Friday, 4 May 2018

Learning to Let Go Pt. 01

It was a Friday night, and my wife Jenny and I were out enjoying our monthly kids-free weekend. We got the idea for it after watching one of those relationship advice programs on television. It talked about how it was important for couples to take time for themselves, to keep the romance alive. So, one weekend each month, we would drop the kids at her parent's place on Friday evening and pick them back up Sunday afternoon. That gave us two nights to go out and have fun and plenty of time for romance and sexual adventures.

We had a reasonably conservative sex life, typical of a suburban married couple. The time without out children was helping us get back to our pre-kids level of sexual activity. In fact, the past few months, we had become more daring with our sexual play and had teased about things like exhibitionism, swinging and swapping. Mostly, it was just sexy talk, but Jenny seemed to get excited about the idea of showing off her body and having other men admire it. Her increased arousal always turned me on, so we both were enjoying the fantasy. However, neither of us was ready to try to follow through on our dirty pillow talk.

Recently, Jenny had started dressing more provocatively. Her skirts had gotten shorter, and her tops tighter and more revealing. Whenever we were out, she would attract a lot of male attention. I loved how horny it would make her when other men would stare at her, and she loved how horny that would make me. We would often watch people watching her and whisper naughty things about them to ourselves. Then, later that night in bed we would bring it all back up again to add heat to our lovemaking.

We had dressed up to go out to dinner and a local nightclub popular with the suburban soccer mom crowd. We always liked to sit in the upscale restaurant's bar area instead of the dining room. The bar was usually a bit darker than the central dining area, and the music from the live piano player was louder. Plus, it gave ample opportunity for people watching. We had seen a couple of B-list celebrities and a professional athlete there before. 

At 32, Jenny was stunning with large, full, 38-C breasts, a slender tummy, full hips and an ass to die for. She had long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and was in great shape, especially for a mother of two. She was wearing a sexy low-cut, short black dress. It buttoned down the front, like a shirt, with slits on both sides that revealed her sexy thighs. She had selected a pair of black stiletto heels that accentuated her ass and legs when she stood up.

I was a fortunate man and married above my level. I was 35 and the rugged, outdoorsy type. I worked out a lot back then and had well-muscled arms and chest, without too much padding around the middle. I had short cropped brown hair with brown eyes and a beard that looked like I hadn't shaved in three days. For the evening, I had worn a sporty dark gray suit and a purple dress shirt, without a tie.

We found an empty booth in the back of the room and settled in, sitting next to each other and facing into the room. The bartender spotted us and came right over, placing napkins down in front of us and asked us if we wanted a drink. I ordered a glass of white wine for Jenny and an Old Fashioned for me. I couldn't help but notice the bartender's eyes on Jenny's cleavage. 

When he left, I leaned over and whispered, "He was checking you out."

She smiled, and I could tell she had noticed, but her response played it coy, "Oh was he?"

I chuckled and played along. "Oh yes," I commented, as I overtly stared at Jenny's breasts. "He couldn't get his eyes off your tits." 

You could barely see the black lace bra in the center, just above the top button of her dress. "You should unbutton your dress a little for when he comes back."

Her eyes opened wide with surprise, but her smile got even brighter, "Oh, you think so?" She asked, toying at the button with a finger. "Do you want me to?"

I raised my eyebrows in response and nodded affirmatively. In response Jenny breathed in deeply, pushing her chest out more, then undid the top button, glancing up to see if the bartender was watching. He wasn't. She tugged on the lapel of dress, opening and spreading it to reveal much more of her bra. From where he would be standing, he would be able to see most of one breast, wrapped in black lace. Her breathing was already a little shallow, indicating she was getting turned on, and I noticed that the dress was poking out where it covered her nipples.

I felt my cock starting to get hard in my pants and had to adjust it. I looked around the room and found our would-be voyeur mixing drinks at the far end of the bar. He wasn't looking our way at all, busy shaking a cocktail. 

My eyes moved to the beautiful 20-something woman playing piano and singing softly into a microphone in a raised area inside the curved bar. She was fantastic and looked even more amazing. It never ceases to amaze me just how talented people are these days. God Bless the Internet!

