Sunday, 8 March 2015

Last-Ditch Therapy

Lauren and her husband, Alex, had been in couples counseling for about two months, and she was frustrated. After four years of a fizzling marriage, they had agreed to ten sessions with Dr. Brogan to see if counseling and this therapist were going to work out. This was the ninth session, and Dr. Brogan explained that he was sensing Lauren's frustration. 

Lauren's first impression of Dr. Brogan was that he was a very attractive man. His dark, silver-streaked hair, black-framed glasses over piercing blue eyes, sturdy build, and even his sweater vest over a button down with a wide-striped tie intrigued her. She noted that was probably not the best reaction to help reconcile growing differences between Alex and her. But the way he spoke caused her to lose her own thoughts and fantasize about him. Dr. Brogan seemed to sense when he was losing her and would regularly change his tone and address her directly in order to bring her back to the discussion. 

Lauren and Alex had touched on the nature of their sexual relationship a few times. Both expressing basic indifference towards their shared desires and experiences. Lauren stated that she believed it possible to maintain an intensely passionate sexual partnership that included safely exploring each other's' fantasies and experimenting. Alex said he shared that desire but was not sure how to go about it with Lauren given her difficulty achieving orgasm. 

Dr. Brogan decided that they needed to address the subject in more depth today as time was potentially running out for the couple. He referred to his notes, and asked Lauren to speak freely about her desires so that Alex could hear them. She began to explain her desire to experiment and try new things. Dr. Brogan asked her to be specific. Lauren said that she wasn't exactly sure but wanted an outlet to discuss things like sex clubs, threesomes, anal, domination, etc. With Alex, those subjects were too taboo to discuss comfortably. 

Dr. Brogan asked Alex to respond to Lauren's thoughts. Alex was surprised to hear that's how she felt and said he wasn't very comfortable with things so "out there." Alex felt like those conversations were difficult in the past because of Lauren's inability to explain what she needed physically. 

Dr. Brogan pushed Alex regarding Lauren's ability to achieve orgasm. Alex said that it was nearly impossible to solve that riddle. Dr. Brogan asked Lauren how she felt about that. Sadly, she was inclined to agree. A few times with a few of her past partners, she had achieved blissful orgasm, but they were so infrequent and unpredictable that she just assumed she was not gifted in that way. 

Dr. Brogan listened to Lauren talk about her difficulties achieving orgasm. Alex focused on his wants and seemed unaware of her needs. Dr. Brogan then said, "I realize this will sound unorthodox, and I haven't done this for quite some time. But I spent several years in a practice focusing on couples' sexual dysfunction. We had struggling couples participate in a controlled setting where we could observe the patients' methods and physiological responses."

"Obviously, this is not the same controlled setting, but if you're seeking a breakthrough, you may want to consider trying it here. I have been very successful in helping couples improve their experiences."

Lauren and Alex looked at each other blankly for several seconds. To even her surprise, Lauren said, "OK. Let's do it." 

Alex began to stammer as Lauren said, "Alex, we've almost completed our sessions. You and I both know we're stuck. What have we got to lose?"

Alex looked at Lauren then at Dr. Brogan and back at Lauren. "You want to have sex in front of our therapist?"

"Yes. I want help any way we can get it. We really need help!" Lauren said.

Dr. Brogan said, "We can extend this session. My next appointment canceled, and I believe this is important to the success of your marriage. I will leave you two alone to discuss for a few minutes."

Dr. Brogan left the room, and Lauren looked at Alex with pleading eyes. Alex had seen that look before. She was going to get her way. What did he have to lose? He was supposed to be at work anyway. Why not make the most of his absence? "OK. If you're sure."

"I'm sure," Lauren said as she embraced Alex and began to tingle with excitement in her stomach. They began to kiss softly and caress. Lauren and Alex both became lost in the moment, forgetting about Dr. Brogan's imminent return.

Dr. Brogan quietly reentered the room. It appeared the couple had made up their mind. He stood silently near the doorway beside the bookshelf and observed them on the couch. They continued to heat up for a moment until Lauren looked up and blushed while catching Dr. Brogan's gaze. "Sorry, Doctor. Our answer is, 'Yes.'"

"Great. Please continue as if I'm not even here. As if you were at home." He went and sat down behind his desk, which directly faced the couch. 

