Friday, 4 May 2018

My Wife and the Japanese Sex Club

I got married in my early twenties and that is when I started to have this fascination with watching guys ogle over my wife. I knew my wife was very attractive, sexy and pretty but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching other guys lust over her until I started noticing how much attention she got everywhere we went. I really started to look forward to seeing guys stare at her and break their necks.

She is a tall Filipina with very long straight jet black hair, a beautiful face, high cheek bones, big brown eyes, a slender perfectly light golden brown body, and a perfect butt. She has the most beautiful long slender golden brown legs that really attract attention when she wears a short dress or a short skirt with heels. I would often ask her to wear sexy clothes. If the weather was warm, she would wear sexy clothes as long as she looked fashionable and not slutty.

About two years after we were married she decided to start working out in the gym to really tone her body and build muscles. She lost what little body fat she had completely and became lean at about 110 lbs and she put on some muscle too. At this time she was in her mid-20's. She is not an exhibitionist or anything like that but she does love attention and compliments from guys. I always wanted her to show more in public. 

We would sometimes go out clubbing and she would wear a short dress and I would often beg her to lose her underwear and go commando. One time when we were in the club dancing in Florida she did remove her underwear and her summer dress was somewhat see-through. As we were dancing I was behind her with my arm around her stomach and she did not realize that I was slowly crumbling up the front of her dress into my fist raising the front of her dress exposing her bare pussy to the rest of the dance floor for about 30 seconds. She caught me doing it and was quite upset at me. After that she always wore her underwear.

In the mid 1990's I got stationed in Okinawa at Kadena AB. I was told that there was a club in Naha City called "The Stage" or "Naha City Music Club" that has a live sex show club. It was very intriguing to me to go see. I told my wife that one of my co-workers was having a going-away party at this club and she let me go probably because she was also curious about it. 

It cost quite a bit to get in but it was fantastic. The show had six Japanese women and four or five women from Colombia. The club was not very large as it could only occupy probably 50 people. It had one T-shaped stage with a circle stage that was about 10 feet across at the bottom of the T. The audience chairs were lined up around the semicircle part of the stage. There were probably 15 or 20 chairs in the first row and probably four rows of chairs behind that in a semicircle. 

The show started with a Japanese girl. For her first song she would just dance around. The second song was slower and she would strip completely naked during the song. After her second song she would then do something special. The first Japanese girl for her third song brought out a Polaroid camera and for 500 Yen (about $5 at that time) anyone could have their picture taken with her. This is the only money that was given to the dancers in the club. There was no tipping the dancer like in the States. The girl would get into any pose that you wanted her to do for the photo. Most guys would have her legs spread wide open for the picture and she was fine with that.

Then a Colombian gal would dance for two songs and then strip. She would then bring a small basket onto the stage and proceed to go to every guy in the front row and wash their hands. After she had washed all of their hands, she started on the one side of the stage and would sit on the very edge of the stage and straddle the man who was sitting there. 

The stage was elevated above the front row by about 3 feet so when she would sit in front of the man, his head would be slightly above her crotch. She would lay back with her hands above or under her head, spread her legs open and he would proceed to do anything he wanted to her with his fingers. She would give the guy about 30 seconds to do what he wanted and then she would get up and move to the next guy, sit in front of him, lay back, spread her legs and he would do the same thing to her.

As I watched this for the first time I was amazed that this was allowed. No guy on the front row was excluded. She had to go from guy to guy to guy until the entire front row had their chance to finger her. This was incredible to me. After she had finished with the front row, she got up and walked off the stage. 

The manager of the club came out next in order to figure out who was going to get on stage to have sex with her. It was understood that if you raised your hand, it meant that you wanted to have sex with her on stage in front of everyone. If there was more than one guy that raised their hand, then the manager would have a dice roll off to determine the winner. The winner would then get up onstage, get naked, and she would put a condom on him.

Sometimes the girl would give him a blowjob in order to get the guy hard. She would then lay down, spread her legs and he would fuck her in a missionary position or she would sit on top of him. The stage was small and it would slowly rotate so that everyone could see from every angle. After they finished, the girl rotation would continue with another Japanese girl that would come out and dance two songs and then a special trick like blowing darts from her pussy. After that, another Colombian girl would come out and repeat the same fingering and sex as the first Colombian girl had. This would continue on a rotation all night.

