Friday, 4 May 2018

Learning to Let Go Pt. 04

As we drove from the Adult Theater, Jenny slid close to me and snuggled up against my side. I kissed her hard, with my arm around her.

"I love you, Jenny," I told her.

"You're just saying the because you're horny." She laughed and rubbed my thigh.

"Well," I started to say, "I am horny as hell, but I love you even when I'm not horny."

I told her that I realized that Phil and Teresa seemed alright. I guess his reaction to the black guy groping her had won me over. I had put thoughts of the black guy out of my head, but this conversation brought it back.

"I can't believe that guy just started feeling you up like that. You didn't seem to mind his hand." I chuckled as I said it, then asked, "Did you realize he was feeling your ass?"

She didn't answer right away. She finally spoke, "I was so turned on and caught up in what I was doing to you."

"Yeah, but that doesn't answer my question. I could tell by your reaction when the guy touched you that you noticed it. It didn't bother you?"

It was apparent that she was thinking about how to answer me. I waited, and she said, "Well, under the circumstances, It didn't bother me. I was surprised, of course, but I was so turned on. I thought it was Phil."

I laughed, "Oh, so that made it ok?"

She giggled, "Well, yeah."

Her words surprised me a little. I wasn't sure why it would have been ok for Phil to have been doing it. So, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well," she started to explain, "I felt his hand on my ass, and I was surprised. But, then my ass was basically sticking in Phil and Teresa's faces. So when he touched my ass and rubbed my pussy, I just assumed it was Phil. It felt good, so I was ok with it. I liked it. But, then when he started fingering me and pushed his fingers into me, I could tell it wasn't Phil, but I wasn't sure what was going on. I figured you would protect me, so I just enjoyed the feeling."

I was getting turned on again, and my cock was hard, but I was also confused. "I don't understand. How did you know it wasn't Phil fingering you?"

"I wasn't sure, but it felt different. The fingers felt much larger than Phil's did." She answered, giggling.

"Wait, what?" I asked, "What do you mean felt bigger than Phil's?"

"I mean his fingers were much bigger than when Phil had fingered me."

I could hardly breathe. "What do you mean when Phil fingered you? When the hell did Phil finger you?"

She started kissing my neck. "You know," she whispered, "he was fingering me while I sucked your cock the first time."

"He was what?" I asked not believing my ears. "He was fingering you? I thought you were fingering yourself!"

She giggled, "I was, but I felt his fingers on me, and he moved my hand away. I tried to stop him, but he just held his hand on my pussy. I was sucking you, and he started moving his fingers and, well, I let him. "

Now I remembered her actions and watching her ass. I hadn't realized at the time that she also had both of her hands on me when she was cumming. 

"He was finger fucking you while you came that first time?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"Mmmm hmmm," She said softly, mouth pulling on my ear lob, hand squeezing my cock. "and the second time."

I remembered after I finished cumming, she had laid her head on my belly and had come surprisingly hard.

"So, that's why you were so friendly with them," I whispered, as her mouth and hand were lulling me into acceptance.

She started to unzip my pants. I let her.

"And that's why you wanted to sit next to them." It was more of a statement than a question.

She unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and lowered her head to my lap. "But, I always want this," she said just before taking my cock into her mouth.

I groaned as she began to suck me. I watched as her mouth moved up and down my shaft slowly, and a thought hit me. "If you and Teresa had switched cars," I started asking, pausing as she sucked deep, then continued, "uhh, would you have done this to Phil?"

She slid her mouth up my shaft, licked around then head and responded with a question, "Would you want me to?"

I couldn't believe we were having this conversation. Just a couple of hours ago, this topic would have caused a much different reaction in both of us. I reached between Jenny's legs and felt her pussy. It was dripping wet. I slid two fingers inside her and said, "Yes."

She moaned and rocked her hips. "I would have anyway," she said with a slight giggle, then sucked me aggressively. It was all I could do to stay on the road. 

Her words turned me on incredibly. I was shocked by her admission, but I liked it. I groaned and pushed her head down as I said, "Good."

The GPS unit announced our arrival, and I swung the SUV into the parking lot. The club was in another building that could have once been a warehouse. This one didn't look as bad as the adult theater, and the parking lot was well paved and nicely lit. I could see a relatively clean looking motel in the adjacent lot, beyond a wooden fence.

I pulled into a parking spot and stopped the car. Jenny didn't quit her sucking, so I fingered her pussy as she blew me. I think she was determined to get me off, but I wanted to wait until later, so reluctantly, I pulled her up and kissed her. It was then she noticed we had parked.

