Sunday, 27 May 2018

Jen's Birthday Pt. 03

Jen texted Jill the day after Jen and Jack had spent that incredible night with Jeff and Jill. 

"We had such a good time the other night! Can hardly wait to see you both again. xoxoxox" 

A few moments later Jen had Jill's response. 

"Us too. We have hardly stopped talking about it. Let's get together again soon. xxxxx" 

Unfortunately arranging a get together again proved difficult with work and family commitments. Nearly two months went by and despite several attempts to arrange another tryst with Jeff and Jill they had not managed to make it happen. Jen was again becoming frustrated. Her sex drive was greater than she had ever experienced. Even though she and Jack made love several times a week she found that her clit was tingly and ached for attention nearly all the time and particularly when she let her mind wander to Jeff and Jill. The fact that she rarely found time to masturbate added to her frustration. 

Jen typically worked until 3 o'clock and then picked up the girls from school and brought them to some after school activity or another, but on this particular Friday the girls had gone over their friend's house for a playdate and she did not have to pick them up until 5:30. So Jen found herself sitting alone in her kitchen at 3:15 sipping a cup of tea. She wished Jack could have managed to get out of work early so he could fuck her, but he was not likely to get home before 5 at the earliest she figured. That would not provide them enough time to have sex before she had to go get the girls she calculated. She needed a good hard fuck she thought, or at least someone to lick her clit with wild abandoned. 

She let her mind linger on that possibility for a few seconds. Yes, a good pussy licking is what she needed she mused, as she squirmed a little in her chair. She considered who she wanted to lick her. First, she thought of Jack, but her mind traveled quickly to Jill. Oh how amazing it would be if Jill were here right now she thought. She'd probably kiss me and rub her gorgeous soft tits against me. And then she would ravage me with her tongue and make me cum over and over again in her mouth Jen fantasized. Jen decided to go upstairs and masturbate. I have plenty of time for that she thought. 

When she arrived in her bedroom upstairs she closed the door, quickly stripped out of her clothes, and settled into the arm chair by the window near the foot of their king size bed. The afternoon sun was shining brightly through the window and felt like a warm embrace on her naked body. She began lightly playing with her nipples and spread her legs. Yes, if Jill were here she would take care of my needs she thought. 

And then she thought, I want to be sexier for Jill. I want her to want to devour me. And Jen quickly rose and walked to her closet and began searching through her small collection of "sexy" shoes. After a short deliberation she decided Jill might like to see her in her black strappy 2 ½ inch heeled sandals and she put them on. She paused briefly in front of the full length mirror on the opposite closet door and made a quick appraisal - yes, she thought, looking at her erect nipples poking out from her small breasts, her swollen pink pussy lips emerging from her blond pubic hair, her long legs, and sexy shoes, Jill would definitely want to fuck me. She felt very sexy. Jen spun around and retrieved her large dildo and her favorite vibrator from her bedside table before returning to her arm chair. 

Again the warm sun pouring through the window felt wonderful and she again played with her nipples and thought about Jill. She ached to see Jill's lovely soft round breasts. Jen thought about how amazing they would feel pressed up against her skin. She wanted desperately to suck on them. Jill's breasts were so sexy and wonderful she thought. They were not large by any measure, perhaps the size of large peaches Jen considered, but they were so much larger than her own breasts and sooo soft. 

Jen felt a little dizzy with excitement and began rubbing her pussy and clit softly as she imagined Jill rubbing her tits against her. Then Jen inserted the large dildo into her very wet cunt and imagined Jill fucking her with it. Next she turned the vibrator on and began swirling it around her clit as she visualized Jill licking her while she fucked her with the dildo. She pictured Jill's tits swaying and jiggling as she licked and fucked her. Then suddenly Jen thought how hot it would be if someone was also licking Jill's cunt from behind, causing Jill to writhe and moan while she licked at her cunt. First she pictured Jeff behind Jill probing her with his tongue, but that image quickly gave way and an image of her friend Stacey on all fours behind Jill. 

Jen and Jack had often fantasized about fucking Stacey and her husband John, but Jen had never incorporated her into her masturbation activities. The thought of Stacey's naked body behind Jill while Jill licked her drove her to new heights of arousal, and quickly. She pictured Stacey's large pendulous tits swaying beneath her as she expertly licked Jill's cunt. Jen first pictured Stacey completely naked, but now she let the image form in her mind of Stacey wearing thigh high stockings, a sexy lace garter belt and red stiletto heels and she careened toward her orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her legs stiffened and her cunt clamped down on the dildo while her toes curled inside her sexy sandals. 

Jen was surprised how fast she had come as she turned off the vibrator. The idea of Jill and Stacey together had been so erotic. Other than her recent experiences with Jill, Jen had never truly made love to another woman. The experience had been so amazing she was now crossing into new territory in her masturbatory fantasies. She had long acknowledged in intimate moments with Jack that she found Stacey attractive. Who wouldn't she thought - her voluptuous curves, curly red hair, pretty face, sultry lips... And Jill and Stacey together, now that was one hot scenario. She puzzled why it had taken so long to work its way into her brain. 

