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Suzy's First

The day was sunny with a stiff breeze from the west. It looked warmer than it was, and when you were in the shade you realized it was not yet summer, but early spring. It had that fresh feeling, a new beginning. The trees were beginning to green and the weeds had already starting growing tall and strong. Before long, the grass would need mowed. The winter had not been a bad one, with only a few days of bitter cold. One record snow fall, and two smaller ones with lots of rain, a winter no one could complain about.

Suzy was excited. Excited would be an understatement. Her and Jack had talked for so long about a night like tonight and the day was finally here. It was 2 o'clock, and her date would not be picking her up until 7, but she could not sit still. She was thinking about what she would wear, or not wear. How would she do her hair, her makeup? Would her date be attracted to her, or would she be too old? It was early, but it was a special day and she needed to relax just a little so she decided to have a glass of wine to help calm her nerves. 

As she walked into the kitchen, Jack could sense the excitement in his wife, he felt it too. Or was it fear. He could not tell if he was scared because he might enjoy tonight, or hate it. What if he hated it and Suzy loved it? It was his idea, so how would he tell her he didn't want to do it again. The thought of tonight made his cock hard and throb in his pants. His balls ached from the excitement that was yet to come. 

"I'm going to have a glass a wine, would you like one?" she asked as she slide past his chair.

"Yes please." Jack responded.

Jack looked at her with a question in his eyes, "Are we really going to do this?" 

Suzy looked back with the answer, a confident smile and gleam in her light green eyes that said not only yes, but hell yes. 

Suzy pulled two glasses from the wine rack and surveyed the bottles. What did she want to start the day with? Questions started running through her mind, is it too early for red, do I want sweat or dry. Should I open a new bottle, or finish one we have open? As her mind began to race and the questions piled up, Jack touched her hand.

"I think this Riesling will do nicely" he said as he pulled an unopened bottle from the rack.

Jack leaned in and kissed her neck. Whispering in her ear, "my cock is so hard thinking about this." He grabbed her ass gently and walked to the bar to open the wine. 

It took a few seconds for Suzy to gain her composure. Once she caught her breath, she followed Jack to bar with the glasses. As Jack poured the wine, he began to think about all the fantasies he and Suzy had shared over the last few years. This was the height of it, this was the night. 

Suzy stepped from the shower and began to dry herself in front of the full length mirror. As soon as all the water was dried from her skin, she walked to the bedroom and began her evening ritual of applying body lotion. 

For several minutes she laid on the bed naked, relaxing, allowing the ceiling fan to cool and dry her. Suzy began to feel herself fade into sleep as she thought about the perfect outfit to wear tonight. She had bought several over the last few months but still wasn't sure which to wear.

Suzy startled and realized she dozed off. Quickly she grabbed her iPhone and checked the time, 5:57. She took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, only a sleep for 5 minutes, thank god she said to herself. 

She stood and walked to the closet naked. Looking at the outfits she had chosen over the last few months during different shopping trips. 

The first one she had bought almost 2 months earlier while shopping with her mom. It was different than anything she had ever really worn, but tonight was something she had never done before. Her mom gave her quite the dirty look when she stepped from fitting room.

"Really Suzy, don't you think you are too old to wearing things like that?"

It was a crimson red with rope like straps to hold the top. The cut was so low only about a 1/3 of her breasts were covered. The areola could easily slip free if she wasn't careful. She would be constantly being adjusting the top and when she bent forward only the nipple and side boob would be covered. 

The bottom was long, almost to the top of her ankles, but it was slit up both sides, so each step showed her long athletic legs. When she would sit down you could see both thighs almost to her hips. 

The second dress she purchased was black and very simple. She found it while shopping with her sister-in-law. It was sleeveless but covered her breasts well. The top ran all the way to her collar and ended in a short turtle neck. Just below her breasts there were 2 cut outs that showed part of her stomach and ribs.