"Oh, we're here," she said, laughing.

Jenny sat up and looked out the driver's window. Teresa and Phil were approaching and saw her head come up from my lap. They both smiled as I put my cock back in my pants and we got out of the SUV. 

"I'm jealous," Phil said laughing, "I didn't get a blowjob on the ride over here."

I laughed and told him that he would have if the wives had switched cars. He said he would have to keep that in mind for the next trip. The club looked well maintained, with a well-lit entrance and a sign that said "Club Iniquity". 

"Odd name for a club," Jenny said as I opened the door for everyone and we went inside. There was a small entry hall, with a counter on the left side. A pretty twenty-something woman with blonde hair was smiling at us from behind the counter, dressed in a very revealing dress that accentuated her large breasts.

"Hi," she greeted us, with a deep Texas drawl, "welcome to Iniquity. Is this your first time here?"

We explained that it was and that we had come to see Tamara perform. We paid the entrance fee, and she stopped us as we were attempting to leave.

"I just need to go over the rules with you and get you to sign this acknowledgment," she explained, and she turned a plastic-coated card to us so that we can read it. She pointed at each of the rules as she told them to us.

"Club Iniquity is a swingers club. Appropriate conduct is required at all times," she began, and I think all four of us nearly fainted. Well, that explained the name. Nobody spoke.

"Women are allowed to go topless anywhere inside, as are men, but we ask that you not go fully bottomless at the bar and dance floor," she continued, looking to us for acknowledgment.

I spoke for the group, "Ok."

"There are private cabanas, with table service. They feature a sectional sofa near the dance floor with curtains that you can close if you want. You can play around there, but if you're going to be fully naked and going at it, we ask you to close the curtains. You can leave them open if you're just playing around or doing oral. People like to show off and watch." She paused again.

"Ok," I replied, nodding.

"If you interact with other guests, remember three simple rules: ask before joining, no means no, and don't be a dick." She chuckled as she finished the rules.

We all let out a nervous laugh, and I added, "Ok."

"You can get drinks at the bar, and the open tabletops are first-come-first-serve. Will you be interested in a cabana tonight?" She asked, looking expectantly at us. I asked her how much were they and she explained that it was $150 for two hours with a bottle of "well" liquor and all the setups and munchies we needed. $300 to upgrade a premium bottle and $500 for top shelf. If we wanted a private room, they were $500 to $1000 for 2 hours depending on what we ordered.

"If I want a cabana with Ketel One vodka, how much is that?" I asked, again, speaking for our silent group.

"That would be three-hundred for two hours," she replied immediately.

I handed her my credit card, "Let's do that." I concluded. My wife gave me a surprised look, but, held onto my arm more tightly.

After running my card, the hostess turned us over to a pretty waitress named Shelly, who led us inside and to our cabana. To call it a cabana was a bit of an exaggeration. It was a large, square booth, with seats on three sides. The fourth side was open and faced the dance floor. There was a central square table in the center, and four columns, leading up to what appeared to be a big canopy, like for a bed. It had purple velvet drapes tied to each corner that could be untied and spread out to give concealment on the front and sides. Mirrors lined the back wall.

Jenny went in first and scooted around to the middle, facing the dance floor. Phil and Teresa hesitated for a moment, and then Phil went around to the left to sit beside Jenny and Teresa slid in beside me. Just as we were getting settled, Shelly returned with a bottle of Ketel One vodka on ice. With her was the bartender, named Anthony, who brought us a set of mixers, condiments, and snacks. The table was equipped with a buzzer in case we needed anything from the bar.

I busied myself pouring drinks for everyone. I made Cosmopolitans for Teresa and Jenny and dirty martinis for Phil and I. When the cocktails were ready, we shared a quick toast, and then the awkward silence set in.

I looked around at everyone, sipping my drink, "So," I said, then ran out of things to add.

Phil nodded and replied, "So," but had nothing constructive to add. It was Teresa who broke the ice. 

"So," she began, just like we had, but then quickly added, "the Adult Theater sure was interesting. My favorite part was when Jenny was on all four sucking your cock Dan, and Phil fingered her to two hard orgasms."

Jenny sat forward looking at the other woman and laughed, "Well, I'm glad I explained that to Dan in the car on the way over here."

Teresa edged closer to me until our legs were touching. "I just wanted to get that out on the table, because I think Dan owes me two orgasms now."

