Sunday, 8 March 2015

Foreign Affairs

My name is Bobby Williams, it used to be Smith but I go by my mothers maiden name now. I'm 18 years old and just graduated highschool, me and my family moved to Bangkok Thailand in the beginning of this year. My father was a construction engineer hired to help oversee the construction of a new skyscraper in the city centre. I say "was" because he is no longer with us- no, I don't mean he died, though he might as well have. We were going to live here for a year, maybe more and then move back to the states after the job was finished. With the money my dad earned he was going to buy us a house and have some left over to put into a college fund for me, that was the plan at least. Until he met a cute young Thai girl, emptied the bank accounts and left me and mom in the lurch in a foreign country with no way home and no way to support ourselves.

My moms name is Emily, she's a stay at home mom and always has been. She has straight silky black hair and slightly olive coloured skin. Her eyes are a deep green, her lips are full and soft, her breasts are ... well .. abundant and her butt is soft and round. I love her more than anything. We've grown closer than ever this past year, I have no friends here and she has none either. We've been keeping each other company and now we truly only have each other. She hasn't worked since highschool when she met my dad and she has no skills to help pay the rent since he left. I got a job as a janitor at a local bathhouse. It's not full time and it doesn't pay enough for the rent but it will help buy us time to figure out how to get out of this situation we're in. I haven't told her where I'm working, it's a seedy place and I don't want her to worry about me. Mom was able to get a job as an English tutor, her hours are strange but she says it's because her schedule is based on whenever her clients are available. We're getting by for now, sometimes I worry about the future but as long as we have each other me and mom can overcome any hurdles!

My name is Emily Williams, I'm 42 years old, I have a bum for a husband who left me and my son to fend for ourselves in a foreign country so he could run off with some hussy. My son is my sweetheart, his name is Bobby. He recently got a job as janitor at a school nearby, I'm so proud of him, my little man working to help support us. Since his father left we only have each other to lean on.

I told him I got a job as a tutor but the truth is...well..I was looking for work at a nearby bathhouse. The owner is a gross and sleazy man named Mr. Somsak. He told me he had work but I didn't know what he truly meant until I got there. I walked into his office, the whole place is humid and damp, even more so than the city normally is. He had a sweat stained sleeveless top on and his gut was hanging out from under it. I told him who I was and asked him what kind of work he had for me and he just snorted and said

"it pays well." in broken English. "You have very beautiful lips." he said as he reached down and grabbed his crotch. I felt uncomfortable so I told him that I wasn't interested and I was leaving but just before I walked out the door he put down a wad of 2000 baht on the table. "Don't you want work? Pays well." he repeats. I look at the money on the table, 2000 baht is a lot of money here, it's more than Bobby would earn in a month.....we were desperate and that was enough to pay for almost half the rent. I'm ashamed to say this but... I asked him what I had to do and he unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. It was obvious what he meant by that.

I walked over to him and he put his hand on the top of my head and pushed me down onto my knees. Eagerly he reached into his pants and a short but thick cock flopped out in front of my face. I closed my eyes, tried to think I was somewhere else and put my lips on the head of his cock. He forced it passed my lips and started pushing and pulling my head back and forth by the hair. My nose kept pressing up against his belly and my chin kept hitting his ballsack, they were both sweaty and wet. He pushed and pulled me into an uncomfortable rhythm and started moaning and groaning. Next thing I know he lets out a grunt and I feel something warm splash against the back of my throat. I immediately pull away and the rest of his orgasm hits me in the face.

"Mmmm, you suck good, you want more? Come back next week." he says and he sits down in his chair and gets back to his work like I wasn't even there. I felt used, I wiped the cum and sweat from my face and chin grabbed the money and left. I'm not proud to admit it but I did come back that week... and the week after that... and the week after that too. I think he realized how desperate I was for the money so he started paying me less knowing I'd show up more often. At first it was just him, then he started bringing in his "clients". I only suck their dicks, I don't have sex with them, that's a line I won't cross. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for bobby so we can get out of here and things can go back to normal.


"Alright mom, I'm heading off to work I'll be back in a few hours."

"Okay Bobby, please be safe."

This is my third week at work, soon we'll be able to save up enough to go back home. It's all I think about on the short bus ride to the bathhouse. When I get to work I'm immediately given a mop and bucket and told to go clean the bathrooms. As I walk into the bathroom I hear what has become a familiar noise. The sounds of slurping and sucking in one of the bathroom stalls. This place is a frequent hotspot for sexual encounters and prostitution. I have to admit I get a little turned on listening to it, usually I leave right away as to not disturb them. Mr. Somsak is always telling me 'Don't bother the costumers!' But sometimes I linger more than I should, I've been lingering longer and longer lately though.

one day when I was in there I noticed the legs of the woman in the stall as she was sucking off a 'customer'. Thick, silky smooth thighs, soft and white skin, the same colour as mine. I can't stop thinking about her, who is she? What does she look like? Why is she prostituting herself? But those thoughts aren't what is going through my mind right now, The sounds coming through the stall walls are all that occupy my mind

"Shhhhlp....Sllrp...Shlck, shlck." The sounds of a mouth having a very deep conversation with a cock. The way the man is moaning, it sounds like she's doing a good job. The man is the stall groans and says

"Dxkthxng Di." I don't speak Thai very well but I recognize that phrase as translating roughly to "Good slut" The woman responds in a oddly familiar American accent

"Just hurry up and finish." she barks at the man. American too? My curiosity and arousal rise in equal measure, I can't help but rub my erection through my pants but soon come to my senses and head out of the Bathroom before I'm caught and get in trouble for "disturbing the costumers"

I get home later that day and I can't stop thinking about the woman in the stall.

