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Foursome with Sister-in-law

Before I get started, all names have been changed in this story to protect identities and I'm not willing to give away any more information here. But, feel free to contact me if you would like to know any more - although, I may, or may not, give more info.

This is a true story, I am not a professional writer so please don't expect a story which is perfectly written. This happened a while ago and I need to get this off my chest and this is the only way I know how.

My wife and I have been married about 3 years now. I'm Matt, 32, 5" 11' with black hair, Caucasian, 190 lbs and a clean cut kind of guy in a professional job. My wife Natalie, who many people consider beautiful (as do I), is 31, middle eastern decent although is third generation, 140 lbs, 5" 5', pitch black hair down to just past her shoulders, olive skin, little A-cup boobs. We often go jogging and to the gym, so we both have athletic builds and are in shape.

Prior to Natalie and I marrying, we had been dating about 3 years, and of course, I've known Natalie's sister, Gabrielle, for the same amount of time. When I first met Gabrielle, while she was a little chubby, but was certainly not over-weight. She is much taller than Natalie, about 5" 10' I'd say, and with the same black hair (being middle eastern) although a little longer, down to her stomach, olive complexion, although larger boobs (maybe a C-cup), and is now 28. She is also very pretty. She has big brown eyes that everybody comments on about how beautiful they are. I'd have to agree, they are very alluring.

Both Natalie and Gabrielle are very chatty with bubbly personalities, are fun to be around and everybody they meet immediately feel comfortable with them.

Gabrielle and I have also get along very well, and I always thought we had mutual attraction towards each other as I'd catch her staring at me every now and then and quickly look away. We would also have very innocent flirty chats after a couple of drinks.

Even though Natalie and I would have sex regularly, I wouldn't describe her as a sexual person, she was very conservative and we would just stick to the standard positions. I thought the same about Gabrielle, although, I didn't really know much about her sexually and we never really talked about it, until recently.

Only a few months after we got married Gabrielle met her partner, John, who is the same age as me, 31, and about the same height. Although he doesn't work out he's not fat or chubby but has a "standard" build. He has light brown hair that is shaved short (but not bald). He's a really nice guy and Natalie and I get on really well with him.

Over the next few years after they meet, Gabrielle also begins to go to the gym every day and losing weight to the point where she is a lot slimmer and very good looking. Her body is toned and sexy, and when we are out you could see other guys eyeing her up.

So one Saturday night Gabrielle and John asked us over for dinner to their apartment, a small 2 bedroom place close to the city. The have a spare bed so we have planned to stay the night and enjoy a few beers and wines together. Their apartment has an open plan style living, dining, and kitchen. The evening started out normally, the four of us sat at a six-seat dining table, I sat opposite Natalie, Gabrielle to my right, and John beside Natalie to her left. We talked about work and life in general with the beer and wine continually flowing.

After we had all eaten and our plates were empty we just sat, chatted and drank.

We had all began to get quite drunk, Natalie especially, with the topic of conversation moving to sex: how many previous partners, having sex on the first date, positions etc. and we all started to get pretty hot and interested in each others stories. But the part where it started getting interesting, is when Natalie asked Gabrielle how she liked to be kissed.

"Well that depends on what the situation is, of course" Gabrielle said. "When we're in bed and having sex, I like a passionate deep kiss, but before that it needs to be slow and delicate. Kissing on the neck is a must."

"A big hickey on the neck?" John asked. I found this question from him interesting, it was as if he didn't know.

"No, of course not" she said.

I knew what she was talking about, Natalie loved it when I did this to her, they were definitely related. But what I really noticed was how it appeared Gabrielle was trying to explain to him what to do, as if she was frustrated with him.

"Come here and kiss my neck", Gabrielle asked John. He got up and walked around the table, and went in to kiss her neck. "No, too much" she said, as she pushed at his chest. I could see what she meant, he had his mouth wide open and was sucking quiet hard. He walked back to his seat, red faced, and I felt a bit bad for him. He was clearly embarrassed.

At that moment Natalie got up and walked over to me, "Matt, do it to me, show him". She lent down to me, sitting at the table. I began lightly kissing her neck, just pecks even, slowly building up the sensuality. Gentle, small amount of tongue at times. "like that?" she asked Gabrielle.

"I'm not sure, I couldn't really see" she responded. Natalie was standing between Gabrielle and I, blocking her view.