Phil chuckled and put his hand on Jenny's thigh. Jenny leaned slightly against Phil and smiled up at him. He raised his glass towards me, "Careful, Dan. Teresa's keeping score."

I felt more than a little uncomfortable. It seemed like everyone else was much further along the path to acceptability with all of this than I was. "I see," I replied, trying to sound cheerful, but failing, "let's hope I don't get any more behind."

I saw Jenny recoil a little from my words, and she moved away from Phil several inches. Then I added, "I mean before I get caught up." With that, I put my arm on the back of the chair around Teresa. She snuggled in under my arm, her hand moving to my leg. I saw Jenny watching me closely; then she leaned back against Phil.

I quickly finished my martini then suggested we do some dancing. Everyone seemed to like the idea, so I led Teresa out to the dancefloor, and I watched Phil similarly escort my wife. Some unspoken decision had apparently been made to swap partners, and I went along, not wanting to be the only person not into it.

We danced to a couple of songs. For me, it was a little awkward. Both songs were upbeat, so there was not a lot of physical contact. I kept watching Jenny, and we would exchange periodic glances. She seemed to be having a great time. I tried to make sure Teresa did too.

After the second song, the music stopped, and someone introduced Tamara. We were very close to the small stage at the front of the room and cheered when she came out. I was surprised by her outfit. Gone was the subtle, yet somewhat conservative black dress she had worn at the restaurant. Instead, she was wearing very sexy lingerie that left little to the imagination. She saw us and blew us a kiss then sat at a keyboard and started to play.

Her songs were mostly slow, and about halfway through the first one, Teresa pulled me into an embrace and started slow dancing with me. I smiled at her and looked around for Jenny, finding her and Phil several feet away also slow dancing, He had both hands on her ass, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Teresa pulled my body tightly against hers and put my hands on her ass. "That's better," she said, with her mouth close to my ear.

I squeezed her ass and massaged the cheeks through the fabric of her skirt. She started kissing my neck and my cock, which had been semi-erect this whole time sprang to full erection. She felt it pressing against her crotch, and she smiled, "And that's even better!" she moaned. 

The song ended, and we applauded, turning to look up at Tamara. The next song started, and it was another slow, sultry number. We continued dancing, and I was becoming lost with my arousal. I suddenly realized I hadn't seen Jenny in a while. I looked around for her, but couldn't find her. "They went back to the cabana," Teresa said into my ear as she rubbed my cock through my pants.

My eyes darted back across the dancefloor to our cabana, and sure enough, they were sitting on the sofa. Phil had his left arm around her and was kissing her hard, with his right hand visibly between her legs. "Uhh, do you want to go back and have a drink?" I asked, making up a reason to go back.

"Sure," she nodded, "I could use one."

I took her hand and led her back. We entered the cabana, but Phil and Jenny hadn't looked up. She had spread her legs wide, and he had two fingers inside her pussy, working them firmly and slowly as they made out. We sat down together, and Jenny suddenly pulled away, looking at us with a surprised look on her face. Phil glanced our way then began sucking on her exposed nipple. She moaned and was looking at me with her mouth open. I could tell she wanted reassurance. I blew her a kiss, then started making drinks.

She let out a loud moan and started grinding her hips, holding Phil's head in her hands. She was looking at me, eyes locked with mine for several seconds before she closed them tightly and gasped, "Oh fuck, baby" then turned her attention back to Phil.

I started shaking cocktails, and Teresa sat behind me, with her hands around my waist stroking me through my pants and fumbling with my zipper.

As I started pouring the drinks, I heard a male voice, "Well, well, you made it." Surprised I looked up to find Josh, the bartender from the restaurant entering our cabana. Jenny sat up, and Phill pulled his hand out of her pussy, as she lowered her skirt, trying to recover a bit of her composure, 

"Josh!" Jenny exclaimed, "Hey!"

I greeted Josh and offered him a drink. "Reversal of roles," I said with a grin, "Can I make you a martini?"

He accepted my offer and sat down between Jenny and Teresa. While I made the drinks, Jenny introduced Josh and explained who he was to everyone. He apologized for intruding, but Jenny and Teresa assured him he was not imposing. I finished making the drinks and passed them out, then sat down next to Phil's wife and offered a toast.

"Here's to new friends and new experiences, may they both come often," I said, stressing the word "come." Everyone laughed and tipped their glasses. Tamara finished another song, and we let out a few cheers and applauded loudly. She waved at us and started another song.