"Hey mom."

"Hello bobby, good day at work?" She asks

"Yeah it was fine I guess."

"Supper will be ready in a few minutes, we're having rice and beef again."

"Okay mom, sounds good!" I say as I rush into the bathroom and pull down my pants.

It's so hard to find time alone when me and mom are living together like this and right now isn't the best moment for jacking off but I can't help myself. I keep thinking about that woman, I close my eyes and try to imagine it, her voice... her legs...... her skin....... her mouth, I'm close.... closer.... I'm gunna-

*knock! Knock!*

"Bobby! Suppers ready, what are you doing in there?"

"Uh, I- I'm just... Um, washing my hands."

"Oh, well... Just... hurry up and finish."

There's that familiar voice again, and those same words... no way, it couldn't be? Could it? My mom the one sucking a dick in that bathroom stall? The thought stays in my mind through my subsequent climax but once I'm relaxed and flaccid again I shake the thought from my head. 'It's just a coincidence' I think to myself, she's probably an exchange student or something that has got herself caught up in a similar situation as me and mom. I should try and meet her, maybe we can help each other out. Supper is uncomfortable, I think she has an idea what I was doing in there, luckily, not an idea of what I was thinking about though. I can't help but look at her in a slightly different way now.

Next month I'm in the bathhouse again, the rent is due soon and we are short a few thousand baht to pay for it. I don't know how were going to get it but mom always seems to come through in the end. I've been trying to watch the bathroom to catch a glimpse of that girl coming or going from it but I rarely have time. Mr. Somsak is always on my ass so I always have my head down scrubbing this or that. My shift is almost over and I decide to check the bathroom to see if she's there, as I enter I hear it, the lovely sound of her mouth shlicking and slurping some unworthy guys dick. 'What do I do?' I think to myself frantically. I should leave and wait outside the bathroom for her but... not yet, I just want to listen a little while longer. Sucking and slurping and gulping, licking and heaving and moaning, the sounds overcome me. I know I should leave but desire pulls me forward instead. I start tiptoeing closer and closer to the stall until I'm standing right outside it. I pull my cock out of my pants as quietly as I can and start masturbating. "I can finish before they do' I think to myself as I start stroking. I can hear the mans groan getting louder and the sucking getting faster. I place my hand on the stall door and lean against it as I pick up speed.

"Ugh! Let me cum on your tits, white whore!"

I hear a pop as his cock plops out of her mouth and a loud groan as he starts cumming, I use his orgasm to mask my own and let out a quiet moan under his. My eyes grow heavy and my body limps slightly as I finish. I stop paying attention to the world around me for a second but I'm shocked back into it as the stall door suddenly swing open. I fall face first into the cum glazed ample breasts of the woman in the stall.

"Oh my god!" She shouts.

"I-I'm so sorry!" I mutter as I peel my face from her sticky bosom and look up, our eyes meet each other. We both grow wide-eyed with shock as we look at one another. I can't believe it, it''s...



I hear him shout. Bobby quickly tucks himself back into his pants before I get a look at his... member, thank goodness. My 'client' laughs, points at Bobbies crotch and says

"Hnxn ciw." before he pushes himself past us both and rushes out of the bathroom. I don't know what it means but Bobby seems to be embarrassed by it.

"Bobby!? What are you doing!"

"What are you doing!" he responds as he wipes the cum off his face, I can't blame him.

"I'm working." I blurt out without thinking.

"That's how you work!?" He responds, and just then somebody walks into the bathroom

"We'll talk about this later bobby." I say in a hushed breath

"But mom!-" I grab him by the arm and pull him out of the bathroom. We both walk home together, the walk is completely silent and awkward for both of us. When we get home I sit him down by at the table and we start to talk.

"I can't believe you mom, you said you were an English tutor, that's what you're doing to earn money?!"

"We need the money Bobby, there's no other work for me out there."

"You can find work, I'll help!"

"Bobby, we need to pay the rent or we'll be homeless by the end of the week! If you can find a job that pays 5000 baht a month I'll take it. But there aren't any and I can't have us sleeping on the street in Bangkok"


"There's no buts, it's just the way it has to be for now Bobby, I'm sorry you had to find that, I didn't want you to know."

I thought about scolding him for his antics in the bathroom but considering what I was doing in there as well it seems slightly hypocritical, besides, he's probably having a hard enough time as it is without me bringing that whole mess up again.


"I.... I guess your right mom..." I hated to admit it but we'd never survive on these streets. Bangkok is a dangerous city as is, I can't imagine what would happen to us if we were homeless with nowhere to go.

The next week at work is hard, I walk into the bathroom to those all too familiar noises

"ssshluck...shhluck.. sllp shlk.."

Those same legs...that same skin....that same mothers. It's hard to come to terms, I know she's just on the other side of that thin metal wall, on her knees sucking another man off for rent money. Too my surprise, that fact doesn't stop me from becoming aroused.

"Suck me good! dirty white bitch!"

