Friday, 4 May 2018

Laurie's Milk Ch. 05

Steve sweat and panted. 

"Jesus Christ" he exclaimed. 

Laurie cocked her head to the side. "What's wrong honey?" 

Steve sighed. 

He dropped the spanner and stood back from the pool filter. 

"The bolts were tighter on the drumhead than I thought they would be," Steve answered. He peered inside the barrel he had just uncovered, and made a face. "Yeah, it's what I thought. The sand needs to be replaced." 

"Oh. Should I get out then?" Laurie asked. She kicked against the tiled side of the pool, pushing herself backwards and waded into deeper water. 

Steve rubbed the back of his neck, still looking into the filter. 

"No, no, you can stay in. I just need to dump the old stuff, then take the truck and go get new sand," he replied. 

Laurie's clouded over. "Do you have to do it today? You're only just back from the city and I want some time with you before you go off again." 

Steve smiled at his wife. "I know honey. But I've just spent the better part of an hour taking this thing apart. I may as well finish the job. Then you can have me all to yourself." 

Laurie smiled. Her husband Steve was working with his agent and a moderately successful publishing house to get his manuscript into print. Contracts had been signed and they had received his advance months ago. But between now and his work actually getting onto bookshelves, there were enough meetings and interviews that Steve had had to take a leave of absence from his Data Analyst position to be at the publishers, or his agent's offices, for nearly as many hours as his full time job required. 

And that didn't take into account the phone calls to the house that took Steve away to the study for hours, or the weekend 'special preview readings' at coffee houses and bookstores. He was still too new to the literary world to answer the obligatory Q&A sessions with any real depth, but both the publisher and his agent seemed to see enough promise in his work that they were trying to pressure him to sign on to do a sequel. It was both exciting and frustrating, but in the end Laurie just wanted her husband home, and to stop mumbling about cover designs in his sleep, especially now that she really needed her own. 

Laurie leaned back in the water and floated on her back for a few strokes. Steve smiled, and wasn't surprised when he felt a rush of heat in his head, and his cock, at the sight of her body. 

They hadn't spoken about trying again, but one night three months ago, Steve and Laurie had Steve's best friend Alex and his partner Danny, who Laurie was also engaged in an extramarital relationship with, over for dinner. The evening ended in a group sex act in which their guests partook in Laurie's breast milk, and Steve seduced his wife into being filled with her husband's very potent load. 

It was in that act, or the one in their bed after Alex and Danny left, or one of the many others in the following days, that they again conceived a child. 

Laurie was so happy to see the two lines on her pregnancy test that she jumped on Steve the moment he came through the door and fucked him where they lay. It wasn't how they had been planning it, wanting their first child Angus to be a bit older before trying again, but they were suddenly much more financially secure then they had been at any other time in their lives, and had the support to increase their family, and so decided to play the hand they'd been dealt. 

Steve had been both insanely happy and aroused since his wife had given him the news. Laurie knew that Steve had a massive kink for pregnant women, finding it both a blessing and a curse the first time around. Finding out his wife was again pregnant with his child had seen a return of Steve's amour. This time around however, to Steve's surprise and delight, Laurie was much more receptive to his attentions, the couple fucking every moment they had a few minutes to themselves for days after, and more frequently than usual 'once every few days' in the following weeks. 

Laurie was now nearly at the end of her first trimester. Her belly was bigger than it had been when she had been this far along with Angus, a fact which annoyed Laurie, as the maternity clothes she had worn during her first trimester with him were already getting tight and showed a half inch of skin on her tummy. Conversely, seeing Laurie becoming too big for her ever shrinking wardrobe only made Steve hungrier for her. 

She was also worried about how much bigger her boobs would get. Laurie was already nursing Steve, Danny and Angus regularly, and unless one of them took milk from her every few hours, the buildup of breast milk quickly became painful. And worse, her breasts were used to being emptied so regularly that her production never truly stopped. Her breasts simply started to let down once they were full, straight through nursing pads, her bra, and t-shirt if she wasn't vigilant. 

Her first pregnancy had seen her expand from a 32D bra, into a snug 32F. A third of the way through her second pregnancy, and Laurie was trying hard to ignore the fact her straps were already on the last set of hooks and loops and becoming hard to bring together, and that her breasts were beginning to flow over the tops of the cups of her bras. Another mouth at her nipples and she would expand further still, Laurie was certain. Her ass and thighs were once again increasing in size, stretching the elastic of her underwear thinner and thinner around her ballooning figure. 

The overall effect Laurie's thick pregnant body was having on Steve and Danny made it hard for either of them to keep their hands off of her. Watching her jiggle and bounce as she fought to stop herself from bursting out of thin cotton shirts, and stretching yoga pants thin and translucent as they pulled over her thicker thighs and ass was guaranteed to make Steve hard and Danny wet, and ready to do something about it. Not that Laurie minded, so long as she had the energy. 