Alex decided pretty quickly that he no longer minded the doctor's presence and was much more interested in getting busy. Lauren glanced over with naughty eyes at Dr. Brogan behind his desk. Suddenly, she was very aroused. The thought of someone watching her seek pleasure turned her on. She began to breathe a little heavier and kiss Alex more intensely while rubbing his chest. 

Alex was reciprocating and rubbing the small of Lauren's back down towards her ass. He squeezed hard. Lauren exhaled. She stood up facing Alex with her back to Dr. Brogan then deftly removed her sweater and shirt revealing a black lace bra and firm breasts. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled to pull them down over her hips. She bent forward a little towards Alex, arched her back and paused imagining Dr. Brogan getting a nice view of her ass. Then she turned around towards Dr. Brogan and looked him directly in the eyes. 

Lauren continued to pull her pants down, shifting her hips from side to side. Her ass was near Alex's face while she watched Dr. Brogan. His piercing stare traveled the length of her body and it seemed to her that he was more than just a dispassionate observer. She found herself hoping anyway. 

Lauren smiled at the doctor as she turned around to face Alex. She pulled Alex's shirt off over his head and tossed it beside the couch. Then she went for Alex's belt and began removing his pants. His belt buckle clinked as she worked the pants down towards his ankles. Alex kicked off his shoes so she could finish removing his pants. 

Lauren began rubbing Alex's legs from the calves up to the thighs towards his groin, slowly and firmly. Alex's cock was stiff and struggling to break free from the constraints of his underwear. Lauren kissed his inner thigh and moved towards his cock. Alex was hot now, just waiting for Lauren to take him into her mouth. Lauren slid her fingers inside the waistband of his briefs, and he raised his hips. She quickly pulled the underwear down and off like so many times before. 

Alex was eagerly erect and Lauren continued to kiss around his cock. She kissed his stomach, and using her tongue she trailed down to his balls. Her warm breath made his legs contract and back arch. Lauren looked up at Alex as she ran her tongue up his shaft and paused. He winced in anticipation of what was next.

Lauren began to circle her tongue around the head. Flicking. Alex's cock pulsed. Lauren took the head softly in her lips and kissed. Alex inhaled sharply. Lauren began to swirl her tongue around the head-back and forth. She genuinely loved the power of pleasure she controlled while sucking Alex's cock. She knew she was on the right track as his entire body involuntarily contracted as she slowly took his cock all the way to the back of her throat. Up and down. Cupping his balls and tugging them upwards tightly as her mouth moved up toward the tip.

Alex loved her blowjobs, but since he became unable to perform after coming, their standard practice was to move on from there so Lauren could try to find some magic, which had been especially difficult lately. 

Alex was prepared as she popped off. He removed her bra before she got off her knees. She smiled at him then stood up tall and turned to face Dr. Brogan. She felt his eyes on her hard nipples and shuddered as Alex pulled her panties to the floor revealing a beautiful, smooth pussy. Dr. Brogan's eyes slowly moved down and gazed intently. Lauren could feel heat there as if generated by his eyes.

Alex grabbed Lauren's hips and pulled her back onto his lap. Normally, she'd begin on top, facing Alex, but she stayed facing Dr. Brogan. She reached back with her right hand and raised her hips high, grabbing Alex's cock and rubbing it along her pussy. She could feel her wet lips spreading open and she watched Dr. Brogan's reaction at seeing the same thing. The thought of him watching caused her to gush. She wanted cock now. 

Lauren pushed the throbbing head inside and lowered herself slowly onto Alex's lap while keeping her eyes on Dr. Brogan. She moved slowly up and down at first, then faster. Alex's hands on her hips kept her from popping off. She was feeling really good and her moans let both men in the room know it. 

Alex abruptly said, "OK. Turn around and face me." Lauren was unpleasantly surprised by the request as she was just getting somewhere for the first time in a while. She looked uncertainly at Dr. Brogan who nodded almost imperceptibly. 

Lauren spun around as Alex lay back on the couch. She was mounted and still had a good view of Dr. Brogan, which was keeping her very excited. She had no idea being watched would be so hot. She rocked back and forth. Small movements at first. Then bigger. Faster. Up and down. She knew Alex liked watching her tits bounce, and it appeared Dr. Brogan did as well. She began to moan again while working Alex's cock just where she wanted it. 

Alex was making similar noises and told her he was going to come soon. Dr. Brogan firmly said, "Not yet." Alex and Lauren both stopped and looked at him. 

"What!?" Alex said.

