Sunday, 27 May 2018

Jen's Birthday Pt. 01

Jill and Jeff were excited to spend a couple of nights with their friends Jen and Jack at a summer cottage. The four had been friends for years, but rarely managed to find the time to get together as they lived a two hour drive away from one another. This year when grandparents had agreed to take their children for the weekend the couples jumped at the opportunity spend some relaxing time together to celebrate Jen's birthday, which was the following week. After dropping the kids off at their grandparent's house Jill and Jeff they drove a few hours to meet Jen and Jack at the cottage, a small rustic bungalow on a lightly wooded knoll overlooking the ocean.

After arriving in the late afternoon they spent the evening chatting and snacking while relaxing in Adirondack chairs and watching the sunset. Around dusk mosquitoes chased them indoors, where they made a pasta dinner and ate, drank wine and fell into relaxed conversation. After dinner they opened a second bottle of wine and sat in the small rustic living room. Jen and Jack sat on a love seat opposite Jill and Jeff on the sofa and they continued to enjoy each other's company and sip their wine. 

Jen was wearing shorts and a loose fitting halter top and as far as Jeff could tell she was not wearing a bra. He secretly, though he often confided his desires to Jill during their love making, lusted after Jen's small breasts. Jen had her legs stretched out in front of her with her bare feet propped up on the coffee table. As he sipped his wine and caressed Jill's thigh Jeff admired Jen's long legs. He was beginning to feel the effects of the wine and he was letting his mind wander through the many fantasies that he and Jill had shared regarding having sex with Jen and Jack. He could feel is cock swelling and pressing uncomfortably against his shorts. He edged closer to Jill and squeezed her leg in an effort to try and convey to her his thoughts without having to utter a word. Jill grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently as a way of letting him know she understood what he was thinking.

A few minutes later Jen announced she had to pee and got up and headed out the door toward the outhouse that stood across the lawn behind the cottage. Jack, Jeff and Jill watched her as she left admiring her sexy ass that was easily outlined against the thin material of her shorts. When the door closed behind her Jack got up and went into the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine. Jill leaned in toward Jeff and kissed him deeply. She let her hand slide up his inner thigh and her fingers traced the outline of his rigid cock. Jeff shuddered at the touch. Jill then slid her hand up his shorts until her fingers found the throbbing tip of his cock. She lightly swirled her fingers across it, which caused Jeff's heart to pound and sent tingly sensations to run through his entire body. Hearing Jack returning from the kitchen they broke off their kiss. Looking into each other's eyes Jill gave Jeff a knowing smile and turned to allow Jack to fill her glass and deftly slid her hand from Jeff's shorts. A moment later Jen returned and plopped back on the love seat.

The couples returned to sharing stories and laughing. After another hour and a further bottle of wine past Jen announced, "I'm getting sleepy, I think I am ready for bed." 

"Me too", Jack agreed. 

"That sounds like a good idea to me too," Jill said.

At that everyone stirred and began to ready for bed and soon they all gathered at the sink in the kitchen and were all brushing their teeth. Afterwards each couple made their way to their respective bedrooms, which were small adjacent rooms off the living room. Jeff and Jill slipped off their clothes and Jeff hopped onto bed and watched Jill grab one of his shirts from their overnight bag and slip it on. He was disappointed to not be able to see her nakedness, but liked the way her hard nipples pressed against the fabric of the shirt. Jill announced that she had to pee and leaned over and kissed Jeff. For an all too brief moment their tongues swirled around each other's and Jeff reached up and lightly caressed Jill's t-shirt covered breast. Breaking off the kiss Jill turned and padded out the bedroom door on her way toward the outhouse and Jeff spun around and slid under the covers. 

The cool grass felt nice under Jill's feet as she walked to the outhouse. The moon was nearly full and shone brightly, illuminating the trees that surrounded the cottage and the small wooden outhouse. After peeing she walked back toward the cottage. About halfway to the cottage her eye caught some movement and she instinctively focused on it, what she saw stopped her short. Through the large window near the corner of the cottage she could see Jack and Jen standing and kissing passionately. Their naked bodies were beautifully illuminated in the moonlight. Jill could Jack's large hard cock jutting out and pressing against Jen's abdomen. While they kissed Jack was squeezing Jen's ass with one hand while he caressed her right breast with the other. Though drawn to the scene Jill began walking again, wishing not to intrude on their private moment. 

Taking a few stealthy steps toward the side of the cottage Jill kept an eye on Jen and Jack and hoping not to be seen. As she drew near the corner of the cottage Jill saw Jen drop to her knees. Closer now, Jill could see the full length of Jack's cock in the moonlight. It was bobbing in front of Jen while she caressed his muscular legs. Jill was surprised to realize she had stopped walking and was staring at the scene before her. Just then she saw Jen lean forward and lick the tip of Jack's hard cock. And after a few short licks she drew him into her mouth and reached up with her hand and caressed his balls. 

Staring at them Jill could not make her legs move. She felt glued to the spot, desperate to see more. She could almost feel the state of Jack's arousal as she could see perfectly every quiver his body made as Jen sucked and caressed him. Mesmerized by the sight Jill just stood and watched. Suddenly she became aware that her nipples were very hard and sensitive as they pressed against the t-shirt and her cunt was exceptionally wet. Realizing how turned on she was watching her friends in such an intimate act she began to feel guilty and started willing herself to continue on to the cottage, but before she could force her legs to move Jack pulled Jen to her feet and spun her to the bed that was behind him. Jen moved herself to the middle of the bed and spread her long legs revealing her cunt to Jack, and unknowingly to Jill. 

