Sunday, 27 May 2018

Jen's Birthday Pt. 02

Jen woke feeling a bit hungover following the several glasses of wine she had at the party the day before. She could feel Jack's breath on her neck and soon her skin tingled as he gently kissed the back of her neck.

Jen moaned, pushed back toward Jack and asked, "what time is it?"

"8 o'clock."

"The girls have basketball at 9", Jen reminded.

"I'll take them", Jack responded as he snuggled up close behind her. "Where's the game?"

"At the junior high."

As his body spooned her she felt his hard cock sliding against her ass. She began to tingle with excitement as he reached around and began caressing her nipples through the thin fabric of her chemise and continued to kiss the back of her neck.

After a few minutes of this their desire intensified and both were breathing heavily and pressing their bodies against each other. Jack then suddenly flipped Jen onto her stomach and slid on top of her. Encouraging him, Jen wiggled her sexy ass against Jack's cock and he quickly rubbed the head of his penis against her pussy before pushing it inside her.

"You are so fucking sexy!" Jack exclaimed as he felt Jen's wetness envelop him.

He fucked her hard and as deeply as could as he reached around and squeezed her small sensitive breasts.

Jen realized Jack was entirely focused on his own pleasure and she encouraged him, "Fill me with your cum!"

Jack's pace quickened and he fucked her with long deliberate strokes and within a few minutes he moaned, "I'm cumming!"

Jen could feel his hot cum filling her as he convulsed on top of him.

When Jack caught his breath he kissed her repeatedly on the back of her neck and the said, "I love you!" as he rolled off her.

"I love you too!"

Jack then swung his legs off the bed and made his way to his chest of drawers and began dressing. Before departing to take their daughters to basketball he returned to the bed and kissed Jen passionately.

"We'll be home about 11."

"Sounds good."

As Jen rolled onto her back and pulled the covers over her she could hear Jack encouraging the girls to get ready. A few minute later she heard their voices trail off as they marched down stairs for a quick breakfast before heading off to their basketball game.

As she lay there in the blissful quiet she began to focus on the tingling in her clit. She let her hands travel down her belly and along her inner thighs. As she slowly caressed herself she recalled the party the day before and how aroused she had become seeing and being near Jeff and Jill. It had been months since their amazing weekend together at the cottage and she longed to make love to them again.

She moved her left hand to her right breast and began caressing it as she let fingers of her right hand slide to her pussy and began lightly tracing the outer lips. And then she touched the bottom of her cunt and felt Jack's cum oozing from her. Gathering the slippery juices on her fingers she then began spreading it across her cunt.

She rarely had time to herself like this and she was enjoying slowly heightening her arousal. As she squeezed the small amount of soft flesh of her little breast and pinched her very erect and sensitive nipple she realized that the fog of her modest hangover from the wine at the party had been cleared by the sexual energy now pulsing through her.

Jen recalled how excited she had been to see Jeff and Jill at the party. It was so nice to see them. It had been six months since she and Jack had had that absolutely amazing sensual encounter with them at the cottage. Jen had felt a sense of relief that there had been no awkwardness and they had all fallenl right back into their relaxed and intimate friendship. To her it seemed the events at the cottage had made the two couples even closer. They had after all shared an immensely sensual experience together.

Jen began thinking of the events of that weekend. Her mind flashed to the white hot visual of Jill entering the room with her breasts covered in Jack's cum and she slid her fingers to her clit and began smearing Jack's cum on it. Slowly she rubbed her now very slippery and aroused clit.

Then the recollection of her licking Jeff and Jill as they fucked each other flashed in her head. What an amazingly intimate an act it had been she thought. She recalled how beautiful it was to watch, feel and taste them as they fucked. It occurred to her that she had never been more turned on in her entire life as she had been at that moment when she pulled Jeff's orgasming cock from Jill's pussy and taken it into her mouth.

All of these thoughts and her fingers swirling around her clit brought her current arousal to new heights and she began to devise scenarios where the couples might find a way to make love to each other again. Their lives were so busy with families and work that the two hour drive that they lived apart was proving to be a significant obstacle. As her images of the four of them together swirled through her head Jen promised herself she would find a way to make this happen. It was too beautiful a thing not to pursue further.

Jen's arousal had become desperate and she threw off the covers and reached for the bottom drawer of her bedside table. After blindly rummaging around for a bit she finally laid her hands on the object she was after and she pulled her large dildo from the drawer. Settling back onto the bed she took the veined soft rubber penis into her mouth and gently sucked on it, while using her other hand to once again rub her clit. She could feel the dildo warming in her mouth and her mind once again flashed back to the moment when she had pulled Jeff's orgasming cock into her mouth.

She had to find a way to make that happen again.

Jen then moved the dildo down to her vagina and began rubbing it up and down her slippery slit. Once the tip of the dildo was covered in both her and Jack's juices she slid the bulbous head into her cunt all the while rubbing her clit.

She continued to replay the events of their weekend together in her head as she brought herself to new heights of arousal. She recalled Jeff fucking her from behind as she licked Jack's cum from Jill's breasts and she thrusted the large dildo in and out of her sloppy cunt. She quickly felt herself racing toward orgasm as her fingers vigorously rubbed her clit and the dildo penetrated her deeply. And then the waves of her climax overtook her and she began convulsing in orgasm.