I noticed that both Josh and Phil had gotten extremely close to Jenny, who looked to be eating it up. Teresa pulled on my chin, and I turned my face into her as she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back, hands moving to her 36-D tits and squeezing them. She practically rolled her body against my hands, breathing in deeply. 

She broke away long enough to pull her top off and throw it to the side. As she did, I cast a quick glance to my wife. Her dress was open entirely. Phil was sucking on her right breast and Josh the left. She had her hands on both men's cocks, gripping them through their pants. I didn't have much time to look at Jenny as Teresa straddled my lap and pressed her tits against my face.

I began to lick around one nipple, then sucked it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it firmly. Teresa let out a shuddering groan and pulled my head tightly to her breast. She had her skirt up over her hips and was grinding on my crotch. I moved my hands onto her bare ass and began to knead the full, round cheeks.

Teresa's nipple was longer and thicker feeling in my mouth than Jenny's. I used my tongue to massage them as I sucked. I heard a noise and looked up to see our waitress refreshing our setups. She smiled and said, "Don't mind me," before moving to untie the curtains and close them, leaving us to some privacy. "Buzz me if you need anything."

I was beyond aroused. I wanted to fuck Teresa badly, but I could not keep my eyes from wandering to Jenny. I was worried this might be too much for her, but I need not have been. I heard her let out a gasp, then a deep moan. I turned my head to look and was surprised to see Phil was kneeling between her open legs, lapping at her pussy, with long slow licks from the bottom to the top, over and over again, making her hips grind and buck, following his tongue. 

Josh was standing next to Jenny, with his right foot up on the sofa. He was fondling her tits with his left hand as his right hand held her by the head. His cock was thrusting in and out of her mouth. She was looking up into his eyes, oblivious of Teresa and me.

"I wanted to touch these all night," Josh said as he squeezed Jenny's full tits, "since you kept showing them to me."

Jenny moaned again, mouth full of cock.

"You wanted to suck this cock all night, too," he said fucking her mouth faster, "Didn't you?"

Jenny pulled her mouth off, licked from the balls to the tip and said, "Oh yes, I did."

Teresa whispered in my ear, "I've wanted this cock all night." She started sliding down to her knees, unbuckling my belt and opening my pants. I helped her pull them down and kicked my shoes off. She knelt between my legs and took my hard cock in her hand stroking it, as she licked my balls.

Jenny saw her and spoke to her, "That's it, Teresa, Dan's been a good boy all night. It's time he got a reward."

I stared at my wife, still slightly lost and confused, but as Teresa's mouth engulfed the head of my cock, groaned loudly. Jenny blew me a kiss and said, "Enjoy it, baby."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I started focusing my attention on Teresa, reaching down to fondle her tits as she sucked me. And, man, did she know how to suck. She worked my cock skillfully with her mouth, taking it deep into her mouth and wiggling her tongue. "Oh fuck, that's good!" I exclaimed.

Teresa only moaned and sucked me harder. 

I heard Josh say, "Fuck yeah, man, fuck her tight pussy." Phil replied, "Oh, I will."

I watched as he moved up from licking her pussy to suck on her tits, holding his cock in his hand. He rubbed the head up and down in her wet slit, and she groaned in pleasure, sucking Josh even harder. Then she let out a squeal, and Phil groaned out, "Ohhh, fuck," at the same time, telling us all that he was now inside my wife's pussy.

I pulled Teresa up off her knees, and she helped me out of the rest of my clothes. Everyone else was already naked. She kissed me again and then straddled my lap, reaching down between us to hold my cock. I gasped as she rubbed the head against her wet, hot pussy and then almost roared as she pushed her hips down and my cock slid inside her. Teresa's was the first new pussy I'd been in since Jenny and I were dating, and the feeling was magical.

Teresa exclaimed, "Oh God damn," and started bouncing her hips up and down, riding my cock. I felt myself sliding in deeper and deeper with each bounce, and I lifted my hips, driving my cock in to meet her downward thrusts.

Phil was grunting loudly in rhythm with his hips slapping Jenny. She whimpered and stopped sucking Josh, jerking him rapidly. Jenny gazed at Phil, her legs wrapping around his hips, her ankles digging into his ass. "Fuck me, Phil, fuck my pussy hard," I heard her say before she took Josh back in her mouth.

I stood up, lifting Teresa in my arms, turned her around and lay her down on the sofa, moving to position myself on top of her. She spread her legs wide, and my cock stayed inside her for the entire change in position. I leaned down and kissed her hard and pulled her legs up with my arms behind her knees. I started fucking her hard, just the way Jenny loved it.