It fanned out at the bottom and the length didn't even make mid-thigh. This dress showed every inch of leg possible, and when walking up steps it would be quite easy to see the color of her panties or lack thereof depending on her mood. 

She really like both dresses, but wasn't sure either was for this night. No knowing where dinner was, they might be too formal. 

The dress she chose to wear tonight was also black. It was simple with wide straps to hold up the top which was not cut too deep. It covered all of her breasts allowing only a hint of cleavage. The length was mid-thigh showing plenty of leg, but it was form fitting ensuring little chance of seeing up the dress. It had a zipper that ran the full length of the front of dress. Suzy had large 36D breasts that pushed out the top giving every guy who would see her the over powering desire to unzip it, freeing her massive melons. 

The shoe Suzy chose was a Louie Baton with a 4 inch heel. The toe and heel were covered by black lace, and held to her foot and ankle by a spaghetti thin strap running from the toe to the bottom of her ankle. 

After she was dressed, she stopped in front of her full length mirror one more time. She definitely looked good. Jack confirmed as she walked down the stairs, his eyes wide with desire, his breath caught for a second as he took in the site of his wife, dressed to date another man. 

The white limo pulled into Suzy's cul de sac at 6:55. It could not have come quick enough. For the past 15 minutes Suzy had been pacing around the house, putting her new heels on, and then taking them off. She had put stockings on, and then taken them off. Then she put them on again, finally deciding not to wear them at all. She had picked out a sexy red thong, but when she lifted her dress to show Jack he told her she didn't need one, or the bra holding her breasts into the dress. There was some discussion back and forth about the bra, and Jack finally agreed she should wear it, to start the night. 

As the limo came to a stop in front of the house, Jack and Suzy sat down quickly and waited for the doorbell to ring. Both were holding their breath, shaking with excitement and fear. When the doorbell chimed, they both jumped. 

Suzy leaned over to Jack and whispered in his ear, "no going back now husband" and kissed him deeply on the mouth, pushing her tongue into his slightly. 

"Text me", was all Jack could muster as Suzy opened the door and stepped though. 

The sun had gone down and with the clear sky the evening was chilly. Suzy had a shawl, but the breeze bit into her legs and she shivered. Her heart was racing as the chauffeur opened the door and she slid in. She looked quickly around the inside of the limo, searching quickly for the gentleman taking her on this special date. As her eyes began to adjust her heart stopped. There was not one gentleman, but two. Her mind began to race with questions. Had Jack planned it this way? Was there a mistake? Should she run now? 

"Relax Suzy; we are only here to do what you want." Suzy heard the words, but she could not translate them in her head. 

"Suzy, are you ok?" came a second voice, this one deeper, more masculine, more commanding. 

Suzy picked her head up and look over at the two gentlemen. Her breaths were coming in short gasps, but she was breathing again. Her head was spinning, but she was beginning to understand what was happening. 

"I'm, I'm fine" she breathed out, barely above a whisper. 

As Suzy eyes adjusted to the light in the limo she got her wits back and looked the two gentlemen up and down. They were both dressed in black pin stripped suits. But each had a different colored vest and tie. She noticed they were about the same age, only a few years older than her son, Jack Jr. At first she wasn't sure they were even old enough to drink, and then her heart raced again. How long had it been since she had such a young stud. And here were two, waiting to please her. 

The thought made her pulse quicken and her breath came in short gasps. She felt the swelling between her thighs, but then another thought creeped in. "Would they want me? Oh My God I'm too old for these boys!!"

The atmosphere during the limo ride to the restaurant was subdued. Toby and Aaron asked simple questions trying to make conversation. Suzy answers would be short but polite. You could taste the sexual tension in the air, the excitement, the fear. It hung in the small space of limo like a fog.