After partly catching her breath her frustration began to grow. She had to find a way for her and Jack to be with Jill and Jeff again. She quickly decided to act and reached to her phone on the bedside table and pulled it from the charging cord and began crafting a text to Jill.

"It was sooo nice to see you both yesterday! We have to find some time to get together soon!!"

And she hit 'send'.

It was a relief just to have done something. But almost immediately she started to wonder if she had been explicit enough, or had to been too forward. But she finally decided it was just the right message.

As she relaxed back on her pillow she began to think again of that weekend at the cottage. What an incredible experience it had been. Both she and Jack's sexual desires had been amplified ever since. Not that their sex lives were limited prior to the weekend with Jill and Jeff, but their sexual relations since then had been electric and occurred much more frequently than had been typical before.

Jen remembered how incredible it had felt to wake up with Jill cuddling her from behind. She recalled how Jill's soft breasts had rubbed against her back. And then she recollected how desperate she was to have Jill lick her pussy and then how amazing it was when it actually happened. Jen's clit began to tingle and ache once again and she gently began rubbing her pussy again. She was surprised at how quickly her arousal was returning and after a few minutes she began letting her fingers lightly slide over her still sensitive clit.

Recalling again the sexual excitement of having Jill between her legs licking her cunt vigorously, Jen reached down and took hold of the dildo that had slid from her wet cunt earlier and was lying on the bed sheet. Spreading her pussy lips apart with on hand she pushed the bulbous head up and down her slick opening. Eventually she worked the head inside and fucked herself again and let her fingers return to her clit. Her arousal built very quickly and she was soon overtaken by a second orgasm.

Still panting and catching her breath, with her legs splayed and the dildo still lodged deeply inside her, she was jolted by the sound of her phone dinging. She quickly reached for her phone and drew it close and saw a text message had arrived. She pushed the text icon and a text message from Jill was revealed.

"Yes! Yes! It was so nice to see you guys!! We'd love to get together sometime. Jeff and I discussed that in detail last night when we got home!" 

Jen drank the words in and then reread it over again and focused intently on the "in detail" comment. Her head spun with the implication. What had they talked about she wondered.

Jen put her phone back on the nightstand, stood, and made her way to the bathroom. After relieving her bladder she thought about taking a shower, but was drawn back to the words Jill had texted. She went back to her nightstand and pick up the phone. She felt weak in the knees as she read it again a couple of times. She then found her calendar app with a few quick swishes of her fingers and rapidly scanned through looking for a potential weekend to arrange a get together. She became frustrated when she realized that their weekends were completely full of various commitments out several weeks. Finally she arrived at a weekend, April 17th and 18th, with comparatively few obligations. Jen's heart was beating hard in her chest and she moved back to the text icon and began writing a text back to Jill.

"The weekend of April 17-18 is pretty open for us. Does that work for you? Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle?"

She pressed send and placed the phone back on the nightstand. Standing there watching the phone intently for a few seconds in the hopes of a quick response she realized she was trembling with excitement. Despite, or maybe as a result of her two earlier orgasms, her clit was throbbing and ached for more attention. She considered whether she could cum again. Glancing down at the clock on the nightstand she saw that it was only 9:30 am and she had at least 90 minutes before Jack and the girls returned.

It took only a fraction of a second for her to decide and she pulled her chemise over her head. As she moved toward her closet she threw the chemise in the laundry basket against the wall. When she reached the closet she opened the door and scanned the shoe rack that hung on the back of the door. Grabbing a pair of red strappy heels she turned back and walked briskly back to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and slid on the heels running her fingers up her long legs after. They looked good she thought. She felt very sexy. Tingles of electricity shot through her aroused body as she lightly caressed her legs and she spun onto the bed.

Lying on top of the covers with her head propped up on her pillow she spread her legs and resumed caressing her body. She enjoyed being exposed and thought Jeff and Jill would be very excited to find her this way. She imagined how they might react if they were to come in the room and find her lying naked in her sexy heels with her legs spread and pussy exposed. Jen began caressing her inner thighs with one hand while she right breast with the other. Once again images of the weekend in the cottage with Jeff and Jill flashed through her head.

She began to plot the next get together. They would rent a hotel room for the weekend someplace about half way between she thought. One room with a king bed that all four of them would share would be ideal. Her mind raced at the erotic possibilities as her fingers messaged her clit and her hand pawed at her breast. She felt very exposed and sexy lying naked on the bed save her red heels that dug into the bed as she continued to think of a variety of sexual acts the four of them would indulge in.

She imagined being fucked by Jack and Jeff and eating Jill's pussy at the same time and it nearly drove her to orgasm. Then she pictured having both men cum in her mouth and all over her face and breasts one after the other. And that brought her even closer. The next image that flashed to mind was Jill passionately kissing her cum filled mouth after the men had finished. When she next imagined Jill sliding between her legs rubbing her wet cunt against hers she felt herself crest over the edge of a gigantic orgasm. Vigorously rubbing her clit and pinching her nipple she writhed on the bed as her climax washed over her in waves.