Truth be told, her own libido had kicked into high gear, and she was hornier than she had ever been in her life. 

Steve stood admiring his wife. Her belly bobbed above the water line as her breasts rippled weightlessly just below. She wore a royal blue halter neck tankini that tied up around the back of her neck. The top pushed her breasts together simply because their massive size had nowhere to go in the material, putting thick inches of creamy cleavage on display for her husband. The flow of the water had pushed the top up above her belly button, and Steve knew that if Laurie were to stand and walk, the matching bottoms would be eaten up by her new thicker ass within steps. He felt himself reacting to the sight but made no attempt to hide it from Laurie. 

And of course she noticed. "Steve, focus," she said in mock sternness. 

He tore his eyes away from Laurie's tits and belly. "Right, sorry. It might be a while getting it all done is all I'm thinking," he said. 

Laurie swished her hands through the water a moment while she thought. "Well, could you call Alex to give you a hand maybe?" 

Steve shook his head. "Him and Danny are up the coast on their 'Couple's Weekend', remember?" 

He thought for a moment, and Laurie could have sworn she saw a small smile appear on her husband's face. "...There might be someone I can ask though. Hang on, I need to make a call." 

With that, Steve left his wife's side, and walked back towards the house. Laurie watched Steve's retreating back a few moments, shrugged and went back to lazily bobbing around the pool. The weightlessness was heaven on her pregnant body. 

Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes had passed, and Laurie was considering getting out to wake Angus up for a feed when she heard the gate click behind her. She turned, and felt her heart drop into her stomach. Steve was walking back into the pool area, and walking behind him, carrying an industrial wet and dry vacuum, was their eighteen year old neighbour, Jensen. 

Laurie sunk into the water further to cover her chest from his view, and felt a flutter of butterflies in her substantial belly as she watched him cross the pavement. Her face flushed slightly, but Jensen could have hardly noticed it as he barely looked at her. He nodded in her general direction, said 'Mrs. Andrews' in greeting as he walked passed quickly, and went straight to the pool filter in the corner, behind the shower enclosure. 

Steve stopped in front of his catatonic wife. "Hon, Jensen is going to vac the sand out of the filter while I go to the pool shop for some new stuff, alright?" he explained. "I'm just going to put a tarp out on the grass for him to dump it onto, and I'm going to go. There's some cash on the kitchen counter for him when he's done." 

Laurie nodded dumbly at her husband, and he walked off to do what he had said he would. She looked back to Jensen. 

All three of them knew what had happened the last time Laurie and Jensen had been together: Laurie had been insatiably aroused from days without Steve, and that, combined with vivid memories of interracial porn she had been watching some hours before (her own fetish), had caused her to leak breast milk uncontrollably in front of her muscular black neighbour, as the sight of his muscular figure reignited her lust. Incredibly to Laurie, the sight of her in her compromised state only caused Jensen to become aroused himself, and it was only by the sheerest of luck that Laurie's willpower had held out, and she had not impaled herself on Jensen's python. Jensen sprinted away from her house, leaving her embarrassed and frustrated. 

Though she had told her husband everything (after fucking him senseless) and, shockingly, he had been alright with what had happened, Laurie had still not been in the same space as Jensen since then, both by design and fact of him living away on campus at university. She was embarrassed that it had happened, that she had wanted a boy nearly ten years her junior, even if he did embody some of her own most powerful kinks. Steve had since given her permission to 'go forward' if the opportunity ever came up again and she wanted to take it, but her self-consciousness over that event left her uncertain, and a little afraid. 

Making certain Jensen was engrossed in sucking sand out of the filter, Laurie crept out of the pool as fast as her pregnant belly would allow, and walked quickly out of the pool area to find Steve, her big new backside jiggling with each step as her bikini bottoms quickly disappeared between her cheeks. 

Her husband had done his work quickly. Not only had Steve already put a tarp out for Jensen to dump the sand onto, but by the time Laurie walked out to the patio, Steve had a sleepy Angus and a diaper bag in one hand, his car keys in the other. 

"What are you doing?" Laurie hissed at Steve. 

"What? I'm just going to get filter sand," he replied innocently. 

"With the baby?" she challenged. 

He shrugged as a smile crept over his face. "I thought I might take Angus to have a visit with my parents on the way home." 

"Steve, cut the bullshit. What is happening here?" she said exasperated. 

Steve sighed. "Look, Jensen is here helping me clean out the filter. Honestly, the job will probably take an hour to do right. However," he looked at his watch, "by the time I drive out to the pool shop, get what I need, go to my parents and get mum to stop doting on Angus long enough to get back in the car, it will be more like two hours before I'm home. So, if you...decided to take advantage of an have a very clear gap with nobody else around. If not, well, that's up to you, alright?" 

She stared at her husband. "So you want me to fuck him?" 

"You want you to fuck him. I want you to have the opportunity the fulfil one of your biggest fantasies. If you want to," he replied calmly. 

They were quiet a moment between them while Laurie digested the situation. 