I went home after that first night to the club and told my wife all about it and she was very curious to see it for herself. We went together soon after and my wife found it to be very erotic. She really enjoyed the show and talked about it for quite some time after that. She told me that the most erotic part of the show to her was that the Colombian girls let anyone finger them. 

The part that she really couldn't stop thinking about was that they were getting fingered by any guy who wanted to. It didn't cost any more money at all either. All the guy had to do was sit or stand in the front row of the stage and he was guaranteed to get the opportunity to finger her with her laying down in front of him with her legs spread wide open. And it wasn't just one guy, it was all the guys in the front row. If a guy that was there wanted to finger her, she had no choice but to let them and there was no barrier. It was the real deal. The guys got to feel inside her skin to skin. 

She didn't find the sex to be as erotic as the fingering because it was only one lucky guy and he was wearing a condom and couldn't feel a lot anyway so she said. In our pillow talk I told her how much it would thrill me to see her on stage getting fingered by any guy that was there. I could tell that it was a fantasy on her mind as well but fantasy and reality are two different things as she would tell me. 

The night that we went to this club there were only Japanese people there. No Americans at all. I told her that there were no other Americans the other night that I went other than the small group of guys that I was with even though on the other night half the club was probably Americans and half Japanese.

For the next few months life was normal. I went to work and she got a job working at a big store on the Air Force Base. She would often tell me about different guys that come just to see her and how she was constantly receiving their phone numbers.

She worked out at the gym almost every day. She would also work out at 3 other gyms around the island. I would go with her occasionally to work out and it would be funny to see all of the guy fans that she had that would say hello to her like they saw her often in the gym. She just loved the attention.

A few weeks later another one of my co-workers was leaving Okinawa soon and was going to have his going away party at The Stage again. So again, I went. The show was about the same but some of the dancers were new. This time I got a chance to talk with the manager and I told him how intriguing it was for me to see the show. We talked about how there isn't any kind of show like this in the States. 

I told him how beautiful and sexy my wife is and how I would love to see how an audience of guys would react to her being a dancer. I even told him that she found it very erotic and might even consider doing it as long as she wouldn't be recognized. I didn't think that she would ever consider getting on stage, but I guess it was just a fantasy that I had hoped would happen. 

I thought the odds of anyone recognizing my wife were next to nil. Being that it was a Japanese Club that was mostly frequented by Japanese men, I thought that it might be possible to convince my wife Ava to work at the club one night without anyone she knew finding out. 

To my surprise the manager asked me if I had some pictures of her on me. I got out my wallet and showed him the few that I had. He thought that she was very beautiful and sexy and he told me that they had not had a Filipina girl there in many years and that if I could somehow convince her, he could probably let her work one night.

So now it was up to me to convince her Ava to do it. I couldn't believe it could happen or that I was considering having her do this. On the other hand this sounded like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were not going to be stationed there forever and places like this don't exist in the states. 

After I got home from the show I was so excited but I figured that my wife would not consider it since she was somewhat shy and had never taken her clothes off in front of anyone in public before. So as delicately as I could I asked her if she would ever consider this one-time fantasy fulfillment of mine. She immediately said no way because she was scared someone might recognize her. I told her about how many thousands of Japanese people are on the island and none of them know her. I also told her that it's very rare that Americans go to that club and she believed me since the night she went I was the only American. I even suggested that she could wear a mask like they do at Mardi Gras and she said that she would have to really think about it and if she were ever to say yes she would have to get really drunk. 

Over the next few weeks I bugged her about it now and then trying to see if I was getting any closer to convincing her to do it for me and it didn't seem like I was getting any closer to convincing her. Then, about 3 weeks before my birthday, she surprised me by asking me if we could go to The Stage for my birthday. I said of course we can go to The Stage. I asked her if she was considering fulfilling my fantasy for my birthday. She said that she had been thinking about it a lot and how wild and crazy it might be to get up in front of strangers and take off her clothes and then she said that she would do it. Once she said that she had agreed to do it, she said that her emotions were all over the place about it. She was feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

I was over-the-top excited. I called the manager immediately and asked him if it would still be okay. He said that she could work on the Friday in three weeks and to be there by 6:30 p.m. 