Jill's gaze was focused on the furry blonde tuft of hair and beautiful pink folds between Jen's legs. She could not take her eyes off Jen's most private of areas and found herself leaning forward trying to gain a better view. Jill surprised herself by inhaling sharply when she saw Jen slide her hands down to her cunt and pull her pussy lips open. Then Jill's attention was drawn to Jack's hard cock that bounced as he quickly joined Jen on the bed. He wasted no time and aligning his cock with her cunt he pushed the tip against her. Jen's head flung backward as he rubbed himself against her clit and slick pussy lips. Jill felt herself gasp when she saw Jack suddenly thrust the full length of his hard cock into Jen. She was transfixed watching Jack's muscular ass and swaying balls as he fucked her hard and deep. Given the speed and vigor at which he was pounding into her Jill thought Jack must be ready to explode inside her, but just then he stopped and rolled onto his back and Jen quickly mounted him. Jen's nakedness now completely in view, Jill watch her sexy ass as she rode up and down on Jack. On each up stroke Jill could see Jack's hard wet cock appear before it quickly disappeared again deep inside Jen. 

Jill's knees felt weak and her heart was racing. Her body tingled with sexual desire. Determined to get inside and shove Jeff's cock in her she pried herself from the spot and creeped slowly toward the side door of the cottage. Once out of line of sight she began walking briskly toward the cottage door. She was startled to feel how wet her cunt had become. After quietly opening the door she made her way into the cottage and toward her and Jeff's bedroom. On her way past Jen and Jack's room she could hear the bed squeaking and Jen moaning.

When she entered the bedroom Jill found Jeff lying on the bed stroking his hard cock and listening to the sensual sounds coming from just a few feet on the other side of the wall at his head. Jill pulled the shirt off her and climbed on top of Jeff. Grabbing his cock she pulled the tip of him across her very wet pussy and then slid it against her throbbing clit. For several seconds she rubbed her clit, enjoying the pulses of electricity that shot through her each time the wet slippery tip of Jeff's cock slid past her sensitive nub. Then she pulled his cock to her opening and slid it inside her. Jeff thrust into her as deeply as he could, enjoying the amazing feeling of Jill's soft and very wet cunt enveloping him. As he continued to fuck her deeply Jeff watched Jill's sexy breasts sway and jiggle as she rode him. Having lost awareness of the goings on in the next room, Jeff was surprised when the sounds of Jen climaxing worked their way into his consciousness. 

Suddenly focusing on the sounds from the next room he could hear muffled screams and the bed squeaking more loudly and at a higher frequency than before. The sounds of Jen's orgasm, and imagining Jen's cunt convulsing around Jack's cock, sent him over then edge and began squirting cum deep inside Jill's cunt. Jill, who was also taken to new levels of arousal at hearing Jen orgasm and feeling Jeff's cum flood her cunt, was grabbing her breasts and writhing around Jeff's cock. As the sounds of Jen's orgasm subsided they could hear the bed next door squeaking even louder and faster as Jack raced toward his own orgasm. 

Feeling like she was about to explode, Jill pulled herself off Jeff and slide to the head of the bed and straddling Jeff's face she lowered her cum soaked cunt to Jeff's mouth. Bracing herself with both hands against the wall, she ground her clit against his tongue. Jeff reached up and grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as he lapped eagerly at her sloppy cunt and clit. Jill could hear the bed next door squeaking even more violently and she imagined Jack's cock thrusting in and out of her own cunt while Jeff licked her clit. She could feel her orgasm building. She tried to picture the scene next door, Jack pounding his hard cock into Jen's slippery cunt. Jill wished she could see it, feel it. 

Then she heard a low groan and the squeaking bed next door slowed and became less regular and she knew Jack was squirting his cum deep inside Jen. The image pushed her over the edge and her own orgasm shot through her in waves as Jeff desperately tried to continue licking her clit as she thrashed on top of him. Jeff continued to gently lick Jill's now very sensitive clit as her orgasm subsided, each lick sending another bolt of electricity through her body. Jill slid down next to Jeff and held him close and kissed him, tasting the mixture of their cum as her tongue gently probed his mouth. Jeff pulled the covers over them and enjoyed the feeling of Jill's sweaty skin against him. And hearing no further noises from next door and their lust fully sated they quickly fell fast asleep in each other's arms.

Jeff woke in the morning with a very stiff cock having been dreaming of watching Jen and Jack fuck and then of sliding his cock into Jen's very wet cum-filled cunt afterward. He turned over and nuzzled against Jill who stirred and pressed her body against his. She could feel his hard cock against her bottom, his hand cupped her breast, and his warm breath on the back of her neck. It felt wonderful. "Last night was incredibly hot," Jeff whispered. "Ummm, yes," Jill replied. Jill could feel slippery cum on her skin as the tip of Jeff's oozing cock rubbed against her. She began replaying the previous evening in her head. 

"It was amazing to hear Jen and Jack last night," Jeff offered. 

"I could see them through their window when I came back from the bathroom last night," Jill responded. 

"Wow! Really? What did you see?" 

Jill began recounting what she had witnessed. As she did Jeff entered her and began slowly fucking her, picking up the pace as his arousal heightened. When she finished relating all the details of what she had seen she turned over to face Jeff and kissed him. His hard slippery cock now outside her, Jeff desperately tried to reenter her while he squeezed her soft breasts and returned her kiss. 

But before he could get back inside her she pulled away and said, "I'll be right back, I have to pee."

Jeff moaned as she grabbed his cock and squeezed it while hopping out of bed. Throwing on some sweatpants and a tee shirt Jill slipped out the door. Jeff slowly stroked his cock eagerly awaiting her return as he pictured the scene Jill had described to him. After a couple of minutes he heard the outside door open and close and expected Jill to enter the room at any moment, but then he heard voices and realized someone else was up. He listened intently and heard Jen and Jill chatting from what seemed like the direction of the kitchen. He wondered what they were talking about and began to fantasize about making love to both of them, but then quickly began to worry that Jill might not be able to return. Stroking his cock for a few more minutes he waited, but then he heard Jack's voice as well and realized everyone was awake and the chances of Jill returning to satisfy his aching desire were not very good. Jeff considered masturbating to completion, but after a few long stokes he decided he should get dressed and join the others. He put on some pants and a shirt, but had to wait a few more minutes for his stiff cock to shrink enough so as not to be obvious. 