The next thing Natalie said astounded me, "Matt, try it on Gabrielle". My eyes went wide in disbelief. I couldn't bear to look at John, I had no idea what to do. I blushed. "No, seriously", she said, "to see if that's how she likes it". She walked back to her seat and sat down. Gabrielle didn't say a word and stared down at her empty plate, but no protest, although no encouragement either. She wasn't sure what to do either. What I certainly noticed, there was no objections from John either, but I still couldn't look at him.

With everyone still staring, I lent in to her neck. My heart was pumping hard, I was nervous. She brushed her hair away from her neck, I started nibbling, just like before, building up the sensuality. Then a little tongue, not too much, just lightly dabbing her neck. I was enjoying it, butterflies were in my stomach, my cock started to stiffen and I could feel her body responding. She was also enjoying it. I then decided to take it a little further, I gently bit her neck, I lifted my hand to the other side of her neck, gently touching her, placing her cheek in my palm softly.

As I pulled my head back, I looked at her, she had her mouth slightly open, slow and heavy breaths, her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes to look at me, and a small smile came to her, and then she looked over to Natalie and John. To my disbelief he was now on Natalie's neck. I wasn't sure when that happened, or why. Maybe he got jealous and decided to get back at Gabrielle and I, or maybe she asked him to? I didn't know. But I wasn't mad at them, or jealous. I was consumed with lust. I then noticed Gabrielle's hand on the inner thigh.

I looked back at Gabrielle, she looked at me, and I went in for the kiss. She kissed back, and passionately. Out tongues immediately caressed each others, tasting each other, I had my left hand on her cheek again, I think she was completely consumed with lust too. My cock was incredibly stiff now, and it felt uncomfortable in my pants, I couldn't help but think of what Gabrielle's pussy was like, is she wet? Does she want to go further? It felt like she did.

As we continued to kiss my lust took over, I moved my hand away from her cheek and down to her breast, hoping she wouldn't move it away. She didn't, and she helped the situation progress by moving her hand from my inner thigh to my cock. Rubbing it, very gently, on the outside of my pants.

I noticed how much fuller her breasts were compared to Natalie's, and at that point I remembered them... John and my wife... it felt like we were kissing for an age. I stopped and looked at John and Natalie to see if they were watching. Were they mad? Jealous? Terrified? But, as I looked over, I couldn't believe what I was seeing... Natalie had her top off, bra still on, but kissing passionately, John exploring inside her cream colored bra. At that point, I felt a twinge of jealousy, "whats happening here?" I thought. All that subsided when I felt a kiss on my neck. Gabrielle must of noticed me having doubts and tried to pull me back to her. It worked.

I turned my head and looked at her wide, beautiful brown eyes. I could tell she knew I liked them, she used them against me. Then that same, naughty, cheeky smile came over her again, and she pulled her top over her head, and threw it on the floor, revealing a black lace bra. It much sexier than what Natalie was wearing, hers was a standard cream colored bra made for comfort, while Gabrielle's was made to impress, slightly see-through and you could just make out the outline of her nipples. Grabbing my hand, she stood up and pulled me to follow her. We went straight to her bedroom. At that point I knew exactly what was going to happen there that night, and how far it was going to go.

She fell on the bed and pulled me on top of her, where we began kissing again. Feeling her warm tongue in my mouth.

I knelt on the bed, pulling my shirt off and as I did she unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants in a rush. I then did the same to her, unbuckled her jeans, and then pulled them off as she lay on the bed, lifting her hips to allow them to pass. They fall to the floor, now exposing her matching black lace panties.

She reaches around her back to un-clip her bra and she pulls it away, letting her breasts come out. I must admit they looked incredible. Far bigger than Natalie's, no sag to them at all and very perky. Being middle eastern decent, Natalie's nipples are dark brown, and quite large areola. Gabrielle's, while still brown, were lighter in color and smaller.

I put both my hands on them, grabbing and squeezing them firmly but not too hard. They're soft, and her skin is smooth. I move head head down between her breasts and start kissing her, slowly moving my mouth over to her left breast and eventually to her nipple, sucking softly and lightly pulling on her right nipple with my right hand. All the while he hand is on the back of my head and running her hands through my hear and letting out soft gasps as I suck and pinch. I then move the focus of my mouth to her right nipple ensuring I get a taste of both. Slowly, I move my mouth down her chest to her stomach, kissing gently, both of us knowing the inevitability of where I'm heading. I kiss her a few times just above her lace panties, butterflies swarm my stomach. My fingertips curl over the top of her panties and I pull them down, slowly revealing her pussy. It's a very beautiful pussy, near identical to Natalie's, with only very small lips and a brown tone to it, and I could tell she's very wet from the glistening moisture. One thing she has that Natalie doesn't is a very small, narrow, landing strip of jet black color.