Jen began to think of some of the raunchy possibilities. She's love to fondle and suck on Stacey's breasts she thought. Maybe she and Jill could do it together, each of them sucking one of her nipples. Jen began slowly working the dildo that was still in her cunt. 

Then it struck her that Stacey was breast feeding, her tits were filled with milk! The thought of her and Jill simultaneously sucking milk from Stacey's ample breasts sent Jen climbing toward another orgasm and she dropped the vibrator on the floor and she slid two fingers down her cunt on either side of the dildo she was now vigorously pumping in and out of her cunt. She moved her fingers to her clit and started rubbing it, lightly at first and then with more pressure. She closed her eyes and threw her head back and tried to picture the seen. Just as she had formed the beautiful vision of herself, Jill, and Stacey in her head she was wrenched away when she suddenly she heard the door swing open. 

She nearly leapt from the chair in a fright, but quickly began to relax when she saw Jack enter the room. 

Jack stopped in his tracks and was staring at the sexy spectacle before him. In her surprise Jen had closed her legs and moved her right hand up to cover her breasts. He could see her long sexy legs and the high heeled sandals she was wearing. The sun shined brilliantly on her slightly sweaty skin. She relaxed and let her hand drop and let her legs part. Now Jack could see her other hand was holding the end of a dildo still lodged deep in her cunt. 

"Fuck! I did not expect you home so early." Jen panted. 

"Wow! You look amazingly hot!" Jack blurted out. 

"Don't just stand there. Come help a girl out!" Jen retorted as she began to fuck herself again with the dildo. 

Jack moved closer and began to undress. Soon he was naked and stroking his hard cock as he approached her. Jen was back to fucking herself vigorously with her dildo and rubbing her clit. When Jack reached her he kissed her deeply on the mouth. 

Breaking off the kiss Jack asked, "What were you thinking about that got you in such a state?" 

"I was fantasizing about being with both Jill and Stacey! I was thinking about how hot it would be for Jill and I to suck milk from Stacey's huge tits!!", Jen panted. 

"Fuck, that is really hot!" 

"I want you to fuck my mouth while I finish this orgasm! I want you to cum all over me as I fantasize about Stacey and Jill rubbing their breasts all over me!!" 

Jack moved forward and shoved his cock into Jen's waiting mouth and he began thrusting it in and out of her. He then reach down and began fondling his beautiful wife's tiny tits as he watched her masturbate. After Jen had sucked him deep into her mouth she released him as she quickened the pace of her fingers rubbing her clit. Jack stroked his now wet slippery cock and pushed the bulbous head in and out of Jen's mouth as he too thought about Jen, Jill, and Stacey's hot naked bodies touching each other and he could feel is orgasm building. Then suddenly Jen threw her head back and screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm over took her. 

"Cum on me!" she screamed. "Cum all over Stacey and Jill's tits!" 

Jack lost control and long jets of cum sprayed from his cock all over Jen's face and chest. Then Jen pulled her head forward and took Jack's still spasming cock into her mouth allowing him to finish his orgasm on her swirling tongue. 

When she had sucked all the cum from his cock she pulled it from her mouth and said, "that was fucking hot! I am glad you came home early." 

"Me too!" 

"I got so hot thinking about Jill I decided to masturbate. And then I managed to get myself really worked up by adding Stacey into the mix." 

"Very hot indeed! I guess we should try and arrange another get together with Jill and Jeff." 

"I'd like that very much!" Jen sighed just as Jack leaned in and kissed her cum covered mouth. 

Jen had another 30 minutes before she had to leave to pick up the girls so she kicked off her heels and grabbed her cell phone from the pocket of her pants on the floor. While Jack fetched her a towel she pounded out a text to Jill. 

"We are desirous to see you guys! Are you free this weekend or next?" 

A few moments later as she wiped Jack's cum from her face and chest her phone dinged and she grabbed for it. 

"My sister and her family are visiting for the next two weeks. Maybe the weekend of the 27th? Xoxox" 

Shit, that is when Jack is going to away on that work trip. 

"Jack is away that weekend." 

"Shoot! Let's definitely make it happen next month." 

Jen resolved to have a hard look at her calendar later that night after the girls had gone to bed and she threw her sexy sandals back into their spot on the shoe rack that hung from the back of her closet door and got dressed. 

"I'm going to get the girls. They are having a play date with the McKenney's", Jen explained. 

"Ok, I'll get dinner started. I love you!" 

"I love you too" Jen responded as he kissed him. 

Later that evening, after dinner, homework, and some family time reading books, and while Jack was settling the girls into their beds, Jen settled herself into her bed with her laptop and began mapping out potential weekends when they might be able to rendezvous with Jill and Jeff again. She wanted at least a two day window she thought, but as she looked through the calendar she was struggling to find any options that would work. Many of the weekends were taken up with sports or social events for the girls or other family commitments. Finally she spied a weekend at the end of the next month that fell between the girls' basketball and lacrosse seasons. Maybe I can get my parents to watch the girls that weekend Jen mused. She quickly rattled off a text with the dates to Jill. Five minutes later her plan unraveled as her phone dinged and she learned that Jill and Jeff had their son's baseball tournament that weekend. 