When I returned my attention to Jenny, I was surprised to see the 2nd button of her dress had opened. I could see the front of her bra and part of one breast. I realized the bartender would be able to see her chest openly. The bra was sheer black lace, and I knew from experience her nipples would be noticeable. I was about to say something to her when the bartender appeared to my left and set down our drinks. He spoke, but whatever he said didn't make it through my growing mental fog.

I glanced up at him and saw his eyes were locked on Jenny's tits. "I'm sorry?" I said, asking him to repeat himself.

"Will you be dining with us tonight?" he reiterated without hesitation, "Would you like to see our dinner menu?" 

I glanced at Jenny, but she was staring up at the bartender, leaning slightly forward, with a sexy smile on her face. I had no doubt they were exchanging a "look" when he wasn't staring at her cleavage.

"Uh, yeah," I stammered, "that would be great." He nodded and started to leave, but I spoke up again, trying to think of something to keep him there a bit longer.

"Oh, are there any specials today?" I asked, knowing full-well that there always were.

I put my arm on Jenny's thigh, as we both watched the bartender as he told us about the list of specially prepared items for the day. I got something about a trout and a mention of risotto, but to be honest, I wasn't listening at all.

"Let me get you the menus," he said as he took one last look at Jenny's tits and then left us. 

"I think he got a boner," I said softly, my mouth next to her ear.

"He's not the only one," she replied as her hand brushed against my raging erection through my suit pants. I had been reaching for my whiskey and froze in place for a second, before recovering. I raised my glass as she lifted her wine. 

"Cheers," I said before sipping the drink. It was correctly made, with just the right balance. It is a good sign of a bartender if he can make a perfect Old Fashioned.

"How is it?" Jenny asked, sipping her wine.

I nodded and took another sip before telling her that the bartender had exceptional skills. A moment later he walked back to our table and handed us menus, asking me how the drink was. I said it was perfect and explained how I use the Old Fashioned as a benchmark to judge the quality of a bar and bartenders. He engaged us in a long conversation about mixology and the importance of quality ingredients. 

The entire time, he kept staring at Jenny's tits. She noticed him watching and idly fingered the third button of her dress. She turned to face me, giving a clear and unobstructed view of her left breast. She was breathing heavily by the time he excused himself to go back to his duties.

As the bartender walked away, Jenny kissed my right ear then whispered, "I need this" as her hand gripped my cock tightly. I held the menu so that it obscured her hand, allowing her to tug on my rigid shaft unobserved. The location of the booth and the darkness of the room contributed to concealing her actions, and we were both confident nobody could tell what she was doing.

I was increasingly growing aroused as she played with my cock and I placed my hand on her thigh again, sliding it up until I felt her shift in her seat and spread her legs slightly. I leaned over and kissed her softly, only stopping when the song ended. We joined in a soft round of applause for the pretty singer. She explained it was the end of her set, turned off her digital keyboard and left the bar. 

My wife released my cock and kissed me on the cheek, letting me know she needed to visit the restroom. I stood up, helped her out and watched her ass as she walked across the bar heading to the ladies room. As I returned to my seat, I smiled happily, knowing that I was indeed lucky to be married to such an incredible woman.

Jenny was gone for several minutes. In that time I finished my drink and was contemplating ordering another round. However, I knew she would want to tease the waiter, so I waited. A few more minutes passed, and I began to wonder if there was a problem. Just as I was considering going and looking for her, I saw her approaching from a completely different direction than I had expected. She was smiling broadly and carrying what looked like a martini.

I stood to let her back in, with a confused look on my face. She saw my expression and kissed me on the cheek. My curiosity was piqued, and I asked her where she got the drink and why she was gone so long.

"Josh made them for Tamara and me," she responded with a sly grin on her face that told me there was more to the story. 

"Who?" I asked as I reached across the table for her half-full glass. Since she had the martini, I figured she no longer needed the white wine. As I lifted her glass to drink, my eyes went to her chest. I snorted wine out of my nose when I saw that her bra was gone, and her breasts were quite visible. 

Jenny giggled and sipped her martini. My mind was racing, and she knew it. She leaned forward, breasts almost spilling out of her dress, and whispered conspiratorially. "Ok, so when I went to the ladies room, the singer was in there, and we had a nice conversation. Her name is Tamara. I invited her to come to our table for a drink with us."