I didn't hold back, I couldn't. I dove straight in with my tongue immediately penetrating her pussy as she violently arched her back in response. I wanted to explore every inch of her pussy with my tongue, tasting her sweetness, running it round and round in her, up and down her lips, caressing her clit, my hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was squirming, seemingly like she had no control of her body. She was breathing heavier, faster, then let out a few moans, then loader, I thought she was going to cum. I didn't want her to, so I pulled my mouth away, stayed there and watched, looking up her body from her pussy, past her soft chest to her face.

She reaches down and pulls me up towards her and I lay on top of her, we kiss again and I can feel her skin against mine, with my rock hard cock placed at her entrance. I don't think I've ever been this hard before. Gabrielle breaks the kiss, pushes me off her and onto my back, when I feel the warmth of her mouth consume my cock. She sucks it hard, soft, gently, with power, she's very good at it, just like Natalie. Although, then she starts to explore and becomes more adventurous than Natalie. She runs her tongue up and down my shaft, around my head, then kissing it, while every now and then peering up at me with those big brown eyes, full of lust and want. She then moves her mouth down my shaft and take take my right testicle in her mouth, sliding her tongue all round it in her mouth, and stroking me at the same time. After a few moments she moves her mouth back up to my head and gives it a couple of quick sucks, then reaches for the bedside table, opening the drawer and pulling out a box of condoms, takes one, gives it to me, and puts the box back.

As I put the condom on and lay down on the bed, I suddenly realize I'm about to fuck my sister in-law, and then my mind moves to my wife and John. What have they been doing? Are they fucking? Are they wondering what we're doing? I want to know but I can't stop now, and, as Gabrielle lifts her leg over me to climb on top, in walk Natalie and John.

While both Natalie and John are wearing underwear, neither of them are completely naked. Natalie has her bra completely off and breasts out, but panties on, while john had his underwear on with am obvious hard on. I still wasn't sure how far they had gone. Did they only kiss and fondle? Was there oral sex? Or had they gone they whole way already and had put their underwear back on?

Some of the questions were answered when I saw the reaction on their faces as they saw what we were about to do - there was initial shock after they realized how far WE had gone - they definitely had not gotten even close to sex. But oral? I didn't know.

Gabrielle paused for a moment, a little unsure, then it appeared she had moment where she thought "I'm doing this" and she grabbed my cock with the condom on and ready, guided it to her, and slowly slid herself on. As she did, she closed her eyes, let out a quiet gasp, and bit her lip. Looking at her, and feeling her around me, I could barely contain myself and nearly came. I quickly grabbed her upper thighs to hold her in place, so she couldn't move and I could recover.

"Where are the condoms?" Natalie asks to nobody in particular. She had obviously decided to take things further after seeing us.

"In here" John says walking to the drawer, opening it and pulling out the box. The situation of him standing next to us with a box of condoms, while I'm in his girlfriend, is not lost on me. Natalie takes the box from him and walks around to the other side of the queen bed, places the box on the other night table, sits down, and pats the bed, "come here".

As John walks over to sit down, Gabrielle turns my face away from watching them, focusing me back on her. She starts moving her hips back and forth, slowly, grinding her pelvis against mine. She then sits back and closes her eyes clearly enjoying every inch of me, pushing her chest out invitingly, so I reach out and fondle her magnificent breasts.

As I do, I look to my left, they are both completely naked now, underwear gone, and John is opening a condom. I look down to see his cock which is standing to attention, but to my relief he's smaller than I am, perhaps 5 1/2 inches where I'm just under 7 inches, and he's certainly not as thick. I hadn't even thought about how big he would be compared to me until now, but it felt good I was bigger.

John rolls the condom on and lays back on the bed, Natalie gets on top of him and slides on easily, clearly her pussy is wet for him, and starts fucking him eagerly.

If someone were to walk in now the sight would of been incredible. These two beautiful sisters, olive skin, long black hair elegantly flowing down their back, heads thrown back in ecstasy, naked and skin starting to glisten with sweat, the smell of sex in the air, rocking back and forth on two men. It was beyond words.

Gabrielle had then decided she needed a new position, climbed off me, and motioned for me to get behind her. As I got behind her I didn't enter her right away, but wanted to admire her body from behind. Her pussy looked amazing, shinning from her wetness while her asshole was small and tight, and looked unused. I slowly slide my fingers up and down her lips, feeling the moistness, slipping a finger in at times.

