Friday, 4 May 2018

Learning to Let Go Pt. 03

We went back down the hallway. Phil and Teresa were not there. Jenny seemed disappointed when I told her we should probably head to the other club. We had only planned to stop in and see what the adult theater was about and we had already gotten pretty carried away. I wasn't sure I was comfortable with the place. She gave me her pouty lips, then asked, "How about if we just go back in for one more scene, when it ends, we leave?"

We actually had plenty of time before Tamara's gig was supposed to start. I just was hoping to leave without having to see Phil and Teresa again, so we could avoid them going to the club. I realized it was something that she wanted to do, so I gave in. 

"Just one scene?" I asked her, raising one eyebrow and smirking at her.

She perked up and immediately looked happier. She nodded vigorously and replied with a definite, "Yes!"

"Ok, then come on," I said as I took her hand and opened the door. We went in and let our eyes adjust for a few seconds. I could see Phil and Teresa were sitting in the same two seats. They looked at us, and I thought I saw Phil gesture in our direction, but I ignored it, acting like I couldn't see yet.

Jenny waved at them and said, "Oh, there they are!" Before I could stop her, she started walking towards them. I caught her just as she reached their row and started to turn in to sit next to Phil. I pulled her hand, stopped her momentum and pulled her around. "Let's not sit that close," I said, as I looked around. She gave me a quizzical look, then glanced back at Phil and Teresa. 

"Why not?" she asked.

I stared at her in a bit of disbelief. "I'm not comfortable," I said softly, "let's just go back and sit where we were before." She nodded and followed me as I led her back to our prior seats. As we passed the other couple, we saw they were just watching the movie, holding hands. Jenny and Teresa exchanged a look, and Jenny leaned over the back of the seats slightly and said, "You have your panties back on." They both giggled. 

She was still giggling when she sat next to me and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. Her hand immediately went to my crotch, found my cock and started massaging it. I kissed the top of her head and put my arm around her shoulders, holding her close to me. We looked up at the screen and saw what appeared to be an orgy by a swimming pool at a very expensive mansion. There were people all over the place in varying stages of undress, engaged in every conceivable sexual activity.

"Uhh," I started speaking softly, "I think this movie only has one scene."

Jenny giggled again and squeezed my semi-erect cock. "What a shame," she said, laughing. I got a sneaking suspicion that she may have known the kind of movie that was coming on and that it would be one continuous scene. I was about to protest when I felt her unzipping my pants. I guess there were worse places to be right now. I shifted in my seat as she pulled my cock out and tugged on it. It was completely erect, and she began to massage it slowly.

Several minutes of watching forty people fucking, with my wife's hand on my cock had me getting totally turned on. I sat up straight and pushed her into her chair, kissing her passionately. She seemed to melt into the kiss, her tongue twirling around mine, still stroking me. My hand went to her breasts and slid inside the top, squeezing her tits and feeling her nipples. 

She let go of my cock and undid the buttons of her dress down to her belly button, then pulled it open, completely exposing both full breasts. I kissed her harder, and my hand moved to her bare tits, feeling and squeezing them. I glanced down the row and saw a man on the far side of the room watching her. I whispered in her ear and let her know. She turned and looked his way.

The man was turned to face us stroking his huge black cock. I had no idea where his date was because only couples could get in. Then I saw a black woman bend over the seat beyond him and as a white man stood behind her and started fucking her. I heard Jenny gasp. Her breathing was becoming rapid.

I kissed down her neck, over her chest and rubbed my lips over her full breasts. I took one in my hand and kneaded it, massaging the firm flesh, and pinched her nipple. She let out a soft whimper. I slid my open mouth over her nipple and sucked it between my lips, rubbing the tip with my tongue. She was turned to watch the man jerking his cock as he watched us with his own woman fucking someone else. It was surreal and intoxicating. Jenny resumed stroking my cock and rubbed her thumb back and forth on the head, smearing my precum over it.

Then we both saw it at the same time. Teresa appeared in our row, walking directly towards us, with Phil immediately behind her. She had a big, naughty grin on her face. I quickly sat up and started covering Jenny's naked chest and exposed breasts. Jenny grabbed my hand and held it tightly, between her tits, stopping me. My head snapped up to look at her. She met my gaze and my confused look with a smile and a nod, then put my hand back on her tit as she tugged on my cock. I didn't resist. Even though, I did my best to cover her from their lustful stares.