She wasn't going to kid herself. She felt heat flush between her legs the moment Jensen walked in, and after talking to Steve, she was certain her bottoms would be spotting with her own slick juices if she cared to check. But still she was still uncertain. 

"Are- are you sure you're okay with it...if I decide to?" Laurie asked quietly. 

Steve chuckled. "I did set it up after all. Plus, I think it's less of an 'if', if your body is any kind of indicator." 

He came closer to Laurie, put his fingers to her breast and pressed slightly. The shock of pleasure caused Laurie to look down to her chest. Her nipples were tenting thickly through the stretchy material. Creamy globs of her milk had already seeped through, obvious even against the water soaked into the top, making them seem even more pronounced on her front. Laurie felt her cheeks burning again. Just being around Jensen had made her body react. She couldn't control herself. 

Steve stroked her nipple back and forth, savoring the action, and Laurie let out a small moan as it made her pussy quiver. She was going to jump him in a second. 

"Go on baby, go have your fun," he purred. Steve pulled Laurie in close, and kissed her while at the same time moving his hand from her nipple, down her round belly and to her pussy, putting quick, fluttering pressure on her clit that made her knees buckle slightly. 

"I love you," he whispered. With that he said to Angus to say bye to his mummy, and walked through the house to the garage. 

Laurie stood there dripping, and leaking. "That bastard, he's practically warmed me up to jump Jensen's bones!" she thought. Was that his plan? 

Still indecisive, Laurie shifted her weight back and forth from one leg to the other, unsure of what to do. 

Her decision was made for her as the pressure of her thighs squeezing together while she swayed from side to side flared the heat in her pussy, causing tiny, involuntary spasms of pleasure to ebb through her crotch. Laurie looked back to the pool. The thought of Jensen's johnson filling her caused the tiny spasms to quiver up in magnitude to aching, needy pulses, before they receded quickly. It left her feeling empty, and wanting. 

Her husband set up an extramarital encounter for her. Her body wanted her to do it, and she just couldn't get the image of Jensen's pulsing, thickening cock from their last encounter out of her mind. 

Laurie sighed. "Fuck it." 

She could hear the vacuum still running, so Laurie tip toed back up the steps to the pool gate. She opened it, took two steps and dove into the cool water once more. 

Jensen turned his head at the noise, but returned to his work quickly. 

While doing lazy freestyle strokes up and down the pool, Laurie thought quickly. 

If this was going to happen she needed a plan. Remembering his exit from her home in the last incident, Laurie knew he might spook easy if it she overcomplicated things, and from his entrance into the pool now she could see he was still embarrassed, so he was likely going to need coaxing. Making him come into the house might be too much. There was money inside for Jensen for the job he was doing, Laurie figured, but... no, that felt too much like there might be the implication was paying him for sex, and that made her feel gross... 

Head still under water, she heard the vacuum shut off. Soft thuds of Jensen's feet moved down the pavement. The thought of him coming closer to her made Laurie's heart thump just a bit harder in her chest. 


Laurie's brow creased. "What was that?" she wondered. 

It sounded like metal hitting something solid. 

She thought on it a moment longer, and realised that as Jensen walked passed it with a fully loaded vacuum of sand, he must have accidently bumped into the side of the pool's shower enclosure. 

"The shower!"
 she thought. Perfect! 

Laurie waited until she heard the muffled sound of the pool gate click, before pulling herself out of the pool again and walking quickly to the pool shower door, opening it and stepping in, closing it behind her. 

The enclosure was mainly timber, with a thatched, 'Bali-style' roof that let plenty of natural light in through the foot of clearance between the top of the walls and the roof. It was longer than it was wide, with a bench running up one side, a rainfall shower on the back wall, and a sink and some pegs to hang clothes to the front just before the door. There was...nearly...enough room for two people inside. 

Laurie took stock of herself, and moved to the opposite side of the room to turn on the showerhead to at least give the pretense she was in here to wash off the pool water, incase Jensen got curious. 

Water splashing on the tiles and toward the drain, Laurie stood under the shower head and waited, thinking, running over again and again how she planned to make this happen. She thought that if she gave him a choice, or if she hesitated, Jensen would bolt. So, she would have to immediately take a position of authority, and hold his unwavering attention. But how... 

She looked down at her body. 


Her nipples were still pressing through her top; though the warmer temperature of the shower water had taken away some of their thickness, and the milk surrounding them had been rinsed away. She stepped forward so the water was only running down her back, and pinched her nipples between her fingers. Milk spilt out between Laurie's finger tips, enough staining her top that she was milking herself after the first three pulls for pleasure only. 

She heard the gate click again, and looked to the gap under the door, waiting for Jensen's shadow to pass in front of it. 

She felt her pussy throb in anticipation when it did, practically swimming in her bikini bottoms from the wetness spilling already from it. She rubbed her belly excitedly. She was really going to do this! 

"Jensen?" she called out. 