A few more frustrating months passed by, but Jen was more determined than ever. Finally, she hatched a plan. The couples would spend a long weekend together for Jen's next birthday, now only about two months away. She texted Jill the idea and all but insisted that Jeff and Jill clear their calendar for a long day weekend. They eagerly accepted and made the necessary arrangements for the kids to have a vacation with their grandparents. 

Much to their surprise two weeks later Jen texted Jill that Stacey and John would also be joining them for her birthday weekend. Both Jeff and Jill were surprised at the addition of Stacey and John to the party, but they were also terribly aroused by the prospect. At first they were a bit disappointed they would not have Jen and Jack to themselves. Their long relationship with Jen and Jack made their new sexual relationship with them feel very comfortable and safe. How would the dynamic change by adding a new couple? But the erotic possibilities of adding another couple to their tryst quickly overtook any misgivings. 

Jen arranged a centrally located rental condo for the three couples to celebrate her birthday. With everyone's consent Jen had arranged the entire affair and instructed everyone to arrive late Thursday afternoon and that we would go to an early dinner and then play some fun games. 

The couples drove up separately with great anticipation. Jen and Jack were already there when Jeff and Jill arrived. Jen met them at the door and she was already dressed for dinner. She was wearing a brown, red and yellow flower print dress with thin shoulder straps that came to just above her knees. It was clear she was not wearing a bra and her hard nipples could easily be seen through the thin fabric. On her feet she wore a pair of open toed sandals with 3 inch heels. She greeted them affectionately with hugs and invited them inside. Jeff hugged her pulling her against his chest. He ached to feel her small breasts pressing against him. Inside Jack met them with hugs and handshakes and he was dressed for dinner as well in a sport coat and slacks. He poured them a couple of glasses of wine and they broke into easy conversation mostly about the children recently left with grandparents. 

Several minutes later John and Stacey arrived. Stacey's large breasts were greatly accentuated by the tight and low cut top she was wearing. Jen felt a little dizzy as she let her eyes trail down her cleavage and settle on Stacey's nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse. 

After a glass of wine and some casual conversation Jen suggested everyone change for dinner and showed the other two couples their respective bedrooms. All three bedrooms were located off the open living and dining room. Two of the bedrooms had queen-sized beds and the other a king. 

Once they had freshened up and dressed for dinner the three couples met in the dining room for another glass of wine. Jeff, Jack and John were weak kneed looking at the stunningly sexy women. Stacey wore a low cut green dress which displayed a significant amount of cleavage. The dress came to her knees and clung to her large round ass and her legs clad in dark silky stockings. Her sexy form was completed with a pair of 4 inch dark green pumps. 

Jill wore a short low cut black dress of thin silky material that came half way down her thigh. As Jen had insisted, she wore no bra or underwear. The material hugged her bare breasts and her hard nipples pressed against the fabric allowing observers to clearly see the shape of her beautiful tits. The round curves of her sexy ass were easily discernible underneath the sheer material. Accentuating her long sexy legs she wore some strappy black 2 inch heels. 

After a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant where the couples chatted and playfully flirted, they returned to the condo. Over another glass of wine Jen began to reveal a game she had in mind for that evening. 

She displayed a short stack of cards and explained that each card had a number that corresponded to each of the bedrooms. She told everyone they were to pick a card and retire to that room for an evening of fun with the other occupants of that room. Except for Jack, who was apparently in on the game, all were quite surprised, but at the same time very turned on by the prospect. With agonizing anticipation everyone selected a card. It was quickly discovered that the selected cards only contained the number of two of the rooms (2 and 3). Each person read their assigned number and displayed them to the rest of the group. Stacey, Jill, and Jack had selected a 3 and Jen, John, and Jeff had selected a 2. Dizzy with excitement they all proceeded to the assigned room and closed the door. 

Jen quickly turned after entering the room and kissed Jeff and John hard. 

Then she said, "I have been fantasizing about this for a long time" and kissed them again allowing her hands to travel down toward their hardening cocks. 

After caressing them through their slacks and making them all the more rigid. She dropped to her knees and unzipped their pants and pulled out both of their cocks. Looking at them hungrily she stroked and caressed them. Both men were looking down at her and could see the insatiable look in her eyes. As she leaned closer to their throbbing cocks both Jeff and John gained a great view down the front of her dress and could see her heaving chest as she panted with excitement. Her small hard nipples were clearly in view as she leaned forward and licked the tip of each cock and they could see the roundness of her ass stretching against her dress and the bottom of her sexy feet stretching forward in her sexy sandals. She alternately stroked each of them and lightly caressed their balls. 