Entering the kitchen Jeff found Jen and Jill sitting at the small table and Jack beginning to make breakfast, all conversing happily. Jeff greeted them and kissed Jill on the top of her head and began helping Jack make breakfast. After breakfast the couples spent a lazy day together. They went for a hike along the shore after breakfast. Following a picnic lunch they fought off the afternoon heat by swimming and lounging at the small beach near the cottage. Later for dinner they decided to go to a restaurant that Jen and Jack knew of nearby. Everyone showered the salt off their bodies in the outdoor shower and went to their respective bedrooms to dress for dinner. Jeff watched Jill intently as she pulled off her wet bathing suit, revealing her sexy body. Her nipples were very rigid from the cool shower and her wet skin was covered in goosebumps. After drying off with a towel she slipped on a sun dress and a pair of short-healed sandals. Jeff was awash with excitement realizing that Jill intended to go to dinner wearing no underwear. He could easily see her hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress and was thrilled he would get to steal looks at them over dinner. Emerging from their room they found Jen and Jack ready and waiting in the living room. Jen wore a skirt and blouse with sandals and Jeff couldn't help but wonder if she wore any underwear. He could not see any bra lines and assumed she must be braless, but was she wearing any panties he wondered. They proceeded to the car for the short ride to the restaurant.

The couples sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant and everyone enjoyed a glass of wine and the conversation before their dinner arrived. Sitting opposite Jeff and Jill, Jen and Jack could not help but notice Jill's nipples. They were clearly very hard and pressing against the fabric of her sundress in the cool air of the air conditioned restaurant. 

After dinner the two couples continued to talk about their kids, politics, sports, and shared many funny stories. Eventually the conversation turned to the challenge of finding intimate couple time in the face of their chaotic lives. Jen shared that they scheduled at least two intimate dates a week as a means of ensuring they made time for each other. 

She said, "we just put it on the calendar as a way of making sure we find time for it." 

Jill and Jeff simultaneously said, "we do that too!" Jill continued, "we typically make time a couple of mornings a week after we get the kids off to school." 

"We usually schedule ours in the mornings as well," Jack chimed in, "though it is hit or miss with our work schedules and sometimes we can only spare a half hour or so." 

Jeff asked, "Do you find it difficult to get into the swing of it with your work schedules bearing down on you?" 

"Sometimes," Jen responded. "We often don't get much time for foreplay. And I sometimes start off not feeling particularly turned on, but I find that if I take a few minutes to put on something sexy, perhaps some lacey underwear or a short skirt and heels, I am soaking wet and ready to go in a flash," Jen continued. 

Jeff felt dizzy suddenly thinking about Jen's wet cunt and he and Jill subtly pressed their thighs against one another. 

"Sometimes if we have time we watch some sexy videos together and that gets us both in the mood pretty fast too," Jack revealed. 

"We occasionally discuss some fantasies and that really gets us going," Jeff added, though not letting on that the fantasy they most often shared was fucking Jen and Jack. 

Jen asked Jill, "Do you dress up for Jeff?" 

"Sometimes, he likes it when I come to bed in just a pair of heels or maybe a see-through dress," Jill responded. 

Jeff nodded enthusiastically, while Jack adjusted in his position clearly making room for his hardening cock. The temperature in the room seemed to be rising as they began to openly discuss their sex lives. Jill could see Jeff's hard cock straining against the fabric of his pants and as she adjusted herself on her chair she could feel the wetness starting to envelop her cunt. At that moment the waiter delivered the check and their conversation interrupted, they paid and made their way back to the car. 

Arriving back at the cottage Jack opened a bottle of wine and everyone settled into the living room just as they had the night before. 

Jen suggested, "How about we play a game?"

Jill responded, "Sure, like what?" 

"How about truth or dare?" 

A bit nervously, all agreed. It was Jen's birthday after all. 

Jeff queried, "How do you want to play?" 

"Well we will go around clockwise and each one of us takes a turn and asks any other of us if they want a truth or dare, then that person has to either perform the dare or answer the question truthfully," Jen responded. " Each person can have one "free pass" if they feel they cannot answer or perform the dare," she continued. 

Jeff asked, "Ok, who starts?" 

"I'll start," Jen responded. 

She was sitting on the love seat to Jack's right with both her legs tucked under her, which was causing her skirt to ride up exposing much of her delicious legs. 

"Jeff, truth or dare?" 

"Oh, let's start with truth," Jeff responded.

"How often do you and Jill make love?" 

"Oh on average, we probably make love three or four times a week. The variance can be high though, some weeks we struggle to find the time and others we might manage to make love nearly every day." 

Jack asked, "Jill, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever made love to a women?"


Somewhat disappointed by the terse response Jack continued, "Have you ever thought about it?"

"Sure, sometimes Jeff and I fantasize together about being with another women", Jill replied and then followed with "Jen, truth or dare?" 


After a brief pause as everyone's anticipation of the first dare grew, Jill blurted out, "Show us your underwear."

All too eager to comply, Jen jumped off the loveseat and turned so her backside was facing Jeff and Jill and slowly began to inch her skirt up. Everyone was breathless as she slowly revealed her sexy thighs until finally the fabric rose above her luscious round bottom, eventually displaying a thin red G-string pulled deep within the cleft of her ass. As she leaned forward slightly Jeff and Jill could just see the bottom of the narrow piece of fabric covering her cunt. And after a few seconds of proudly displaying her backside she turned, pulled her skirt down to just above her knees and sat back down next to Jack. 