At least I was a bit reassured when Teresa sat next to Jenny. Phil stood a few seconds, staring at Jenny's exposed breasts and smiled. Jenny looked at them both smiling, sitting up proudly showing them her tits. Teresa leaned our way, her face next to Jenny's and said in a sexy voice, "Damn, girl. Somebody's being naughty." Her eyes looked at my crotch, and I remembered my cock was out and that Jenny was jerking me. She gave me several rapid strokes that made me groan and lift my hips.

Teresa gave us one last, lingering look and turned back to Phil. They seemed to be whispering to each other, ignoring us. I returned my attention to Jenny's tits, and she responded with a shuddering moan and pressed her tits harder into my mouth and hand. I saw the black man walking our way, along the row, then move to a seat in the row in front of us, just past Phil. He kept turning his head back to watch what was happening. Jenny saw it and spread her legs a little, her hand moving to her pussy and lightly rubbing herself.

I heard movement and opened my eyes, still sucking Jenny's nipple. Teresa had leaned forward and was pulling her top off, placing it on the back of her chair. She was wearing a bra and had her back to us. Teresa peered over her shoulder and said something to Jenny, who breathed in deeply and nodded yes. She let go of my cock and reached over, unfastening Teresa's bra. We both watched the woman and Jenny reached for my dick without looking and had to feel around to find it. Teresa removed her bra and sat back, with her large breasts on full display. 

She gave Jenny a quick glance and a smile, just before Phil's head appeared and he began sucking on the tit nearest to him, his hand moving up to squeeze her other breast. They were the mirror image of Jenny and me.

I had to admit it. It was incredibly erotic to be fondling my wife, have her stroking my cock and watching this other couple right next to us doing the same thing. I moved my hand from her tit and slid it down the front of her body, reaching under her dress to feel her pussy. When I did, Jenny undid the remaining buttons, and her dress fell open, leaving her naked and exposed completely.

Her pussy was dripping as I felt it. She arched her back and groaned. I rubbed her firmly, then slid the hand side to side to force her labia apart. I used my middle finger to tease the lips, slipping up and down just inside them. Her hips were bucking, and she jerked my cock harder, roughly. 

I saw Phil slide his hand down to Teresa's pussy. She pulled her skirt up, and as she spread her legs, we could see that her panties were missing altogether now. Phil began to rub her pussy like I was rubbing Jenny's. I glanced up, and the black guy was watching the action, and I was confident he was still jacking his cock.

I had to admit that watching Phil finger Teresa with her lying naked and exposed next to my wife, who was similarly exposed to these people as I caressed her was incredibly arousing. I had the biggest, hardest boner of my life. I could tell Jenny was incredibly turned on as well. Her pussy was soaking wet, and she was grinding on my fingers as I sucked her nipple. I was toying with the tip, flicking my tongue on it rapidly, which I knew she liked. She clung to me more tightly and made quiet little whimpers in response.

Phil was speaking to Teresa, and she nodded. Jenny was watching the other couple intently and rocking her hips in rhythm to my fingers movent. Her breathing was hard and moaning frequently. I slid two fingers into her wet slit, then pushed them inside her. She groaned, "Oh fuck." Then held my cock harder in her hand. I was surprised when the pretty redhead next to my wife put her hand on Jenny's thigh, inches from my fingers. Jenny's eyes opened wide.

I was not sure what to do. My rational brain was telling me to stop this and go home. My lustful brain was telling me to shut up the fuck up and let it happen. I knew Jenny had never been with a woman sexually. She said that she once made out with a girl, but it never really went far and she'd never tried it again. Teresa moved her hand, massaging Jenny's thigh. I was about to stop her when Jenny moaned and parted her legs more fully until her thigh pressed against Teresa's. I had stopped sucking on her nipple, and my hand had ceased moving.

I resumed sucking, and Jenny whimpered. I moved my hand, and the fingers slid in and out. Jenny bucked her hips. Her hand was still holding my cock, but it seemed as if she had forgotten it was there as she was caught up in her pleasure. My fingers slid in much farther now that her legs were so open. 