I hear the voice in the stall bark at my mom and it fills me with rage. It's enough that she has to do this to earn a living but to be called those horrible names in the process? Though I can't deny part of the rage is a jealous one, this disgusting john is the one who gets to have that woman I've been coveting all my life wrapped around his dick. Even if it is my own mother, it still feels unfair to me, maybe even more so now.

I walked over to the stall, take a deep breath and kick in the door. I didn't really think about what I was going to see once I did. All my piss and vinegar ran down my legs when I saw my mother in front of the toilet on her hands and knees. The man she was blowing was fat and sweaty, probably in his late 30's. My mother cocked her head around to look over her shoulder at me. His big, disgusting dick was still lodged deep in her mouth, almost poking through her cheek. Her hair was matted and beads of sweat were dripping off of her forehead.


"Mhohby?" she says my name, her voice muffled by the cock still in her mouth. She tries to pull his cock out of her mouth but the man puts his hands on her head and forces it back down.

"No! I pay, you suck!" he says forcefully as he start pushing and pulling my mother head up and down on his member.

"You! Go! Get out!" He shouts at me. I just stand there mouth agape, I knew what was happening behind this stall door but actually seeing it with my own eyes was something else. I... I couldn't move, I just sat there and watch as this man fucked my moms mouth. She struggled against him and muffled complaints but all are ignored easily by the man as he starts thrusting into her mouth.

"Mmfm...Mu...Shthop." My mother whines as he starts thrusting harder.

"M-m.. mom... I... I..." I whimper quietly.

Then the man takes one long deep thrust into her mouth and my mothers struggling increases. His eyelids slump, he lets out a sickly satisfied moan as he releases the fruits of his climax into my mothers throat. Mom stops resisting, I see her throat contract as she swallows the mans semen. As soon as he's done my mother slumps down against the toilet and the man stands up and starts yelling at me in Thai.. Mr. Somsak hears the commotion and barges into the bathroom, soon the two men are arguing with each other and I turn my attention to mom.

She's standing up off the floor, her face is smeared with jizz and wet with spit.

"Bobby, what were you doing?" she asks.

"Mom...I-I tried to help you but...." I can't think of an excuse, mom gives me a sympathetic look then grabs some toilet paper and wipes her face clean.

"How many times I tell you!? Don't bother the customers!" Mr. Somsak yells

"But she's my mom!" I say trying to win over some sympathy from him but it's no use.

"She my whore! You cost more money than she make sucking Ki! You fired!"

"Fine! Screw you! Come on mom we're leaving!" I grab my moms arm to pull her away but Somethings stopping her, I turn around and Mr. Somsak has grabbed hold of her other arm as well and wont let her leave.

"No! she stay! She need to make up for lost wage, she suck next dick for free. Then she start earning again."

"Mom...tell him you're leaving." I beg her.

"Bobby, the rent is due in three days. How are we going to pay for it?.....I'm sorry Bobby but... I have to stay." My eyes well with tears.

"You go! Go now!" Mr. Somsak yells as he pushes me out of the Bathroom, my eyes remain locked on my mothers face.


My eye's remain locked on my sons faces as Somsak pushes him out of the bathroom. I can see tears welling in his eyes. I go back into the stall to sit down and think but in just a few moments Mr. Somsak walks back in and stands in front of me.

"You suck for free." He says with a perverted grin on his face as he unbuckles his pants pulls down his stained underwear and reveals that thick cock of his.

"Sucky sucky" he mocks as he walks closer and his member starts to close in on my face. I let out a sigh close my eyes and open my mouth 'sucky sucky' I think to myself. He's not gentlemanly about it at all, he immediately starts thrusting his belly into my face. I suck and lick as hard as I can. The better I suck the faster this will be over with I think to myself. So I start pushing my face deeper into his gut to get more of his cock into my mouth. He's wheezing heavily, I wrap my lips around his cock in an airtight seal and suck my cheeks in.

"Guuuuh" Somsak moans, zombie-like, as he shoots his first load into my mouth.

"Guuh-uuh-uh" He continues with the next three. I swallow the loads then look up at him and smile in an attempted to placate him.

"You work salary now." He says bluntly.


"3000 baht a month, you work three times a week for 4 hours." I'm in shock.

"What are you talking about, you were paying me 2000 baht a blowjob before! I can't afford to pay the rent and feed myself and my son on that!"

"Your son cause me trouble. You work glory hole, 4 hour shifts three times a week. 3000 baht a month. I have bachelor apartment for you to rent."

I'm so angry I could bite his dick off, He knows how desperate I am and he just keeps squeezing his grip tighter and tighter around my life.

"I- b-but-...Fine! But I need money for the rent this month right now!"

"No, you go here." He pulls out a brochure with a map on it and a red X over a Thai bar. "You go here and say you're the 'taw him' they show you to the apartment."

I snatch the brochure from his hands and rush home to my son.


I'm pacing back and forth in the apartment "What am I going to do?" I ask myself "I lost my job, moms going to have to work even harder to support us both now." I think about what that means and cringe. The door swings open and my mother enters the apartment.

"Mom! What happened!? Are you okay?"

I look at her face and see a white smear across her cheek.

"M-mom, you have something... here...." I motion to her cheek. She wipes it off with her hand and looks at it, her eyes widen and then return to normal and she rubs what I'm sure is some strangers gunk onto a piece of cloth.