I'm now facing the headboard and look to my right to see Natalie still riding John. I position my cock against Gabrielle's soaking pussy and slide in easily and quickly, all the way to my balls. She makes a whimper. I pull my hips back and drive another thrust into her, another whimper. With my hands on her hips, I gradually pick up the pace of my thrust and her whimpers turn in to moans, the wetness of her pussy beginning to squelch and my balls slapping her clit.

This continues for a few minutes, but as I continue fucking her, she looks over her shoulder with absolute pleasure on her face. I decide I need to fuck her while I'm looking into those eyes, kissing her mouth, so I pull out of her, and motion for her to lay on her back. She turns round and lays on her back, legs spread. She looks incredible, so I pause for a another moment to admire her and take in her beauty. It appears like she knows what I'm doing, she smiles and starts touching herself while looking at me. I decide to reciprocate and stroke my cock while watching her in all her glory. Although, it doesn't last long. I lean in and grab both her breasts with both hands while she pleasures herself, then lying down on top of her, kissing her once again. She guides me into her and lets out a soft moan as I enter her.

I start fucking her, grinding against each other, pumping my cock in and out of her. Her moans start becoming heavier, louder, more frequent, I can tell she's getting ready, but not quite. I stop and just lay on her for a moment, not moving and feeling her around me, kissing her. I then decide, as a spontaneous decision, to pull out and take the condom off. I needed to feel her, ALL of her... what she really feels like.

I move my hand down to my cock and slowly take it off. At first she looks surprised, but again that smile came to her - she wanted it. I drop the condom on the floor and look over to Natalie and John, to see if they notice and Gabrielle also looks over with curiosity. They are far too busy, with Natalie on top grinding him and hunched over kissing, they certainly didn't see, and I could see their condom remaining on. We looked back at each other and she gave a silent giggle and I smiled.

She reaches down and grabs my cock, rubbing it and playing with it between her legs. She then pulls me in until I'm completely in her, no further to go, she closes her eyes and lets out a deep sigh, like its a complete relief or ecstasy overwhelming her. The wetness and warmth around me forces me to just sit inside her for a few moments as any movement and I would explode. As she opens her eyes and looks at me, I lean in and kiss her passionately... and as this happens I hear John cumming next to us and Natalie with a few squeals of delight.

With my wife giving an orgasm to my potential brother-in-law I start thrusting my cock in and out of my insanely wet sister-in-law, with my thoughts not lost on the craziness of the situation but we are all absolutely consumed by lust. I look to my right and see my wife climb off her new lover and watch his cock drop out, condom still on and filled. Natalie walks out of the room to the bathroom and John follows shortly after.

Gabrielle and I lock mouths, tongues searching each others mouths while I thrust in and out, with both our orgasms building closer and closer with each thrust.

"I'm going to cum" she says, staring at me, then pulling my ear close to her mouth. "Cum with me, I want you to cum in me" she whispers. I nod in agreement and she starts panting uncontrollably, and then letting out a scream. With that I let out a loud groan and plunge my cock as deep as it can possibly go, my entire shaft in her, and release a flood of cum into her, feeling my cock pump and pulsate what felt like the most I'd ever cum in my life.

We lay there for a few minutes, I was still in her, slowing growing softer, panting, sweating.

I could hear Natalie and John talking in the bathroom, only muffled sounds however and I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I lift my forehead off the pillow to look at her, wondering if she now had regrets, if this was the first and only time this would happen? So many questions to answer. She smiles and runs her fingers lightly over my back while lifting her head towards mine for one last passionate, deep kiss, before getting off her. When I pull away, my semi-hard cock flops out of her along with a stream of cum, running down her to her asshole. As she reaches down to clean up the overflow with her fingers she lets out a grin with a little giggle and sits up and grab the condom off the floor.

We can now hear Natalie and John have left the bathroom and are back in the dining room picking up their clothes, so we decide its now our turn to use the bathroom. We take our time in the bathroom, washing up, all the while with me still admiring her naked body and breasts, catching me in the process, and giving off another of her amazing smiles with sparkling brown eyes.

Once we finish, we head to back to the bedroom to discover Natalie and John aren't there, so we head back to the living/dining room where they've fallen asleep on the sofa, fully clothed.

"I think we should let them sleep" she says, "lets go back to bed".

We both wonder back to the bedroom and get in bed, still completely naked, and drift off sleep quickly with the effects of the alcohol.