I saw Phil push his finger into Teresa's shaved pussy and she let out a loud groan. She started moving her hips, and he fucked her pussy fast. I was surprised at how roughly he fingered his wife. Jenny was watching and was panting. Phil's fingers were slamming in and out rapidly, and Teresa's wetness was splashing out around his hand. I started moving my hand faster, pushing in deeper, doing it more roughly, copying Phil was, and Jenny went nuts. She said, "Oh, fuck yes, just like that!"

He and I both used our hands to fuck our wive's pussies hard, side-by-side. I noticed some movement and found the black guy was now right in front of Jenny's chair. He must have been on his knees in the chair as his cock was hanging over the back of the chair as he stroked it. His cock had to be at least ten inches long and remarkably thick. He was stroking it hard.

I saw Jenny watching him now, and she was breathing so fast, her hips pumping up and down fucking my fingers. She suddenly cried out "Oh fuck yes!" and bucked hard. Teresa had moved her hand and was rubbing Jenny's clit back and forth. It was driving my wife wild. Jenny reached over and found Teresa's pussy and started rubbing her pussy in the same manner. Teresa responded just as strongly and cried out sharply. 

I felt that things were getting out of control, and I wanted to stop. But, I also wanted to continue. Naughty brain won out again, and I slid out of my chair to kneel on the ground, pulling my wet fingers out of Jenny's pussy and pushed my face between her legs. Teresa moved her hand to let me have access to Jenny's clit, and I started licking it roughly. Teresa moved her hand to my wife's tits, pinching and rolling her nipples firmly. At the same time, Phil followed my lead, knelt and began eating Teresa's pussy. She started to cry out, but the sound suddenly became muffled. I looked up to see Teresa and Jenny kissing passionately.

A few seconds later, Jenny violently grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face into her cunt. "Oh God, baby, eat me!" she snarled out as she rocked her hips, grinding her cunt against my tongue.

I love eating pussy, and Jenny's was always a treat. I worked her clit roughly, then slid my tongue down through her slit to fuck her with it. She bucked and thrust her pussy into me. I shoved my tongue in and out of her harshly and then licked my way back up to her clit. When my tongue touched it, she started shaking violently and yelled: "Don't stop!"

I didn't, and a few seconds later she came hard, pussy snapping up and down. She let out a long wailing cry that turned into low, powerful grunts of intense pleasure. Then, I heard Teresa's whining and knew that she was cumming too. 

The black guy was stroking his cock rapidly and groaning. I hoped to hell that he didn't blow his load on us. Jenny was watching him intently as she finished her orgasm. She pulled me to my feet in front over and attacked my cock. She leaned forward, stroking me as fast as the black guy next to me was pumping his cock. 

Her face was about a foot away from the black cock. She was staring at it with her mouth open, and for a moment I thought she was going to suck it. Instead, she took the end of my cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it, with her eyes locked on the longer, thicker black cock. I could tell she was imagining sucking him, but I got the benefit of her lust. 

I watched as she pulled her mouth off my dick and stroked my length with her hand while rubbing her mouth along the underside of my shaft. I noticed Phil had given up emulating me. Instead, he had raised up and had shoved his cock into Teresa, fucking her hard.

Jenny pushed me back into my seat. I wasn't sure what she was going to do, but she got up on her knees, like earlier and leaned over the arm of my chair to suck me. Her dress was off altogether now, lying draped over the back of her chair. 

Her ass was pointing at Phil and Teresa, but the couple seemed to be oblivious, lost in their passionate mating. Jenny launched herself at my cock and started stroking me much harder than before. She was jerking me as she sucked me and it felt so fucking intense. I looked up, and the black guy was gone. I guess he either came or gave up. I watched Jenny sucking me, and it was so fucking hot. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying the way she was pleasuring me.

The pleasure of her mouth and hand was driving me closer to cumming. However, my mind was racing all over the place as I tried to deal with all the thoughts and feelings I was having. What we were doing was nuts, but it was also so powerfully erotic. I knew we should stop, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. I had never felt this aroused before. I could tell Jenny was turned on more than I'd ever seen her before. She was literally on the edge of completely losing control.