Aaron could not break his gaze of Suzy's legs. He allowed the imagine of her strong long legs to become burnt into his memory. The hem of her dress slightly above half way up her thigh, legs pressed tight together, slightly angled lady like in front of her, heels accenting their length, showing the muscular lines of her calves. Aaron could see the woman in front of him worked out; he could see it in the strength and tone of legs.

Toby and Aaron, 20 years younger, could not stop staring at milf. They took turns checking out her legs and exposed cleavage. Suzy could feel their eyes burning into her. It made her flush with anticipation and excitement. 

She knew she was attractive for her age. She worked out several days a week, alternating between swimming, running and weight lifting. She often caught guys checking her out, but never this young, her son's age!!

Her head began to swim again with so many thoughts. Were he son's friends checking her out all this time? Was she a milf? The thought of teenage boys fantasizing about her caused her breath to quicken once more. She felt herself getting hot. She was sure she was getting wet and her nipples hardening.

Suzy heard the boys talking to her, asking questions. But she was so lost in her thoughts she had no idea what they were saying. As the limo pulled to a stop, she was shaken from her own dirty thoughts. 

They were having dinner at the famous White Stallion. It was a restaurant on the top floor of the Radisson hotel where you could see the most of city skyline. She had always wanted to try it, but Jack had 1000 reasons they could not. She smiled to herself, believing Jack had planned this to make tonight that much more special. 

As Suzy waited for the driver to open the door she felt her pulse quicken, her breathing getting shorter and her legs felt weak. She began to panic. Could she make the walk inside? What if she tripped or her legs just gave out. 

As panic began to take hold, Toby touched her arm gently and smiled softly. "This is your night, we only do what you want when you want." His voice soft and smooth, like a salesman, but not a slimly used cared salesman, more like a jeweler. "We stop when you say stop. And, this is only dinner; enjoy!!"

His voice and touch relax her and excited her at the same time. She was scared, the scariest she had been in a long time, but she was excited, the most excited she had been in years. She knew right then she was going through with this. This was her night. This was her and Jack's fantasy and tonight it was going to happen. 

After they were seated, Arron and Toby each ordered a local Micro beer while Suzy ordered a martini. She was relieved to see the guys drinking beer, she didn't need anyone with whiskey dick or angry drunks tonight. 

Appetizers consisting of calamari, oysters on the half shell, and escargot was delivered to table as everyone was finishing their first drink. Another round was ordered with dinner and everyone began to relax as they picked at the appetizers.

Before dinner was served, Suzy sent a quick text to Jack, "Dinner is good, excited but scared." 

"Have fun!!" was the only response.

Dinner was delivered with great fan fair and the boys ordered another round of drinks. Suzy slowed down on her second one, wanting to be relaxed, not drunk. She felt she was high enough on adrenaline and the gin was going right to her head. She was not that hungry. The appetizers had filled her so she picked at her Chicken Caesar Salad as Toby ate his Filet Mignon deliberately. Arron was basically shoveling his porter house down as fast as he could and each ordered another round of beers.

During dinner little was said. Again Tony tried to make conversation and again Suzy again answered each question with as few words as possible. She began to realize how young these guys were. She now wished they had skipped dinner and had gotten to the main event. She was beginning to lose her nerve as the night moved on.

Dinner ended and Toby excused himself to check them in and get the room keys. Suzy excused herself for the ladies room and Aaron paid the check. They would all meet at the elevator lobby in a few minutes. 

Suzy was shaking with excitement as they waited in the elevator lobby. Arron was standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her. He was a full head taller than Suzy; he bent down to whisper in her ear. She could feel his hot breath and smell the beer he had been drinking earlier. 

"Are you ready for this" Arron said. It wasn't a question, more of a fact. The tone in his voice made her shiver and she didn't know if it was from fear or excitement, or both!!

Suzy could only nod yes.

Toby retuned from the front desk with the room keys and called for the elevator. He stood off to the side as if he was not part of the group giving Arron and Suzy personal space. Arron was using this time to run his cock on Suzy's ass as his hands rubbed over her stomach, arms and breasts. He didn't care that the 2 other couples in the lobby could see, he actually seemed to enjoy that people were watching.