After several minutes Jen caught her breath and looked down at her nakedness. She could hardly believe she had just made herself cum three times in a row. She had not done that in years, probably since she was in college when she had first mastered the art of masturbation. Just then her phone dinged again and she snatched it up from the nightstand and pressed the text icon.

Jill's text read, "We have an event the evening of the 17th, but we can likely meet up on the 18th. What did you have in mind?"

Jen quickly responded, "How about we meet for dinner on Saturday the 18thsomeplace in the middle? If your parents can watch the kiddos maybe we can make a night of it and go for a hike or something Sunday am."

A few seconds later, "That sounds fun. Let me check with Jeff and my parents and I'll get back to you." appeared on the screen.

"ok" Jen texted back.

Jen's mind immediately began planning. She jumped up and kicked off her heels and returned them to the rack. She retrieved her dildo from the bed and headed to the shower. After a nice long relaxing shower she returned the now clean dildo to the drawer and went down stairs and poured herself a cup of tea, toasted a bagel and settled in front of her laptop to search for a suitable rendezvous spot. After several minutes of effort she saw a state park that was roughly equidistant between their house and Jill and Jeff's.

She did a quick Google search about hiking opportunities at the park and a trail map and several blog entries describing the various popular trials came up. "Perfect" she thought. This would at least allow them to embrace the premise that they were meeting to do some hiking. She then searched for a place nearby where they could stay and quickly found a number of hotels and inns just off the highway in the town adjacent to the state park. She also managed to find a few restaurants in that same area that could work for dinner. She had a plan. As soon as she got the go ahead from Jill she would book the hotel.

Later that evening she got the go ahead text from Jill and after getting the girls to bed she settled in to her bed with her laptop and booked a room. At the last minute she decided the one king bed option was too forward and she booked a room with two queen beds.

The next few weeks were fraught with sexual tension. Jack and Jen fucked often and she found herself masturbating at every opportunity. When the week of the rendezvous finally arrived she decided she was going to tease Jack all week and not let him cum in order to push his desires to the limit. Every night that week she would arouse him by wearing seductive lingerie to bed and would kiss and caress him. After describing all the wonderful things he was going to get to do with her and Jill she would take his hard cock into her mouth and gently suck on him and touch his muscular legs, but never bring him to orgasm. By Saturday morning Jack was absolutely desperate with desire.

Jen teased Jack nearly the entire ride to meet Jill and Jeff, at one point unzipping his pants and pulling his hard cock out as he drove. She let the tip of her finger trace circles around he very sensitive tip of his cock while she described a number of sexual acts he might very well be able to partake in that evening with Jill.

After pulling into the parking spot at the Italian restaurant where they had agreed to meet, Jen kissed Jack passionately and then gave him a few seconds to stuff his very rigid cock back into his pants before they headed in to the restaurant.

Jeff and Jill had arrived just ahead of them and waved to them from the corner table when they entered. After a round of hugs and handshakes they sat down and enjoyed each other's company. The conversation was comfortable, but everyone could feel the tension. Jack was a little quieter than usual Jeff thought, but Jen was energetically driving much of the conversation.

Jack found he was at times struggling to focus on the conversation as he kept stealing glimpses of the teardrop shaped orbs of Jill's breasts pressing against her sweater. Given the beautiful natural shape he was guessing she was not wearing a bra. He was dizzy with excitement as his mind ran through many of the scenarios Jen had teased him.

The subject of sex did not come up until they were waiting for the check after Jeff asked, "so have you seen much of Stacey and John lately?"

"No, not really. Other than the party last month we had them over for dinner once for dinner not long after the baby was born", Jen responded.

"Their baby is sooo cute", Jill offered. "They seem to have adjusted well to parenthood."

"Yes, I think they are doing great! They are very easy going."

"I walked in on Stacey while she was breastfeeding at the party and got caught looking a bit too long and she was very relaxed about it", Jeff observed.

"Yeah she is pretty chill about things", Jen replied.

Jack jumped in "How much did you see?"

"A lot. Or maybe I should say there was a lot to see. Her breasts are enormous! I was on my way to the bathroom when I walked in on her and had to wait for my erection to relax before I could pee."

"Yes, she is a hottie! Jack and I always have a really hot shag after we've been out with them", Jen offered.

"After Jeff told me about the breastfeeding encounter when we got home we tore each other's clothes off and had a good romp!", Jill chimed in.

Just then the waitress arrived with the check. After paying the bill the four of them rose and made their way toward the door. Jack and Jeff followed the two ladies and both found themselves watching Jen and Jill's sexy bottoms as they walked and chatted ahead of him. Jen was wearing a dark blue dress that came to just below her knees and a pair of short sling back heels that nicely exposed her heels and ankles. Jill wore a long black skirt and a white sweater. Jill's skirt was more tightly fitted than Jen's dress and clung to her sexy ass and legs that were accentuated by a pair black pumps. Jeff knew and Jack suspected she was not wearing any underwear.

In the parking lot Jen pointed out that the hotel was just down the road. The four of them eagerly jumped into their cars and made their way to the hotel. The four checked in and made their way to the room with their overnight bags. Once in the room Jen, Jill and Jeff sat on one of the beds while Jack liberated a bottle of wine and some cups from a bag. Jill noticed the bulge in Jack's pants and realized he was aroused and it made her squirm a bit. After opening and dispensing the wine Jack sat on the foot of the second bed.

