Saturday, 11 March 2017

Celebrating with Our Roommate

After we both entered our 40's my wife Ann was laid off and our daughter got married and moved out. 

Ann decided that she wanted some extra money for shopping and said we should rent out one of the spare bedrooms. I agreed so we could split the extra money so she could go shopping and I could use my half to put more towards the mortgage payment.

Ann and I both look a little young for our ages. Ann is 43 while I just turned 40. Ann and I are both 5' 9". She weighs around 160 lbs. and has curves in all the right places with 36C breasts and a nice full ass. 

Ann placed an ad online and within just a few days we had several responses. We carefully considered each and every one and, while I would have preferred a cute 20-yr. old with a killer beach body, we settled on a 24-yr. old named Mark. 

We chose Mark since he was a business professional and was being transferred to our area for four to six months while almost everyone else was looking for a year minimum. My wife and I thought that six months was perfect in case we decided that renting just wasn't for us. 

When Mark moved in we hit it off very well and quickly became good friends. Mark was kind of shy but had a good sense of humor and was very respectful. 

Since Ann was so comfortable with Mark she would sometimes flirt with him which would make him blush and Ann to laugh each time he did so. 

While I was at work Ann would be left at home alone with Mark for a couple hours before I arrived home. With how comfortable Ann was around Mark and the fact that she flirted with him I soon began to fantasize about watching them having sex. These fantasies turned me on a great deal but after getting to know Mark I knew he was too shy to try anything and Ann never gave any indication that she ever thought about having sex with another man or cheating on me. I knew my fantasy would never become a reality. Or so I thought! 

About four months after Mark moved in I got a promotion and with it a big raise. Mark also got good news that day and said that his boss had asked him to stay an additional six months. 

Since we had all become such good friends and Mark had been dreading moving back home and Ann and I enjoyed his company we gladly told Mark he could stay despite us no longer needing the extra money. 

With everyone such a good mood Ann said that we should celebrate. Ann ran to the store and picked up a couple bottles of champagne so we could stay in since the local university was starting and we wanted to avoid the crowded bars. 

After a nice dinner, we moved out to the deck since it was almost 90 degrees still. Our nearest neighbor was almost a mile away so we could play music as loud as we wanted without disturbing anyone. 

Ann suggested we open the champagne and have a drink. Since Ann isn't much of a drinker, after a couple of drinks, she was starting to giggle any time Mark or I would say anything remotely funny so I knew she was feeling very good. 

After a couple more drinks Ann's favorite song came on and she started swaying in her seat. I got up, offered her my hand, and asked her to dance. She quickly agreed and we started dancing out on the deck. Mark just sat in his chair and laughed at how funny it was watching two "old" people dance. 

When the song ended a more upbeat one came on and Ann said she needed a refill on her drink. I took her flute from her and told Mark to take my place. Mark acted shy at first but after Ann said she still wanted to dance he agreed. 

I ran back into the house to grab another cold bottle of champagne and returned to the deck. When I tried to open the bottle, I found that the cork was being a bit stubborn. At this time a slow song came on and since I was struggling with the cork Ann pulled Mark in close. Mark acted hesitant at first but after a few seconds he relaxed. 

After I finally got the champagne open and began refilling the flutes I began watching Ann and Mark dancing. I once again began fantasizing about watching them have sex and began to get really excited. 

The champagne must have loosened me up because I decided to see if I could make my fantasy become a reality. 

As the song was nearing the end I queued up a few more slow songs. Ann took a break for another glass of champagne but decided she wanted to dance again when the next song came on. I told Mark to go ahead while I finished my drink. 

When Mark and Ann began dancing she put her head on his shoulder and they began swaying gently as he put his hands on her hips. 

When the song was halfway over I finished my drink and slip up behind Ann pressing my body against her back and rubbing her shoulders while she continued dancing with Mark. 

Since it was so warm Ann was just wearing a loose fitting top with spaghetti straps and a skirt while Mark and I only had shorts on. As I was massaging her shoulders I slowly lowered one of the straps as the song ended. Ann didn't seem to notice or didn't care, either of which was fine with me, since she turned around and started dancing with me when the next song started. 