I guess the look on my face revealed my reaction as she smiled and added, "I thought you would like that."

"Wow," I said finishing her wine, "And the martini?" I asked pointing at it with the now empty glass.

"Oh, well when I came out, I went to the bar the long way so that I could walk through and people watch." She sipped her drink and continued her story, leaving out that it was far more likely done so that people could watch her.

"Tamara was sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. She stopped me as I walked by and I sat down next to her. She introduced me to him. His name is Josh." She paused to sip her drink and make me wait. "Josh made one of these martinis for Tamara and I. He makes it with orange-infused vodka. I liked it so much that I ordered two more. He's making them for us now."

I was impressed by her boldness and told her so. My eyes went back to her open cleavage, and I could just make out the edges of her right areola under the black cloth. "So, where is your bra?" I asked, grinning like a naughty schoolboy.

She gave me a wicked grin and giggled softly. "It's in my purse. I took it off when I was peeing." Then, with a slight look of concern, she asked, "Is that ok?"

I nodded reassuringly, "More than ok," I whispered, "It's fucking hot." That seemed to make her happy, and she kissed me excitedly. I slid my hand up her thigh and brushed her pussy and felt bare flesh that was dripping wet. 

I started to ask her where her panties were, but I saw her gaze directed over my shoulder and she sat upright. I turned to look where she was staring and saw the singer Tamara walking in our direction carrying one of the orange martinis and immediately behind her was Josh, the bartender, with two more. They walked directly to our table, and I stood up. Jenny introduced me to Tamara, and we invited her to sit with us. I was more than a little tongue-tied. She was stunningly beautiful up close.

I sat again as Josh placed the two martinis on the table in front of Jenny and I. As he did, Jenny leaned forward, giving Josh an obvious view of both of her bare breasts. He lingered, leaning over the table for a brief moment to enjoy the view. My eyes went from Jenny's breasts to Tamara's face. She was looking at me and gave me a knowing smile, having watched Jenny's action and Josh's reaction.

Josh went back to his duties, and the three of us made small talk. It was awkward at first, mostly Jenny and I praising Tamara's singing voice and talent, not to mention her looks. The conversation gradually became more natural and comfortable. She and Jenny seemed to get along wonderfully well. We explained about our monthly weekend off from the kids, which she thought was a great idea. 

Tamara told us that she is a single mother of a three-year-old girl and how her parents looked after her daughter while she performed. She also explained that she did several performances throughout the week at different places, some of which we recognized. 

Josh appeared a few minutes later with a fresh round of martinis. The ladies seemed very pleased with his thoughtfulness, and Jenny gave him a prolonged view, deliberately adjusting her open dress for maximum viewing while he watched. I was surprised by her blatant exposure and realized that she must be feeling the effects of so much alcohol in such a short period. 

Tamara jokingly asked him if he was trying to get the ladies drunk and take advantage of them. He laughed and replied, "Don't you know it." He gave Jenny a wink and went back to work. When he left, Tamara took a sip from her martini, staring intently at Jenny.

"I love the way your dress fits you," she spoke seductively. Jenny blushed and thanked her, then fanned her face with the menu. Things got a little awkward again, for a few minutes. I broke the tension with a few jokes, which the ladies seemed to appreciate. 

"Well, thank you for the drinks," Tamara began, as she slipped out of the booth and stood, "but, I have to go do my next set. I'm playing a gig at another club later tonight. You guys should swing by. Josh may even be there." She stressed the word swing in a way that made my cock twitch. She opened her clutch purse and pulled out a card, reaching past me to hand it to Jenny with a wink.

She brushed her hand down my arm as she turned and went back to the bar. I let out a sigh as I watched her walk away. I turned back to Jenny, and she was looking at the card. On the front was a very revealing photograph of Tamara, and on the back, it had a weekly schedule of appearances, including where she would be playing later tonight. 

"I think she thinks we're swingers," I said to Jenny as I leaned closer to look at the card.

"Yeah," Jenny said as her hand gripped my cock again. "Are we?" she asked squeezing it.