"Start packing your things, we're leaving." She says quickly as she starts grabbing her suitcase and clothes.

"Really, were going home!"

She stops packing for and closes her eyes.

"...No bobby, we're just... moving."

"Moving? Moving where?"

"I...I don't know, we'll find out when we get there."

"What do you mean you don't know! Where are we going mom!"

"Bobby!" She barks in an annoyed tone.

"Just!...." her voice calms "Just do what I say, start packing."

I know shes mad at me, and as horrible as it is too imagine the things that my mother has to do to earn a living it must be even worse for her so I quiet up and help her start packing. When we're finished she hands me a brochure.

"We need to go there." she says and she points to a bar marked on a map on the back of the brochure.

"Mom, I don't think that's in a very nice neighbourhood."

"Well, we don't have a choice Bobby, can you get us there?"

"I suppose I can show this to a taxi and ask him to take us there."

"Good." my mom say abruptly "Let's go."

The taxi ride is awkward and quiet, when we get to the place it's in a hot, stinky, and dirty corner of Bangkok. Mom walks into the bar, all the patrons stare at us as we enter. She walks up to the bartender and say in a sheepish tone "Um..Mr. Somsak sent me, I'm..I'm the 'taw him'." I look at her in shock as she says it. She just told him that she was the 'new slut' in a bad Thai accent. The bartender laughs along with the other patrons, mom looks around at them and puts on a front of confidence. Did she know what that meant? I don't want to embarrass her any further so I keep quiet about it.

The bartender motions towards a man in the corner and says "Somsak, taw him." A couple of old drunks raise there glasses and cheer

"Taw him! Aaaay!" I grab my mother by the arm and whisper to her.

"I think we should leave."

"And go where?" I don't have time to answer before the man in the corner is dragging her away and I'm racing off behind them. We go up a flight of stairs in the back of the bar and into a hallway. The man pulling mom along notices me and stops me.

"He's with me." my mother tells him.

"Who is he?" he respond in fairly good English.

"He's my son..." She informs him with her head slung low.

"Son!? Ha!" his startled and amused response embarrasses us both, but he shrugs it off and continues on down the hallway. The sounds of sex resonate through the walls, low pitched groans and high pitched moans bounce off around in the hallway, barely muffled by the poor insulation. He opens one of the doors and inside is an older man and a pretty young Thai girl, not unlike the one my father ran off with. Both are half dressed and sweaty. The man barks at them in Thai and they rush out of the room smelling like sex.

"Your room." he says with a slight tone of sarcasm.

"But, there's only one bed, and no kitchen."

"You get food at the bar." the man says half ignoring us as he walks back down the hall. Mom and me both gingerly walk into our new home. Humid, sweaty and smelling of cum, we look at each other briefly but can't bare it too long so we both look away again.

"I'm tired mom, lets just go to bed and think about what to do in the morning."

"Agreed." mom says, she sounds as exhausted as I do.

"There's only one bed, should I sleep on the floor?"

"No way! This place is disgusting, you're not sleeping on the floor here, we'll just have to share the bed tonight."

I don't put up much of a protest, I just want to go to sleep. Mom goes into the bathroom and I get into my underwear and get in the bed, the sheets are damp and warm. The heat of the two bodies that just had sex in this bed is still trapped between the sheets, as well as some fluids I'd rather not think about.

Mom comes out of the bathroom in her bra and panties, I see her legs, those legs I fantasized about in the bathroom of the bathhouse. Her pink little panties, I can just barely make out a slight camel toe, her pussy looks small and puffy from what I could see. Her ample breasts look like they are ready to pop out of her bra in protest of being hidden behind her brazier. She climbs into bed next to me and I feel her warm legs brush up against me slightly as she gets under the sheets. I get hard thinking about me and mom being in this bed together almost naked. Knowing what usually goes on in here, I can't help but feel aroused by the situation. It's not helped by the noises going on all around us, creaking bed frames and hard pounding above us. Headrests rhythmically slamming against the walls. The sound of flesh slapping together and voices expressing sexual pleasure in every room, it's a long night. I want to touch myself so badly but I'm afraid mom will know so I just lie awake listening to the sounds all through the night, I've never felt so frustrated before in my life.

I wake up groggy to the same soundtrack I went to sleep with, As I wipe the sleep from my eyes I turn and notice moms not in bed. I wonder where she is but before I can think about it too much I start to notice the sounds of sex are clearer than last night, they seem closer. I can hear flesh slapping together and breathy moans. My attention turns to my throbbing erection, I went to bed with one last night and woke up with one this morning. I'm desperate for satisfaction and mom is not in the room so I take the rare opportunity to please myself by the balls, if you will. I close my eyes and focus on the noises and try to paint a mental image of whats happening in my head. I imagine a woman bent over and a nice round soft butt, a white one. Nothing against Thai women but I just miss home. It's jiggling with each smack as a big cock thrusts into her pussy. I start moaning in time with the woman on the other side of the wall as I get more and more into it. Her moaning gets louder, it's so clear I can hear her breath. She's obviously close to orgasm and soon I hear her let out a high pitched squeak for a second and then it cut's off. It's the sort of squeal that's so intense no sound even comes out. Followed by a low groan of satisfaction. I try and think of her lips as her moan blows past them. Full and luscious painted with glossy wet lipstick.