After a few awkward seconds of silence Jen said, "Jeff your turn." 

Quickly gathering himself Jeff asked, "Jack, truth or dare?" 


"Tell us a way in which Jen really turns you on." 

"I love watching her orgasm. Sometimes she lets me watch her masturbate. I get so turned on watching her that I can hardly control myself! I usually climax very quickly."

"Sometimes so quickly I am not quite finished with my orgasm" Jen interjected. "Usually I can expect a good hard quick fuck after, but a few times I was still lost in the throes of my orgasm when I felt his cum spray all over me." 

After letting that image form in everyone's mind for a second she then asked, "Jeff, truth or dare?" 

Apparently still not quite ready to take a dare, Jeff replied "truth!" 

"Have you ever had multiple orgasms? And if so what was your most intense experience?" 

"Yes" and taking a few seconds to remember Jeff added, "Once Jill sucked me to three straight orgasms without stopping!" 

Clearly impressed, Jack said "Very hot! Jen, truth or dare?" 

Once again she responded, "dare!" 

"Kiss Jeff on the lips!" 

A hush fell over the room as everyone waited to see if Jen would kiss Jeff or take the free pass. But a second later her intentions were clear. She jumped up and quickly moved across the room and began kissing him eagerly. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth as she pressed her body against him. The kiss went on for close to a minute before she withdrew her tongue, smiled seductively, and returned to her seat next to Jack. 

Eager to see what else Jen might do, Jill asked, "Jen, truth or dare?" 

To everyone's disappointment she answered, "truth!" 

"What is your go to sexy outfit when you are looking for some attention from Jack?" 

"I have a few. But one that seems to work particularly well is a very short tightfitting red dress and some matching red pumps." 

"Yes, I can attest to that being a favorite" Jack offered. 

Jeff asked, "Jill, truth or dare?" 


Having been not quite prepared for that response Jeff took a second to think and then said, "I dare you to kiss Jen!" 

Again the room fell silent waiting to see what Jill would do. After considering it for a second Jill got off the sofa and moved toward Jen. Bending over she reached out with both hands and gently guided Jen's face to hers and softly kissed her lips. The kiss lingered for several seconds and both Jeff and Jack were sure they saw Jill finish the kiss by sliding her tongue past Jen's lips. As Jill turned and returned to her seat Jack and Jeff could see that Jen was clearly aroused. Her eyes had a wild look and her cheeks were pink as she sat there subtly licking her upper lip. 

Jack broke the spell by jumping up and saying, "how about some more wine?" before walking across the room to the kitchen. 

Coming back from the kitchen and no longer concerned with the order of play, Jack asked, "Jeff and Jill, truth or dare?" 

"Oh a double", Jeff mused. 

"Truth!" Jill replied. 

As Jack settled back down into the loveseat and snuggled up against Jen he asked, "What do you usually fantasize about when you make love?" 

Jill and Jeff were frozen for a few seconds, embarrassed that they might reveal their fantasies about Jen and Jack. But then Jill offered a vague, "it varies...". 

"Oh come on! Give us at least one example", Jen chided. 

"Sometimes Jill takes me to a naked yoga class and encourages me to fuck all the women there", Jeff jumped in, relieved to have remembered one of their fantasies that did not necessarily involve Jen and Jack, though he often imagined Jen was a participant in the yoga orgy. 

Jen asked, "Is Jill there at the yoga class in your fantasy or are you alone with these women?" 

"Oh she is nearly always there", Jeff answered. 

Probing a bit further Jen asked, "Does she participate?" 

"Yes, she plays a very active role!" 

Eager to move along before either Jen or Jack could probe any further, Jill asked, "What about you two, what is an example of one of your fantasies?" 

Swinging her legs across Jack's lap and reclining back on the arm of the loveseat Jen responded, "Oh all sorts of things. Last week we fantasized about me going to a party by myself and letting two men fuck me at the same time. Then I come home and tell Jack all about it before I let him have me. 

"Very hot!" Jeff groaned contemplating some of the erotic possibilities as he stared at Jen's long legs stretched across Jack and the loveseat. 

It was difficult to see in the dim lantern lit room, but Jill was pretty certain she could see Jack's hand had slid up Jen's skirt and she guessed he was caressing her cunt. The thought of it made her squirm a little in her seat. 

Jen asked, "Jill, truth or dare?"


"Take your dress off and twirl around and show us all your body!" 

Jeff thought Jill might take the free pass, but was pleasantly surprised when Jill quickly stood, reached down, and pulled her dress up over her head in one swift motion and tossed it on the sofa. Now standing there completely naked save her sandals she spun slowly around with her arms out showing off her sexy body. All eyes were fixed on her and not a sound was made as she spun around. Jen, Jack and Jeff's eyes moved up and down trying to take in every aspect of Jill's beautiful body. Their eyes drank in her long sexy legs, round ass, magnificent breasts, seductive smile, and confident and penetrating eyes in large gulps. After several spins she plopped back down on the sofa next to Jeff. 

For a long second all were quiet as if in a trance, then Jack said, "Jen, truth or dare?" 


"Take off your skirt and blouse and show us what you've got."

Jen proceeded to get up and quickly step out of her skirt and pulled her blouse over her head and dropped it to the floor. As suspected she was not wearing a bra and her small pink nipples stood out from her flat chest. Her red thong underwear beautifully accentuated her sexy ass, but she quickly pulled it down off her hips and legs and plopped it on the floor on top of the blouse and skirt. As she spun around everyone took notice of her pink labia beneath her blonde pubic hair. After several spins she settled back in next to Jack on the loveseat. 

Jill asked, "Jack, truth or dare?" 


"Let's see you take a spin without any clothes!" 