After a slightly awkward moment of silence as they began sipping their wine Jack picked up the television guide on the desk and said, "they have pay per view. Does anyone want to watch a naughty movie?"

"We can probably do better than anything we will find there", Jen responded.

Jeff added, "That sounds interesting! What do you have in mind?"

Jill said, "Should we play truth or dare again?"

"Maybe we can should just skip right to dare", Jen suggested.

"I dare you to kiss Jill", Jack urged.

Jen hopped up from the bed and extended her hand to Jill who took it and also rose. Very slowly Jen touched Jill's face and stared into to her eyes. After a few moments Jen leaned in and gently kissed Jill's lips. Jack, Jeff, and Jill were pleasantly surprised when the kiss lingered and began to intensify ever so slowly. After a minute or so of very soft kisses on Jill's cheeks, chin and lips, Jen tenderly slipped her tongue into Jill's mouth and let her hands travel up the back of Jill's sweater where she softly caressed her back. Their kiss became more passionate and Jen pulled Jill's body closer to her and reached down and began squeezing her ass.

Jack and Jeff stared in wonder at the erotic sight in front of them. The only perceptible sound in the room was the soft seductive sounds of the girls kissing. Jen then moved her hands up to Jill's breasts and began lightly caressing her nipples through her sweater and Jill moaned softly. Jen then stepped back and grabbed the sides of Jill's sweater and deftly pulled up and over Jill's head and through it onto the desk chair that stood nearby. She then returned to Jill who stood there seemingly in a trance with her lovely breasts exposed to everyone and began caressing her now bare sides and arms. Jen leaned in and began kissing Jill's neck and shoulders. Jill was breathing heavily and trembling ever so slightly with each kiss and caress.

Jen then backed up and reached down and in one motion yanked her dress over her head and threw it a top Jill's sweater on the chair. Now naked save her heels she quickly rejoined the kissing and caressing of Jill's body. Soon she let her fingers wander to Jill's breasts and she caressed them tenderly while she more urgently probed Jill's mouth with her tongue. Jen then reached down with her right hand and grabbed Jill's left hand and brought it to Jen's right breast. She held her hand there encouraging Jill to caress her. Taking the cue Jill raised her right hand and also began caressing Jen's left breast.

After a few minutes of ever intensifying kisses and caresses, Jen grabbed Jill by the shoulders and guided her backwards toward the bed behind her where Jeff was sitting and pushed her down on the middle of the bed. Jen then reached down and pulled up Jill's long sexy legs and began caressing them. As Jill's legs were raised up to Jen's shoulders her long black skirtrt slid toward her bare bottom exposing her legs and her pussy for all to see. Jen then began kissing Jill's ankles, alternately between them. Gradually Jen let her kisses travel down Jill's calves. Jill began to squirm as Jen leaned in and began kissing Jill's inner thighs.

Jen then dropped to her knees and spread Jill's legs even further, fully exposing her hairy cunt. Jill held her breath in anticipation of what might happen next. Both Jack and Jeff had moved slightly closer to gain a better view of the action. Jen then applied some kisses to the Jill's thighs and gradually moved closer to her cunt, kissing more softly the closer she got to Jill's sex. Once there her kisses were barely perceptible, but were sending pulses of electricity through Jill's body.

Jen continued kissing the outer folds of Jill's cunt and every so often she let the tip of her tongue flick ever so lightly across Jill's swollen lips. Jill was writhing on the bed and began squeezing her breasts together much to Jack's and Jeff's delight.

Through Jill's panting breaths she let escape a soft murmur, "please."

Raising her head and letting her fingers slowly trace up and down Jill's inner thighs Jen responded, "what do you need love?"

"Please lick me! Make me cum!!"

"Yes, very soon. Would you like to suck on Jack's cock while I lick you?"


Jen turned toward Jack and said, "Jack take your clothes off and put you cock in Jill's mouth while I pleasure her with my tongue."

Jack did not hesitate. He shot up and quickly removed his clothes. All three of the others watched him as he made his way to the other side of the bed on which Jill head was lying with his very hard cock bouncing in front of him. He knelt down on the bed near Jill's head and started slowly stroking his cock while Jill, and Jen and Jeff, stared at him for a few moments.

Then Jen lowered her head and began ever so lightly kissing the folds of Jill's cunt once again.

This broke Jill's stare and she closed her eyes and purred, "yes, yes, yes."

Ever so slowly Jen increased the intensity of the kisses and then began gently licking Jill's pussy. Meanwhile Jack inched closer to Jill's mouth while he still stroked himself. The combination of the amazingly hot scene in front of him, and as Jen had hoped the weeks long teasing, had Jack highly aroused. Precum was oozing from him, making his cock slippery as he stoked it. His balls hung heavily below him.

Then suddenly Jen stuck her tongue in Jill's cunt and licked it hard all the way from the bottom to her clit. Jill's body jolted and she moaned. She slung her head back with her eyes still closed she searched with her open mouth for where she sensed Jack's hard cock waited. Sensing his opportunity Jack wasted no time and he thrust himself forward and entered Jill's mouth. Jill released her breasts and grabbed the base of his cock and began stroking it while she sucked deeply on the slippery tip. Jack reached down with his right hand and began squeezing Jill's luscious right breast.