Ava would be filling in for a Colombian girl which meant that she would be required to dance, strip naked, get fingered, and then have sex on stage. 

He asked if she was OK with that. I told him that she was OK with anything and everything even though I didn't know that for sure. I told him that the only way that she will do it is if she can wear a mask. He said that would be fine. 

So the date was set and I was so excited. All I had to do now was keep my big mouth shut and not let anyone know that the sexy girl from the gym and from the Air Force base was going to be performing at the stage. This is where I messed up. Of course I had to open my big mouth to one of my co-workers because I knew he didn't go there so it wouldn't matter anyway. I just wanted to get his reaction.

Although he denied it word must have got around because about a week before she was going to do this I went over to visit her at her work. While I was there I went to go and use the bathroom at the BX and in the bathroom was a note taped to the inside of each stall that read:

**Top Secret**

Ava is going to be dancing at The Stage on June 4th.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, if I found out that a beautiful regular girl that I knew was going to work at a strip club for one night I would not miss it. But this wasn't just a strip club. It was a sex club. Who knows what crazy things might happen. At the least, she is going to dance and strip and maybe even more than that. I think that most guys would call that a chance of a lifetime. I thought that this was probably why some guy was trying to get the word around. 

Then two days before the big day, I was in the Air Force base gym locker room and overheard three guys talking about her and what they had heard so I confronted them. I told them that I was her husband. I asked them what they had heard and they first told me that they meant no disrespect and that they heard that she might work at The Stage on the upcoming Friday night. I simply reacted by saying that I wondered who started that rumor.

That same night I was watching Ava as she was getting into the shower and I noticed that her pussy was a little bushy. I was thinking about how much more erotic it would be to actually see the girl's pussy without pubic hair covering their lips and vagina which was unlike the other girls that were dancing at the stage. They all had too much hair on their vaginas to really see it easily. So with her permission, I helped her trim and shave her pussy and I did it well. I trimmed the hair nicely above her clitoris and completely shaved everything else exposing her lips completely.

As the big night approached my wife was getting nervous and thinking that she might back out of it. I tried to rest her nerves and build her confidence. I told her that I had worked it out with the manager and that he was counting on her filling in for a girl who couldn't make it. I helped her pick out some of her sexy dresses, skirts and underwear and then we left to get some Tequila at the store. 

I wanted to make sure to get to The Stage early because I was worried that if she saw some Americans there, then she might try and back out of it. We picked up a bottle of tequila and she started drinking on the way. I told her to try not to worry because she was going to be wearing a mask and there probably won't be any Americans there anyway (even though I knew better). I told her how beautiful and sexy she was and she should be proud to show her body off. 

We got there an hour early. I introduced my wife to the manager and it was kind of an awkward conversation but he went over the rules of his club. He asked her if she had seen the show before and she said that she had. He told her that she was filling in for one of the Columbian girls. He asked her if she knew what that meant. She asked him to go over it with her. He told her the following:

1. That she would be the 5th girl in the rotation and that there were a total of 6 girls working; three Japanese girls, two Columbian girls and her. 

2. That she is to dance for two songs. The first song is just a sexy dance and the second song is a slow strip tease finishing with her being naked.

3. After her 2nd song she is to get the washing basket and then wash the guys' hands who were in the front row and then take the basket back behind the stage and then go back onto the stage. Sit on the edge of the stage in front of the first guy, lay back with her hands over her head and spread her legs and let the guy touch her. He told her to count to 30 and then get up and move to the next guy and do the same thing. She then played dumb and asked what he meant by touch. 

He told her "I meant finger you. Pretty much whatever they want to as long as they don't hurt you." 

After he said that, she looked like she got very nervous and/or excited. I couldn't tell which. 

4. Next he told her that she is to go off stage until she heard music playing. When the music starts, she is to come out and have sex with the guy on stage. He told her to make sure to use a condom that is in the basket. He told her that she is done when the guy finishes

5. She needs to work until closing time.

The manager told her good luck and to let him know if anyone tries to hurt her. He told her that he will be close by watching to make sure that things go smoothly. Ava took her suitcase with clothes, heels, and alcohol and went back to the dressing room. 