Jack hopped up and quickly stripped, throwing his clothes in a pile on top of Jen's. His large cock was very erect and bounced up and down as he too spun around a few times before landing on the loveseat next to Jen. 

Jeff asked, "Jen, truth or dare?" 


"Have you ever played truth or dare with another couple before? If so, who? And what happen?" 

"We played it once before", Jen responded. "You remember Stacey and John, right? We had them over for dinner a few months ago and after a few drinks she suggested we play. Tonight's game seems to be progressing a bit more rapidly than that one, but by the end of the evening we got to see Stacey's breasts and ass and John's really big cock, amazing. After they left, they had to go relieve their babysitter, Jack and I ran to the bedroom and had a good long fuck!" 

Jeff was remembering meeting Stacey and John at a cookout at Jen and Jack's the year before and recalling Stacey's voluptuous body and wishing he had been able to see her naked breasts and ass when Jen pulled him back to the moment by asking him, "truth or dare?" 

"Dare", he said without any thought. 

"Let's see you take a spin without your clothes!" 

Jeff got up and pulled his clothes off and dropped them in a heap on top of Jill's next to her on the sofa. He was very conscious that his cock was also fully erect and bobbing around as he spun around several times before rejoining Jill on the sofa.

Jack asked Jen, "truth or dare?" 


"I want you and Jill to stand up and face each other so that only your breasts are touching for two minutes." 

Both Jen and Jill stood up followed quickly by Jack who ran into the kitchen to fetch the egg timer. As he settled back onto the love seat and set the timer, the two women moved close to each other until their breasts touched. Both Jen and Jill are about the same height, but since Jill still had on her heeled sandals she was about an inch and a half taller. Jill's slight height advantage and her much larger breasts resulted in their nipples nearly perfectly aligning and both men watched intently as the hard pink nubs pressed against each other. Other than the ticking of the egg timer not a sound was made until the bell sounded at two minutes. All four were humming with excitement as the girls parted and returned to their respective seats. 

Jill asked, "Jack, truth or dare?" 


"You and Jeff stand and face each other so only your cocks are touching for two minutes!" 

Feeling a bit embarrassed by the prospect, but so turned on that they would likely do anything these two sexy ladies asked, they got up and faced each other. They moved closer and closer until the throbbing heads of their cocks touched while Jen reset the timer. The two minutes seemed an eternity as they felt their smooth, hard, and hot cocks gently touch. And with every breath or slight change in position they could feel their cocks sliding against one another. Both women were leaning in transfixed by the sight of the two hard cocks touching. Finally the bell sounded and the men returned to their respective seats. 

Jeff asked, "Jen, truth or dare?" 


"I want you to caress your clit while we watch you for four minutes." 

Without delay Jen spread her legs and propped her feet on the coffee table as Jack lunged for the egg timer. As the timer began ticking Jen began to slowly rub her clit with her pointer finger. After perhaps thirty seconds she used two fingers with her other hand to expose her hard clit and began rubbing it faster and harder. She was getting visibly more and more aroused. She squirmed in her seat as she rubbed her clit. Then she ran her finger up and down the opening of her cunt, collecting the slippery fluid that was leaking from her and return to her clit. All were watching her fingers intently when suddenly the bell sounded and broke their spell. Somewhat reluctantly, Jen slowed the rhythm of her fingers caresses, eventually stopping her masturbation show. 

Jen panted, "Jack, truth or dare?" 


"Take Jill into the bedroom for five minutes!"

Wide eyed he stood and held out his hand to Jill. After a quick look at Jeff, which seemed to say "can you believe this", Jill rose and took Jack's hand. Jen and Jeff watched as the two of them walked off toward the bedroom. As they entered and closed the door behind them Jen rose and grabbed the egg timer and set it for five minutes and placed it on the coffee table. She then plopped down on the sofa next to Jeff. 

"What do you think is going on in there?" 

Jeff responded, "Wouldn't we like to know!" 

As they waited listening to the ticking of the timer Jen and Jeff edged closer together until they could feel there legs and arms touching. Then Jen swung her legs up and onto Jeff's lap. Seeing Jen's erect nipples so lose Jeff reached out and began softly caressing them. Feeling his fingers touching her breasts Jen began breathing heavily and she reached over and began fondling Jeff's cock. 

As Jen lightly ran her fingers up and down the length of his cock, Jeff groaned, "I wish we could see what they were doing!" 

"Do you think they are touching each other like we are?" 

"I hope so!" 

Jen reached down and began gently caressing Jeff's balls as he slid his hand between her legs and began running two fingers up and down Jen's wet pussy lips. Becoming lost in their stimulation of each other they both nearly forgot about Jack and Jill in the next room, until the bell sounded and provided an abrupt reminder that their spouses were alone in the next room, naked!

"Ok, time is up you two!" Jen shouted. 

After a few seconds passed with no response Jen and Jeff looked at each other as if to ask "what the heck is going on in there?!", but just as Jen was about to call out to them again the door opened and out walked Jill with Jack trailing behind. As Jill's long sexy body moved toward them the only sound was Jill's heels clicking across the floor. Just as Jen and Jeff were about to query them they were shocked silent. As Jill moved closer they could see white streaks of cum all over both of her breasts. Her left nipple was completely covered with a large dollop of it and everywhere it clung to the soft round curves of her breasts. After a good long stare Jen and Jeff looked up to see Jill smiling at them. She had another streak of cum on her cheek and another in her hair. 

"Wow! You look incredibly hot!" Jeff announced. 

"You two have been busy!" Jen joined in. 

"Tell us all about it", Jeff requested. 

