation and putting the package of condoms in my pocket. I thought about giving them to Jenny but remembered we had locked her purse in the glove box. I lead her up the stairs. There were now three men in the foyer, all looking at Jenny as we walked to the stairs and started ascending. I noticed that two of them seemed to follow us up. One guy was a young black guy, in his twenties, with a navy blue hooded sweatshirt and the Nike swoosh on it. The other guy was a heavyset, middle-aged white guy in gray slacks and a blue dress shirt.

When we reached the top of the stairs, I held the ticket up to the video camera and pushed the doorbell. I heard a chime from far away, followed by a buzz that lasted about a second, then a click. I Opened the door and held it for Jenny, then stepped through. The two guys behind me tried to wedge in, but they were immediately met by a very large black man, who had been sitting on a barstool just inside the door.

"Where the fuck, you mother fuckers think you're going?" he demanded. Jenny and I froze. I held up the ticket and started to speak.

"Not y'all," he said in as nice a tone as he could, which came out almost comical, "Y'all are good. Go on and have a nice time."

The two men that had followed us in stood there looking unhappy. The guard turned on them, "Get your sorry mother fucking asses back downstairs. You know the drill. Don't let me catch y'all mother fuckers sneaking back up here again." 

He opened the door and chased them out.

The area upstairs was dramatically different than downstairs. The walls were wood paneled and the floor carpeted in reds and blacks. There was a lot of red trim everywhere and neon signs, but mostly it was dimly lit, like a bar or club. Mirrors made the area feel a lot larger. Just past the guard, there was a small room off to the right. The door was open, and inside we saw a large screen TV on the far wall and what looked like a black leather couch facing it in the center of the room, with its back to the door. 

We walked over and peered in. It was a lot nicer looking than I had expected. I could see the tv had what looked like a vending machine attached to it to feed it money or credit cards. There was also a small stool and a bunch of rolls of toilet paper and a wastebasket. Everything smelled very antiseptic like it had been scrubbed in Lysol.

To the left of this little room, at what must have been the front corner of the building was one of the lounges Ponytail Guy had mentioned. It had a sectional sofa in the corner, with windows covering both walls. It was unoccupied.

To the left of the entrance and the guard was a hallway the lead to the back of the building. We walked down it slowly. There were three more rooms like the one by the door along the left side of the hallway and four on the right. As we passed them, a couple had the door closed, and I noticed a little panel in the door. The panels on the two closed doors were red. They were green on all the others. I assumed it was like the occupancy sign on a portable toilet or airplane lavatory.

The sound of porn was soft, but coming from numerous locations. As we passed one doorway that was half-closed, we could see porn playing on the TV. We glanced in and saw a woman, naked, bent over on the sofa, with her ass towards us. She was sucking the cock of a black man while being fucked from behind by a white guy.

Jenny gripped my hand tightly, and I heard her gasp when she saw what was happening. We both stood and stared inside, frozen like deer in headlights. The black guy looked up and saw us watching. He waved to us to come in. I pushed on Jenny's side, moving her out of the doorway and down the hallway. Losing sight of the sex, broke her out of her reverie and she gazed up at me with her mouth hanging open, then it turned into a smile. 

We moved to the end of the hallway. The rest of the rooms were either closed or empty. We were both breathing a little hard, and it was not from the exertion of the walk. When we reached the end of the hall, there was another lounge area with four matching couches, two along the right wall, one facing us on the far wall, just to the left of a door with a sign on it that said Theater. The lounge was a square room, and the fourth couch was along the wall to our left. The far left wall was home to the restrooms, male on the right, female on the left, both with open doors, but the interior blocked by a wall.

Three people sat in this lounge. A thirty-something white couple sat side-by-side on one of the couches along the right-hand wall. A middle-aged, slender woman in a black dress and high-heels sat off to the left, alone, legs crossed. She smiled and nodded at us, but we just grinned back, unsure of the protocols and signals that people gave each other in a place like this.

Just then the theater door, an old metal door with a round knob, opened with a loud creak. Everyone turned to look, as a couple came out, laughing. The girl was first and was wearing a cute red dress that came to her mid-thighs. She had shoulder length brown hair and a beautiful figure. The guy was tall, with short brown hair wearing jeans and an untucked long-sleeved shirt. Both were attractive and around our age. They smiled as they walked past us and went down the hallway.