The show started with the club almost empty except for 2 Japanese guys. The first girl was a Colombian girl and she was kind of chunky and not very attractive. She did her routine and there was not a lot of interest from the Japanese guys that were there and no one was in the front row so there was no fingering or sex. 

After her set, a Japanese girl came out and did her dancing and routine. She was fair and again there was not a lot of interest. During her set, some more guys came in. There were both American and Japanese guys that came in. After the Japanese girl did her show, the third dancer came out and it was about 8pm. She was a Colombian girl that had a fair body and fair beauty. 

She danced the fast song and then stripped naked for her second song and then did her routine of cleaning all the guys' hands on the front row. 

I think that this was the first time to The Stage for some of the guys since they seemed quite anxious and excited to see what they were going to do to the Colombian dancer. After cleaning everyone's hands in the front row she took the basket to the back and then came out and sat in front of the guy on the left of the stage and laid back. He seemed apprehensive at first but the girl guided his hands and helped him to start fingering her. By the time she made it to the third guy everyone had really gotten the hang of what they were allowed to do to her. She worked her way along the front row and it took two songs. 

She then got up and left the stage and one Japanese guy raised his hand and then came up on stage and had sex with her. He was pretty lame. During the sex a more guys had come in. By this time there were probably 8 or 10 guys in the club which was pretty normal from what I had seen in the past. 

The fourth dancer was Japanese and quite attractive. While she was dancing the guys started really coming in. There were two groups of three servicemen and then a group of two servicemen and then another group of four servicemen. There were also a few Japanese guys but they came in one at a time. 

I then saw the two guys that I had talked to in the gym come in with three friends. They went straight to the front row and took the last remaining seats and seemed very happy about it. I couldn't believe this. I had never seen more than five or six Americans in the club at one time and now there were at least 20 or more. There was only one Japanese guy in the front row and the rest were American servicemen.

I was really getting nervous for Ava. 

The club is normally pretty dark except for some colored lights over the stage like you would see in a normal strip club in the states. I was thinking that if the club had some kind of a spotlight it would serve to limit Ava's view of the audience so that she could not see the large crowd of Americans and also it would also give the guys in the audience a much clearer brighter view. I went and talked with the manager and asked him if he had a spotlight that he could turn on while Ava was on stage. He said that there was a few white spot lights that were mounted above the front edge of the stage. 

He said normally they don't use them because they're bright and tend to blind the dancer. I told him that I was hoping to limit Ava's view of the large audience so that she might not get so nervous and they also might prevent her from seeing who was in the back rows. So he said that once dancer number four left the stage, he would turn them on. 

Right in the middle of when I was talking to the club manager a guy came up and interrupted us and asked the manager if there was a girl dancing by the name of Ava tonight. The manager just looked at me and did not know if he were to admit it or not because I had told him it is a secret. So then the guy asked again is there a Filipina girl named Ava dancing tonight? Then again the manager looked at me and then looked back at the guy and said yes there is a Filipina dancing tonight but I don't know her name. The guy looked very ecstatic about it and immediately went back and told his friends and they high-fived each other. It was like they all knew each other all of a sudden. I don't think they did, but I think they were all there for the same reason, to see Ava. 

As I was talking with the manager and discussing the light situation a few more groups of guys came in. There again, all servicemen. Now the club was packed and most of the guys were American military. There were now 30 to 40 guys in the club. The first three rows were completely full and everyone was watching the show as girl number four was on stage dancing and doing her show. She was Japanese and she danced for two songs and then came out with a camera and was going around the stage letting guys take pictures with her. 

The music was loud and most guys were drinking. I was so nervous at this point because Ava was next. I figured that she was getting nervous too and I had hoped that she didn't get too drunk. I was also wondered what she was wearing but I couldn't until she came out. The Japanese girl finished her routine and everyone clapped as she left the stage.

So this was it. We had finally arrived at the time when it was Ava's turn. I couldn't wait to see how she looked and how she was dressed and IF she would even come out. An upbeat faster song came on and the manager turned on the white lights that shined down onto the circle part of the stage. I didn't realize how dim the stage was before this but now the stage was very clear and bright. 