Jack seemed unable to speak, but Jill eagerly began to provide some details, "Well, after standing there awkwardly staring at each other for a while we started touching each other. First Jack touched my face and neck and then my breasts while I ran my fingers over his chest. After a minute or so of that I gave in to an impulse and I dropped down to my knees and began sucking on his cock. At first I did it very gently and he seemed to be enjoying it very much so I sucked a little harder and also began stroking him. I figured time must be about running out so I thought I would tease him a bit more and started to caress his balls while I sucked him. And then much to my surprise he suddenly started moaning and cum starting shooting out of him. I was somewhat startled when the first stream squirted into my mouth and I pulled his cock out and he shot stream after stream of cum all over me."

Jack was standing just behind Jill with a wide eyed look of amazement, his cock still mostly hard hung heavily in front of him. 

Jen, who still had her legs draped across Jeff's lap, swung around and stood in one swift motion. She quickly took a few steps toward Jill and without hesitation leaned down and took Jill's cum covered nipple into her mouth. Jill's eyes revealed some surprise at that development, but she quickly relaxed and began to enjoy Jen's mouth sucking deeply on her nipple. 

Jeff, incredibly turned on by the sight of Jen sucking Jack's cum from Jill's nipple, rose and grabbed Jen's ass. As he lined up his very rigid cock against Jen's cunt she released Jill's now clean nipple and began slowly licking the long streaks of cum from her breasts. Jeff slide the tip of his cock across Jen's very wet cunt and rubbed it against her clit while she squirmed. 

Jack moved forward and dropped to his knees behind Jill and began kissing her round sexy ass. And then, spreading her legs slightly so he could gain access to her cunt, he began licking her. At first he probed her opening several times, but then as she bent forward slightly, providing him even better access, he began licking up and down the length of her cunt. 

Jeff plunged his now slippery cock into Jen and began fucking her deeply while squeezing her luscious ass. Jen was moaning and trying to stay focused on licking Jack's cum from Jill's breasts. She reached down to touch Jill's pussy and was surprised to feel Jack's tongue lapping at the folds of Jill's cunt. She began rubbing Jill's clit while Jack continued to lick up and down the length of her sodden lips. Every once and a while he would let his tongue travel further and would give Jill's asshole a quick swirl with his tongue before returning to her cunt, which cause her to shudder. 

Having finished licking the cum from Jill's breasts, Jen looked up at Jill's face. Her head was thrown back with her eyes closed as she moaned softly. Then Jen noticed the streak of cum still clinging to Jill's cheek. She reached up and pulled Jill's face to hers and sensuously licked the cum from her and then plunged her cum soaked tongue to Jill's mouth and they kissed passionately. Watching all this, Jeff began to quicken his pace and fuck Jen with urgency. He could feel his orgasm building and was desperate to squirt his cum inside her. However, just then Jen broke the kiss with Jill and spun around, dislodging Jeff's cock from her. 

Jen pushed Jeff onto the couch and pivoted back and grabbed Jill by the arms and spun her around and pushed her toward Jeff's lap. As Jill eased down onto Jeff's lap he aimed his hard soaking wet cock at her cunt and slid into her. Jill faced Jen and Jack who were admiring her jiggling breasts as she was now bouncing up and down on Jeff's cock. Jen dropped to her knees between Jeff and Jill's legs and began swirling her tongue around Jill's clit. Meanwhile, Jack crawled up in between Jen's legs and began licking her cunt. 

Jill was the first to cum. She began screaming loudly and thrashing around on Jeff's lap as Jen continued to lick her swollen clit. The convulsions of Jill's cunt around his cock quickly made Jeff pass the point of no return and he began spraying his cum inside Jill. Realizing from his moans that Jeff was cumming Jen grabbed his cock and pulled it from Jill's cunt and slid her mouth around the spasming tip, allowing Jeff to finish his orgasm in her mouth. After sucking every remaining drop of cum from Jeff, Jen returned to Jill's cunt and slowly licked up and down the length of it while largely avoiding Jill's super sensitive clit. As Jack quickened the pace of his licking of Jen's clit, she began entering Jill with her tongue and drawing as much of Jeff and Jill's cum into her mouth as she could. Within a minute or so she too was writhing in her own orgasm as Jack desperately tried to keep licking her clit. Sweaty, out of breath, and tingling all over, she collapsed in a heap with her head on Jill's lap. 

After a couple minutes of contented quiet Jill announced she had to pee and got up and walked out the side door toward the outhouse. Jack, Jen, and Jeff watched her sexy body as her heels clicked across the old pine board floor toward the door. After she exited Jack pulled himself up off the floor and walked into the kitchen proclaiming he needed a drink. He returned a few seconds later with a large glass of water. As he reentered the room Jeff and Jen noticed his cock was still very hard and it bounced in front of him as he walked. Jack offered the glass of water to Jen and she drank several big gulps and then she offered it to Jeff who also took a long drink before handing the glass back to Jack who returned to the kitchen to fill the glass again.

Jen had just pulled herself to her feet as he returned the second time and he again offered her the glass. Just as Jen finished another long drink Jill returned and Jen offered the glass to her. As Jill drank, Jack, Jen and Jeff stared at Jill's very hard nipples that were jutting out from her breasts having reacted to the cool evening air outside. In an effort to diffuse any potential awkwardness in the shadow of what had just transpired between the four of them, Jen said she was a little chilly and that they should all cuddle under the covers of their bed.

All four began to move toward Jen and Jack's bedroom. Jen threw the covers down and jumped onto the king sized bed. Jill quickly kicked off her sandals and joined her in the center of the bed followed by Jack and Jeff on either side of them. As Jeff pulled closer to Jen's naked body and pulled the covers up over all four of them he was keenly aware that Jack's still very hard cock was likely pressing against Jill's backside. 

As all four snuggled in close together Jeff broke the silence and asked, "so you got to see Stacey's breasts, what was that like?" 