"Alex, just a little patience, and both of you will have vastly improved experiences. You do want Lauren to achieve orgasm, right? That's something she has requested?"

"Yes," Alex said.

"Good. Then let us focus on her for a few minutes. Lauren, turn around and let Alex take you from behind. Stay on the couch with your hands on the arm rest."

Both obediently complied. Lauren watched Dr. Brogan keenly now, hoping that he had a solution. Alex began thrusting from his knees. With her shoulders up a bit, his cock slid in at an angle that felt different, and better. A new sensation high up and towards the front of her pussy, causing heat to radiate outward from the spot. "Oh yes!" she said.

Then she noticed Dr. Brogan rise from his desk chair and move slowly towards her. She noticed a large bulge in his pants. Unexpectedly, her mouth began to water while Alex continued pounding. Suddenly, Dr. Brogan was standing right in front of Lauren. Alex, mostly lost in blissful thought, continued until Dr. Brogan began to unzip his pants. 

Alex stopped. "Whoa, doc. What're you doing!?" 

"Alex, I assure you, this will benefit you both, and everyone will get off today." 

Lauren turned to Alex and said, "Please keep going! It's working!"

Alex slowly began pumping again. Dr. Brogan unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He stepped right up to where Lauren's head was bouncing gently back and forth. He dropped his underwear to unleash a cock that was considerably bigger than Lauren had seen before. She gasped as her mouth began watering again. 

Dr. Brogan grabbed her hair and steered her head toward his cock. Lauren didn't hesitate. She opened wide as Dr. Brogan slowly pushed it all the way in. Deep. He pulled at the back of her head with her hair and released just before she was about to gag. She happily took over from there. The railing from behind felt so good, and she really wanted to take Dr. Brogan's cock as deeply as she could. She was wet everywhere and worked the doctor's cock enthusiastically with her mouth while massaging his balls with one hand. Dr. Brogan reached down with his right hand and began to massage Lauren's left tit. Squeezing it, tugging, stroking while she was being thumped from behind. Lauren moaned. Then he pinched her nipple, making Lauren squeal. He did it again harder. Lauren moaned, "Oh yes! Do that!" Both men intensified their efforts. 

Lauren forgot what she was doing with her mouth and just enjoyed the intense pleasure surrounding her body. Eyes closed, feeling the rhythm and the sharp pleasurable pain now in both nipples. It felt so good. 

Dr. Brogan let the trajectory of pleasure arc just to a point then said, "Now, let's return to the position you began in." 

Lauren and Alex automatically swiveled towards the front of the couch with Lauren temporarily standing with Alex's cock inside her from behind. Dr. Brogan moved in front of Lauren again. 

"Continue," Dr. Brogan directed. 

As Lauren began to ride, she noticed her entire pussy felt like it was on fire from the previous stimulation. 

Dr. Brogan grabbed the back of her head and kissed her on the lips while she bounced up and down. He slid his right hand down over her breast to her stomach then landed softly right over her clit, and he began to gently circle while she rode.

"Ooohh," Lauren moaned. Alex never put his hands there, and it felt so good. The doctor continued rubbing in a light circular motion, using her wetness to lubricate his finger while he pinched her nipple with his other hand. Alex was sounding like he was enjoying the ride as well. Both were audibly excited. 

"Lauren, are you getting close?" Dr. Brogan asked.

"Yes! Just a little more time. Please!"

"Okay. Good! Turn around on Alex the way you were before, but Alex, stay as you are. Lean back and slide your hips towards the edge of the couch."

Both quickly moved into position. Lauren began grinding again. "Alex, take her tits in your mouth. Suck on her nipples," Dr. Brogan said.

As he did, Lauren whimpered. "Stay there. Slow."

Lauren felt Dr. Brogan's hands move roughly from her shoulders down her back to her ass. He pulled her cheeks apart. His fingers gently circled her tight hole while she rocked up and down. Lauren involuntarily said, "Yes! Please!" She loved the attention, and suddenly she wanted Dr. Brogan in her ass even though she'd never done that before. 

Lauren felt his fingers circle around and around before applying some pressure. Gentle pulsing caused her to slow down her ride on Alex's cock. Deep and slow. Dr. Brogan's fingers were wet and gingerly found their way inside her ass. Lauren began to ride with a little more force while Dr. Brogan's fingers found their way in deeper. Oh the pressure felt good, she wanted more. 