Both men could barely stand given the state of their arousal. Jen began to stroke the entire length of John's large cock with one hand while she caressed Jeff's balls with the other. Soon a large drop of slippery fluid began oozing from the tip of John's cock. Seemingly satisfied with the accomplishment, Jen switched to stroking Jeff's cock, while she tickled the underside of John's balls. Her efforts were soon rewarded and a large drop of pre-cum also emerged from the tip of Jeff's cock. Very subtly licking her lips in a trance like state she pulled hard and slow on both cocks trying to release as much of the slippery fluid from them as possible. 

She pulled their cocks close until they were just about touching. Both of their cocks tingled with excitement. Neither man had ever been harder. Jen began rubbing each of the drippy cock tips against each other, mixing the large drops of slippery juice together and eventually coating each cock tip with the slick fluid. As she alternately rubbed them together and pulled them apart more oozed from them and caused the fluid to bridge the gap with stringy slippery lines of sexy cum. She then started flicking her tongue across the tips both cocks tasting the mixture, all the while stroking each cock harder in an effort to coax more fluid from them. Unable to wait any longer she began to take each cock into her mouth and savored the salty sexy taste. 

Meanwhile, in the adjacent room Jack, Jill, and Stacey were standing, still fully dressed, at the foot of the large king-sized bed embracing and kissing. At first Jack was alternately kissing each of the women on the lips and neck, while his hands caressed their asses and backs, but as the heat began to build, Jill and Stacey began to kiss each other's necks, very tentatively at first. Jack alternated between light gentle kisses and pushing his tongue in and out of each of their mouths and then he began softly caressing Jill's breasts through the thin fabric of her dress, which further hardened her nipples and caused them to strain against the nearly see through silky material. 

Jack was kissing Jill's neck and Stacey pressed her body against Jill's and kissed the back of her neck. Jill could feel Stacey's large soft breasts pressing against her arm and side and Jack slipped his hand from Jill's breast and moved it down her belly and slid it under the front of her dress, touching her inner thigh and sending waves of electric shivers through her body. Slowly he slid his hand up her leg and soon found her hairy wet cunt. He could feel the heat emanating from her and is cock was straining against his pants. Very lightly he slid two of his fingers across her very slippery and swollen lips and she gasped, moaned, and turned her head. Seizing the moment, Stacey began kissing Jill deeply on the mouth, thrusting her tongue in her mouth. 

While Jack pushed two of his fingers inside Jill, causing her legs to quiver and pulses of desire to shoot through her, Stacey unzipped the back of Jill's dress and pulled it off her shoulders, while continuing to kiss her passionately. Jill's dress began sliding down her very aroused body. The silky fabric slipped across Jill's very hard nipples until the dress finally it dropped straight to the floor. While Jill stepped out of the dress, now in a ball on the floor, Jack lowered his mouth to her breast and sucked gently on her nipple. 

Their kiss parted, Stacey unzipped her own dress and slipped it from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Standing in only a lacy bra, stockings, garter and her heels she leaned back in and kissed Jill's neck. Stacey's large breasts and hard nipples strained against the sheer fabric of her bra and wet circles were expanding around the hard nipples as milk leaked from her in her highly aroused state. 

Reaching behind her, Stacey unhitched her bra and pulling it off her shoulders let it fall to the floor. Her enormous round breasts with big pink nipples now swung heavily as she moved. Stacey pressed up against Jill and kissed her again on the mouth, while her hard wet nipples pressed against Jill's arm and left breast. Jack began alternately sucking on Jill and Stacey's nipples as he let his other hand travel up Stacey's thigh until he reached her beautiful hairy wet cunt. Milk began leaking out of both of Stacey's nipples and the sexy little drops ran down the soft underside of her breasts and onto Jill's arm. 

In the room next door Jen continued licking the two hard cocks in front of her. Her cunt was very wet and all the things she wanted Jeff and John to do to her were spinning through her head. She had fantasized about fucking two men at the same time for a long time. She had always assumed if it were to happen that one of the men would be Jack, but luck of the draw had him in the next room doing who knows what with Jill and Stacey. Having two hard cocks to play with that were not her husband's excited her even more it turned out. 

Jen stood, still holding a cock in each hand, and kissed both Jeff and John deeply, probing their mouths with her tongue. With her hot sexy body now within reach both men began caressing her. While Jeff felt her breasts and ass under her dress and swirled his tongue over hers, John dropped to his knees and began touching Jen's legs from her ankles up under her dress to her inner thighs. Eventually his fingers traveled to her dripping wet cunt, which on a whim she had shaved in anticipation of this weekend. 

Without any hair impeding his view, he could easily feel all the folds of her swollen and wet pussy lips. Her breathing quickened and she kissed Jeff even more passionately. John slid under her dress and began kissing his way up her inner thigh until his lips reached her cunt and he began licking her, softly at first and the more vigorously. No longer able to stand on her own given her level of arousal, Jeff held her in his arms while kissing her neck. Desperately wanting to see her sexy body, Jeff pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lowered her dress, exposing her breasts. They were little mounds with small and very hard pink nipples and she moaned loudly as Jeff alternatively took each nipple into his mouth and sucked. 