To Jeff and Jill's surprise Jen answered first saying, "They were amazing! So big and sexy with large pink nipples. We found out later that she was a couple months pregnant at the time. She is due next month. So her breasts were already swelling." 

"Very hot! On a dare she pulled them out of her bra and jiggled them for us!" Jack chimed in. 

"We had dinner with them last month and her breasts are enormous now!" Jen added. 

Jeff asked, "Did she show you anything else?" 

"Later we dared her to show us her ass and she pulled her panties off and slid her dress up and shook her ass in front of us!" Jen added. 

"And then we dared John to show us his cock" Jen continued. "He undid his pants and slid them down a bit and out sprung the thickest cock I'd ever seen! He is huge!!" 

Jill asked, "Did they dare you to show them anything?" 

"Yes, I showed them my pussy" Jen demurely admitted. "I pulled my dress up and spread my legs and gave them a good long look." 

Just then Jill made a barely audible groan. Looking over Jen at Jill's face Jeff saw in the dim light of the room that she had shut her eyes and was subtly grinding herself against Jack. Jeff suspected that Jack must have entered her from behind. His suspicion was confirmed a moment later when he could see that Jack was slowly and rhythmically moving his hips behind her, his cock was surely inside her Jeff concluded. 

Jen and Jeff had simultaneously realized what was going on and they both stared in awe of the sexy sight in front of them. Jeff's cock was now rock hard again and he was pressing it against Jen's ass as they both watched as Jack's pace quickened. Jen pulled the covers down so as to get a better look and they could now see Jack's muscular body perfectly matched against Jill's curves as he slowly thrusted in and out of her. Seeing that Jack was lightly squeezing Jill's breasts Jen slid down slightly in order to take Jill's right nipple into her mouth. She sucked and licked Jill's breasts and nipples while Jack fucked her slow and steady and as deeply as he could. 

Meanwhile Jeff was watching excitedly and squeezing and caressing Jen's ass. Jen then released Jill's right nipple after sucking it particularly hard and scooted back up so she was face to face with Jill. Looking into Jill's eyes Jen began kissing Jill on the lips and probing her mouth with her tongue. Jeff had been sliding his cock between Jen's ass cheeks, but now her slight movement toward the head of the bed allowed him ready access to her slippery cunt and he quickly began fucking her deeply while reaching around her and caressing her very small and sexy breasts. 

While continuing to kiss Jill, Jen then slid her hand down and began rubbing Jill's clit with a hard and steady rhythm. Jill reached over to reciprocate and slid her hand between Jen's legs. Her hand first found Jeff's slick hard cock sliding in and out of Jen's cunt, but after briefly running her fingers along the length of him she found Jen's throbbing clit and began rubbing circles around it. 

The two couples fucked like this for several minutes before Jack quickened his pace and moaning loudly began filling Jill's cunt with his cum. Jeff soon followed suit and squirted deep inside Jen. With the now mostly hard cocks still slowly fucking them, both Jen and Jill vigorously rubbed each other's clits and kissed passionately. Jen came first and she screamed as her entire body quivered and shook causing Jeff's cock to slide from her. 

After the tremors of her orgasm had faded, Jen resumed gently kissing Jill and rubbing her clit. Reaching down and around Jack's cock, which was still inside Jill, Jen gathered the slippery cum dripping from Jill's cunt on her fingers and rubbed it all over Jill's very sensitive clit. Feeling the slick cum all over her clit and Jen's determined fingers Jill could feel her orgasm building. Jack held Jill's right leg high in the air to give Jen better access to her clit. Jeff reached over and began caressing her left leg and foot as Jill careened toward her orgasm. And then it hit her. All those fingers touching her, Jen's relentless rubbing Jack's slick cum on her clit, Jen's tongue probing her mouth, all drove her to an exquisite climax that shot through her body in wave after wave. 

Completely spent all four quickly fell to sleep in a naked jumble.

In the night each of them at various times got up to pee and drink some water, but all four slept soundly until well after sunrise. A light rain was falling when they started to stir. Jill awoke when she heard a distant rumble of thunder and after listening to the rain drops hitting the roof of the cottage she opened her eyes. She found herself lying on her side in the middle of the big king size bed and could see Jen begin to stir next to her. Jen was also lying on her side and facing Jeff. A thin sheet was pulled up over them and only the back of Jen's head and neck were visible, but Jill could easily discern the lines of Jen's naked body beneath the sheet. She looked down the bed and noticed the curves of her ass and long legs just inches from her own body. 

Feeling a morning chill Jill instinctively drew herself close to Jen and began spooning her. Jen's skin felt very warm and soft and she let out a soft moan of approval as Jill pressed against her. Jill threw her right arm around Jen and drew her even closer while Jen pressed her backside against her. Jill could feel Jen wiggling her ass against her. And Jen was fixated on how amazing Jill's breasts felt against her back. The intimacy of the moment and their recollections of the events of the previous night were making their clits begin to tingle. 

Jill reached up and began to lightly caress Jen's nipples, which immediately became very hard. Jen reached back behind her and began to squeeze Jill's ass. Moments later, with their bodies now rhythmically pressing against each other as if they were fucking, Jen stretched her arm back further until her hand found Jill's now very wet cunt and slide her finger inside her. Jill reached down to reciprocate and after running two fingers up and down Jen's slippery pussy lips several times she began to slowly rub her clit. Jen's breathing quickened as Jill used her slippery juices to lubricate her clit. 

In a soft but urgent voice Jen panted, "lick me, please lick me! I have to feel your tongue on me." 

Jill pulled her fingers away from Jen's clit and slid down under the sheet allowing Jen to turn onto her back. As Jill maneuvered to get in between Jen's legs, Jen spread them wide to give her access. Jill had never licked a woman's cunt before, but she enthusiastically moved her face closer to Jen's sex until she could smell her musky scent. There was just enough light under the sheet for Jill to make out Jen's pink and swollen labia beneath her curly blond pubic hair. On her knees between Jen's legs she quickly gave Jen's labia several light licks. Then, emboldened by the act she was performing, she eagerly began to probe Jen's cunt with her tongue. Jen's body alternately tensed and relaxed as Jill's tongue made love to her.