The sound of the vacuum that had just started up flicked off again, and there was a heavy moment's pause. 

"Mrs. Andrews?" he asked uncertainly. 

"Jensen could you come in here a moment?" she asked, trying to control the excitement in her voice. She pushed her head back so the water rinsed through her hair. 

"Um, is everything okay?" he asked again. 

She could see his shadow under the doorway. "Everything is fine. I just wanted to talk to you. Would you come in please? I'd prefer not to talk through the door." 

She saw his shadow stay put as he hesitated, while she put her hands behind her head to wring the water from her hair. 

"Time to turn it on," she thought. 

Finally, she heard him sigh and turn the knob, walking in on her. 

"What do you-" 

Jensen froze, immediately floored by the sight in front of him: Laurie in her clinging swimsuit, her head back and hands running through her dark hair. Her elbows were pressed into the sides of her breasts, causing them to push together more heavily, the valley of cleavage thickening in mass. Milk was obvious around Laurie's massive nipples, thin streams of her pearly nectar peeling down her front and dribbling over the exposed skin of her pregnant belly. His eyes followed the milky streams down to the tiny blue bottoms strung tightly over her thick thighs, with their own wet spot, darker and thicker than water and no bigger than a quarter, staining the front. 

Laurie studied Jensen as he ogled her. He was dressed sparsely in a thin white cotton t-shirt, short gym shorts and flip flops. Every bit of exposed flesh showing was covered thick, lean muscle. He was covered in sweat from his work, and, if Laurie was right, he also wasn't breathing. 

Fighting to keep her own breathing regular, Laurie screwed up the courage she had to keep going. 

"I wanted to talk to you about the last time we saw each other," she said clearly.

"The...last time..." Jensen murmured, mesmerised by her nipples. 

"When you saw me last I looked much the same as this, well, except for the belly, obviously," she giggled. Jensen was still mostly unresponsive, his eyes quickly flicking to her pregnant belly, then back to her breasts. 

She continued. "See the thing is, with the baby, and another on the way, my body is producing quite a lot of breast milk. Not every woman's can do it in the volume mine does, I guess I'm just lucky that way. But it means that if I don't nurse regularly, it can build up. And as you can see, it comes out of me pretty easily if I don't, same as it did the day you came over to borrow Steve's Nintendo." 

Jensen nodded, watching more milk seep into her top, still unable muster the brain power to converse. 

"But really Jensen, one of the reasons I produce so much milk is because as well as Angus, Steve nurses from me." 

Jensen's voice broke. "Mr. Andrews drinks your milk?" 

Laurie nodded. "A couple of times a day." 

She walked closer to Jensen. He was tenting in his pants like mad, his member twitching heavily as more blood flooded into his fast lengthening cock. He felt the head of it poke out from the leg of his underwear. He shuddered in excitement and fear as he wondered if she could see it. 

"In fact Jensen, Mr. Andrews isn't the only person I let nurse from my breasts," she purred. 

Jensen's eyes widened. "Really?" he croaked. 

Her nipples were inches from Jensen's chest now, milk dripping through the material at a faster pace now and following the curve of her breasts as it flowed down her front. 

Laurie smiled, and reached around the back of her neck. She found the knot of material keeping her top up, and with a quick pick of her fingers, had it loosened. 

Pulling the straps around to her front, Laurie held one in each hand and pulled down, teasingly slow, exposing more of her voluminous tit flesh at a pace that was agonising for Jensen, who at the same time wanted to run and was unable to stop watching. 

The tops of her areolas were revealed. Then her nipples popped free. Finally the material folded under her breasts, and Laurie stopped tugging. Her freed breasts bobbed and swayed under their own weight, so heavy that every little movement of Laurie's body caused them to ripple and jiggle. No longer soaking through Laurie's top, milk still continued to spill from her nipples, tiny streams arching down her pale round flesh. 

Jensen drew short, shaky breaths. The look in his eyes was something between disbelief, awe and lust. 

Laurie felt her entire body shake with excitement. 

"Jensen...would you like to nurse from me?" she asked breathily. 

He couldn't believe this was happening. Jensen's body flushed with heat, his heart thumping so hard in his chest he could feel it in his ears. He was torn. On the one hand he was so horny he was convinced the slightest breeze on his cockhead would make him cum in his pants. On the other hand, though Steve was years older than him, Jensen considered him a friend, and was loyal to him. How could he betray Steve for his wife? 

His wife... this thick, voluptuous, fertile woman standing in front of him, cunt soaked, pregnant belly on display, breasts free and leaking her nectar for him, offered to him... 

His dick began pulsing heavily in his shorts, and a thick stream of precum began spilling from his cock, running down his leg in a heavy flow. She had to be seeing that. God, he didn't think he was strong enough to stop himself. 

Laurie took charge, and closed the space between them. Softly, she put her hand to the back of Jensen's head, and with gentle firmness made him bend until he was eye level with Laurie's breasts. She brought him forward, and pushed her right nipple right between Jensen's plump lips. 