After about 30 seconds Ava finally came out. As she came out, she immediately faced the back wall and started dancing. The crowd of guys reacted with some hooting and hollering. It was obvious that this was not a Colombian girl and not a Japanese girl because of her golden brown skin tone. The guys in the audience reacted like this is the girl they were waiting to see. The time had finally come. She was actually now on the stage. 

The music was loud but I do believe that Ava could hear the crowd over the music even if she did not see the crowd yet. She danced in one spot near the back wall just kind of shaking her ass to the music. She was devastatingly sexy. She wore black high heels, black thigh-high stockings, and a very sheer blue summer dress that had spaghetti straps and came down just below her butt. Her legs looked so long and you could see her golden brown skin above the thigh high stockings but below the dress. You could make out her black panties and bra through the sheer dress. She was wearing a Mardi Gras mask that covered her eyes, nose, and cheekbones. 

As she danced facing away from the crowd her long black hair hung down to the top of her butt. The music thumped loudly but I could hear the excitement in the room. It was as if they had all just seen a celebrity. Though she had a mask on it seemed obvious to me that it was Ava -the girl from the gym and the girl that worked the Air Force Base store. 

Over the next minute Ava continued to just face the wall and dance until finally she turned around and faced the crowd of guys. It was obvious that she had never done this before and that she was very nervous. As the song progressed she started dancing back and forth across the back of the T-shaped stage. She only danced down to the circle part of the stage one time and when she did, the white lights from above lit her up. You could see every color of her hair and skin as well as see her bra and panties through her dress. All eyes were riveted on her in her sexy outfit. It appeared she was getting over her first nerves. The song came to an end as she danced off the stage. If this is all that had happened, I would have been very satisfied already. But it wasn't.

A slow song started and the room hushed up except for the music. Was she going to come out or not? To me this was the do-or-die moment. Would she come out and strip in front of everyone?

I was quite surprised when one of the dancers brought out a small chair and placed it in the center of the circle stage and then walked off. Why the chair? After about 15 seconds Ava came out the same way she had left wearing the same outfit. She danced very slowly and deliberately across the T, down the T to the circle stage and danced around the chair a little bit. 

She didn't waste too much time as she slowly reached around her back and unclasped her bra. She then pulled her bra out of the top of the front of her dress. Her firm small breasts with long nipples were easy to see through the semi see-through dress. She danced around for a few seconds like that and then turned away from the audience and slowly bent over and took off her underwear from under her dress. 

Now all she had on was her dress, stockings, high heels, and mask. The white lights shone through her dress a little bit. I was so curious to see what she was going to do next. What was the chair for? She obviously had something planned. 

She sat down facing the crowd and reached down to slip off her heels. Then she lifted up her dress high enough to reach the top of her thigh-high stockings. As she lifted her knee to roll the stocking down she flashed a little of her bush for the first time. She removed the first stocking and then did the same for the second stocking. Then she put her heels back on. 

The only thing left for her to take off at this point was her dress and as she sat there on the small chair contemplating her next move the audience began to clap in unison cheering her on because they knew the only thing left was her dress. I don't think she completely thought her stripping process through because as she started to raise her dress over her head her mask came with it. Just as she lowered her arms she realized that the mask was not on her face anymore. She immediately put her head down in her lap in an effort to hide her face and put the mask back on but it was definitely too late. Her face had been exposed to the crowd and it was obvious that it was Ava from the Base store and the gym. She put the mask back on and turned back toward the audience and tried to regain her composure. 

She looked fantastic sitting there completely naked in high heels. Her body was toned and tight. Her legs were long and golden brown. Her hair was black and flowing. Her face was beautiful and exotic looking with big brown eyes looking through her mask. She had her legs together and her hands on her knees and was kind of rocking to the music. She did that for about 15 seconds and then with one quick move opened her legs with her hands on her knees exposing her pussy to the audience for the first time. 

She sat there in the middle of the circle stage about six feet in front of the first row of the audience naked except for her heels and mask. Her legs were wide open but it was not easy to see her pussy because she was sitting up with her back straight and her hands were on her knees. Her head blocked the white lights and cast a shadow on her pussy. You could see the small patch of hair on her pussy and her completely shaved vagina which was in the shadow. It was fantastic. 