Soon Jill began fingering Jen's cunt while licking her clit. Jill could feel the men stirring on the bed, but did not know what they were doing. The only sounds in the room she could hear were those that her tongue and finger were making as they worked Jen's cunt and clit and Jen's panting. Then suddenly Jill felt the cool morning air hit her backside as one or both of the boys had pulled the sheet off her bottom. A moment later strong and eager hands grabbed Jill's hips and a very hard cock easily entered her incredibly wet cunt. Soon she was rubbing Jen's g-spot and licking her clit in rhythm with the fucking she was getting. The cock thrusting in and out of her felt so good. And she realized she did not even know if it was Jeff or Jack fucking her. However a second later the remainder of the sheet that covered her and Jen was whipped from their bodies and glancing up she discovered that it was Jack's cock inside her because Jeff's was thrusting in and out of Jen's mouth with the help of her left hand. Jen was using her right hand to pinch her nipples. 

And then Jen began to cum. Rippling through her in waves, her orgasm seemed to last minutes. She no longer sucked on Jeff's cock but just held it in her hand as she bucked and writhed under the continuing assault of Jill's tongue and fingers. Jen's orgasm continued on as Jill now gently flicked her tongue over her very sensitive clit, while Jack's lust overcame him and he squirted copious amounts of cum deep inside Jill's cunt while letting out a series of low groans. 

As Jen's orgasm finally ebbed she slid down the bed underneath Jill until they were face to face and kissed her passionately. Jack made way for Jen's legs as they slid down the bed between Jill's and his still rigid slippery cock slid from Jill's cunt. Looking down Jack saw one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. Jen and Jill's cunts were very close together and he could see them very clearly in the growing morning light. Both were very pink and swollen and dripping wet. He slid back between their legs and slid his still hard cock, which was covered in his cum and Jill's slipperiness, into Jen's cunt and slowly fucked her as she kissed Jill. Pulling her tongue from Jill's mouth Jen commanded her to "MOVE UP! So I can LICK YOU!" as she reached down and began guiding Jill's thighs toward the head of the bed. When Jill had made her way up far enough so that her cunt hovered over Jen's face Jen began licking at her wet pussy lips as Jack continued to slowly fuck her. 

Reaching across the bed Jen grabbed Jeff's leg as he kneeled nearby stroking his cock and pulled him toward them. He quickly realized she wanted him to fuck Jill while she licked her. He quickly straddled Jen's naked chest and looked down to line his throbbing cock with Jill's cunt. The sight blew him away. His balls hung heavily against Jen's sexy little breasts and her tongue was swirling up and down the length of Jill's cunt, which was oozing Jack's cum. 

Jeff often fanaticized about fucking Jill's cunt filled with another man's cum and he was finally going to get to do it with the added thrill of having Jen lick her while he did it. He quickly grabbed his cock and slid it up and down her cunt gathering some of Jack's cum on the head while Jen began to concentrate on Jill's clit. Then he quickly thrust his entire length into Jill. Her wet slippery cunt felt so perfect wrapped around him and he began fucking her as deeply as he could, eager to add his cum to Jack's. Jill was moaning and muttering encouragement to Jeff and Jen as they drove her toward orgasm.

Jen reached up with a finger and swiped some of the fluid dripping from Jill's cunt at the base of Jeff's thrusting cock and then swirled it around Jeff's asshole before quickly inserting it. Feeling Jen finger fucking his ass while he was fucking Jill's wonderfully wet cunt instantly caused him to orgasm and spray stream after stream of cum deep inside Jill. Pleased with her achievement, Jen quickly coated a finger on her other hand with the cum dripping from Jill's cunt and inserted it in Jill's ass, all the while continuing to lick her clit. The combination of Jeff's rigid cock spraying cum inside her and Jen licking her clit while fingering her ass caused Jill to orgasm and she writhed and quivered in perfect ecstasy against Jen's mouth and Jeff's cock. 

When Jill's orgasm finally abated all four collapsed in a heap on the bed and began to catch their breath while listening to the rain patting against the roof. After several minutes of cuddling Jen happened to notice the time and said "Oh my gosh its 10:30 already! We are supposed to check out at 11 so the cleaning lady can get the place ready for the next renters." 

Reluctantly they all jumped up and began gathering clothes and tidying up. They each took a quick shower and dressed. A few minutes past 11 they were packed up and ready to depart. Since each couple had made arrangements to pick up their kids from their grandparents early that afternoon they said a quick good bye with hugs all around and agreed that they should get together again sometime soon.

Despite a number of attempts and nearly daily fantasies, both couples were unable to find time for another intimate rendezvous over the next several months. Nearly six months passed before they saw each other again at a party at Jen and Jack's house, but with family and friends about the two couples had to keep their lust for each other in check, which only fueled their hidden desire to an inferno. Adding additional heat to the afternoon and evening was the fact that Stacy and John also attended and many eyes found themselves stealthily fixed on Stacy's large breasts and the bulge at John's crotch. While making his way to the bathroom Jeff happened on Stacy in the living room while she breastfed her baby. She had found a relatively secluded spot with most of the party congregating in the back yard. 

Jeff said, "oh sorry." 

"No worries" she replied. 

She had her large cream colored breast fully out of her blouse with the baby sucking eagerly on the nipple. Jeff excused himself and continued off to the bathroom with his now hard cock straining against his pants. After describing the brief but arousing encounter to Jill that night they made exquisitely passionate love while fantasizing about being with Stacy, John, Jen and Jack.

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