Having largely forgotten what might be going on in the next room, they were startled to hear load moans from the room next door. For a few seconds Jen, John, and Jeff froze and listened. Now quiet and focused on the happenings next door they heard the faint rhythmic squeaking of the bed and what was clearly Jill moaning and panting. Louder and louder they could hear her racing toward climax and they were each immensely turned on by the sound, all wondering what might be driving her to such intense levels of ecstasy. 

Next door, Jack was now completely naked and lying on the bed. Jill, wearing only her strappy heels, was riding Jack's large cock while facing the foot of the bed and his feet. Between her long splayed legs, where Jack's cock slid in and out of her slippery cunt, Stacey was on her hands and knees devouring her sex. Stacey's large breasts swung beneath her as she licked and sucked on Jill's clit. Jill was convulsing in what appeared to be a long continuous orgasm, her tits jiggling with every shudder of her body. Stacey's voluptuous body was wiggling with excitement as she continued to lick Jill's cunt and occasionally Jack's cock and balls, her voluptuous ass framed by her garter belt and stockings and her sexy pumps pointing off the bed. 

Their arousal now taken to a new level by the continuing sounds of Jill's orgasm from the other room, Jeff and John pulled Jen to the bed. They laid her on her back with her legs spread and her dress around her waist. John leaped onto the bed between Jen's legs and plunged his tongue inside her wet cunt. Jeff crawled up to the head of the bed and began kissing Jen on the mouth while lightly pinching her hard nipples. 

Jen was writhing in sexual excitement. Running through her head were all the fantasies she frequently had about fucking two men at once. Some she had intimately shared with Jack over the years, while others she had enjoyed by herself. She would often masturbate to the fantasy of two men fucking her at the same time. Sometimes she imagined a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time, but at other times she would picture having both cocks in her cunt pounding her hard until they both filled her with their cum. Occasionally she would use both her vibrator and the large dildo she kept in the bottom drawer of her bedside table to pleasure herself and would come to an incredibly intense orgasm. On a few occasions Jack had fucked her ass while she fucked her pussy with the giant dildo and she nearly lost consciousness her orgasm was so intense. 

Presently, she became fixated on the idea of having both Jeff and John's cocks inside her. She tried to relax and reminded herself that the six of them would be together for the entire long weekend and there was no need to rush. She became lost in the sensation of John licking her clit while Jeff sucked on her nipples. She could feel a wave building inside her. In addition to swirling his tongue on her clit, John inserted two fingers in her cunt and began to rub her g-spot. This additional stimulation caused the wave to begin to crest inside her and quickly the wave broke and washed over her entire body as she trembled in an intense orgasm. 

Jeff and John continued to lick her gently as her breathing gradually slowed. When her mind cleared enough to focus her attention on her lovers she pulled Jeff toward her into a position where his hard dripping cock was inches from her lips. She leaned forward and drew him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip of him while gently fondling his balls. John pulled himself up and placed the tip of his hard thick cock against her swollen and wet cunt lips. He gently pushed the large slippery head of his cock just past the entrance of her wet cunt. Jen was surprised how easily he was able penetrate her with his very thick cock and she found the feeling of him stretching her opening exceedingly arousing. She knew she must be very wet in order to have accommodated him so effortlessly. Just then he thrust the remaining length deep inside her and began fucking her hard as she wrapped her long sexy legs around him. His large cock fully penetrating her felt amazing and as she was fucked, she sucked more and more of Jeff's cock into her mouth and he began thrusting eagerly past her lips. 

Within minutes John was quickening his pace and was very close to cumming. Jeff reached down and slid two fingers along Jen's slippery lips that were parted around John's large hard penis. Sliding them to the top of her cunt he began rubbing her clit and she began to thrash around as the sensations overwhelmed her. John began thrusting inside her as deeply as he could reach and began grunting as streams of hot slippery cum flooded her cunt. After pulling his hard long slippery cock from her John collapsed on the bed next to Jen and began sucking on her breast. Jeff pulled his cock from her mouth and moved down her body getting between her sexy legs. 

In the pause in the action Jeff could now hear the bed in the next room squeaking again, which left him wondering what might now be happening next door. He could only imagine what Jill might be doing with Jack and Stacey. The thought of his beautiful wife engaging in hot sex with Jack and Stacey was driving him wild with desire. He ached to see her and touch her. Looking down at Jen's cunt he could see her wet swollen lips slick with John's cum. He pressed the head of his cock against her opening and wiped the slippery juices all over the sensitive tip. 

Next door, Jill lay on the bed with Stacey on top of her in a 69 position, both eagerly licking each other's clits. Jack was behind Stacey fucking her while he squeezed her full round ass. Stacey and Jill's breasts jiggled and bounced with each of Jack's thrusts. Jack's long hard cock fucking her and Jill's tongue on her clit were quickly driving Stacey toward an orgasm. She could hardly keep her tongue in contact with Jill's pussy. She could feel the milk spontaneously squirting from her heavy breasts all over Jill stomach as her orgasm reached her. 