When the doors opened Arron pushed Suzy in and Toby followed. No else moved to enter the car. Toby pressed the button for the 21st floor and the doors shut. 

As soon as the doors shut Arron pushed Suzy to the back wall. Using his right leg he pinned her left leg to the elevator wall. His right hand was holding her back as his left pushed her left leg apart. Once her legs were spread, he reached between her legs, sliding his hand up her dress, rubbing the inside of her thigh. He continued to move up until he could feel her pussy. As Arron's hand rubbed over her smooth mound, they could both feel how swollen and wet she was. 

She gasped as he slid a finger inside her. Suzy had closed her eyes as soon as Arron pushed her to the wall and was holding her breath, but she opened them as she heard Toby giving directions to Arron. She let her breath out in a gasp when she saw Toby taking pictures with his phone. Pictures of her, with her dressed pulled up and a man, not her husband, holding her there, legs spread, fingering her from behind. 

She could feel herself close to an orgasm, and was afraid it would come right in the elevator.

"Ding." The doors open just in time. Arron released his grip and pulled his finger from her. She pulled her dressed down, composed herself as best she could and step out from the car in front of her 2 soon to be lovers. 

Toby walked quickly to the front of their little party to open the door. He waved the key card over the door handle and everyone held sighed as the door beeped and the light turned green. Toby stepped through the door and held it open for Suzy and Aaron. 

The room was nothing special. There was a large king bed with the standard off white liens. It was flanked on each side by a night stand with a small lamp. In front of the sliding glass windows was a green love seat and on the other side of the windows was fake wood desk and chair. All in all it looked like a million other hotel rooms across the United States. 

Toby allowed the door closed and Suzy jumped when it banged shut. She took a deep breath when she heard Toby lock the deadbolt. The silence became more and more uncomfortable, the air thick with nervous energy. 

"So we gonna fuck or what!!" Aaron belted out breaking the tension. 

With that everyone burst out laughing. Toby noticed a bottle of wine on the desk and walked over to open it. He poured a large glass for Suzy and 2 smaller ones for Aaron and himself. 

Toby took a big gulp of the wine then walked to Suzy. He leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth. He used his arms to pull her close and kept his mouth on hers longer than normal, sucking her bottom lip in and biting it gently. Suzy moaned but did not fight. Toby could feel her begin to relax with the kiss.

Aaron removed his jacket and continued to work at undressing himself before sitting on the bed in only his boxers. Suzy could see he did not have six pack, but he was well defined and very muscular. He too must work out. 

Toby began to unzip Suzy's dress. 

"I have been dreaming about doing this as soon as I saw you sit down in the limo" Tony whispered.

As he slowly slid the zipper down, the fabric of her began to slip apart, her swollen breasts begging to slip free of dress top. Toby's eyes bored into her cleavage as he pushed the zipper down farther. Her tan line became visible just before her areola. Toby's pace quicken as the pink outline of her nipples came into view, holding his breath as her hard nipples popped free of the fabric. 

Suzy watched over Toby's shoulder as Aaron stood and removed his boxer. She could see he had a large cock even in his boxers, but now seeing the entire thing freed her paced quicken.

He was almost twice as large as Jack's, both length and girth. He was uncut giving it the appearance of being even larger. His cock was as straight an arrow, but larger, like a pipe, so much different than Jack's banana shape member, even when hard. 

He was stroking himself watching Toby undress Suzy. As her dress slipped farther and farther down her back his pace quickened. She saw him slow down and then almost stop. When he started stroking again she could see precum drip out. She could not believe the self-restraint he had. Most guys his age would have just jerked off until they squirted. Watching him exercise such self-control made Suzy so much hotter. 

As her dress fell to the floor she pulled Toby close to her, feeling his hard on push against his pants. She wasn't sure how big it was, but she desperately needed to know. 