She just sat there like she was frozen. I noticed guys from the left and the right part of the stage actually stood up from their chairs and tried to move towards the center of the stage so they could see between her legs. All eyes in the room were fixated on her. All of the sudden the circle stage started to slowly rotate. I looked back at the manager and he gave me the thumbs up as if to say he started turning the stage. Ava didn't move for the rest of the song which was about two minutes. 

She just sat there on the chair in the center of the stage naked sitting up with her back straight, her hands on her knees, her heels on the floor, and her legs wide open. The stage slowly rotated two complete times which gave every guy in the room a clear view of her. As the song ended, she stood up and walked off the stage carrying the small chair. The audience gave a roaring applause and then started clapping in unison again.

Up to this point Ava's experience was typical of a stripper you might see in the United States. A girl dances around and then strips off all her clothes letting everyone see her naked. But what Ava was going to have to do next was anything but typical in the United States. I was so curious to know how it was going to go. 

From the way the audience reacted to her stripping I thought that this might really get crazy. I don't think the audience knew if that was the end of her performance or not. They knew the routines and differences of the Colombian and Japanese dancers but Ava was not Colombian nor Japanese but she did dance in the Colombian rotation of girls. So what was going to happen next? 

The music played for a minute while there was no one on stage. The audience was talking among themselves about what they had just seen. The manager had turned off the white lights on the stage and then Ava came out from behind the stage holding a small basket and wearing her blue dress again. You could see that she had not put on her underwear or bra. The audience immediately cheered and Ava just smiled and shook her head as she approached the man sitting at the very left side of the stage. She got on her knees so that she could be down at his level and she said give me your hands. 

The guy put up his hands and she washed them. Then she went to the next guy and did the same thing. As she got to the third guy I noticed most of the guys in the second row pushed their way up to the front row. As that happened other guys in the back and in the other rows saw the other guys move up to the stage and they also started to try and squeeze their way toward the stage. Next thing I knew most of the guys in the club were squeezed in around the stage and instead of sitting, most everyone was standing. It actually took Ava 3 songs to wash everyone's hands and then she walked off the stage carrying the basket.

She came back out after a minute and was completely naked except for her heels and mask and she was carrying a tall glass which appeared to be filled with water. She then walked over to the far left side of the stage and sat down near the edge of the stage in front of the first guy. She placed her feet on either side of the man resting her heels on the bar which was slightly lower than the stage and then took the glass of water and poured a little bit of it on her pussy. 

She then laid back with her hands over her head and then opened her legs about half-way. At first the guy just stared directly at her pussy in front of him. Then he reached up and pushed her legs apart until they were completely spread apart. He reached up and stroked the inside of her thighs and seem to just be polite. He gently touched her pussy and rubbed it a little bit. 

The guy to his right watched and there were two or three guys behind watching as well. After a little while Ava got up and moved to the next guy. She sat down in front of him again in the same fashion as the first, poured a little water on herself, laid back, put her hands over her head and let her legs fall open. 

I watched as she was doing this and noticed how this would be so much better if it were brighter. I turned around and motioned to the manager who was watching the show to turn on the stage lights. He saw me and gave me the "good idea" gesture and turned them on. 

The entire scene changed when he turned on the lights because Ava's body lit up completely. It was now bright enough to see because Ava was basically laying directly under white lights. You could clearly see every little detail and color of her skin and her completely shaved vagina. This all happened at the same time the second guy reached up and went directly for her pussy. It looked like he didn't want to waste any time. 

He put his fingers directly into her and you could see her arch her back as if it might have been slightly painful. He continued to move them in and out for the entire time. When she sat up, she actually had to pull the man's hand back and his fingers out of her so that she could move to the next guy. 

I thought to myself at this point this is going to take a long time because there are a lot of guys pushed up against the stage wanting to take their turn. I realized that as she was getting fingered from one guy there was two or three guys on each side watching and also guys behind watching. So probably ten guys were watching one guy finger her and waiting for their turn. 

The third guy did something different that the first two did not do. As Ava laid back in front of him spreading her legs, he picked up her left foot and gave it to his partner on his right and then took her right foot and gave it to his partner on his left having them hold her feet high in the air while spreading her open. He then reached up with both hands and spread her pussy lips wide open and just held it open. 