Just then Jenny started cumming, and she came hard. She had her head thrown back and was pumping her pussy hard onto Phil's cock, who was pounding her equally as hard. Josh was sucking on her tittie as she bucked and kept cumming. It must have been too much for Phil as he suddenly snarled out, "Oh fuck, now!" He slammed into her and held it deep inside her and his entire body started shaking, spasming. "I'm cumming," he declared for us all as his seed shot deep into my wife.

Teresa gripped my ass in her hands, digging her fingernails in slightly and started saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" repeatedly. I heard Jenny cry out again and when I looked up, Phil was laying to her left on the sofa, and she was on the couch, on all fours, with her face between his legs. Josh was behind her fucking her doggy style and was nailing her hard. He had her hips in his hand and was slamming his hips into her. His cock had to be pummeling her insides. She was whimpering over and over. She took Phil's semi-hard cock into her mouth, which muffled her noises.

Teresa was lifting her hips up off the cushion violently and was making an animalistic, growling noise. Suddenly I felt her entire body stiffen and her breathing stop. I continued fucking her. After several seconds, she let out a loud, "Ohhhhhhh-oh fuck!" as her orgasm erupted, overwhelming her. I felt warm liquid splash out of her pussy around my cock, and I lost it. I started fucking her wildly, pumping my hips faster and faster as I felt my orgasm hit. Cum shot out of my cock, into the pussy of this woman I'd just met. 

She yelled, "Oh fuck yes, Dan, cum in my pussy!" 

I thrust harder and faster. As my sperm shot into Teresa's pussy, I continued to hammer my cock into her pussy. This orgasm was one of the most intense and pleasurable I'd had in a very long time, and I relished in every second of it. I didn't want to stop and kept thrusting even after my orgasm subsided, and my cock started to lose its rigidity. She clung to me tightly and came a second time, with an "Oh fuck!", followed by a long, high-pitched moan.

Just as I finished cumming in Teresa, I heard Josh blow his load into Jenny. She now had two different men's cum inside her pussy. I watched her pushing her body back to meet his thrusts as she started cumming with him. I slid out of Teresa and lay next to her kissing her slowly, as we tried to catch our breath.

Josh seemed momentarily spent too, as he pulled his long cock out of Jenny, then sat back. He saw me looking and shot me a big "thumbs up" gesture.

Jenny apparently wanted more. When Josh pulled out, she straddled Phil, taking his hard cock into her cum-filled pussy. She let out a slow, groan and he just said, "Fuck yes!"

Teresa kissed me once more than gave me a big smile as she stood up. She walked over to Josh and laid down next to him, her head going to his lap. Teresa began cleaning Josh's cock with her mouth and tongue, lapping up Jenny's juices. I lay there watching my wife fucking Phil, with his wife a few feet away sucking the cock of a man she'd never met. 

I may have dozed for a moment, but I suddenly woke when I felt hands stroking my back. I opened my eyes. Tamara was next to me, totally nude. She kissed me hard as I saw her. I fell into the kiss, with an intensity that surprised me. She tasted and felt incredible. I wanted more, but she pulled away from the kiss and smiled. "So," she started, "I guess you guys are swingers."

She looked to her left, and I followed her gaze. Jenny was laying on her back, with Phil between her legs fucking her. Teresa was straddling her mouth, and Jenny was apparently doing a great job of eating Teresa's pussy. Teresa had her head in Josh's lap, sucking his cock.

Tamara took my cock in her hand and stroked me. I was already rock hard and didn't need any prompting. I pulled her to me, and we started making out, hands all over each other. She seemed to want me as badly as I wanted her. She looked into my eyes and said quietly, "Fuck me, before I pass out from needing your cock."

I rolled on top of her. She spread her legs wide, giggling and kissing me playfully. I pushed once and felt moist heat tightly gripping the head of my cock. "Mmmm, yeah, right there," she sighed. I pushed harder and felt my cock slide in all the way. She clung hard to me, breathing in deeply, then whispered in my ear, "Fuck me like its the last pussy on Earth."

I growled and started fucking her, thrusting my rock-hard cock into her pussy. It was tight, and I seemed to be hitting bottom. I could feel her cervix against the head of my cock, and she reacted by pulling my hips harder into her with her feet and lifting her hips up hard. I pushed myself up on to my hands, arms extended and arched my back, grinding my hips and pushing in slowly. 