My mouth was immediately bone dry. We had joked about swinging frequently, and the topic had played a recurring role in our sexual fantasies. We often talked about taking our showing off game to naughty extremes. It had always gotten us both very turned on and contributed to many intense sessions of sex. But, it was only fantasy. That made it fun, and safe. The thought of actually doing something with other people was nearly terrifying, and I was not ready to cross that bridge in the real world, with total strangers.

I said as much to Jenny, who nodded her agreement, but she seemed a little disappointed, a little less excited than she had been moments before. She gave my cock another gentle squeeze and whispered in my ear, "Your cock doesn't agree."

Josh appeared again and took our dinner orders. I noticed that Jenny didn't lean forward or do anything provocative this time. She smiled politely but didn't seem her flirtatious self. It was my turn to use the restroom, and I kissed her, then went in search of a urinal. When I returned a few minutes later, the appetizers had arrived along with glasses of water instead of martinis. 

I gave Jenny a loving smile as I approached and she smiled back almost nervously. I looked at her cleavage and was surprised and disappointed to see she had buttoned it back. I wasn't sure exactly why, but I got the definite feeling that I had somehow spoiled the fun and our naughty playtime was over.

We made small talk as we nibbled at the appetizer. Then our main dishes arrived, and we chatted while we ate. We're both foodies, and the fare at this restaurant was fantastic. We took turns trying each other's dishes and stealing from each other's plate. After a few minutes, the mood seemed to lighten, but her dress remained buttoned, and she made no attempt to tease either Josh or me.

After a busboy cleared our plates away, Josh appeared asking if we wanted dessert. Jenny spoke first.

"I think we're going to call it a night," she said with a slight smile. I was surprised as I had hoped she would want to flirt and tease more. We paid the bill and left, waiting in silence for the valet to retrieve our SUV. When it arrived, we got in, and I exited the parking lot, turning toward the dance-club. 

Jenny spoke up again, "I'm feeling kind of tired. Can we just go home?" Now, I knew for sure I had done something wrong. I nodded and started the 30-minute drive home in an awkward silence.

After a couple of minutes of watching Jenny staring out the passenger window, I couldn't take it any longer and pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and stopped the car.

"What are we doing?" Jenny asked, wondering why we had stopped.

"Somethings wrong, and I want to know what," I stated directly.

"Nothings wrong," she responded, with a hint of irritation in her voice, then added, "Can we go home?"

I knew her well enough to know that was a lie. I spoke softly, and took her hand, "Baby, I can tell something is bothering you. Did I hurt your feelings or say something insensitive?"

She stared at me with a mixture of sadness and anger. After a couple of minutes, I felt her body relax, and her expression softened somewhat. She took a deep breath, then blurted out, "You think I'm a slut."

"What?" I exclaimed, almost shouting.

"You think I'm a slut," she repeated, then continued, more determined, "First, you didn't like it when I came back with no bra on, and you didn't like it when I let Josh see my boobs."

"Oh my god, honey," I began, pausing to kiss her hand, "that's like the opposite of the truth. I loved it when you came back with no bra and even more when you showed off your tits. It was so fucking hot!"

She seemed to soften a bit more and managed a little smile, "Well, then you seemed not to like it when Tamara implied we were swingers and when I joked about it, you got mad and lectured me."

"Woah!" I protested, "I wasn't lecturing you. I was just surprised by your question. I didn't think you were suggesting we start swinging. I mean, showing off and teasing is fun and all, but I'm not ready to seriously consider sharing you with other men." 

"I was only joking around like we do at home. I wasn't serious. I thought you would play along, but instead, you seemed to get mad. So, it made me feel like you thought I was a slut."

"God, baby," I replied, trying to reassure her, "no way do I think you're a slut. Hell, I wouldn't think that even if we did swing. I love playing around and watching you show off. You know that. I guess I was just taken aback by Tamara's innuendo and I got nervous. I'm not sure I'm ready or even interested in going that far. I like how it turns you on so that I get to benefit from your being horny, not some other dude."

She laughed softly, "I was just kidding, and I know its only fantasy. It's our game, baby. I had no intention of actually going through with anything with anyone but you."

I leaned across the console and kissed her softly. "I'm sorry, honey. Are we ok now?"

She responded to my kiss then whispered, "We are now."

I put the SUV into drive and exited the parking lot, turning towards home. Then, on impulse, I blurted out, "You know, we could go by and see Tamara's later show. She said Josh might be there."

