Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our New Life, Him, Me and My Wife

Let's start off with, we have been married for 10 years and together for 14, both of us are chubby, I have always been chubby, but she has gotten bigger over the years. She was mid-sized maybe 170 pounds when we met, and now because of some health problems and 2 kids, is now 240. Because of the weight gain, and my not being very big, basically a little longer than a toilet paper roll and thicker than it. (Yes I took the Toilet paper roll test for thickness; I cannot fit inside of it hard.) That is me hard, limp it looks like well a baby's dick, and I'm the perfect example of a Grower.
Sex for us when she was skinnier was amazing, my dick size was never much of an issue, and we fucked like rabbits, up till our first child and she gained all the weight. Once she gained the weight my dick size started to cause problems, with me being a bigger guy, and her no a bigger girl, sex was pretty much doggy style or on her side, either way my dick just could not get deep anymore and hit the spots, I used to hit. Our sex life declined dramatically at this point, she was not enjoying it, and did not want it anymore because of it. She would only have sex every so often with me, just to make me happy.

So I started to joke with her that maybe we need a stunt cock, a bigger cock, something like 7.5-9 inches, to satisfy her sexually. Now I was not looking to be a cuckold, truth be told I'm pretty alpha myself, but I was resigned to the fact I could not please her anymore. We tried everything, a dick extender to make me thicker, a cock ring with vibrator, nothing really worked, and I kept joking about a stunt cock. She finally after sex, said to me what if I like this bigger dick so much, that I never want yours again? I told her that I would be ok with that, because sex is sex,

and I thought that her unhappiness and depression as due in part of our poor sex life and the problems it was causing with us. She looked at me and said, ok how you would want to do this.
I asked her if she wanted me to pick the person, place a craigslist ad, dating website for swingers, or did she want to pick the person together? We more her finally decided that we could do together, both have some input, more her into who we picked to be the Stunt Cock. We both agreed that to start off with, it should be a onetime thing, were the guy would not know our real names, we would meet him in person at a bar and go back to a hotel with him and we would have a threesome, that was what she was most comfortable with, she really wanted me in the room with her engaging in the act with them.

We spent the next several months placing craigslist ad, after ad, never really getting the right person, we would email back and forth, get something set up, and either her or the guy would get cold feet. Finally we got a response from Frank, he was a salesman that was married, and came into our area once a month, stated for the several days, usually Thursday through Sunday afternoon, and went home. This really fit our timeline, being that we have 2 kids, our free time is not really open, with that being said, my mom usually takes the kids overnight on Saturday nights, which leaves us a free kid less night.

After emailing back and forth with Frank for a month, and skyping with him several times (non-nude) although we did exchange Nude pictures of her with him and he sent several ones of himself, including some really nice dick pictures that really showed off his length 8.5 inches hard and thickness I would say as thick as a Coke Can. So very longer than me and much thicker than me.

Heather was very nervous about this, she had been with several guys before we were married, but nothing like the size of Frank, she was worried how it would feel, would it hurt, would he still want her once he saw her in person naked. As the day approached she just got more and more nervous, I assured her that Frank had saw the pictures we shared, talked to us via Skype, and he wanted her.

The Day it happened, I got called into work, and would not be home until close to when we had to meet Frank for dinner at the bar. During the afternoon, several hours before dinner, Frank called heather and asked if we could meet earlier, he was pretty hungry and bored. She told him that I was at work till close to our dinner meeting, and on that note he could come over to our house and have lunch with her. She honestly thought it was very innocent, Frank had other ideas.

What I got was two stories at dinner, a partial one from Frank, and the full one from Heather at dinner. I got home from work and heather was in the shower, I got undressed and hopped in the shower with her, she seemed more distant than normal did not want to be touched, it just felt really weird. I asked her if she still wanted to meet Frank that night, she answered very early with yes, I want to very much. We got to the bar, saw frank over at a table and went to sit down with him. After several drinks we ordered food, and heather got up and went to the bathroom. Frank looked at me and apologized, I said for what, he just said, well, I was really horny earlier today, and called heather to meet up, she invited me over to your house for lunch, and well things just happened, do not worry, we had sex, I did not have a condom I pulled out came on her tits. I was stunned; I was a little upset because I was supposed to be there when it happened. I was more jealous that he fucked heather without me. I asked him some questions, but he just said you should talk to her.

She got back from the bathroom, and it was pretty much like he told me nothing, we ate dinner and several more drinks, listened to the dj, I danced with her, Frank danced with her, we had several more drinks, and it was decided it was time to head back to the hotel, we followed frank there. While in the car I quietly said, heather what happened this afternoon, she broke down crying, I thought she might have been ashamed of what happened, but it was the opposite, she was so disgusted that she enjoyed it so much, and wanted it again.

She than told me what happened, Frank came over, and she had showered earlier in the day after the kids left for the day/night with mom. She was just doing some random things around the house, cleaning/laundry type stuff. She invited frank in, and asked him if wanted a tour of the house, she started to walk him around, first the living room, than the kitchen, basement (fully finished), than back upstairs, the kids rooms, than lastly our bed room, she said. Frank walked to our bed room she said, walked around it, and then over to our bed, and dropped his pants, he wasn't wearing any underwear, she said the pictures did not do his dick any justice; there it was just dangling there between his legs, 8 inches of glory. He looked at her and asked her, what she wanted to do, heather said she was stunned; Frank took of his t-shirt and climbed onto the bed. He laid down on his back and told Heather to come and join him, she said she was mesmerized by his huge dick and dropped her house pants, and took off her shirt, and climbed into bed. Frank asked her what she wanted, Heather said she was so nervous and in shock, he just shrugged her shoulders, Frank told her to crawl between his legs and put his dick in her mouth.