Just as Jeff pushed the full length of his cock into Jen's very slippery cunt, Stacey's orgasmic screams could be heard echoing through the condo. As he slipped his cock in and out cum oozed out of Jen and coated his balls and dripped down Jen's ass wetting the bed cover. Building toward his own climax, Jeff continued to thrust the full length of his cock in and out of Jen. 

But before he could get there Jen remembered one of her fantasies and begged him, "spin me over and fuck my ass while I suck on John's cock!" 

Spinning her over onto all fours with her dress still disheveled around her waist, Jeff began fucking her wet slippery cunt from behind, coating his cock with John and her juices. Then he pulled it out and placed the slippery head against her beautiful pink asshole, smearing their cum all over it. Then he thrust it back into her cunt to gather more lubrication on his cock and then pulled it out and pressed the very slick head of his cock into Jen's ass. While he waited for her to get use to his girth he caressed her long sexy legs and feet, which were still clad in her sexy sandals. 

John slid beneath her and began pinching her nipples. She was squirming with anticipation and moaning loudly and Jeff began pushing the full length of his cock into her ass. She moaned deeply in approval. Now able to slide in and out of her easily Jeff commenced fucking her in a steady slow rhythm. She drew John's still hard cock into her mouth and she could feel another orgasm quickly building as Jeff's cock was sliding in and out of her slick ass. 

In the adjacent room, Jack continued to fuck Stacey from behind. With Stacey's clit too sensitive at the moment for Jill's attentions following her orgasm, Jill had slid back underneath Stacey's cunt and began licking Jack's balls and reaching back with her hands she caressed his muscular butt as he thrust his cock in and out of Stacey. This was quickly more than Jack could stand and he began grunting loudly as he squirted his cum deep inside Stacey's cunt. After a few more thrusts he pulled his long, hard, and slick cock from Stacey and slid it into Jill's waiting mouth, releasing the last of his cum on her tongue. 

Jill greedily sucked the juices from his cock and teased the now supersensitive tip with her tongue. Satisfied that she had gotten all the cum from his cock, Jill released it and focused her attention on gently licking the folds of Stacey's sexy cunt where large drops of Jack's slippery hot cum were forming. Stacey began to squirm once again and her clit throbbed with excitement as Jill's tongue swirled around her very wet pussy. 

Meanwhile, despite squirming with excitement, Jen was managing to suck on John's still hard cock while caressing his balls. She could smell and taste herself on his cock. John slid his body around so he could reach Jen's sex and began rubbing two fingers around Jen's slippery clit and Jen immediately began to shake and scream as electric shock waves ran through her body. This was too much for Jeff and he began squirting cum deep inside her. Jen collapsed on her belly with Jeff still deep in her ass, her muscles contracting and gently squeezing the remaining cum from Jeff's cock, who lay on top of her softly kissing her neck and trying to regain his breath. With their lust quieted they could now hear the bed next door squeaking very loudly and moans of pleasure. 

Next door, Jill continued to suck and lick on Stacey's cunt and clit. Her rising excitement drove Stacey to focus again on bringing Jill to an orgasm and she began sliding her tongue up and down the length of Jill's cunt and every so often she would plunge her tongue inside Jill's pussy as deeply as she could. While the women licked and sucked on each other's wet cunts with increasing abandon, Jack placed his now semi-hard cock back inside Stacey's cunt and began fucking her anew. Soon Stacey began to focus her attention on Jill's clit and continuously flicked her tongue across it, all the while caressing Jill's long beautiful legs which were splayed out in front of her. Jack's cock was again reaching full hardness as it slide in and out of Stacey's very wet cunt. Sliding his cock from her he moved to the other end of the bed and slide the big hard cockhead into Jill's slippery wet cunt as Stacey lapped at her clit. 

Jill's orgasm began to build quickly with Jack's cock began pistoning in and out of her and Stacey focused relentlessly on her clit. Before long waves of pleasure pulsed through her body and she quivered and shook, her cunt muscles contracting around Jack's hard throbbing cock while he thrust in and out of her as hard as he could. Just as Jill's orgasm began to subside Jack's cock exploded once again and she could feel the hot jets of cum filling her. 

Next door, Jeff, Jen, and John lay in a heap of tangled bodies catching their breaths and listening to the sounds of sex emanating from the next room. Once the sounds next door had eased, Jeff rose and kissed Jen deeply on the mouth. He then excused himself and said he was going to his and Jill's empty room next door to shower. Picking up his clothes that were strewn across the floor he walked to his room, which thus far had not seen any of their sexual exploits. Once there he dropped his clothes and entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stepping in to the shower he let the hot water pour over his body and slowly washed himself. 