"My turn." A Thai man says and I can hear two bodies shuffling around, I hear a muffled groan of protest followed by a long retching sound. The slapping noises continue, but they sound wetter this time, squishy almost and each slap is accompanied by a gag. It's the sound of somebody face fucking somebody else, hard and inconsiderately. The wet slapping and gagging continue without pause or hesitation and I find myself imagining the face of the woman. Mascara running down her cheeks as a big cock slides in and out of her throat and between her lips and a pair of balls smacking against her chin, dripping with spit. As I get close and closer to the big finale I realize that what I'm hearing is likely something my mother has had, or will have to do at some point. The thought almost ruins the moment but I try and push it out of my mind as quickly as possible. One last *Slap!* followed by another long retching sound. I can guess the man is coming inside her throat right now... and so am I, at least, in my head I am. Just as I reach my climax that thought returns and the ruined face of the woman being mouth fucked in my fantasy is replace with my own mothers. I cum hard all over my belly. I let out a long sigh and am left feeling satisfied but ultimately guilty and depressed.

Just then the bathroom door swings open and the same man that led us into the room last night walks out zipping up his pants. I quickly cover myself up before he notices me and I see my mother walking out of the bathroom behind him. It doesn't take me long to realize the noises I was hearing were my own mothers. I feel a sinking feeling in my gut as I watch her wipe a copious amount of saliva off her chin.

"Bobby!" she says, startled to see me awake "How long have you been up for?" she tries to ask nonchalantly.

"I just woke up" I lie "What were you doing in there?" I think I can guess the answer.

"Oh, uh, w-we were just-"

"Fucking" The man says as he leans over and places 1000 baht on the night table.

"1000! but I-I let you-" She stops herself and looks over her shoulder at me.

"Employee discount, you're supposed to be working salary anyways." and he walks out of the room and shuts the door behind him.

She sits down on the bed next to me and it's silent for a moment.

"Did you really have sex with him mom?" I ask as gently as I can.

"...Yes." She responds "Did you really just wake up?"

"... No." I say, matching her honesty with my own.

"How much did you hear?"

"...Everything." I admit dejectedly.

"I'm sorry bobby."

"No mom, I'm sorry, we wouldn't be in this mess if hadn't made trouble at the bath house."

"No bobby, we wouldn't be in this mess if your father didn't leave us in the gutter like he did. You were just looking out for your mother, it's what any son would do." she places her hand on my cheek and looks at me sweetly and I return the gaze. She leans in to give me a kiss on the forehead. I think about what I just heard her do with that dirty Thai bouncer but I don't want it to ruin the moment so I just close my eyes and let her. As soon as she isn't looking I wipe her kiss away.

We both decide to go down to the bar and get something to eat. When we get there we see Mr. Somsak talking with the bartender. He notices us and asks bluntly;

"What are you doing?"

"We're hungry, we were going to ask for some food." Mom says.

"No! You work first, get food after." Some of the patrons in the back start jeering at my mother.

"Work here! Work here!" one yells as he grabs his crotch and the others laugh. An older man, maybe in his late fifties walks up to Mr. Somsak. He's wearing dirty stained clothes and old worn out sandals, clearly a life long barfly.

"She work here? He asks and Somsak responds in thai.

"How much?"

"Suck or fuck?" Mr. Somsak asks. This conversation is a nightmare to watch take place.

"Fuck" he answers.

"5000" baht Mr. Somsak tells him, the price of my mothers dignity. They start arguing in thai and the price keeps going lower and lower. 4750 then 4500 then 4400. Watching these wretched old bastards haggle over the cost of fucking my mother is twisting me up inside. I want to kill them both but I know I'm just going to get us into more trouble like I did last time. The old man waves his hands and starts to walk away before Mr. Somsaks final offer of 4350. That's 130 dollars American, I just watched my mother get sold for 130 dollars. And the difference that the old man was willing to walk away from the deal? One dollar and fifty cents. My mother wasn't worth an extra dollar and fifty cents to this grimy old man. You know what I would pay to have sex with her? What I would give to have what this geezer and all these other men have paid pennies for? I hate to admit it but I'm jealous, I'm seethingly jealous of this old man. And of Mr. Somsak and the jerk bouncer too, they've all had what I can only fantasize about.

Mom and me look at each other before Mr. Somsak starts shooing them off together. I watch them walk away upstairs. I want to be him right now, I want to be the one walking up those stairs with her, I want to be the one doing the things that are about to be done to her. I want to save her.


I look at my sons face, we're both in shock at what just happened. Neither of us could really process the conversation we were watching. I feel bad for bobby, having to just stand there and watch as two men barter the price of his mother in front of him. And now he has to just stand there and watch as we walk away upstairs together. I start to feel worse for myself though as I turn to look at the old man that just...'bought' me. I think about what I'm going to have to do with him. He's skinny and frail, and a little drunk.

We go into my room together and he starts undressing, He's wearing tightey whiteys, old and stained yellow in the front. I think I've seen enough and start to walk into the bathroom to get undressed but he stops me.

"No, here, here." He repeats. I think he wants me to undress in front of him. Mt suspicions are confirmed as he starts to take off my blouse. I oblige him though it makes me feel sick to be leered at by this old man. He pulls his pants down and I see a sizable half hard penis and a very saggy sweat ballsack. With his shirt still on and his underwear around his ankles he starts to touch himself as he watches me take my pants off. Soon I'm completely naked in front of him, trying to cover myself with my hands but he grunts angrily and moves them away. He's still touching himself but he hasn't grown any harder.