The sound of loud porn came from the open theater door, but we couldn't see anything inside as it was very dark. The door swung shut slowly, creaking loudly then clanged shut. I held Jenny's hand and squeezed it. She squeezed mine back. It was like we had a silent communication system worked out. I walked toward the door, and I reached out to open it as it suddenly flew open, and a tall, fat black woman came out and walked past us. I grabbed the nob, and as nobody else was exiting, we stepped inside. As I looked back, I saw the black woman enter the room where we had seen the people fucking.

Two things hit my senses at one time. First, it was incredibly fucking dark. I couldn't see anything around me, not even Jenny. The second thing was that the entire far wall of the room, about thirty feet away, was a giant porn movie. On the screen, there was an orgy taking place, with some hot, naked girls fucking a bunch of hot naked guys. I'm sure there was more to it than that, but that was my first impression. 

We couldn't see much, so I nudged Jenny to move to the side and stand against the back wall to the left of the door. For all I knew there could have been people standing next to us, so we moved slowly. We stood there, unmoving for several moments as our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting.

Gradually shapes began to emerge, and the light from the movie screen helped illuminate the things inside the room. Fortunately, we were alone against the back wall. That helped me feel a little more comfortable, and we moved more to the left to get away from the door more, just in case more people came in. Just in time too, as the door opened with the same loud squeak, flooding the back of the room momentarily in the light. I saw a few heads in front of us turn and look back.

It took a few seconds for our eyes to adjust again. As they did, I started to get a better look at the theater, which turned out to be just a large rectangular room with about a dozen rows of thirty seats split into three sections of ten seats with two aisles.

The door opened, and another couple entered and moved to stand right where we had been moments before. After a couple of minutes, they walked into the theater and found some seats a few rows up, not close to anyone else.

Jenny leaned closer and whispered, "Should we go sit down?"

I nodded and led her down the left aisle, looking for a good place to sit. I didn't want to be in the middle of the room, exposed and vulnerable, nor did I want to be too close to anyone else. I was very self-conscious, but I also had no idea what the etiquette was. Was it ok to look? Was it frowned upon? I didn't want to make a scene or do the wrong thing. About halfway to the front, I found an empty row to our left and stepped in and began working our way to the left. I wanted to be near the end, as it seemed safer and less exposed. I also thought it might help Jenny to feel more comfortable and willing to play around if we were kind of away from everyone. 

The seats were old wooden folding seats, connected, and we had to walk sideways as the rows were close together. We turned our backs to the screen as we side-stepped along. As we slowly made our way down the row of seats, we passed a couple in the row behind us, that I had not even realized was there. They were sitting low in their seats. When they saw us, they sat more upright and smiled at us. 

They were an attractive couple of around our age. The male, whom I assumed to be the husband was on the right, and the woman was on the left. We couldn't help notice that the woman had her legs open, and her man had his hand between them, rubbing her. They smiled as we passed, but made no effort to stop what they were doing.

I stared at his hand, trying to see her pussy. It looked like she was wearing panties, but he had pushed them to the side. His hand was covering her pussy as he massaged it, which simultaneously aroused and disappointed me. As I was directly in front of her, looking right between her legs, he moved his hand, giving me a clear view of her shaved, smooth pussy. I felt a warm feeling sweep over me and knew I must be blushing. I also felt Jenny's hand squeeze mine hard. She had seen it too.

I was so distracted by staring at her pussy that I didn't realize I had reached the end of the row. I suddenly felt very foolish and awkward. I didn't want to appear creepy and sit in front of the other couple, but I also didn't want to have to go back down the row. So, I sat in the last seat. Jenny sat next to me, which put her directly in front of the woman with the spread legs.

We sat as if frozen for a few minutes. We watched the movie, holding hands. The foursome on the screen was going at it hard. One couple was fucking with the man on top and the girl's legs up over his shoulders. He was pounding her hard. The other couple, the girl was riding on a massive cock and grinding her hips around in a circle. As we watched, the second girl stood up, and the veiny cock slowly slid out of her pussy. She went over to the other couple and kissed the man. He pulled out of the blonde he was fucking and turned to the brunette. The blonde went over and took the dark-haired girls place riding the cock.

The woman behind us said, loud enough for us to hear, "Now that looks fun."

Jenny squeezed my upper arm hard. I moved my hand over to her thigh, and I was pleased when she spread her legs invitingly. I slid my hand up under her dress, and as I did, she pulled it up, lifted her ass and continued lifting I until it was around her hips, leaving her pussy open for my fingers. I immediately began rubbing her and fingering her. She moaned and leaned her head on my shoulder. Her hand reached out to grip my cock, then unzipped my pants to pull it out and stroke it.