Jen began swirling her tongue on Jill's clit and traced the inner lips of Jill's pussy with her finger before sliding it into her wet slippery cunt. Jill bucked and moaned and Jack quickened the pace at which he was fucking her mouth. Jen then slid a second finger in Jill's cunt and began rubbing against her G-spot in rhythm with the now ardent tongue strokes on her clit. Jill was now rhythmically pushing her sex toward Jen's mouth. Jill's moans were muffled by the large erect cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

Then Jack suddenly began grunting and twitching as streams of hot cum shot into Jill's mouth and he screamed, "I'm cumming!"

Jill reached up with her other hand and caressed Jack's balls as they emptied into her mouth. Meanwhile Jen increased the force she was using to lick Jill's clit and rub her G-spot. The combination of the copious amounts of cum spraying into her mouth and Jen's licking and rubbing pushed Jill over the edge and a fantastic orgasm took control of her body as she thrashed on the bed. As she did Jack's cock fell from her mouth and the last couple of streams of his cum sprayed across Jill's cheek and breasts.

As Jill and Jack came down from their orgasmic summits Jen rose from between Jill's legs and turned to Jeff and said, "I want you to fuck me while Jack licks my clit!"

Jeff stripped out of his clothes as fast as he could while Jen encouraged Jack to lie on his back on the bed. Once he had accomplished this and was lying alongside Jill, Jen climbed up on all fours on the bed and straddled Jack's face. Sensing that Jack might need a bit of support for his head Jeff retrieved a pillow from the adjacent bed and slipped it under Jack's head. This increased elevation made it quite easy for Jack's tongue to reach Jen's pussy and he began eagerly licking it. Jen looking down and seeing Jack's still hard cock bouncing in front of her leaned down and took it in her mouth. She gently sucked the now super sensitive tip causing Jack to thrash around beneath her.

Jill, still panting as she recovered from her own orgasm, spun around and sat up to get a better view as she watched Jeff approach Jen from behind and line his cock up with her cunt. Jill fondled her sexy breasts while she watched Jeff press the tip of his cock against the wet folds of Jen's pussy. She could also see Jack's head moving rhythmically beneath her and she knew he must be licking her clit.

Jen moaned as Jeff slid the head of his cock up and down her very slippery slit. Then Jeff pushed half the length of his cock into her with one thrust, followed by a second thrust that buried his full length inside her. Now that his cock was completely lubricated with her abundant juices he fucked her deep and hard in a constant rhythm.

Having sucked the last drops of cum from Jack's still erect cock Jen let it slip from her mouth and concentrated on how good the cock in her cunt and the tongue on her clit felt. She found herself arching her back and pushing back against Jeff's thrusts.

Jill moved closer and releasing her own breasts reach underneath Jen and began caressing her tiny breasts and pinching her very hard nipples. Jen reach around with her arm and pulled Jill closer so she could draw Jill's breast into her mouth. Jeff's quickened his pace and fucked Jen hard and fast while holding onto her hips.

Jen began to shudder and shake as her orgasm overtook her and she sucked deeply on Jill's nipple before releasing it and screaming, "OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!"

Jill slide around to the edge of the bed and reached around and began caressing Jeff's balls as he continued to slam his cock into Jen. Sensing he was close she rose and took his right nipple into her mouth and sucked. Two thrusts later Jeff began spraying streams of cum deep inside Jen's cunt while she still spasmed around him.

After several more thrusts he pulled his cock from her. It glistened with their combined juices and continued to twitch involuntarily. Jill leaned down and drew the entire length of him into her mouth causing him to moan and spasm even further. Meanwhile Jack continued to lightly lick Jen's cunt largely avoiding her now very sensitive clit. But unable to resist he occasionally would slid his tongue past her clit causing her to jump and howl.

When Jen and Jeff had finally come down from their orgasms Jill got up and retrieved two glasses of water that she shared with the group. The girls then kicked off their shoes and Jill slid out of skirt and all four climbed under the covers of the bed they had just disheveled and enjoyed the warmth of each other's naked bodies.

"That was fucking incredible!", Jack breathed.

"I know, absolutely AMAZING!", Jill added.

"It will be hard to top that!", Jeff chimed in.

"Oh I am sure we can think of something", Jen teased.

Then Jack asked, "Does anyone need any more wine?"


Jack got up and refilled the cups of wine that were running low. He took a sip of his cup before placing it on the bedside table and hoping back into the bed next to Jill, who was cozied up against Jen in the middle of the bed. The four of them just barely fit on the queen bed, but their naked bodies crammed together was quite pleasant in the warm afterglow of their orgasms. As they lay there chatting they snuggled and caressed each other.

As Jill let her hands wander over Jack's body under the sheet they had pulled over them she was surprised to discover that his cock was rock hard again and she exclaimed, "Jack your cock is hard again!"

"I am not sure it ever became soft", he replied.

Jen revealed, "I teased him every night all week about what might happen tonight and did not let him cum. He might not lose his erection for a few days!"

"Oh you poor thing. How could she do that to you?" Jill said as she turned on her side toward him and began kissing his neck and stroking his cock.

Jen snuggled in close to Jill and reached over and pulled the sheet off of Jack so they could all see what was going on.