As he rinsed himself clean his thoughts were fixed on what Jill must have experienced that evening. His mind whirled through all sorts of tantalizing possibilities. As he toweled off he wondered when she might return to him - what was she doing now? He was not sure he could bear it much longer and he contemplated going to find her, or at least going to the door of that bedroom to listen or perhaps even sneak a peek. But just then he heard the door to their room open and as he emerged from the bathroom she entered. She wore her dress and heels as she had earlier in the evening, but the dress was a bit disheveled and her hair was tousled. She looked absolutely stunning. They met in a long embrace and kissed deeply. 

Their lips parting, "I love you" he said. 

"I love you too". 

He led her to the bed and they sat on the edge of it and kissed again, more softly this time, and he caressed her from her neck to her calf. 

"I can hardly wait - I want to hear every detail", Jeff said. 

Bending forward, Jill unclasped the straps on the back of her heels and kicked them off. She stood and pulled the dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor leaving her body completely bare for him to feast his eyes on. Her nipples were very hard and jutted out and her skin was flushed pink. She considered taking a shower herself, but then decided Jeff would appreciate a chance to experience her sodden cunt. Then she turned toward their suitcase opened on the floor and bent over, showing him her beautiful sexy ass. As she reached into the suitcase and pulled out one of his flannel shirts he gained an excellent view of her cunt. Her labia and vulva were engorged and a deeper pink than normal and glistened with moisture. Standing upright Jill slide into the flannel shirt and turned back toward Jeff. Several of the upper buttons remained undone and through the opening Jeff could see glimpses the soft curves of her breasts. Jill crawled into bed and pulled Jeff down next to her and they began kissing each other with soft gentle licks with their tongues. 

After a few minutes of kissing and gentle fondling Jeff said, "I want to hear all about it, what happened?!", his cock throbbing with arousal. 

Jill began to tell him what happened when she, Jack and Stacey had entered the bedroom a couple of hours previously. "At first it was a bit awkward as we all tentatively stood there, unsure of what to do," she said. "But Stacey quickly took charge, first grabbing my hand and then Jack's, she then drew all three of us closer together and began kissing Jack", Jill seductively whispered into Jeff's ear as her fingers made their way up his inner thigh. 

"After a few soft kisses she began thrusting her tongue into Jack's mouth, while she pulled me even closer to them", Jill panted in Jeff's ear as she began to tickle his balls. 

"Then Jack turned and kissed me on the neck and then my lips, while Stacey pressed her large soft breasts against me", Jill breathed in Jeff's ear and ran the tips of her fingers up his cock. 

Just as electric waves pulsed through Jeff's body there was a knock on the door which caused them to freeze and instinctively pull the sheet over them. Before they could respond the door was pushed open and Jen stepped asking if it was alright if she came in. Jen was wearing only a thin silky chemise that was see-through enough that her pink nipples could easily be seen. Jill and Jeff recovered enough from the surprise to respond and the both said, "of course." 

Jen hopped into bed next to Jill and said, "great, you tired poor Jack out so much he was passed out when I got out of the shower." 

Jeff said, "Jill was just beginning to tell me about their adventures." 

"I was hoping Jack would fill me in, please do tell", encouraged Jen as she cozied up against Jill. 

Jill began retelling the earlier events and the temperature in the room seemed to rise with each word and Jen and Jeff began to squirm as Jill revealed more and more details. At first Jen and Jeff began caressing Jill's arms, shoulders and neck, but soon toes, feet and legs began to intertwine beneath the sheet that now lay draped over them from the waist down. Sitting up long enough to slide her chemise up over head and onto the floor, Jen pressed her now naked body up against Jill. And after slowly unbuttoning the remaining buttons on the flannel shirt Jill wore, she slid her hand under the soft fabric and began lightly squeezing Jill's breasts. Jill's nipples hardened as Jen's fingers slowly circled them one after the other. Meanwhile, Jill was simultaneously teasing Jeff's hard cock and the inside of Jen's thigh ever so gently with her fingers while continuing to tell her tale. By the time she arrived at the point in the account where she was mounting Jack's hard cock wearing nothing but her strappy heels, both Jen and Jeff were moaning with desire.

Jill described the feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of her and the vision of Stacey's nearly naked body seductively crawling toward them from the end of the bed, her large soft breasts swaying, milk dripping from her engorged nipples and her eyes filled with lust. 

"And she began hungrily licking at my clit and caressing Jack's balls as his hard cock thrust in and out of me", Jill moaned. "Electric explosions were ripping through my body! My tits were jiggling wildly and Jack grabbed both at once and squeezed them, his pace quickening." 

Jill felt the tip of Jeff's cock get very wet and slippery as a large droplet of pre-cum oozed from him to her fingers. And Jen grabbed Jill's hand, which was ever so lightly caressing her inner thigh, and pulled it to her pussy. Jill slide two fingers up and down the length of Jen's cunt and found that she was slippery wet with excitement. 

Jill moaned, "Stacey ran a finger down my slick and wet pussy lips touching where Jack's hard cock and I met. It felt electric to have her touching us like that while we fucked. Then she slid her finger across my asshole, which was slick with the juices emanating from my cunt. She swirled little circles around it, which quickly brought me to the brink. When she pushed her finger inside me the enormous wave that had been building inside me crashed and I orgasmed. I could feel my cunt spasming around Jack's thick cock. Stacey continued to lick me as I thrashed about on Jack and every time her lips and tongue touched my clit an electric shockwave would flash through my body." 