We heard a moan from behind us, and I turned to see the man was kneeling between her legs, eating her pussy. She had one leg over the armrest and both hands in his hair. She saw me looking and smiled, licking her lips. I watched for a few seconds, then felt Jenny shift in her seat, and she turned, leaned over the armrest between us and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe she was this open, doing it right here in the theater three feet from another couple.

I still had my hand between her legs and used two fingers to fuck her pussy. She whimpered and started fucking my fingers back, moving her hips to take them in. Unfortunately, she was struggling to suck my cock in this awkward position. I was about to stop her when she lifted her ass off the seat and got on her knees in the chair. She bent over and took my cock back in her mouth.

Now she could suck me more easily, but I could no longer reach her pussy. So I focused on her tits instead, while sliding down more in the chair. I pushed my hips up, spreading my legs wide and put one hand on the back of her head. My other hand unbuttoned her dress and pulled both of her tits out to squeeze and fondle. She reacted by becoming more aggressive with my dick as her arousal level shot up.

This position left her ass and pussy completely exposed, facing the center of the room, but she didn't seem to care. In fact, I was confident that was also adding to her arousal. I could see her wiggling her ass like she was showing off for some horny admirer. Fortunately, there was nobody in our row as far as I could see, and no one seemed to notice her ass sticking up. I felt a slight pang of disappointment, as I had kind of hoped someone was watching her.

She sucked me harder, and I lay my head back as she sucked me slow and deep, taking it into her throat. She was wiggling her ass more too, almost grinding it around. I felt her body jerk suddenly, and she let out a moan, my cock in her mouth. She started sucking me wildly, working her mouth up and down my shaft. 

"Mmmm," I moaned, "that feels so good baby." I let out, pinching and pulling on her nipples. She shuddered. I could see she had her hand under her and I could imagine her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She must have been doing it because her hips were grinding hard. I could see her ass working up and down rhythmically, and her groans and moans were not just due to sucking my cock.

It was getting to be too much for me, and I knew I couldn't last long.

"Mmmm, fuck baby," I whispered loud enough for her and only her to hear, "I'm going to cum if you don't stop."

In response, she rubbed my balls with her free hand and rotated her mouth working the head into her throat. 

Holy fuck, I thought. I watched Jenny's ass pumping hard and knew she was getting close as well. She was working her pussy hard. I closed my eyes and gave into the pleasure she gave me. I felt her hand rubbing my balls, and she gripped my shaft firmly in her fist, working her mouth and hand up and down together. It was incredible, and I was so close to blowing my load. Then, I felt her finger slide into my ass crack and rub my asshole. It was too much.

I let out a loud groan, and my hips started bucking. I came and came hard, shooting my load into my beautiful wife's mouth. As I was lost in my orgasm, Jenny started cumming. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, as she had a powerful orgasm with me. I could tell when her climax had ended, but she was still shaking and working her pussy. She pulled her mouth off my cock and clung to me hard, face on my lap and started shaking violently. I heard her cry out "Oh fuck its so good", as a second, more powerful orgasm rocked her body. I stroked her hair and held her as we both rested to recover.

Several moments passed before I finally opened my eyes, Jenny was seated again, head laying on my chest. Her ass was still exposed, but nobody had noticed. She raised her face to look at me, and I kissed her hard. I told her I loved her and she kissed me more intensely.

We made out passionately for several minutes, then she whispered in my ear that she needed to go to the ladies room and wanted a soda. I fixed my pants, and Jenny adjusted her dress. We stood and scooted our way out. We smiled to the couple behind us, who also seemed dressed now and acting as if nothing had happened. The man, who appeared to be in his early forties with short brown hair, was watching Jenny the whole way. I made eye contact with the woman. She was a pretty redhead with giant boobs. She winked at me.

We exited the theater, and when we approached the restrooms, Jenny suggested that I go downstairs to get a soda while she freshened up. I was not comfortable leaving her alone and told her, but she assured me she would be fine.

"You know women," she giggled, "I'll probably still be in there by the time you get back."

Reluctantly I agreed and told her to wait here on the sofa If she came out first. She nodded and went into the ladies room. I quickly made my way downstairs, but the machine only took coins and bills. The smallest I had was a twenty and I didn't want a pocket full of coins as change, so I went in to get change from Ponytail Guy. 