I felt Jenny shift slightly and heard her let out a high pitched moan. I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was a black hand on my wife's ass. My mind immediately cleared and I understood that the black guy had gone around behind Jenny's chair. He had his hand on her ass and was rubbing her cheeks. 

What the fuck was he doing touching my wife? I was about to yell at him when Jenny groaned and moved her hips up and down, in response to his touch.

"Oh my god," I thought, "she likes it!" She sucked me rougher, and I groaned. I watched as the man slid his hand between her legs. I knew when he touched her pussy as Jenny let out another loud whimper. That was it, though. It snapped me out of my lust induced dream state. 

"Yo dude! What the fuck!" I yelled out, "Get the fuck off my wife!"

Teresa and Phil were startled by my outburst, and both turned to look. Phil pulled his cock out of her pussy and leaped to his feet, shoving the man back forcefully. "Not cool, man!" he shouted, "Nobody invited you! Get the fuck away from her." The man quickly retreated and went back to his original seat, mumbling under his breath.

Phil looked at me, and we exchanged a look. I nodded to him my thanks, and he nodded back. Jenny was sitting up, and looked around, unsure of what had happened. She saw the black guy walking away and seemed surprised.

"Was he touching my pussy?" she asked with an incredulous look on her face.

I nodded and put my arm around her.

"Oh my god," she began, then turned to Phil and Teresa, "I thought it was Phil."

Phil was pulling his pants up as Teresa was pulling her top back on. Teresa stopped to hug Jenny.

"Sorry baby," she said softly, "that guy's an asshole. We were kind of worried there might be a lot of guys here like that."

I had my cock back in my pants and was helping Jenny back into her dress. It seemed we all had the same idea, without needing to say anything. It was time to get out of here. When we were all dressed, we exited the theater and stood in the lounge, staring at each other awkwardly. 

It seemed that whatever negative feelings I had held for Phil and Teresa were gone. We had somehow bonded through this experience. Maybe it was the sexual play or perhaps it was his defense of Jenny. Whatever it was, I was truly looking forward to them hanging out with us more.

"Hey," I said, smiling, "you guys ready to go the club and see Tamara perform?"

Teresa shook her head, and Phil said, "Hell yeah."

The girls wanted to freshen up, so Phil and I waited in the lobby. I was about to toss my ticket in the garbage, but I remembered the Ponytail Guy saying it was good until 5 am. I had no intention of coming back, but for some reason, I put it back in my pocket. Maybe it could be a souvenir to remember the night. 

While we waited, Phil and I talked. I told him that we'd never done anything remotely like this before. Jenny and I had talked about it but had never really gone beyond some harmless flirting and showing off. He said he and Teresa were in the same boat. They had gone to strip clubs a couple of times, but they'd never done anything in front of others or with others. We both agreed that tonight had been exceptionally hot. 

"You know," I said, looking a little chagrin, "I was not too keen on the idea of you guys coming with us tonight, but I think it would be great for you guys to come with us."

Phil laughed, slapping my shoulder and said, "Well, good. But, since Jenny already gave Teresa the address, you couldn't actually stop us."

I laughed back and asked if he had ever heard of the club Tamara was playing at before. He said that he and Teresa never went to clubs and had no idea about any clubs. So, it would be a new experience for all of us.

The girls arrived, and we went to our cars. Phil and Teresa would follow us. Ironically we had almost identical Ford SUVs. As we were about to get in, Teresa spoke up with a funny smile on her face.

"I have an idea," she began. "Why don't we have Jenny and I swap cars."

Jenny looked at me with an inquisitive stare. I gazed back and asked her, "You want to?"

She smiled, and I knew the answer, but she asked, "You ok with that?" 

I wanted to say yes. But, honestly, I was still not that comfortable with the idea. I think Jenny could read my mind and she kissed my cheek. "Don't worry baby," she whispered to me then turned to Teresa.

"That sounds like a lot of fun," she said, "but, I think tonight I want to ride with my husband."

I could tell Teresa and Phil were disappointed, but they accepted it without argument. We all got into our vehicles and headed out of the parking lot.

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