Jack was on his back and Jill had his rigid cock in her hand and was lightly stroking it.

Jen let her hand run up and down Jill's side from her shoulder to thigh as she encouraged her, "He has been aching to fuck you all week."

Jen then reached over and began caressing Jack's balls. The combined attention from Jen and Jill caused him to throw his head back and moan softly.

Jill drew herself close to Jack's ear and said in a hushed seductive tone, "Would you like to slide your cock into my cunt?"


Jill threw her leg over Jack and raised herself up so that her cunt hovered above Jack's hard cock. Jen let her hand travel up from his balls and began lightly stroking him. Jill lowered her body until the tip of Jack's cock was touching her pussy. Jen then slid the swollen head of his cock up and down Jill's moist slit causing Jill to close her eyes and throw her head back.

"That's it slide his hard cock into my pussy!" Jill groaned.

Jen slid the head of Jack's cock to her opening and Jill impaled herself on it traveling up and down his entire length. Jack was now wide eyed and staring up at Jill as she slowly moved up and down on his cock, her breasts gently swaying as she did so. Jack reached up and gently began squeezing her tits and rolling the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Jen then reached behind Jill and alternated between caressing her ass and Jack's balls.

Jeff sat up to gain an even better view and let his fingers wander over Jen's body beneath the sheet in long delicate strokes. Jeff's cock quickly filled with blood as he watched Jack's cock slide in and out of his beautiful wife and he touched every part of Jen's naked body he could reach.

"He's been fantasizing about playing with your gorgeous breasts all week. We talked about it a lot when I was teasing him. He really wants to fuck them and cum all over them. My tits are so small he can't really fuck them."

Jen removed her hand from Jill's ass and drew it to her own breast and squeezed as she continued, "I often stroke him with my hand and rub the tip of him against my nipple until he cums all over me, but he really wants your tits wrapped around him."

Jack and Jill's fucking intensified and Jack squeezed Jill's breasts more urgently as they listened to Jen.

"He talked a lot about spraying his cum all over your nipples", she went on.

"I'd like that!", Jill panted. "But right now I really want him to spray his cum in my cunt! Fill me with your cum!!"

Jack began ramming his cock into Jill as hard as he could while she bounced on top of him. He released her breasts and grabbed her ass and pulled her to him to meet his thrusts. Jill leaned forward and let her hard nipples drag across his chest.

Suddenly Jack roared, "I'M CUMMING!" And his strong arms and hands pulled Jill to him pushing his entire cock into her as his cum squirted inside her.

When he finally released her she slid forward and pressed her right breast to his mouth. As he sucked on her breast he continued sliding his cock in and out of her and tried to catch his breath.

Jen sat up and gently pulled Jill off Jack and placed her on her back on the bed next to Jack. Jill was still panting as she laid her head on the pillow and looked up at Jen. Jeff leaned in and kissed Jill deeply on the mouth.

"I love you", he said.

"I love you too", she panted.

Jen had worked her way between Jill's legs while she spread them wide.

As Jen arranged her legs so they interlaced with Jill's she breathed passionately, "There is something I've often fantasized about and I really want to try it!"

Jeff kissed Jill again and started fondling her breasts as Jen pulled herself between Jill's legs.

"I want to rub my cum filled pussy against yours", Jen exclaimed.

Both Jeff and Jill broke off their kiss and looked down at Jen who was inching her cunt closer and closer to Jill's. Jill could feel Jen's curly pubic hairs tickling hers as she closed the gap between them. Jill could hardly breathe as Jen drew closer. Then after an agonizing few seconds Jill felt the wet warmth of Jen's cunt touch hers. It was electric. And then they separated slightly again as Jen adjusted her position and Jill's lust lost all constraints. She was desperate to feel Jen's cunt against her again and she was wiggling her bottom almost frantically in an attempt to bring them together. Then Jen, having found the angle she was looking for, slide them together cunt against Jill's once again. Jill moaned her approval, as this time their cunts lips more fully pushed together and slid past one another.

Jill and Jen starred lustily into each other's eyes as Jen pushed her cunt against Jill. Jill was surprised at how hot and slippery Jen cunt felt. After a few seconds elapsed Jen began slowly grinding her cunt against Jill.

"Oh my God!" Jill yelped as she threw her head back.

Several seconds later Jen pulled back several inches and everyone stared down at the two beautiful pussies just inches apart. Both were pink and swollen and covered in the cum that oozed from them. Jen's was covered in curly light blond hair and Jill's in fine curly brown hair, but everywhere both were covered in strands of glistening white cum.

"It is so hot that Jeff's cum is in me and Jack's is in you" Jen purred.

"This is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!" Jeff exclaimed.

Jen then pushed herself forward again and their cunts met again. This time Jen ran her sodden lips up and down the full length of Jill's cunt several times before concentrating on pushing their clits together. She soon found the perfect position and the girls rubbed their clits against each other in a steady rhythm. They could all hear the slippery sounds emanating from their union over their panting and moaning.

Jack and Jeff pulled themselves closer and started letting their hands wander all over Jen and Jill, pausing only briefly to squeeze a breast or pinch a nipple.