He's old and drunk, there's a good chance he's impotent, maybe I wont have to have sex with him after all. I feel like a piece of meat on display standing there as he touches himself to me so I go sit on the bed. He takes out a bottle of pills from his pants on the floor and takes one, I see it labelled Viagra on the side, there goes my hopes of him not being able to preform. He shuffles over to me, grabs me by the shoulders and forcibly kisses me. I try and resist a little but he pushes his tongue into my mouth. His breath stinks, mainly of booze and cigarettes and I can feel his two day old stubble prickling my skin. This is worse than when that man had sex with my mouth in the least he was cute.

He stands up in front of me and his now fairly sizable erection is staring me right in the face.

"Open!" he says as he pushes the head of his cock into my lips. I'm so used to this by now I just do it without thinking. Next thing i know he's in my mouth and I'm sucking him off. I quickly remember that he didn't pay for a blowjob, I could say no but I start to come up with a scheme. If I can make him cum with my mouth then maybe he wont stay hard enough have sex with my pussy. Old men aren't known for their stamina after all so I start to go to town on this old mans dick. More so than I have with anybody else, not even Bobbies father, I'm desperate not to have to have sex with him. I suck and lick and twist and bob back and forth on his shaft. I even massage his balls though it's like holding droopy silly putty in my hands as his sagging skin drips between my fingers. He lets out a moan and starts to pull away but I don't let him. He backs away from the bed and I fall down onto my knees in front of it and start sucking with even more vigor than before. I put my hands on his hips t keep him from backing away more so he puts his hands on my head and tries to pull it away. I push my head forward just as hard as he's pushing it away and pull his hips towards me to counter him pulling them away. My fingers sink into his loose skin.

His hands slip off and my head juts forward violently, my face smack against his sweaty belly and his entire cock slides quickly into my mouth and down my throat. I can feel the head of his dick bulge in my neck and a hard blast of warm seed shoot into it. I try not to swallow it but it's too deep, I immediately pull my head back and feel a second load splash on my tongue and the roof of my mouth before a third and fourth hit me in the face. Some of it gets in my eyes and I wince, I wipe it out and try to open them. My vision is blurry but starts to clear and his cock comes into focus. I expect to see a quickly softening penis after what I just did to it but it looks even harder now than it did before it went into my mouth!

"I no pay for that!" the old man says angrily before putting a condom on and pushing my down onto the bed by my shoulders and climbing on top of me. I can't believe I just did that and it was for nothing. I just gave this man the best blowjob of my entire life for free. He starts to spread my legs apart with his as he lies on top of me. I can feels his throbbing erection pressing up against my sex. He lets out a frail whine as he thrust himself inside of me. He's not strong enough to lift himself off of me so his sweaty loose skin slide around on my own as he humps my pussy. I shudder every time I feel his large old wrinkly cock fill me. He french kisses my mouth occasionally, I'm not resisting at all anymore, I just lie there with my hands at the side and let him do what he wants with my body. He thrust especially deep inside me and stays there. I feel the first throb, 'thank god he has a condom on' I think to myself. He kisses me but soon the orgasm overtakes him and he just starts drooling into my mouth as he cums into my pussy. I turn my head to break the kiss so he starts kissing my neck instead. It makes my skin crawl.


I'm sitting at the bar twiddling my thumbs when Mr. Somsak walks up to me

"You! What are you doing!"

"I'm...waiting." I tell him.

"No! you work too just like your mother!"

"My mothers works for salary, I should get paid as well!" I demand he nods

"Fine. Fne." and grabs me by the collar to drag me upstairs. One of the doors in the hallway opens and the old man my mother went upstairs with walks out.

"Look! He done with your mother, you clean room." he says without any tact or sympathy. We walk into the room and my mother in sitting in the bed looking somewhat forlorn. Mt. Somsak rushes over to the bed and rips the blankets right off it leaving my mother completely exposed and I see her full figure. Her nipples like erect flags atop two mountains of flesh, her skin beading with sweat dripping down her body and her thighs, spread wide for a moment before they snap shut.

"Oh my god!" Mom shrieks as she jumps out of the bed to try and cover herself. Mr. Somsak throws the sheets and everything at me, they hit me right in my head and the soaking wet spot slathers my face with their sex juices as it drapes over me. I quickly throw them off to see my mother running around the bed and into the bathroom for some privacy. The condom still inside of her starts to slip out with every step she takes as she bounds into the bathroom until it finally falls free from her pussy and makes a wet plop onto the ground.

"Clean that up!" Somsak yells as he points to the condom and the pool of jizz oozing out of it onto the floor.

"You have another client" he tells my mother, barging into the bathroom and dragging her out into the hall in the nude. Pretty quickly I start to hear the same slapping sounds I heard this morning in the room next door as my mother pleasure her next client. Or rather the next client pleasures himself with my mother. I have to listen to that as I clean up the jizz spilt from her previous client.