"We could," she agreed, "but, remember it is only our game. Don't get upset if I flirt." 

"Hell, I want you to flirt," I said instantly.

"Good, I want to flirt," she responded, just as quickly.

I watched her with quick glances as she turned on the map light and fished Tamara's card out of her bag. She read it, then let out a sigh. "Oh, well, never mind," she said, sounding disappointed.

"Why?" I asked, "Something wrong?"

She answered, softly, "Her show is at a late-night club near downtown and doesn't start until midnight. It's not even nine yet. If we go home, I don't think we'll want to get out of bed to drive all the way down there. I'd rather just fuck."

The idea of taking my wife home and fucking her made my cock hard again. While the thought was very appealing, this was our kids-free weekend, and I was determined to make it as fun as possible. An idea was percolating in my devious brain, and I offered a suggestion.

"You know," I began, speaking in a playful tone, "there is something we could do near the club she's at that could fill up the time. It's something we've talked about doing, but we never really took it seriously or had a reason to drive all the way down there to try out."

She leaned across the console, and her hand moved onto my lap, searching for my cock. She found it and let out a soft moan as she squeezed it. "Oh, what's that?" she asked even more playfully than me.

"That's my cock," I said, chuckling.

"No, that's my cock," she corrected me, "but, I meant what's your idea to fill the time?"

I knew that's what she meant, but couldn't resist the obvious joke. 

"Well, we could go to that adult theater and see what it's all about. It is Friday, and if I remember correctly, Friday is a couples-only night. We might be able to get some good people watching in, and maybe you can show off a little?"

She turned off the map light and didn't respond. I couldn't tell what she was thinking or how she had taken my suggestion. Fearing she was going to say no, I quickly added, "and if nothing else, we can at least watch some hot porn and fuck."

"Ok, I'm sold," she said, laughing and folded the console upright to slide into the center seat next to me, snuggling close for the long drive downtown. 

For part of the drive down, Jenny was playing with my cock through my pants. She wanted to pull it out and suck me, but I'd had a few cocktails, and we were doing 70-mph on a busy freeway. I wouldn't let her. In response, she decided to tease me. Jenny leaned against the passenger door, turning so that her pussy was facing me and pulled her dress up so I could watch her masturbate. 

Now, knowing that the idea of swinging was just our sexy game, I knew that anything we said was strictly fantasy. That almost made anything fair game in my mind. So, I started talking to Jenny about the earlier events.

"You looked so fucking sexy with your dress open and no bra on," I said as I kept peeking at her as she touched herself. She was rubbing her pussy slowly but didn't respond.

"I almost came in my pants when you pulled the top open to show him your tits," I said in a half-moan, half-whisper. 

I heard her moan in response.

"Tamara liked seeing them too," I added, which was met with another, louder moan.

"Did you like Josh looking at them," I asked, knowing the answer. I just wanted her to say it.

There was another slight moan, and I could see her hips were grinding, her ass lifting off the leather seat. She didn't answer.

"Did you like it?" I asked again, more forcefully.

"Yes," came her answer faintly, followed by more moaning.

"Good," I replied, then I asked her more, "Did you want him to touch them?"

She gasped softly and made no more sound. I waited.

"Did you want him to touch them?" I asked again, firmly.

There was a brief silence, then she asked me, "Baby, you're still just playing the game right?"

"Of course," I replied immediately. I wanted to make sure it was clear, and there was no confusion, "it is only the game. It is only fantasy, just play along and know it is only the game."

I heard her let out a sigh, then "Ok."

I started to ask her again, "Did you want him," but she interrupted me with a loud and definitive, "Yes!"

I glanced at her and saw her legs pull up, and she curled onto her side, hips grinding hard. She was moaning loudly and continuously, then let out a wail as she came. In the middle of her orgasm she moaned out, "I want Josh to touch them."

After her orgasm subsided, she slid back over next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. I took her hand in mine and raised it to my mouth, licking and sucking her juices off. 

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too," I said, then kissed her softly, briefly swerving the SUV halfway into the next lane.

"Concentrate on driving!" she scolded me, then sat still and silent. After a few minutes, she turned the radio onto a Jazz station, and we passed the rest of the drive without talking or playing.

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