Heather said she resigned herself to being Frank's slave at this point, and did what he said. She took him into her mouth she said, and started to lick just the head, going down slowly on it, back and forth, taking it out and licking it, she started to take more and more into her mouth, but she said only about half of it could fit in, and after 10mins or so of blowing him he still was not hard. She stopped and asked Frank what was wrong, Frank told her no worries, that it took a lot to get the blood flowing down there, and she was not doing anything wrong, and that he could fully satisfy her in his current state. Heather went back to sucking his dick, not to soon afterwards, he grabbed her head and started to force more of his dick into her mouth and down her throat, she was being forced to deep throat him. It took her a minute or two to relax his throat to the point were she was not choking anymore. Once he got all 8 inches in her mouth and down her throat, he started moving her head up and down skull fucking her, slow at first and then picked up speed, she said the faster he went the harder his dick got, until he was fully erect, a full solid 8.5in hard and very thick.

At this point he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and told her to lay on her back. She did what Frank said, but asked him to get a condom he just laughed and said he did not have one nor would he wear one even if he or her did and that she should not to ask him to wear one again. He then climbed on top of her, took his dick into his hand and started to slowly stroke her pussy from clit to hole, and back and forth, till she got wetter and wetter, he started to work just the head in at first and slowly worked inch by inch in without pulling back, just slowly working himself deeper into her. He was telling her how tight she was, she was crying at this point from being ashamed and the pain. Frank kept lowering himself into her, until he was balls deep in her pussy. She said he just stopped, and looked at her and said, I'm going stay here for a moment and allow your pussy to fully get used to me, he then started to pull out slowly inch by inch, got the head of his dick, and then repeated the process again, slowly in and slowly out. This went on for several more moments until he pulled out slowly stopped and slammed his dick into her fast and hard, and kept up this pace for what seemed like forever. Until he looked down at her and said, I'm going to cum, Heather said she asked him to pull out and not cum inside her, that she had just go back on the pill and was not sure if it was working yet. He just laughed and buried himself deeper into her, and exploded, she could feel his dick pulsating a river of cum into her womb.

Heather said Frank did not stop, after he came, he kept himself buried into her, after a minute or two, he started to pull out, and when she thought it was over, he just slammed it back in, and started to fuck her all over again. This went on for close to an hour she said, he flipped her over and fucked her doggy style, put her on top, back to doggy style, on her side, and back to doggy style, during it all she said she came over and over again, more than several times. He stopped and pulled out and came all over boobs. Got up and walked into the bathroom and got into the shower. Cleaned up, and got dressed and left without saying a word, leaving her laying naked in the bed. After she heard the door close, she got into the shower, and that's when I walked in and got in the shower, she got excited that he came back but was disappointed that it was it me.

We pulled into the parking spot at the hotel, and parked, I turned off the car and started to get out, Heather put her hand on my shoulder and said, hunny, and you're not coming with me. I said what do you mean, and all she said was, we did this for me, because I was not getting pleasure from our sex, and because it's for me, you do not need to be here, because again it's for me. I would prefer to do this alone. Go home I will call you for a ride when I'm done. I went home and went to bed alone, you could smell the sex in the room, and I cannot believe I missed it earlier. I laid in bed and jerked off, fantasying about Frank fucking Heather in our bed earlier in the day, pounding her over and over, and blowing his seed into her pussy and tits.

I feel asleep, I woke up to heather giving me a blowjob, looked over at the clock and saw it was 8am, I slept threw her call, I stopped her and said I'm sorry, how did you get home. Heather said Frank had just dropped her off after fucking her most of the night, and that she was just thanking me for talking her into a stunt cock. It was the best sex she had ever had, Frank fucked her in every position they could make up, and then he took her anally. She said it hurt at first, but the orgasm from it was more than worth it. She stopped talking and started sucking my dick again, stopped and climbed on top of me; she was so loose and so wet, she said there must be some of franks cum inside her still that he came inside her at least 5 times. She rode me over and over bouncing up and down on my cock, looked down at me, and told me to tell her when I was going to cum, 5 minutes later I tapped her on the leg she quickly got off and put me in her mouth and swallowed me to the last drop.

Heather than told me, that was the last time I would be fucking her without a condom that frank would not allow her to have sex with me anymore with protection. I was stunned, and started to protest, Heather stopped me and said, it could be no sex, be careful what you say. I asked why, she just told me that Frank owned her now, and those were his rules, she had talked him into the condom sex because he did not want me having sex with her at all, and if he got even a tiny hint of my cum inside her pussy, I would be cut off.

For the next several years, once a month for 3 days, Uncle Frank would come and stay with us, I would sleep on the couch, and frank in our bed fucking heather. I never thought I would be a cuckold, and some days I regret talking her into a stunt cock, but our life has never been happier, and our sex life has never been hotter.

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