The weeks pass in a similar fashion, my mother being used by all manner of filth and scum and me often having to clean up the mess left over afterwards. Mom and I have been saving up counting the days until we get to go home again. The situation seems to be taking its toll on mom. She's lethargic and out of it most of the time, she seems off somehow. I notice her talking with that Thai bouncer she had sex with in the bathroom more and more often. He's the biggest asshole in the place, even more so than Mr. Somsak. He brags all the time about how great my moms pussy is and how she sucks his dick all the time. He throws his dirty laundry at me and tells me to clean it up. Spills drink in front of me and makes me wipe it off the floor while he hits on my mom, sometimes touching her. I ask her if any of it is true and she swears up and down she only ever had sex with him that once. Even that though is enough to twist my guts into knots, especially knowing that he made her cum.

One day I'm downstairs cleaning the tables and I see my mom and the bouncer go into the public washroom together hand in hand. I look around to see if anybody is paying attention, the bar is fairly empty tonight and the bartender has fallen asleep with his hat pulled down over his eyes. Mr. Somsak is up in his office, probably counting a stack of money my mother earned for him or something. I creep over to the bathroom and open the door a crack. I see my mom in front of that asshole bouncer hiking her skirt up and pulling her panties down.

The last time he tried to fuck my mom Mr. Somsak yelled at him, something about her pussy being 'for paying customers only' he obviously wasn't a paying customer this must be rape! I'm not going to stand idly by this time, not while some jerk rapes my mom. I'm about to burst through the door when I her lean in and kiss him. Not the other way around, she leaned in and kissed him. Why would she do that if this was rape? I stop myself and watch some more. She puts her hands onto the sink behind her and hops up into it then she lifts her thighs up into the air and bends her legs so her pussy is being presented to him at crotch level. He rushes to drop his pants around his ankles, his cock is huge, at least 8 inches and thick too. I can't help but wonder if that's why she came when she had sex with him that one time in the bathroom. He slides the shaft into my mothers pussy, it disappears between her thighs. He starts thrusting unceremoniously into her pussy, deep and hard thrusts, each one causes my mother to shake and shudder. I can see her knuckles turning white as she grips the porcelain counter top and her toes curl and wriggle in her flip flops while he pounds her pussy into mush. He grabs her by the hair and pulls on it hard, my mother head arches back and he slaps her in the face then spits on it for good measure.

When he does this my mothers legs shoot out straight behind him and she lets of a gasp followed by a loud moan. He quickly puts his hand over hers and shushes her. My gaze returns to where he and my mother are joined. I see beads of pussy juice rolling down his shaft. I notice at the base of it is a piercing that my moms pre-cum is dripping off of. I hope it fucking rusts and he gets tetanus. He starts picking up the pace, it seems like he wants to get it done quick. They both start breathing heavier until they throw their head backs in unison. His buttocks clenches and his cock starts to pulsate as he is cumming into my mother. It is only then do I realize that he's not wearing a condom. I hear the sound of water hitting porcelain and I can see liquid splashing up from the sink my mother is sitting in. She's not squirting, she's gushing, it almost sounds like she's peeing into the sink.

When they're both done their simultaneous orgasms he pulls his cock out of my mothers pussy, it's covered in cum. Mom hops off the counter and gives him another kiss, as she does this he hands something to her in a little baggy. She clasps it tightly in her fist and rushes into a bathroom stall leaving her panties lying on the grimy floor. The bouncer begins to turn around to walk out, I quickly back off and return to work. When he exits the bathroom our eyes meet and he gives me the biggest shit eating grin ever. He walks over to me and says

"My cock likes your mothers pussy, here's a new rag, you can use it to go clean up the mess we made in the bathroom." and he throws my mothers discarded panties onto the table in front of me before walking off chuckling. I grab them quickly and stuff them into my pocket before rushing off into the bathroom. I peek under the stalls and see which one my mom is in and quietly sneak into the one next to it. There is a glory hole in the stall between mine and hers, I peek into it and see her half asleep with a rubber tube wrapped around her arm. He gave her drugs, heroine of all things! That's why she's been so out of it lately. She must have been using them to cope.

I hear another man enter the bathroom and he walks into the stall on the other side of my mothers. I hear his pants unzip and then I see a cock slide through the glory hole on the other side.

"You have to pay for that honey" she says bluntly. It's hard to listen to her talk like that, she seems like a different person when she's on this stuff. The man slides a roll of money through the glory hole and I watch as mom goes down on him right there. I'm watching as the back of her head bobs up and down on this complete strangers cock. The man knocks on the stall door and my mother takes the cock out of her mouth and jacks it off until he cums onto the floor. My own mother sucking anonymous dick in the dirty bathroom of a sleazy 'Anonymous' I think to myself and I have a realization, my dick starts throbbing immediately st the thought. I actually have a chance, I could have mom suck my dick and she'd never have to know. Finally I would get to experience what all these undeserving sleazeballs have been able to. I stand up in the stall and unzip my pants feverishly, I stick my hand in my pocket and grab all the money I have in it. It's about 500 baht. I stick my very erect penis through the hole along with the cash. Close my eyes and wait, I've never been more scared nervous or excited before in my life.

"Is that it?" I hear her say after she takes the money from the hole. I panic, that's all the money I have! I quickly reach into my other pocket and find another 250 baht and am overcome with releif. I stick it through the hole and she says the most devastating sentence ever spoken to me.

"That's not what I was talking about."

My heart stop beating.