After a minute of using his fingers, Dr. Brogan put his lips against her left ear and whispered, "Are you ready?"

Lauren nearly screamed, "Oh God! Yes!"

Pleasure overwhelmed her, she felt dazed as she looked down at Alex. She slowed her motion as she absorbed an intensely gratifying pressure in her ass. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before, but she could clearly feel the powerful, lubed cock sliding slowly into her ass.

Lauren's eyes watered for a moment as she saw Alex looking up at her. She smiled at him and began to rise again. Slowly at first. The intensity of Dr. Brogan's thrusts and the heat from his girth filled her and convulsed through her body, causing her mouth to water, her feet to tingle, and her vision to blur.

All three bodies began to rock in a synchronized motion, slow and purposeful. Lauren could feel the familiar tensing in Alex as he neared orgasm, and she could feel herself about to explode. Hands everywhere on her body and two cocks inside.

"Yes! Fuck me! Harder!" she screamed.

Now, she was riding Alex hard, and he was groaning with pleasure while Dr. Brogan intensified his efforts from behind while squeezing Lauren's tits. That was all she could take. She let out a wail, and she began to explode with white hot pleasure. Alex, who had been on the verge for a couple minutes, let out a gasp as he filled Lauren with his cum. 

Lauren slumped forward as the waves of orgasm began to subside. She and Alex were breathing heavily, trying to catch their breath. After a moment, Dr. Brogan pulled back and said, "That was great work by both of you. I suggest we make the most of Lauren's arousal, and go for another." Alex opened his eyes, looked at Lauren, and said, "I'm going to need a minute, doc."

"I understand. Lauren, shall we?"

Lauren lifted her head off of Alex's shoulder and looked at him expectantly. His eyes didn't say no so she said, "Yes, please."

"Why don't you lie down on your back with your head on Alex's lap." Alex rested his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. Lauren moved into position. 

"Once the woman has been sufficiently stimulated, this position often provides a good follow up to a previous orgasm," Dr. Brogan said as he knelt between Lauren's legs. He picked her left leg up and put it on his right shoulder and gently forced her right leg down towards the floor. He slid his cock over her wet, swollen pussy back and forth slowly. 

Lauren began to feel an intense need to have it inside of her. Dr. Brogan pulled away and paused for a moment. Lauren inhaled and held her breath. Then he began again. Lauren was ready to go. 

"Please give it to me!" 

Dr. Brogan split her lips with his cock and slowly pushed it inside. His cock was broader than Alex's and felt nice as it spread her open. Dr. Brogan slowly slid it all the way inside to the base. 

"Ooooh. That's so deep. Stay there for a minute... Push." 

Dr. Brogan obliged and began to pump slowly, hands on both legs providing a beautiful view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. 

Lauren was primed from the previous orgasm, and this escalation was rapid and intense. 

"You're hitting all the right spots. Don't stop!" 

His pace was perfect, and her arc to orgasm was exquisite. As she came, the pleasure was so intense, she let out a gasp, "Stop. For a minute. Please." Lauren caught her breath, and smiled at Dr. Brogan. Then looked up at Alex who was also watching with interest now. 

"Alex, I'm going to finish now. Squeeze her tits, and pinch her nipples. Build up the pressure until she tells you to stop. Got it?"

"Yes. Got it," Alex said. 

Dr. Brogan put Lauren's leg down and leaned forward. A big thrust got her attention and caused a whimper. His strong chest was directly over her now, eyes looking down into hers. His arms rippled as he rested on them while pounding his cock deep inside her rhythmically. 

Lauren never knew this much pleasure existed. "Yes, Alex. Harder please." While Dr. Brogan continued, Lauren felt like she was going to come again. "Oh God. Yes. Keep going." Dr. Brogan began to ram it home. Slapping bodies moving together rapidly. 

"Ohhhhh. Yes," Lauren whimpered.

Dr. Brogan grunted a little as he was working hard. Then he groaned as he pulled his cock out of Lauren, looked her in the eyes, and began stroking. It took four long, slow strokes to shoot his load expertly onto Lauren's chest while she panted. 

"Yes. Give me your cum." Lauren rubbed the warm load into her chest and smiled. 

Dr. Brogan collapsed, seated on the couch with the couple. The three of them sat silently for a few moments. Finally, Dr. Brogan looked at them both and said, "It seems like we achieved your breakthrough. Practice is required to perfect it, but you're off to a good start. See you at the same time next week?"

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