Ann then began kissing me as we danced so I took my chance and lowered the other strap off her shoulder without her noticing while Mark continued dancing behind her. 

Mark must have noticed what I was doing because he started to look nervous and began to pull away. As Ann felt him pulling back she reached back, grabbed his belt, and pulled him tight against her ass. 

I'm guessing Mark was becoming aroused since Ann's eyes popped open when Mark's groin pressed up tight between her ass cheeks. 

I thought things were going to stop at this point until I heard Ann start breathing a little faster and she began kissing me even deeper. I started to get rock hard at this point which I'm sure Ann could feel. 

As the next song began Ann once again began turning around. I took this opportunity to pull the straps on Ann's top down even further exposing her breasts to Mark who looked like a deer in the headlights. 

Ann grabbed Mark by the hips and pulled him in close while leaning back and kissing me again forcing her tits up towards Mark's face. 

Mark took the invitation and sucked one of Ann's hard nipples into his mouth and began circling it with his tongue as he began rolling the other one between his fingers. 

As Ann began to slightly moan I began running my hands down below her hips and slowly started to lift her skirt exposing her thong covered ass. 

By this time the music had been forgotten. I slowly turned Ann around while keeping her skirt raised so Mark could get a good look. As I took my turn on Ann's tits Mark took the opportunity to start rubbing her ass. Ann loves getting her ass rubbed and gets really horny whenever I begin rubbing her cheeks. 

Ann must have really been getting into it because I felt her hands move down to my belt and start to undo my shorts. As she was doing this I noticed Mark was starting to run his hand between Ann's legs and onto her panty clad pussy. 

Ann let out a deep moan when Mark finally pulled her thong to the side and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. 

After Ann finished undoing my shorts I knelt in front of her and began pulling her thong down her legs giving Mark more access. 

Ann continued breathing even harder so I turned her around and slipped a couple fingers inside her. Ann reached down and began undoing Mark's shorts. As she got them open she reached in and grasped his hard cock pulling it out. She noticed Mark's cock was average size and thickness as my six inch cock. Ann then licked her lips while stroking him couple times. 

I began shaking as soon as I saw my wife touch Mark's cock since I knew at this point that my fantasy was going to come true! 

As I trust my fingers into Ann a couple more times I watched as she leaned forward and began licking up and down Mark's shaft. She then put her lips on the head of his cock and slipped his entire length into her mouth. 

I couldn't take it anymore and moved my head between my wife's legs and began sucking her clit. I have never seen Ann so wet before! 

After watching Ann suck Mark's cock for a few minutes I stopped her, picked her up, and put her on the table. While I finished taking my shorts off, Mark moved between Ann's legs and began licking her pussy. It took no time before Ann started to arch her back and begin screaming, "Oh, God! I'm going to cum!" 

Ann grabbed Mark's head and held it between her legs while thrashing around and crying out, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" 

As Ann began calming down she said, "somebody please fuck me!" 

I looked at Mark and gave him a slight nod. Mark stood up, removed his shorts, and lined his cock up with Ann's slit. I grabbed one of her legs to open her up even wider as Mark slid his cock up and down her opening a couple of times before slipping the head of his cock into my wife. 

Finally! This was what I wanted to see! I was in heaven watching her lips spread around his cock before accepting him into her married cunt! 

Mark then began easing more and more of his hard cock into her before pulling back out and thrusting into Ann's pussy again. 

As Mark began to quicken his pace Ann began moaning once again. I couldn't take it much more and grasped my cock. I then stepped up by Ann's head where she eagerly replaced my hand with hers and slipped me into her mouth. 

I was just planning on watching them but joining in was so much better! I was so turned on that in no time I was blasting my load in Ann's mouth. Ann has always spit it out before but must have really been getting into it since she just kept swallowing as I shot load after load down her throat. 