He wasn't there at the counter. Instead, an older black gentleman was in his place. I quickly had him break the twenty and went back to get a couple of sodas. An older man had appeared from somewhere and was using the machine, or rather trying to. He kept feeding a bill in, and it would spit it back out. He tried it over and over. First, this way then, that way. Upside down. Right-side up. Face to the left. Face to the right. Nothing worked.

Finally, he got it to go in and register. The only problem was the drinks were $1.20, and he only had one dollar. I was growing increasingly frustrated and worried about Jenny. I offered the man another dollar, and fortunately, this one worked the first time. He bought a Coke and kept my change. I didn't care. 

I stepped up and fed the machine my cash and got a Diet Coke for Jenny and a Dr. Pepper for me. I pocketed the change and almost ran back up the stairs. I fumbled for my ticket and hit the button. There was a loud buzz, a click and then the door opened. I walked past the guard and went immediately to the lounge in the back. A few people were sitting around in the room. I saw Jenny on a couch, and she was not alone.

The couple from behind us was sitting with her, one on each side of her. Oh, this is awkward, I thought. But, they didn't look awkward. Instead, they seemed all friendly and chatting. I walked across the room and extended the Diet Coke to her. 

"Hey baby," I said, not using her name, "here's your soda."

She saw me and her smile faded a little, replaced with an almost guilty look. She took the soda, then the smile returned. "Thanks, Dan," she said, using my name. I didn't want people knowing our real names.

She added, "The movie ended, and there's like an intermission, while they load up the next one."

She gestured to the people on each side of her, "This is Teresa and Phil who were behind us in the theater." She was blushing.

Phil, the brown-haired man who had been going down on Teresa, stood and stuck his hand out. I shook it, feeling awkward. "Nice to meet you, Dan. Jenny here tells us this is your first time here, too."

I gave my wife a quick look, wondering what all she had told them about our real lives.

"Uhh," I started, reluctant to say too much to these strangers, "yeah. First time." I knew I must appear rude, so I put on a warm smile and added, "Sorry, yeah. It is our first time. It's all a little overwhelming."

Teresa giggled and said, "Yeah, it is, but incredibly sexy."

I nodded, then felt stupid holding the Dr. Pepper can. "Oh, hey, do you guys want this? Jenny and I can split the Diet Coke" I offered Phil the Dr Pepper. He took it and opened it, taking a sip as he and I stood there looking at our wives, who shared a few giggles. I felt as if I was missing out on some hidden joke, but let it go.

Jenny sensed my uneasiness and spoke up. "Teresa and Phil live in McKinney, over in Craig Ranch." I nodded, realizing, with surprise they had talked a lot about our lives in that short period.

"Yeah," Teresa began, "she told us you guys over in Twin Creeks. We're neighbors." She giggled. I took the Diet Coke from Jenny to ease my dry mouth.

Jenny looked like she wanted to say something, but was holding back. I assumed it was something she didn't want to say in front of them. 

"Hey," I said, with as friendly of a smile as I could manage, "do you guys mind if I borrow my wife for a minute. I wanted to show her something."

She shot me a curious look, but Phil and Teresa were polite. Jenny stood, and Phil sat down, next to his wife. I took Jenny's hand and led her back up the hallway to the other lounge, which was fortunately empty.

"You ok?" I asked, with concern on my face.

"I'm fine, baby," she said, kissing me on the cheek. "They seem really nice," she added as if an afterthought.

"I didn't expect you to be so open about our personal lives with complete strangers," I said, a little too harshly. She detected my frustration and seemed to pout a little.

"I'm sorry," she began, "they opened up to me so quickly that I got carried away. Teresa and I chatted in the ladies room, and we'd only started talking with Phil when you came back."

"It's ok," I said, reassuring her "they do seem like nice people. I expected creepy perverts."

She giggled, then added, "You mean like us."

I laughed and kissed her. "Yeah, like us."

I remembered the look on her face a moment before, "Was there something you wanted to say over there?"

That little nervous, almost guilty look appeared again. "Uhh, yeah." She started to speak, but stopped, then started again, "Please don't be mad."

"Why would I be mad?" I asked.

"I told them about the club we're going to." She blurted out.

"Oh," I said immediately. 

"And, I suggested they go with us," she finished feigning a look of fear.

I wasn't sure why she would have done that, but I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. I didn't want them to come along, but I would be the bigger man. Maybe it would win me some points with my wife. So, I smiled and replied, "Oh, ok, cool. Sounds fun to me."

She looked both relieved and happy and kissed me again. 

"I was worried you would be pissed." She hugged me then added, "They seem really nice."

I nodded, "Yeah you told me."

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