Jen leaned forward and drew Jill's hard nipple into her mouth and then kissed her on the mouth, sliding her tongue inside her. 

"That is so hot", Jen whispered. "I often fantasize about being licked like that while being fucked. I very much hope to make that fantasy a reality this weekend." 

Jeff asked, "What other fantasies are you hoping to experience this weekend?" 

Jen paused for a moment as she seemed to be debating how much she should share, but she was so aroused she felt emboldened to share her every fantasy, "I desperately want to be fucked by two cocks at the same time", she finally blurted out. "I want two cocks inside me at the same time! I often masturbate thinking about it and sometimes Jack fucks my ass while I fuck my cunt with a large dildo." 

"You want to have a cock in your ass and cunt at the same time?", Jill asked. 

"Yes! I want them to fuck me hard and spray their cum deep inside me!! Many times though I fanaticize about both cocks fucking my cunt. I frequently will watch a video that Jack and I downloaded that shows a women fucking two men at the same time. The finale when both men cum in her and all over each other drives me wild. Their white slippery cum is everywhere! While I watch it I fuck myself with my vibrator and dildo and I cum so hard." 

"Well, I am very interested in helping you make that fantasy a reality", Jeff proposed. 

Jill asked, "What other fantasies do you have?" 

With the cork out of the fantasy bottle and feeling so very excited, Jen went on, "I caught Jack masturbating to a video one night. He had his pants at his ankles sitting on the sofa watching a video on his laptop. I walked up behind him and he did not see me so I stayed very quiet and watched for several minutes. 

In the video he was watching three naked women were kissing and foundling each other's large breasts while lying on a bed. They then formed a triangle with each woman licking another's cunt while they moaned and writhed about. I became very wet and excited watching the women and Jack stroke his hard cock. Then the blond women moved up, grabbed her large tit and rubbed her hard nipple up and down the brunette women's cunt. The black women, whom the brunette had been licking, rotated around and let her large breasts hang in the face of brunette who was writhing as she got her cunt tit fucked. The brunette sucked hungrily on the black women's tits and began to grind her clit against the very their slippery nipple between her legs. The black women then began caressing the brunette's smaller breasts and pinching her nipples. Very quickly the brunette began to cum against the blonde's beautiful tit. I was weak kneed and could barely stand. And then I heard Jack moan, breaking my focus on the women on the screen, and when I looked down I saw streams of cum shooting from his cock as he stroked it feverishly. I snuck out of the room and went into my bedroom, stripped off my pants, lied down in my bed and began rubbing my clit and within minutes was convulsing in an orgasm." 

"Ever since then I often fantasized about making love to another women like that - having her rub her tit against my clit until I orgasm." 

"I think that is a very interesting idea", Jill whimpered. 

Jen reached down and slide her fingers across Jill's cunt, "Oh my, your pussy is so wet", Jen purred. 

"I am very turned on and my cunt is still full of Jack's cum", Jill panted. "I was keeping it all in there because I thought Jeff would like it. He often talks about wanting to fuck my cum-filled cunt." 

Jeff moaned and Jen gasped in excitement. 

"I just wish I could have watched him cum in you", Jeff said as he slid his hands down to Jill's cunt to feel it. 

He found Jen was finger fucking Jill with two of her fingers and slippery cum oozing out of her, covering her pussy lips. Jill pulled Jeff's cock toward her mouth and began licking and sucking it, while Jen and Jeff played with her cunt. 

"I want to taste Jack's cum inside of you", Jen panted as she began licking all around Jill's pussy, occasionally plunging her tongue inside her. 

Jill began moaning loudly as she sucked and stroked Jeff's cock. Then Jen focused on Jill's clit, licking and sucking on it while she finger fucked her slippery cunt. Within minutes Jill was cumming. She let go of Jeff's cock, her back arching as spasms of electricity ran through her as Jen's mouth remained locked on her cunt. Just as Jill's orgasm began to ebb, Jen quickly moved up the bed and straddled Jill's head, her pink and swollen pussy lips dripping wet with excitement. Reaching down in a frantic rush she pulled her pussy lips apart causing her swollen clit to jut out and she lowered her sex to Jill's still panting mouth. 

Nearly just as quickly, Jeff hauled around to the foot of the bed and positioned himself between Jill's long splayed legs. Just as Jill began to eagerly lick Jen's cunt he pushed the entire length of his cock into her sodden pussy and began fucking her deeply. Seconds later, Jen began to convulse as her own orgasm flooded Jill's mouth. This wildly erotic display pushed Jeff over the edge and he began filling Jill's cunt with his own cum in several long spasms. Collapsing in a heap, the three tried to catch their breath, while slowly kissing and caressing each other's sweaty bodies. 

Their lust quenched for the moment, they snuggled and gradually they drifted off to sleep.

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