After I finished I stepped back to watch again and started to soften but not all the way which, at my age, is no small feat. I watched Mark hammering away into Ann for a couple minutes before he started to grab Ann's hips and trust even harder. Ann began screaming, "harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me until you fill me with your cum!" 

I was not concerned with Ann becoming pregnant since she had her tubes tied after our daughter had been born and having never heard Ann talk like this I was back to full erection. 

Mark then gave two more hard thrusts before pulling Ann's hips back into him and grunting loudly as he began shooting deep inside her. Ann kept yelling, "that's it! Give me your cum! Shoot it all deep inside me!" 

After a couple more grunts Mark finally pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy. Ann still had that lust filled look in her eyes and said to me, "next!" 

Since I was once again hard I pulled her Ann off of the table and bent her over. As I stepped up behind her I noticed Mark's cum was starting to leak out of her. I lined up my cock with her now sloppy cunt and slid right in. I began thrusting fully into her as she reached over and guided Mark's cock back into her mouth to suck him back to life. 

I continued thrusting into Ann's cunt until Mark was once again fully erect. Ann then told me to stop. Ann grabbed the cushions off of the lounger and placed them on the deck before having Mark lie down. Ann swung her legs over Mark and began straddling him before reaching down and guiding his hard cock into her sloppy pussy once again. 

After Ann rode Mark's cock for a few seconds she leaned forward and beckoned me to come closer. 

Ann looked at me and said, "I've always wanted to try this! Get up here and fuck my ass!" 

I was in shock! While we had tried anal a couple of times before Ann had never seemed very interested yet here she was asking me to fuck her ass while she rode another man's cock! Who was I to tell her no! 

As I moved up behind her Ann gave a couple more bounced on Mark's cock before yelling, "Fuck my ass! Stick your hard cock up my ass while another man fucks your wife!" I then pressed the head of my cock against her puckered hole. 

Since Mark's cum had leaked out of Ann's cunt and was coating my cock I slowly worked the head into her ass. I kept stopping to allow her to adjust as I slowly worked more and more of my cock into her until I was fully buried in my wife's ass. 

As I began pulling out and slowly pushing back in I could feel Mark's hard cock filling Ann's cunt through the thin membrane separating us. 

After Ann adjusted to feeling so full I began rocking my hips back and forth. I then held still as Ann began rocking forward before thrusting back shoving Mark and I back deep inside her. This continued for a few minutes before Ann started crying out, "I feel so full I'm going to cum again! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck them at the same time! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" 

As Ann began thrashing again Mark gave a couple more thrusts before giving out a loud grunt and filling her pussy with his cum once again. I then pulled out of her ass and stepped around by her face as she climbed off of Mark. 

Ann has never let me cum on her face before but I thought that since she had surprised me so far I might as well try it. 

As I began stroking my cock in front of my wife she knelt in front of me and closed her eyes. I continued stroking my cock for a few more seconds before I felt myself getting ready to blow. 

I told Ann I was about to cum and she said, "give it to me! Shoot your cum all over your slut wife's face!" 

I couldn't take it anymore and shot rope after rope onto Ann's beautiful face hitting her with several shots between her eyes and into her open mouth which she once again swallowed. 

After we had cleaned up and went back into the house Mark slowly walked into the living room and said, "I never expected this to happen and will move out next week if you want me to." 

Ann replied, "I wasn't planning on it either but I had fun. I don't know if it will ever happen again but you aren't going anywhere! You will always be welcome here!" 

After Ann and I went to bed she asked me if I was OK with what had happened and with her telling Mark that he could stay. I said, "Of course! I was the one who started it. I wanted it to happen!" 

Ann replied, "Good! I want him around in case I want a repeat performance or for him to bring a friend and fill ALL my holes next time! Now get over here and fuck me again!" 

I was once again hard thinking about my sexy, slutty wife with a cock in her mouth, her cunt, and her ass all at once and in no time was shooting my third load of the night into her sticky cunt to mix with Mark's two previous loads. 

"I love you," I told her! 

"I love you too," she responded, "but I can't wait to see who Mark brings home next weekend!"

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