Jill suddenly stiffened and started convulsing in orgasm. Jen relentlessly held her rhythm against Jill's bucking pelvis and just as Jill's orgasm began to wane Jen's orgasm stuck her like a lightning bolt.

Jen pulled Jill even closer and screamed, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuck!"

Both Jill and Jen collapsed back on the bed and slowly and much more softly wiggled against each other. Both were trying to regain their breath.

As their breathing eased they focused more on trying to keep their cunts together and slowly increased their rhythm. Soon it was clear that their arousal was building again and within a few minutes they were once again pushing their clits together and orgasmic waves came crashing over them again. They each had two or three orgasms in this way over the course of only about ten minutes. Finally sweating and exhausted they both collapsed on the bed and reluctantly Jen released Jill from her scissor hold.

While the girls were completely spent the boys were very aroused by the spectacle they had just witnessed. Jeff was the first to act. He grabbed Jill's legs and spun her toward him and across the bed. As soon as he had her largely limp and sweaty body in position with her legs spread wide he climbed on top of her and thrust himself inside her exceedingly wet cunt and began fucking her hard.

Jack then did the same to Jen, but spinning her onto her stomach parallel to Jill. He then mounted her from behind straddling her legs as he entered her.

Both men fucked their wives in a frenzy of excitement. Both Jen and Jill were sexually spent but moaned softly under the onslaught. Jeff came first, grunting and moaning atop Jill. It took Jack several more minutes and then he squirted his third orgasm of the evening into Jen's hot wet cunt.

After several minutes Jack got up and said, "I'm going to take a shower."

In a few seconds those remaining on the bed heard the shower going in the bathroom.

Jill then pulled herself from the bed and said, "I need a shower too, I doubt Jack will mind if I join him." And she padded off to the bathroom.

Jen and Jeff cuddled together while they listened to the water cascading in the next room. After several minutes the shower shut off and Jack and Jill returned drying themselves with towels.

Without saying a word Jen got up and extended her hand to Jeff and led him to the bathroom. They showered together and gently washed and rinsed each other. When they emerged from the bathroom they saw that the lights were out and that Jill and Jack had climbed into the bed closest to the window and were fast asleep. So they both climbed back into the bed they had recently left and pulled the covers over them and cuddled closely with Jeff spooning Jen from behind. He kissed her softly on the back of her neck and within minutes they were fast asleep as well.

Aside from a few bathroom visits in the night all four slept soundly. It was not until the first light of day began to show dimly through the window that Jeff stirred. He woke and quietly made his way to the bathroom to pee. When he returned he slid back into bed with Jen trying not to disturb her. A few minutes later he heard some stirring from the adjacent bed and strained to see what was happening as the window shade was drawn and very little light was making it into the room.

He could just make out a silhouette rising on the bed. He could faintly see some movement but it was a few minutes before the increasing light allowed him to begin to see some contours. It was then he quickly realized that Jill was in the middle of the bed on her knees gently sucking and stoking Jack's cock and Jeff's own cock roared to life. A few minutes later in the ever improving light he could make out the perfect silhouette of Jill's body as she rose and impaled herself on Jack's cock.

It was a wondrous sight to behold as Jill's breasts could just be seen in the early morning light swaying to and fro as she slid up and down Jack's hard cock. Jeff reached down and began stroking his own very hard cock while he watched his beautiful wife fucking Jack. A moment later Jen stirred and she spooned Jeff from behind. Her skin felt wonderful against his. Jen then hoisted herself up on an elbow so she could gain a view of the action over Jeff.

"So fuckin hot" she purred in Jeff's ear as she reached her hand around and took over stroking his cock for him.

As more and more light entered the room Jen and Jeff could see that Jack was now thrusting deeply into Jill as she rode him and he reached up and began fondling her breasts. Jen and Jeff were mesmerized.

Soon Jack's pace quickened and all could sense he was about to cum. Just then Jill leaped from him and lowered her mouth to his cock. A few seconds later Jen and Jeff could see Jack spasming as he filled Jill's mouth with his cum.

Moments later as Jen and Jeff were subtly rubbing their own bodies together and staring at the action they saw Jill rise and walk toward them. As she came closer they could just see Jack's cum all over her lips and chin. Without saying a word she leaned in kissed Jeff passionately on the lips and thrusted her cum covered tongue deep in his mouth. Jeff was dizzy with excitement as he tasted the warm salty fluid in Jill's mouth. After breaking her kiss with Jeff, leaving his lips covered in Jack's cum, she turned to and pulled Jen's head toward her and kissed her deeply as well. Swirling her cum covered tongue in her mouth.

After breaking her kiss with Jen, Jill pulled the covers from them revealing their nakedness and Jen's hand wrapped around Jeff's very hard cock. Jill then knelt down and drew the tip of Jeff's cock into her mouth as Jen continued to stroke it.

Jen rolled Jeff onto his back and kissed him eagerly as Jill climbed onto the bed and resumed sucking on him as Jen stroked him. The cum and saliva from Jill's mouth quickly lubricated Jeff's hard cock and Jen's hand slipped easily up and down the length of at as Jill suck and licked the tip. Jen drew her body close to his and pressed her small breasts against his arm as she planted wet kisses on his neck and face. Within just a few minutes Jeff was writhing in orgasm has he sprayed his cum into Jill's mouth. Jill then slid up the bed and pulled Jen's face to hers once again and kissed her. For several minutes they probed each other's mouths with their tongues and swirled Jeff's cum between them.