Laurie's milk didn't even wait to be suckled. The moment she pressed Jensen's face firmly against her flesh, it jetted from her body and arced through his mouth, spurting all over his tongue and the back of his throat. His eyes widened in surprise, but didn't pull away from her. She pushed against him again, and more milk released for Jensen. He swallowed. 

He anticipated the push the third time, and pressed against Laurie too hard, popping her nipple from his mouth and pushing the both of them back into the running shower. 

Laurie giggled, and pushed Jensen back gently to get out from under the water. 

"Maybe you should get out of your clothes if we're going to be getting wet," she said. 

Some amount of Jensen's guilt came back to the surface. 

"But- what about Mr. Andrews?" he asked. 

"Don't worry about Mr. Andrews," Laurie said. "He's...more alright about this sort of thing than you may think. Come on." She took Jensen's hand, and placed it onto her breast. He felt the warmth of the liquid leaking from her under his palm, and instinctively squeezed. 

Jensen was silent, but the fire in his chest flared up again. 

Quickly, Jensen was stripped down to his underpants in a flurry of elbows and knees. Laurie had just removed her top when she saw Jensen's python emerge. He pulled down his briefs, and his brown cock unfurled from around his leg. It was thick, surprisingly uncut and smooth, and endlessly drooling precum. She felt her pussy physically roll with excitement as her eyes widened at the sight of it. 

"Lucky Steve already got me pregnant, he could put twins in me with that thing"she thought. 

Thinking of Steve made her feel a little guilty as she had to admit to herself, Jensen was definitely bigger. Much bigger. 

Jensen caught her looking, got embarrassed and looked to the ground with a stupid grin on his face. 

Laurie snapped out of her reverie. 

"Um, how about on the bench?" she asked. 

Laurie sat on the bench while Jensen lay along it with his head in her lap and nipples dangling over his eyes. Laurie's faced coloured as she watched Jensen's cock bobbing back and forth in the air. She leaned in so that she could get her face closer to it, memerised by the sheer size of his member. Jensen took her lowering her chest to his face as she did for Laurie offering her breasts to him again, and so lifted his neck, took the nipple closest to his mouth, and started sucking. Laurie gasped at the sensation, her attention removed from his dick for a moment. 

Jensen's technique wasn't great, his lips made a loose seal on her areole and he was trying to suck on her nipple like a Slurpee straw, but after stopping for a few moments to show him how to draw her milk properly, he was taking enough to swallow nearly every three sucks. 

The pulling of her milk from her breast sent tingles of electricity through Laurie's chest and made her breathing shallow. Her pussy began pulsing with excitement, and watching her hot black neighbour sucking on her tits, Laurie really thought she may even cum from that sensation alone. She hadn't before, but she didn't think she'd been turned on like this before either. 

Moments and minutes passed, and the feeling of pressure in her pussy as it clamped against itself harder and harder the longer Jensen nursed was becoming all-consuming in Laurie's mind, but her orgasm didn't come. She continued to watch Jensen's thick dick bobbing as blood pulsed through it. She was in disbelief at the amount of thick precum that was spilling out of it, pooling out onto his abs and starting to spill down Jensen's side. That cock was bobbing in front of her face, spilling fluid...goading her. 

She couldn't take it. 

"Jensen, swap spots." 

He released from her breast. "Huh?" 


Jensen frowned, but sat up from his position. Laurie stood and waited for him to get up to sit on the bench. 

When he was, Laurie squatted in front of him, and stared his cock down one more time, before taking the large shaft in her hand. It looked so much more massive in her small hand. 

She kissed the head of his cock two, three times, before opening her lips and passing them over his head until they gripped behind his flared glans. She sucked on it lightly, and pushed another two inches of meat into her mouth, held for a moment, before drawing back to the glans. Push, and pull back, push, then pull. She started to build up her rhythm, moved his cock in and out of her mouth faster, taking another inch. 

"Mrs. Andrews!" said Jensen shocked. 

She slid his cock out her mouth. "What?" she asked. She looked him in the eyes and frowned. "Have you ever had a blowjob before Jensen?" 

"Uh, no," admitted Jensen. 

"But you've had sex?" she asked with an eyebrow raised. 

"Uh, yeah...a couple times now." 

Laurie rolled her eyes. Kids these days. She was about to rock his world then. 

With her other hand, Laurie took hold of Jensen's balls and squeezed gently. The hand on his shaft started pumping, and her mouth swallowed the first three inches and before pushing itself up the next two. Jensen gasped at the sensation of her tongue tickling his frenulum. The tip of her tongue searching the undersides of his glans caused his balls to pull close to his trunk and buzz fiercely. His inexperience with this act was going to make Laurie's bobbing on his cock a short affair. 

Laurie noticed the movement of his testicles in her hand. His balls, much like the rest of his package, were noticeably bigger than her husband's. And beginning to swell. 