What a sight! There was a guy spreading the lips of my wife's vagina as wide open as they would go with two guys holding up her feet while everyone in the club watched. It was so bright and so pink. You could actually see her squeeze and release and squeeze and release the inside of her vagina. She just laid there with her hands over her head staring at the ceiling.

After some time she motioned to have her legs down and then she moved to the next guy and this must have been a great idea because most of the rest of the guys did the same thing with her feet having the guys on either side hold her feet up as they took their turn. Some guys fingered her deep and some guys tried to get real close with their nose. The most popular thing they did to her was to finger her deep and then spread her lips open and hold them open until she made them stop. 

One guy actually asked her to get down on her knees in a doggie style position with her butt toward him and then he fingered her like that. She did use the water on herself before every guy fingered her. I wish this would have taken place in today's era where everyone has a cell phone and there could be some video footage of it but back in the 90s it was not really possible to sneak a video camera into a club.

I couldn't believe how long it took for her to finish getting fingered. It only took the Colombian girl two songs to get fingered by all the guys that wanted to. Ava was now on her 6th song and she still wasn't to the right side of the stage. There was still a few guys left. By the time she made it to the last guy she was sweating and she looked like she had had enough. She then stood up and walked off stage everyone gave her a standing ovation for a long time. 

The manager came out on stage with a microphone and tried to calm everyone down. 

He said, "I don't think we've ever had as much audience participation as we just did for Ava. I guess you guys really liked her. Well, now who wants to get up on stage here in front of everyone and fuck her?"

I don't know how many guys raised their hand but it was quite a few. The manager brought out a dice and all of the guys who raised their hand rolled dice against the other until there was a winner. The winner had turned out to be from one of the first groups of guys to arrive that evening. He was a 30-ish white guy who was clearly in the Air Force. He seemed very happy to be the winner. He got up on stage took off all his clothes and sat there in the middle of the stage naked covering up his stuff. 

Ava walked out from the back in her heels and mask and went over and sat next to him. She laid him down and then reached down and grab his dick and began to swing it back and forth in an attempt to make it hard. After a little while it finally got hard enough that she could put the condom on him. 

She then straddled him and sat on his dick and started to ride him while she was on her knees. She was leaned forward over him and her hair was brushing his chest as they were face to face. At one point he pulled her down and squeezed her tits against him. They stayed in that position for only about two minutes as the stage rotated. As they were facing away from the audience, you could see actual penetration. 

Ava then got up and laid down on her back with her head on the far side of the circle and her feet pointed at the audience. It looked to me like she was trying to get as far away from the audience as possible. The guy on stage went over and got between her legs and started fucking her in a missionary position with her legs in the air. The manager went and turned on the stage rotation again. She wasn't going to be able to get away from the audience this time. The stage rotated slowly and Ava's head was at the edge of the circle so as her head got over on the side of the audience, it was right on the edge of the front row. Her face was basically right under the guys in the front row and they were looking straight down at her face as she was getting fucked. It was crazy to watch as her face passed closely to each guy in the front row. 

At different times the guy really started pounding on her and really letting her have it in that missionary position. After the stage rotated around about two times like that the man stopped and motioned her to get up on her knees. He then proceeded to fuck her in a doggy style position. She was on her hands and knees with her legs open. After that he pulled her towards him and he laid back until she was in a sitting position on him facing away from him. She put her feet on the floor and leaned back a little bit. Her legs were open and the stage was rotating around and you could clearly see his dick going in and out of her from under her and her tits were bouncing. 

He continued to pound up at her until he was going to orgasm. I thought she would have jumped off him at that point and let him finish himself but that is not what she did. She took control of the situation and right at the point when he was going to cum, she went from leaning backward to leaning forward and put her hands on his ankles never taking his dick out and continued to hold his dick as deep into her as she could. As he was cumming she just held him deep. After he was finished she was still on top of him in control. She started to slowly rise up and down on his dick slowly bringing it in and out of her pussy. She did that for a few times and then finally stood up talk a bow and walked off the stage. 

The guys in the audience looked like they were in shock. There was a silent pause before a roaring applause. This was probably something they would never forget. A night to remember forever. 

After Ava was off the stage about half of the guys in the club got up to leave. They had seen what they came to see. Or at least that's what I thought until I overheard some of them saying that they were going to call their friends to get over there as fast as they could for her next rotation.