She pushed him back and dropped to her knees. As he began to remove his jacket she unzipped his pants and tried to free his hard on. After a few seconds she gave up trying to fish it through the hole in his pants and unbuttoned, dropping them to the floor. In motion she pulled his cock free and sucked it into her mouth. 

She didn't take time to inspect it, or compare it to others. She needed a dick in her mouth and she needed it now. 

As she sucked down his shaft Suzy realized Toby's dick was quite long. It was not thick, but much longer than Jack's and she was sure longer than Aaron's. 

As she sucked on Toby's shaft, she rubbed his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right. She was enjoying sucking dick so much she didn't notice Arron move behind her. 

Suzy was on her hands and knees, Toby in front of her with his cock in her mouth. Aaron moved behind her, rubbing his prick on her wet slit. Slowly he began to push into her. First just his head, then slowly another inch. As his cock moved into her, she sucked more of Toby into her mouth, so much she started gagging on it. She could feel Toby's cock swell, the familiar feeling of a man about to orgasm. 

She slowly pushed Toby's cock from her mouth and released his balls. He moaned in protest, but she was not ready for him to cum just yet. She wanted the boys to fill her at the same time.

She felt Aaron sink his entire length into her. She gasped and left out a load moan as she accepted all of him. He began to thrust deep into her swollen pussy, slowly at first, but with each thrust he picked up his pace.

She felt Aaron begin to pump franticly, deeper and harder with each thrust. She knew he was close. She sucked Toby back into her mouth. Sucking his whole length in, she squeezed his balls. His cock began to pulse and she knew his orgasm could not be stopped this time. 

At this same time she felt Aaron's prick swell, and begin to pulse. As her dreams of feeling 2 cocks explode into her materialized, she felt herself climax. As screamed Toby's cum escaped her mouth and dripped down onto her breasts. 

As the 3 lay on the bed to recover, Suzy blurted out, "I want dp!" Neither understood what she had said, but they waited for her to repeat herself. "I want my ass fucked, and I want my pussy full when it happens." 

Aaron looked at Toby and shrugged. 

"You wish is our command" Aaron chirped quickly. 

Toby laid back on the bed and smiled. "Climb on" he said to Suzy. And she did, lowering herself down Toby's cock, facing him, keeping her ass in the air for Aaron. She was enjoying Toby's gently thrusts when she felt Aaron's hands on her ass checks. She held her breath as he pulled them apart. She gasped as his tongue began to probe her pucker. Her head was spinning from pleasure.

Toby grabbed her hair and pulled her head down. His put his mouth to her ear and whispered "We are going to fuck you up slut". Suzy want to run, jump up and run. But she couldn't. She was so turned on at that very moment. She couldn't wait any longer. The feeling of Aaron's tongue, and Toby's cock was taking her over the edge. She was about to relax and let the orgasm come when everything stopped. 

Toby stop thrusting and she no longer felt Aaron. Toby began to remove his cock and Suzy protested, when she felt Aaron's prick pressing against her butt hole. She started to push back to him, so excited. But as Aaron pushed harder and harder into her she knew it was going to hurt. She tried to move away from Aaron's rod, but having all of Toby in her made her pelvis to pelvis with him. She could go no farther. 

Toby whispered in her ear "Suzy, relax babe, just relax and it will be easier". 

She tried to do as he said but the Aaron was too big. She could feel him tearing her ass apart. She wanted to cry, wanted to scream out stop. But she couldn't. She was paralyzed by pleasure. 

Toby held her tight, slowly rubbing her back and should. He continued to whisper into her, "Relax babe, it will be worth it!" 

His soothing voice and gentle hands had the effect he wanted, and Suzy relax enough for Aaron to push his head into her virgin hole. As the head popped in she screamed out. Both men paused, waiting for her to relax and give the go ahead to continue. 