He wasn't going to last very long, and Laurie was alright with that. She was more interested in was going to happen when he lost control. 

The swelling was starting to develop into an ominous heavy throb. 

"Mrs. Andrews, I don't think I'm going to... I'm going to...," Jensen heaved. 

Laurie looked up at Jensen's face, her lips pulled out over his cock. 

"Give it to me."

She squeezed firmly on his balls, pulsing her grip, and sucked on Jensen's cockhead faster. 

Jensen held out seconds longer before unloading in Laurie's mouth. His voice caught in his throat, his cock and balls swelled, then cannoned a fountain of cum straight onto Laurie's tonsils. 

She made to cough, but was met with the next rope of cum, with shot straight down Laurie's now opened throat. Laurie pushed forward to retch, but in his inexperience Jensen took it for her trying to take more. He thrust his hips forward and put a hand to back from Laurie's head, pushing her down another few inches on his meat as he moaned in ecstasy. 

Laurie flailed and pushed back as more and more cum sprayed down her throat. She pushed, and Jensen let go of her head. All of Jensen cock quickly left Laurie's body as she pulled back and heaved, but it never stopped spewing semen. As she sat coughing kneeling in front of him, Jensen's python continued to throw ropes of cum over her face, falling over the bridge of her nose and through her hair. One well aimed stream got caught in the eyelashes of her left eye. 

Still breathing unevenly, Laurie watched as the cum flow slowed and finally ended. Jensen pinched the base of his cock and ran his fingers to the tip, forcing the remaining semen in his pipes to blorp out in a thick stream. But the hardness never left his thick member. 

Laurie stared at it, still breathing heavily, and regardless of the shock of having a huge black cock shoved down her throat, she realised something Steve and Danny had known about Laurie for months: she was absolutely insatiable when she was turned on. 

She looked at his apologetic eyes. 

"I'm-I'm sorry Mrs. Andrews, I thought you-" he started. 

"Fuck me Jensen," she growled 

"I- what?" 

Her eyes were burning with hunger. "I said: Fuck me, Jensen." 

He glanced at her stomach. "But...your baby..." 

"God he's such a man," she thought. "You're not going to fucking hurt the baby." 

Laurie jumped up, and with a handful of water from the shower, wiped away a good amount of Jensen's cum off of her face. She then got back up on the bench, laid back and pulled at the ties of her sodden bikini bottoms, throwing them frantically. She held her ankles in her hands, and spread her legs for her black teen neighbour, giving him an amazing view of her still manicured pussy. 

"Just put your cock in me and make me cum Jensen!" she pleaded. 

Whatever hesitation Jensen may have had was lost the moment Laurie's pink wet snatch invaded his attention. He stood up, walked in front of Laurie and grabbing her by knees and spun her so they lined up at the genitals. His cum messy cock hovered barely an inch from being enveloped in her folds. 

"Are you sure?" he asked. 

Laurie nodded. 

Using a hand to guide his rod, Jensen pressed his cockhead to her opening and slid in with a hurried thrust of his hips. 

Laurie gave a yelp of mingled surprise and pain as Jensen filled her and stretched her. The sensation was fiercely pleasurable, but she still wasn't used to having something as big as Jensen's equipment inside of her. She clamped her ankles to his thighs to hold him in place while she got used his size. 

The quickening throbs roiling through her pussy as Jensen's meat spread it thinner and thinner across his impressive girth made her feel incredibly hot, and close to cumming from that sensation alone. God she hoped she could last. 

Slowly the pain subsided, and all she could feel was the delicious fullness of Jensen's cock invading her much smaller pussy and the heated pulsing it was experiencing as it clenched down on Jensen's shaft. He felt so much bigger inside of her now than he had in her mouth. 

Laurie dared to look down to where Jensen was filling her and let out a horny mewl: there was so much more cock not inside her! Jensen's head was pushed up against her womb, and yet there appeared to be another third of his penis not inside of her, slowly being coated in her slick juices as they ran out of her and down his bare shaft. She wanted more. 

Slowly, Laurie tried to relax her pussy around Jensen's member and take more of his cock. Another half inch forced inside of her before the pain returned and she tensed her pelvic muscles, pushing it out of her again. Jensen took the sensation for her being ready, and withdrew several inches before slowly thrusting it all back into her. Laurie gulped, and allowed Jensen to take control of the movement. 

Jensen found his rhythm, and continued his careful movements so not to hurt the beautiful woman under him. 

He had only thrust into her a handful of times before Laurie felt the tension mounting quickly, rocketing her towards orgasm. She was shocked, he had only just started, she couldn't cum now! She had wanted this for so long, it couldn't be over so quickly! But to her dismay the feeling didn't subside: it roared. Her pussy was clamping onto him and pulsing with pre-orgasm quakes. She had to slow him down. 

"Jensen, slow down, please, I'm abo-OHH!!" 