Then Jill pulled Jen's legs wide and slide between them, reversing the positions they had occupied the evening before. Jill lightly touched Jen's inner thighs as she drew closer and closer. Ever so lightly Jill brushed her cunt against Jen's. Then she did it again and again increasing the duration of their contact each time. While their confluence was not nearly as wet and slippery as the evening before, their sex juices quickly lubricated their pussy lips as they dragged past one another.

Both Jen and Jill started breathing heavily as their pace quickened and they pushed against each other. Jeff slowly started to kiss Jen's face and neck as she had done to him as he had raced toward orgasm. Jill rotated and rather than sliding her cunt up and down Jen's she slid it side to side. This changed the sensation markedly and enabled her to reach Jen's breasts with her left hand. Jill slid slightly higher on Jen and rubbed her very wet and slippery pussy lips over Jen's clit. Seconds later Jen began to howl in orgasm and thrash about beneath Jill. Jeff took this opportunity to lunge forward and take Jen's left nipple into his mouth, which he sucked on hard as she writhed.

Soon after Jeff reached up and squeezed Jill's breasts and she began quickening the pace of her gyrations on Jen's crotch and she too was soon cumming.

Jill collapsed onto the bed next to Jen and kissed her deeply. After a few minutes Jen got up and went to the bathroom to pee. When she returned she climbed into bed with Jack and kissed him.

"This has been absolutely amazing!" she purred as she snuggled up next to him.

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

Soon all four fell back to sleep and they did not wake until nearly two hours later.

As they stirred Jen ask, "does anyone want to go hiking?"

They all laughed.

Then Jeff offered, "how about we go down and partake in the continental breakfast and then come back up here and fuck one more time before we have to check out?"

"That sounds like an excellent plan!" Jen responded.

They all dressed and headed to the hotel lobby and had their fill of bagels, cream cheese, cereal, and watered down orange juice. When they returned to hotel room they had about an hour before they would need to check out.

Jack said, "What would you like to do next?"

Jen replied, "Well, I plan on fucking your brains out tonight if I am still able, so I'd like to fuck Jeff if that is alright with you?"

"That sounds lovely" Jack returned.

Jen reached out and took Jeff's hand and led him to the bed. She pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor and pushed him on the bed before stripping off her shirt and pants. As she moved toward the bed she spied Jill's black pumps on the floor next to the bed where they had been left the night before. On an impulse she slipped them on and climbed up on the bed.

Meanwhile Jack led Jill to the other bed and they undressed each other while they watched Jen kiss Jeff's feet and ankles and run her hands up and down his legs. Soon she crawled further up the bed and took his semi hard cock into her mouth. It took several minutes to fully harden.

Everyone was close to sexual exhaustion, but no one wanted to miss another opportunity to be with each other. Once she felt Jeff was sufficiently hard she moved up his body and pressed her chest against his and kissed him. For some time Jack and Jill simply cuddled and watched Jen and Jeff. But soon they too began caressing and kissing each other. The couples kissed and caressed each other for some time while slowly building their arousal. Then Jeff spun Jen around onto her back and pushed his way between her legs and slowly entered her while he kissed her passionately.

Both couples made love at a much more measured pace than they had previously, but they were thoroughly enjoying each other and were exploring each other in a variety of positions with all of their senses. When Jen finally felt herself building toward orgasm she spun Jeff onto his back and climbed up and straddled his head and lowered her cunt to his mouth. Jeff excitedly licked at Jen's clit as she ground it into his tongue. After several minutes her body convulsed in orgasm. After she'd finished she slid down Jeff's body and slid his cock back into her and fucked him in a slow steady rhythm.

On the next bed Jill was on all fours with Jack fucking her from behind. His arms reached around her and he squeezed her breasts. He then flipped her over and descended between her legs and licked her clit very slowly at first, but then increased his pace. Jill's orgasm soon overtook her and she moaned and writhed beneath him. When she finished Jack slid up her body and straddled her torso pushing his cock against her soft sexy breasts. Taking the hint Jill leaned down and covered his cock with her saliva before pulling him between her breasts. She pushed them together around his cock and he moaned as he slowly began fucking her breasts.

Meanwhile Jeff had flipped Jen back onto the bed on her stomach and he straddled her bottom and pressed his hard cock into her slippery cunt from behind. Her round soft ass felt wonderful underneath him and he fucked her hard while he reached under her and pawed at her breasts. Finally after many long hard strokes and approaching exhaustion his cock spasmed and he climaxed inside her.

Catching his breath still and sliding off Jen Jeff managed to catch the glorious sight of Jack squirting cum all over Jill's breasts before he collapsed next to her.

Once everyone had caught their breath they began packing up as they were supposed to have checked out 15 minutes earlier. Once packed and tidied up they checked out and decided to go for a short walk in the woods after all. After which they had lunch at a local diner before they said an affectionate goodbye on the diner parking lot.

As Jen made her way to the passenger side door of their minivan she said, "let's do this again sometime soon."

"Yes, let's!" Jeff and Jill answered together as they pulled themselves into their car.

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