After a few seconds they could feel her body soften. Aaron took that as a sign to continue pushing into her. As he began to push more of his rod into her ass, she tightened again, but whispered "I'm ok, take my ass now."

As Aaron sunk more of himself into her, she held her breath and took in the situation. It felt as if she was having an out of body experience, or she thought this is what one would feel like. 

Suzy felt Aaron's prick begin to swell first. His cock felt like it doubled in size. He paused a brief moment with only his head in her pucker, then pumped hard and deep. She cried out but knew he would not stop as unloaded his seed deep into her ass. The hot liquid filling her like she never felt before. Her and Jack had anal a few times before, but it was much different. Jack was gentle and not as big as Aaron. Jack took her in a way that was asking for permission, where Aaron took what he wanted, and she did not have a choice. 

As Aaron finished Suzy began to shake, her orgasm coming hard and quick. Her pussy and ass clinch hard causing Aaron to gasp and Toby to orgasm. It was a shock to both Suzy and Toby as his exploded into her pussy. The feeling of Toby's hot cum filling her intensified her orgasm and he head began to swim, feeling dizzy with pleasure. 

As the three untangled themselves, the full weight of what had just happened began to set in with Suzy. She just fucked two strangers. She had not been with anyone but Jack since their wedding. She didn't know how she was feeling, but one thing was for sure, she was going to leak cum for hours. She looked at both Aaron and Toby, both men spent and barely awake. Suddenly she remembered she had not text Jack in hours. 

"I need to go" she quickly blurted out.

"What's the hurry?" Toby asked.

"I need to get home to my husband." She said as she stood up to get her phone. 

Suzy stood naked typing a text to Jack. Her body moist from the sex, her ass and pussy hurting from the pounding she had just taken. She was deciding if she should send a picture when Aaron stood up and grabbed her.

"Let me do it" he said as he took her phone. "On the bed, legs spread so he can see your slutty full fuck holes. 

Suzy was appalled by what he said, but she couldn't help but obey. She dropped to the bed, spread her legs and pulled them up so her feet where flat on the bed. She could feel cum leaking from her ass and pussy. Aaron snapped a few pictures and handed the phone to Suzy for review. She couldn't believe what she saw. Her pussy was bright red and slick with cum. Her thighs were shinny with combination of their juices, all mixed together. 

Suzy quickly pick what she thought was the sluttiest one, and sent it to Jack. "Be home for clean up in a few."

She quickly received a text back from Jack, "Can't wait, love you." 

Suzy knew she should clean up or cum would be leaking down her legs, onto her dress, and probably onto the seat of the limo. But she felt so turned on feeling it slowly ooze out she couldn't bring herself to. She always knew Jack wanted to see all of it when she got home. She took on more look at Toby and Aaron, laying on the bed in post orgasmic slumber.

"I'm leaving, do you want me to send the limo back or are you coming now?"

Both men just looked at her, pure joy and exhaustion in there expression. Suzy was exhausted too, but she wanted to feel Jack inside her. She wanted the familiar and loving touch.

"We'll take a cab home" one of them moaned. With that, Suzy righted her dress and walked out of the room, headed for her home. 

The limo stopped outside Suzy's house. She stepped out and glanced back to where she had been sitting. Her wet dress had stuck to the seat. She looked quickly at the driver to see if he noticed but he was looking off into the night air, not concerned about anything that happened in the back seat that night. He just wanted to go home. She felt a little remorse, knowing someone would need to clean up the sex mess left by her, but right now she was in hurry to be cleaned by her husband.

"Thank you" she said and quickly walked to the front door. She paused on the front porch. Suddenly she realized what had just happened. She had cheated on her husband. With two men at the same time!! She had let them violate her in ways she would never allow Jack. 

He legs grew week and she was fumbling with her keys. Her mind began to race. How will I face Jack? How will I face my kids, my family, Jack's Family? She was about sit down on the steps when the door opened.

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