Her orgasm hit her like a curling wave, the slightest tip of sensation that was followed by a crashing thunder of cum. Her hips involuntarily bucked up and down on the bench as they pulled more and more cock into her already full pussy. The sensation of her cumming wasn't just in her vagina; every part of her body was struck with orgasmic bliss. Her nipples visibly pulsed, sending sprays of her milk into the air, covering Jensen's chest. Her ass cheeks clenched together to push her sex organs forward, her eyes watered, her toes curled and scrunched together with the tingly pleasure shooting through them. Her belly felt as though Jensen's cock was filling it with hot electricity, rolling through her with each throb of her pussy. 

Laurie's 'Oh' continued until the air was gone from her lungs, at which point her entire body went floppy and fell heavily into the bench as her pussy continue to pulse, greedily milking Jensen's cock for more orgasms. Milk drooled freely over her body. 

Jensen looked concerned. "Mrs. Andrews, are you alright? I barely started," he said. 

Laurie opened groggy eyes and squinted at her young neighbour. 

"That-," she started croakily, "Was the best...orgasm...of my life." 

Jensen blinked, and then his eyes started to build with pride. "Really?" 

"Really," she answered, nodding heavily. " it again." 

"Um, okay," he said. "Just...I don't think I'm going to last long either..." 

Laurie looked at him surprised. "But you just came," she exclaimed. 

"Yeah...well, you're really hot, and I cum a lot." 

She looked at his ball sac swinging thickly between his legs. It really did look like he had another load in there as big as the first one. 

She smiled at him. "Do you want to cum in me?" 

"Uhh...can I?" he asked tentatively. 

Laurie chuckled. "Of course you can. You can't get me any more pregnant." She rubbed her belly seductively as she spoke. 

Jensen's mouth opened slightly at the sight, and Laurie felt him twitch inside her at the mention of her pregnancy. Laurie's mouth curled into a grin. 

"Do you want to get me pregnant Jensen?" she asked playfully. 

"Uhh...," Jensen stammered. Unconsciously he tried to thrust more of his shaft into her. 

"Oh, you do," she purred at him, savoring the delicious feeling of being cockstuffed. "That's okay. Why don't we roleplay this one?" she asked rubbing her belly again. 


"Come on Jensen. This isn't Steve's baby at all. It's yours," she said breathily. "You came in me the day you found me home alone, needing a good fucking, and planted your seed in my belly." 

Jensen shuddered at the idea of what Laurie was saying. He began to thrust into her with need, not worried about her orgasm, but his own. 

"You got me pregnant, and now my belly is swelling with your child. Your black baby in your white neighbour lady." 

He thrust harder. 

"You know I'm lactating from my first baby with Steve. Now your baby is making my boobs huge. There is so much milk it just leaks out of me constantly." 

Jensen moaned, and lifted her back off the bench to get a better angle to his python into Laurie with, holding her like she weighed nothing. He put a hand on her ass cheek. Laurie figured he was just into how big her butt was getting. But instead of coping a feel, Jensen snaked his pointer finger further in and began rubbing her butthole. She didn't know why he was doing that, but didn't mind, she was too into this roleplay to be bothered. And if she was honest, it sort of felt good. Laurie could definitely feel it helping her second orgasm to build quicker. 

"My pussy knows you're the one who knocked me up Jensen. All it wants now is your cock, inside me all the time, fucking me as my belly gets bigger and bigger." 

Enough pussy juice had drooled out and over her asshole that one stroke of Jensen's finger too far inside from the rim and a little bit of pressure, and his fingertip sunk inside her ass with little resistance. 

"He's in my ass?!" she thought. "What-" 

The rest of her thought was broken as Jensen rolled his fingertip around the inside of her hole, and she came immediately. 

It was unlike like her first orgasm. This one didn't just originate from her pussy, but both places Jensen was penetrating her. Her orifices were throbbing at an uneven pace, Laurie thrust her pelvis back and forth to try and get more of him into both holes. She cried in pleasure, feeling Jensen's cock flare out as she bounced on it. 

"Make him cum," she thought through her own sex haze. 

"I'm going to get so big I can't leave my bed Jensen. You're going to fuck me every day while all I can do is lay there and take your huge cock, my belly fat with your baby, fat with your seed, my tits full of milk to feed your child and you. You're going to make me cum, and fill me and cover me with yours. 

"And when your baby comes out and I'm breastfeeding it, hungry for more of your cock, you're going to come to me, and make my pregnant again, and again, until there's nothing left for me except fucking you and having your babies. Cum in me Jensen, please!" 

Jensen reached his limit and pushed as much of his cock into Laurie as she could take; now leaving only a couple of inches out to the air. His cock swelled, stretching Laurie pulsing walls thinner still and making her scream, as Jensen finally shot his second thick load into his pregnant neighbour. 

Laurie could feel the fluid from his cock pushing against her still quivering walls. With nowhere to go thanks to Jensen's cock filling her completely and Laurie's pussy clamping down on it hard at her entrance, his cum did the only thing it could do and stretched her insides further still. Laurie moaned throatily at the searing pleasure as more and more cum ropes filled her. How much did this boy have in him? 