During the night I wake and look at the time, it's almost 3.30 in the morning, and the memory of the night comes back to me. My head is a little sort and fuzzy, although I'm still a little drunk . I look beside me and Gabrielle is still naked, on her side facing away from me, asleep and breathing softly. I was a bit confused about the situation and I was wondering if John and Natalie were still on the couch, so I decided to quietly sneak out to check on them. However, as I crept down the hall I had to go past the spare bedroom, the door was open and I could see them both in there asleep, with their tops on, definitely not naked. I wondered if they saw us naked? Was Natalie angry? Was John? Or were they both still too drunk when they moved to the bed?

I silently got back in to bed, next to Gabrielle. As I lifted the covers to get in, I caught a glimpse of her ass in the dim light. My cock started to stiffen again simply by the sight of her and the thought of moving next to her crossed my mind. I wasn't sure what she would think if she woke up though - did she regret what happened and was it all the alcohol? I couldn't help myself and I moved over, pushing my chest against her back and my cock against her ass crack. The movement disturbed her sleep and she started shuffling and woke in a daze. My heart stopped for a minute, as even though I wanted her to wake, I didn't know what her reaction would be when she did. She moved her head quickly to the side, I think I gave her a fright and she forgot what had happened for a moment. It must have all come back to her quickly, as it did for me, and she placed her left hand on my thigh.

"Matt?" she asked. Although I was still nervous, I kissed her shoulder and moved my left hand to her left breast, squeezing it softly and pulling at the nipple gently. I felt her let out a breath. As we continued to lay on our right side, my now stiff cock against her ass, I move my right hand around her and down to her pussy and run my finger up and down her lips. They're wet, most probably the remains of the both of us from a few hours earlier, and then slip my finger in, paying for a few moments.

I can't wait any longer so I use my left hand to lift her left leg up, allowing a clear entrance for my cock, and entering her slowly, this time without a thought of a condom. My cock doesn't slide in as easily as before but as I begin thrusting she gets wet very quickly and starts panting. I then move my right hand down and start rubbing her clit with my left hand still lifting her let.

After a few minutes her panting turns to moans, although still remaining quiet, I decide to change positions. I roll her over on top of me, and with a few other adjustments my back is now against the headboard and I'm in a sitting position, she is still on top, facing away from me. I grab hold of her under both of her thighs which enables me to thrust more easily and begin pounding away. I can look over her should and down her body and watch her breasts bounce with each thrust. As I watch her and hear her moans build, I can no longer take it and I want to cum so badly. I pull my right hand over to her pussy and rub her clit and I increase my pounding and then begin cumming violently, and, as I do, I hear her breathing change as she feels my cum being pumped into her once more, enjoying the feel of it.

As I stop cumming I sit back and relax and she rests against me, she didn't cum this time but I'm hoping she still feels satisfied. I pull my right hand up and squeeze on her breast and pulling gently at the nipple, growing soft in her again. She gets up off me, with my cum dripping down on to me and the bed, she reaches over and gives me a tissue so I can clean it up, and then we both immediately drift off to sleep again.

I woke again to Gabrielle pulling on her clothes so I decided to get up and do the same. Once dressed we both walked to the kitchen, past the spare bedroom where Natalie and John remained sleeping with clothes still on. Natalie was very drunk last night so I'd say she slept heavily all night. It was quite awkward between Gabrielle and I and we just had general small stalk and she asked if I'd like coffee. Our voices and making the coffee must of woken the other two as they then emerged from them room. It was still quite early, 7.30 am maybe.

"Would you two like coffee?" Gabrielle asked.

"No, I think we should go" she relied. She was obviously awkward and wanted to leave immediately, but she didn't seem angry. She definitely looked hung over and I wondered if she could remember the whole night. John literally didn't say a word.

I didn't even have time to finish my whole coffee. I shook Johns hand goodbye, kissed Gabrielle on the cheek, and left.

In the car ride home nothing was said, just a few comments about nothing significant at all to break the silence. As we got back home, neither of us knew how to approach the situation, and I wondered if John and Gabrielle were speaking about it or if they were the same as us. We both took showers, and spent the rest of the day on our own, however, Natalie didn't seem angry but maybe just confused as I was.

At that point in time I have no regrets, but I am worried about how Natalie will feel, how our relationship will go from here, how Gabrielle and John will feel. But, this is is where this part of the story ends. We do eventually talk about it, and there are more events to come, so if you'd like to hear more please don't hesitate to contact me, and if I get positive feedback I may even write another story on whats to come. But remember, there are real people involved in this so please don't judge us 

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