Tamara bit her bottom lip and worked her pussy up and down, making my cock grind inside her. "Oh fuck," I whispered, "feels so fucking good."

She nodded rapidly and said, "Uh-huh, it does. So fucking good."

We rolled over, and Tamara rose on top of me, hands on my chest, pussy holding my cock deep inside her. She leaned over, hair dangling down in my face and kissed me as she rotated her hips, working her pussy round and round, my cock gyrating inside her. "Oh fuck!" I groaned out. She giggled in response and did it again. I lifted my hips sharply, driving my cock up into her, making her gasp.

"Mmmm," she said, "do that again."

I lifted up hard, slamming into her. She gasped again, then started snapping her pussy up and down on my shaft. I heard Jenny cry out loudly, as if in pain. I quickly looked to see if she was ok. It took a second to recognize what was happening. Phil was now on his back, and Jenny had mounted him, much like Tamara was on me. Teresa was kneeling next to her, sucking on her tits. Josh was behind her, straddling Phil's legs and his cock had just pushed its way into Jenny's ass. 

"Holy shit!" I said out loud. Tamara snapped her pussy again and said, "Mmmm, looks like she likes that."

She was right, Jenny was going crazy, and it wasn't from pain. She was practically thrashing between the two cocks.

I felt Tamara grinding harder, and I looked at her again, but she put her hand on my cheek and turned my head. "Watch her," she said as she rode my cock slowly, deeply, "I'll do all the work, baby. Watch what they are doing to your wife."

I watched Jenny and groaned, rotating my hips to match Tamara's rhythmic movements. She was moving her hips in a big circle. She would lift her hips up, pulling off my cock at the far end of the loop, then push down hard on my cock as her hips rotated to the front. It was a powerful feeling, and that, coupled with watching Jenny being double penetrated was more than intoxicating.

Jenny was cumming. It was different than any orgasm I'd ever seen her experience. It started as a wailing sound as her body began shaking uncontrollably. She was bucking wildly, and her wail sounded almost like a siren, rising and falling and combing with "ohhhh," like it was rolling out of her. I could hear a vibration in her voice, like a tremor. It continued to rise in intensity, deeper and more powerful with every second. Then, she suddenly started bucking violently and making a hard "Ungh!" grunt with each spasm. Once, again, again, repeatedly, over and over. Her entire body was spasming and was wracked, contorted with the intensity of her pleasure.

I heard Tamara inhale sharply, and then she started thrusting hard and fast on my cock, her pussy bouncing up and down almost the entire length as she lifted herself up and dropped her pussy down to impale herself on my cock. I quickly looked back at her. Her eyes were closed, her head back, chest heaving. She thrust once more than let out a whimper and collapsed against my chest as she started cumming. I began pushing into her as she did and it raised the level of her orgasm. She cried out, getting Teresa's attention.

I pumped my cock up into Tamara hard and then said, "Oh shit!" and started cumming inside her, spraying my cum deep into her tight little pussy. As I came, Teresa knelt and began to suck on Tamara's tits. Tamara reacted by cumming again and letting out a long, slow wail as she did. When her orgasm crested and then slowly faded, she climbed off me and took Teresa to an open section of the sofa, and they began a very intense session of oral sex, with Tamara on top, licking Teresa's pussy as Teresa sucked on Tamara's cum-filled snatch.

Jenny was making noises that almost didn't sound human. It was a low, growling groan punctuated with loud grunts every second or so. I watched her as she had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever seen anyone have. In the middle of it, Phill yelled out, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" and Josh said, "Me too! Fuck!" Both men simultaneously sprayed their cum into my wife.

Jenny didn't even react. She appeared to have passed out, laying unmoving between the two men. I grew concerned and sat up. I was about to go over and check on her, when she started whining loudly, her body shaking all over, and came again. Josh waited until she finished, then slowly pulled his cock out of her ass and collapsed on the sofa. Jenny lifted her head from Phil's chest, then rolled on her back and lay there.

The only sounds came from Tamara and Teresa, which quickly erupted into the loud sounds of both of them cumming hard. When they stopped, they curled up together on the sofa, holding each other. I suddenly realized I was alone and began to feel awkward. I stood up and broke the silence, "Well," I began, chuckling softly, "who needs a drink?"

Jenny looked at me, smiling, without lifting her head from Phil's chest. She raised her hand, index finger extended and said, "Me!"

Phil raised his hand and said, "Me too!" Then, everybody else followed suit, and we all started laughing.

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