The finger in her ass was now jammed down to the first knuckle. Laurie wiggled against it to milk out a few more throbs of her anal orgasm as Jensen slackened off, shaking from the exertion. He gently pulled his finger out, and withdrew his cock, spilling the last few ropes of his seed onto her pregnant belly. Panting, Jensen walked under the running shower, and slumped under the water in exhaustion. 

Laurie watched him as she caught her own breath, rubbing Jensen's cum in lazy circles on her big belly. She was naked, tits raw and oozing milk, covered in cum and sweat. Satisfied. 

When she was recovered enough to join him, Laurie walked over to the shower, a little bowlegged, and started to rinse of the fluids covering her body. 

Jensen looked at her thoughtfully. "We didn't kiss that whole time." 

Laurie thought about it as she lathered up soap between her hands and started to wash her chest. "Does that bother you?" she asked him. 

He shrugged. "No, no, just...I don't know what this meant, I guess." 

"What this...oh, Jensen", she said softly. "It doesn't need to mean anything. You're at university with plenty of girls your age that will do anything you ask them to. Seriously, look at you, they will do anything." 

"So you're, leaving Mr. Andrew's or anything?" 

"Oh, of course not, I love him with all my heart." 

"But...those things you were had sex with me..." 

She sighed. "Jensen, sex doesn't equal love; you have to know that by now." 

"So why did you want to have sex with me?" he asked. 

She could sense he was about to get his feelings hurt if she didn't handle this right. 

"Jensen, me and Steve have a relationship built on understanding one another. He understands that I need things he can't offer me, certain...turns on's he just physically can't give me. He's happy to allow me to find what I need, because he knows I won't let it come between me and him. Our family and our relationship don't mean I can't have the sex life I want, or the one he wants, because in the end we're committed emotionally to each other, and we're honest and open about what we need." 

Jensen looked thoughtful. Whatever he was expecting her to say, he didn't think it would be that. He even thought he could understand it, maybe even approve of such a sex positive relationship, but... 

"But...why me?" 

Laurie smiled. "Well, that day you caught me leaking milk all over myself...I've never forgotten it. And from time to time I have thought about what would have happened if you hadn't left. Today I thought, why not see?" 

Jensen smiled. He had never forgotten either, how could he? 

He started to soap his body down. 

"I liked that role play," he said. 

"So did I," Laurie agreed. 

"I don't know if I really want kids though..." 

"Really? Well you're still a bit young to be thinking about that." 

Jensen shrugged, lathering his shoulders. "I know my dad has something genetic that makes it hard to have kids. So does my uncle. Me being born was hard enough from what I've been told. I've always figured I might be the same as being a was never really something I thought about, or thought about wanting, you know?" 

Laurie's eyes softened. "Oh, Jensen...that's actually a bit sad." 

"I guess," he shrugged again. 

There was quiet between them a while as they washed themselves. Jensen broke the silence. 

"Do you think we could do it again?" he asked. 

Laurie thought for a moment. Her brain was saying 'be careful', while her pussy was saying 'be cockfull'. 

"Just remember it's only role play, okay? Just for fun. That said...Mr. Andrew's goes away for a night and day in two weeks' time. If I'm not feeling too much like a whale, maybe then." 

Jensen smiled, and rubbed her belly. "Okay then." 

Laurie turned off the water and pulled two towels out of a hidden drawer under the bench for them to dry off with. Laurie would just have to wrap herself in her towel and walk back into the house, she decided, looking at her swimmers wet and slung across the floor. 

She made for the door when Jensen called, "Hey, um, Laurie!" 

She turned to him. 

Jensen looked embarrassed. "Uh, I'm going to finish that work before Mr. Andrews comes back. think I could...nurse again...before I do?" 

Laurie smiled at her big neighbour looking much like a boy asking for a cookie before dinner. And still naked. 

She shimmied her chest to make her breasts shake slightly. There still felt like a good amount of milk in them. 

"Come here big boy." 


Steve came home to find the pool deserted. The tarp was covered in sand, the filter was empty, and the money left on the bench gone. 

Quietly he walked up the stairs to their bedroom, baby on hip, and found his wife asleep, freshly showered but still wrapped in her towel, milk spotting the material where it pressed into her chapped nipples. 

Angus made grabby motions in the air toward Laurie, so Steve cradled him down to her. Laurie woke fuzzy-headed, but motherly instinct took over. Holding her son to her body, she pulled her towel down and offering him a nipple. Angus latched quickly and began to suckle. 

Steve sat on the edge of their bed. 

"So, how did it go?" he asked. 

Laurie smiled broadly at her husband, small pricks of tears in her eyes. 

"Thank you Steve. Thank you so much. I love you." 

Steve smiled, and stroked his wife's hair as their son nursed between them. This was perfect.

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