I hadn't really thought about it until then but she was supposed to work all night until the club closed. She would have to do this all over again and depending on time maybe even a third time. 

Without trying to drag this story out too long I will summarize the rest of the night. I stayed and watched as the Japanese girl number six, two and four did their routine in each one took about 20 minutes. Colombian girl number one and three took about 30 to 40 minutes each because of the fingering and sex but there was definitely not the audience participation as when Ava was on stage. After the Japanese dancer number four completed her routine it was Ava's turn again.

By this time the bar was packed again and half of the audience look like they were new and quite excited. This time Ava came out in a short pleated skirt, stockings with black heels again and a white button-up shirt. She looked a lot less nervous and danced pretty well her first song. She brought the chair out again for her second song in repeated the same thing she did the first set. Everything else that happened this rotation was pretty much the same as the first rotation. 

Everybody in the club gathered to the front of the stage to get their chance to finger her. She was a real trooper. This rotation I counted the number of songs that went by as she was getting fingered and it was eight songs. If each guy fingered her for 30 seconds and it took her 30 seconds to move between the guys and each song was five minutes long then she would have been fingered by about 40 guys which looked to me to be about right. I didn't count them specifically but it looked like 30 or 40 guys. 

On the second rotation there were also many hands raised to fuck her. This time the winner was an older guy. He was probably in his 40's and maybe even 50's. He was slightly overweight and chunky with pale skin and not a handsome guy at all. I found this to be incredible luck for him because I know my wife is attracted to handsome strong slender young guys. She would never in a million years give this guy the opportunity and yet here he was going to fuck her. 

She walked out from the back wearing nothing but her heels and her mask. The guy was laying on the stage waiting and he was already hard. She squatted down and put the condom on him and then went back to the back side of the circle and laid down on her back and spread her legs. She motioned to him to come over and he did. 

I tried to imagine how he was feeling. Here he was an older, overweight, not handsome guy approaching a beautiful, sexy, tanned girl who was half his age and laying there with her legs spread open waiting for him to put his dick in and fuck her. Well, he did. He thrust himself into her for about a minute and then he was done. That was the end of him. She got up, took a bow and walked off the stage for the last time.

As it was about an hour before closing time I knew she would not have to get on stage any more. I went and talked with the manager and asked him what he thought about the night. He told me that he had never seen an audience participate with so much enthusiasm and they had not had a crowd that large in years. He said that anytime she wants to come back, if she ever wants to come back to do it again, just give him a call. I told him this was a one-time thing and don't think that it will ever happen again. He said that he was just as excited as anyone else to see her naked on the stage and overwhelmed when she was laying on the stage spread open under the white lights. 

Ava stayed at the back until the club was closed. When she finally came out she went to go straight for the exit door and as she passed by the manager he thanked her for coming and that she was incredible. 

We left the club and walked over and got into our car. We both just sat there contemplating everything that had just happened. I didn't know how Ava was going to react to it all. She turned to me with a confused look and asked me how there possibly could have been so many American military guys there? She said that she could not really see past the stage too much while the bright lights were on her until she was right in front of a guy.

She said every time she was getting fingered she was wondering in her mind who the next guy was. She said that she honestly thought that she recognized most of the guys from either the gym or the Base store. She said it was like all of her guys that admire her and are her fans in the gym were there. 

She asked I wonder if they knew it was me. I told her that I didn't know for sure if they knew it was you. I just heard them talking about you in the audience and that after your first set some of the guys said that they were going to call their friends to be there for your next set. 

I asked her if she was nervous the entire time. She said she was super nervous until the very moment the second guy that she straddled fingered her. 

She said "I don't know but my nervousness just went away and it was so erotic to just be completely helpless to any guy who wanted to touch me. I knew they were not allowed to hurt me but I have to say there were a few guys that really spread me wide open". 

I asked her how she felt down there and she said that after she left the stage she was very sensitive and sore.

Over the next few years, we talked about that night from time to time. Now it is just a memory.

Over the next few weeks Ava would talk about the experience from time to time. She told me that there were many times that a guy would give her a gesture or ask her if she had been to Naha City lately. Of course she did not admit anything to anyone.

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