"But this isn't enough for me either, I'd need at least 1000 baht to suck that dick. Come back when you're packing more in your wallet, or your pants." and she throws the cash onto the bathroom floor. Completely and utterly humiliated and shamed I grab the cash off the ground with shaking hands and silently leave the bathroom. I get into our room and start sobbing. Mom walks in a little while later, she seems a bit clearer than she did in the stall.

"Are you crying bobby? What's the matter, did something happen?" she rushes over to the bed and puts her arms around me, I have a hard time looking her in the face.

"I...I just....I just want us to get out of here mom!"

"I know baby, I know, so do I" she says tearfully before she breaks into a crying fit as well.

"Listen." she says wiping the tears from her face. "I have enough saved up to buy one plane ticket out of here, you should go!"

"What?! And leave you here all alone, no way!"

"They don't want me to leave bobby, they'll keep finding ways to keep us stuck here. If you work from home you'll be able to earn enough money to get me out of here way faster than we can earn it here."

Mom's got a point. If I can get out of this place I can help her a lot more from America than I can sitting here mopping up cum for dollars a day.

"Alright mom" I say resolutely "I'm going to do it, I'll go to the airport tomorrow and buy a ticket out of here."

We both go to bed but I am a ball of nerves and can hardly sleep. The next morning my and mom say goodbye to each other.

"Are you sure your going to be alright here by yourself mom? You should take the ticket instead and save up to get me out of here."

"What are you going to do here to survive in the meantime bobby? As much as it's hard to talk about, because of...well...what I do....I can survive here. They only hired you as a janitor because your my son, the second I'm gone you'd be out on the streets."

It pains me to admit the truth but I just have to swallow my pride. She's right but it doesn't make me feel any better about leaving her here to prostitute herself out to strangers for rent and drug money.

I can't think of anything to say before I leave, I'm just staring at my feet feeling depressed and guilty. I know I can't leave it at that so I look back up at my mom with the most determined stare I can muster.

"I'm going to save you mom."

"I know you are Bobby." The last words she spoke to me before I left.

It has now been nearly a month now since I left Bangkok, I haven't been able to get a hold of Mom at all since I flew back. The only thing I have to remember her by are the pair of panties I kept from that awful day at the bar. I've tried to contact the bar and the bath house we both worked at multiple times but neither of them say they know anybody named "Mr. Somsak" or "Emily" and they claim they don't remember me. I'm working two jobs to and saving up as much money as I can with the hopes to fly back and find my mom.

I get home one particularly long day at work, I just want to relax and go to sleep and I know of one sure fire way to do both those things. I start browsing my regular porn sites for videos to masturbate to. I take out moms panties and wrap the crotch of them around the head of my cock. I miss her and feel her panties around my dick makes me feel close to her. I stumble across one video titled "Banged up a broad" the woman in the thumbnail looks familiar to me. I open it up and the video starts out with a big round thick butt bent over. The woman is straddling a large dick brown dick. She lowers herself onto it and once she's fully impaled on the rod. Another man kneels down behind her and takes his sizable cock and starts pushing it into her asshole. She lets out a big moan, it sounds like moms voice! It couldn't be. I start looking for clues as to where this was filmed and notice the men in the video talking dirt to her Thai., calling her an "American whore" and a "slut" all types of degrading insults are levelled at her The men start to get into a rhythm as one slides into her pussy, the other slides out of her ass. The camera pans around so I can see the back of the womans head, there are men standing all around her. She's on all fours and she has long black hair, just like my mothers.....

A man walks up to the front of her and grabs her by the back of the head with both hands, her moans begin to muffle as he slides his cock into her mouth. All three men are thrusting in time with each other into all three of her holes and she's moaning like she enjoys it. Multiple men take their turn getting blown by her or fucking her in the ass or pussy.. The video cycles through various camera angles and m a close up of her pussy getting fucked, her tits jiggling. Her lips wrapped around a cock, but none show a clear full view of her face. I'm starting to think that this woman might actually be my mother but it doesn't stop me from stroking myself as I watch this. As a matter of fact the more my suspicions grow so does the pace of my masturbation.

Soon the men fucking her stop and all gather around her in a circle. The camera angle switches and there it is; my mothers face in full view looking up at the camera, centre frame with about 6 or 7 cocks of varying size and thickness surrounding her. All of them are jacking off to her face, just like I am, and one by one they take turns busting a nut onto her face. Rope after rope strewn across her chin or lips or nose or forehead. Loads criss crossing across her face. If I had started the video at this point I wouldn't even be able to recognize her features beneath all the steamy jizz.

Finally the last cock walks in front of her, it's the largest of them all and it's pierced at the's him. When my mother notices him she opens her mouth wide and stick out her tongue. Several strands of jizz that were laying across her lips stretch and fall into her mouth as she does. He strokes his cock several times before exploding the largest load of them all directly into her salivating mouth and tongue. It completely coats her tongue in a thick white goo that dripss off onto her chin and pools in the back of her mouth. She pulls her tongue back into her mouth. Closes her lips tightly together and makes an effort to visible swallow. Then she open it back up again to show there's nothing left although I can still see some strings of jizz stretching from the roof of her mouth to her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. The bouncer takes the head of his cock and sticks it into her open mouth and she closes her lips around it and starts sucking. The camera pans away and I can see through the window a red neon sign in Thai that reads "Good Times Hotel" I look back down at my mothers face, coated in sperm, still suckling on the bouncers knob.

"I'm going to save you mom..." I say tearfully as I cum into her panties.

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